Life of a Ninja God

Story: Life of a Ninja God
Genre: Naruto U.
Author: AxeMan18
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Words: 7106
Rating: M
Status: In Progress
Content: Chapter 1 to 3 of 3 chapters

Summary: Rewrite of "A Ninja God's Life".

*Chapter 1*: Chapter 1

So apparently some people think that since the original story had less than 30k words I couldn't rewrite it or something like that? The fuck? Is that some kind of rule I'm not aware of? I've seen stories be rewritten with less words and multiple times so why can't I do the same?

And saying it was officially dead because I was only saying that I would rewrite it but wouldn't actually do it is stupid, if that was the case then I would've simply deleted it.

Anyway sorry for the rant, let's get started with the rewrite.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Highschool DxD

*Knock knock*

"Lord Naruto! We brought you some ramen!"

The door opened slowly, "Irina... How many times have I told you to drop 'Lord'?" Naruto poked his head out. "Xenovia doesn't do it and neither should you."

Irina blushed and bowed her head, "My bad. It's just weird not being respectful towards someone like you."

He rolled his eyes, "And that's exactly why I don't want you to do it. I don't need honorifics just because I'm a God. Besides, there's no real need to show respect towards me... Not to someone who couldn't save their family." He muttered the last part to himself.

"Can we come in, Naruto?" Xenovia asked as she bowed her head as well.

"Yeah." He sighed as he moved to let them in, "What do you two want?"

Irina sighed, "How many times do we have to tell you Lor—" Naruto frowned at her, "—Naruto... We don't want anything, we're only here to give you some company."

"And how many times do I have to tell you? I don't want company."

Xenovia huffed, "If that was true then you wouldn't let us in."

Naruto opened and closed his mouth before coughing awkwardly, "Well... That's only because you bring me ramen."

Irina smiled, "Riiiight. Anyway, what have you been up to?" She asked as she skipped around the apartment.

He shrugged, "Nothing. Like every other time you ask."

"Since you don't do anything then you'll probably die from consuming too much ramen eventually." Xenovia muttered.

"I heard that." Naruto frowned.

"At least you work out but you're probably rusty when it comes to everything else." Irina said as she played around with his equipment.

"This is why I hate when you two come. You always criticize me."

"We'll stop if you go out with us!"

Xenovia looked at Irina, "Like a date?"

Irina blushed, "No! I meant like exploring, going to a restaurant or a mall and stuff..."

Naruto and Xenovia looked at each other.

"What?" Irina huffed.

"I'm pretty sure you described a date." Naruto said as Xenovia nodded in agreement.

"What would you know stupid old man!"

Naruto gasped, "Old?! Am I getting wrinkles?! White hair?"

Xenovia shook her head, "No. You are still a very attractive man."

"Thank you, Xenovia! You could learn a thing or two from her, Irina."

Irina rolled her eyes, "Can you even get wrinkles?"

"Of course I can! I'll grow old too... Eventually."

"Anyway, have you considered my offer?" Xenovia asked him.

"My answer is still no, Xenovia."

"But why not?"

"Aren't you a bit young to get pregnant? Or just young to be in a relationship with me? I am over four hundred years old, after all. And you're a Christian, don't you have to wait until you're married? Or do it with someone you love?"

"Very well, we'll wait until I'm eighteen."

"Umm, what about the other things that I just said?"

"Will you accompany us outside? We could show you around, considering you've been in here for a long time." Xenovia ignored his previous question and asked her own.

"I know how the world works. I may not have gone out myself but I know how it's changed."

"But have you experienced how it's changed?" Irina asked.

"Heh. I'll admit, you two are getting better at trying to convince me to go out." Naruto walked to them and grabbed their shoulders, "But good luck next time." He said as he pushed them outside.

"We'll be back, Lord Naruto."

"You will go outside even if we have to drag you out ourselves."

Naruto smiled, "Good luck with that." He said before closing the door, "And thanks for the ramen."

A few minutes of silence before Naruto spoke up again, "You can come out now, Kuroka."

Kuroka groaned as she came out of his room, "Finallyyyy! I hate when they come and try to convince you to go out! That's my job, nya!"

"Aren't they indirectly helping you in convincing me?" He asked as he sat down on his couch.

"I don't need their help, direct or not. I'm quite capable of convincing you myself, nya!"

"Yeah, because you have totally been able to do so after living here for the past eight years." He rolled his eyes and turned on the T.V.

"We'll, you're pretty stubborn, nya." She told him as she sat down with him, "Why don't you go outside?"

He shrugged as he changed channels, "I'm content staying in here."

She frowned, "That can't be true."

"... It is."

"So, you just don't want to interact with others?"

"Mostly Devils and Fallen Angels..."

Kuroka frowned, "What about me? I'm a Devil too."

"You may be. But you're a Youkai first and foremost, you weren't born a Devil and you didn't agree to become one because you wished to." He scratched his head, "I especially don't want to interact with Devils after their attempted genocide. Seeing all those dead bodies... All those families..." Naruto trailed off and his eyes became unfocused.

Kuroka looked at him for a moment before grabbing his arm and tentatively asking, "But... Don't you ever get lonely, nya?"

Her touch brought him back to reality and he turned towards her as he smiled sadly, "Perhaps if I lived alone I would be but I haven't felt as lonely as before, not since you started living with me. It's been fun seeing you grow up from a moody teenager to the beautiful young woman you are now."

She blushed.

"Although you were pretty bitchy during your late teens. I seriously considered kicking you out during that time."

"Screw you, nya!" She punched his shoulder.

*Knock knock*

Kuroka groaned, "Who is it now, nya?"

"Lord Naruto?" An angelic voice called out.

Kuroka frowned, "Great." She stood up and left for her room, muttering along the way.

"Coming!" Naruto jumped towards the door.

"Ah, Lord Naruto it's good to see you!"

"It's good to see you too, Gabriel. Come in."

"Thank you!" She looked around, "Is Kuroka in her room?"

"I am! Go home you big-breasted Angel!"

"Is something wrong with my breasts?" Gabriel asked Naruto.

"Your breasts are perfectly fine, Gabriel."

"I don't understand why Kuroka seems to harbor dislike towards them."

"I guess we'll never know. Anyway, what brings you over?"

"I was around and wanted to check in on you."

"Isn't that the job of those two exorcist girls, nya?" Kuroka asked from her room.

Gabriel shook her head (Even though Kuroka couldn't see her), "They just like visiting Lord Naruto." She turned to him, "How have you been, Lord Naruto? Have you considered going out yet?"

"I'm as good as I can be. And I'm still not going out."

"Lord Naruto, you've locked yourself in here for a long time now. You need to go out, it'll be good for you."

"I mean, technically I went out eight years ago when I brought Kuroka here..."

"That doesn't count!" Kuroka yelled.

"Stop eavesdropping."

"I'm not eavesdropping, nya! These walls are just very thin!"

"Anyway, as I've told Kuroka, Irina and Xenovia before, I am perfectly fine staying here. I don't want to cause any unnecessary tension by going out..." Naruto scratched his head.

Kuroka opened her door and hissed, "It's not like you're leaving the country, you depressed old man! You don't even have to walk too many blocks!"

"Old man? That's not very nice, Kuroka." He shook his head in mock disappointment, "What have I told you about respecting your elders? Or just people in general? This is why you don't have a boyfriend."

"Don't turn this on me, nya! We're talking about you right now!"

"Unfortunately I have to go, Lord Naruto." Gabriel butted in, "I wish I could stay for longer, but the Church is going to decide what to do with a certain nun and I've been asked to attend."

Naruto nodded in understanding, "I get it, reminds me of the work I had when I was still doing my Godly duties. Makes me wonder if that's what being Hokage would've been like... The old man and granny Tsunade did get a bunch of paperwork and so did Kakashi-sensei and he hadn't even had the position for long."

Kuroka bonked his head, "You're muttering to yourself again, nya. And the Angel already left."

"Ah, my bad..." He smiled sheepishly, "What time is it by the way? She should be here soon, right?"

Kuroka rolled her eyes, "Don't remind me. She should be here in... one minute."


A minute passed and no one came.

"You think she's finally given up?" Naruto asked.

"Nyahahaha! In your dreams!" As soon as she said that, a purple portal appeared in their living room.

"I hate how easily she can get past my seals."

"Naruto. Kuroka."

"Ophis, what a pleasant surprise!"

"Surprise? But I always come here around the same time, every day."

Naruto facepalmed and Kuroka groaned, "He's being sarcastic."

"Sarcastic...? Is it sarcasm because of the slight difference in the tone he used?"

"You don't say, nya?"

"I do say— Ah, that was sarcasm too, was it not?" Ophis asked.

"Good job, Ophis!" Naruto pet her head, "Do you want a reward for that?"

"Like you joining the Khaos Brigade?" Ophis looked up at him.

"Bwahahaha, look at you! Already learning how to make jokes! That was a pretty good one."

Ophis frowned, "I was being quite serious I'll have you know."

Naruto stopped laughing, "I know... I don't really feel like joining your little group. What would I even get for helping you?"

Ophis blinked in confusion, "You've never actually asked for some kind of reward... Most of the time you say no as soon as I come through the portal and throw me back in."

"Hahahaha! That's true!" He wiped a tear off his eye, "It always gives me a good laugh."

"Yes, you seem more... Cheerful as you call it compared to previous years."

"Really..." Naruto muttered to himself.

Kuroka decided to butt in, "Anyway~ We're about to eat some ramen so you can buzz off now, Ophis."

"Ignore her, Ophis. Stay! Have some ramen with us."

"Nya? Why?" Kuroka asked with a frown as she sat down.

Naruto shrugged and sat down as well "And why not?" He turned to Ophis, "You don't mind, do you?"

"I don't require sustenance to function."

"Well, I myself don't need to eat as much as the average person but it's enjoyable nonetheless." He gestured to the seat next to him, "Please, sit."

Naruto thought she was about to refuse again but to his surprise she actually did as he said.

Ophis looked at him, "What now?"

"Dig in." Naruto said as he slurped on his meal.


"He means eat, you dummy." Kuroka rolled her eyes as she poked her food.

"I see... People have such a strange way of saying things."

"You should stay over more often, Ophis."


"Yeah! Why, nya?!"

"It's just fun seeing her trying to comprehend certain things." He looked over at the Dragon God, "I wouldn't mind teaching you how to be more 'normal'." He offered.

"I don't need to be normal. I am a powerful God."

"This is what I mean." He facepalmed.

"What do you mean?" Ophis asked him.

Naruto sighed, "This will definitely be mote fun than going out I reckon."

"This'll be a nightmare, nya."

I thank you for giving the rewrite a chance and I especially thank those that left constructive criticism on how I went wrong with the original.

I want to try and make the pace a bit slower this time. Meaning I want to upload a few chapters before getting to canon.

I had also been thinking of how I want Naruto's personality to be this time around, so I looked at some disorders and kinda mixed certain aspects of them together but very low-key so it'll be hard to actually guess what they might be on this chapter alone but I welcome anybody to give it a shot.

*Chapter 2*: Chapter 2

I'm happy that the first chapter received a mostly positive reception. I hope I can keep it that way.

I'll be keeping the original up just so others can see the difference I guess.

The trailer for the final season of Attack on Titan was just... Ugh! It was great. Mikasa went from cute to handsome with her haircut, lol.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Highschool DxD

"I've got a few books for you." Naruto said as he walked out of his room.

"Books? For what?" Ophis tilted her head.

"So you can understand others better." Naruto said as he set the books down.

"But why do I need to understand humans better?"

"Not just humans. I mean anyone at all." Naruto clarified.

"I still don't understand why it's necessary."

"Well, you said your little group is made up of different races."

"That's correct."

"How do you keep them in check if you don't understand them?"

"They do whatever they want."

Naruto blinked, "Come again?"


"Explain a little." Kuroka added.

"Well, I give them some power and they can use it however they want so long as they help me achieve silence."

Naruto massaged his temple, "That is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. I can't believe you're- actually I can..." He sighed, "You're so naive."

Kuroka nodded, "Maybe you're actually the true DD. You know? Dumb Dragon."

Naruto burst out laughing, "Oh, I liked that one! Extra petting for you, Kuroka."

"Really, nya?!" She coughed, "I mean... Whatever."

"Seriously though, Ophis. All you're asking for is a future backstab."

"As if any of them could harm me." Ophis said, a hint of arrogance dripping from her voice.

"I didn't know you were so arrogant, Ophis. If you're so strong then you should deal with Great Red by yourself."

Ophis frowned, "I've told you that if the two of us were to fight then it would take too long. As much as I hate to admit it... That pest is strong." She pointed at Naruto, "If you were to help me then I wouldn't need the Khaos Brigade and I could have my silence."

Naruto rolled his eyes, "For an emotionless Dragon you're super dramatic. Isn't the Dimensional Gap huge? Just half it or something."

"I want to be left alone."

"Great Red barely even bothers you! The guy spends most of his time laughing, barrel wheeling and talking to himself."

"I can hear his laugh everywhere. I want him gone."

"Maybe ask him nicely to stop laughing so loudly?"


He sighed in exasperation and Kuroka rolled her eyes, "Nya, just send her back already."

"You know what, Ophis?"


"We're going to go out and I'll make you be grateful that Great Red is the only thing you have to deal with."

"Hey Kurama, wanna go hang out with Great Red for a while? Maybe spar with him?"

"Hell no. I actually agree with Ophis when she says he's annoying."


"Yeah. I still hate Ophis too, I say you don't waste your time with her and just kick her back into her dumb Gap."

"You're so mean."

"Whatever, fuck Dragons."

"Kuroka, where should we take Ophis?"

"Beats me. A mall?"

"Will that be loud?"

"Depends. Maybe take her to a sports event, nya." She yawned.

"I would rather stay here." Ophis butt in.

"Nah, we're going out." Naruto smiled as he grabbed Ophis' and dragged her to the door.

"You're gonna take her out dressed like that, nya?"

Naruto lifted the Dragon up and spun her around, "Good point... Can you cover yourself up a bit, Ophis?"


"Why not?"

"Human clothes are very uncomfortable and restricting."

"I guess that makes sense... But you cover your nipples with tape. And people can see your nipples..."

Ophis looked down and poked them, "Is that a problem?"

"Well, there're some pretty creepy people out there..." Naruto scratched his head, "At least put on a kimono like Kuroka. You can go commando like she does as well."


"Be naked underneath."

"Ah. Very well, I'll try it." Ophis nodded as she began shifting her body.

"I didn't mean you had to make your body look exactly like Kuroka's."

Ophis looked at herself, "Why not? Is something wrong with it?"

"Well, I guess not."

"Great. Are we going now, nya?"

"Yep! Let us be off!"

"Come on, Ophis! Is there not a single place that makes you somewhat curious?"

"I've told you I don't want to be put here, it's too noisy." Ophis frowned as she looked around, "And why is there smoke coming from over there?"

Naruto looked over at where Ophis was pointing and frowned, "Could be a couple of things."

"We should probably stay back." Kuroka said as she noticed it was rather close by.

"No... I want to go see."

Kuroka frowned in concern, "Naruto... That might not be the best idea..."

"I need to go see. I haven't had an episode in years—"

"Exactly. Which is why we shouldn't go." Kuroka turned around and began walking away, "Let's go have dinner or something."


"Naruto?" She turned back to see that both Naruto and Ophis were gone, "Great. You better not do anything." She muttered to herself as she ran towards the smoke.

It took her a few minutes to get there but she found the two Gods almost immediately.

"There you are! Come on, let's go." Kuroka tried pulling Naruto's arm.

"He stopped talking to me when the fire got bigger and has been mumbling to himself. What's wrong with him?" Ophis asked.

Kuroka looked at Naruto with worry marred on her face, "Naruto? Are you all right? Talk to me?"

He looked down at her and she flinched at the hurt look on his face, "Why did they do that? How could they have allowed themselves to want more? Did I not teach them properly?" He looked back at the burning building and his breathing quickened, "Shion? My kids... My kids? I don't understand... I wasn't there... I'll save you!"

"Naruto! Listen to me, it's not real!" Kuroka brought him down to the floor with a hug before he could move, "I'm here for you... Just breath..." She hugged him tighter in hopes that he would stop trembling.

"They burnt them! They're still burning! Don't you hear their screams?! I have to save them!"

"It's just a memory, Naruto. It's over... Breath... I'm here for you. You know that, right? I'll always be here for you..." She kissed his forehead lightly, "They're memories of the past. You're safe and in control."

His breathing became less labored and his shaking subsided.

"That's good, I'm here." She whispered in his ear a few more times before looking at Ophis, "Take us back to the house."

"Okay..." Ophis nodded, not really understanding what had happened or knowing what to say.

"Don't you worry, we're home now..."

"What happened?" Ophis decided to ask, "Will he be okay."

"He'll get better soon. He'll just need a day or two."

"Why did he get like that?" Ophis asked again.

"Seeing the fire triggered some unpleasant memories from his past."

"I see. Does that happen often? I've never seen him get like that."

"He's gotten a lot better... It's been years since he's had an episode. He doesn't have a lot of triggers and his attacks used to be a lot worse, but I've learned how to calm him down." Kuroka said as she stroked Naruto's hair.

"He seems to be in pain." Ophis noted Naruto clenching his chest and whimpering.

"Yes. He is."

"This is the downside of having human emotions, I suppose. They've made his mind weak."

"Naruto's emotions are what make him stronger than anyone else."

"Perhaps they did once before. But not like this."

Kuroka hissed, "If that's all you've got to say then you better leave."

"I apologize... I've never seen this before so I was just saying the first thing that came to mind."

"... He needs to rest so I'll be taking him to bed. You should go for now."

Ophis nodded before leaving, "Very well."

Natuto opened his eyes to find himself on his bed.

"How long, Kurama?"

"You were dissociated for five days..."

"Not as bad as the last time..."

He turned his head to the side to find Kuroka holding on to him.

"Kuroka... Why are you naked?"

"Naruto, you're back, nya?" She looked up at his face.

"Yep, I'm fine... So why are you naked?"

"Your body was pretty hot for the last few days and I've been sleeping next to you, just in case."

"I see... Thank you." He turned to face away from her, "Do get changed though, I am still a hot blooded male."

"Nyahahaha! You know I don't mind if you look~"

"Get changed."

"You're no fun, nya."

Silence engulfed the room for a few minutes until Naruto laughed bitterly, "I'm so pathetic, aren't I? A supposed God being triggered by a burning building."

"You're not pathetic. You're human."

"I wonder if I'm like this because I was born a human. Would there be any difference if I had been born as a God?"

"I'm not sure..."

"I shouldn't have gone out. It was stupid to think I would've been fine."

Kuroka lied down next to him and hugged him from behind, "You'll get through it... We'll get through it. I'll help you in whichever way you need for however long you need. I'll stay by your side."

"I know that I've never really said it but I'm really thankful that you've been by my side all this time."

Kuroka smiled, "I like being by your side." She got off the bed, "I'll go make us some food, you must be starving."

"Naruto, the nightmares you had involved him."

"Did they?" He asked as he sat up.

"That's right. It's time for you to find that Fallen piece of shit and kill him."

"I don't want to go out of my way to find him, it may cause some unnecessary problems. I'll see him when he's alone eventually and when I do..."

"You won't see him anywhere by being locked up here!"

"I don't want to talk about this right now." Naruto ended the conversation as he walked into the living room.

"I've been thinking, Kuroka... That maybe we should go somewhere else."

"What do you mean?" She looked at him from the kitchen.

"I mean live somewhere else. Some place I can be at peace, where others won't bother me until I get better."

Kuroka frowned, "I don't know... It's good to have people ask about you. But if that's what you want who am I to stop you."

"I've also been thinking of visiting my old home in Kyoto."

"Hmm, how long have you been thinking of doing this?"

"A couple of months."

Kuroka walked over to him and smiled, "Well, I've already told you I'll support you in any way haven't I? And if this is what you need, I'll be there for you."

He smiled and hugged her, "Thank you."

Hope you liked the chapter. I don't want Naruto's PTSD to be the focus of this story. But I'm still not quite sure how and when it would be resolved. Would it be good for him to visit his old home in Kyoto?

*Chapter 3*: Chapter 3

What's up with some people finding the fact that Naruto has PTSD dumb? I've gotten no good argument for it, so please, enlighten me. Because if you're gonna complain about why it's dumb then you best come up with something good or just don't say anything at all.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Highschool DxD

"You're going to Japan, Lord Naruto?" Irina looked at him excitedly.

"That's right."

"Where to?" Xenovia asked.


Irina and Xenovia glanced at each other in worry.

Naruto noticed and decided to calm them down, "I understand if you're worried but I need to go. I think it'll be good for me."

"We're not saying it wouldn't be good for you, Lord Naruto." Irina told him.

"But is it not too early to go there?" Xenovia finished for her partner.

"Too early? I haven't visited my home in almost five hundred years."

"Well yes, but you just told us yesterday that you had a panic attack around a week ago and were dissociated for five days." Xenovia explained their concern.

"At the end of the day it's up to you what you do, Lord Naruto. We just advise you not to rush it." Irina added.

He sighed in disappointment as he sat down on his couch, "You're probably right... I just felt like if I could make myself go there..."

Irina smiled and sat next to him, "You don't have to make yourself do anything, Lord Naruto. Just try to take it slow."

"Thanks... By the way, have the two of you seen Asia lately? It's been a while since she's come over and you know how much I enjoy her visits."

Xenovia glanced at Irina who nodded, "Asia was excommunicated, Naruto..."

"I see... Where did they send her?"

"Somewhere in Japan. She was given a few days to choose the location herself."

"No wonder Gabriel was so vague about who it was, and that's probably why she mentioned it rather offhandedly... Why was she excommunicated?"

"The Church found out she could heal everyone… Including beings like Devils."

"Must be because God is dead. Michael can't fix everything in the system."

"You know they could've brought her to me. Do they want her to get picked up by a Devil or Fallen?" He sighed and breathed deeply, "It just doesn't make sense for the Church to let her out of their sight, especially for the reason they did."

"It would've made much more sense for them to lock her up or take her Sacred Gear."

"Is Gabriel at the Vatican?" Naruto asked impatiently.

"Yes…" Irina said slowly.

"I'd appreciate it if the two of you could bring her here to talk."

Irina looked at Xenovia who shrugged, "Alright, we'll see what we can do Lord Naruto." Both girls bowed as they left, leaving Naruto to pace around his apartment until they came back.

Around an hour later he heard a knock.

"It's open, come in."

"You wanted to speak with me, Lord Naruto?" Gabriel stepped in followed by Xenovia and Irina.

"I did, I want to know why you sent Asia to Japan. You could've brought her to me, you know I would've gladly taken her in."

"I know…"

"So why didn't you?" He asked impatiently.

"The majority of the Church as well as some of my brothers and sisters didn't like the idea of the user of Twilight Healing living with you."

"Why? Are they still mad about what I did?"

Gabriel flinched, "You were respected by all for what you did early on in your time as a God and you still are…" She hesitated, "But after what happened, everyone has been more wary of you."

"Which is why I was allowed to live in Italy, so you could keep tabs on me easily. I'm not stupid."

"Yes, I suppose that is a reason why…" Gabriel admitted.

Xenovia and Irina looked at each other, having no idea as to what was being talked about.

"I know you allowed her to go to Japan but where exactly is she?" He asked as he continued pacing.

"Well… She was allowed to be sent to Kuoh…"

Naruto stopped abruptly and blinked, "What? Kuoh? Out of all the places you could've allowed to send her to you decided Kuoh was the best choice? Where the heiresses live? Not anywhere else?"

"It makes sense, I guess. The girl would never let herself be turned into a Devil and the Fallen don't go near Kuoh. Technically speaking, she's pretty safe there."

"I think I'll go see how she's doing."

"She'll be fine, Lord Naruto. As long as she doesn't make contact with the Devils and they don't make contact with her, which they won't, there'll be no reason to worry. The Gremory and Sitri are very different from most Devils."

Naruto scowled, "Wearing Church clothes won't make them avoid her if they find out she has Twilight Healing. Devils will always be Devils. No matter how 'nice' they are or try to be."

"Lord Naruto—"

"Everyone please leave… Now."


"Leave." He hissed.

Gabriel nodded and bowed, followed by Xenovia and Irina. "Very well, let's go."

Naruto abruptly sat down as soon as they left, "Breathe, just breath. Calm down…" He muttered to himself.

Kuroka poked her head out, "They left, nya?"

She looked at Naruto aggressively tapping his foot as he continued muttering.

"Are you alright, Naruto?"

"I'm fine." He said through his hands.

Kuroka frowned as she walked to him and kneeled in front of him, "Tell me what's wrong."

"They abandoned her… They abandoned her because of something that was out of her control. Wasn't the Church supposed to consist of the 'good guys'? How could they leave her like that?"

"Humans are like that. You yourself know that best, nya."

"It's my fault. If I hadn't killed God then these glitches wouldn't exist… If something happens to Asia it'll be on me."

"Hey, hey, you have to stop thinking like that. As much as I hate to admit this… Gabriel made sense when she said that as long as she stays away from the Devils then she'll be fine."

"Kuoh… Why would Asia want to go there? Why not go someplace else in Italy? She may have been excommunicated but it's not like she was kicked out of the country."

"Well… Around two weeks ago when I left to visit my sister I found a couple of Fallen in Kuoh, but they couldn't still be there… Right? The Devils would've taken care of them by now, nya."

"They may be waiting for her there. Perhaps Azazel heard about her excommunication and wants her Sacred Gear."

"What will you do then, nya?"

"I would like to hope that she'll be okay… I could assume she is since she hasn't tried to contact me."

"She can do that, nya?"

"Yeah, with the tomoe necklace."

"Oh… You gave her one too?" Kuroka frowned.

"Yeah…?" Naruto smiled lightly, "Hahaha, don't tell me you're jealous?"

"What?! Jealous because you also gave her the exact same necklace as me when I thought it was uniquely a thing for me, nya?"


"Of course not!"

Naruto smiled smugly, "Of course not, sorry for assuming."

"You better be, nya!" She stomped away huffing, "Thinking I'm jealous because of a necklace of all things, the nerve!"

"Hey, where are you going?"

"My room! Where else, nya?!"

"Come on, don't be mad."

"I'm not mad, nya." She hissed.

"I can get you something else if you're that pissed off about it, hehe."

"Fuck you, nya!"

"But I thought you were mad at me?"

"Aaargh!" She slammed the door to her room closed.

"She's so easy to anger." Kurama rolled his eyes.

"Maybe it's a feline thing."

"Are you saying I'm a feline? I'm a canine you dumb fuck."

"I wasn't saying you're a feline but maybe canines are just as easy to anger."

"I dare you to come in here and say that you little shit!"

"I didn't know you liked getting beat up."

"Ha! We both know you would've lost if not for that dumb octopus and your mother helping you!"

"Perhaps. But I'd totally beat you now."

"Wanna come in here and try?"

"I don't know…"


"All right, let's go."

A few days later, late at night...

"She still hasn't contacted me…" Naruto paced around in worry.

"Bah, stop worrying so much."

"Kurama, I'm sure she would have contacted me by now if she wasn't in trouble."

"Maybe she just doesn't want to bother you?"

"No, no, something has to be wrong."

"Naruto, just sleep on it. If you're really that worried then check on her tomorrow."

"Fine. But I still think I should go check on her now." He sighed as he finally began making his way to his room.

Kuroka opened the door to her room, "Finally, I was just about to tell you to get to bed. You're pacing was really loud, nya."

He scratched his head sheepishly, "Sorry, did I interrupt your beauty sleep?"

"It's fine since every nap I take is beauty sleep. Why do you think I'm so hot, nya?"

"You admit you're attractive because you sleep a lot?" Naruto laughed.

"Maybe? Obviously genetics really helped me as well." She lifted her breasts, "That's how I got these bad girls, nya."

"Didn't you say Shirone is practically flat?"

Kuroka shrugged, "She's still young. They'll definitely grow and she'll be a real looker when they do."

"Is that it?!"A voice echoed in his head, crying out in anguish.

"What the hell?"

"...My fault?... She's friends with a Devil?"

"A Devil?"

"I'm sorry! Just give her back!"

Naruto froze and thought the worst, "It couldn't be… Asia?"

Kuroka looked at him, "What's wrong?"

"Tsk! Kuroka."


"How do you feel about going to Kuoh and possibly killing a few crows?"

"Oh? Sounds fun, nya." She grinned as she walked next to him.

"Let's go then."

"The Red Dragon Emperor… This is the Devil who Asia befriended?" Naruto said offhandedly as he watched the Devil punch the Fallen Angel trying to retreat, "Look at her, trying to run away. Pathetic."

"They both look like losers." Kuroka commented as they continued watching the so-called fight for a few more moments, "Does this mean I don't get to kill anyone?"

"Looks like it." Naruto looked around until he spotted Asia, "Asia… She's still alive, if only barely. I can still save her."

"Better get to it before the Gremory decides to reincarnate her."

"Right… Do you want to come along?"

Kuroka looked over at her sister and gulped, "All right…"

"Don't worry, I'm here for you."

Kuroka nodded.

"Right, hello!" Naruto made his presence known to the Devils, "I would appreciate it if you didn't kill this begging crow."

"Who are you? And why shouldn't I?" Rias demanded as she whirled around to the new presence. "I didn't even sense him."

"It doesn't matter who I am and the reason why you won't kill the crow is because I will." Naruto said simply as he walked towards Raynare, "Hello."

"Please spare me!"

"Hm… I don't think I will." Naruto quickly forced his hand into her chest and extracted Twilight Healing.

Rias looked at him in shock, "You took out Twilight Healing without killing her?"

Naruto didn't say anything as he knelt next to Asia and inserted the Sacred Gear into her, "Kuroka, come take the crow for me."

"Kuroka?!" Rias spun around again, ready to fight.

"Relax, heiress. She's with me. It's not like she's here to kidnap Shirone." Naruto told her as he focused on healing Asia.

Koneko flinched at the name and Rias growled, "Don't call her that, that's not her name."

Kuroka frowned, "That will always be her name. It doesn't matter how much she hates it or what you've changed it into, nya!"

"Who's Shirone?" Issei asked, trying to be serious and not ogle Kuroka.

"Who do you think, boy?" Kuroka sneered as she noticed him taking peeks at her.

"Koneko? But who exactly are you?"

"Only her sister, of course." Kuroka frowned as she knocked out Raynare, "Right, I'll be off. It was good seeing you, Shirone."

"Don't call me that, Kuroka." Koneko hissed.

Kuroka smiled sadly, "I'll see you later. I'll be waiting outside." She told Naruto as she dragged Raynare with her.

"What will you do with her?" Rias glared at Naruto.

"Well… I might torture her and find out why she did this and then I'm gonna feed her to a friend of mine who will slowly chew her up."

"And the humans who were helping her?" Rias asked again.

"I'll feed them to him as well."


"Hey, Asia!" Naruto quickly switched his attention to her, "It's okay, you don't need to speak."

"Asia! You're alright!" Issei said in relief as he tried getting close to her.

"Stay back, don't touch her." Naruto growled.

"It's okay! He's my friend."

"Come on, Asia. Let's go home so you can rest." Naruto took her into his arms and covered her exposed breast.

"Actually… I was thinking I could stay here, in Kuoh." She said shyly.

"Why would you want to stay here? You should've come to me when you were excommunicated regardless of what the Church said about it. And where's the necklace I gave you?"

"The Fallen took it from me when I joined up with them."

"I see, I'll get you another. Now let's go home."

"Hey, man! She said she wants to stay! I don't know who you are but you can't just tell her what to do!"

"Are you going to do something about it?"

Issei tensed, "Y-You can't just force her with you."

"Force her? You better watch what you say, boy." Naruto burst into yellow flames.

Issei flinched as he noticed six tomoe around his neck, similar to a necklace, "Y-You're…"

Rias tensed at the power he emitted in this form, and she was expecting for the man to attack Issei.

Asia jumped out of his arms and stood in front of Issei, "Please don't hurt him! I know what you think of Devils but he's a very kind person! Please let me stay!"

Naruto's face softened, "You really want to stay here, Asia?"

"I do." She nodded.

Naruto sighed, "If that's what you wish then I won't force you to do anything else. I have a home here so I'll come back later tonight to take you there."

Asia smiled, "Thank you!"

"Right, I'll be off then."

Rias sighed in relief when Naruto left, "Who was that man, Asia?"

"That was the God of Ninshu…"

Rias choked, "W-What?! That person is the God of Ninshu?"


"Are you sure it wasn't some kind of impostor? I thought the God of Ninshu valued all life?"

"I do value life."

Rias flinched in her spot and turned around, "I thought you left… Why are there more of you?"

"He did. We're just clones, we're here to pick up those people in the basement." One of them answered her as the rest made their way downstairs.

Rias frowned, "If you value life as you say you do then why are you going to kill those people?"

"Weren't you going to do the same? There's no way you would've left them alive, especially after they entered your territory without permission."

"I was going to do the same but I'm not a God that abores killing according to your religion or is that statement false? I am genuinely curious."

"Perhaps, in the past I would've been more generous and let them go. But people like them do not deserve to live. Negative emotions seep out of them. Anger, lust, envy… They do nothing but thwart the progress of humanity towards a peaceful future. If I ever wish to try to bring humans together again people like them will only serve in hindering them." He walked towards Asia, "They also hurt Asia… I couldn't forgive them even if I wanted to." He said as he caressed her cheek before joining the other clones.

"He sounds like a hurt man." Issei noted.

Asia nodded sadly, "He is."

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