Story: Eroninja
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Genre: Naruto U.
Author: KING Breezy
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Content: Chapter 1 to 92 of 92 chapters

Summary: Naruto is given a scroll containing the secrets of making women fall for him, a scroll he uses at first on the women around him but soon on the shinobi world as a whole, giving birth to the Ero-ninja.

*Chapter 1*: Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Also this story is a lemon fiction therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from. So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Thanks.

Chapter 1: Birth of and the first target Ino

Naruto had a knack for finding trouble. He was two and a half years into his training trip
with the Perv he called a teacher. The Pervy Sage was off gallivanting with some prostitutes leaving Naruto to his own devices, which was how he got caught up in defending a man being strung up in a tree in the forest near the village they were staying in. The man had been chased to that spot by several ronin samurai most likely in the employ of the local governor.
Naruto was simply minding his own business when he came across the scene. The lead samurai said, "You'll never touch the Governor's wife again scum."

"Look fellas this is all one big misunderstanding," the man said sounding rather calm considering the situation, "besides leaving a hot piece of tail like that is a crime. Your governor should really think about losing some weight to solve that erectile dysfunction he suffers from."

The lead samurai growled angrily before saying, "Very well cur, prepare for oblivion."

The samurai was just about to have his men pull the rope taunt when the man seeing Naruto said, "Ah apprentice just in time to save your master."

The lead samurai and his men spun to confront Naruto, seeing the blonde the leader said turning back, "Ha this boy is going…?" He trailed off noticing that the man was gone and in his place hung a silly looking doll with a note attached to it. Glancing at the note, which read, "Better luck next time." The samurai rounded on Naruto shouting, "Where is he boy?"

"How should I know?" Naruto shouted right back, "I've never seen him before."

About then one of the other samurai said, "Don't lie to us he said you where his apprentice?"

"Well he lied to you," Naruto said taking a step back as the samurai all pulled their swords.

"Regardless, because of you he escaped, so you will take his punishment."

"Hey now, hold up…what did he even do?"

"He slept with the governor's wife. Now die," the samurai said charging. Luckily for Naruto the men were not the Samurai that lived in the Land of Iron so the blonde made short work of them.

After entering the village he passed a café which was when he heard, "Ah apprentice."
Turning towards the sound he growled seeing the man that he had inadvertently helped escape from the governor's justice earlier. He was about to launch himself at the man, but he quickly held up his hands saying, "Whoa, look sorry about earlier but I have a strong aversion to dying." He could tell Naruto was still on the verge of attacking so said, "Look at least let me make it up to you. Let me apologize to you by buying you dinner."

"Fair enough," Naruto said before sitting down and ordering half the menu. After eating his fill Naruto said, "Thanks mister…"

"Kanji," the man supplied amused.

"Well thanks, I guess you aren't such a bastard after all," Naruto said standing.

"Hold up a moment," Kanji said, "There is one other way I would like to apologize and that is by making you my apprentice."

"Thanks and all but I already am learning from someone and no offense, but if you needed help escaping from those weaklings I'm probably a lot stronger than you."

Kanji chuckled saying, "Oh I wouldn't doubt that. But my strengths don't really lie in battle, but in the bedroom. Tell me do you know why those men were after me."

Naruto nodded saying, "You got to fresh with the governor's wife."

"Ha, that's a wonderfully naïve way of putting it," Kanji said his tone riff with amusement, "In truth I fucked her six ways from Sunday and she loved every moment of it. So much so that for the past year she has been slowly bleeding the fat bastard dry of his money and giving it to me."

"What? How…Why would she do that?"

Looking confused Kanji said, "What are you confused about? Did you not understand the part about me sleeping with her?"

"I got it," Naruto said quickly, "I just don't understand why she would do all that because of you sleeping with her?"

"Because I make her feel special," Kanji said with a shrug, "it's what I do."

"So you are a con-man and don't actually care for her," Naruto said sitting back as a hard glare appeared in Kanji's eyes.

"Kid I like you, but I'm a shinobi. We do all sorts of despicable things. However I do care for her, just as I do all the women I've charmed. That's why while you were taking out the governor's guards I went back and rescued her. She's waiting for me at the edge of town, where I'll take her to my manor to introduce her to the others."

"You mean she knows about you sleeping with other woman," Naruto said his jaw dropping.
Giving the blonde a lecherous grin Kanji said, "Oh yeah, and she can't wait to meet them, so here take this." Handing the blonde a scroll Kanji said, "These are the techniques that I've perfected to making any woman you want yours. Granted they work best on civilians since most Kunoichi seductresses may recognize some of the techniques as variations of the ones they use. But in the right hands they can make any woman devoted to you."

"I don't think I'll need something like this," Naruto said pushing the scroll back.
Kanji frowned, but said, "Keep it. Use it or don't. But it's my gift to you. Trust me kid once you make it with a girl you'll realize that these jutsu are worth far more than a mountain of gold."

Kanji stood about to leave but Naruto said, "Wait…why me?"

"Well for one you helped me out of a jam. Also I guess you kind of remind me of myself back when I was a genin for the Hidden Hotsprings Village."

"Isn't that some sort of resort town or something?" Naruto asked.

"It wasn't always that way," Kanji said, "But since lots of famous people went there for relaxing, it sort of became one. But it's also where a great deal of the techniques in that scroll came from, since it was a shinobi's job to seduce the women that went there in order to make them betray their husbands and countries. I went freelance shortly after amassing power by seducing the women behind the powerful men of the continent. Not to mention, I left because some crazy religion was starting up around then. Anyhow, I've got to get going. I'll be interested in seeing if you one day use those techniques, kid. Later."

With a wave, the man disappeared into the crowd of passerby's leaving Naruto to contemplate whether to take the scroll or not. In the end he did, but told himself it was only to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Arriving at the hotel room he shared with Jiraiya he sighed seeing the, 'Do not disturb' sign on the door. Knowing that meant his pervert teacher wasn't done entertaining his lady friend he settled against the wall next to the door. He looked at the scroll feeling a temptation to open it but fought it down. An hour later the door opened and the women left sending a wink his way. Entering the room he was glad Jiraiya was at least covered this time. Sticking the scroll in his bag he got into his own futon and went to sleep. Already forgetting about it by the time he woke up the next morning. The scroll would lay forgotten in his bag for the next six months.


He was unpacking from saving Gaara when he pulled the scroll from out of his bag. For a moment he looked at it in confusion before remembering what it was for. He was surprised to find the temptation to look at it return with such force, but guessed it had to do with Sakura throwing up the same walls in front of him. Hearing her latest refusal of a date playing again in his head he decided to open it.

Inside the scroll was writing on the techniques that he needed to master. After that, was what appeared to be lessons on how to apply said techniques. Most of them appeared to be gibberish requiring some key to make them legible. For instance to unlock the first lesson he needed to master the art of the Temptations Touch what the technique he needed to master was called in order to proceed. Apparently he would need to get his chakra to feel just right and press them to the seal to unlock the next lesson. Staying up all night he set to work on learning the art of foreplay using the chakra techniques the scroll described.


Ino wondered who her mystery client was. All she knew was that she was to meet him at a training field for some training. Not normally a mission she would except accept it had asked for her by name and promised her a bonus should she perform all the tasks asked of her. Considering that she had been eyeing a brand new dress it was a mission she found too tempting to refuse. However seeing Naruto waiting for her at the most secluded training field found herself wishing she had.

Not that she didn't like him but she knew that considering the way he trained in his youth whatever she was getting paid wouldn't be enough. But noticing the changes that he had gone through in the past three years she could think of worse ways to kill an afternoon then sparing with the attractive blonde. Giving a wave that was quickly returned, she hustled over towards him saying, "Are you the client Naruto?"

"Yep," he replied.

Teasingly she said, "Kind of sad that you need to pay a girl to spar with you. What's a matter Sakura not doing it for you anymore?"

"Aw come on Ino," Naruto said. "You haven't seen me in three years and you have to put me down almost moments later."

"I'm just teasing Naruto," she said flashing her white teeth in a dazzling smile.

Naruto gave a grin back especially as thoughts of what he had in store ran through his head. Ino hadn't been his first choice, Sakura naturally being that. But since he was positive that she would kill him if he asked, he had to find another candidate. Hinata had almost been his next choice but since she could barely form a coherent sentence around him and was prone to passing out settled on Ino. His fellow blonde would be an excellent test subject for his techniques since she was as Sasuke orientated as Sakura and due to how she dressed seemed to be a bit more promiscuous as well. He was positive with a little coaxing he'd get her to go along.

Deciding to get down to business the Kunoichi asked, "So what sort of sparring do you have in mind."

"Oh, it isn't sparring but training," Naruto said correcting her.

Ino frowned having a hard time imagining Naruto training in anything but ninjutsu or taijutsu. And since for the most part training in ninjutsu was often done alone had believed she was there for a sparring match. Shrugging she said, "Okay, then what do you need me for."

"I want to use you as a test subject for my techniques," Naruto said a blush adorning his cheeks.

Not liking the sound of being a test subject Ino said, "What sort of techniques?"

"Basically I want to touch you in order to find out what seduction techniques work best," Naruto said.

Almost as soon as he finished Ino was saying, "Hell no, there's no way I'd let you put your hands on me." Rounding on her heel she said, "I guess Sakura was right and being with that pervert teacher of yours did turn you into one as well."

Far from being offended Naruto said, "A shame really. Guess I'll have to find someone else who wants this dress."

Ino stopped to see Naruto holding the dress that she had been working for. Surprised and confused she asked, "How did you afford that? It was imported from Iwa and made…"

"From only the finest silk harvested from the Earth Daimyo's personnel silk worm farms," Naruto finished repeating what the sale woman had told him as he purchased it. Adding what she said afterwards, "It's a shame really because the store owner was rather positive that Konoha would never see another one like it."

Ino knew that of course, which is why she had wanted it so badly positive that when Sasuke returned seeing her in the one of a kind dress would make him fall madly in love with her.
Biting her lip, but wanting the dress Ino asked, "Is that the bonus the mission was talking about?"

"That's right," Naruto said keeping the smile he felt from his face, "I didn't choose you by accident Ino. I believe you are the only one that can help me master this technique."


"Because, we never really hung out so if they work or fail I can expect an honest response from you. Also, I know I'm asking for a lot and seeing you eye this dress and well everything just sort of fell into place after that." Seeing that Ino was on the fence he said, "If it makes you feel any better I'll keep my hands above your clothes."

Ino gave it some thought but was torn. On one hand she really wanted the dress but allowing Naruto to grope her in order to get it sort of made her feel cheap. Yet on the other hand she'd have to do a S-ranked mission simply to afford it. "Besides," she reasoned with herself, "It's only Naruto. He'll probably suck at it and give up after five minutes and there are Kunoichi who do this kind of thing for a living. Might as well see how the other half live."

"Alright Naruto, but you keep your hands above my clothes," Ino said her tone promising consequences if he didn't listen.

Naruto allowed the smile he felt to reach his lips as he said, "Fine, Ino and thanks." Placing the dress back in the box it had resided in he began making his way towards young woman.

Ino turned away and closed her eyes waiting for his initial rough grope of her body. However, she opened them again in surprise as she felt Naruto's hands on her shoulders. He then began to gently massage them.

He must have sensed her confusion because before she could speak he said, his tone hushed, "Shh, Ino I know that this is a mission to you but that's no reason not to enjoy it. Relax you're too tense." Ino almost couldn't help but do as Naruto suggested feeling the tension melting from her body. It almost felt like his hands were warming her insides.

Naruto smiled as he felt Ino sag as he worked his magic on her shoulders being careful to channel the chakra his hands were omitting into the blonde girl. According to the scroll the Temptations Touch was currently using his chakra to raise Ino's own desires in effect making her far more malleable. However it cautioned him against pushing for too much, too soon saying that the key to the jutsu was to make the target beg him to continue. The scroll had used the analogy of the pitcher flower and a fly to explain the reasoning behind it. Which basically was that it wasn't the smell of food that lured the insect to its doom, but the temptation that the smell represented.

When Ino actually leaned into his chest he knew it was time to begin really working her over. He began by moving his hands up and down her arms almost as if to keep her warm. Her head leaned back against his shoulder and he moved his right hand towards her breast. He wasn't surprised to feel that her nipple was hard or that Ino gave a suppressed moan as he gently rolled it between his thumb and forefinger.

When Ino didn't tense or complain he moved placed a kiss on her neck while he moved his other hand towards her stomach. He rubbed it in circles across her exposed midriff before bringing it up to join his other hand in exploring Ino's chest. When that hand gave Ino's other nipple a slight tug and she responded with a guttural moan, Naruto believed he had her right where he wanted her.

Moving his right hand down her body he reached into the flap of her skirt and began rubbing her pussy over the material of her shorts. He felt her tense so whispered into her ear, "Relax Ino I'll honor our bargain," he finished his sentence by nibbling on her ear lobe. Ino did relax and even began panting as he started to increase the speed of his ministrations, knowing that she was getting close to her release he prepared to up that ante.

Ino couldn't believe that it was Naruto doing this to her. Even the dreams she had of Sasuke having his way with her never felt anything like what she was currently experiencing judging by her increasingly dampening panties. It almost felt like an electrical charge was passing through her and the circuit was between wherever Naruto put his hands. As he began to speed up his rubbing, she knew she was about to cum and she knew that compared to the few she had given herself it would be one for the record books. That was why it almost hurt physically as Naruto stopped all together, prompting a weak, "no…" to escape from the kunoichi's lips.

"Sorry, what was that Ino," Naruto said having taken several steps back from the girl.

"Why…why'd you stop…?" Ino asked finding standing, let alone coherent thought difficult.

"Oh that," Naruto said sounding fine something that bothered Ino, believing he should be as flustered as her, "I believe I learned all I can at this current level of training. Thanks, but I guess I'll find a more willing partner for next time.

He turned to leave and smiled as Ino quickly said, "Wait…" she trailed off as he turned and shyly asked, "What do you mean by current level?"

"Well as good as this session turned out, I can't help but feel your clothes aren't allowing me to use my technique to their maximum effectiveness. Thanks for your help, but there really is no point in continuing."

Ino could think of one really big reason to continue, her impending orgasm. Wanting to experience it she said embarrassed, "I…I suppose I can allow you to explore a bit more…"

Giving her his biggest smile Naruto said, "Really that would be great Ino." She began to unbutton her shirt but was stopped as Naruto closed the distance between them whispering huskily into her ear, "No, allow me." The way his voice reverberated through her made Ino even wetter something she didn't think possible.

He picked up where he left off turning her to face away from him again except this time the hand that had been on her breast began to unbutton her shirt. Leaning back into his chest Ino watched as more and more of her chest was exposed to Naruto's eyes. When the blouse was fully unbuttoned Naruto gave her bra encased nipple a rough squeeze eliciting a moan from the kunoichi. He smiled before pulling the bra up exposing her breasts fully and showing off her pink nipples. Maneuvering her, he leaned forward running his tongue around the aureole of her breast before sucking on the nipple. Ino moved her hand into Naruto's hair pulling him into her breast wanting more of the sensation his tongue flicking her nub was creating within her.

Meanwhile he slid the hand working her pussy over, up over the band of her shorts and in a smooth motioned moved them and her panties down to her knees. With direct access to Ino's special place he began to work her lower lips and clit directly using his chakra encased hands. As Ino neared her climax Naruto pulled back from her breast and gazed into Ino increasingly cloudy gaze before placing his lips to hers. She responded immediately to the kiss, meeting his tongue with her own in a duel.

The kiss only ended when Naruto gave her clit a gentle squeeze sending her over the edge and causing her to pull back to shout her orgasm into the sky and coating his hand in her release. All strength left Ino's body, so as best he could he straightened her clothes before leaving her sitting against a tree all glassy eyed. Giving a lecherous smile he said, "Thanks Ino, let's do it again sometime."

There wasn't a response but then again he didn't expect one. Making his way to his apartment trying to ignore the throbbing hardon he had as well as being careful of the hand that was coated in her juices he finally arrived. He placed the hand on the scroll the key to unleashing the next level of training being the cum of the woman he tested his technique on. He watched as the words began to unjumble and explain what the next step was.

Reading on what to expect he hoped the next part would at least allow him some release of his own as he was sure that at the moment he could drive a nail into wood due to how hard he was.

It had been several day since his encounter with Ino and he was beginning to suspect the scroll was wrong. It had told him to be patient insuring that she would come to him soon enough. Having no choice but to accept he had waited. When he heard the knock at his door he answered a little more excitedly then he imagined he should but was immensely disappointed when the Anbu agent told him to report to the Hokage's office.

For a moment he was worried that Ino had gone to Tsunade but calmed believing that the Hokage would have visited him personally in order to make her displeasure known. Telling the Anbu he'd leave right away he got ready and made his way to the Hokage mansion.

As he walked he began to think about what Tsunade wanted. However due to his recent interest in sex he couldn't help but imagine applying his new jutsu to her. Thinking about it, he realized that Tsunade may have actually been an even better person to use them on then Ino had been. Mainly, since Tsunade would have had experience, and as a result would be better prepared to ward him off. Second guessing himself he figured that meant he should stick with Ino for the time being as he picked up his pace to see what she wanted.

Entering with his usually loud, "What's up Granny Tsunade?"

He ignored her customary growl to notice that Sakura and Shizune were also present. Sakura looked back at him eagerly, but Tsunade cut her off saying, "Well done on your previous mission. With the Kazekage safe we can now act on the matter of Sasuke and Orochimaru." Tsunade then went on to explain how Sasori had in his final moments told Sakura of a spy that he had in Sound and how he planned to meet with the man in two weeks time. "That's why I'm going to send you…"

"Sorry, but I'm going to have to decline this mission," Naruto said shocking all the women present.

Sakura was first to give voice to her confusion saying, "Naruto, this could lead us right to Sasuke. Don't you care?"

"Yes," Naruto said evenly, "But it sounds to me like the mission is a simple snatch and grab. I'm not necessary for such a mission and I'm sort of in the middle of some special training."

Sakura still looked upset but Tsunade leaned forward curious saying, "I wasn't aware of any new training given to you by Jiraiya or Kakashi."

"That's because it's something I've undertaken by myself," Naruto said coolly, "but I feel it's at a critical stage and don't wish to experience any setbacks."

"Well it's good to see you are continuing to improve yourself," Tsunade said giving a smile, "I look forward to seeing the results. Alright I'll find a replacement for you as well as Kakashi. Dismissed."

Naruto sent Tsunade a mysterious smile saying, "I'll enjoy showing you the results as well," before leaving.

Sakura stared at Naruto's retreating back until he left the room. After being dismissed as well Sakura began to get angry that after three years of hard training they stood at the cusp of finding Sasuke and suddenly Naruto didn't seem to care anymore. Deciding to let her anger out she went in search of somebody she was sure would understand her feelings.

Ino stood in her family's flowershop trying to ignore the arousal she still felt. Ever since the day in the training field with Naruto she had been plagued by a constant feeling of hypersexuality. It seemed all day long she was plagued by a desire to experience more, and even though she had masturbated to several orgasms had not felt her desire lessen in the least. She was just about to sneak into the back to try again when the bell to the shops front door opened.

Biting back a curse she said as pleasantly as possible, "Welcome to Yamanaka's Flowers. How can I help you?" However noticing her customer was Sakura she said, "Oh it's you. Since I doubt you are here for flowers, what's up?"

"Naruto decided he doesn't want to go after Sasuke anymore," Sakura said and Ino was surprised that as soon as the blonde's name was mentioned she felt her arousal skyrocket.

Trying to lend a sympathetic ear even though all she really wanted to do was strip naked and once more try to put out the fire searing her, she said, "Well maybe he's busy with something."

"That's what he claims anyway," Sakura said derisively, "but what could be more important than saving Sasuke. We're running out of time."

"Look, just suck it up," Ino said, "and besides the mission is to grab the spy not go chasing after Sasuke."

Sakura stared at Ino in confusion having been sure that of all the girls in the village, the blonde Kunoichi would understand how important the mission was to get back Sasuke so said, "I thought you wanted Sasuke back as badly as I do."

"I did…I mean do," Ino said although even to herself she didn't sound sure, "but why do you need Naruto to go so badly anyway?"

"Because he promised," Sakura snapped.

Ino snapped back saying, "Promised what to be your slave and drop everything in his life at your say so. Sure he had a crush on you but don't you think you're asking a lot of him while giving nothing in return. Kami you're so selfish. No wonder he didn't ask you…"

"Ask me what?" Sakura said her eyes narrowing.

"Nothing," Ino said not believing how worked up she got in defending Naruto and that she almost let out what the two of them did.

Sakura closed on her and said her voice tinged with anger, "What are you hiding?"

"It's doesn't concern you," Ino answered firmly. "Now if you don't mind, buy something or get out."

Sakura glared at her, which Ino returned, before the green-eyed girl conceded the staring match by turning away from her rival and leaving. After Sakura left Ino was torn between ignoring the growing feeling of wetness between her legs or running to Naruto's to offer her help with his new training. Finally she decided it may be best to at least wait until after Sakura left on her mission.

Naruto sat in his apartment, wondering if he made the right choice in not going on the mission. He had gone to the gate to see who was picked to go and had seen a pale faced boy along with an adult he didn't recognize. Chouji had also been picked and he guessed that the Akimichi had been chosen to fill his spot on the team, mainly because the pale boy reminded him of Sasuke.

He didn't see them off figuring Sakura was still pissed about his refusal to go along. A sudden knock at his door pulled him from his thoughts so getting up to answer it he asked, "Who is it?"


Hearing the kunoichi's voice brought a smile to Naruto's face as well as blasting all thoughts of Sakura's mission from his mind. Opening the door he said, "Hello Ino."

"Can I come in," she asked.

Before responding Naruto took a moment to study her appearance. She looked as beautiful as ever if slightly flushed and a little worn down as well. He smiled as he noticed that she was wearing the dress she had earned from him by agreeing to be his test subject. She appeared to panic slightly since it took so long for him to answer but eventually he stepped aside saying, "Sure."

Moving into the apartment quickly she gazed around at the spotless room in surprise due to all the horror stories she had heard from Sakura. "I cleaned," Naruto said answering the question written on her face, "After all, if I'm going to use those techniques I practiced with you I can't be bring them to a pigsty, can I?"

Ino shook her head still facing the room instead of the her fellow blonde still feeling too nervous to tell Naruto the reason behind her visit, but she didn't need to as the jinchuriki said, "Back for more?"

Ino spun to stare at Naruto in surprise who chuckled, saying, "What's with the look of surprise? Surely even I'm capable of guessing the reason behind your visit is due to our time together, since you've never come over before."

"I haven't been able to get what we did together out of my mind," Ino said her head down, "I want to experience it again."

"I'm sure you do," Naruto said confidently closing with the girl. Placing a finger under her chin, he lifted her gaze to meet his eyes and then kissed her greedily. The kiss took Ino's breath away and just as the need to breath became too over powering he ended it.

Walking from the panting kunoichi he sat in a chair saying, "However, last time it was all about your pleasure. This time it's your turn to return the favor."

He then spread his legs in effect telling Ino exactly how he expected her to return the favor. She hesitated not only because of how demanding Naruto had sounded, but because of how his words affected her. The way he watched her made her feel sexy and wanted, but a part of her recoiled at his demand. Picking up on her hesitance Naruto said, "Ino, if you don't want to continue then leave."

Nervously, the girl approached the sitting blonde before kneeling in front of him. She could see his hardness tenting his orange pants; reaching up with a shaky hand she gripped the zipper of his pants pulling it down. She was surprised as his dick actually popped out of the fly and stood straight at attention. Guessing it to be about nine or ten inches long she licked her lips at the sight of the throbbing cock. Reaching forward she grabbed the base and began working her hand up and down his length looking at Naruto to see if her actions pleased him.

Naruto, however kept his face impassive giving nothing away even as he began to feel the pleasure of Ino's actions. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the handjob, but he wanted to see just how far she would go to please him without his prompting.

After several minutes Ino began to worry as Naruto hadn't so much as grunted at her actions. Fearing that he would send her away she leaned in and gave his length a lick starting at the base and moving to the tip. Naruto groaned in approval, and Ino felt her own panties dampen at the sound so repeated her action running her tongue up and down his cock. Reaching the top she decided she wanted more so opening her mouth engulfed him.

"Very good Ino," Naruto said almost immediately as he placed a hand in her hair to guide her along. Having never experienced a blowjob before Naruto was quickly learning what worked for him and what didn't and began giving Ino instructions on how to best please him.

Ino for her part had begun to truly get into the act enjoying the way Naruto tasted, but also the sounds her actions drew from him. When Naruto said, "I'm cumming," she decided to catch his load with her mouth having enjoyed the precum she had already swallowed. However she was surprised at just how much there was as he exploded inside her mouth. Catching as much as she could, she couldn't believe that it actually made her cheeks bulge before leaking from her mouth.

Swallowing as best she could she found him to be quite bitter but knew that if he asked her again that she would gladly drop down to her knees. Naruto for his part smiled at her as she brought a finger to her chin to trace a line of cum that had escaped and brought it to her mouth licking it clean. She smiled at him showing some of the more confident and sure Ino that had been missing since the day at the training field as she asked, "How was that?"

"Fantastic," Naruto said, before motioning her to stand. Ino did so and he turned her around before bending her over slightly while he remained sitting. Raising the hem of her dress he said, "And know for your reward," he then pulled her panties down loving the way the crouch of her panties had remained stuck to her body due to the juices she was leaking. She stepped out of them and Naruto brought them to his nose inhaling Ino scent saying, "Smells delicious." He then dove into her snatch eating her out like a man possessed.

Ino came almost as soon as his tongue touched her and did moments later. However, Naruto simply drank up her love juice and continued to lick her to two more orgasms. Still facing away from the blonde as he ate her from his sitting position she almost collapsed after her second one but the blonde stopped her.

He began to lower her down towards his lap but stopped as she came into contact with his revitalized dick. Ino couldn't believe how hot it felt against her lower lips, and wondered why Naruto stopped as at that point all she wanted was it buried in her to the root. She received her answer as the Naruto said, "The next part you have to do on your own Ino. But understand that doing this will almost certainly make you fall even deeper into my jutsu. Not only that, but I plan to have many lovers."

"You mean this is all your jutsu's doing," Ino said but instead of pulling away rubbed herself along the tip of his cock.

"Yes," Naruto admitted, "The first time I've touched you I channeled my chakra into you heightening your response to my touch. It also bound you to me, so that only I could create such a response in you. Surely you've masturbated since then, didn't you notice how muted it felt."

Ino shook her head moaning slightly as her desire to plunge him into her fought with what she was learning, but she managed to say, "It always felt like that, what you did felt so much better."

That caught Naruto by surprise but chalked it up to his own inexperience and supposed he should have guessed considering Ino's handjob had felt better than when he did it himself. Ino asked him, "Does this mean you plan to simply have your way with me and leave me."

"Of course not," Naruto said soothingly, "As I said, this will bind us together it'll make you mine and only mine. I will treat you well I promise and will always protect you."

Hearing the sincerity in Naruto's words made up Ino mind and she began to lower herself onto his dick. The sensation of being filled by him was uncomfortable at first and she was glad her hymen had broken years ago, but beneath it was a promise of pleasure.

For Naruto it was as if his dick was being enveloped by a warm, liquid heat. When Ino finally fully sat on his dick, he simply leaned his head back to enjoy the sensation as he knew a girl's first time could be painful. After what seemed like an eternity and the temptation to move became almost too much to bear he sighed in contentment as Ino shifted herself ever so slightly. The gasp of pleasure it elicited from her drove Naruto wild as he picked her up and let her fall again. Doing so several times he smiled as Ino soon began helping out and the two quickly established a working rhythm.

"Oh fuck…it's…it's so fucking good," Ino moaned leaning back into Naruto's chest no longer able to move herself.

"For me too," Naruto said pounding into her as he fucked her in his chair, "you're so fucking tight…shit I'm about to cum…"

"Me…me too…cum with me…" Ino said turning her head to meet Naruto's in a kiss of dueling tongues.

As his tongue warred with hers, he reached between her legs where they were connected giving her clit a rub with a chakra covered hand which sent Ino over the edge. She tensed bodily screaming, "Naaaaarrruuuttttoooo," as she came, the tightening of her cunt around his cock sending him over as well, and flooding her passage with his seed, which in turn triggered a second orgasm in the woman.

Breathing hard Naruto said, "Phew that was fucking great." When Ino didn't respond he moved as best he could with the woman still laying on him and saw she had passed out. Picking her up, he stripped her of her dress, before laying her in his bed.

Moving towards his kitchen he picked up the scroll and was surprised he could read the last section it said, "Well done, you've successful seduced your first woman. Although the techniques will remain the same the tactics will change. Good luck."

Naruto smiled as he sat back in his chair, leaving the scroll on the counter as he planned just how to use these techniques for not just his own pleasure but to actually do some good. He realized that although he had chosen Ino, not only because she was beautiful and someone who he hadn't really interacted with, she was one day going to be the head of the Yamanaka clan. That meant he had in a sense already begun incurring a small powerbase within the village.

Thinking of Jiraiya's wish for peace in the shinobi world he believed that he could use the techniques he now possessed to help make that a reality. After all, most shinobi villages had powerful women in key positions within their governments and probably even running them like in Konoha. But first he would need to strength his power in the village before looking outside its walls.

Feeling tired, he decided that further planning could wait till morning, where maybe Ino could help him plan his next move. Getting into his bed, he smiled as Ino immediately cuddled into his side. Placing an arm around her, he pulled her tight and decided he'd ask after enjoying her again in the morning before allowing sleep to overtake him.

As the boy slept, he was unaware that due to his weakened seal that an ancient creature had experienced sensations that it had never felt before, and truly hoped to experience again. So therefore planned for ways to help its container in its endeavor to seduce the various kunoichi it encountered.

*Chapter 2*: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Target Hinata

The sun shining in her eyes was what woke Ino from the deep sleep she had been in. Sitting up in the bed she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looking about her realized she wasn't in her own room. "It wasn't a dream," she said more to herself not expecting a reply.

"Were you hoping it would be one?"

Turning to the voice, she saw a shirtless Naruto wearing only his orange pants as he leaned against the wall of his small apartment while looking out the window. He turned towards her waiting on her answer taking in her still nude form. Despite her lack of dress Ino didn't reach for the covers, as she felt no embarrassment, something she found rather strange. Realizing that Naruto was waiting on her answer she said, "No, it was probably the most pleasurable experience of my life."

She did blush in embarrassment when her stomach growled causing Naruto to chuckle as he said, "I'll make you something to eat."

As he walked to the kitchen area of his apartment, Ino watched him from the bed with a thoughtful face. Noticing it the male blond asked, "What is it?"

"Well, I thought that I was kind of your love slave or something. Shouldn't you be ordering me around?"

"I said the jutsu bound us," Naruto corrected as he began searching his icebox for his eggs. "As far as I can tell it means you're more submissive, and it may make you more prone to my suggestions. However I'm still more than capable of making breakfast."

Ino gave him a smile figuring that if she was some sort of love slave then she had probably hit the jackpot as far as masters went. Wondering what his next move would be, she asked, "Now what?"

"That's an interesting question," Naruto said, "How would you like your eggs?"

"Hopefully unfertilized," Ino said remembering to use the morning after jutsu since in her rush to get to Naruto's the night before she hadn't taken the proper precautions. "But for breakfast, scrambled."

"Scrambled it is," Naruto said as he watched Ino run the jutsu on herself while preparing her breakfast.

Finishing her meal, he scooped it onto a plate and moved it to his modest table. Seeing her meal was ready Ino stepped out of the bed not bothering to cover her nudity. Looking about the apartment she couldn't find what she was looking so asked, "Where's my dress?"

"It was rather wrinkled so I sent a clone to the cleaners with it," Naruto said enjoying the sight before him. "It should be ready in a few hours."

Ino shrugged sitting at the table to begin eating. Naruto had been about to offer her some clothes but seeing that Ino apparently didn't care about her state of dress, decided not to ruin a good thing. Sitting across from her at the table he watched her eat.

Ino finished her meal quickly due to how hungry she was. Pushing the empty plate away from her she said, "You didn't answer my question, what is it you intend to do now? You obviously plan to use that jutsu again."

Standing the blond walked towards his window to look out over Konoha. Finally, after thinking for several minutes he said, "During my travels with Pervy Sage, he told me that he dreamed of ending the hatred that was spreading throughout the Shinobi World, I suppose that's what I plan to do."

Ino stared at him for a moment before she started laughing. Naruto turned towards the laughing kunoichi, but he wasn't bothered by it knowing how insane he sounded. After she caught her breath she wiped a tear from her eye prompting the jinchuriki to ask, "Done yet?"

Ino noticed that Naruto's face was completely serious, which made her slightly nervous at laughing at him, a man that she was now bound to. He could see that she was suddenly pensive, but he gave her a disarming smile to let her know that he wasn't offended. "I know how it sounds Ino," he said moving to a brown leather chair.

Seeing Naruto sitting in the chair where he had given her so much pleasure the night before made Ino shiver slightly as a result of the images that flashed before her. However when he spoke she found her focus completely on him. "You've heard the saying behind every great man is a great woman, haven't you?"

Ino nodded, so Naruto continued saying, "Well imagine all that I could do using this jutsu."

"Come on Naruto, you can't honestly expect to unite all the shinobi's villages simply by sleeping your way to the top."

"Not at all Ino," Naruto said, "I intend to use the various women as agents to bring the villages together. For instance, even though I wasn't thinking of this at the time, in a few years you'll be the head of the Yamanaka clan."

Ino began to see where Naruto was going so jumped in saying, "So you plan to be the power behind the scenes."

"Exactly," Naruto said, "I'll start here in Konoha and once our powerbase is secure, we'll begin working on neighboring countries."

"Our?" Ino said surprised.

"Of course," Naruto replied, "Ino, I'm going to need your support as well as your input if I'm going to pull this off. Just as I will need the support and input of all the women that I manage to charm."

Ino was touched that he would value her opinion especially since he may not even need to ask her to get her to do anything. Getting up from the table she saw a notepad on one of his counters. Grabbing it along with a pen she crossed the room towards him and sat in his lap.

Feeling the skin of her back as she leaned back into his chest he asked, "What…"

Giggling she said, "I'm going to take some dictation."

"I think I'd rather you take some dick," Naruto said placing his hands on her hips and grinding her nude bottom along his increasingly hard erection.

"Now, now, now," Ino said with a chiding tone although she was finding it increasingly difficult not to give in, "Let's first plan out your first steps before we get carried."

"Fine," Naruto said with a pout, "First, I think we should learn just how complete my influence is over you."

Ino nodded in agreement saying, "Order me to do something that you don't think I would normally do."

"Okay," Naruto said thinking for a moment, "Go pick up the dry cleaning."

"I don't have a problem doing that," Ino began to say.

"Naked," Naruto added causing Ino to frown. She sat there for a moment, so Naruto added a little more of a command to his voice saying, "Now."

Ino looked like she was fighting to not get up before finally saying, "Please don't make me."

"Okay Ino, you don't have to."

She relaxed leaning back into him. Finally he said, "Was it difficult to fight?"

"Not at first," Ino said, "but when you insisted it became harder. But I still think I could have resisted, at least for a while."

"Good," Naruto said which surprised the blonde. He could see the look of confusion on her face so explained his reasoning saying, "I don't want mindless drones Ino. I need people that can think for themselves or stand up to me when they think I'm wrong. But, we'll test my control more later. Next, I think we should pick some targets that will help push Konoha towards uniting with the other villages."

"Basically you mean clan heads," Ino said writing down 'needs,' on the notepad.

Seeing that Naruto looked at Ino funny saying, "Needs."

"Yep," said giving her dazzling smile something Naruto was truly beginning to notice about her, "the other category is going to be, wants."

"I don't get it," Naruto said.

Looking pointedly at him Ino said, "Naruto, you may be a sweet boy, who upon unlocking probably one of the most perverted jutsu in existence is trying to put it to good use. But, you are still a man, and are undoubtedly going to use it on women that will not help advance your plan."

Hearing Ino thoughts on the matter he easily pictured several women that fit the bill, so was forced to acknowledge her point. Ino smiled again turning her attention to the pad and wrote, 'wants.' Putting the end of the pen in her mouth she said, "Okay to start off, a women you'll definitely need is Hinata and she should be easy for you to seduce."

"You sound pretty sure of that," Naruto said his tone conveying his doubts. When Ino looked at him like he was clueless, he defended himself saying, "What's with the look? I couldn't form a complete sentence around her when we were younger without her turning red and passing out."

Ino shook her head saying teasingly, "It's a good thing you're good looking and strong, because Kami only knows how you would make it in this world if you needed to rely on your brains." The look Naruto gave her in return made her laugh, but she calmed enough to say, "She did that because she liked you. In case you didn't notice she didn't have any problem talking to other boys."

"I did notice," Naruto said but thinking a moment added, "Although now that I think about it, that would explain why she gave me that ointment after my match with Kiba during the chunin exams."

Ino nodded, she then said, "You know if you are going to be successful in this plan of yours, you are going to need to be more aware of the small signs women give that signal attraction."

"What do you mean?"

"Well," Ino said stretching the word out as she organized her thoughts, "For me, you tricked me into allowing you to use your jutsu. Now with Hinata chances are if you show you are interested in her. She'll probably allow you to at least get close enough to use it against her. But what about Tsume Inuzuka…"

"Who?" Naruto asked causing Ino to sigh at having her train of thought stopped.

"Tsume Inuzuka, is the Clan head of the Inuzuka and is Kiba's mom and according to my dad probably one of the toughest females in the village. There's no way she'd fall for the same trick I did and I doubt you can just invite her to a sparring match where she'll allow you to work your magic on her."

"Still what does being more observant of the signs women give off get me?" Naruto asked. "If this Tsume is such a tough nut to crack, she'll probably be impossible for me to get close too."

"Don't be so sure," Ino said, "Let me ask you a question. Have you ever imagined Lady Tsunade naked?" Ino felt Naruto's dick twitch against her backside causing her to giggle as she said, "I'll take that for a yes. Well women do the same thing. There's a chance that if you get close to her she may give a small sign that she finds you attractive. Heck, she may even find you extremely ugly, but get wet around you because of how strong you are. But she won't act on those feeling without a little push from you, so you'll need to be aware."

"Okay, guess we can work on that after Hinata then," Naruto said, "So besides Tsume who else do you think should be on the 'Needs' list."

"Tsunade definitely," Ino said without hesitation. Feeling Naruto's lower half respond to her words, she again laughed lightly saying, "Oh somebody likes that idea."

"Can you blame me?"

Ino really couldn't since even though she was in her fifties she still appeared to be one of the most beautiful women the kunoichi had ever seen. Picking up where she left off, the young Yamanaka said, "Well after Tsume the only other current female clan head is Yakumo, although she may not be around long term."

Remembering the girl Naruto asked, "Why?"

"Well you remember that debacle with her Id right?" When Naruto nodded Ino explained, "Well apparently the Id was the only thing keeping her illness in check. Without it, or her powers she's been getting worse."

Naruto wasn't really sure if he should try and go for her but Ino said, "She may not help you long term, but if you do decide to seduce her… she'll probably appreciate it."


"Because everyone treats her like she's glass," Ino said sadly, "and after last night. Well let me put it this way; even if I knew it would kill me, there are worse ways to go."

Naruto chuckled, but said, "I'll consider it."

"Good," Ino said before continuing, "the only other need I can think of would be Saku…"

"No," Naruto responded quickly cutting the kunoichi off.

Wondering if it was because of his feelings for the girl he said, "Naruto… I can understand you not wanting to use your jutsu on her because of your feelings for her. But she is going to be the next head of the medical department, a powerful position…"

"You misunderstand Ino," Naruto said explaining his position, "Yes it's because of how I feel about her, but we're just going to have to hope that she'll go along with it when the time comes."

"You don't hate her now do you?" Ino asked worried since she was sure Sakura would take such news hard. While Naruto was gone she had begun to suspect that her friend had feelings for the blonde, based on how she talked about him. After a while Sakura would begin to wonder more and more about when Naruto was coming back. In truth Ino had been rather surprised that Sakura had become so focused on Sasuke upon her other teammates return. But before she had been able to give the matter any thought, her own situation with her fellow blond had changed.

Ino was torn between telling Naruto some of the kind things Sakura said about him while he was gone or not. However, in the end she decided not to since they had been told to her in trust that it was just between them. Instead she settled for saying, "Naruto, she's just confused about her…"

"Look Ino its fine," Naruto said ending with a sigh. He sat in silence for a while and she was just about to pry when he said, "My feelings for her haven't really changed. However it is because of them that I will not use this jutsu on her."

"What do you mean?"

"What do you know about the day Sasuke defected?"

"Not much," Ino admitted, "Tsunade was rather quiet about what happened between you and Sasuke."

"Not Sasuke and me," Naruto jumped in, "Between Sakura and I."

Ino thought for a moment before remembering something Shikamaru told her. Positive that was what he was talking about she said, "You're talking about how she begged you to return Sasuke back to the village."

Naruto nodded looking sadly at a wall as if replaying the memory, "Yeah… she laid it all on the line as she asked me to return Sasuke. I could do nothing but agree to bring him back. True, I would have any way, but it took on a different meaning then. In a sense I would be bringing Sakura's happiness back." Naruto paused and looked at her, "That's why I can't use the jutsu on her. Let's just say that if things had been different and I had cared for you like I did for her that she would be sitting naked in my lap now instead of you."

Ino's eyes went wide at what Naruto was admitting. Basically he had said he still cared deeply for Sakura but was standing aside so she could pursue Sasuke. But the rest of what he said sunk in and she felt hurt, jealous, betrayed, and angry, but almost as soon as the emotions began warring around in her she felt them dampen.

However it still reached her face causing Naruto to say, "That bothers you, doesn't it?"

"That you chose me to clear away a rival for Sakura and in a sense took away my choice to choose. Hell yes it bothers me," Ino snapped. But then added more calmly, "I even think this stupid jutsu is muting just how angry I am." She sagged a little into him, as the anger faded and said, "But truthfully, I'm also jealous and a little relieved."

"Relieved?" Naruto asked surprised.

"Yeah, you didn't have to tell me that. You could simply have said because I said so." Ino turned her head towards him placing a light kiss on the closest thing she could reach which was his cheek. She blushed slightly at the small sign of affection which surprised her since she was sitting naked in his lap but guessing at her reason said, "Also, I'm really glad that you did choose me. I chased Sasuke for years, and probably would still be chasing him if not for what you did to me. But I don't mind because you probably have shown more affection for me, and not just in a sexual way, but in all the ways that matter in a relationship. Even one as crazy as ours seems like it's going to be."

"Thanks Ino."

"No thank you Naruto," Ino replied focusing on his face. She then looked into his eyes adding, "But as one Sasuke obsessed girl talking about another, please consider Sakura."

"I'll let her make the choice," Naruto said after thinking for a moment.

Ino kissed his cheek again as thanks for considering her opinion before saying, "Now onto 'Wants.'"

Naruto thought for a moment, but then realized that he had a beautiful naked woman sitting in his lap and decided to have some fun. He placed his hand on her thigh and began rubbing it up and down. He then said, "Well first I think a good candidate would be, Ayame."

"The ramen stand waitress," Ino said surprised, and trying not to be distracted by the hand moving up and down her leg in greater sweeps, thereby moving closer to her responding womanhood, "Why her?"

"Because, if I'm going to be honest with myself, she was one of my first sexual fantasies, when you grow up lonely like I did and there's only one woman that treats you like you matter you tend to believe it's because she wants you."

Ino nodded sadly as she wrote the name down but then shivered and sighed as Naruto's hand reached her lower lips. The hand began rubbing along the outside. Trying to keep on target she said, "Whose next?"

"Hmm," Naruto said enjoying the feel of Ino's cunt as it responded to his ministrations. Deciding to give the blonde more, he slid his middle finger into her folds and began to work it back and forth inside her. Then as if he was discussing what he wanted for dinner said, "I was thinking about Kurenai-sensei."

"No-no…" Ino said surprising Naruto who began to withdraw his finger from her. Ino quickly stopped him putting her hand on his to keep him there and once he began moving it again, said, "She's… she's … mmmm… she's involved with someone…"

"Really who," Naruto said beginning to work his finger faster.

"I…I…shouldn't say…they're…oh s-s-so mmmm…they're trying to be discrete," Ino said, but knew if he pressed she would tell. The reason she knew of Asuma's relationship with Kurenai was because the jounin kept buying flowers for her from her family's shop. She had learned the truth when he had ordered some red carnations, but had asked that they be uncut. After he bought them Ino saw the flowers again in a flower box outside Kurenai's apartment.

"Okay Ino," Naruto said not wanting to be a home wrecker. "Tell me is Ayame seeing anyone?"

"I…more…more please…" Ino said getting off track.

Naruto smiled adding a second finger, "Now my question."

"Yes…I think so…oh Kami…"

Naruto smiled as he guessed that meant Kurenai was seeing Asuma since the Yamanaka writhing in his lap obviously didn't care if he wrecked Ayame's relationship. "Take Ayame off then as well," Naruto said disappointed, but laughed as Ino tried to scratch the name off while enjoying his efforts.

When she succeeded he said, "How about that crazy proctor from the second exam?"

"A-anko Mitarashi…she's single…" Ino said trying to ignore the pleasure she was feeling as he worked his magic long enough to add her name. Having a suggestion of her own she said, "How…h-h-ow about Tenten… she asked…fuck Naruto right there…," Naruto began rubbing the spot he had just touched inside her harder causing the kunoichi to spread her legs more placing her feet on his knees and began humping the palm of his hand which was resting on her pelvis as his fingers moved inside her. Trying to pick up where she left off she said, "She…she asked…Neji out a few months ago…oh yes…he…he turned her…down though….claims relationships are bad among teammates…"

"Add her then," Naruto said smiling as the young woman tried. She got as far as writing 'Ten," rather shakily when he pressed his palm against her engorged clit.

She practically threw the pad away from her as she came soaking his hand and pants in her release as she shouted, "Oh gods!"

As she tried to catch her breath Naruto lifted her up in his arms and carried her towards his bed. Placing her down, he stood up as she watched glassy eyed as he released his cock and freed himself of his pants and underwear.

Looking down at the girl, he asked, "Do you have anywhere you need to be?"

Ino couldn't reply, so weakly shook her head no. "Good," he said getting into the bed and climbing between her legs, "because I don't think you'll be leaving this bed today." He then spent the rest of the day delighting in the blonde goddess that was Ino.


Naruto had a hard time keeping the smile off of his face as he walked through the village. Ino had left late the previous night after they had explored each other thoroughly. He had missed her warmth as he slept that night, but she had needed to get home since her parents may begin to worry. He had stopped by the flowershop to make sure everything was alright and that her parents weren't upset. Luckily, the life of a shinobi meant they could often be called away and without time to let loved ones know. So therefore her parents hadn't been too worried. The smile was a result of the blowjob that Ino had given him before he left the store.

But a thought that did cause the smile to falter was the question of why him. As in why did Kanji give the Temptation Touch jutsu to him? He hadn't thought too much about the man's motives at first, but it had become more prevalent lately in his mind, especially since having only had the jutsu for a few days Naruto was dreaming so ambitiously while the other man was simply using it to charm rich women. He wondered what the man's ulterior motives were. He supposed a part of the reason that he had begun to worry about it was the man didn't seem to have a problem with destroying bonds between people. Such as the governor and his wife, at first he had assumed that the governor may have deserved it, but now wasn't too sure.

Before he could come to a conclusion he saw the girl he was searching for, so put it out of his mind. Ino had been rather positive that Hinata would easily fall prey to his jutsu. However, it quickly became apparent that Ino didn't take one thing into account.

"Hey Hinata," Naruto shouted causing the Hyuuga Heiress to spin quickly a hand moving up to her chest in surprise.

"N-na-Naruto," she said her face changing from the pale white to red as he jogged closer. "How-how-how…" was as far as she got in welcoming him back before she fainted. Luckily for her, Naruto caught her half expecting such an outcome. He smiled down at the now sleeping girl since he now knew that she was like this because of the strength of the feelings that she possessed for him.

He was half tempted to use the jutsu on her while she slept, but felt that would cross a line. Being only a step away from molesting her as she slept, therefore he began to carry her towards the Hyuuga compound. He was almost to the gate when he heard, "What are you doing with the Lady Hinata?"

Turning towards the voice, he said, "Trying to get her home safely Neji."

"I'll take it from here," Neji said, prompting Naruto to shrug and hand over the out cold Hyuuga princess.

"Welcome back," Neji said welcoming, "I'm sure it's a sentiment that Hinata would wish to convey as well were she obviously capable of it. Thanks for watching out for her. I should see her home."

Naruto nodded thinking, "I wonder if you would thank me if you knew what I want to do with her. But I doubt it."

Taking off with a wave he returned to his apartment. Entering it he walked to his chair but stopped seeing the pad that Ino was working on day before. Under the "Need,' category he added a line of question marks. He was still staring at it when Ino came in after closing up her family's shop.


The Kyuubi was plotting behind the bars of its cage, all the day before the sensations had returned and it began seeing images. Flashes to go along with what it was feeling and they all seemed to center around its current container. Generally its life within the seal was void of anything leaving it trapped with its own endless rage, which was why it could influence the boy when he was angry. But these sensations were strange and foreign to the might chakra beast. The only thing it had ever experienced like it was generally the pain of being attacked by a powerful jutsu. Yet the sensations it had experienced seemed to be the complete opposite of pain.

Wanting to experience more, it focused on some of the images it had seen, and briefly wondered why it was seeing its container as the Kyuubi figured if the sensations were tied to what the boy was doing it would be seeing things from his perspective. But instead it was seeing the boy minus his clothes as it moved almost like it was atop whatever was staring at him. But the sensations it felt, the Kyuubi was almost positive were due to what the boy was doing.

Tired of its sensationless existence, the Kyuubi decided to wait and see if it happened again before acting. It needed more information before it could judge what was happening and before trying to make it so that it happened again.

Ino returned to Naruto's apartment, seeing him alone in his chair and staring at the pad, she was rather surprised. Commenting on it she said, "I half expected you to be inches deep into Hinata when I came over."

Naruto looked up and smiled at her comment but said, "Unfortunately, she is still prone to fainting around me."

"That's why you bring her here so when she wakes up…"

"And have the Hyuuga begin searching frantically for her when she doesn't turn up where she is supposed to," Naruto said, "No thanks, I don't think I want that kind of attention."

Ino climbed into his lap after shrugging at his comment. Looking at the pad of names she asked, "What do those question marks mean?"

"I was thinking that I'm going to need an agent to move about outside the village to gather information for me," Naruto said, "Somebody that can identify possible targets of interest for me."

"Yeah, so I take it the problem is you don't know who would fit the bill huh?"

"Precisely, it needs to be a kunoichi naturally, but one that nobody would miss as she could be at it for years and I don't want missions she needs to perform distracting her from my goals. Got anyone in mind?"

Ino thought for a moment but said, "Sorry, the only women that fit that bill are missing-nin and I'm not familiar with too many of those."

"Unfortunately neither am I and the few I did meet tend to be scum or have hearts of gold but end up dead. Any way keep your eyes and ears open for me will you?"

"You know I will," Ino said giving him a deep kiss, but before it got to far she moved his hands off of her saying, "Sorry, I have hours at the hospital."

Indicating his erection he said, "You're just going to leave me like this?"

"Consider it your punishment for failing to seduce Hinata," Ino said flashing her smile, before heading towards the door.

Left alone Naruto said, "Well that certainly sucks," but was twice as determined to succeed in his quest the next day.

Naruto was determined not to fail today, and he had hit upon the perfect plan. He quickly found his target leaving the training field. It appeared to him that Kurenai was feeling a little under the weather so called off their training. He wondered if it was due to her relationship with Asuma, but didn't linger on the thought since his target was walking away by herself.

Watching Hinata, he noticed that her head was down and she was rather down in the dumps as well. He guessed that it may be related to him, since he could easily imagine that she was kicking herself for what she thought was a blown opportunity to talk to him.

Getting ahead of her, he ducked into an alley and put his plan in motion. When Hinata passed the alley he called out in Kiba's voice, "Hey Hinata." The Hyuuga turned towards the sound, but unlike when he called out to her the day before it was more relaxed as was here response, "Hello Kiba, where's Akamaru."

"Oh…he's at the vet's, needs his shots and all that," Naruto said henged as Kiba.

"Don't you usually stay with him?" Hinata asked tilting her head a little.

"Um…he needs to stay overnight…" Naruto said his excuse sounding rather lame to his ears. Before she could inquiry more he changed the subject saying, "By the way, why do you seem so down? It's not because of Kurenai-sensei calling training off is it?"

"No…" Hinata said, "I-I ran into Naruto yesterday."

"Really that's cool, I bet he's gotten way stronger," Naruto said not above tooting his own horn.

Hinata seemed to get even more depressed before saying, "I wouldn't know…I didn't even really get to say hello before I fainted on him. He probably thinks I'm weird."

Naruto wanted to refute what she said, but considering that was exactly what he thought till Ino told him the reason behind her fainting and blushing didn't think he could deny it convincingly so kept quiet. "Well there's always tomorrow right," Naruto said.

"I suppose," Hinata said while wondering why Kiba was being so supportive today, "but I'll probably make a fool of myself next time as well."

"Hey now, if you spend so much time worrying about it like that it might become a self-fulfilling prophesy," Naruto said.

Grabbing her hand he began pulling her down the street prompting the girl to ask, "Where are you taking me?"

"We're going to have fun and make you forget all about your troubles," Naruto said pulling her towards the market district.

That's exactly what they did as well doing various activities that Hinata could easily see herself doing with Naruto. At times she felt rather bad that she would impose the blond onto the Inuzuka every now and then. Like when they left the latest Princess Gale movie, Kiba had linked his arm with hers. She had allowed it and even rested her head on his shoulder and pretended it was Naruto. It was rather easy to do since Kiba wasn't acting like himself, but instead almost like a watered down version of Naruto.

They were walking the village and it was getting dark when she said, "Thank you for today Kiba."

"You're welcome, Hinata," Naruto said having enjoyed his day with the Hyuuga, "So why do you get all flustered around Naruto?"

"I-I guess it's because he means so much to me," Hinata said beginning to get embarrassed. But believing it would do her some good to get it out in the open and since Kiba had proved to be so supportive she said, "I nearly…I nearly went the wrong way. I believed I was worthless, but Naruto…he had it so much worse but kept smiling. His… his smile it saved me, helped move me in the right direction and because of that I… I think I lov..."

"Thank you," Naruto said, stopping her not wanting to hear her love confession while henged as Kiba.

As Kiba stepped in front of her, she noticed they were in Naruto's neighborhood, "What are we doing here Kiba? And why are you thanking me?"

"What you said, means a lot to me Hinata. I'm glad you think so highly of me. I admit I found you kind of timid and weird, but I meant what I said about liking people like you," Naruto said, seeing Hinata's look of recognition at what he told her by the three posts before his match with Neji, he dropped the henge. Hinata almost immediately turned red and began to stutter out an apology as she began to lose consciousness.

Naruto pulled her close and said, "I'm glad I mean so much to you, but you don't need to fret about being close to me. We spent all day together Hinata."

Hearing that Hinata did begin to calm, realizing he was right. She began to sink into his chest and so Naruto asked, "Would you like to come up to my apartment?"

She managed to nod not quite up to speaking just yet, so with a smile he linked his arm with hers and led her towards it. Stepping into the small apartment Naruto asked, "Would you like me to take your jacket?"

Hinata frowned since she used it to hide her rather large chest since she felt embarrassed by it. When she shook her head no Naruto said sounding disappointed, "Yeah, I guess you probably don't want to stay long."

"No that's not it Naruto," she said quickly, but when Naruto looked at her to explain why she couldn't, and felt mortified. In the end, she unzipped the jacket handing it to him. As her skin tight mesh shirt appeared Naruto had to swallow the sudden lump in his throat.

Taking the jacket from her, he hung it up asking, "Would you like something to drink?"

"Some tea please," Hinata said.

"Coming right up," Naruto said pulling the kettle out.

When it was ready he handed her a cup sitting next to her on his modest couch. Hinata stared into the tea for a while and Naruto gave her the time to think. Finally she asked, "Why… why did you pretend to be Kiba?"

"Because I like you and wanted to get closer to you," Naruto responded, "and since you seem more at ease with your teammates figured that would help you be yourself around me. I could have picked Shino, but to be honest, he kind of creeps me out."

Hinata giggled saying, "If he heard you say that he'd sulk Naruto."

"Well then let's just keep it between us okay Hinata," Naruto said leaning closer to her.

Hinata's eyes went wide at how close he had gotten but stuttered out an, "O-o-okay Naruto."

"Do you mind if I ask you a question now?" Hinata shook her head no so he asked, "Why would you hide behind such unflattering clothes?"

Hinata went beet red as she tried to stutter a response but stopped saying, "It seems such a shame for a beautiful women like you to hide like that."

"I'm…I'm not beautiful," Hinata said

"Of course you…"

"Stop it," she snapped surprising the blonde, "stop saying things you don't mean."

"I mean it Hinata. Why would I lie?"

"Because you want to make me feel good about myself. It's just the way you are." Hinata said standing abruptly, "I have to go."

Naruto stopped her before she got to the door, and wrapped her in a hug from behind. She tried to push free, but he held on and he marched her to the mirror in the bathroom. She refused to look at it so he said, "Hinata look at your reflection." She refused so he said, "Please Hinata."

She opened her eyes to stare at her reflection. After a moment her eyes sought out Naruto's in the mirror. "Know what I see," Naruto asked as he moved his hand towards her stomach and began to channel chakra into her as he rubbed small circles above her shirt, "I see a beautiful woman that needs to wake up and realize there are a lot of women that would kill to see what you see every day in the mirror."

Hinata began to feel a tightness in her stomach, that had nothing to do with nerves, as she responded to Naruto's touch and words. "That's not true," Hinata responded.

"Have I ever lied to you?"

"But you like Sakura, my…my body looks nothing like hers," Hinata said having always hated how her breast kept growing figuring Naruto liked the more athletic form of Sakura.

"You're right of course, but to me girls are like ramen," Naruto said sounding silly even to himself, but going with added, "Each flavor has its own distinct reasons for me to enjoy it. Just as I find you attractive for different reasons then I would Sakura."

Hinata giggled guessing only Naruto would use Ramen to make a girl feel better about her body. But then she sucked in a deep breath as the hand rubbing her stomach moved under her shirt to rub her skin directly. Almost as soon as Naruto's hand touched her skin the warmth she had been feeling intensified.

Naruto smiled into the mirror as Hinata began to respond to the jutsu as he channeled more of his chakra into her. Her eyes began to grow hooded, guessing that she wouldn't freak out too much he said, "But I get the feeling you still doubt me somewhat, but let me prove it."

With his free hand he grabbed her right hand and moved it to his crotch. Placing her hand against his erection, he saw her eyes go wide in surprise and for a moment she looked confused and scared, but then her hand began to rub over his pants. Leaning towards her ear he said, "You did that to me Hinata."

"I-I did?"

"That's right," he said lifting her shirt ever so slowly. He wanted to give her ample opportunity to stop him even though he knew from the way her hand was rubbing his dick over his jeans that she was lost to the lust his jutsu rose within her. When her breasts were uncovered, he was surprised she wasn't wearing a bra, yet didn't let that slow him down as he bunched her shirt and let it go, her breasts preventing it from falling back down. Hinata simply stared at her reflection, but moaned as Naruto used both hands to grab her exposed treasures. "How could my body not respond like that being around such a hot and sexy woman such as you, Hinata?"

As he massaged her breasts, she moaned and she began to move the hand rubbing him faster. Naruto was so caught up in exploring the wonders that were Hinata's tits that he failed to notice she stopped rubbing him. However, the sound of his fly being pulled down did catch his attention as did the Hyuuga's hand fishing out his cock as she began to stroke it.

"Mmmm, that's very good Hinata, your hand is making me feel great," he said moving one of his own hands down to the hem of her pants. Sliding his hand down the waist band of them he was surprised to find that she was as clean shaven as Ino. But he wasn't surprised to find that the insides of her panties were flooded as a result of her arousal.

He pulled that hand out guessing she was wet enough for him to easily penetrate her so loosened her pants and allowed them to fall to the bathroom floor. Pushing her forward slightly so that her hands gripped the counter of the sink, he stopped her from stroking him and lining his cock up with her entrance barely controlled himself from plunging into her depths. But wanting to give her the same chance he had Ino to pull back said, "Hinata…do you want this…want me."

"Yes..yes so very much," Hinata said breathlessly as she began to try and lean into the cock poking her.

"Wait, wait Hinata, if we do this you'll be bound to me and…"

Hearing that Hinata didn't care what other stipulations there were and managed to surprise Naruto with her sudden determined push back towards him, using the sink to give her the leverage she needed. Naruto sunk into the Hyuuga fully. He caught a wince from Hinata and was surprised that almost as soon as he bottomed out she pulled away to slam back into him.

"Hinata…damn I was trying to tell you…there were going to be others…"

Hinata didn't care about that though; all she cared about was that Naruto was inside of her. Surprising herself, almost as much as him, she reached back grabbing the back of his neck and pulled him forward. She kissed him hard and when it ended said, "I don't care… all I ever wanted was to be close to you… to be by your side and if I have to share you to do that then so be it… Now shut up and fuck me!"

Hearing the usually soft spoken Hyuuga demanding to be fucked Naruto smiled saying, "As you wish," and grabbing her hips began pounding into her as hard and as fast as he could.

"Ohhhhh, so fucking good Naruto…it's better than I ever dreamed….keep fucking me….never stop." Naruto had no intention of stopping, but decided he wanted a better view so picked up the moaning Hyuuga and lifted her into the air allowing her to rest her feet on the counter of the sink as he began drilling into her again.

Hinata watched mesmerized as Naruto's dick moved in and out of her in the mirror. Her back pressed against his chest, she reached one of her hands around to pull Naruto's face to hers in order to kiss him again. Her free hand began to tweak her own aching nipple, and was soon joined by Naruto's.

Hinata could feel something building within her, having never masturbated due to her embarrassment with the issue, although she often indulged in fantasies of that nature , she wasn't sure what to expect. Pulling away from the kiss she said, "Naruto…I… I'm going to cum…please, please cum with me."

"Alright Hinata…I'm almost there, hold on for me," Naruto grunted feeling his own orgasm approaching.

"Together Naruto….I'm I'm…"

"Cumming," Naruto said releasing his load deep inside Hinata.

Feeling his spunk painting her deepest part sent Hinata over the edge as she screamed, "Naruto's cumming inside me…it's so warm…" She then sagged into him.

Naruto felt a little weak himself as he lowered Hinata back to the ground. She immediately used the sink to support herself, but seemed to bounce back rather quickly which surprised Naruto. Yet, not nearly as much as her grabbing him by the dick and stroking it back to full hardness. She then let go and looking at her hand which was covered in their combined release then looked directly into his eyes as she licked it clean. If Naruto hadn't been ready to go again the sight of the Hyuuga liking her fingers clean would easily have provided him with all the inspiration he needed.

Hinata leaned back against the sink, picking herself up and sat on it with one foot on the edge as she spread her legs. With a crooked, finger beckoned him forward for more. As Naruto moved to follow the silent command, he remembered something that Jiraiya had said and although at the time didn't understand what he meant believed he did now which was, "It's always the quiet ones that get revved up the most."

The Kyuubi felt a slight pull of chakra and since it had felt it the first time the sensation started expected to feel them again soon. It wasn't disappointed as the pleasure began to course through it, and the visions started. Once again the blond boy that served as its container figured prominently in the vision. However this time it could see a Hyuuga in front of the boy as he rutted away at her. Strangely the Kyuubi had the feeling that it was seeing what was happening like it was staring in some sort of reflective surface.

When Naruto came inside the Hyuuga the feeling grew even stronger, and the vision became sort of blurry like it was going to fade. But then the world spun and the Kyuubi was staring straight into Naruto's eyes, it saw the demure hand of the woman reach for the phallus that had been responsible for giving so much pleasure. But then the mighty chakra beast realized that it was experiencing the joy of mating from the woman's perspective, not its containers. It didn't know how that was possible but truly didn't care. Instead, it delighted in the pleasures of sex as the Hyuuga's actions caused Naruto to once again bury himself into Hinata and start the act all over again.
Naruto was lying on his back as Hinata bounced on top of him. After leaving the bathroom, they had moved to the bed where Hinata after experiencing two more orgasms had pushed him on his back and was quickly riding him to a third. She leaned forward dangling her breasts in front of him and he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

She was chanting, "It's so good, it's so good," over and over again as she began to increase her tempo. Naruto grabbed her hips and increased his as well trying to reach the finish at the same time. Although he didn't, her inner muscles clenching around him as she came provided the extra stimuli he needed to reach nirvana as well. She collapsed into his chest panting heavily and covered in sweat. Moving a stray strand of hair from her face he asked, "Do you need to get home?"

Hinata shook her head saying, "I am home."

Stroking her hair he said, "Yes you are," but when she didn't respond smiled as he saw that she had fallen asleep atop of him. Pulling the covers over them as best he could he let sleep claim him as well figuring that telling Hinata what it was she had become a part of could wait until morning.

*Chapter 3*: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Target Tsunade

Naruto threw his head back and groaned in pleasure. Although the warm water of his shower attributed to it somewhat, he looked back down towards the Hyuuga kneeling in front of him with his dick in her mouth as the true cause. Hinata bobbed her head back and forth several times her lavender-white eyes never leaving his. After several minutes she took him as deep as she could still leaving about half his length to go and held there, when she pulled back off she let him out of her mouth with a loud pop.

Moving back forward she stuck her tongue out licking his tip before running her tongue down his shaft on her way to his balls. Sucking one into her mouth, she began fisting his shaft, pulling another groan from Naruto's throat. "Damn Hinata, wherever did you learn to suck cock," Naruto said leaning his head back against the shower wall.

"This is my first time," Hinata said, letting his ball go, "but I've dreamed of doing this to you for ages."

The Hyuuga princess then took him back into her mouth moving back and forth occasionally stopping to run her tongue around the underside of his cock. Naruto shook his head saying, "They must have been some explicit dreams," and groaned when she hummed her agreement.

Naruto was pleased with the way his morning was turning out, and was sure it could only get better. He had woken up before Hinata and had thought he managed to extract himself from beneath the sleeping beauty without disturbing her. He had decided to take a shower and had no sooner stepped in when Hinata had wrapped her arms around him from behind. After sharing a passionate kiss, she had smiled before dropping to her knees where she had been ever since.

Hinata reached a hand to his sack and began to fondle it causing the Kyuubi container to put his hand in her hair as he attempted to control the pace of her back and forth motion. Hinata felt his nuts contract signaling his impending release and stopped her bobbing to run her tongue along his piss slit. "Ah fuck," Naruto yelled as he blew his load in Hinata's waiting mouth. After several spurts he sagged against the wall and watched as Hinata looked up at him and opened her mouth. She then closed it making a grand spectacle of swallowing before showing him the load was gone.

Hinata smiled as she saw Naruto's eyes darken with lust at her display, clearly showing that he was ready to go for more. But the water of his shower began to grow cold forcing her to say, "I think it's time for us to get out Naruto."

Naruto frowned, but figured the cold water would end up killing his erection anyway so helped Hinata back to her feet to use the remaining warm water to wash off. As he ran his hands over her skin washing her, he explained his plan and her place in it. As they stepped out to dry off he asked, "Does any of that bother you?"

"Not really, no," Hinata said, "I mean I'm with you, so what if it took some love jutsu to do it. I just hope I can live up to your expectations."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked rubbing the towel over her.

"I mean as things stand, my father favors Hanabi as the heiress. He hasn't decided yet, but she's been his favorite for years."

"I'm sure you can do it Hinata," Naruto said trying to comfort her.

"But if I don't…"

"Then we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, but I'm not going to toss you away if you don't," Naruto said seeing some of the concern the topic had caused to swell up in Hinata fading.

Hinata leaned up placing a kiss on his nose and wrapped a towel around her nude form before she said, "I knew I made the right choice in picking you."

Giving a foxy grin Naruto said, "Didn't I choose you?"

Moving for the door Hinata said wrapping a towel around her, "Nope, I choose you. You just finally decided to recognize it." She giggled as she exited but froze when she saw Ino sitting in Naruto's leather chair.

For a moment she was scared of how the blonde kunoichi would react, but Naruto walked past her moving towards the chair. Ino vacated it as he sat down instantly sitting on one of the arms of the chair and began twirling her fingers in his wet hair.

Looking at the still frozen Heiress she said addressing Naruto, "She must be something to get you to groan like that. I could hear you cumming from here."

"And…" Naruto said.

"Oh, look whose playing it cool upon banging his second chick," Ino teased. "So did you tell her?"

"Yeah," Naruto said.

"Then why is she blanking out on us?" Ino asked.

"Sorry," Hinata said coming back, "You just surprised me. I guess I'm still a little nervous about living up to Naruto's expectations." Hinata got over her shyness and decided to sit next to Naruto on the other arm rest of the chair."

"So what's on the agenda for you today, Naruto," Ino asked as the jinchuriki began rubbing both kunoichi's legs. "Are you going to spend the day screwing Hinata senseless?"

"I wish he could," Hinata said, "but I should get home soon and Kurenai only canceled training for one day. She said if she was still not feeling well she would find a sub."

Naruto nodded before putting some thought into how he should spend his day. "I guess that means I'll work on the list then."

"Really so who are you gunning for?" Ino asked excitedly.

"Tsunade," Naruto said after a moment's thought.

"Don't you think it's a little soon," Hinata asked nervously, "I mean she is the Hokage and a Sannin."

"I know, but she almost has to be next as Sakura's mission is going to end soon and I'm sure once Team Kakashi returns it'll be back to missions for me, best to have her working with me, instead of unintentionally working against me." Turning towards Ino, he asked, "By the way, what did you come by for?"

"Tired of me already," Ino asked with a fake pout.

"No, just surprised."

"Well I guess I was curious if you succeeded in seducing Hinata for one and also I came by for some breakfast."

Naruto began to get up to make some, but stopped as Ino held him down by moving off the armrest and into his lap. "Ino," he said surprised.

"I'm not in the mood for eggs," she said sliding down his body until she was on the floor in front of him. Opening the towel around his waist she looked at his limp dick and swallowed it running her tongue all over it causing Hinata to gasp at the sight. As it began to respond Ino, pulled back saying, "That's better, now be a good host and let me have my protein shake."

Hinata watched mesmerized as Ino began to work her head back and forth over Naruto's cock. As Naruto groaned placing his hand on the back of her head, Hinata began to rub herself at first over the towel. but soon touched herself directly.

Naruto sat there with his eyes closed as he enjoyed the feeling of Ino sucking him off. He also delighted in the loud slurping noises she made. His nostril began to pick up the scent of female arousal so opening his eyes looked towards his right and was greeted to the sight of Hinata's snatch as she rubbed herself. In the mood for some breakfast himself, he leaned forward placing his mouth directly over her wet and delectable pussy. The hand quickly moved from her snatch to his hair pulling him deeper into her pink folds as he stuck his tongue into her trying to get as much of her juices as he could.

"Oh kami Naruto yes, eat me," Hinata moaned as Naruto's tongue probed her insides.
Ino kept focused on her task of earning her breakfast, but hearing the Hyuuga's moan slipped a finger into her own wet folds. Pulling off his dick, she kept the pressure up by stroking him as she whined, "Naruto, I'm really hungry stop being so stubborn and give me your jizz."

Naruto just grunted into Hinata's snatch causing the blonde to pout before getting a devilish idea. Getting to her feet while still stroking him, she pulled her finger from her pussy and then got close to Hinata's face, who was moaning her pleasure at Naruto's efforts. Looking down between the valley of the Hyuuga's tits, she could see Naruto watching her and giving him a smile lowered her head to one of Hinata's breasts. As soon as she latched onto one of Hinata's nipples the girl bucked her hips and she felt the dick in her hand twitch. She pulled back her mouth just enough to show her tongue playing with the nub for Naruto's benefit. After several moments of teasing the Hyuuga's hardened nub, she moved towards the panting girl's face again where she stared into her eyes before kissing her. Hinata went stiff at first, but then relaxed and when Ino ran her tongue across Hinata's lips was granted access. The two tongues clashed and Ino found kissing a girl far different from kissing a guy. For one, with Naruto it had almost been a battle of dominance, but with Hinata it was a dance. Neither trying to overpower the other, but simply enjoying the sensation.

She became aware that her hand was getting slimy with Naruto's precum and so breaking the kiss she noticed a small thread of saliva still connected their tongues. She tried to stretch it as long as she could, but once it broke moved her head back to Naruto's cock where she licked it clean. She enjoyed his preejaculate but was getting antsy for the main course. A moment later Hinata screamed her release flooding Naruto's mouth with her essence and a moment later Ino was rewarded for efforts with the cream she sought.

After swallowing his load, she smacked her lips contently saying, "Yummy." She noticed that Hinata had sagged into Naruto's lap so climbed up as well. Ino noticed the content half smile on Hinata's lips and said, "Who needs training right?"

"Mmmmm" was all Hinata could muster.

Ino focused behind Hinata seeing a wall clock that showed the time. Cursing she leapt out of Naruto's lap saying, "Darn it, my dad is going to kill me if I don't get the shop open on time. Bye." The Yamanaka heir fixed her clothes as best she could before running out the door after giving Naruto a kiss on the cheek.

Hinata sat up stretching lazily saying, "I should probably get going too." She kissed him deeply tasting herself on his lips, and almost gave into the temptation of simply blowing off training. But pulled back saying, "I'll see you later, Naruto. I want to head home to clean up before meeting my team."

Naruto got up rewrapping his towel around him and after she dressed, escorted her to the door. After delighting in another kiss from the Hyuuga, he decided to wait until his own hot water returned before paying a visit to Tsunade.

The Kyuubi had delighted in the joy of experiencing what the two females had. As the sensations faded it began to put its mind to work analyzing what was happening. It believed that it had puzzled out why it was able to gleam what the women were feeling and seeing during sex. This last time it had been caught by surprise as it didn't feel a pull of chakra. It therefore believed that the pull of chakra was how its host initially tamed his prey. The Kyuubi believed that it was a result of this pull that was creating the link that was connecting it to the girls.

Most likely Naruto was somehow channeling chakra into their systems and since some of its chakra was mixed with his, it was also connected to the girls. But it was aware of something that its host probably wasn't yet, which was that his chakra wasn't dissipating inside the girls. If anything since the visions were getting stronger in all likelihood the kunoichi's chakra networks had been altered. It had based its theory off of the fact that it had been able to gleam a bit of Naruto's plan during their conversation after they had enjoyed each other.

But the Kyuubi was growing tired of experiencing sex second hand. It wondered if it could lure its host into the seal to negotiate at a type of deal. First it would need a form, since its current one was obviously not human and secondly genderless. Luckily for the great beast its first two containers had been female. Concentrating, it began to imagine its first host Mito Uzumaki, after forming a mental picture of the woman it did so for Kushina Uzumaki as well. Staring at the two women in its mind, it began to combine them giving it a form of its own. It kept Mito's more noble features but supplanted them on Kushina's more athletic body. One it was satisfied it decided to keep the dark red hair of the women, but added streaks of gold to highlight it and then had it done up into nine ornate braids that reached mid-back. Once its mental picture was complete it then began the task of using its chakra to construct it and then when the nude form was complete, transferred its essence into the construct.

As it opened its new eyes for the first time it saw that its fox form was still there. It reached out to touch its original body and fell finding moving rather confusing, having to basically learn how to balance on two legs. After much practice it finally succeeded getting at least the basic motor controls down. Looking down at its form it ran a hand down it finding the lack of fur rather strange. It ran a fingertip over one of its nipples causing a moan to escape its lips. It smiled having used its previous experiences to craft the erogenous zones that Naruto had stimulated on the other women.

For a moment the Kyuubi almost got lost in exploring it's, or perhaps her new body, but realized she still had work to do. Pulling her hand away from her breast, although reluctantly, she held out a hand creating a red and gold kimono for her to wear. The task was far harder than it should have been, making her realize that most of her power was still locked inside of her original form. Staring at the bars that contained her, Kyuubi wondered if she could slip through.

She approached them hesitantly, and stopping in between two of them, closed her eyes and ran through. When she wasn't repulsed, she opened her eyes and saw that she was on the other side. She looked up at the seal holding the gate shut, and deciding to hell with sex as she would simply free herself. Kyuubi reached up to pull the seal free and received a large electric shock that sent her flying. Lying in a puddle of water, she decided that maybe she'd leave the seal alone after all and sat up.

Going back to her original plan of having Naruto make love to her, she decided she needed a way to convince Naruto of her sincerity. Something that would show that she was serious about her desire to experience more at his hands. It decided the best way to do that was to help Naruto in his quest to seduce the various women of the shinobi world. But first she would need to make a good faith gesture, believing she had the perfect, one she knew she would need to return to her original body. Slipping back through the bars, she returned her mind to the Chakra Beast and waited for the pull of chakra that signaled Naruto was seducing the Senju.

Tsunade had woken up in a foul mood, as it was just one of those days that reminded her that she was getting old. That morning, she had dropped her henge, if only to see times progress on robbing her of her youth, and had found her hair had a few more streaks of grey. To add insult to injury, she had tweaked a muscle reaching for a paper from one of the large stacks on her desk. She put down her pen rolling her shoulder for the hundredth time wondering where the time had gone. But sighed when she realized that in truth most of it had been wasted feeling sorry for herself, and traveling the world running from her pain.

She smiled as she thought of the blond that had helped wake her up to what she had been doing. However, she quickly tried to find something else to think about as she began to think about him in a less innocent way. Ever since Naruto had returned, she had begun seeing him less as a boy that had shared characteristics with her brother and lover, but as a young man.

At first she had played it off as being sexually frustrated and him being one of the two men she was close too, the other being Jiraiya. Especially since as the Hokage it wasn't like she could go out and scratch her itch with some random stranger. But, recently as her dreams had gotten more and more explicit, she had come to believe that it was also because he had all the traits she would look for in a lover, strong, upstanding, courageous, kind, and loyal. It had been almost all she could do not to smack some sense in Sakura as she had pleaded for the chance to pursue the lead she had received from Sasori. How she could be so desperate to return a piece of trash like Sasuke to the village when such a great man would do practically anything for her was beyond Tsunade's understanding. She sometimes could imagine that people would feel that way about her and Jiraiya, however the horny toad sage was too much of a player to ever to settle down.

There were also times that Tsunade felt that if she was only a decade or two younger, that she would say to hell with propriety and stake a claim on the boy. Sighing at being alone, when there was someone as great as Naruto around, she picked up another sheet of paper, wincing as she did so, and got back to work.

Naruto was walking the village trying to work up the guts to make a move on Tsunade. As he had left his apartment, he had been hit with a major case of nerves. He knew the reason which was basically if his attempt failed it could go very, very badly for him. So bad in fact that a finger flick to the head that sent him through a wall would be considered getting off lightly. He wondered if there was another reason though outside of the potential for a painful outcome. After all, with Ino, he hadn't felt nearly so nervous, but he chalked that up to barely knowing her and he had made it a training exercise. With Hinata he figured it was because Ino had told him she would be easy pickings.

But with Tsunade, it would be the first time he targeted someone that in truth he wasn't sure which way it could go. He decided to stop at Ichiraku for a little comfort food. As he entered Ayame smiled at him and he returned it. He still regretted hearing that she was seeing someone but felt he had made the right choice in letting her be, as he didn't want to become a home wrecker.

But he did wonder what he would do if a woman that he needed to charm in order to advance his plan was involved with someone. He guessed he would have to deal with it when it came up. Ayame took his order but since it was lunch time the small stand was rather busy, so she couldn't really stay and chat. But as she walked by he asked for a glass of water and she immediately dropped what she was doing to fill it for him. As he took it from her, he felt a ghost like sensation rub along his finger tip, but then she was gone filling orders again.

Naruto took his headband off to eat, and plowed his way through several bowls. Leaving enough cash to pay his tab and leave a decent tip for Ayame. He grabbed up his headband and left the stand, but before he put it back on he remembered how Tsunade had knocked it off after they first met. But then he flashed to how she had knocked it off after the showdown with Orochimaru and the kiss she had planted on his forehead.

He enjoyed the memory as well as the feeling of warmth it left in his stomach. But despite the innocent nature of that kiss, he would be lying if he had said that it hadn't been one of the reasons he had added Tsunade to his masturbatory folder. Growing up alone like he had, he had no real experience with physical intimacy so had used the kiss to help his imagination. It didn't hurt that Tsunade was a total babe by almost any man's standards.

Guessing that he had put it off long enough he decided to pay her a visit and at least see if there was an opportunity for him to try. He made his way to the mansion wondering if he should instead target someone else as a warm-up; however his reasoning still held true. Once Team Kakashi, or in actuality Sakura, since she was the only true member on the Mission, got back, he'd probably be busy with missions again. Even though he didn't mind the idea of missions, it would probably be best if Tsunade was aboard, so that when missions that would move his ambition forward appeared on her desk, she would know to send him.

Kakashi and Sakura may pose a problem though he realized, which made it all the more imperative that Tsunade be with him. She would be able to change the teams around where they wouldn't be a hindrance. He just really, really hoped that his quest for world peace and some great sex didn't end under her terrible fists. Arriving at the brown doors of her office, he knocked and received permission to enter.


Tsunade was surprised her visitor was Naruto as he tended to barge into her office. He smiled at her saying, "Hey Grandma Tsunade," causing her to wince, as she didn't need the reminder of her age. Nor the blow to her ego that the boy she had at times fantasized about saw her as a grandma.

When she replied saying, "What do you want Naruto?" she had to admit there was a little anger behind it. "Don't tell me you are beginning to regret not going on your team's mission and now want me to find something for you to do?"

Naruto frowned at her tone, but didn't let it linger long. Instead he surprised her again saying, "Not at all. I admit I was somewhat bored so decided to pay you a visit."

"I see," Tsunade said signing the paper that she was looking over as Naruto made his way to the couch that laid against a wall for when she napped in the office on late nights. Putting it in the stack of completed documents, she reached for another one and winced. Tsunade saw Naruto seemed to pick up on it, but thought nothing of it. Absent-mindedly she said, "You must have mastered that jutsu you were working on if you aren't at the training field right now."

Naruto gave a sly smile saying, "You could say that. The results were far better than I could imagine."

"Really," Tsunade said looking up from her paper, "I'll have to find time for you to give me a demonstration."

"I'd like that," Naruto said pleasantly.

Tsunade looked at him a moment more finding something strange about his demeanor. He almost appeared calmer than normal she guessed, as he sat on the couch. Normally he'd be bouncing off the walls demanding a mission, or some other sort of activity to keep him occupied. However, at the moment he gave off the vibe that he would sit there all day if left alone.

Since he seemed content to remain still for a change she asked him a question that had been on her mind since his turning down the mission Sakura was on. "Naruto," she began and when he focused on her asked, "Why did you refuse to go and apprehend the spy?"

Naruto sat there with a thoughtful expression before saying, "Well at the time there was no other reason then I wanted to master my new jutsu. But now… I suppose I realize that even if this mission led us to Sasuke it wouldn't matter."

"What do you mean?" Tsunade said surprised.

"I think you know," Naruto replied but explained, "Before we left Pervy Sage told me to give up on Sasuke. I told him I couldn't do that, and while I still plan to return him to the village. I'm not going to make that my primary mission in life. I realize now that Sasuke has his own ambitions and that he believes he can't fulfill them here in Konoha. I might not understand them, but…I guess I don't need to. They make sense to him." Tsunade was flabbergasted but Naruto really knocked her for a loop as he added, "Besides, I believe that should I return Sasuke, you planned to lock him away in prison or something."

"He'd be lucky to make it to prison," Tsunade thought darkly remembering the condition Naruto had returned in after the failed mission to stop Sasuke from defecting.

"You don't seem too upset by that thought," Tsunade said cautiously, fearing the blonde was bluffing her, in order to find out her plans for the traitor.

Naruto shrugged saying, "He made his choices, and will have to pay the consequences for them I guess." As Tsunade nodded her agreement, he thought, "Kami knows if people learn what I'm planning I may be sharing a cell with him."

Tsunade signed the document she was working on and reached for a new one wincing again prompting Naruto to ask as she winced, "Are you alright Grandma Tsunade?"

"I'm fine," Tsunade said, "Just a small tweak in my shoulder."

"Can't you make it go away using chakra?" Naruto asked cocking an eyebrow.

"Medical ninjutsu is best used on real injuries," Tsunade said wistfully, "Not to avoid the aches and pains of getting older."

"Well I know what you need," Naruto said getting up from the couch. Tsunade watched wondering what he was up to until he got behind her chair. He placed his hands on her shoulders and began kneading them.

Tsunade was shocked, but almost as soon as he touched them the ache began to fade and a warmth began to spread throughout her. As she enjoyed the feeling his hands caused in her she asked, "Where did you learn to give massages this good."

Naruto chuckled saying, "Well I guess you could say it was a byproduct of my training with Pervy Sage."

"What do you mean?"

Naruto ignored her saying, "Let's move to the couch."

Tsunade nodded already missing the warmth of Naruto's hands as he pulled them away from her. She sat on the couch facing towards the door of her office leaning over her armrest. Naruto sat behind her and began working on her back. She groaned her approval as he worked his magic. But wasn't about to let the matter of how Naruto learned to give a massage on his trip go saying, "Now you were saying, how did you learn to do this?"

Naruto sighed guessing Jiraiya had brought it on himself saying, "From a girl at one of the brothels he would visit. When we had first started out on the trip, he'd pay some of the girls to make sure I didn't get up to any mischief. One of them decided to teach me how to give massages. She made it sound like training so naturally I needed to learn. Eventually I guess I got pretty good as the girls would line up for a massage whenever we were in town."

Tsunade had to agree and surprised herself at how calm she felt about learning that Naruto had been taken to a brothel. She suspected it was due to his currently putting the skills he had picked up to good use on her. However, she did plan to have words with her old teammate about his choice of babysitters.

Naruto smiled as Tsunade let the matter of his spending time in brothels drop. He had been channeling his chakra into her almost from the get go and was sure that she was beginning to succumb. If Tsunade didn't kill Jiraiya he would have to remember to thank him.

Tsunade mumbled, unaware that she was speaking out loud, "The girl that snatches you up is going to be very lucky." Naruto was about to respond but she added, "If only I was a few years younger."

The smile he had on his face turned wolfish as he asked, "What would happen if you were a few years younger?"

Tsunade's eyes widened in surprise and felt panicked that she had spoken aloud. She turned towards him to give some excuse, but as soon as she faced him found her ability to speak hampered as his lips connected with hers. As Naruto kissed her, Tsunade felt herself give into the pleasure that it was generating inside of her. She closed her eyes but then suddenly pushed him away.

"What's the matter?"

"This… this is wrong," she said standing and moving towards the front of her desk, "I'm old enough to be your mother."

Naruto could see her teetering though trying to convince her said, "It didn't feel wrong Grandma Tsunade."

"Idiot," she said wrapping her arms around her stomach and below her bust, "If you're going to try and seduce me the least you could do is stop calling me that."

"Okay Tsunade," he replied immediately.

Hearing the husky way he had said her name caused Tsunade to turn towards him. In her eyes, Naruto could see the many warring emotions she was feeling. However, the greatest of them seemed to be a desire to be wanted. Upon seeing that in her gaze, he closed with her never taking his eyes from hers. When he was right in front of her, she tried to look away so he gently placed a hand on her chin to make her keep eye contact as he said, "You don't need to be afraid to let go."

"I'm not afraid…" she tried to say but was silenced by another kiss. She placed her hand on his chest to push him away again but felt her strength leave her. Naruto felt Tsunade melt into him as she succumbed to the kiss so pulled her tight against him.

Tsunade couldn't believe she was making out with Naruto of all people in her office. What's more, she couldn't believe how good he was at it. She felt the sash holding her shirt closed loosen and fall away. Breaking the kiss, she tried to say, "Naruto we should st…," while holding her shirt closed.

But Naruto cut her off saying, "Shh, I want this to, Tsunade. But if you want to stop… then I will." She felt conflicted as she was afraid she would regret it the next day or feel guilty about it seeing herself as some sort of cradle robber. However she was aware that her body had reacted towards Naruto actions thus far feeling the dampness in her panties, as well as the aching nipples she was sporting.

She bit her lip which was a sign to Naruto that she was fighting the temptation she felt. Naruto decided not to push her. Feeling that maybe like Ino that she would come to him later. Nodding towards her, he said, "Forgive me if I crossed a line Grandma Tsunade."

He then turned to leave her office, but was stopped by Tsunade's quick, "Wait."

Tsunade had almost felt like she had been slapped when Naruto had readded the grandma before her name. She wondered if he was attempting to return to the status quo they had enjoyed before, or if he was disappointed, so decided to add it as an insult. Whatever the case, the woman inside Tsunade screamed at her for being a fool which was why she had stopped him as he turned to leave.

Feeling embarrassed, as he faced her again, she said, "Please…please say my name again. Like… like you want me."

"Tsunade," he said and she was surprised to find herself get even wetter as the way he said it reverberated through her. Tsunade let the hand holding her shirt closed, fall to her side and it opened but her breasts were still partially covered by her shirt. She was pleasantly surprised when although Naruto registered what she did his eyes never left hers.

But he did close with her, again saying her name before placing his lips to hers. Tsunade didn't hesitate at all in responding to his kiss this time. Naruto broke it first moving on to her jaw line before beginning to kiss along her neck. As he did that he gently brushed her shirt to the side unveiling her tits in all their glory before beginning to fondle one.

"Mmmmm," Tsunade moaned in appreciation, surprised at how skilled Naruto was. He wasn't acting like a virgin, and although slightly disappointed. Had to admit it had its advantages as he moved from her neck to take one of her nipples into his mouth. As his tongue worked on her nub she felt her desk behind her with her hands. She leaned against it for a moment but then surprised Naruto by grabbing his shirt and spinning him until he was up against it.


His question was swallowed by Tsunade's kiss as she began to take charge. She battled with his tongue as they kissed refusing to be led around by the nose any longer. She pulled back enjoying the hooded look in his eyes that showed he was feeling it as much as her. She pulled his shirt over his head and allowed a coy smile to touch her lips as she began to drop to her haunches. As she made her way down his body she placed kisses along his chiseled chest and abs.

When she reached his groin she paused as her hands rubbing along his legs and stomach. She wanted to savory it almost like opening a birthday present. But as a result of the rather large bulge his pants were containing, found that much like a present she may start to unwrap it slowly but eventually she'd simply settle for tearing away the paper. Giving into the temptation, she did the same to his jeans pulling them open and down to free his rather impressive asset.

Tsunade was surprised at just how well endowed he was, especially since he still had a year or two to grow. While she had seen quite a few dicks, she had to admit Naruto was easily in the top five.

She took a deep breath savoring her first scent of an aroused man in far too long, before she began to gently massage him with a loose grip. When the first drop of precum appeared she dove in and swallowed his cock.

Naruto groaned his approval as Tsunade began to bob her head back and forth. He looked down and had to admit it was a sight for the ages. Tsunade easily a world class beauty, was on her haunches with her legs spread apart, and although still wearing her pants he believed he could detect the dampness in the thin material. The way her tits jiggled and stuck out from the shirt she still wore as she worked her head back and forth was almost hypnotic.

If there was anything that he could complain about though. It was that much like Hinata and Ino, it appeared she couldn't take all of him into her mouth either. But almost like she could read his mind she stopped moving with his dick in her mouth but still with about half of it outside of it. He was pressed against the back of her throat. He wondered what she was up to till he felt something in her throat give way and then watched as the rest of his cock began to disappear.

"Holy fuck," Naruto said as the tightness that was her throat surrounded him. Tsunade's nose eventually touched the skin of his pelvis before she pulled back to take a breath and do it again. She apparently decided that if she was going to bust out her deepthroating skills she deserved to be rewarded. So Tsunade made short work of him and was pleased when she heard, "I'm going to cum…"

Tsunade wanted to taste his man cream so pulled her head back to suck the first few inches and to run her tongue all around the tip. When the first pulse hit the back of her throat, she felt like that cat that got the cream. He shot three large bursts and she swallowed hungrily enjoying his taste. She then began to suck him back into her mouth, but found Naruto had other plans as he put his hands under her arms and easily lifted her up.

Face to face with him she wrapped her legs around his torso and he spun her planting her on the desk where he kissed her, before running his tongue down her body. He stopped at her breast for a moment teasing them with his tongue before moving on, where he did the same with her belly button. When he reached her pants, he put a hand on her womanhood rubbing her through the material. He pulled his fingers away saying, "Wow, you soaked clean through. You must really want my dick don't you?"

Before Tsunade could tell him not to say such embarrassing things, Naruto grabbed the hem of her pants pulling them down. He had a little trouble getting them past her heeled sandals so once one leg was free left the other in place.

Naruto stared at Tsunade's exposed pussy causing the Hokage to say, "Quit…quit staring…"

Finding the normally strong woman embarrassed as he gazed at her private spot rather strange and amusing, he said, "You have nothing to be embarrassed about. It's beautiful." He then leaned down to take a deep inhale of his own basking in the scent of her arousal before diving in to dine on her snatch.

"Nar… Naruto, so…so good," Tsunade moaned surprised and delighted that Naruto didn't have any hang-ups about eating pussy. Although she had loved Dan, he had steadfast refused to go down on her, as did her few one-night stands in the years after his death. Those men had been only about their own pleasure. Naruto was already blowing them away as far as she was concerned as she felt her first orgasm as a result of receiving oral approaching. When Naruto gave her clit a little nip she planted her feet onto the desk lifting her pelvis up and actually squirted her release.

Sagging back down Tsunade watched him lick her clean before standing up fully. He leaned over her to kiss her again before pulling back. She felt something hot and hard press against her lower lips and could see Naruto rubbing himself along her opening. "Are you ready Tsunade?" he asked.


"What was that?"

"yes…Yes," she said a little more forcefully.

However, Naruto pulled his dick away and Tsunade found she almost immediately missed the warmth so said, "Naruto…I want it… I want your dick, please…I need it."

Naruto immediately gave her what she wanted plunging himself in to the base in one shot. Tsunade felt uncomfortable and stretched, but also came as soon as his tip hit her womb. She shivered and groaned, as did her lover but he managed to keep in control and began to move to prolong her orgasm. When it did pass, she found that she was already approaching a second and wondered if she was going to survive her time with Naruto. But on the off chance she didn't, could think of worse ways to go.


The Kyuubi for a change tried to ignore the sensations it was feeling as Naruto fucked the Senju on her desk, as it needed to concentrate on the task it was performing while the two of them were connected. However, it did wonder briefly if it would be feeling what Tsunade did more in its new body. The Kyuubi knew that it would need show Naruto that it was willing to help him if it was going to get what it wanted. It had thought of several, but had decided its token of good faith would be to deage Tsunade. At the very least Naruto's newest conquest would be grateful, since she always kept her henge in place when in public. Doing something good for one of the boy's lovers should at least be enough to make some inroads with him.

The Kyuubi was using the very dick it one day hoped would be buried into its new body as the means by which it channeled its chakra into the Senju. As they continued to copulate, Tsunade was growing younger and younger. The Kyuubi was almost surprised by how easy the task seemed to be, but supposed it shouldn't considering the number of wounds it had healed for its host inadvertently, so reenergizing the cells of another human was child's play for the mighty beast. However because of the henge, obviously no noticeable change was happening. It's task completed the Kyuubi moved its spirit to its new body, and once inside it almost immediately collapsed due to the orgasm it had vicariously through Tsunade.

Kyuubi could feel the Senju clamp her legs around Naruto as she pulled him deeper into her womanhood as she squeezed his shaft with her internal muscles to get him to coat her inner walls with his cum. It did the trick as Naruto came hard into Tsunade who screamed her own release into her lover's shoulder to keep quiet.

Kyuubi tried to make it to the bars to escape the seal to call Naruto down believing she might be able to communicate with him if she was outside the cage. But she found walking difficult as her legs shook terribly. Kyuubi relaxed though, since as soon as Naruto stepped back to pull out of Tsunade. The Hokage shot to her feet kicking her high heel sandals off and pulled her leg free of the remaining pant leg and pulled Naruto back towards her. The two kissed and Tsunade began to work her hand over his rod to get him hard again while directing him around her desk towards her chair.

Naruto fell into it as he bumped into the chair. Tsunade then placed her feet on each of the armrests, lewdly showing Naruto her engorged and abused pussy. She then lowered herself onto his stiff dick where with her powerful legs and some help from Naruto, who was cupping her ass, she began to rise and fall on it to both of their content.

Kyuubi decided to enjoy the feelings Tsunade was having some more before calling Naruto down. Reaching a hand into the kimono she wore she played with her nipples. Moaning in surprise at just how good it felt the Kyuubi hoped Naruto would listen to her offer since if sex felt this good vicariously the first hand experience must be mind blowing.

Naruto stared into the honey brown eyes of Tsunade as she rose and fell on his cock. Grunting he said, "How… is it Tsunade? Are you filled?"

"Yes…its fantastic Naruto…you're so…so big…I've never…never felt so full before…so alive before…"

Naruto smiled and then sucked one of her breasts into his mouth, but pulled back when Tsunade tightened her pussy around him as a result. He had to fight from cumming, and barely managed. Tsunade smiled at Naruto as she loosened her grip around his shaft. Naruto marveled at her technique and almost believed that she was getting tighter, but Naruto wasn't one to be outdone so grabbed a hold of Tsunade's hips and when she was on a downward stroke sped up her decent slamming himself fully into her.

As he hit her deepest part she clenched around him again and there was no pulling back for him this time as he shouted, "Ah fuck I'm coming."

"Me too," Tsunade shouted as she wrapped her arms around his back pulling him forward into her chest as she tensed and tightened up even more around his cock. Naruto releasing his second load into her was just what Tsunade needed as she felt even more invigorated than ever.

She felt Naruto go slack and for a moment feared she smothered him with her chest. She pushed him back and breathed easier when she saw his chest rising and falling. Shaking him a little she said, "I know it was great Naruto, but I'm still ready for more." But she felt worry enter her again as he didn't respond as she shook him more insistently.


Naruto found himself inside the familiar setting of the sewer that represented the place where the Kyuubi was kept. "Stupid fox," he said walking in the direction the cage laid. Arriving in front of the giant bars and pleased that despite being naked in his mind he was fully clothed he said, "Hey fox, what the hell do you want."

"I want some of what you just gave the Senju," a feminine voice that sounded nothing like the Kyuubi replied coming from inside the bars.

"Who's there?" Naruto shouted bewildered. He heard light foot falls in the water that coated the ground and took a step back as a beautiful woman approached the bars.

Kyuubi smiled in what she hoped was at the very least a disarming one. She had reentered her seal after calling him here feeling that it would be better that way giving him a measure of control over the situation. But she frowned though as Naruto took a step back saying, "Who are you?"

"I'm the Kyuubi," she replied and then to his amazement stepped through the bars having decided to negotiate from an equal playing field instead of behind bars.

"Impossible," Naruto said, "the seal wouldn't let you pass through it if you were."

"Nor has it truly," Kyuubi admitted directing her gaze to her original form. She could see it quite clearly but was surprised when Naruto needed to squint. Guessing she had better night vision, she regained his attention by saying, "I gave myself this form in order for you to do to me what you've done to those other females."

"You want me to have sex with you?" Naruto asked incredulously. Before laughing as he said, "Ha, not in this lifetime."

"Why," Kyuubi said plaintively, "Do you not find this form attractive I can change it?"

Before she could show him, he said, "How about because I cannot stand you or that you've tried to take me over several times? For all I know this is some scheme of yours to escape the seal."

"I've also saved your life on several occasions," Kyuubi replied quickly.

"And I'm sure you had a perfectly selfish reason for doing so as well," Naruto countered, "Now if you'll excuse me I think we're done with this conversation."

He turned to walk away but stopped as the Kyuubi sounding very similar to Tsunade earlier desperately said, "W-wait…please." Naruto did, yet kept his back to her. Guessing that Naruto was allowing her to plead her case Kyuubi said, "I can be an asset to you. I can make it so that the other women fall to you."

Naruto turned slightly saying, "Okay I'm listening."

"That technique you use requires that you touch them to transfer your chakra into them," Kyuubi said. "That requires a certain amount of trust to be there between you and the woman. I can make it so that they will want you to touch them without having to say a word."

"And how is that?"

"By making it so that you will admit pheromones that will attract them," Kyuubi said, "I can even make it so that you can control their release."

"That is tempting, but I'll pass," Naruto said turning again to walk away.

"Why, it would work doubly as well against Tsume?" Kyuubi said hoping to convince him by mentioning one of his targets.

"Because I don't trust you. You are right this technique does work best with trust, and that may be a handicap in the future, but I can't trust you so I'll have to pass." Naruto took a step away from her and was surprised when the Kyuubi closed quickly and grabbed his arm.

"Please, I want to feel what they feel for myself," she begged.

Naruto looked at her seeing a sadness in her eyes, as well as a little hurt. Sighing he said, "I'll consider it." Seeing her eyes light up he cautioned, "But if I even suspect this is a ploy, forget it. Now I want some questions answered and I want the truth. Understood?"

The Kyuubi was affronted at being spoken to so bluntly, but reasoned it would have to swallow its pride for the time being if it was to get what it wanted so nodded. "Why did you attack the village?"

"I can't say."

Naruto glowered at her but the Kyuubi said, "For now let's concentrate on the present. But I will say I wasn't in control of my actions then. No, that's not quite right. I would have gladly trampled your village into the ground, but my attack sixteen years ago was someone else's handiwork."

"Fine I suppose trust has to extend both ways. Alright were you always female?"

"No, don't be a fool. I was a giant creature made of chakra and had no use for a gender."

"Okay then why do you have one now?"

Kyuubi blushed but said, "Because as a result of that jutsu you mastered you created a link between me and those women you've been with. I've never known pleasure before, of any sort; my previous existence had no need for it. I was created for… well it doesn't matter. But having experienced it, I want more."

Naruto nodded trying to sort out some of the tidbit she had dropped in her explanation. He gave up and said, "I'll come back to talk later. For now Tsunade is probably worried about me depending on how long I've been spaced out."

"That's it," Kyuubi said disappointed, "You can't even give me a little."

"Trust takes time to build Kyuubi. Prove to me you are sincere and I'll give you exactly what you want."

"Fine," Kyuubi growled out feeling angry but accepting her hosts deal, "By the way have the Senju drop her henge."

"What did you do," Naruto said whirling around, growing angry.

Kyuubi took a step back quickly saying, "Nothing harmful, if anything she'll be grateful."

"What. Did. You. Do?"

"Trust me," Kyuubi said giving a coy smile as she backed up into her cage, "The Senju will be happy with what I've done. If not, well I guess I won't be getting what I want then will I? However I'll begin making the changes to your pheromones regardless."

"Why," Naruto said surprised.

"Because, even if you don't decide to take me as well, I can at least gleam some pleasure from your conquests."

With that Kyuubi disappeared into the darkness of the seal and crawled between the paws of her massive form as she watched her host leave, hoping the Senju did enjoy what was done to her. Otherwise it was in for a lonely existence.

It had only been about ten seconds before Naruto responded to her. "Oh thank Kami," she said pulling him into her chest again.

"Sorry Tsunade," he said as she let him fall back.

"What happened?"

"The Kyuubi wanted to chat," Naruto said surprising the Hokage. Remembering what he had been told he said, "Tsunade, will you please drop your henge for me?"

"No," Tsunade replied, "Please don't ask me that Naruto. Not after what we just shared. I…don't ever want you to see me like that."

He sighed since she was about to learn what other properties his new jutsu had in an unpleasant way, he said more insistently, "Tsunade drop your henge."

She was about to refuse again when she found her hands moving against her will. She fought with all her might and appeared to win, but when he repeated his command they slowly made their way in front of her. She formed a seal that only she had known of and said, "Release."

She had never felt so humiliated in her life and was unable to look at him. She knew that upon seeing her true form, Naruto wouldn't want to touch her again, which was why she was surprised when she felt something poking at her pussy. Looking down, she saw that Naruto's cock had recovered again; she looked at him in shock wondering if old women was a fetish of his.

"You're beautiful," Naruto said spellbound.

"Maybe once," Tsunade said sadly feeling the return of the depression she had that morning, "a long time ago."

Naruto shook his head saying, "It wouldn't matter to me one way or the other. But…well look for yourself."

Unfortunately Tsunade didn't have a mirror in her office having come to hate her reflection even her henged one. But she looked into the window behind Naruto and what she saw shocked her as staring back at her was the reflection of herself when she was eighteen years old. Reaching a hand to her face she said, "How…"

"The Kyuubi, did it somehow. She wants me to do something for her so decided to get on my good side."

"She," Tsunade said questioningly while still rubbing her face.

"Well now it's a she," Naruto said confusing Tsunade.

Deciding she wanted some answers especially about how he had forced her to drop her henge she reached down between his legs and grabbed ahold of his still hard cock. As soon as Tsunade's hand wrapped around his tool he knew the last thing on her mind was about giving him pleasure especially as she said, "You have some explaining to do."

With the future of his ambition on the line, not to mention his cock, he began to explain everything he could praying to every god he could think of that if she killed him she at least did it quickly.


Hinata wondered why she was being called to the Hokage's office, but figured it was for a mission. Entering the office after knocking she frowned as she saw Ino there. The younger blonde returned the gesture upon seeing Hinata. The pair for a moment feared that Naruto had failed in seducing the Hokage. If so they wondered what had happened to him.

Tsunade let the two girls sweat for a moment hiding her slight smile behind her hands. She also had put her henge back in place since it would raise some questions if she suddenly appeared younger. Not to mention her new younger body and face would allow her to maybe walk around the village with Naruto and nobody would be the wiser. Especially since she had removed the diamond on her forehead not wanting to burn through this second shot a youth. That was what truly amazed her as well, having run several test on herself, and that was she had truly grown younger. She would have to remember to ask Naruto to have the Kyuubi tell him how as she could think of hundreds of new techniques with such an ability.

Guessing the two nervous girls had been on the hook long enough she opened with, "So who's been given the best orgasms of their lives by our number one knucklehead."

Both girls looked at each other, so Tsunade put her hand up. Seeing that, both Kunoichi breathed easier and put their hands in the air as well. "Okay now that, that's out of the way. Hinata activate your Byakugan and tell me what you see."

"O-okay," the Hyuuga heiress said doing as ordered. What she saw surprised her causing her to say, "Oh my."

"I take it our chakra appears rather different," Tsunade said confirming her theory on how Naruto was able to extend some control over them.

"Yes, our chakra has a green tint to it."

"I assume just ours," Tsunade said to which Hinata nodded.

"What does that mean?" Ino asked.

"It is how he can make us do things we otherwise don't want to. It is also how I imagine the Kyuubi is able to experience what we do."

"The Kyuubi," both girls exclaimed.

Tsunade nodded before explaining everything that Naruto had repeated to her as well as what had happened to her. After absorbing everything Ino asked, "Where is Naruto?"

"I had to send him away," Tsunade said with a blush, "I was upset at first, but after I calmed down well I was so happy to be young again that well we picked up where we left off. Sadly though I'm still the Hokage and it would be quite bad if somebody walked in while we were in mid-rut."

"What now?" Ino asked wondering how the inclusion of the Hokage in Naruto's ambition would change things..

"For now we help our man accomplish his goals as best we can," Tsunade said with a tight smile.

Both girls nodded their agreement but Hinata said, "May I ask why you would go along with this Lad…

"Just Tsunade is fine when we are alone," Tsunade said, "and to answer your question. I care for the little fool. Probably more than some would say was proper considering our age difference, but I do. And well the goal of the shinobi villages has always been unification and after a hundred years of fighting I guess this is as good a plan as any. Besides, he's the best fuck I've ever had, and I'm sure he'll only get better." She allowed the two to absorb her statement, but knew they both had duties to perform so said, "Thanks for your time, you're dismissed."

Ino left the office heading to the hospital for her shift. As she walked she couldn't believe that Naruto had managed to get Tsunade as well since she was the pinnacle of kunoichi. But remembering some of what she knew about the Hokage, she guessed that deep down she was just a woman looking for someone like all the rest of them.

She sighed as she entered the hospital hating the day's duty to be performed. Basically she was to watch over the deep coma wing of the hospital. She hated it because how depressing the area was. That part of the hospital was dedicated to people who had fallen into comas, but were expected to never wake up again, as the longer a person remained in one the harder it was to pull them out.

She signed in and relieved the nurse on duty before walking through the wing of beds looking over the various charts. She smiled at a man talking to his wife although Ino wasn't sure if she could hear him. Most of the people had friends and relatives that still visited. Two of them did not so Ino would often place flowers near their beds. She checked the first woman ad admitted she was rather attractive. She had dark brown hair and according to the gossip she heard the woman was filthy rich. That was why despite being clinically brain dead she was being kept in the coma ward as her bastard husband refused to cut the cord since control of the shipping company she had run would fall to her family. Her family were no saints either, since none of them visited, even as they fought over what she had built over the years.

Moving on she checked several more charts and came to the second of the people that had nobody to care for them. She was also attractive, with red hair and dark brown eyes. In truth when Ino had first been given the task of watching over the ward and had learned of the girl's existence and the role she played in Sasuke's defection she had hated her. But after years of watching her lay in a bed, with no one who seemed to care if she woke up or not, her anger had faded. Making sure the flowers she had brought the girl were still healthy she moved on to the next. She would often talk to the Sound Kunoichi like some of the other visitors did to their loved ones, hoping it brought the girl some comfort.

As she went about her duties she couldn't believe the direction her life had taken. She had gone from a Sasuke obsessed kunoichi to a Naruto obsessed one. Although definitely not to the same degree, but she had to admit the blonde was often on her mind. She wondered at times if her change was a result of the jutsu and while she believed it played a part. But she figured that since she could ask the question it wasn't something to fret about. Now though with the inclusion of Tsunade, she was beginning to feel a little self-conscious. She wondered what it was she could truly contribute to Naruto's ambition, with a woman such as that at his side. It also made her wonder if as more and more talented women flocked to his banner would she find herself standing further and further from him.

True she was due to be the next head of the Yamanaka, but she didn't want her contributions to be all political. Guessing that she would be training a lot harder in the near future she then allowed herself to marvel at what the Kyuubi had done for Tsunade. She was thinking about that when she realized that she had the perfect person for Naruto's idea of an agent that could move about the world locating and learning about targets for him. Directing her gaze to the sleeping redhead she reasoned that if the Kyuubi could turn back the hands of time for Tsunade the waking a coma patient should be easy.

Excited that she had probably once again helped Naruto move his ambition forward she couldn't wait to get off of her shift. And maybe depending on how pleased he was with her suggestion he would get her off as well.

*Chapter 4*: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Target "?"

Tsunade entered Naruto's apartment silently, she was surprised that the door was unlocked. But thinking about it figured that he either expected late night visitors like her, or wasn't concerned about burglars as long as he was home. She was careful to be quiet, not wanting to wake Naruto, since she was sure he was asleep considering how late it was. As she made her way through the surprisingly clean apartment, she caught her reflection in one of his window. The face that stared back was her new youthful one. Truthfully, every time she had seen it recently the memory of her giving Nawaki their grandfather's necklace popped into her mind. She supposed that shouldn't come as a surprise considering she was close to her new current age when she had given it to him.

She shook the sad memories of the years that would follow away before they took hold, instead concentrating on the future she planned to build with Naruto. Moving away from the window, she moved towards his bed having a hard time not scoffing at the sight since she knew he could handle any assassins that would attack him, if he woke up to greet them that was. But she did admit that he looked cute sleeping with his bed all disheveled from his tossing and turning. She was tempted to lean down and kiss him in order to wake him so they could pick up where they had left off. But she knew he needed his rest since he had taken whatever energies that he had left after leaving her to the training field where he had leveled one of them. Much to the crews that had to repair the training fields annoyance, which they felt the need to share with her.

She smiled at the memory of cutting the head groundskeeper off and coldly saying, "I can understand your frustration with us shinobi for tearing them up. But keep in mind that we are there honing the skills that will keep you safe should the village be attacked. If anything seeing that much damage should make you feel a comfort our enemies will not share. Now, might I suggest you stop bitching about it and do what it is I'm paying you too!"

The man had quickly apologized and she admitted she might have been a little harsh on him. But it was trifling matters like that which was keeping Naruto and her from going at it like rabbits. She was about to leave planning to come back in the morning, since she knew he was an early riser when something lying against a wall caught her eye. Walking towards it, she picked it up and gazed at the notepad.

On the sheet of paper where two lists one of them called 'Needs' and the other 'Wants.' She recognized the handwriting as Ino's having seen many of the reports the Yamanaka had given her. She smiled seeing her name under the 'Needs' category beneath Hinata's. Seeing Tsume's beneath hers she guessed that these were the people that Naruto felt would be instrumental to his goal of unifying the shinobi villages. She felt the list was rather lacking and wondered why but got her answer from the way Ino's handwriting began to get shaky. She figured that the two blondes had got rather distracted in the midst of their planning.

Figuring that she could help fill it in better as well as put it in something a tad bit more stylish than a notepad she left the apartment running through a list that covered more than just Konoha.


Naruto was sitting under the covers in the middle of a very large bed and was being rubbed by two sets of hands all over his body. The smell of sex and moans of arousal permeated the room. He was propped up on several pillows as he enjoyed the sights and sounds around him. He didn't recognize many of the women on the outskirts of the room, who were responsible for most of the moaning as they entertained each other. This surprised him because in truth he didn't really know how he got there in the first place. But the women on and around the bed he had no trouble recognizing. Namely Hinata and Ino, who were the ones rubbing him. Standing around the bed were the various women that he and Ino had listed and some that he had taken off, that being Anko, Ayame, Tenten, Sakura, and Kurenai. They were all simply standing there watching as Ino and Hinata rubbed their hands over his chest with hungry looks in their eyes, but they simply remained where they were. He didn't understand why they were even there, yet instead of trying to figure it out wondered why Tsunade wasn't present, but then he felt a wonderful wetness engulf him from under the covers.

Lifting his covers up, he saw a pair of honey brown eyes staring up at him as she pleasured him orally. He was surprised that almost instantly he felt the urge to cum and before he could even try to delay it, shouted, "I'm cumming." Which was when he was propelled from the dream to his tiny apartment only to find that at the very least the part where Tsunade was sucking him off was real. "Oh Goddamn, what a way to wake up," he said pleased as Tsunade made sure none of his seed was wasted.

Content that he was clean she said, "Better than an alarm clock isn't it?"

"Yeah, there's only one problem though," he said, noticing that instead of the twin pig tails she had used to wear her hair in. She had opted for a single one, when she had asked him about it before he left her office the day before she had mentioned she had worn it like that in her youth. He had told her it looked good but considering she had shown him when she was stark naked hadn't really concentrated on it.

"What's that?" she asked slightly worried afraid she had crossed a line somehow.

Moving suddenly he pulled her up towards him and maneuvered her onto her side facing his door before saying, "An alarm clock makes you want to get out of bed." He then began to fondle her breasts over the white half shirt she was wearing.

"Wait...Naruto wait," Tsunade said quickly succumbing to his ministrations, "There was something I wanted to show you."

"Later," he said placing a kiss on her neck before moving to nibble her earlobe, "I want to pick up where we left off yesterday." He then reached under the black skirt she was wearing and finding her soaking added, "Looks like you do too?"

"Oh… but there's a lot to talk about…" Tsunade said trying to ignore the hand working between her legs.

He smiled at her attempt to stay on topic, but he lifted her leg and then began rubbing his recovered cock over her panty clad pussy. When she shivered he asked, "Are you sure?"

Looking over her shoulder she licked her lips, but didn't respond with words instead reached between her legs to move her panties to the side and then helped guide his cock into her. "Oh fuck…" she said as he bottomed out inside her.

"That's the idea," Naruto said with a cocky grin as he began to move within her.

"Oh shut up," she said leaning back and kissing him as they lay on their sides. She soon couldn't remember what it was she wanted to talk about instead deciding to delight in the joys of having a young and virile lover again.


Ino couldn't wait to tell Naruto that she believed she had found the perfect person to be his scout. Naturally there were a few drawbacks namely it would require the help of the Kyuubi, something she was sure Naruto wouldn't be thrilled with. However, Tayuya could easily go missing and nobody would even bother to care. There were some more heartless nurses that had often said that if anyone but Tsunade was Hokage they would have let her die years ago. As even the information she had on Sound was three years out of date and practically worthless.

But Ino still believed that at the moment she was the best person available so had used her shift to find out all she could about Tayuya's condition. She believed, well actually Tsunade believed, that after Tayuya's defeat at Temari's hands Orochimaru had cut his connection to her curse mark. The subsequent removal of it had disrupted her neural pathways thereby resulting in her coma. The problem was that as medical ninjutsu was at present; such an injury couldn't be healed easily or efficiently. Tsunade had consider going through with it regardless, but had only given the girl a twenty percent chance of even surviving so had decided not to. But she figured that maybe the Kyuubi could do what even Tsunade, could not which was rebuild those pathways.

She reached his door and considering the early hour thought it would be amusing to wake him with a morning blowjob. She opened the unlocked door to the sight of a spread leg Tsunade as she was plowed into by Naruto. Tsunade was on her side facing Ino giving her a grand view of her snatch as Naruto continued his assault. The one side of the white half-shirt the Hokage was wearing was bunched up over her tit exposing it so that Naruto could fondle it. His other hand was between her legs rubbing her causing the Hokage to moan in pleasure.

Ino had the presence of mind to close the door and locked it as well before walking towards the two. "Ino…" the Hokage said breathlessly, but made no motion to stop or cover herself instead watched as her fellow blonde moved towards the brown leather chair Naruto had. The kunoichi then sat and threw her legs over the armrests spreading herself for both Naruto and Tsunade to see and began to rub herself over the pink panties she wore.

"Oh… ka-Kami," Tsunade moaned at the sight.

Feeling Tsunade begin to squeeze his dick even harder Naruto said, "You like that don't you. You like seeing one of your kunoichi watching as you get fucked."

"No…no," Tsunade tried to deny but couldn't take her eyes away from what Ino was doing.

"Just be honest Tsunade," Naruto said, rolling them so that he was on his back and giving Ino an even better view of Tsunade's pussy as he plowed it. Addressing the kunoichi watching them, he said, "Tell your Hokage what you think about what you are watching, Ino."

"I think its beautiful Naruto," Ino said, "She looks…amazing and content. I'm jealous."

Naruto chuckled saying, "Your time will come Ino. Are you as she described Tsunade, content?"
"Yes…yes Naruto," Tsunade moaned as he began to really pound her for their audience's benefit. Moving as he was it wasn't long before Tsunade began to moan out, "Oh Naru…Naruto I'm, I'm cumming."

"Show Ino," Naruto said.

"Look at me Ino," Tsunade said reaching a hand down and spreading herself wider as she made eye contact with the girl, "I'm going to cum around Naruto's fat dick."

Ino began to rub herself faster before saying, "It's beautiful…"

"Go ahead Tsunade, cum," Naruto said and she did, throwing her head back against his shoulder as she screamed her release as he filled her with his seed. She may have blacked out as well, because when she was able to focus again she caught the tail end of Naruto plowing Ino from behind as she was bent over the chair the younger girl had been occupying. As Naruto came, setting off Ino, he buried himself inside her to deliver his cum almost directly into her womb.

He pulled out of Ino, who sagged to her knees, and smiled at Tsunade when he noticed her awake. "Welcome back," he said joining her in the bed.

Tsunade smiled back saying, "It's a good thing the Kyuubi made me young again. I don't think I would have survived that session otherwise."

"Well you started it," Naruto replied amused, before he then reminded her, "You said we needed to talk."

"Yes," Tsunade said, "First would you mind if I study the scroll this Kanji gave you."

"Why," he asked confused.

"You said it only contained the one jutsu, correct?" When Naruto nodded Tsunade continued, "Something just doesn't sit right with me about this." Naruto looked concerned prompting her to say, "Not about what we've done, just the situation in general. I think I'll discreetly look into his background."

Naruto nodded saying, "Thanks."

Tsunade looked at him surprised saying, "You suspected something as well."

"Well yeah," Naruto admitted, "I mean, I've had this jutsu for only a week and plan on trying to use it to unite the shinobi villages. All he seems to want to use it for is seducing rich women. Although he did say it wasn't really effective against Kunoichi. He said they had techniques to counter them."

"Some of the other villages may, but Konoha doesn't really not anymore at least," Tsunade said thinking.

"What do you mean?" Ino asked recovered enough to join the conversation.

"Well let's just say that a class like Suzume's would have been a whole lot different had you attended it before Konoha's founding. Back then Shinobi only saw Kunoichi as good for seducing men and stealing their secrets. It wasn't until my Grandfather took over the Senju clan that they began to be viewed as equals. This Temptation Touch Jutsu may very well be a male equivalent or counter to the kunoichi of those times. I would like to show it to Suzume."

"Why her?" Ino asked wondering why the teacher that taught her how to act like a civilian would be someone the Hokage thought she would need to consult.

"Let's just say, although she didn't teach you techniques to seduce men she is well versed in the arts that a class like hers used to pass on," Tsunade informed the stunned girl.

"I guess I should add her to the list then," Naruto said.

"Don't bother," Tsunade said looking around the bed before finding what she was looking for.

She held it up showing Naruto the black book. "A bingo book," Naruto said confused.

Giving a smile she said, "Exactly, but one made especially for you."

Naruto took it and could see blue and red tabs sticking out of it. On each of the tabs, which acted as dividers, were printed the symbols of the various countries or shinobi villages. Some of the sections appeared larger than the others with Konoha's being the largest. Opening the book to the first page which was behind one of the red tabbed dividers, he found an entry for Tsunade with her picture and measurements as well as various information like what foods she liked. Her picture had a red X through it. Flipping the page he found the same for Ino and the page after had Hinata's information. The third page though had Sakura's but no X.

Guessing that he was holding a bingo book for the various women Tsunade expected him to seduce he said, "This is great, but I don't plan to seduce Sakura." Tsunade frowned and asked for an explanation but he pushed on saying, "The red tabs are marked as the 'Needs' I take it. There are quite a few entries more than I would have expected."

Tsunade wanted to know why Naruto wasn't going to go for Sakura, but figured he would talk about it later or at the very least guess when her apprentice returned, depending on how Naruto acted. Replying to his comment he said, "Well judging by Ino's handwriting I guessed that the two of you got a little sidetracked while thinking of women." Smiling as both blushed she said, "It also seemed you were focusing on clan heads, and there is more to any village then that. Turn to the page after Sakura's."

Doing as instructed Naruto came to the face of a beautiful woman with purple hair. She was wearing the armor of an Anbu but was missing the mask. Reading the name he said, "Yuugao Uzuki." He read the brief profile next to her name and learned that she was the lover of the sick looking proctor during the end of the second test. He had been murdered shortly after and Yuugao had dedicated herself to her career rising to the rank of Head Captain of the Anbu Division.

Naruto looked up and arched an eyebrow saying, "How does the Head of Anbu help me unify the villages?"

"Naruto," Tsunade said patiently, "her position carries considerable weight in the military aspect of the village. You have to understand, all the villages are basically two parts, civilian and military. The Hokage straddles the line by dealing with both aspects of the village. You can get all the clan heads behind you, but if the military portion refuses then you will fail."

Naruto nodded flipping to the page after that and saw a mousy looking girl with stray strands of hair sticking out at various spots and thick glasses. Reading her entry he saw she worked for the Cryptology department. He looked up at Tsunade who upon seeing his confusion said, "She's one of the best cryptographers we have, and since the village's intelligence units are constantly sending us reports that pass through there. Having an asset who can discreetly pull those reports and send them to me is to our benefit."

"Sounds good," Naruto said, "Do you think you can make another one for me?"

"Why," Tsunade asked confused.

"Well I plan to find a rogue-nin in order to convert her to our goal in order to infiltrate other villages and gather intel on targets for me," Naruto said.

"I see," Tsunade said, "Was that what the question marks at the end of the needs list were for?"

"Yeah, but I don't have any idea of who I can use," Naruto replied.

Speaking up Ino said, "I do."

Both blondes turned towards her and giving them a pleased smile she said, "We can use that Sound-nin in the Coma Ward. Her name is Tayuya and I doubt anyone will miss her."

"That may be Ino," Tsunade said with a frown, "But her chakra pathways to her mind are fried, which is why she is in a coma."

"I know," Ino said sounding a little put-off that Tsunade felt the need to remind her of that, "But if the Kyuubi could make you young again, then I'm sure she can repair the damage the destruction of the curse mark did." Ino turned her gaze to Naruto expecting to see him happy by her finding someone, but seeing the frown worriedly asked, "Don't you like my idea?"

Naruto smiled at her to put her at ease, but said, "It's not that I don't like it, but… I just got done telling the Kyuubi that I needed time to think. Going there so soon to ask for a favor seems a bit desperate." Turning to Tsunade he asked, "Can you think of anyone that would fit the bill?"

Tsunade thought for a moment before saying, "I can, but for now I think you should go with Ino's idea. The woman I have in mind is dangerous, and not to be trusted."

"A Sound-nin is trustworthy though," Naruto said disbelievingly.

Grinning, the Hokage said, "You'll just have to use your charms on her. Besides, since she's been abandoned by Orochimaru who else can she turn to. She might like having a purpose again."

"And the woman you're thinking of?"

"We'll discuss that when I feel you have a bit more experience under your belt and have tamed a few hostile women. Now who is it you plan to go after next?"

"Tsume, maybe," Naruto said.

However Tsunade shook her head saying, "I think you should wait on her and make sure to take it slow."


Collecting her thoughts Tsunade said, "The Inuzuka are not like the rest of the clans in Konoha." Seeing both blondes looking at her in confusion she clarified, "They don't pass their leadership down via bloodlines but often through battle. Tsume is only in charge of her clan because she is the strongest, the Alpha if you would. That means she is often on the lookout for challengers to her position. Now if a stronger person came along and she recognized him as such she may step aside. But if not, a fight would ensue, with the victor being the head of the clan."

Ino understood what Tsunade was driving at saying, "Basically she would even consider a man trying to seduce her as a challenge to her authority."

"Precisely, and even if you decided to go for her daughter Hana, there would be no guarantee she would be the next clan head."

"I guess I'll have to come up with a strategy for Tsume than," Naruto said.

Tsunade nodded before standing up from the bed and returned her henge so that she appeared as she had since returning to Konoha. She leaned down to kiss Naruto being sure to thoroughly explore his mouth as he did the same to her, before saying, "You should talk to the Kyuubi, make it a step to earning your trust. If she believes she can do it then I'll be sure to make it look like Tayuya died. There won't be much of a fuss, but she'll need to be stashed here until she's ready to assume her duties."

"If she even accepts," Naruto said.

Placing a kiss on his forehead she said, "Have some confidence in yourself. You after all managed to seduce three women in the span of a week. Unless you're saying we're easy."

Looking at the two blonde kunoichi he quickly said, "Of course not. It's just I knew you guys, so you were somewhat comfortable around me."

"Well then consider her a test for kunoichi that you don't have a relationship with yet," Tsunade said as she made her way for the door. "Ino I know you don't like working the Coma Ward but starting tomorrow you'll be spending all your shifts there until Naruto makes a move on Tayuya."

"Understood," Ino replied, "I take it once he does; I'm to get her out of the hospital."

The Hokage nodded before taking her leave. Once she was gone Naruto smiled as he gazed at Ino who was still in his chair. Sitting on the edge of the bed he fisted his cock wagging it at her saying, "Did you come by for some breakfast?"

Ino slinked off of the chair crawling on all fours towards the smiling blonde. Once between his spread legs she said, "Now that you mention it, I am feeling rather famished." She then proceeded to do her best to quickly get him to release his load for her to enjoy.


Naruto began walking through the sewer that represented the seal. He and Ino had spent most of the morning enjoying each other's company. The kunoichi was currently resting her eyes after their latest coupling. Deciding to approach the Kyuubi to talk with her, he was somewhat surprised to find her waiting.

Commenting on it he said, "I take it you already know why I'm here."

"Yes," Kyuubi said, "I was able to gleam the details while you and the blonde enjoyed each other."

"And…" Naruto said letting the word hang between them.

"And the least you could do is ask yourself," Kyuubi said sounding disappointed. Naruto figured it was since it felt her effort to get on his good side would be long and difficult. And considering the session he and Ino had just enjoyed she was probably more anxious than ever to experience sex.

However she did have a point so he said, "You're right. Kyuubi, would you please help us wake up Tayuya?"

"Alright," she said immediately surprising him. It showed as she laughed lightly hiding her mouth behind the sleeve of her kimono as she did so.

She lost some of the cheer as he asked, "What's prompting you to be so accommodating? I figured you would have held out for some concessions from me."

Dropping her hand she said truthfully, "Well I could say I was doing it to prove that I am willing to help you. However if you require a selfish reason then if I do try and force you into giving me what I want then you may simple decided to convince the Senju to let you meet this woman she was talking about. Considering your current power over her, not to mention you may simple screw her into meeting your demands it is in my best interest to help you with a minimal of fuss."

"Okay…" Naruto said surprised at just how much thought Kyuubi had put into her reply, "…thanks I guess."

Sighing Kyuubi said, "Anyway, this will be far more difficult then what I did for the Senju."


"Because, in order for me to use my chakra to help her. I will need to use a considerable amount of power. But unfortunately I will not be able to do so the same way for the Sound-nin." When Naruto cocked his head in confusion she explained, "I was able to use a great deal of my power discreetly because you had penetrated the Senju. If I tried to do the same thing without that penetration then we would have every Anbu in a hundred block radius on us in moments."

Naruto looked uncomfortable saying, "Okay, since screwing a comatose girl is definitely out of the question. Could you maybe help her if I touched her?"

"Maybe…" Kyuubi admitted, "However the problem would be your seal."

"Why," Naruto asked.

"Your seal is designed to prevent too much of my chakra from getting out. So for me to help the girl, I would need to overpower it, and as you know when I do that it tends to be flashy thus limiting my control. I was able to use it better while you had sex with the Senju because you were in an excited state making it easier to bypass the seal, and since you were connected to her, none of my chakra bled away making it difficult to detect."

"Well how about you try while you are standing outside the seal like now?"

"Unfortunately most of my power is trapped behind it," Kyuubi replied.

"True, but you may find you don't need so much if you can use the little you have without fighting the seal."

"I'll try," Kyuubi said sounding unsure of her ability to succeed.

Giving her a smile he stuck his thumb in the air saying, "All I ask is that you do your best."

Kyuubi quickly turned feeling her cheeks heat up saying, "Well then tell the Yamanaka to prepare and we can try tomorrow night." She quickly returned to her cage so her host wouldn't see her red cheeks, leaving a confused blonde who shrugged his shoulders and allowed his consciousness to leave the seal.

He came to in his bed a nude Ino lying next to him. She was cuddled up into his side and was absentmindedly tracing the muscles of his chest with her finger. His breathing changing must have alerted her to his waking up because she said, "Is she going to help?"

"Yeah, and she is doing it willingly," Naruto answered, "But she says there may be a few difficulties that she'll have to overcome."

"Really, turning back time for the Hokage was easier then waking a coma patient?" Ino asked disbelievingly.

"No, but unless you want to watch me have sex with said coma patient then it's going to be harder," Naruto replied.

"Who knows she might like it," Ino said giving a devious smile."Besides is that the end goal anyway."

"It might be, but I…I guess she deserves the same chance to refuse that you, Hinata, and Tsunade enjoyed," Naruto said.

Ino got up slightly to look into his eyes and she kissed him hotly. When she broke the kiss she said, "That's why I'm glad it was you that was given that jutsu. You have a heart and a conscious Naruto, never lose those."

He was spellbound by her blue eyes so simply nodded. Ino climbed over him before making her way to his shower. When she reached the door she placed a hand on the frame and looking over her shoulder said, "I need to relieve my mom at the shop. Would you wash my back for me?"

Naruto shot out of the bed to follow her into the bathroom and he even eventually did get around to washing her like she asked.


Sakura looked at the walking injured that was the new Team Kakashi. Or better yet Captain Yamato and Chouji. The bastard Sai that had been Sasuke's replacement escaped after meeting with Orochimaru in the chaos that had been their meeting with the spy, who had turned out to be Kabuto. But the glasses wearing triple traitor was apparently at least loyal to Orochimaru.

After they had managed to escape from the Sanin, they had noticed that Sai was gone. Fearing his capture, they had managed to track him to a base where they learned he had joined with the Sound willingly. But what was worse for her was seeing Sasuke again. He had been so cold and when she had tried to remind him of the bonds that he, her, and Naruto had shared he had laughed. He then in a display of power destroyed the roof of the base and after easily handling all three of them was about to finish the job but had been stopped by Orochimaru of all people.

Sakura had been heartbroken, and truthfully still was, about what Naruto and hers teammate had become. But somewhere in her mind, she began to wonder if that was what Naruto had encountered three years ago. Had Sasuke been that cold even then? She knew that Naruto had been hurt, but she had just assumed that it was the Sound-nin that had escorted Sasuke away from the village. But was it possible Sasuke had done it, and if so, why didn't Naruto tell her?

She was on her way to see him since Captain Yamato had said he would handle reporting to the Hokage. She tried Ichiraku first and saw Ayame chatting with a blond haired boy who strangely enough was sort of acting like Naruto. Ayame seemed to be smiling and Sakura wondered briefly if it was her boyfriend. But even as the boy told her some story the smile never really seemed to reach her eyes. Almost like she was trying to convince herself something was there in the boy that wasn't.

After being told by the waitress that Naruto hadn't stopped by, noticing a slight frown on Ayame's lips as she said it, Sakura decided to try his apartment. She was just about to knock on the door when it opened and Ino began to step out. She was looking into the apartment as she said, "I'll see you later… Sakura!?"

"Ino… w-what are you doing here?"

"Obviously I was visiting with Naruto," Ino said a little guardedly.

To Sakura, Ino smelled freshly showered and she noticed her hair was still a little damp. Her eyes narrowed as she said, "Since when do you…"

"She was helping me with some of my plants," Naruto said walking towards his door, "I've been busy training lately so kind of neglected them. She helped bring them back to life."

"I see…" Sakura said watching the two, "I guess you do tend to hyperfocus on certain tasks."

She frowned though, as a cat that ate the canary smile appeared on Ino lips as she said, "You make that sound like a bad thing though Sakura. In the right situations that can really be a godsend."


"Any way," Naruto said quickly knowing that Ino was referring to his tendency to thoroughly enjoy his girls until completely spent if he could, "thanks for your help Ino, but don't you have to relieve your mom."

Ino got the hint, and gave a small wave wishing she could have kissed him goodbye, but knew he didn't want Sakura to know about what he was up to. Sakura's frown deepened as Naruto leaned against his doorframe and watched Ino leave with his arms crossed. She wasn't sure, but she thought he was watching her rear as she walked away. When the blonde disappeared around the corner of the hall he turned his attention to her and said, "What's up?"

"Can I come in," Sakura asked surprised he didn't offer.

Naruto felt a little self-conscious about letting her in considering he had needed to open a window to air it out a little since the smell of sex had been rather thick. Hoping that it had a little he said, "Come on in." Sakura entered the room and was surprised that it was so clean while Naruto went and busied himself in the kitchen.

Sakura saw him preparing tea and waited for him to say something when it became apparent that he was doing the same thing, she asked, "Aren't you going to ask how the mission went?"

"I figured that was what you were here for," Naruto said with a shrug as he waited for the kettle to begin boiling.

The kettle began to steam so he poured it into two cups handing one to Sakura. She took a sip and recognized it as a white tea that Ino liked. Staring at him as he sat in his leather chair, she wondered when he had even begun to drink tea. Naruto waited for Sakura to collect her thoughts as he enjoyed the tea that Ino had brought since she figured she was going to be spending a lot of time over.

"I take it that the mission wasn't a success," Naruto finally said causing Sakura to nod. "Oh well, did you at least find out who the spy was?"

"It was Kabuto," Sakura replied, "But apparently he betrayed Sasori. We…we ran into Sasuke."

"Was he there to help Kabuto kill Sasori?"

"No, our teammate Sai betrayed us. He met with Orochimaru for some reason, but after we tracked them down we ran into Sasuke."

"Oh," Naruto said watching her closely; she appeared on the verge of tears so he figured the meeting had gone rather poorly. "I take it he's still being a stubborn bastard and refuses to come back."

"He… he-he tried to kill us," Sakura said sadly. Looking at him hopefully she added, "Maybe he's still under the curse marks influence."

Naruto sighed but said, "I really don't think the curse mark is controlling him Sakura."

She looked at him and although she believed it was probably true a part of her had come here hoping Naruto would tell her otherwise. That he would in effect tell her everything was going to be okay. Much as he had when she had confided in him about her fears that Sasuke would seek out Orochimaru on the night he had ended up defecting. Feeling betrayed by her expectations,she snapped, "So you are just giving up on him now. Is that why you blew off this mission?"

"I blew it off for the very reason I gave you Sakura," Naruto said calmly which infuriated her more, "Do you really think my being there would have changed anything? Sasuke doesn't want to come home, I think we'll get a better understanding of what he plans for the future if he finds and kills Itachi."

"But… what about what Orochimaru has planned for him?"

"Sakura do you really think Sasuke is going to allow that snake to take over his body if he hasn't completed his ambition?"


"Look Sakura, have faith that Sasuke has at least thought out what he's doing," Naruto said cutting her off.

"What if you're wrong?" Sakura said challenging.

"Then he'll become Orochimaru's next host body and we'll have a lot more to worry about then," Naruto said.

"Why…why are you acting like this," Sakura said, "You sound like you don't even care anymore?"

"I just have a lot on my own plate right now Sakura," Naruto said beginning to get annoyed. "I understand you care deeply for Sasuke, but let's not forget that I have to deal with Akatsuki which is after me. So forgive me if I'm not freaking out over Sasuke since anything that happens to him he did to himself okay. We'll bring him home if we can but I can't make it my main focus."

"Naruto…," Sakura said shocked at how he talked towards her, "I'm sorry."

"Forget it," he said with still a little hurt in his voice.

Sakura nodded but couldn't help feel something had changed between them and that it had probably happened while she was gone, yet it had solidified just now. She placed the cup down and not finding the support she was expecting said, "I should go."

"Okay, I'll see you at training when Kakashi gets out of the Hospital," Naruto said walking her to the door. She smiled as he opened it for her, but frowned as he closed it almost as soon as she stepped out and didn't watch her leave as he had Ino.

Naruto was making his way to the hospital; he was still a little sore about Sakura's visit even a day after the fact. But it had made him all the more confident in his intention of leaving her alone. Still it had hurt a little that with all of Akatsuki after him all she could think about was getting Sasuke back, as unlike the Uchiha's, his problems weren't of his own making.

It was approaching midnight and Ino was watching the coma ward. The plan was for Kyuubi to make her attempt at waking Tayuya, and should she succeed, Ino and he would sneak the kunoichi out. Hopefully that way when the day shift nurse entered she would assume that Tayuya had died and since Tsunade was making the shifts it would most likely be someone who had negative feelings for Sound.

Entering the hospital he managed to get to the coma ward while encountering a limited number of people. Walking up to Ino, he returned the smile she gave him. She stood and kissed him deeply having not been able to see him that morning as had been the norm.

"What did Sakura want?" Ino said having been dying of curiosity since leaving his apartment the night before.

"For me to feel sorry for her about Sasuke not wanting to return to the village," Naruto said prompting Ino to frown at how bitter he had sounded about it.

"Forehead you idiot," she thought disappointedly. While it was true a week before she would probably be in the same boat as Sakura, she still couldn't help but be surprised that after being teammates with Naruto for so long that she was still so focused on Sasuke. However, she figured that either Sakura would come around or she wouldn't so decided not to dedicate too much concern to the matter. "Well let's get this show on the road," she said motioning Naruto to follow her towards the red-head's bed.


Kyuubi kept her back turned towards Naruto as he approached her. "Are you ready?" he asked stopping several feet away from her.

"Yes," Kyuubi said concentrating as much as possible. She got a vague image of Tayuya lying in the bed in front of Naruto. Addressing her host she said, "Raise your arm and hold it over her chest." He was about to leave the seal to do so but Kyuubi said, "Concentrate and try to picture your surroundings. That way you shouldn't need to leave the seal."

"Okay," Naruto replied. Doing as instructed the area around them began to change into the hospital room. Complete with Ino, Tayuya, and another him. Picturing the doppelganger of him raising his arm it did so until it hovered over her chest.

"Good," Kyuubi said containing her surprise. She then tried to concentrate her limited power to send a tendril of energy into the girl. Naruto's hand began to glow red, but she couldn't muster the power necessary. She thought about telling him to touch Tayuya, but knew even then she simply didn't have the power. She tried again and noticed that behind the bars of the seal red energy began rising off her original form and was trying to come towards her but was being stopped by the seal.

Naruto noticed it as well saying, "Maybe you could do it if you were standing in the seal and reached a hand out."

"No," Kyuubi said disappointed since if Naruto didn't need her feared she would never get what she wanted, "the seal prevents too much of my power from escaping. Plus, if I accidently touched the bars I'll be zapped and may make the Sound-nin worse."

"Try again," Naruto said.

"I said I can't," the Kyuubi snapped.

"Just try," he said insistently.

Sighing the Kyuubi began to try again. She had moved closer to the bars hoping that some more of her power would bleed through but knew it was no use. She closed her eyes about to admit defeat again when she felt something warm take her hand. She was then filled with a surge of her power. Opening her eyes she saw Naruto holding her hand and with his other was touching one of the bars of the cage.

Smiling at her he said, "I guess you just needed someone to complete the circuit."

Kyuubi was tempted to try and overpower him, but knew all Naruto would need to do was let go of the cage so resisted. Instead, she concentrated causing a chakra claw to shoot forth from Naruto's hand outside the seal burying itself into the red-head's chest.

"Fascinating," Kyuubi said as she began to work her chakra into the girl's body. She was surprised that she couldn't feel any of the menace that using her chakra usually gave off.

"What is?" Naruto asked, causing Kyuubi to look at him and she wondered if Naruto was filtering it somehow.

"This girl's cellular structure seems to allow for her to change her form."

Naruto nodded saying, "Yeah she had a curse mark like Sasuke."

"Ah yes," Kyuubi said, "I think I can use that."

Naruto frowned but before he could ask felt a pulling sensations and when it was over found himself standing at the edge of a grass field Tayuya was sitting in front of him with her backed towards him. He felt a warmth on his hand and saw Kyuubi was with him.

He let it go and she said, "Now let's go talk to this Sound-nin shall we."


Tayuya sat in a grass field on a hill. She didn't really remember how she got there only that she had awakened there after her fight with the slacker and fan-wielding bitch. There were flashes every now and then, her pinned under some trees, masked men finding her, surgeons working over her, and then a burning sensation where her curse mark was. Once the burning had ended she woke up in the field with a cold chill that never truly seemed to leave. At times it did, usually when she could just make out someone talking to her and although she had found the person to be a bit of a blather mouth had really cherished them after a while.

Other than that she was simply there, she had explored the area but found nothing of interest anywhere else. However even the apparent boredom was better than what she called the storms. They were exactly as they sounded turning the calm grassy plain into a area in the middle of a monsoon and during those times the horrible events that had led her to Sound played for her.

But a storm hadn't happened for a while and a part of her believed it was due to the person that seemed to be trying to communicate with her. Still at the moment she would almost take one for the simple fact of, "Fuck I'm bored."

"Then how would you like to leave," Naruto said causing the red-head spin to her feet in surprise.

"Where did you come from and who the fuck are you?" she snarled.

"Watch your tone you insignificant little bitch," Kyuubi said the braids of her hair beginning to rise up like tails as her anger rose.

"Kyuubi, relax it's just the way she talks," Naruto said placing a restraining hand on her shoulder.

Tayuya thought she recognized the boy as he approached calmly but she refused to drop her guard. "Do… Do I know you?"

"Vaguely, let's see if this refreshes your memory," he henged himself to look like he did three years ago and said, "Recognize me now?"

"You're one of those bastards that kept getting in our way," Tayuya said preparing to defend herself.

"There's no need for that," Naruto said dropping his henge. "Your team managed to prevent us from rescuing Sasuke."

"Hah, I knew you rats were just lucky," Tayuya said but then noticing the boy looked significantly older began to wonder what was going on.

Naruto could see the confusion in her face so said, "This is your reward Tayuya. You've been in a coma for three years."

"Fuck you," Tayuya said quickly, "Don't fuck with me. This is probably some interrogation technique of the Leaf to trick me into revealing where our base is."

Naruto shrugged which pissed her off to no end, but she was forced to admit he had a point when he said, "I suppose that is possible. But ask yourself this, why would they use an older version of me and a woman you've never seen before in order to force you to give us info? Wouldn't it be more expedient of us to have implanted a vision were you needed to get to the base quickly?"

"What do you want then?"

"I'm looking for someone who can find people of interest for me outside of Konoha," Naruto answered with a smile.

"For what purpose?"

"Well frankly so I can seduce them into helping me unite the shinobi world," Naruto said and frowned as Tayuya simply stared at him before she began laughing.

"Perhaps you should show her Naruto?" Kyuubi supplied stepping up to him.

Tayuya stopped laughing going on guard again saying, "Don't fucking come near me!"

"Relax Tayuya," Naruto said, "Besides if I had truly wanted to. I could have used my jutsu on your body without coming here. This is merely a construction of your mind; you are currently lying in a coma ward in the Leaf Hospital. After Temari beat you, Anbu found you in the forest, but while surgeons were saving your life Orochimaru must have decided he no longer needed you and removed the seal from you. You were lucky to have had it happen then as according to the medical report its removal was supposed to kill you. As it was though you ended up in a coma."

"Prove it," Tayuya said prompting Naruto to nod to Kyuubi. Using her Chakra she began to alter Tayuya's form triggering her second stage. In both the real world and as a result Tayuya's mindscape form changed as well. Ino watched on nervously wondering what exactly was going on.

"How?" Tayuya said looking at her hands and their darker skin in confusion.

Kyuubi replied saying, "We are standing over you channeling my chakra into you in order to communicate. It was a simple matter to give your cells the energy they needed to cause this change to occur."

"Why… why me," she asked forced to admit that they were telling the truth as she hadn't been able to change since waking up in the field.

"Honestly, because no one will miss you," Naruto said bluntly. "Orochimaru has discarded you, if you woke up in the Leaf you can only look forward to a life in prison. This is your best chance to have a purpose again."

"Don't you mean to wake up from the coma?"

"No," Naruto said surprising both women, "We'll do that regardless. We'll even help you get out of the village if you don't want anything to do with this plan or me. So please at least consider it."

Tayuya couldn't believe that the he would simply give away his biggest bargaining chip. Watching him stand there with a gentle smile and genuine warmth in his eyes made her feel needed. She didn't think his plan had a chance in hell of working, but maybe she could help a little until it became apparent that it was doomed. With that in mind she said, "I'll agree, so what do you need from me."

"We can discuss that later," Kyuubi said approaching the girl.

She grabbed her roughly by the chin prompting Tayuya to say, "Hands off bitch," but when she tried to push her away found she couldn't move. She turned Tayuya's head to expose where the curse mark used to be on the back of her neck. Pressing her free hand against the spot she channeled chakra into it before pulling her hand away.

The kanji for Naruto's name appeared in words before an outline of a sitting fox materialized. The outline then filled in making the fox solid black while behind it were nine tails that almost looked like flames. It wasn't exactly as painful as receiving the curse mark, but surprised as she was when Kyuubi let go she fell to her knees in pain.

Before Tayuya could ask what was happening Naruto did for her saying, "What do you think you're doing?"

"You plan to send this one away from the safety of the village don't you," Kyuubi said calmly meeting her host's eyes. "I am merely taking steps so that should she betray you she can be found, or should she need you that you could aid her."

Naruto was surprised, but said, "Still you should have warned her and me."

"I figured that you still do not trust me, so would refuse," Kyuubi said.

That stopped Naruto for a moment and he nodded at her point but said, "True, but still you don't have the right to simply force it on her like that."

"She'll thank me," Kyuubi said noticing that the pain was fading from Tayuya's face who glared up at her. "Wipe that look from your face girl before you learn to regret it. Besides that mark will allow you to use that second form of yours in battle again."

Naruto walked towards Tayuya and helped her to her feet. Kyuubi found she was rather jealous of the gentle way he did so, especially as he said, "Sorry about that. I didn't know, but if it will help protect you I'm glad she did it."

"Forget it," Tayuya said, "The fucking snake's mark hurt a lot worse than that."

"Alright then," Naruto said returning his attention to Kyuubi, "Now let's get moving. I'm sure Ino is starting to get worried."

Kyuubi nodded and with a wave of her hand Naruto felt the pull again to find that both of them were back in the seal standing exactly as they had been. Naruto was about to let go of the bars and Kyuubi's hand but she quickly said, "Don't! I need you to continue to act as a conduit for me." Nodding in reply he watched as the scene of the hospital continued to play out with the chakra of the Kyuubi continuing to fix the damage.

Tayuya's eyes began to flutter before snapping open. She tried to move but Ino stopped her saying, "Don't, you'll need lots of rehabilitation before you can move again. You've been lying here a long time."

Kyuubi looked at him saying, "I can have her up and about by morning, but you should get her out of here first."

"Thanks," Naruto said with a bright smile before cutting the connection to his seal.

Kyuubi was glad as she felt her face heat up as she whispered, "You're welcome."

Naruto returned to the world to see it matched the one he had formed in his seal. Ino looked up at him saying, "Welcome back. What's with the mark on her neck?"

"Kyuubi did it, claims it will help me locate her as she's traveling," Naruto replied.

"I'm fucking right here you know," Tayuya said.

"Sorry," the pair of blondes mumbled.

"We should get going. Ino what's the best way out of here?" Naruto said taking charge as they lifted her from the bed to a gurney.

"Tayuya play dead," Ino said covering the red-head with the sheet of her bed before telling Naruto, "Go to the back of the hospital. I'll take Tayuya down to the undertaker's entrance and you can take her home from there."

Once Naruto left she began to push the gurney towards an elevator to head down towards the morgue and the door where the undertaker would come to pick up the deceased for burial. As they entered an elevator to head down and since they were alone Tayuya said, "It was you wasn't it? The person who would talk to me?"

"You…you heard me," Ino said surprised.

"Not really, it was more like sensations really. But your presence is familiar."

"Yeah, it was me," Ino said, "I… sort of felt sorry for you since you didn't have anyone… to visit you."

"Thanks," Tayuya said after a moment of silence.

"No problem."

"Is he really serious about trying to unite all the villages?"

"Yep," Ino said with a smile.

"He's dreaming if he thinks it's possible."

"Maybe," Ino said her smile getting even bigger as she remembered his first day at the academy and his declaration that he was going to be Hokage, "but he's always dreamed big and I'm starting to believe he can achieve anything he wants."

Tayuya stared up at her before it dawned on her, "He's seduced you."

"Oh we're well past the seduction part," Ino said, "we're at the mind-blowing sex part. Trust me girl, the sex is one of the best perks about signing up for his unite the world plan." The ding of the elevator reaching their floor forced Ino to cover Tayuya again and she quickly made her way to the morgue. Tayuya in the meantime wondered if being with the blond was truly as great as Ino made it sound.


The trip to his apartment had been rather awkward since it was only after he had began carrying her home that they had both realized that underneath her hospital gown she was naked. The fact was only made worse when Naruto had cupped her bare ass as he lifted her from the gurney. After a string of curses they had worked out a passable solution.

Arriving in his apartment he gently set her down and once she was comfortable entered his seal. Kyuubi was waiting for him so he asked, "How are you going to go about making it so she can move on her own?"

"Take her as one of your conquests and I'll begin rebuilding her muscles," Kyuubi said.

"Can't you do it without me having sex with her?"

"Why, do you find her repulsive?"

"No," Naruto quickly said, "It's just she's just woken up from a coma. I'm sure sex is the last thing on her mind right now."

"Fine," Kyuubi said in a huff, "But it'll take longer and you'll need to strip." Naruto looked like he was about to protest but Kyuubi cut him off, "Look, I'll need to return to my original body. Since you refuse to penetrate her I'll need to use skin contact. The more of it there is the better and easier it will work okay."

"I…I'll tell her," Naruto said.

"Tayuya," Naruto said returning from the seal, "Kyuubi thinks she can make it so that you will be able to move under your own power. However…"

"Is that why you were space out just now?" Tayuya asked causing him to nod. "Is she some sort of telepath?"

"No," Naruto said, "Kyuubi is inside of me. You see, she is the actual Kyuubi as in the Nine-tail fox. It wasn't just a name. She was sealed inside me when she attacked the village."

Tayuya absorbed what she was being told and although she had a ton of questions ignored them for the more pressing concern of her body. "Sorry, you were saying."

"She can heal you; however, I'll need to be mostly naked and pressed up against you as skin contact will work best."

"This isn't some fucking attempt to get between my legs is it?"

"No its on the level," Naruto said, "although if I did it would work a lot faster she claims. Regardless, before I put some moves on you I'll give you time to adjust if that's what you want."

Tayuya nodded, so Naruto began to take his clothes off leaving on just his boxers. He climbed into bed behind her pressing up against her exposed back and pulling the covers over them said, "Goodnight Tayuya."

Naturally sleep was rather difficult to come by for both of them. For Naruto it was he was pressed up against a beautiful woman. He could smell the flower scent of her shampoo making him believe that Ino was the one that washed her before he had arrived since it was the same type she used.

His thinking of Ino and some of the events they had been up to recently caused the reason for Tayuya's difficulty. Which was his hardening member. However even before then she was thinking to herself, "He's so fucking warm. Is it the chakra that's entering me?" She felt that could be part of it however she believed there was more. Namely that after three years of loneliness, Naruto made her feel wanted. It was strange; she'd only really known him for a few hours. Knew that he was already involved with one girl and was planning to be with many more and that he wanted her to help find them. But when he talked to her, he made her feel like she was the only one there at the moment.

Yet her warm thoughts of him faded as she felt his dick harden against her back side. Elbowing him, although weakly she said, "Can't you control yourself you fucking pervert?"

"Hey, I'm in bed with a beautiful woman, I would be worried if I wasn't hard right now."

Tayuya felt her own body heat up at the comment. Embarrassed she said, "Well how do you expect me to sleep with that thing stabbing me all fucking night."

"Do you have some suggestions?"

Unfortunately she didn't so tried to adjust herself but as she moved she rubbed against it and felt it twitch. Cursing about perverts, she continued to adjust her position but stopped when she felt it directly against her skin, her movement having worked it out of the slit in his boxers. She heard him suck in a breath as he pulled back slightly to fix himself but she said, "Stop."

She as best she could, lifted one of her legs up and scooted back against him before closing them trapping his length between her thighs. "Now stay put," she said aloud, but thought, "Kami he's fucking huge and it's so hot."

But for Naruto being trapped between her thighs was anything but relaxing. He resisted the urge for as long as he could but eventually flexed his dick. It was then that his cock made contact with Tayuya's nether lips. Both of them breathed in then as Tayuya felt like his dick had scorched her when it touched her spot. She tried to fire an insult, but found it difficult as her body wanted to slide along the hot cock pressed against her. A temptation that she eventually gave into, as she moved ever so slightly. However it was enough to pull a small moan from her throat.

Naruto was at first positive he imagined the slight movement that Tayuya made. But when she moaned he smiled and flexed again pressing even harder into her pussy. In response she said, "Fu… fucking quit it."

"How can I do that when you make such sultry sounds Tayuya?" He began to pull his dick away as he added, "But maybe I should tuck it back in my boxers?"

"No," Tayuya said quickly already missing the heat, " Just… just keep it there."

Naruto pressed it back against her and this time she moved noticeably to which he responded. As they began to rub against each other their breathing picked up and Naruto began to place kisses along the back of her neck, marveling at the new seal that had been placed on her. He placed a kiss directly on it causing a deep moan from Tayuya.

He felt her grow wetter against his length as well as a ticklish sensation due to the fact that her pussy wasn't cleanly shaven like the other women he'd been with. No doubt the hospital didn't consider grooming the area to be a priority. Enjoying it nonetheless he grabbed the knot tied at the back of her neck which was holding the gown closed with his teeth and pulled the string untying it. Pulling the gown away from her, he threw it on the floor. He then began rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

Meanwhile he was rubbing himself along her pussy moving both faster and making his stokes longer. Pulling back almost all the way free of her thighs he moved forward and catching her well lubricated entrance ended up burying himself in her completely.

"Ah fucking hell," Tayuya shouted being penetrated for the first time. Naruto remained motionless simply enjoying the hot wetness that was Tayuya. He also feared he had gone too far when she began to pull away, but then she moved back towards him. Getting the hint Naruto began setting about pleasing his newest lover.


Kyuubi smiled in her cage and although in her original body found it easier to imagine what the sensations would be doing if she was in her new body. She was glad Naruto had penetrated his newest lover as she could now easily channel the chakra necessary due to his excited state. As she saw the visions of the two copulating she noticed that Tayuya's movements began growing stronger. Figuring it would be done with her work by the time the two finished. She hoped her host appreciated her efforts and would come to trust her soon.

But even as she thought that she wondered why it was that she was seeing the visions of their mating as Naruto hadn't used the Temptation Touch on the red-head. Crossing her paws in front of her Kyuubi began to puzzle out if something else was happening to her host.


"OH FUCKING HELL THE BLONDE WAS FUCKING RIGHT," Tayuya shouted as Naruto drilled her from behind. She had worked her way to her hands and knees but after a particularly vicious stroke that jabbed her womb fell face first into her pillow her arms no longer able to support her. Naruto leaned forward grabbing her around the chest and pulled her up against his.

They were both on their knees with Naruto slamming himself up into her with her returning downwards meeting each stroke. Naruto reached a hand down towards her pussy finding the red curls there soaked with her juices. Rubbing along her pussy as he continued to pound it he said, "You're so fucking wet Tayuya. Are you enjoying my dick that much?"

"Fucking A I am," she panted reaching down and rubbing his shaft as it pounded her.

Naruto groaned bringing his hand from her pussy up to her mouth where she proceeded to suck his drenched fingers into her mouth. Feeling her tongue traveling over them he asked, "How do you taste?"

"You tell me," she said turning towards him to kiss him. As their tongues met he tasted her sweet juices and redoubled his efforts pulling more from her mouth. He also sped up his pounding of her prompting Tayuya to break the kiss as she began chanting, "Oh fuck…oh fuck…fuck….fuck…fuck."

"You're ready to come aren't you," Naruto said feeling his own release approaching, "Come for me Tayuya."


Feeling her clamp around his dick as she came sent Naruto off as well as he buried himself in her completely pumping his seed directly into her waiting womb. The two collapsed forward with Naruto lying atop of her as they both caught their breath. Already their sweat covered bodies began to cool so Naruto rolled over to pull the covers over them. Tayuya snuggled up into him before saying "I don't think I'll be able to act as an agent outside the village for you."

Naruto looked at her surprised saying, "Why?"

Giving a satisfied smile she said, "I don't think it's fair that I'll be moving around far away from you while the bitches of this village get to enjoy you every day."

Naruto chuckled but sticking a finger under her chin forced her to make eye contact as he said, "Tayuya, I'll always make time for you, and with a little training this mark will help me know when you are near. Then when the shinobi world is at peace we'll be able together every day."

"Do… Don't ever abandon me," she said sounding vulnerable.

"Never," he said pulling her closer, and smiled when her breathing evened out as she fell asleep.

*Chapter 5*: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Target Ayame

Naruto was lying on his back in bed with his hands behind his head. He could hear that the shower was still going and although tempted to join the red-head decided to allow her to freshen up alone. He had a huge smile on his face due to how well his life had been going as of late. It turned a little lecherous as he thought of Tayuya, who upon getting out of bed had begun stretching her recently repaired muscles. When she had bent over to touch her toes while facing away from him, it had been all he could do not to leap from the bed and bury himself inside of her. When she straightened back up she had a little half-smile on her lips telling him that she knew what she had been doing to him.

As he laid there he knew he owed the Kyuubi something as a way of saying thanks so made his way into the seal. As he stepped in front of the bars he heard her say, "Enjoy your latest conquest?"

"Yes," Naruto replied as he heard her footsteps in the water signaling her approach.

"Do you want something else?" Kyuubi asked.

"Well it wasn't my original reason for coming here but now that you mention it. If the others agree can you give them that mark?"

"Easily," Kyuubi replied, "Actually you should tell the Senju that you need some more time off for training."

"What sort of training?"

"On how to put your mark on your conquests, and how to best use it," Kyuubi said.

Naruto nodded before saying, "Okay, but what exactly will it entail?"

"Well the first part of the training will be in how to place the mark," Kyuubi answered. "After that, well I will train you in how to sense its location and finally how to teleport yourself to it."

"Wait, you mean this jutsu can lead to the Hiraishin," Naruto exclaimed shocked. "That was the Fourth Hokage's technique."

"Yes, but Hiraishin is nothing more than a variation of summoning. Basically you summon yourself to wherever a previously placed seal is. In this case, the seal you will be putting on your conquests."

"If it's so simple why is it considered one of the most fearsome techniques out there?"

"Because for one, you humans make mountains out of a mole hills rather often, they see a man moving about a battlefield rather quickly decimating their forces and they don't stop to consider how he is doing it till later."

"But how do you know it?"

"I faced him in battle remember, and I've had sixteen years to think about my defeat as well as the techniques that he used. Besides there is a man out there who has mastered space-time jutsu to an even greater degree than your Fourth."

"Thanks," Naruto said excited to be learning another move so closely associated with his hero. Calming himself, he asked, "Who is this second man?"

Kyuubi looked away biting her lip considering whether or not to tell Naruto. Deciding against it for now, since it would lead to many other questions that in turn could possibly cause her to reveal her own origins said, "Pray you never meet him."

Guessing that Kyuubi had her own trust issues to deal with, Naruto concentrated turning the seal into a replica of his apartment. The bars of the cage still remained and were where his door usually would have resided. Moving towards his leather chair he sat down and asked, "Are you wearing any undergarments under that kimono?" Kyuubi shook her head no, causing him to say, "Can you make some for yourself?"

Confused, she nodded holding a hand out; red chakra coalesced into a pair of red bikini panties. In the front, the material was clear accept for where it would cover her vagina, there the material was darker and in the shape of the fox mark that Naruto was beginning to see as his brand so to speak. "Good, very nice," Naruto said pleased, "Now put them on."

Kyuubi wondered what her host was getting at but complied slipping the panties on and pulled them up under her kimono. When they were on Naruto imagined himself in only his boxers and sure enough a moment later that was all he was wearing. He caught the look of hope in Kyuubi's eyes but said, "I'm not going to sleep with you today. However you do deserve a reward." Holding a hand up, he said, "Come here."

Disappointed, Kyuubi nevertheless obeyed. She stopped in front of the sitting Naruto who took her hand and pulled her into his lap making sure she was straddling him. "I got this idea from what happened with Tayuya. The underwear is to make sure we don't take things to far," he said before grinding her into his hardening dick.

"Mmmm," Kyuubi moaned allowing Naruto to set the pace. Eventually though Kyuubi wanted more so began to rock her hips back and forth faster. As her paced picked up the kimono that she wore began to open and Naruto decided it wouldn't be out of line to give her a bit more so freed one of her breasts. Latching onto the nipple Kyuubi moaned her appreciation before wrapping her arms around his head and pulled him harder into her chest.

Kyuubi couldn't believe how worked up she was getting by simply rubbing herself over his hardened member. Naruto nipped her nipple slightly, causing a delicious sensation to spread throughout her body. Kyuubi began grinding herself into her container harder and faster overriding the slower pace that Naruto had set.

"This…what…what do you call this?" Kyuubi managed to get out in panted breaths.

"It's called dry humping," Naruto responded with a groan. Looking down at his tented boxers that were beginning to get wet with a combination of his precum and Kyuubi's own juices he said, "But why they call it that I'm not sure."

Kyuubi began working herself back and forth along his member nearing her finish. With a loud deep moan she crossed the finish line. Tensing, she pulled Naruto into her as her release soaked her panties and his boxers.

As she caught her breath she noticed that Naruto had not released the white fluid that seemed to coincide with his own orgasms. Worried she did something wrong, she asked, "Why did you not cum? Did you not enjoy it?"

"It was very good," Naruto said, "but I tend to need a bit more to orgasm."

"Should I use my hands or mouth?" Kyuubi asked hoping it would lead to more.

"This is fine," Naruto said gently extracting himself from beneath the woman.

Kyuubi crossed her arms while sitting in the chair as Naruto made his clothes reappear saying, "You're going to have the Sound-nin pleasure you then."

Hearing the jealousy in her voice Naruto said, "I don't know but it isn't impossible. However, I don't want things to get too crazy between us yet. This was a small gift of pleasure as thanks for your help with Tayuya."

Kyuubi was still upset but figured it was better than nothing. She could sense that Naruto was about to leave so quickly asked, "Can… can you kiss me before you go? Like the others."

Naruto smiled and leaned down towards her placing a gentle kiss on her lips. Kyuubi froze not sure how to respond but before she could recover he pulled back. About to leave the seal Naruto said, "Thanks again for your help Kyuubi." He then disappeared leaving the ancient creature turned woman wondering if there was a way to experience such things in the outside world again.


Naruto awoke in the same position in his bed with a smile. The look on Kyuubi's face after the kiss had been priceless, having been a combination of shock and pleasure. While the kiss had been rather chaste he figured it wasn't everyday that an ancient entity decides to give up her first kiss.

He heard the shower cut off and after several minutes Tayuya came out wearing her hospital gown. Seeing her, he knew he needed to remember to get some real clothes for her later. "Feeling refreshed?" Naruto asked.

Tayuya smiled gently at him. She then surprised him saying, "Yes, it feels good to be able to clean and groom yourself, by the way I've left some directions for you."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked confused.

Tayuya raised her hospital gown above her waist and he could see that she had trimmed the unruly bush that had been between her legs before. All that remained was a trimmed patch in the shape of an arrow pointing down.

He gave a lecherous grin as he waved her towards him and said, "Thanks, but I think I know the way."

Tayuya quickly moved to the bed and climbed above his head to straddle his face. Almost as soon as she lowered herself Naruto's tongue was attacking her folds. Facing towards his feet from her position she could see the large tent that was being made under the covers of his blanket. Naruto's tongue working its way inside of her caused her to lean forward.

Deciding to try her hand at pleasing him orally, she pushed the blanket down before reaching into the slit in his boxers and pulling out his cock. She fisted it several time and noticing a bit of precum forming on the tip gave it an experimental lick. After that she was hooked, quickly running her tongue up and down his length before swallowing what she could of it. Hearing Naruto groan his appreciation motivated Tayuya all the more in getting her creamy reward.


Hinata was carrying a bag having dropped by the hospital early the next morning to see if Naruto had managed to extract Tayuya. Catching Ino in the lobby, the blonde kunoichi had explained that Naruto had indeed gotten her out. Since Ino was tired from working all night as well as filling in paper work on Tayuya's fake death. She had asked Hinata to run over to Naruto's and drop off some clothes for the red-head. Not really needing a reason to visit Naruto, but glad she could help even in a small way she found a shop that was just opening and bought several outfits she thought would fit given the sizes Ino provided.

Arriving at Naruto's apartment she thought about knocking but decided she would surprise him. However, she was the one surprised as she opened the unlocked door to see Naruto and who she assumed was Tayuya in a classic sixty-nine position. Salivating a little at the sight of the beautiful red-head doing her best to please Naruto's wonderstick, Hinata took her shoes off quietly and with all the stealth her chosen profession afforded her, snuck up on the pair.

Tayuya was in heaven as Naruto continued to eat her out while she was doing her best to get him to cum. She was getting close to cumming herself, but refused to give in before making him do so as well. She felt his staff grow larger and was sure he was about to cum when she sensed a pair of eyes watching her. Looking up she came face to face with a smiling Hyuuga who was lying between Naruto's spread legs with her hands resting on her chin. Her feet were kicking in the air behind her, all in all she looked like she was watching a movie not two people trying to get off.

Coming face to face with another girl was the last thing Tayuya expected, which caused her orgasm to sneak up on her. As she pulled back from the smiling Hyuuga to shout out her surprise and her release the prize she had been working so diligently for began to spew from the end of Naruto's dick. The Hyuuga quickly moved in swallowing the load causing Tayuya to say, "Hey bitch that was fucking…"

The rest of her sentence was swallowed as Hinata grabbed her by the back of the head pulling her into a kiss, sharing the cum she had taken into her mouth. Tayuya was surprised, but didn't pull back as she felt the Hyuuga's tongue begin to wrestle with hers passing the still warm load between them. Tayuya figured Naruto must have been watching them kiss as she felt the softening dick she still held onto suddenly begin to grow stiff again.

Ending the kiss Tayuya looked back to see Naruto with a huge smile on his face. Commenting on it she said, "You fucking perv. You must really enjoy seeing two girls kiss. Don't you?"

"Almost as much as it appeared you enjoyed kissing her," Naruto said cheekily causing Tayuya to blush. "Morning Hinata."

"Good-morning Naruto," Hinata replied, "It seems Tayuya has agreed to help you. I brought her some clothes."


"Oh I know how you can really thank me," Hinata said pulling her pants down.

"Hey, I'm not done here," Tayuya said stroking him and maneuvered him towards her entrance.

"Don't worry," Hinata said working her way towards Naruto's face, straddling it, "I'm sure Naruto can think of some way to please me." He apparently had an idea or two as he buried his face between her legs and reached his hands up to cup and play with her breasts.

Tayuya meanwhile had planted her feet on either side of Naruto and was using her legs to raise and lower herself on his dick. She found the situation rather surreal as she watched the back of the Hyuuga's head shake back and forth as she moaned her appreciation for Naruto's efforts. She also found that the Hyuuga's moans added to her own stimulation as she began to pinch one of her nipples.

She closed her eyes after giving it a particularly hard pinch and felt the bed shift when she opened them again she found Hinata had spun to face her. Hinata quickly latched onto her other nipple rolling it with her tongue causing Tayuya to moan and place her hand into Hinata's hair pulling her closer. "Oh fuck me," Tayuya groaned, "this is fucking crazy."

"What's crazy about it," Hinata said pulling her mouth away from Tayuya's tit, "Didn't Naruto tell you about his other lovers… yes right there Naruto. Just sit back and enjoy." Hinata finished her sentence with a kiss and Tayuya decided to take the advice. She had just closed her eyes to bask in the sensation when she was suddenly pushed onto her back and found herself feeling suddenly empty as Naruto had pulled out of her.

"Hey what the fuck," she said opening them to see Hinata on all fours above her with her pubic mound pressed against hers.

Kneeling behind Hinata was Naruto who began rubbing the tip of his cock along both girls' slits. Both girls shivered and Tayuya moaned as Naruto entered back into her. As Naruto pistoned into her, Tayuya felt Hinata's thighs pushing her own legs back as well as the delicious way her nipples rubbed against the Hyuuga's still clothed chest. But just as she was really getting to her limit Naruto suddenly removed himself from her. She didn't have to wonder where he went long as suddenly Hinata arched her back more giving off a throaty moan as Naruto began to pound her. Just as she was about to complain about the lack of attention Naruto reached down and began to finger her opening. Although, she would have preferred his meat stick she found that it was better than nothing and it prevented her from cooling down too much.

Closing her eyes to enjoy the sensations she was experiencing Tayuya heard Hinata whimper and a moment later Naruto removed his fingers to replace it with his cock. "Ah fuck," she moaned as he buried himself in her before moving at the pace he had set before switching to Hinata. As Tayuya approached her release, Naruto suddenly switched again. Moaning at the loss, she decided to make it so that Hinata would cum so that he would finish inside her so began unzipping the Hyuuga's jacket. Naruto saw what she was doing so pulled the panting girl up towards his chest making it easy for Tayuya to remove the jacket. He then pulled Hinata's shirt over her head exposing her chest for the red-head to explore.

Tayuya at first simply groped them rather clumsily, not sure what to do, but then simply began to do the things that had worked for her in her limited self explorations. Hinata quickly responded and when Naruto let go of her she fell forward her arms holding herself above the red-head. As Hinata's tits dangled in front of her, Tayuya sucked one of her nipples into her mouth.

She also reached between the madly moaning Hyuuga's legs to begin rubbing her clit. "N- no… cumming," Hinata screamed rather loudly.

"Good," Tayuya said pushing the girl to the side as she collapsed. Wrapping her legs around Naruto's waist she pulled him forward. Pulling his face close to hers she kissed him hard and said, "Now stop fucking around and make me cum motherfucker."

"Your wish is my command," Naruto said sliding back into her velvet vice, where he proceeded to pound her into the mattress.

"Yes…that's it," Tayuya began yelling, "fuck me you bastard."

As Tayuya began to repeat her favorite word over and over again as she approached her much needed release. When Naruto buried his staff into her and flooded her channel with his own release she tensed around him and screamed, "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk."

As the pair slowly caught their breath with Hinata beginning to show signs of life again they heard a calm voice say, "You don't say."

Tayuya instantly reacted, trying to get into a defensive stance but found it difficult considering the sweating blond on top of her. She relaxed slightly when Naruto did move he did so calmly sitting back and made no effort to cover himself. Sitting in a brown leather chair was a beautiful blonde about their age, but who carried herself as someone far older. Standing behind her was Ino, who appeared about dead on her feet due to her lack of sleep.

The sitting woman whose head was resting on her fist and whose legs were crossed as she looked on at the recovering threesome said, "I was under the impression that you would be waiting a while before seducing Tayuya."

Shrugging Naruto said, "It just sort of happened."

Having experienced some of the greatest pleasure she had ever known Tayuya said, "Not that it's any of your fucking business."

The blonde lifted an eyebrow and Tayuya noticed Ino cringe. "Come here," the Blonde woman said with an air of authority that had Tayuya following her command without thinking. When Tayuya leaned in close enough, the blonde brought her other hand up and looked like she was about to flick her on the forehead.

Luckily for the still nude red-head she wasn't sent through Naruto's window because the jinchuriki guessing what was about to happen moved quickly grabbing Tsunade's hand saying, "I don't think sending her back to the hospital is really the best thing to do after making it look like she died, Tsunade."

"Fine," Tsunade said her voice making it clear she disagreed. "But in the future you should lock your door, as you don't want the wrong person like say Sakura barging into your apartment, especially if you're going to make so much noise."

Smirking, the Naruto replied, "Yeah, like a locked door is going to really slow her down if she's determined to enter.

Tsunade shrugged saying, "Still the last thing you need is for the wrong person to come barging in at the wrong moment."

Tayuya found the scene rather surreal as she was still standing in the room nude with a still partially blissed out Hyuuga. And upon finally recognizing that Naruto had called the woman Tsunade said, "Your Tsunade of the Sannin. Wow, Orochimaru said you were vain but to henge yourself to look like some eighteen year old…"

She trailed off as the woman's honey brown eyes narrowed dangerously, but she addressed Naruto as she said, "You better make her keep her mouth shut or the only thing that's going to be false on her death certificate is the time."

Naruto chuckled nervously hoping that Tayuya would get the hint and apparently she did as she sat on the bed. Sitting next to the red-head who rested her head on his shoulder Naruto asked, "I take it you have something that we all need to discuss since you brought Ino with."

Tsunade nodded, but noticing the black mark on Tayuya's neck said, "We'll get to that. What's that on her neck has the curse mark returned?"

"No," Naruto replied, "Kyuubi made it to let me keep track of her as she moves outside the village. She also claims with some training I'll be able to teleport to wherever she is."

Tsunade's eyes went wide as she asked, "She believes she can teach you the Hiraishin?"

"Yeah, also I would like to place it on you three as well," Naruto said.

Hinata joining the conversation draped herself over his back saying, "I'd gladly wear your mark Naruto."

"Me too," Ino said tiredly, "but I think I'd like to put mine someplace more private."

"That would probably be for the best," Naruto agreed before directing his attention towards Tsunade.

Tsunade smiled and nodded before asking, "Will it allow us to sense where you are?"

"I didn't ask, but why?"

"That way if Akatsuki does manage to grab you we'll be able to find you," Tsunade said her voice and face giving away how worried she was at the prospect of that happening. He could see a similar look of worry on Ino's face as well and he assumed one was on Hinata's.

Tayuya lifted her head off of Naruto's shoulder to say, "Who the fuck is that and why would they want him?"

Tsunade focused her attention onto Tayuya to say, "Orochimaru never spoke of them? He used to be a member and Kabuto used to be a spy for them."

"Ha, tell me another," Tayuya said referring to Kabuto, "That ass-licker would never turn against Orochimaru…" She stopped for a moment before saying, "although when he first joined up he was rather different."

"Really," Tsunade said leaning forward, "How so?"

"Well, at first he was sort of different, more about proving himself to be super efficient for Orochimaru, but he didn't really seem to have any pride in it and he seemed a little to… I don't know... detached from what he accomplished to be putting in that much effort," Tayuya said as she recalled memories of a young Kabuto. "Orochimaru always sort of smiled at him whenever he would show off. Like he was aware of some great joke, then one day he called Kabuto to his lab and his personality did a complete one eighty. He still wanted to prove himself, but he seemed way more devoted and whenever Orochimaru praised him you could tell that Kabuto took it to heart."

"I take it this was about ten years ago," Tsunade said making it sound like a fact.

"Yeah, but how could you know that?"

"I became curious about the little pest after he proved to be such a strong opponent back… well back when I was feeling sorry for myself. He graduated from the academy at age ten after being adopted by one of our medics. When he was thirteen his original team was found butchered, considering what we've recently learned I believe it was done by Sasori," Tsunade said.

"Why," Ino asked having seen how despondent Sakura had become due to the failure of the mission in which the spectacled spy had played a huge part.

"Because when Orochimaru was in Akatsuki, he was partnered with Sasori," Tsunade replied. "I have little doubt that at some point Sasori learned Orochimaru intended to cause trouble for the Leaf so chose an agent that would prove tempting for him. A son of a high ranking official in the Konoha medical program was truly about as great a choice as possible. Even if he turned up a year later such as Kabuto did. His father's station all but guaranteed that his whereabouts wouldn't be looked into as deeply as they should have been."

"But if he was turned by Sasori why would he work for Orochimaru?" Naruto asked confused.

"Well, I believe that the change in personality that Tayuya noticed is the reason," Tsunade said. "Think back to your last mission. Remember the Suna councilor that posed as Itachi?" Receiving a nod from her young lover she said, "Well up until just before Gaara's capture, he was one of Suna's most dedicated shinobi for stopping Akatsuki. Sasori must have had some jutsu for controlling or at the very least implanting whole personalities into his spies."

Changing the subject Tsunade said, "In any case, Tayuya we'll fill you in on them later. Now Naruto did you use the Temptation's Touch on Tayuya."

"No, I told you it just sort of happened," Naruto said, "Why?"

"Hinata," Tsunade said ignoring his question for the moment.

The nude Hyuuga straightened against Naruto's back a little as the Hokage called her name saying, "Yes Milady."

"I told you that you can call me Tsunade when it's just us. But regardless, activate your Byakugan and tell me what you see of Tayuya's chakra."

Doing as commanded, she noticed that much like them Tayuya's chakra was green, except hers was a darker almost forest green while the other three women were lighter being lime like in comparison. After reporting what she saw Tsunade said, "Keep it going for the moment. I suspected as much"

Naruto confused asked, "What's going on?"

"When you used the Temptation's Touch on us, you injected your chakra into ours," Tsunade explained. "That led me to believe that the jutsu besides increasing our arousal changed our own chakra to make us have to obey your commands."

"But I didn't use it on Tayuya," Naruto said quickly sounding defensive.

"I believe you," Tsunade said reassuringly, "However a change to her chakra network has still occurred. I now believe that the Temptation's Touch is just that, it tempts the woman it targets into sleeping with the user. If I'm right, I believe should a woman manage to refuse to sleep with the user her chakra will return to normal in a few days. Yet, if she does succumb and sleep with the jutsu caster then the changes become permanent or in Tayuya's case no initial stage where she can refuse."

Naruto seemed to digest that before saying, "Why wasn't any of this in the scroll?"

"That's because I believe Kanji gave you just enough information to make you dangerous," Tsunade answered.

"Dangerous," Naruto said a frown appearing on his lips.

Tayuya glared at Tsunade surprising her but she carried on saying, "I didn't mean it like you would hurt people, but that he gave you enough information to let you get into trouble or worse lead you down a dark path."

"What do you mean?"

"Well for instance, the first stage had you learn how to channel and in a sense tune your chakra just right, correct," Tsunade asked and waited until Naruto nodded before continuing, "It then gave you the technique it called the Temptation's Touch, before giving you tips in how to use it. Yet, it was that tuning of your chakra that was the most important as your chakra is still tuned like that. Therefore, during sex regardless of whether you meant to or not, you binded Tayuya to you since there is some chakra exchanged during the act."

"Wait, so you're saying that Kanji could have raped that woman he said he seduced and…"

"She would be enthralled to him without ever getting the choice to chose," Tsunade finished. "But we can't be sure that is the case just yet. Unfortunately Hidden Hotsprings Village is rather difficult to get information from. They may no longer view themselves as a shinobi village but those secrets they seduce from their visitors they sell for quite the profit. But that means they keep their own rather well, and it's possible that Kanji only managed to steal an incomplete scroll when he defected."

"We should fucking investigate," Tayuya said forcefully.

"Agreed, but it will be difficult for Konoha to infiltrate the village since Hotsprings has a roster of our active ninja," Tsunade said angrily.

"What! How did they get that?" Naruto exclaimed.

"Our precious Daimyo gave it to them as a show of good faith during a recent negotiation, which means any kunoichi we send, would instantly be spotted and a henge would only get them so far. And naturally sending shinobi is out of the question so for now that's a dead end." Getting back to the point she wanted to make, Tsunade said, "But it may be possible to find out if any woman seduced or taken by this jutsu wants to be there or not."

"How?" Naruto asked.

"Well first let me ask Tayuya a question." Addressing the red-head Tsunade asked, "Why did you sleep with him last night?"

Put on the spot Tayuya blushed, but said, "I don't really know. But he made me feel special and… he could have forced me by making it a part of waking me up. But he said he was going to do it regardless and well one thing led to another and…"

Tsunade smiled before asking, "Do you regret it?"

"No," was Tayuya's quick response.

Naruto was pleased but asked, "But what it I ordered her to say that?"

"A good question," Tsunade admitted but said, "however, my inquires were just to give me some information about her. I believe the real proof is in the fact that her chakra is a darker green then our own." Naruto as well as Hinata and Ino looked at her wishing she would get to the point so she continued, "You used some decent shinobi tactics to get close to Ino, Hinata, and myself in order to use the Temptation's Touch and although you gave us each the choice to back off. I believe that in a sense each of us has doubts about just how we feel now. Tayuya on the other hand doesn't."

Hinata took affront to that, since Tsunade was implying that in a sense the red-head's feeling were purer then her own saying, "That not true. I loved Naruto since the academy and…"

"And," Tsunade said cutting her off, "lacked the spine to make your feelings known." Seeing the hurt in Hinata's face she said, "I'm sorry, but we need to be honest here Hinata. Besides the doubts might not stem from your feeling for him, but for why you were even chosen."

Deciding to give her own example of why she believed her chakra wasn't as dark as Tayuya's she said, "I harbored feelings for Naruto long before now. In fact I was ashamed of them, I felt like a dirty old woman who was robbing a cradle. However, I couldn't help them because Naruto has so many of the qualities I would want in a lover." She could see Naruto was shocked by what she said and when he was about to reassure her that he didn't feel that way she held up a hand to stop him. Collecting her thoughts she said, "My doubts stem from the simple fact that if he hadn't been given this jutsu. I don't think he would have slept with me. And truthfully I fear he only did so because of my position."

"But I do care for you Tsunade," Naruto said.

"I know Naruto, but would we be here now if you hadn't been given that jutsu. Let's face facts; we've all been changed by it besides the obvious of being bonded to you."

"What do you mean?" Ino asked no longer feeling tired.

Smiling she answered, "Take Hinata, Naruto, and Tayuya for example. All of them are sitting around naked like it's the most natural thing in the world. Yet, Hinata wore an oversized jacket and baggy clothes to hide her body from everyone. Tayuya has never met any of us before yesterday and yet she isn't bothered by her own lack of clothing. Not to mention much like you and I, Ino they appeared to have no problem sleeping with Naruto at the same time. Not to mention all of our seemingly being okay with the idea of Naruto taking on more lovers."

"So you are saying everything you feel for me is fake then," Naruto said hurt.

"No, Naruto," Tsunade said her tone carrying a hint of admonishment, "I'm simply saying that at the moment Tayuya is more sure about her role in your life then us. But in time our doubts will disappear and let me prove it. My original point was the color of our chakra holds the hint of how we feel towards the person we are bonded too. Now Hinata watch carefully. Naruto, I want you to order me to do something you know will make me embarrassed or upset even angry. Understand?"

He didn't really but said, "Okay, I want you to henge yourself into what you used to truly look like." As soon as he said it, Naruto knew he had picked the perfect thing. Regardless of whether it was her now or not, Tsunade truly hated her old appearance. Therefore she tried to resist, but found it impossible when he repeated the command.

Finally as her hands began to move to in front of her she begged, "Please Naruto that's enough." But he kept his face impassive having guessed at her point. When Tsunade came to believe he was truly going to make her do it a look of betrayal appeared on her face. It lasted right up until her hands formed the sign to henge herself and Naruto told her to stop.

Tsunade didn't blow up like he expected instead calming since in a sense her results would probably have been tainted had Naruto not convinced her that he was going to make her do it. Directing her gaze to Hinata she asked, "Well?"

"Your chakra darkened."

"Ha, guess you were wrong," Ino said not sure why she was so affronted that someone that knew Naruto for such a short period of time was in some way closer to him.

"No Ino," Hinata said, "It didn't turn a darker green, but almost black."

"I understand," Naruto said feeling a slight bit of relief at the revelation. "Black is a negative emotion and green is positive."

"I would say green is more of a positive neutral," Tsunade said admitting her feelings on the matter. "In a sense you have to think about it like a real relationship Naruto. Treat your women right, and their feelings for you will grow and reflect that. But the opposite will also ring true."

Naruto nodded saying, "I promise I'll always do right by all of you."

Smiling Tsunade said, "You know a real man always keeps his promises."

Returning it Naruto said, "I said it and I never go back on my word."

"Good," Tsunade said, "Ino you're free to leave to get some sleep. Hinata after the two of you clean up, I want you to take Tayuya to Training Ground S. It has special privacy barriers. There I want you to evaluate her skills."

"Hey I don't need an evaluation," Tayuya complained.

"I believe you do," Tsunade said, "If you are going to be operating alone you are going to need more than a handful of genjutsu and a flute. Also, I want a list of any of Orochimaru's kunoichi who may make a valuable target."

"Afraid there's only one I can think of," Tayuya said forced to concede that Tsunade had a point.

"Okay well I'll give you a book where you can record the information and will also contain bio's on some of the kunoichi that we do know about." Tsunade noticed that Ino had left the apartment so said, "Now why don't you two jump into the shower as Naruto has someplace to be."

"I do?" he asked confused.

Tsunade nodded before uncrossing her legs showing that beneath her skirt she wasn't wearing panties. Reaching between her legs she spread her lips for him to see that they were quite wet from her witnessing his earlier actions as well as a result of his nakedness. Giving a lecherous smile he said, "How can I say no to such a warm invitation?"

"You don't," Tsunade replied leaning back into the chair as Naruto took his place between her legs. Tayuya shook her head as the Sannin began moaning as Naruto began moving within her. Wondering what other surprises her life had in store for her she made her way to the shower figuring the sooner she got her evaluation out of the way, the sooner it would be that it was her he was plowing.


Naruto rubbed along his neck where Tsunade's hickey was. It was located near his collarbone so his jacket collar covered it up. He smiled as he remembered Hinata and Tayuya leaving his bathroom to find Tsunade riding him with her lips pressed to the spot. After they had left she had let go of it and when he asked her what she was doing she had told him that if she was going to be wearing his mark then he was going to be wearing hers.

He didn't mind and if anything it put his mind at ease about learning that the girls were suffering from doubts about their current situation. He just hoped the rest of them didn't decide to mark him similarly as depending on how many he actually charmed he may run out of real estate.

Arriving at the training field he found the barrier in place so announced himself. A moment later it disappeared and reappeared after he entered. As soon as it was back in place Tayuya and Hinata appeared since the barrier prevented people from seeing in. Hinata reported that Tayuya's taijutsu and ninjutsu were rather weak. Deciding to help her with taijutsu first he created a clone, but when Tayuya scoffed saying she'd handle it easily. He simply smirked and created a few hundred more. Leaving the red-head to face the small army he had made he pulled into himself to begin his training with Kyuubi.

He found the seal world still appeared to look like his apartment. Kyuubi was sitting in his chair and upon seeing him, blushed probably still thinking of his last visit. Standing she asked, "Ready to begin?"

Upon his nodding she said, "Good. Now tell me, what do you remember about my placing the mark on Tayuya?"

"Well…" Naruto said thinking a moment, "First my name appeared and then…"

"Okay stop. That is the mark. The fox is simply decoration to cover it," Kyuubi explained. She could see Naruto was confused so explained, "Have you ever noticed that when you summon, that lines appear on the ground?" When Naruto nodded she said, "That's because summoning is a form of Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu."

"Sealing arts," Naruto said his confusing growing.

"Yes," Kyuubi said, "You said your name appeared on Tayuya first, but in truth the seal simply appears in the form of your name."

Creating a replica of Tayuya in Naruto's mind, Kyuubi began to replay the seal appearing again. Watching his name appear, he noticed that it did so piecemeal with the black marks actually being smaller writing. Turning towards Kyuubi who was watching him, he asked, "So what you are telling me those little marks are what makes the mark actually work?"

"They are the formula by which the mark will work," Kyuubi said, "Please lift your shirt."

Naruto hesitated wondering for a moment if it was a way for Kyuubi to analyze his seal. She picked up on that and with a sigh said, "Never mind." With a wave of her hand the mark of Naruto's name appeared on the wall except it was blown up so that he could see all the little symbols that made it up. "Fuuinjutsu is probably the most powerful of all jutsu as it literally can allow you to do anything. However, the trick is coming up with the formula." Moving towards the wall she indicated the portion that made up the NA of his name and said, "This is where I set the ability for you to locate and track your women."

"Can they use it to find me," Naruto asked remembering Tsunade's question.

"No," Kyuubi said, "Or perhaps it best to say, not yet." Waving her hand several symbols appeared as other disappeared. "There now it works both ways. Next, this section is the Hiraishin portion of the mark. Here I can alter the color that people will see upon you using it or even if there is a flash or not."

"What's it set to now?"

"Red," Kyuubi answered, "But if that color…"

"Its fine," Naruto said and smiled seeing Kyuubi's pleased grin, "I was merely curious. But why would it matter or be something people bothered with anyway."

"Well, think about when you summon a toad. That cloud of smoke that accompanies summoning is set up in the formula. But it isn't there just for looks and serves a strategic purpose. When you summon a creature it has no idea what it's being summoned into. It uses the time the smoke buys it to get a feel of the situation. Whether or not a battle is taking place, does it need to attack or defend, but all of that smoke comes down to a simple line within all those marks that appear when you summon. Now we'll begin to learn how to best utilize the mark…"


Sakura frowned as she saw Naruto approaching Ichiraku with Hinata and Ino. They were all talking with Naruto explaining something in the animated way that he usually used when he was describing a new jutsu. She supposed that made sense since he had secluded himself at one of the five private training grounds that came with barriers. However it made her wonder why if he wanted privacy so much was he telling Ino and Hinata what he was up to?

"Hey Naruto," she said trying not to sound bitter about his avoiding her recently. However she supposed it was fair to say he wasn't avoiding her, just that he wasn't going out of his way to see her.

"Hello Sakura," he replied politely if somewhat distantly, "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you," she thought but said, "I was just in the mood for some ramen, I guess."

"Well you came to the right place," was his reply as he raised the flap of the stand for Ino and Hinata. He followed them in leaving Sakura outside who quickly followed. She frowned when she noticed that both Ino and Hinata had taken the spots on either side of her teammate.

Sitting next to Ino, Sakura noticed that Ayame was talking to the blonde boy she believed was the Ramen stand girl's boyfriend. She noticed that Ino was staring at the pair rather hard and seemed to be analyzing something. She ignored Ino in favor of starting a conversation with her teammate saying, "What have you been up too lately Naruto?"

"Just more training Sakura," Naruto replied, "How about you?"

Ino listened with half an ear as Sakura began talking about what she had been doing at the hospital. "Forehead, you're so jealous it isn't even funny," Ino thought having picked up all of Sakura's little tells about just how upset she was about Naruto paying more attention to Hinata and her.

Her conveniently being at the stand just further proved it to the blonde kunoichi. Especially since Ino had noticed that Sakura had left footprints in the dust on the road in front of the stand that suggested she had been there for a while. But her friend coming to terms with the fact that Naruto may be more important to her then she thought wasn't what interested her at the moment.

No that was Ayame. The young waitress had come over to take their orders, but was now talking to her boyfriend again. But the small glances she sent their way, or more precisely Naruto's told Ino the real story. In the past three days since Naruto had begun training in how to apply and use his new mark they had eaten lunch at the ramen stand every day. Ayame had introduced her boyfriend whose name was Toshio. Ino being the gossip that she was had believed she had heard of him from somewhere.

Ayame's boyfriend looked at her and licked his lips slightly like he was thinking of approaching her, away from Ayame naturally. Ino had been doing a little digging into the boy after meeting him and had been right, she had heard of him. But he was nothing like the man he was pretending to be right now, which was namely Naruto. As Toshio was a well known player, and was often called the Virgin Killer in some circles.

If Ino had to guess, Toshio had set his sights on Ayame believing her to be another virgin that he could seduce into bed. "He isn't even really blonde," Ino thought angrily having heard from some of the girls he had deflowered in the past. She glared at him in such a way that he looked away quickly causing her to smile slightly. She also believed she knew why he was acting like Naruto and that was because Ayame had a thing for everyone's favorite jinchuriki. Toshio was hoping to use that as the wedge to pry Ayame's legs open.

In the past three days Ino had become more and more convinced her theory was accurate. It was easy to see that Ayame was smitten with Naruto as whenever he entered the stand she would give him most of her attention. The only reason she wasn't doing so now was partly due to Toshio, but she believed Hinata and her were also playing a part since they had become semi-permanent eating partners with Naruto. But it still didn't stop Ayame from dropping whatever she was doing, including listening to her boyfriend if Naruto asked her for anything. Something Ino knew was really pissing Toshio off.

Naruto asked for another bowl of ramen and the waitress quickly moved away from her boyfriend who was in mid-sentence to fulfill his request. It was at that moment that Ino decided she was going to help give the ramen girl exactly what she wanted, a night with Naruto.


Hinata was lost in thought as Ino and she had left the ramen stand. Hinata took a small amount of pleasure in seeing Naruto ignore Sakura or at the least keep her at arm's length. She figured it was due to some of the resentment that all throughout the Academy she had wished to be the medic and that she enjoyed the fact that in a sense now she was as Naruto devoted his time towards her leaving Sakura out in the cold.

When Sakura had asked to accompany him back to the training ground and he refused, it had been hard not to let the smile reach her face. Apparently she didn't need to smile though as Ino said, "You can try not to let it make you happy he's ignoring Sakura."

"I know," Hinata admitted, "but she does deserve it somewhat."

"Then don't I?"

"It's different with you," Hinata admitted, "but I would probably say yes if he had devoted as much time to trying to be with you as he has her."

"I guess I can understand that a little," Ino admitted, "I imagine it must be hard to not be a little bitter at watching someone spurn something you wished for yourself. Still, she is beginning to recognize just how important he is to her." Taking a stab in the dark about why it really bothered Hinata she said, "Don't tell me Sakura is a reason for your doubts that Tsunade was talking about."

"No…" Hinata replied after a moment, "Is she yours?"

Ino laughed a little before saying, "Hinata we should both be thanking our lucky stars forehead's skull is so thick."


"Because if Sakura had returned his feelings or at least acknowledged her own,then there is no way Naruto would have opened that scroll and we would not be enjoying the benefits of it," Ino answered linking her arm with Hinata's.

"Then what is your doubt and how do you plan to overcome it?" the Hyuuga asked hoping Ino would share and maybe the Yamanaka's answer could help her with her own.

"Mine's simple," Ino said, "I went from being all about Sasuke to not even carrying if he came back. I guess my doubt is whether or not what I'm experiencing with Naruto is real or simply a girl whose first love who spurned and is simply reacting to anyone who shows her a little affection. The only way I can answer that is by seeing how things turn out so I'm not stressing over it."

Hinata frowned since she was still bothered by Tayuya's feelings for Naruto being somehow more open and honest. But she didn't feel like talking about it further so asked upon noticing that Ino missed her turn to return to her family's flowershop , "Was there something else you wanted to talk about?"

"I need your help with something," Ino said still walking arm in arm with Hinata.

"If I can help I will," Hinata said curious.

"I want to get Naruto into Ayame's pants," Ino said giggling a little at the surprised face Hinata made.

"But she's seeing someone," Hinata said, "Naruto says he doesn't want to break up people."

"I know," Ino said but countered, "But, didn't her boyfriend remind you of anyone?"

"He acted a little like Naruto," Hinata admitted.

"And did you notice how even with her boyfriend there Ayame would drop everything as soon as Naruto asked her for something. Plus, Ayame's boyfriend isn't even a natural blonde. I think he's putting on an act to get into Ayame's panties himself."

"But if Ayame likes Naruto why would she date him?"

Smiling at the Hyuuga, Ino answered, "That's easy to answer. She was closest to Naruto for the longest of all us girls, so if anyone knew of his massive crush on Sakura it was Ayame. She probably convinced herself that Naruto would never see her as anything but the girl that brings his ramen. That Toshio bastard probably picked up on that and is trying to supply her with the next best thing. It would be kind of sweet if he wasn't the love them and leave them type."

Hinata nodded and asked, "I take it you have a plan?"

"Yeah, it's rather simple too. A bastard like Toshio is doing this for his own ego, therefore he probably brags a lot. All we have to do is find out where he does his bragging and make it so Ayame hears how he really feels. Then add one part Naruto to ease her broken heart and…"

"He makes it so Ayame has trouble even remembering the bastard's name," Hinata said giggling slightly herself as Ino made a surprised face at her finishing the sentence.


It took Hinata thirty minutes to locate Toshio and much as Ino suspected he was nothing like Naruto when away from Ayame. He was sitting in a bar with his friends making obscene jokes at Ayame's expense and as he talked about how it was only a matter of time before she spread her legs for his act. Hinata was tempted to go inside in order to pound him and his bastard friends senseless. However she decided to take pleasure in the idea that if everything went as Ino planned then he had simply gotten Ayame ready to be taken by the real Naruto.

Ino had returned to Ichiraku and was pleased to find it deserted except for her target who was chopping vegetables. Watching the stand from an alley it wasn't easy to get a line of sight with Ayame without entering but when she finally did she made a handsign and smiled.


Ayame was surprised it was so dead, but secretly enjoyed the quiet. Although she wished that her favorite customer would return. It made her rather sad that they hadn't been able to really talk since he came back. It also made her jealous that he was always with either, Hinata, Sakura, or Ino, as none of them had been there when he was alone before and during the academy. If there was a regret in the young waitress's life it was that instead of cheering Naruto on in his pursuit of Sakura she should had told him to forget her for someone a little closer.

But she was trying to not so much move on, as accept that as far as Naruto was concerned she was just plain old Ayame. Thinking of Toshio she tried to smile, but couldn't as she found it rather pathetic that instead of going for the real thing she was settling for an imitation. At times she felt sorry for him, since he probably had no idea that as far as she was concerned he was Naruto Light. He gave the appearance of the real thing but didn't have what it was that made Naruto special.

In mid-chop she was suddenly overtaken by a desire or feeling that she needed to be somewhere else. Placing the knife down, she locked up shop and followed the sensation to a bar. Entering she saw Toshiro acting like a rowdy hooligan instead of the kind but energetic boy he had pretended to be.

But it was what he said as he slammed down a shot with his friends that hurt the most. "Man I'm telling you, pretending to act like that doofus is the key to getting her to hand over her virginity."

One of his friends said, "I don't know. You've been at it for two months. Usually by now you would have sealed the deal by now."

"It's because that bastard came back," Toshio said, "If he had stayed away a little longer she'd be riding the T-express right now…Ayame."

Dropping his shot glass he tried to get back into character but she turned on her heel breaking into a run as soon as she cleared the door. Returning to her family's shop she made her way to the back where she broke down and cried. "Stupid," she admonished herself, "You should have known even imitation Naruto wouldn't feel anything for you."


Naruto left the training ground as the sun set after kissing Tayuya good-bye. The red-head would have to sneak back to his apartment. He had promised that he would bring her something to eat and then had to further promise that it wouldn't be ramen. But while he did agree he hadn't said anything about himself so was going to stop at his favorite restaurant.

But upon approaching it he frowned as there was no light coming from inside even though the front gate was still open. He lifted the flap hoping nothing was the matter and was slightly relieved that the place appeared as organized as it always was. He was about to call out to see if anyone was there when he heard some sobbing. Making his way to the back, he saw Ayame with her head down at a table crying.

Filled with worry for one of his important people he asked, "Is everything alright Ayame?"

She stiffened when he called her name, and quickly spun towards her feet trying to straighten her appearance. Putting on a face that she used to greet customers she said, "Oh I'm fine Naruto you don't need to worry."

Not buying her act he said, "Yes I do. Please tell me what's wrong, you're important to me."

Ayame's eyes widened, but before she could say anything a voice cut in saying, "Ayame baby, I'm sorry please let me explain."

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he asked, "Is he the reason you were crying?"

"I'll handle it Naruto," Ayame said quickly moving towards the front.

When Toshio saw her appear from the back he said, "Look Ayame, I know I was acting like an ass back there, but my friends were giving me a hard time so I started shooting off at the mouth."

"Really," Ayame said disbelievingly, "The way I heard it. It was you that had some sort of master plan to trick me into giving you my virginity."

"Look baby it was just me talking out of ass."

He tried to get close to her but she stepped back saying, "You should leave."

Toshio's face darkened as he said, "Oh I'll leave when I'm damn good and ready." He took a step closer towards her and his demeanor seemed to promise violence. Ayame backed up until she reached the doorway to the back and was surprised she couldn't move back anymore. Fearing she had closed the door behind her. She reached back for the knob but felt only empty air.

She then felt strong hands grab her by the arms and the normally warm voice of Naruto, which was currently as cold as steel spoke from behind her. "I believe Ayame told you to leave." Realizing that barrier she was pressed against was Naruto, she felt the fear that had been gripping her heart disappear.

Toshio stared at them moving his eyes from Naruto's angry face to Ayame's relieved one. Addressing Ayame, he said, "Well that didn't take long you little whore did it. Decided to finally act on those feelings you carry for him. Were the two of you fucking in back?"

Naruto felt Ayame stiffen no doubt mortified that her feelings for him were out in the open. Naruto was surprised, but secretly pleased. He gently moved Ayame to the side and said, "What Ayame does is no longer your concern. Now Leave."

Throwing his hands up Toshio said, "Fine I get it. You overpaid messenger boy, no skin off my ass. She's probably a cold fuck anyway. I'll be seeing you Ayame."

Naruto did not like the insult or the implied threat so moving quicker than either civilian could follow smashed Toshio's head into the counter. He held it there as he whispered darkly, "Since I'm a messenger boy listen to this one. You stay away from her. If you see her coming down the street you move to the other side of the village. Because if she even hints to me that your presence on the same continent bothers her, I'll find you and the results will not be pleasant for you. Am I clear?"

"Y-yes," Toshio said fearfully as Naruto's eyes began to turn red and his voice lowered.

"Good," Naruto said picking him up by the hair. Facing him towards Ayame he made the man bow towards her and said, "Now apologize."

"I'm sorry…I'll never bother you again I swear."

Ayame nodded and smiled as Naruto walked him towards the flaps before throwing him bodily out. However she looked away as he turned to face her embarrassed that her feelings were out in the open. But eventually she said, "Thank you Naruto. I'm sorry for troubling you."

"It was no trouble Ayame," Naruto said, "You're very important to me."

"Please forget about what he said though. I know I'll only ever be plain old Ayame to you."

"I never thought of you as plain old Ayame," Naruto said moving right in front of her, "But I know how I would like to think of you…" When Ayame's hopeful eyes met his, he said, "I would like to think of you as My Ayame."

Naruto then slowly leaned in to taste of her lips. Ayame stiffened at first, but quickly gave into her feelings. A moment later they were making out hotly, without thinking Naruto's hand moved to her breast and she gave an appreciative moan. However, instead of encouraging him to go further, it acted as a bucket of cold water. He pulled back and Ayame immediately asked what was wrong.

Thinking that Ayame didn't deserve to have her virginity taken in the back of her stand, as he also had come to realize that he had been rather lazy with his other girls as well. They deserved to be pampered and to enjoy a real relationship so he said assuringly, "Nothing is wrong, but I want to take you on a real date before we get too carried away. I'll pick you up here tomorrow after you close."

"But I'll want to go home and…"

"Don't worry about it Ayame," he said sweetly before kissing her. "I promise it will be a night to remember."


Ayame had watched the clock all day, and much like a watched pot never boiled, the hands never seemed to move closer to closing time. But despite how she felt, time did inevitably march forward. She had been a little disappointed when Naruto didn't show for lunch, but figured he was waiting to see her for their date. She was just glad her dad was out of town and in Suna setting up a new stand, as she knew that if everything went well that she'd be staying out very late. Despite her being nineteen her dad still tended to worry. But to be honest his instincts were good as he had never liked Toshio.

Thinking of Toshio made her remember how Naruto had not only manhandled him, but sounded so possessive of her. She still got a little wet at the memory and later had been glad when Naruto had stopped the night before as otherwise probably would have gladly been taken on the ramen shop floor.

Deciding to close up early she began to pull the metal gate down to cover the front of the store when she felt a pair of strong arms gently embrace her from behind. She instinctively knew that it was Naruto and leaned into him shivering a little as he whispered, "My, someone must be eager to start our date," he then placed a kiss gently on her neck.

"Mm-hmm," she moaned appreciatively. "Let me just lock the gate, and we can go."

Naruto let her go and she quickly pulled the gate down locking it before turning towards him. She was a little disappointed that he hadn't dressed up, but considering she was still dressed in her waitress uniform supposed she shouldn't be surprised.

"Where are we going?" she asked linking her arm in his.

"It's a surprise."

"Please don't let it be too fancy as I'm still dressed for work," Ayame said a little self-conscious.

"Oh, does the Golden Pagoda sound too fancy?"

"Naruto," she exclaimed, "that's one of the most difficult restaurants to get into and most expensive. I'm not dressed for that, I'd need to bathe not to mention I don't want to put you in the poorhouse."

"Relax Ayame," Naruto said calmly, "I've taken care of everything. I just want you to have a good time."

Deciding to take his words to heart she leaned into him, resting her head against his shoulder as they walked. They eventually stopped in front of a bathing house where each of them washed off in separate area's before meeting out front again. Naruto then led her to a clothing shop known for its expensive brands.

Taking a seat Naruto told her to pick out what she wanted. He smiled when she passed the dress he knew she really wanted for something far cheaper. After she tried it on she came out and asked, "How do I look?"

"Beautiful but the dress isn't quite you," Naruto answered. "How about something else?"

Her eyes drifted to the shimmering white dress that she really wanted but she moved past it to grab something else causing him to say, "I don't think that one will be much of an improvement."

As she moved her hand over another she got the same response, after the third time she said, "Naruto, why don't you just tell me the one you want me to get."

"That would be the one you want yourself," he replied with a smile and nodded his head toward the white one.

"I couldn't," she said, "it's so expensive…"

"Shh," he said, having gotten up to retrieve it and place it in her hands, "I told you I want you to have a good time. Besides, if it's the money you're worried about. Let's just say that Pervy Sage is paying me back with interest and should be far more responsible with his checkbook."

Ayame grinned and nodded rushing to the booth to change into the dress. When she came out she saw Naruto dressed in a white suit that matched. "You look stunning," he said as she moved towards him.

Blushing at the compliment she said, "So do you. But when…?"

"Shadow clones," he said and left it at that, "Now I believe we have dinner reservations." He held out his arm for her which she eagerly took and headed towards the restaurant.


Ino and Hinata watched as Naruto led Ayame away. Tsunade upon finding out about their meddling in Ayame's relationship had been pleased and wanted them to observe them. They were all convinced that soon Ayame would be joining their group as it were and Tsunade wanted Hinata to observe what exactly happened when Naruto's chakra entered a new girl.

Watching as Naruto pampered Ayame the two kunoichi felt a little jealous but it was eased by the knowledge that he had promised to treat them all equal so they could each expect a date as well. They waited patiently as the pair ate and it appeared that Naruto was leading Ayame home when she stopped."


"What's wrong," Naruto asked turning to Ayame her stopping having caught him by surprise.

"I…I don't want to go home," Ayame said, "Can we stay out a little longer?"

"Would you like to go to a bar, or…?" he said leaving it hanging between them.

"Or," Ayame repeated not sure what Naruto meant.

Getting closer he whispered in her ear, "Or we could get a room together."

He pulled back to gaze into her eyes and she simply nodded. Placing his arm around her he led her to a hotel and asked for their best suite. He thought he recognized the girl at the counter as one of the girls that had used to bully Sakura and had failed to become a shinobi. She may have recognized him as well as her eyes widened when she gazed at the brunette beauty hanging onto his arm.

After getting the Kage suite he led Ayame to the elevator sending one last look at the purple-haired girl whose name tag read, "Ami." For a moment he wondered if he should seduce her as it would probably be nice to have a place to take his more influence visitors and dignitaries besides his tiny one room apartment. However he decided to think about it later as he felt thinking about another woman at the moment did a disservice to Ayame.

Arriving at the suite the pair were blown away at how opulent the room was. Ayame moved to the center feeling nervous but they melted as Naruto wrapped his strong arms around her from behind. "Well what should we do," he asked placing kisses along her shoulder and neck.

Ayame turned in his arms saying, "I'm sure we'll come up with something," before kissing him hotly. As his tongue battled hers in a wild dance he moved his hands to her shoulders to remove the straps of her dress.

Ayame sudden felt nervous again as she was afraid her body wouldn't measure up to the kunoichi he knew so broke the kiss saying, "I would like to shower first." She smiled thankfully when he nodded, and quickly left the room.

Naruto was slightly relieved as she left as well. He hadn't been able to resist taking her in his arms and had almost broken promise to tell Ayame the truth about what she was getting into before they got to far ahead of themselves. Taking off the jacket of his suit he draped it over a chair and unfastened several of his shirt's buttons before moving towards a couch and sitting on the edge of it. Again, he felt a sense of nerves that since he didn't know how Ayame would react to his being involved with other women with more on the way. Especially since he hadn't used the Temptation's Touch on her and while it would undoubted make things easier since his chakra alone could now bind a woman to him felt with Ayame at least he needed to take the high road.

His nerves grew worse when he heard the water of the shower turn off and heard Ayame approaching the central room. He swallowed hard as she appeared in nothing but a towel with another wrapped around her head drying her long brown hair. "Ayame," he said sounding nervous, "I need to tell you something."

Worry appeared on Ayame's face as she said, "You don't care for me and you're only doing this to make me feel better?"

"What no," Naruto quickly said, "It's nothing like that." Seeing her relax, he began to explain, "I'm…well the thing is…I'm kind of different then how you probably remember me."

"No you're not, you're still as kind and sweet as I recall. Just maybe a little more dashing and handsome."

He smiled gently saying, "Thanks, but I am. You may have noticed I've been spending time with Ino and Hinata now?" Ayame nodded, so he continued, "You see while I was away I was given a scroll and…" Naruto explained everything that he had done up till now and that she would in fact be the fifth girl he slept with as well as everything that would happen should they continue. "And that's basically everything."

Ayame stood there stunned, but finally said, "You didn't use that jutsu on me did you?"

"No," Naruto said, "that's why I had to tell you before…if we went any further."

Ayame looked away before saying, "Do you think of them as yours?"

"What do you mean?"

"As your Hinata, Ino, Tayuya, and Tsunade," Ayame asked. "Does that mean you care for them like you said you care for me?"

"I do," he admitted.

Reaching up to the top of the towel wrapped around her Ayame said, "Then I still want to be your Ayame," she then pulled it loose allowing it to fall to the floor. Naruto stood advancing on her before sealing his lips to hers. The kiss only ended when he picked her up into his arms and carried her to the suite's bedroom.

Laying her down on the bed he stepped back and began to take his shirt the rest of the way off. He took the time to admire her body in a way he hadn't when the towel fell away. He smiled at the sight of her covering her breasts and keeping her legs closed even as she eyed him hungrily as more of his chiseled frame appeared before her eyes. Once free of the shirt, he knelt on the bed before laying next and over her his face just above hers. Lowering his head to partake of her lips again he said, "My Ayame," before placing his lips to hers. As they kissed Ayame eventually moved her hands from her breasts finding other uses for them such as running through his hair or along his back. When that happened, he reached up cupping one of them causing her to moan into his mouth. Rolling a nipple between his fingers he broke the kiss to take the other into his mouth causing the waitress to arch her back up towards him.

"Oh yes, I've wanted this for so long," she moaned enjoying what Naruto was doing to her.

Pulling away from her breast he said, "We've only just begun," and moved back up to kiss her again while his hand traveled south over her stomach and small strip of pubic hair before stopping at the junction between her legs. Although she held her legs closed Naruto managed to get his hand between them to find her quite wet, he then slipped a finger inside of her gently moving it within her causing Ayame to groan appreciatively.

As she began to relax as a result of his ministrations he felt her spread her legs a little. Adding another finger he broke the kiss with her again moving back down her body leaving feather light kisses as he went. When he placed one just above the patch of hair above her pubic region she snapped out of her daze and tried to close her legs again.

However, Naruto was already between them and with a small admonishment said, "There's no need for that Ayame. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. It's beautiful."

Ayame was about to complain at the way he stared at her pussy but couldn't as she arched her back again as he clamped his mouth to her nether lips. "Ohhhhh…" she moaned as he replaced his fingers with his tongue. She reached down planting her hand in his hair and her feet on his shoulders as she found that much to her pleasure he ate pussy with the same gusto that he used for ramen.

Therefore it wasn't long before she found herself tensing and raising her hips off the bed as she pushed her mound harder into his mouth as she exploded. Naruto drank the sweet release of Ayame as she came hard. He looked up from her just satisfied pussy to see Ayame staring down at him with hooded eyes and felt her legs spread wider apart. Holding her hands up like a toddler wanting to be picked up she said, "I want you Naruto. I want to become one with you."

Naruto knelt on the bed between her spread thighs. He released his cock from the pants he wore before chucking them and his boxers to the side. He rubbed his aching cock up and down her slit coating it in her juices before preparing to enter her. Pushing in slowly he only fed in about an inch before coming into contact with her barrier.

Glad he had taken it slow as he had forgotten that unlike Ino and Hinata who had lost their maidenhoods to their professions, there was a good chance that Ayame's would be intact. Looking into her face he could tell she felt the pressure he was exerting against it. As gently as he could he said, "This is probably going to hurt."

"I know," she said trying to relax, "But it would be worth any amount of pain to be with you."

Leaning forward he kissed her and as she kissed him back plunged passed her hymen. She tensed and screamed into his mouth. Naruto began to kiss along her face and neck giving Ayame the chance to grow accustomed to the feeling of him as well as to allow the pain to diminish. Eventually she cupped his face saying, "I'm ready."

Naruto began to move inside of her slowly and languidly, but Ayame soon wanted more and when she began to try raise her hips to meet his in a hurried tempo he began to increase his own pace as well. "More Naruto," Ayame pleaded.

Instead if responding to her request he rolled them over so that she was on top and stopped moving completely. She stared down at him with a pout he found adorable, but she eventually began to raise and lower herself over his tool. Soon she was riding him at a brisk pace when she suddenly tensed as she experienced her second orgasm of the night. Her tightening grip around his cock almost sent him over the edge but he managed to restrain himself.

Ayame collapsed forward breathing hard against his chest, but upon realizing that Naruto had yet to cum began to once more move her hips. As she did that she also began to run her tongue over his nipple moving back and forth between them. Responding in kind Naruto began raising his hips to meet Ayame causing her to lift her head away to shout out, "Yes Naruto pound me. Oh…Oh I'm going to cum again. Please cum with me."

Naruto sat up and began to aid Ayame as she rose and fell on his staff in order to comply with her request. As he felt his own orgasm approaching he said, "I ready Ayame. I'm going to fill you up and make you mine forever."

"Yes," Ayame shouted holding on tight to her lover, "I'm yours Naruto, forever."

'I'm cumming," he shouted.

Feeling his release Ayame threw her head back experiencing her third orgasm of the night and shouted, "I love you."

After their respective releases, they sat in the middle of the bed and the lovers stared into each other's eyes before kissing gently. It wasn't long before things heated up again and they were at it again.


Meanwhile on a roof across from them Hinata and Ino observed the room, although only Hinata had been able to see what had happened. "They finished," she said and to the blonde she sounded depressed about something.

"Did her chakra change?" Ino asked.

"Yes," Hinata answered, "It's red."

"Red, what does red mean?"

"Love," was Hinata's sad reply as she wondered what it was that Ayame felt that she apparently lacked as the two kissed before starting back up again.

*Chapter 6*: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Target Yuugao

Ayame was standing beneath the warm spray of the shower humming contently to herself. Having dreamed of a night like the previous one for years, she was pleased to find that the reality had completely blown them out of the water. It was quite early and even though all she wanted to do was curl up next to her lover and sleep. She was forced out of bed by the realities of running a small restaurant, as the early morning hours were essential to making it through the day, especially with a customer with such a voracious appetite as Naruto.

She smiled as she thought of what she had learned that morning namely that having a shinobi for a lover meant getting out of bed without waking him was difficult. When she had attempted to get out of the bed he had hugged her close telling her to stay with him. Although so very tempted to do so, she had told him that she couldn't. When he had pouted at her, she had laughed and after kissing him multiple times had told him that she needed to go in order to prepare for his eventual arrival at the stand. Naruto accepted the reality of having a lover with a civilian job, and therefore stricter hours by which she needed to get things done so had let her out of the bed.

Ayame turned the water off and after drying herself off stepped out of the bathroom to see Naruto sleeping again. She couldn't help the little 'aw' that escaped her lips as he snored gently as he looked too adorable to her. Gently folding her dress, she placed it into a bag and dressed in her waitress uniform before leaving the room. Exiting the hotel, she was surprised to find a beautiful blonde woman waiting out front who said, "Was he everything you dreamed he would be?"

Not sure who it was confronting her Ayame said, "Sorry, you must have me mistaken with someone else."

"Oh I don't think so Ayame," the blonde said.

"Who are you?"

"Picture me older with two-pigtails running down my back," the blonde said.

Doing as instructed she suddenly pictured the Hokage standing before her. "I'm sorry La…" she tried to say but found Tsunade's hand clamped over her mouth.

"Please don't cause a fuss," Tsunade said quietly glad it was so early, "When I look like this I'm free to move about as I please. Don't ruin it."

Ayame nodded and after Tsunade removed her hand she asked, "So what should I call you?"

"Tsunade is fine," she replied but when Ayame arched an eyebrow she added, "Tsunade is the fourth most common name for girls in Konoha. Just don't make a fuss and people won't put two and two together."

"Okay. Um… may I ask what it is you want?"

"Well judging by the early hour, I suspect Naruto didn't have time to tell you more than the basics of what you have become a part of," Tsunade said.

Ayame nodded saying, "Do you mind if we talk on our way to Ichiraku?" Tsunade didn't, so the two women began making their way to the stand. "He told me about how this all started and what he plans to accomplish," Ayame said, wishing there was something she could contribute besides making ramen.

"Well there are quite a few little details he's left out," Tsunade said. But before filling the waitress in on the rest asked, "By the way, I know things probably sort of just happened, but are you taking any contraceptives?"

Tsunade didn't need the waitress to say anything as her eyes suddenly grew wide causing the older woman to laugh gently. "I can't believe I didn't think of that," she said beginning to worry considering the number of times Naruto had cum inside her.

"Relax," Tsunade said, "I can use the after morning jutsu once we get to the shop. Also, simply see me once a month and I can use a jutsu to prevent pregnancy. After we get you a little practice you'll be able to do it yourself."

"Why would I need to do that?" Ayame asked confused.

"Because I'm going to have to teach you how to cast a genjutsu," Tsunade answered. "You see one of the things Naruto failed to mention is that once he sleeps with someone he changes their chakra network. In most villages this wouldn't be a problem; however in Konoha it can be downright dangerous. Luckily the Byakugan can't see through the genjutsu that I used to hide my age. Now we'll use it to make our chakra networks appear normal."

"But…I'm not a shinobi," Ayame said feeling a little anxious.

"That doesn't matter; this jutsu uses almost no chakra and is relatively simple. I can even cast it on you until you learn it, but should you ever be in a situation where it is dispelled somehow, I'll want you able to reapply it yourself."

"O-okay," Ayame said relieved.

She blushed as Tsunade added, "Besides, learning to use chakra a little will help you in the long run especially after Naruto learns to apply his mark to his women." Ayame looked at her with questioning eyes so the Hokage began to fill the young woman in on all the details that Naruto hadn't gone into.


Ino was whistling behind the counter of her family's shop contently. Naruto had taken her on a date the night before. They had gone to a rather nice restaurant nothing as fancy as the Golden Pagoda, but she hadn't minded sure that once he began taking missions again she'd get her shot to go. But what had made her truly happy that morning was something that Hinata had confirmed. Her chakra was now the same forest green as Tayuya's.

It hadn't been the date that was behind the change but something that Naruto had said during it. Ino took a moment to shake her head with a smile as she couldn't believe that Naruto was still finding ways to surprise her. During the date, which had happened the day after his night with Ayame, Ino had said, "Oh, by the way you'll never guess what color Ayame's chakra turned."

Before she could tell him he quickly said, "I don't want to know."

That had pulled her up short so she asked, "Why not, it's not bad?"

"I didn't think it would be," Naruto had replied before taking her hand from across the table, "But I don't want to know because it may affect how I treat you guys." He must have been able to tell what she was going to ask next because he answered her unasked question, "What I mean is…I guess I've had it too easy. I mean I tricked you into sleeping with me…," when she was about to say she didn't mind he stopped her to continue, "And I'm glad that except for some doubts, you and the others are happy. But I didn't even bother to consider there may have been some. I guess what I'm trying to say is that using the information the color of your chakra gives me would seem to make things a little too simple, and these relationships should be anything but simple."

"Yeah, but you will be balancing quite a few Naruto," Ino said.

He had smiled and said, "I know, but I want to be able to tell when something is bothering you, just because I know and care for you. Not because someone needed to tell me your chakra shifted colors."

Ino had literally felt her doubts melt away then. Her relationship with him may be miles away from normal, but it was one as far as Naruto was concerned and he was going to work at it. She might not have been able to say she loved Naruto as she had so often claimed to love Sasuke, but she was beginning to doubt she had ever truly loved the Uchiha. As he had never made her heart beat the way Naruto had.

Looking at the clock she cursed yelling at her mom that she was leaving, since Naruto had mastered applying the seal and was going to place it on her and the others.


Tsunade was standing in a clearing in Training Ground S. The privacy barriers were up so she was free to drop her henge for the special training her and the others girls were currently engaged in. Once she had arrived she found Naruto in the process of applying his mark to Hinata and Ino.

The Hyuuga had decided to have hers placed on her right hip confident that except for certain dresses where the slash raised that high it would remain unseen. Ino had opted to have hers placed on her buttock. Tsunade had considered having hers placed on her breast but felt that might be a tad tacky so instead decided to have it placed on her inner thigh where only Naruto would see it.

Tsunade had thought that would be the extent of it but Naruto had surprised them by saying he could now transport to wherever they were. When Tsunade had asked how he learned to so fast, Naruto had answered saying that when he was in the seal time moved as fast or as slow as Kyuubi wanted. He had told them that although he had been training in the real world for a week it had been over a month in the seal.

Therefore Tsunade had wanted to test his ability, especially since with a minor tweak Naruto would be capable of Hiraishin using Kunai or by simply placing the appropriate seal to anything. However somewhere along the way the training had turned into a game of strip tag with whoever Naruto managed to touch whenever he appeared near them being forced to discard an item of clothing. Thus far she was the only one full dressed, as despite Naruto going after her several times she had managed to deflect or stop him from laying his hands on her.

Although after she had come across both Ino and Hinata after they had lost all their clothes and seeing the slightly dazed looks not to mention the cum leaking from their freshly fucked pussies wasn't sure she wanted to win the game. But while she waited for Naruto to appear she began to think about other matters.

Chief among them was her desire to tell Naruto about his father and mother. If anything becoming a part of his Harem taught her that the boy knew how to keep a secret. Not to mention since she was involved with him now, she admitted to feeling guilty about keeping it a secret. But she would wait to talk to Jiraiya since he was Naruto's godfather and as a result the final say rested with him. But if she didn't like his reasoning or timetable she vowed to go around him regardless.

Doing a quick search of her surroundings, she then thought about what she had in store for the blond man in the coming week. Kakashi was due out of the Hospital in the next two weeks. That meant that in the meantime, Naruto would be free for a little special training she wanted him to participate in. Namely seducing a woman that he had almost no prior contact with and in a combat situation, therefore Naruto had all of the next week to attempt to seduce Yuugao Uzuki. She figured it was a win-win for the blond although he didn't know about it yet. Even if he failed, provided he didn't screw up too badly, he would at the very least get some taijutsu training in.

Tsunade heard a shout of, "Fucking shit," and smiled guessing that meant Tayuya was out of the game since the last time she had seen the red-head she had been wearing only a pair of panties. Guessing that Naruto was going to give her the same treatment as the others, she got herself comfortable by leaning against a tree figuring it would be a while. Thinking of Tayuya, she had a plan for her as well, namely in training her in how best to help Naruto.

Tsunade knew that Naruto had picked the girl as an agent to learn about women that he didn't know about from outside of Konoha. But Tsunade's bingo book eliminated a good portion of the need to search for suitable women. But if anything it made Tayuya's job more important which was to help Naruto best approach what she thought of as a cold targets. While she felt that given time Naruto could thaw even the most cold-hearted of women. In certain situations he wouldn't have the time to work on his timetable, such as approaching a target in the middle of her home village. It would be Tayuya's job to make that cold approach as trouble free as possible.

Her job would be to find out everything there was about a target such as what they ate, drank, hobbies, and if possible sexual desires. Basically to arm Naruto with all the knowledge he would need to make him irresistible. For Tayuya's training she considered using Yuugao too, but had decided against it wanting Naruto to figure the Anbu head out on his own. Luckily for her, the girl she decided to point the red-head at literally dropped the mission request in her lap that morning.

Hearing a shouted moan of, "Oh Fucking Shit!" Tsunade figured that Naruto had finished with Tayuya and would be coming for her in earnest now. No sooner had she pushed off from the tree then a red flash appeared from her left. Grabbing the outstretched hand she kicked out catching her lover in the midsection sending him into a tree.

"Hey, be gentle. I bruise easily," Naruto said rubbing his stomach.

"I was being gentle, you'll know when I stop," Tsunade said with a smile.

"Aw come on Tsunade, I know you want to get the same reward I gave Ino, Hinata, and Tayuya," he said giving a cheeky smile.

"Try to be serious Naruto, this is training after all and you're still a long way away from being able to tag me," Tsunade said trying to sound business like.

Naruto chuckled saying, "Don't forget what happened the last time you underestimated me," before holding up the necklace she had lost to him.

Licking her lips she said, "Prove me wrong then."

"Gladly," he said disappearing in a red flash.

He reappeared moments later but she gave him a similar response except this time when her kick connected Naruto burst into a cloud of smoke

"A shadow clone," she thought worriedly. She had just begun to think about the ramifications of what the attack meant when suddenly five Naruto's appeared in red flashes. She managed to deflect all of them dispelling three but the other two disappeared. A moment later ten more appeared; she fought most of them off again, but was glomped from behind by Naruto who grabbed her breasts giving them a squeeze.

"Got you," he whispered into her ear as she moaned at his touch.

"You did," she admitted, but she heard a bell going off signaling the end of the session so added, "But too late to get me out of the rest of my clothes." Pulling out of his grasp she said, "Let's go meet up with the others."

Walking hand in hand with her lover to where they had agreed to meet, Tsunade smiled seeing the other girls in the process of pulling their clothes back on. Commenting she said, "Well looks like I win."

Tayuya leaned towards her fellow naked kunoichi saying, "She's the only one that he didn't fuck and she thinks she won."

The other two girls giggled at her comment till Tsunade said, "You know something Tayuya you're right."

"I am," Tayuya said surprised.

"Absolutely," Tsunade said an amused grin appearing on her face, "As a winner I should get a reward. Therefore, for the next week I'll be the only one sleeping with Naruto."

"What that's bullshit!"

"Hey we didn't agree to that."

"B-but I was supposed to have my date with Naruto tonight."

To the first two girls she simply pointed to herself and said, "Hokage makes the rules." But to the third said, "You're right Hinata so you're exempt tonight."

Hinata nodded relieved, but then sent a dark look Tayuya's way. Who noticed that it was mirrored by Ino, so she chuckled nervously, "Heh, heh"

Amused Tsunade said, "Tayuya, I'll speak with you later. There is some special training I want you to partake in." The red-headed nodded so Tsunade turned her attention to Naruto saying, "Naruto until you can use this jutsu effectively in combat which means against me.
I'm banning you from using it except to help one of us or emergencies."


"Trust me," Tsunade said cutting him off, "If word spreads that the Hiraishin is back in play, peace is going to be difficult to achieve. Since Iwa will undoubtedly attack, especially if they learn it hasn't been fully mastered yet." Naruto grumbled under his breath, but Tsunade knew the best way to cheer him up was to get him focused on a new challenge so said, "Naruto, next week you'll be training with Yuugao Uzuki."

"The head Anbu lady?"

"That's right, she'll be training you in taijutsu and combat tactics," Tsunade said.

"Am I to try and seduce her as well?" Naruto asked having a good idea of the answer.

"That's right," Tsunade replied, "It'll be good practice for dealing with a woman you don't necessarily know."

"Yeah, but she'd be just as vulnerable to the Temptation's Touch wouldn't she?"

"Don't bet on it," Tsunade said, "That's the other reason I want you to attempt to seduce her during simulated combat. When you went after me it was with my guard down, and the pleasure I felt from the massage helped to cover the fact that chakra was entering my system. However, I would probably have detected it during a combat situation."

"Why's that?"

"Because Naruto much like a genjutsu affects a person's chakra so too does the temptation's touch, and while generally you are using it when a women is not at her most perceptive doing so during a fight when she will be on the lookout for such a thing would be foolish."

"How am I supposed to succeed if you are taking away my best weapon?"

"You'll need to find a way to succeed without it then," Tsunade said without much sympathy. "If you're going to unite the world you can't rely on one technique or tactic."

"I get it," Naruto said, "Got any tips?"

"A few, but I'll keep them to myself for now. I want to see how you do going in cold and without any real insight into her," Tsunade said.

"I'll do my best, but what if I screw up?"

"Luckily for you, she most likely would come to me and we'll deal with it then," Tsunade answered.

"Lady Tsunade, are you in there?"

Tsunade turned towards the barrier surprised to hear her apprentice Sakura calling for her as she had made sure to schedule a shift at the Hospital for the girl while they trained. The reason being to avoid this exact scenario, since she knew it would hurt the future star medic to know she was the only woman Naruto had left out of helping him train, and probably felt she deserved to be there the most all things considered.

Turning to the three Kunoichi she breathed a little easier seeing that Tayuya had already made herself scarce. She was tempted to order Ino and Hinata to follow suit, but seeing the calm way Naruto looked as he stood to move by them figured he would say it wasn't necessary and would most likely spark an argument between them. Even though Sakura wouldn't be able to hear it, since sound only traveled one way through the barrier, she decided it wasn't worth the headache. Besides she figured Sakura had to realize that if she wanted Naruto, she would most likely have to give up on Sasuke.

She made sure her genjutsu was in place making her appear older and then dropped the barrier. As expected Sakura's eyes went wide in surprise before the hurt she felt filled them. Before the girl could ask what they were all up to Tsunade said, "I thought you had hospital hours."

"I...I do," her apprentice replied tearing her eyes away from her teammate who was chatting quietly with Ino and Hinata, "but Shizune was looking for you. Since she was looking for you without much success, I thought I would help while it's my lunch break."

Tsunade smiled since if she knew her first apprentice the woman after not finding her in the hospital was probably searching bars and the limited gambling parlors that Konoha had to offer. "Hey it is lunch time," Naruto suddenly blurted, "I'm going to Ichiraku. See you later Tsunade, Sakura."

Naruto waved to them as he walked away with Ino and Hinata going with him. Ino sent a sad look her friend's way, but didn't say anything.

Tsunade frowned, but had to give Naruto some credit. He left making it clear he didn't want Sakura to follow but did so in a way that it appeared that he simply thought she had been there looking for Tsunade. While she admitted she might be over thinking what she had just witnessed. She suspected she was right, having weaseled the reason Naruto was acting so distant out of Ino.

She forced Sakura's attention onto her saying, "Did Shizune tell you what she wanted with me?" She began walking back to the village taking a separate route as Naruto.

Following the Hokage, Sakura said, "No, just that she ran the test you asked her to. She did mention that your theory was right though."

Tsunade would have smiled at being right if she didn't feel that it also meant she was right about Kanji having been up to no good. "I see, thank you Sakura."

"Do you mind if I ask what this is about?" Sakura asked although she really wanted to know why Naruto had been doing training with Tsunade, Ino, and Hinata but had left her out.

Figuring that it wouldn't hurt Tsunade said, "Recently I got my hands on a scroll and despite it appearing rather old. I believed it to be newer than it appeared. I gave a sample to Shizune to test its age."

"But what does that mean?" Sakura asked not really understanding the importance.

"That's what I would like to know," Tsunade thought to herself wondering just what Kanji had wanted to achieve in giving Naruto the scroll.


Hinata approached Ichiraku the day after her date with Naruto. It had been everything she had ever dreamed a date with him would be. However, unlike Ino her chakra was still the lime-green that signified that she still had doubts. However she had also noticed that it was a lighter green then before almost yellow to which she figured may have reflected the jealousy she was feeling towards the other girls.

She sighed knowing that she would have to tell Tsunade as it was Hinata's job to inform the Hokage about the various changes in their chakra colors. As well as to occasional scan the village in order to make sure that other kunoichi weren't operating there under someone else's influence.

But with her own chakra moving further away from the red that she sought. She had decided to talk to Ayame. Maybe finding out how the waitress viewed her place in Naruto's life would help Hinata come to terms with hers. Entering the stand, she tried to smile as she heard the content humming of Ayame. But found it difficult as she wished she had never learned about the changes in their chakra.

"Hello welcome to Ichiraku," Ayame said with a bright smile welcoming her.

Hinata forced one onto her face, but noticing there were other customers frowned since it meant her questions would have to wait. Ordering a bowl from the menu, she ate slowly hoping no new customers would arrive. After an exceptionally long wait the last customer left leaving Ayame free to chat about more Naruto related topics.

Hinata could see that she was eager to ask about her date with Naruto, but before she could the Hyuuga inquired, "Ayame do mind if I ask you a question."

"Sure Hinata."

"Why don't you have any doubts about Naruto?"

Ayame pulled back not expecting such a question. Tsunade had told her much of what they learned and when she had asked what hers had turned to, was told red as well as what that meant. She hadn't inquired about any of the others but guessed Hinata's wasn't and that it bothered her. Ayame thought for a moment before giving the most honest answer she could come up with, "Because I'm finally where I want to be and I don't really care about what it took to get here."

Surprised at the waitress's answer Hinata asked, "It doesn't bother you that Naruto probably wouldn't have chosen you if he hadn't been given that jutsu."

"No, not really," was Ayame's chipper answer.

Hinata's frown deepened having said something similar to Naruto when he had asked her after they had been together. "What makes it true for her?" Hinata thought and could almost feel the color of her chakra growing more yellow.

Ayame noticed her words had a negative effect on Hinata as the Hyuuga looked down at the bar in thought. Wondering what she could do to help bring the girl out of her funk she said, "You probably don't know this, but Naruto broke my heart." Hinata looked up surprised so Ayame continued her story, "I first met him when I was seven years old. He was about four, and was constantly causing trouble for the people at the orphanage."

"He didn't always live in his apartment?"

"No, he lived in the orphanage until he entered the ninja academy," Ayame answered. Picking up where she left off she said, "He was avoiding the head lady whom he covered in paint. I guess she had been ignoring him for no reason, at least that's what he claims. However, I would tend to believe him because when I found him, he was crying over it. My mother had just died and my dad had to bring me to work since the stand wasn't as prosperous as it is now."

Ayame smiled sadly remembering the day she found Naruto crying behind the stand. "I invited him in and although looking back on it my dad had been nervous he still let me give him a free bowl. As you can imagine from that day on he was our number one customer."

"But how did he break your heart," Hinata asked riveted by what Ayame was telling her having no idea of Naruto's life before the Academy.

"Well two years later he would enter the academy and meet her," Ayame said a little bitterness entering her voice. "Up until then I would see Naruto ever day and he would tell me all that was new with him. I found myself slowly falling in love with him and then…"

"Hey Ayame," Naruto had said as she began to remember the day.

"What is it Naruto," Ayame had replied blushing a little as she brought him his bowl.

"Today was great; I can't wait to become an awesome ninja. But I saw the most beautiful girl in the whole world today. I think I'll ask her out tomorrow."

A nine year old Ayame felt her heart break at the news and despite wanting to say something to the contrary said, "…That's fantastic Naruto. I'm sure she'll say yes."

Focusing on Hinata as the memory faded Ayame said, "Well as I'm sure you know Sakura said no, having already formed her crush on Sasuke. But Naruto being Naruto never once grew discouraged and continued trying to make her notice him, while I just kept cheering him on." Letting the sadness she felt fade Ayame said, "That's why I'm actually happy he found that jutsu. I mean he treats us all equally, as well as with respect and recognizes that we are individual people."

Hinata nodded and although she felt the jealousy that had been welling up inside her fade. Was forced to admit she didn't feel any closer to joining Ayame in the red chakra category. However just before she was about to pay for her meal and leave Ayame said, "I don't think your problem stems from Naruto so much as your place in his desire to unite the villages."

Hinata looked at her in a way that said continue so Ayame said, "I know Naruto picked me for no other reason than he had feelings for me. But for you and the others you actually have ways you can help him achieve his goals. I'm actually a little jealous."

Hinata smiled kindly saying, "I'm sure Naruto considers having a steady supply of ramen as a vital part of anything he hopes to achieve."

Ayame laughed musically saying, "I suppose you're right. But I think your doubts stem from your shyness and if you don't mind my saying lack of assertiveness."

"What do you mean?"

"Well from what I've been told, it's easy to see why he went after Tsunade, besides the fact that he does care for her. Yet from what I understand Ino was chosen as more of a test subject. It just worked out that she would be the future head of the Yamanaka. But you were chosen for your position. That doesn't mean Naruto doesn't care for you, but I imagine if I was in your shoes I would fear disappointing him."

Hinata nodded surprised Ayame had hit the nail on the head. However Ayame delved deeper into what bothered her then even she had saying, "You have a sister correct. I've seen her with your father from time to time."

"Yes…" Hinata answered wondering what Ayame was driving at.

"She hasn't been branded with the Cage Bird seal. Isn't that normal procedure for siblings?"

"I…I'm a disappointment to my father. I suppose that if I had failed to become a shinobi, I would have been branded and Hanabi would already have been named heir."

Ayame nodded saying, "That's where I think your doubts stem from."

"I don't understand, you already said that when you said I fear disappointing Naruto."

"True, but not for the reason you think. I think that if you ended up in the branch family you fear Naruto would simply move on to your sister and seduce her for her position because you failed to achieve it."

Hinata felt almost shocked at Ayame's assumption, but couldn't deny it. Her father had never denied he felt Hanabi was a better choice for the head of the clan. Hinata supposed that considering that almost since Hanabi was old enough to walk she had been the darling of the main house, did feel that it was possible should Hanabi be chosen as heiress that Naruto would seduce her and that Naruto would find Hanabi was a better lover than her as well. It was silly, Hinata supposed on the face of it, but since Hanabi seemed to excel at anything she put her mind too, felt it was a genuine concern.

Paying for her meal Hinata stood saying, "Thank you, Ayame it was most enlightening." Leaving the stand, Hinata wondered if the best way to confront her doubts was to ensure that such a situation never happened in the first place.


Naruto arrived at the training ground promptly not wanting to upset his future sparring partner. He wasn't surprised to see her there waiting for him however. By the looks of things she had been rather early.

"Exactly on time, Mr. Uzumaki," the masked Yuugao said sounding cool and business like. "It appears that at least you haven't inherited Kakashi's perpetual lateness."

"Um, you can call me Naruto," he said nervously rubbing the back of his head.

Yuugao ignored him saying, "However since this is to teach you combat tactics as well as sparring it would have been better had you been here early to scout the area for traps." She then threw a kunai which cut a rope nearby. Naruto went on guard expecting kunai to come flying at him, not for a snare trap to pick him up and suspend him upside down from a tree.

Activating the training field's privacy barrier Yuugao walked up to the upside down Naruto saying, "Has Lord Jiraiya taught you nothing for you to be caught by such an obvious trap?"

Ignoring her question as she had ignored his earlier statement Naruto asked, "Hey is this trap something that they teach you when you make Anbu? Kakashi did the same thing to me during my Genin Exam."

"Then I would think you would have learned something about avoiding it since then," Yuugao replied.

"Why avoid a trap when you can have a Kage Bunshin walk into it?" Naruto replied with a smirk before dispelling into smoke.

Dropping from a tree behind her Naruto said, "Hi, I'm Naruto Uzumaki and you are?"

"Neko," Yuugao replied, "Now if you are done fooling around are you ready."

"Sure…" Naruto started to say but was caught in the chest by two punches before a kick to his stomach caused him to stagger backwards.

He winced as he held his stomach and Yuugao said coldly, "If you are going to say you are ready then be prepared to defend yourself."

"I got it," Naruto said standing straight, "I'm ready." As soon as the words left his mouth she closed with him and true to form he managed to defend himself this time knocking her back. She inclined her head slightly in a small measure of respect before closing with again.


Tayuya lay on her back in Naruto's bed wearing just a pair of panties. She cursed the big titted Hokage that was currently hogging her lover. "I should learn to keep my fucking mouth shut," she thought before reaching over to pick up the bingo book she had been given.

Opening it to the entry of the girl she had been tailing all day she wrote some notes into the blank spot at the bottom of the Suna kunoichi's page. It read "Fan wielding bitch is feeling the negative effects of her position, chiefly men fear approaching her due to her status as sister of Kazekage. Displays a passing interest in fucking pineapple headed asshole, but feelings are not reciprocated. I recommend a good hard fucking."

Chuckling as she finished writing her assessment she was surprised she didn't feel any real animosity towards the Suna Kunoichi. She guessed it was because simply put each of them had done their duty that day. It probably wouldn't have mattered if she did since Naruto would probably soon be tapping her. Strangely she felt herself getting a little aroused at the idea and slipped her hand beneath the waist band of her panties.

As she languidly rubbed herself she began looking through the book she had been given to form a strategy of where she would head. She had offered to go to Sound first but Naruto had quickly rejected that idea. His reason was that he didn't want to put her in any unnecessary danger, and just because Orochimaru had abandoned her didn't mean he had forgotten her.

She pulled her hand from her panties before she got too carried away, since she had vowed to go the whole week without any sort of sexual satisfaction so that when her punishment ended she could experience the mother of all orgasms. She flipped to the Waterfall section of the book finding only a single entry which was a woman named Fuu. She like Naruto was a jinchuriki, but other than that not much of anything was known about her. The picture of the girl showed her to be quite beautiful, but she looked angry and sad. Figuring that to be her first stop once she left the village, since if she was right the girl had been alone all her life and would be an easy target for Naruto.

She decided Kumo would be next on her world tour. Flipping to the first entry she almost skipped it having her fill of big titted blondes. But Samui was apparently a jounin of some renown in the Cloud Village. The picture showed a woman giving an almost frosty disinterested look to the camera. Tayuya figured the woman would be a tough nut to crack but would find a way.

The next entry was of another blonde and this one was also a jinchuriki. However unlike Fuu's this woman's eyes lacked hate in them. Wondering if that meant Yugito had a better upbringing she guessed that this jinchuriki would be quite a bit more difficult to seduce then Fuu as well.

The next woman had dark features with white hair and her name was listed simply as Rio. Her occupation was listed as Raikage's assistant. Figuring her to be a high value target since who knew what information the woman was privy to. Tayuya would make it a priority to find out what stoked her womanly fires.

The last entry was of a woman with a similar skin tone as the Raikage's assistant. However, unlike Rio her eyes were a brilliant gold color and her hair was red. The picture had apparently been taken as she was shouting something at someone off camera. Tayuya wondered if that meant she was some sort of hothead and if she could somehow use it to Naruto's advantage.

Looking at the clock and putting such thoughts on hold since she had another fun filled day of tailing Temari the next day, pulled the bed's covers over her and went to sleep.


Tsunade rubbed her hand over Naruto's chest a little disappointed since he had arrived to her room in no condition for the fun she had planned. "You know your sparring would generally be going better if you didn't let her hit you so much," she said channeling some chakra to her hand to help heal a particularly nasty bruise on his chest.

Naruto chuckled saying, "I'll take your recommendation under advisement."

When the bruise faded Tsunade placed a kiss to the section of his chest before asking, "What about things on the seduction front?"

"I'm sad to report no progress has been made on that front my Hokage," Naruto said sounding like he was giving a real report.

"Well, keep trying my Shinobi," she said lightly in return.

"Seriously Tsunade I don't think I'm going to be able to get through her defenses. She says only enough to get a point across, hell she didn't stick around for the break we took to eat. I think my best bet would be to find her in a bar somewhere and get a few drinks in her before I even tried to seduce her."

"Naruto there is a reason this is the best venue to seduce Yuugao," Tsunade said sadly.

"And that is?"

"Just like me, she knows the pain of losing a lover. However, unlike me, she didn't let her pain get in the way of her duty and instead focused all of her energies into her shinobi career. But she did it at the expense of the woman inside of her."

"I don't understand."

"Basically what I'm saying is that as far as Yuugao is concerned if it isn't directly related to her duties as a shinobi, it doesn't exist. As a result she hasn't had a drink of alcohol, been to a bar, or dated since her lover was murdered three years ago."

"Then how am I supposed to get through to her?" Naruto asked feeling frustrated.

"Remind her that she is a woman," Tsunade said leaning over him, "Trust me, she'll thank you for it."

"But how?"

"That you'll have to figure out," Tsunade replied before gently kissing him and adding, "Oh by the way, you better not come here tomorrow at death's door because ready or not you'll be satisfying my own womanly urges, understand?"

"I'll do my best," Naruto said with a smirk, "but if I can't you have nobody else to blame but yourself."

Tsunade pouted before laying her head on his chest and letting his heartbeat lull her to sleep. Stroking her hair Naruto closed his eyes expecting sleep to take him as well but found himself inside the recreation of his apartment the seal had become.

Sitting on his couch was Kyuubi who was watching the replay of Yuugao kicking his ass that he had suffered through earlier in the day and which was taking place in front of his coffee table, as that half of the apartment looked like the training field he had spent the day at. The fight paused as the doppelganger of him was being tossed over Yuugao's shoulder.

"I think this is my favorite part," Kyuubi said her tone filled with mirth.

Naruto though didn't share her amusement as he remembered how the rest of that particular combination had gone. The replay picked up where it left off and as soon as it did his copy was smashed into the ground. Yuugao held onto the arm she had used to flip him and as he tried to get up wrapped her thighs around his head while holding the arm straight as she attempted to choke him out.

"Are you enjoying watching me get my ass kicked?" Naruto said not finding the scene nearly as amusing.

"A little," Kyuubi answered honestly. "But shouldn't you have felt a little thrill during this part of the fight," she said tilting her head to the purple looking Naruto as his head was trapped between Yuugao's thighs, "After all isn't your head trapped near your ultimate goal."

"I suppose that is one way of looking at it," Naruto replied after laughing a little, "Let's just hope I live to achieve it." Sitting next to her on the couch, Naruto asked, "Any particularly reason that you've been replaying this."

"I have spent the day reviewing all of your conquests up until this point," Kyuubi answered shifting a little closer to her host.

"Really, why?"

"To learn and maybe provide a little insight into this Uzuki. I now believe that I can pinpoint when exactly your charms had won over your other women. I was hoping I could use what I learned to identify if Uzuki was susceptible to them as well," Kyuubi said.

Naruto placed an arm around her as they watched Yuugao kick him away and asked, "Anything?"

"Sadly no," Kyuubi said as she blushed, "If Uzuki has an inner woman screaming for release as the Senju claims she is buried deep."

"Great," Naruto said not looking forward to another day of punishment at the Anbu's hands.

"It isn't that bad," Kyuubi said with a hint of admonishment.

"Apparently you don't feel what I do," Naruto said wincing as he watched the replay of when Yuugao had him pinned to the ground with his arm wretched behind his back.

"Fortunately no," Kyuubi said wincing herself at some of the ways the Anbu was bending Naruto. "But I do think it may be time to unleash a new tool in your arsenal."

"What would that be?" Naruto asked confused not knowing what Kyuubi was driving at.

"Remember when I told you I would modify your pheromones well I'm finished. I figure this is a perfect opportunity to give them a try. They may not make her rip her clothes off in order to have her way with you. But they may at least weaken her resolve enough for you to slip past her defenses."

"Great," Naruto said excited, "So how do I go about releasing them?"

"Simply imagine yourself doing so," Kyuubi said.

"That's it," Naruto asked expecting at least a few hand signs.

"That's it, I wanted to make it as simple as possible considering who I was doing it for," Kyuubi replied.

"Gee thanks," Naruto responded good naturedly to the teasing. "Out of curiosity could you make them strong enough that she would rip her clothes off."

"Possibly, but considering that I originally suggested them for taming Tsume felt that was a bad idea," Kyuubi replied after thinking on the matter for a moment.


"Well since in all likelihood you'll be releasing them in a crowded area," Kyuubi said, "and since you can't target a woman directly with them. I doubt you'd want an orgy to break out every time you go somewhere."

"That might attract the wrong kind of attention," Naruto admitted.

"Plus there is the affect they would have on males around you."

"What, men aren't going to try and rape me now are they," Naruto asked worried.

"No, but they may desire to fight you, especially if you release them around a woman they are interested in," Kyuubi said. Seeing that Naruto was confused she explained, "Do not forget that pheromones are simply a means of attraction. I have simply made it so that women will respond more favorably to yours then most. But men who smell them will see you as a threat to their own desires to mate and will most likely attempt to drive you off. For all your crowing about how civilized you humans have become at your core you are still quite animalistic."

"Well I guess for the trial run it's a good thing it's just me and Yuugao then," Naruto said. Getting up Naruto walked around the couch and placed a kiss on the side of Kyuubi's neck. "Thanks Kyuubi. If I wasn't so sore even in my mindscape I'd give you another reward.

"Goodnight Naruto," Kyuubi said a little disappointed, but seeing a vicious kick that Naruto had received courtesy of the Anbu supposed she could understand.


Yuugao was feeling flustered and she hadn't even reached the training ground yet. It was after a late lunch on the fourth day of her training week with Naruto. "Just a day and a half to go," she thought to herself with a small measure of relief. It wasn't that she disliked Naruto, just the feelings that had begun welling up inside of her.

The first day of training had been almost enjoyable for her, and she had been glad the Hokage had suggested it. However the next morning things had gone downhill quickly. She still had trouble explaining it, but it was almost like his very presence aroused her. As a result, she found herself losing focus quite a bit, especially when he was close to her. But that wasn't what was worse for the Head Anbu. No, that was after the training sessions were over and when she was alone. Where an itch that she hadn't felt in years would beg to be scratched and had become more insistent as the week had progressed. She had almost caved that morning, which was why anyone that had more than a passing experience with her would notice that her hair, normally perfect with every strand knowing its place, had a few frizzes poking out of it.

It had been all she could do not to give in during the training session and to make it to the agreed upon time to eat which was about two hours after noon. When she had dropped the barrier to go eat her simple sandwich in her office where she always took her lunch, late or not, she had been surprised to see a young girl standing there holding a carrier she presumed from the smell was holding ramen. The waitress had bowed to her before running up to Naruto who had smiled upon seeing her.

Yuugao arrived at the training field to find the privacy barrier up. Wondering what Naruto was up too, she dropped it to make her way in. Not finding him training as she had expected. She made her way into the interior of the field carefully, mindful of traps and aware of Naruto's reputation as a prankster. She heard some grunts of exertion and making her way towards the sound found herself speechless as she came across the sight of Naruto screwing the ramen waitress from behind.


Naruto could almost feel Yuugao's gaze on him. He was tempted to look around him for her masked visage but refrained for fear of scaring her off. Focusing on Ayame who was holding onto the tree in front of her as if her life depended on it, he couldn't keep the smile from his face as he leaned down to fondle her breasts which were sticking out of her opened shirt. Ayame moaned appreciatively driving him to begin slamming into her harder.

He was still a little surprised that Ayame had agreed to this when he had approached her the day before about it. But she had quickly agreed and told him she would help him in any way he needed her too. Judging from the way Ayame suddenly began moving back to meet his thrusts Naruto imagined she was beginning to sense the presence of their hidden watcher and that it was exciting her as well. Deciding to give Yuugao a show he reached down to lift Ayame's leg to show off her pussy as he plowed it.

"Naruto," Ayame moaned a mixture between excitement and embarrassment.

Leaning in Naruto whispered into her ear his pace never faltering, "You like it, don't you? Knowing that she might be out there watching me fuck you?"

Ayame didn't really reply with words instead groaning her response, but the way her pussy tightened around his cock gave him all the answer he needed. Deciding to play a little with their audience Naruto said loudly, "Fuck Ayame, your tightening so much around my cock. You're about to cum aren't?"

"Yes…yes Naruto. Your dick just feels so good in my pussy," Ayame responded both surprising and pleasing Naruto. "Please make me cum."

Naruto picked up the pace of his thrusts which began coming so hard and fast that Ayame found herself standing on her toes on her one leg as the other was still being held in the air by Naruto. He pressed himself in her completely pressing against her deepest spot and triggered her orgasm which she announced by arching her head back as she shouted, "Cumming!"

Naruto dropped her leg and grabbed onto her hips as he released his seed into her in several powerful bursts. Some of which began to leak from her pussy almost as soon as he removed his cock from her. Naruto pulled Ayame up to rest against his chest as she was still a little weak kneed from her orgasm. Still slightly dazed she kissed his cheek saying, "I love the feeling of your cum floating around inside me."

Chuckling Naruto said, "But probably not as much as I love putting it inside you."

"Hmm, it's a shame you have to go back to training. Maybe we can convince your training partner to blow off the rest of it."

"We…" Naruto said lightly, "Just how do you imagine we should go about it."

"I could tell her how great your dick feels," Ayame replied with a smirk.

Leaning in to place a kiss against her ear he whispered, "I think you already have My Ayame."

She shivered in his arms before leaving them saying, "But sadly, the rest of the world awaits. I can't leave my shop closed for too long even if now is the slow part of the day. I'll see you later Naruto."

"I'll let you out of the barrier," Naruto said watching as Ayame put her pants back on.


Yuugao had made it back to where she usually met with Naruto after lunch. She tried to not let the satisfied smile he wore get to her but admitted a little of the frustration she still felt from watching him pleasure Ayame reached her voice as she said, "You're late."

"Sorry," Naruto replied leaving it at that not offering an excuse for his tardiness. Yuugao felt her ire raise as the damnable smile grew larger almost like he was aware that she knew why he was late.

"Well don't let it happen again," she said frowning beneath her mask at his reply.

Which was, "Can't promise that will happen." Dropping into his stance he asked, "Are you ready?"

"Yes," Yuugao said but her stance said she was anything but and she soon found herself on her back staring up at Naruto.

With a smirk the blond said, "If you're going to say you are ready then you should be prepared to defend yourself." Blushing beneath her mask that her own words were being used against her, Yuugao stood trying to focus on the man in front of her, while trying not to think of him as such.


The next day came too quickly for Yuugao who had trouble sleeping throughout the night. Her dreams kept showing her the images of Naruto pleasuring Ayame. However, what was worse was that her mind began substituting her for the ramen stand waitress. Therefore she had woken up several times on the verge of an orgasm knowing all she would need to do was break down and touch herself to give her that final push. Only her strong will prevented her from doing so.

Taking an extremely cold shower that morning she made sure that before she left she looked the part that she had presented for the past three years. That being the cool and efficient Anbu Head Captain, even if beneath the surface she felt her body was boiling for release. However she had made it to right in front of the training field where Naruto was waiting when she realized she had forgotten her goddamn mask.

Feeling frustrated that she wouldn't be able to hide beneath its porcelain features she was tempted to go back and get it. The only thing that stopped her was that in an effort to limit her exposure to the blond, she had stopped arriving early and only had a few minutes until she would be late. Cursing mentally, she entered the training field not wanting to hear another of the reprimands she had told Naruto leveled against.

From there the day had gone exactly as she expected with Naruto actual coming out the winner in most of their spars since she found it almost impossible not to imagine him naked. Finally and mercifully it approached two o'clock, but she cursed as she saw Ayame standing there as the barrier dropped. Again she bowed to her before running past to greet her lover.

They didn't even wait until she was out of sight before raising the barrier. Yuugao decided she would inform the Hokage of their relationship and of Naruto's unacceptable use of the training field later. She was about to head back to her office but stopped as she saw an image of the two lovers together floating before her. Cursing she tried to get her rebellious body to start moving and it did but in the direction of the training field.

Opening a small hole in the barrier, she stepped through and quickly made her way to where she had spied on them yesterday. As she moved she made the excuse that it was to reprimand the pair. But couldn't deny the truth that she was moving silently so as not to startle them. Coming up behind Naruto who was sitting on a rock, she almost believed that she had been mistaken about what they were up too. And almost succeeded in convincing herself that what she had saw yesterday was just an illusion her sex-starved mind had conjured up for her.

The reason for that was Naruto was slurping his noodles contently and from her vantage point she could see no sign of Ayame. She was about to head to her office when she heard Naruto say, "Delicious as always Ayame."

The reply was a large slurping sound. Climbing a tree Yuugao looked down to see that as Naruto finished what was in his bowl, that Ayame was kneeling in front of the pantsless boy bobbing her head up and down. When Naruto finished he placed the bowl next to him before gentle maneuvering Ayame on her back where he proceeded to fill her pussy once more with his cock.

As Ayame wrapped her legs around Naruto and began moaning, Yuugao had to stifle a moan of her own. Surprised she looked down to finds her hand rubbing her pussy outside her formfitting pants. Willing her hand away she found that her body was no longer accepting her commands. As instead of moving away, it plunged inside of her waistband and into her panties where it could stimulate her cunt directly.

Yuugao raised her other hand to her mouth to bite on her knuckle to prevent her moans from being heard as she turned to face the couple fucking in front of her. As she slid a finger inside of her pussy lips her mind turned Ayame into her and she couldn't deny that at the moment she truly wished that it was her that Naruto was screwing into the ground.

She picked up the pace of the hand working her as the couple below her neared their finish. Her body tensed as Ayame's moan of, "I'm cumming Naruto. Fill me with your hot cum," reached her. Moments later she was soaking her pants in her release. Pulling her hand free, she stared at her soaked fingers before sticking them into her mouth to lick them clean.

As her mind began to clear she felt a measure of guilt and disappointment in herself at being so weak. She returned to where she would meet Naruto, but her mind still wasn't as clear as she thought. As if it had been, she probably would have noticed the dark stain that covered her crotch as well as a good deal of her inner thighs.

Something that Naruto immediately did when he met her there a few minutes later. As Yuugao was still lost in thought and didn't notice his arrival he came up right behind her saying, "Dropping your guard could get you into trouble."

Yuugao spun but before she could stop herself said, "Maybe you should take your own advice."

Naruto tilted his head a moment before a smile split his face as he replied, "You must be talking about how Ayame and I have been spending our lunches lately. So you were peeking on us."

"No…no I wasn't," Yuugao said backing up as Naruto moved closer to her.

"Really," Naruto said directing his gaze down towards her soaked pants, "Then what do you call that."

Yuugao backed up into a tree before directing her eyes downward to see the dark material where the evidence of her orgasm soaked through. She felt a sense of powerless and longing spring up inside of her as Naruto's scent filled her nostrils as he blocked her and pressed his body to hers. As a result she bought into his words when he said, "It's alright to let go," and pressed his lips to hers.

She kissed him hungrily but pushed him back to ask, "What about Ayame?"

He smiled at her saying, "Do you really think she would have allowed me to have sex with her or been so loud if she didn't consider this a possibility? Isn't that right Ayame?"

"Give it to her good Naruto," Ayame said, "I wish I could stay and watch but I have to reopen the shop."

"I don't understand," Yuugao said feeling lost and confused.

Dropping down her body he hooked his hands into the sides of her pants and began pulling them down as he said, "For right now, you don't need to understand." Once she was free of her pants and panties he took up a kneeling position between her legs putting one of them over his shoulder and said, "Just enjoy."

Enjoy she did as he buried his face into her mound and began eating her out. She came almost immediately, but Naruto simply licked up her cum before going back for more. A second orgasm soon followed the first as he began working two fingers inside of her as he sucked on the hood of her clit. When he worked her little button from beneath its fleshy covering using his tongue and sucked on it directly she covered his fingers in more of her juices.

He pulled them out and was surprised when she pulled his hand up to her mouth to lick them clean. Smiling, as she did so he stood and freed his cock of its confines before positioning it between her legs. "Yuugao if you want to stop, now's the time."

Pulling his fingers from her mouth her eyes clouded with lust and desire she reached for the back of his head to pull him in for a kiss. Tasting her on her lips Naruto decided that was as good an answer as any and slowly began pushing his cock into her.

Once completely inside of her, he just as slowly began to withdraw picking her legs up and holding her against the tree. Leaving the tip in he slammed forward pulling a moaned, "Oh Kami you're so big," from his newest lovers throat. Hearing that urged Naruto to begin moving inside of her setting a slow pace in order to give her time to adjust to his size.

Yuugao was in heaven having almost forgotten what it was like to be with a man. The slow and languid pace that Naruto set at first gave her time to adjust to having a man inside of her, as well as his being the largest. But once she did get used to it said, "Faster…make me feel more."

Naruto immediately complied moving faster as well as delivering harder thrusts that had her seeing stars. Despite experiencing three orgasms in the course of what she guessed to be an hour from his tongue and her fingers she felt her fourth approaching and knew it would put the others to shame. She looked down to where she was connected to the blond and watched as he pistoned in and out of her. She could feel her internal muscles doing everything they could to milk him of his essence and to prevent him from escaping her velvet snatch until they did. However, she did feel a small measure of guilt which is why as she felt him begin to swell within her she said, "Y-you're going to cum aren't you."

"Yeah, I'm close," he replied sweat running down his face, "Are you?"

"Yes…so close,"

"Good I'm going to fill…"

"No, please cum outside," she said since only one man had ever been allowed to cum inside of her.

That caught Naruto by surprise. He knew he really didn't have to, that he could make her want him to cum inside her as he had used the Temptation's Touch on her as he fingered her. Yet when he felt her tighten around him and scream, "Fuck I'm cumming," and despite it being almost painful he pulled out of her allowing her to sink to the ground before coating her face in his own white seed.

Panting, he stared down at the woman who seemed quite unaware of her surroundings. Seeing his cum coating her face was a turn on. But, what almost had him as hard as a rock was that despite her being out of it was that as a small trail of his seed moved towards her lips her tongue darted out to pull it into her mouth.

Ready to put his hard-on to use he asked, "Ready to go again," but sighed as he received no reply. "Guess the rest of training has been canceled," he said as he returned his cock to his pants before cleaning her up using a napkin and canteen to wipe her face. Once he had her pants back in place he picked her up gently before heading to his apartment so that when she woke he could tell her just what she had become a part of.

*Chapter 7*: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Target Temari

Naruto was sitting in his chair as he watched Yuugao sleeping in his bed. It was approaching diner time and despite feeling the urge to take a nap, he refused to get into the bed with the woman. Mainly because he didn't want to assume too much with her after all she could wake up and be quite upset with what had happened. In case that was the scenario Naruto had made sure all her weapons were far from her reach. He was just beginning to doze off when he heard a knocking at his door that startled him, causing him to knock over Yuugao's sword that had been resting against his chair.

He knew it wasn't Tayuya returning from whatever Tsunade had her doing around Konoha since she simply entered through the window. He also figured it couldn't be any of his other lovers as even though he had begun to lock his door he had given them all keys. Deciding to ignore it he heard Sakura say, "Naruto, I know you're in there."

"Damn," he cursed under his breath returning his gaze to Yuugao. Although he had left her dressed in her Anbu clothing minus the armor portions he knew he'd have a hard time explaining why an Anbu was sleeping in his bed.
Moving to his door, he opened it only enough to slip out saying, "Hey… what's up?"

"Why don't you tell me," Sakura responded her voice giving away how upset she was by his disappearance from her life. "You're the one that's been avoiding me."

"No I haven't, I've just been busy," Naruto said, but even he had to admit it was a half truth.

"But not too busy to find Ino and Hinata in order to ask them to train with you," Sakura countered.

"Look Sakura, I ran into them when I was looking for people," Naruto lied as smoothly as possible, "Same with Tsunade, she's the one that told me you had a shift at the hospital."

"Oh… so what are you training in?"

"Can't say," Naruto replied. Sakura narrowed her eyes feeling betrayed as he defensively said, "Hey take it up with Tsunade. She's the one that banned me from using or talking about it. She says it's not ready yet and doesn't want word to spread about it."

Sakura wasn't entirely convinced but since Naruto hadn't sent her packing yet asked, "Do you mind if I come in to visit?"

Feeling panicked Naruto said, "Actually I do." When Sakura's eyes went wide in hurt and tears began to enter them he said, "Sorry, that didn't come out right. It's just the place is a mess. How about we go to Ichiraku for some dinner?" Sakura nodded so Naruto locked his door hoping that Yuugao would keep until he got back.


Yuugao woke up slowly, which for an Anbu in the field could spell death. But for one that had her first sexual experience in over three years was probably to be expected. She knew it hadn't been a dream, despite having yet to take stock of her surrounds, as it was the only way to explain the small aches and pains of muscles used solely during sex. As well as the fact that the her sexual urges that while having bothered her the most during her week of training with Naruto and had been an omnipresent distraction over the three years she had gone without were now gone.

Sitting up in the bed she occupied, she was surprised to find that except for her armor and weapons that she was dressed and about as clean as she could expect all things considering minus a shower. Leaving the bed she wondered where Naruto had gone to, figuring the unfamiliar apartment was his, but as she made her way around the room she began to feel guilty for her actions. It wasn't just a sense of betrayal to her previous lover, but stemmed from a sense of responsibility that she should have maintained control of herself.

She knew what she needed to do, but before that she decided to take a shower. After stripping, she stepped into his shower and was surprised to find that it had a couple of different shampoos used primarily by women. As the water ran over her, she tried to not only understand exactly what had happened, but why Ayame would take part in it. Yet, regardless of that she knew the fault was hers, as she should have been able to resist. She laughed mirthlessly as she should probably consider mentioning him to the head of the intelligence gathering division considering his skill at seducing women.

Well she'd probably bring it up to the Hokage when she met her since if she couldn't count on herself to stay in control didn't deserve to be running Anbu.


Sakura frowned as she watched Ayame and Naruto talk. As Ayame left to see to a new customer Sakura wondered just why things had changed between Naruto and her so much so quickly. Naruto had been gone for three years and when he came back it had almost been like he had never left. But she goes on a mission for a week and when she comes back it was like he was a completely different person. She tried to start a real conversation with Naruto. However, the window of opportunity closed as Ayame quickly saw to the customer before returning to pick up where she had left off with him.

Sakura stared into her ramen and wished there was some way to go back in time to just before she left for the mission to apprehend the spy. For her to go back in time to a point where she still seemed to matter to the blonde.

"Ah, nothing makes your troubles fade away like ramen, right Sakura." Naruto said after consuming a dozen bowls as he and Sakura left the stand.

"Sure Naruto," Sakura said not matching his exuberance.

Picking up on her gloom he said, "What's the matter?"

"You seem pretty close to Ayame all of the sudden," Sakura said having grown rather jealous, although she refused to admit it, of the ramen waitress. "Not to mention Ino and Hinata."

"I've always been close to Ayame," Naruto said calmly but with a hint of finality, "I've just come to really understand how important she is to me. That's all."

Sakura wanted to pry more but Naruto's tone made it clear he didn't want to discuss it with her further. Since Ichiraku turned out to be a bust as far as trying to reestablish what she felt had been their previous level of closeness, Sakura suggested, "Would you like to maybe check out the new Princess Gale movie?"

Surprised at the invite Naruto almost accepted but since he still needed to talk to Yuugao said, "Maybe later Sakura. I had a training exercise with an Anbu today and to be truthful kind of just want to climb into bed."

"Oh sure Naruto," Sakura said sadly, "Would you mi…"

As soon as he heard his name he quickly said, "Alright then Sakura I'll see you at training when Kakashi gets out of the hospital. Take care." He then quickly took off in the direction of his apartment.

"…mind walking me home?" Sakura finished lamely even though she had already lost sight of him.


Naruto quickly returned to his apartment but as soon as he stepped inside could think of only one thing to say, "Oh shit!"


"Carbon dating places the age of the section of paper that we analyzed as somewhere between one to five years old," Tsunade said aloud reading the test report before placing the findings down.

"What does it mean?" Hinata asked having taken up a position as Tsunade's assistant to help ease some of the load on Shizune. She had also done so in hopes that learning more about how politics worked as she hoped it would make her more favorable in her father's eyes to be chosen as heiress.

"It means somebody went through a lot of trouble to make this scroll look older than it really is," Tsunade said sparing a glance at the scroll in question. "But whether or not it was Kanji I can't say."

A knock at the door attracted their attention and Hinata activated the Byakugan before saying, "It's Yuugao."

Surprised Tsunade said, "Let her in." As Hinata opened the door the Hokage said carefully, "Hello Captain is there something the matter."

"I would like to tender my resignation from my position," Yuugao said standing at attention.

"May I inquire as to why?" Tsunade asked feeling a small measure of panic wishing she had taken the time to ask Hinata if Naruto had sealed the deal.

She directed her gaze to Hinata, who looked just as surprised, but upon noticing that Tsunade was staring at her nodded her head. Taking that to mean that Naruto had slept with the woman she said, "Well Captain, I'm waiting for a reason."

"I would rather not say," Yuugao said not exactly embarrassed since Tsunade had long since come to believe that when it came to talking about sex that their inhibitions were far less. Therefore she believed that much like how they were hiding the changes that had happened to them from the rest of Konoha, Yuugao hadn't been brought up to speed and wasn't sure she could talk about it.

Taking a guess and making it sound more like an inquiry in case she had read Hinata wrong Tsunade asked, "Did you do something inappropriate?"

Yuugao sagged a little in defeat saying, "Yes, but I take full responsibility for what happened."

Smirking Tsunade said, "Well that's decent of you but I'm sure Naruto was chiefly responsible."

Yuugao quickly said, "He's still young Milady. I should have…"

"How was he?" Tsunade asked cutting her off and had a hard time not laughing at the surprised face Yuugao made.

Getting over her surprise Yuugao said, "I'm not sure what bearing that has on my request."

"Oh request denied," Tsunade said, "After all if I accepted it, then there would have been no point in having him seduce you in the first place."

"What, you sent him?" Yuugao said her anger rising, "Why?"

"I suggest you remember who you are talking too," Tsunade said her own ire rising at the Anbu's tone.

"I am quite aware of whom I'm talking to," Yuugao said her voice continuing to get higher, "And I think it begs the question what exactly are you playing at if you are sending a boy to sleep with me."

Standing, Tsunade said her own anger ramping up, "Considering that boy probably had you spread leg and moaning for more I think…"

"If I may," Hinata said interrupting the two women. They both glared at her, but she persisted as she said, "Lady Tsunade, perhaps instead of getting angry you should take into account that it sounds like Naruto wasn't able to explain things to her." Tsunade sat down grumbling a little about ungrateful women but calmed. Smiling, Hinata turned her attention to Yuugao saying, "I think you need to understand that posturing doesn't change the fact that as far as to sleeping with Naruto goes. You don't feel as negatively about it as you are trying to sound."

Yuugao surprised said, "How…"

"What color is her chakra Hinata?" Tsunade said getting what the Hyuuga was driving at.

"White," Hinata said. "If I had to guess I imagine she was truly on the fence about what happened."

Tsunade nodded saying to Yuugao, "Where is the little blond fool?"

"I'm not sure," Yuugao said surprised she felt at ease talking about it with her leader, "I woke up in his bed alone."

As if on cue Naruto burst in saying, "Tsunade, I screwed…," but stopped seeing the woman he had been looking for as well as a glaring Hokage. "Um never mind," he said about to turn around and make a break for it. But Hinata closed the door in front of him prompting a whined, "Hinata," to escape from him.

"Naruto sit," Tsunade ordered in such a voice that he immediately did so. Sitting right on the floor, "In a chair," she clarified rubbing her eyebrows.

He moved to one and Tsunade directed Yuugao to another before saying, "Alright, now let's start from the beginning…"


Tayuya was sitting in a café as she observed her target. The red-head was dressed in a sundress with a matching hat. She hated it, feeling way to sissified but was pretty sure that Temari wouldn't make her as the girl she had done her best to kill three years ago. Temari was currently waiting on someone and judging by the way she was getting upset he was probably late.

In the week that she had been following Temari around Konoha she had come to learn one thing. Temari was tired of being alone. But she seemed to have set her sights on probably the worst candidate possible for her. Tayuya had the feeling from the way that Temari was dressed that she was planning to ask the Nara out. Naturally that would present a problem since Tayuya was positive that Naruto wouldn't move on her if the two got involved.

Another half hour later the Nara finally showed up stifling a yawn. Temari's whole disposition changed as he sat down offering some lame excuse. She went from a young woman about to take a chance on love to a Suna Jounin who was in Konoha to discuss details of Suna's hosting the Chunin Exam.

Smiling as she filled in some of her last notes on the girl in a notebook before she would add them to her bingo book she thought, "Sucks to be you, you pineapple headed bastard." Leaving enough money behind to cover her meal she made her way in search of Naruto because her punishment was up and she was going to get fucked.


Yuugao sat at Training Ground S waiting on Naruto. She still didn't know what to think about everything she had learned. After everything had been explained to her, she had promised to keep quiet and had been further surprised to learn that they could make her. They had demonstrated that by having her strip right there in Tsunade's office.

After making their point, Hinata had begun dragging Naruto out of the office mentioning something about her punishment being over. However, before they had made it to the door and still bereft of her own clothes she had made Naruto promise to meet her at the training grounds the next day even though technically it was his day off. She had expected him to put up a fight or even tell her that he didn't need to listen to anything she told him. But he had simply told her, "No problem," before being dragged out the door by Hinata.
Tsunade chuckled as Yuugao had begun to put her clothes back on. Still concerned her Hokage was being controlled she asked, "Lady Tsunade, are you…"

"In control of myself," Tsunade said cutting her off, "Let me ask you this. If he was controlling me don't you think he would have done the same to you before leaving?"

Yuugao had been forced to accept Tsunade's point but then asked, "Why send him after me if he already managed to convince you? You are my superior if you gave me the order I'd follow them."

"True, but for how long," Tsunade said pointedly. As Yuugao finished putting on her armor Tsunade could see that the woman was thinking but really didn't know how to answer so the Hokage said, "What Naruto has planned is going to be dangerous. Not just for us from outside forces, but from those inside our own walls."

"Surely you must be joking…"

"Am I," Tsunade said, "We became the strongest village by establishing favorable trade relations with our allies. However we always came out the big winner in them. In order to help bring about Naruto's goal we may have to forego such practices. While that won't hurt Konoha it will put a dent in several prominent merchant families' profits and as such they will not be happy."

"Still that doesn't explain why me," Yuugao said.

"Eventually they may begin to move against me and if so, they will most likely quickly gain a powerful ally in Danzou," Tsunade said, "That recent debacle with Sai is all the proof I need of that. Even if I can't prove it yet. Having the head of Anbu with us will help stave off any threats to the stability of the village."

"Still that does leave one big question though," Yuugao said preparing to leave the office.

"And that is?"

"Can he actually pull it off," Yuugao said her skepticism bleeding into her voice.

"If anyone can it's him," Tsunade said having no doubt about the truth of what she said.

"How can you be so sure?"

"Well, after learning the truth of what happened between you two, why did you still demand to see him this weekend?" Tsunade asked a smile appearing on her face.

"To take stock of whether he is the man you and the others seem to think he is," Yuugao answered.

Laughing lightly she said, "That's not all I think you'll be taking stock of." Before she had left Tsunade had stopped her saying, "Yuugao take it from someone who knows the pain you've felt. Take this for the golden opportunity that it is, because he'll give you everything that you give him in return and more."

Yuugao hadn't blushed but did have to admit there was something to what Tsunade had said, since she figured under normal circumstances the last thing she'd want to do is spend time with the man that had tricked her. But she did recognize the fact that during their encounter Naruto had respected her wishes that he not cum inside of her. That he would listen to her desire even when he didn't need to was a big positive in his favor as far as she was concerned.

She heard Naruto approaching so put her recollections on hold. "Right on time Naruto," she said standing to face him.

"How can I possible refuse free training?" he said giving his bright smile. Yuugao tried to deny it but she did find it rather dashing.

Shaking her distracting thoughts away she said, "Good, I'm glad to see you are enthused. Now strip."


"You heard me," she said beginning to take her own clothes off.

"Um…wouldn't you rather do this in a bed or a motel," Naruto said nevertheless following suit.

"Considering this is training I feel this is the perfect venue," she said placing the last of her clothes to the side.

Naruto said just as naked, "Um…okay," before approaching her with the intention to hug her close to him. But as he got within reach of her, she grabbed his arm twisting it painfully behind his back. "Ouch…ouch, I can't really say I'm enjoying this," he said as she bent him forward.

"Now if you weren't so busy thinking with your pecker you would have asked just what this training entails," Yuugao said pushing him away from her as she let go.

"Well can you blame me," Naruto said rubbing his abused arm. "What sort of training has us standing buck ass naked in the woods?"

Anbu training she said, "Tell me are you uncomfortable?"

"Well I might be if we hadn't already of…"

"Fair enough, now what if I was a man?"

"Um… we wouldn't be having this conversation naked that's for sure," Naruto replied flippantly.

"Which is exactly my point," Yuugao said, "Our enemies will use such means to try and make us uncomfortable if captured. That is why in order to combat that I routinely have my Anbu spar naked against each other. It's one of the reasons these privacy barriers were created."

"Well I guess making Anbu is off of my list of things to achieve then," Naruto said and despite herself Yuugao did crack a small smile before.

"Please try and take this seriously," she said dropping into a fighting stance. Naruto followed suit and she said, "We'll be grappling so it'll be all in close fighting. No kicks or punches. You'll only be able to win by submission."

Naruto changed his stance to better suit the conditions before nodding aware that Yuugao may attack if he indicated he was ready. As expected as soon as he gave her the sign he was prepared she was charging him. Naruto deflected her first grab attempt but when he went in for one of his own was a little hesitant. Yuugao seized on that hesitance grabbing his arm and tripping him. She then wrenched it behind his back. With him laying face down in the dirt she said, "What's the matter Naruto, first time wrestling with a woman?"

"Well honestly it's the first time where wrestling naked actually meant wrestling," Naruto said in a way that Yuugao could practically see the smile on his face.

Letting him up she said, "Well this time it does. The score is now one nothing. Let's see what you are made of."

Once both of them were set they began again. As the morning went on, Naruto did indeed get over his hesitance and won almost as many as he lost. What was going to be their last match before breaking for lunch, ended with Naruto pinned on his back and with Yuugao using her knees to hold down his shoulders. "Looks like I win Naruto," Yuugao said looking down at the smiling blond trapped between her legs.

"I don't know about that," Naruto said with a cryptic smile, "I think you are forgetting something."

"And what would… mmm" Yuugao started to say but moaned as Naruto gave her exposed snatch a lick. "Hey! This is serious train…ohh."

Pulling away from her lower lips Naruto said, "I am taking this seriously. But let's face facts, if I was fighting an enemy kunoichi in the buff. There are a whole slew of different moves that I would be using." Upon finishing his sentence Naruto went back to munching on her pussy with gusto.

"Wait…oh…wait Naruto let…let me shower first," Yuugao said trying to push his head away but wasn't having much success.

Naruto pulled back long enough to say, "Seems like a waste of time to me since you'll only be getting all sweaty again. Don't tell me the big bad Anbu Head Captain Yuugao is embarrassed. Isn't this training supposed to help alleviate that?"

"Cocky little bastard," she thought before saying, "Fine, have it your way Naruto." Then in an amazing display of flexibly she bent backwards leaving her knees on his shoulders, she arched her back until she came face to face with Naruto's cock. She gave the tip a gentle lick before swallowing his dick while he continued to dine on her nether region. Naruto looked up at Yuugao's toned stomach as she arched backwards to suck him off. Feeling her tongue swirl around his cockhead sent a thrill down his spine. Naruto slid two fingers into her as he munched on her clit causing the Anbu captain to pull away from his dick to moan, "No… no fair."

"Aw, is the Anbu leader accusing me of dirty tactics," Naruto said teasingly. He was about to go back to nibbling on her clit when Yuugao after taking his dick back into her mouth, in a display of grace and strength pulled her lower body from his mouth and deposited it between his spread legs. Looking down at her, Naruto could see her smile around his dick as he said, "Hey I wasn't finished."

"Now who's complaining of dirty tactics," she said amused removing her mouth from his tool but letting it rest against her cheek as she gently stroked him. She was about to take him into her mouth again when Naruto grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her onto her back. Grabbing her ankles and kneeling between her spread legs he began to rub his length along her slit.

"Seems the only way to settle this is to take it to the next level," Naruto said smiling down at her as she shivered with pleasure at his cock knocking at her entrance for permission to enter. He received it in the form of Yuugao reaching down and guiding him into her slippery tunnel.

They both groaned as he bottomed out inside of her. Naruto began working at pleasing her sliding back and forth within her as he held her ankles apart. As he found a steady rhythm he watched as Yuugao began to rub her clit moaning, "It's…it's so good. I've missed this feeling."

"You won't have to miss it anymore," Naruto said picking up his pace to match the speed with which she was rubbing herself.

"Ah…ah Naruto I'm… I'm going to cum," she said panting, "I'm cuMMING!"

Feeling her tighten around him Naruto let himself go as well but pulled out coating her stomach with his cum. Yuugao looked down surprised as she felt his warm seed cover her stomach. She ran her hand through it and looking up at him said, "You came outside."

Rubbing the back of his head Naruto said, "Well yeah, last time you told me too and I didn't think the reason behind it changed. I'd be a real bastard to disregard your wishes."

Yuugao could feel something change inside of her at his words. That he'd remember and respect her wishes even if she hadn't told him this time it was necessary. She began to rub his seed into her skin causing Naruto's erection to return.

Coming to a decision Yuugao got on her knees and looking into his eyes positioned him to enter her once more. As she slid down his cock, she kissed him gently at first before sliding her tongue across his lips. Naruto opened his mouth but before she could dart her tongue inside it was met by his own prompting the two to dance around each other. She began to raise and lower herself on his staff slowly at first but as the kiss heated up her pace increased as well.

Still on edge from her last orgasm it wasn't long before she felt another approaching. Breaking the kiss she whispered into his ear, "Naruto I'm close and this time I want to feel your jizz inside me." Naruto began thrusting inside of her harder as she allowed him to set the pace obviously trying to come with her.

She was nibbling on his ear as he said, "Here it comes."

"Yes…fill me Naruto…fill me completely, make me yours." Leaning back her arms wrapped around his neck she shouted, "FILL ME!"

As her pussy began milking him of his seed, he gave her what she wanted letting his orgasm coat her insides. Yuugao felt a smaller but no less intense orgasm pass through her as a result of the warmth entering her womb. The pair were breathing hard in the aftermath of their session. Eventually Naruto leaned backwards onto the ground taking her with him. She pressed against the side of his chest and heard Tsunade's words of, "He'll give you everything that you give him and more."

He looked at her with a kind smile and said, "I think we'll call that one a tie."

It took her a moment to process what he was talking about, but when she did she laughed long and hard something that if any of the people under her command had heard would have believed they had been placed under a genjutsu.


Tayuya was lounging around Naruto's apartment when the door to it began to unlock. Seeing Tsunade enter she was about to tell her that Naruto wasn't there, but the Hokage beat her to the punch saying, "Ah good I was hoping I'd find you here."

"What's up?" Tayuya said as Tsunade took a seat in Naruto's leather chair.

"Well I feel it's time that we begin putting you to work in the field on a sort of training mission," Tsunade said.

"Isn't that what I've been doing?"

"Only partly," Tsunade said, "You've gathered your intel on Temari and now it's time for you to help Naruto put it to use." Tayuya grimaced causing her to ask, "Is that a problem?"

"With the target maybe," Tayuya replied, "When I saw him after my punishment ended he found out I've been tailing Temari. He seemed uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping with the sister of his friend. He said something about it being against some code or some shit."

"What about the target herself?" Tsunade asked.

"Heh, she'll be easy for him to get on her back," Tayuya said with a tight grin. "She's so desperate for someone to see her as a woman it's not even funny."

"Fine, then I am going to amend your mission. I want you to make it so that Naruto finds it almost impossible to resist taking her."

Tayuya was a bit worried about the backlash she could face from such a mission and said, "What if he gets angry at me for manipulating him?"

"Don't worry, I'll take full responsibility and I'll also assign you some help," Tsunade said standing to leave. "I'll get you some fake I.D's to help you get in and out of Suna. But try and get Naruto to seal the deal before he gets into village."

Coming up with a plan from what she observed of Temari over the week Tayuya said, "Sure no problem. He won't be able to raise too much of a fuss if she's the one begging for it."

"Good, make it happen."


After the weekend session of training with Yuugao, Naruto entered Tsunade's office to find Ino already there and the two appeared to be just finishing a conversation. "What's going on?" he asked smiling at the two women.

"Just going over some last minute details about the mission I'll be sending you on," Tsunade answered sending a sly smile Ino's way, who returned it.

"A mission," Naruto said a little surprised, "with just me and Ino?"

"Not exactly, you'll be escorting someone to Suna," Tsunade informed him but before she could give more details a knock at the door interrupted her. "Come in."

Naruto turned to see Temari enter the room. Upon seeing that she was last to arrive she asked, "I'm not late am I?"

"Not at all," Tsunade said watching Naruto's reaction. But she really hadn't needed to as the blond jinchuriki figuring out what his lover was up to turned to her and mouthed the word no. She kept the frown she felt from her face but said, "Ino, why don't you and Temari go discuss the route you'll be taking to Suna. Naruto and I need to talk about some unrelated matters."

Ino nodded, leading Temari from the room distracting the girl by asking if there were any towns with good shops along the way. As soon as they were gone Naruto said, "No, not Temari."

"Oh and why not," Tsunade asked leaning back into her chair.

"She's Gaara's sister," he said his tone sounding final.

"I see," Tsunade said before saying, "I'm the granddaughter of the First Hokage…"

"I know, but…"

"Hinata's the daughter of Hiashi Hyuuga the head of the Hyuuga clan," Tsunade said interrupting, "Ino's the daughter of the Yamanaka head, and Yuugao is the granddaughter of…"

"What's your point?" Naruto said cutting her off.

"My point is she's the sister of the Kazekage," Tsunade said calmly.

"I know that's my…"

"Look Naruto, would you not have gone after me if you knew my grandfather?" Tsunade said leaning forward.

"Well no, but…"

"How about Hinata and Ino?"


"Naruto, the women you seduce are going to be the daughters, granddaughters, or sisters of someone. If you are not going to seduce a woman based solely on the criteria that you are friends with a person in their life then we might as well quit now."

"But Gaara's the Kazekage, I'm sure he'll get on board for what I have planned," Naruto said.

Sighing Tsunade said, "He may be, but don't forget even a Kazekage has to deal with the will of his people and councilors. You'll need assets there just like you need them in Konoha."

"I… I understand what you're saying… but it is different," Naruto said.

Deciding to put her faith in Tayuya and Ino's plan for the blondes, Tsunade said, "If that's how you feel then fine, for now. I think you are being silly and wasting an opportunity as how often will you be in a position to seduce a high ranking Suna kunoichi, but I'll wait and see how things play out."

"Alright," Naruto said feeling that Tsunade was caving a bit too easily, "I guess I'll go catch up with Temari and Ino then."

Leaving the office, Naruto thought over everything that Tsunade had brought up. But he was convinced that Gaara would help him and that Temari would go along with her brother. However, he couldn't deny that on some level Gaara may end up bowing down to the will of people that would oppose him. Having Temari in place to help curtail such people from influencing him would be a good thing.

As he was reaching the gate and saw the two women he would be accompanying he heard, "Hey Naruto."

"Oh perfect," he thought as he turned towards Sakura. "Hello Sakura," he said not letting any of the slight worry he felt enter his voice. He knew that with the way things had been between them lately that she would probably be hurt to learn that he was leaving for a mission without her.

"Where are you heading, maybe I could join you?"

Guessing there was nothing he could do but admit the truth he said, "Sorry Sakura. I have a mission to Suna."

Surprise was the first emotion to register on his teammate's face, but hurt quickly followed. "Why wasn't I told?"

"I don't know," Naruto said quickly although he had a fairly good idea, "Tsunade assigned Ino and me to escort Temari to Suna."

"Ino…," Sakura said her voice caring a tint of jealously in it as she spared a look at her friend near the gate.

Ino must have sensed it because she suddenly shouted waving at him, "Come on Naruto. Let's go."

Glad for the reason to leave he said, "Don't worry Sakura. I'm sure there will be plenty of missions when Kakashi-sensei gets out. Take care." He then quickly took off catching up to the two waiting blondes. Ino immediately took his arm as she began walking along side him as they began their journey.


Sakura immediately left to talk to her teacher and master. Entering Tsunade's office Sakura was surprised to see Hinata in Shizune's usual position standing next to the Hokage. Before the Hokage could even inquire what she wanted Sakura asked, "Why wasn't I select for the mission Naruto just left on?"

"I have my reasons," Tsunade answered calmly.

"Which are?" Sakura demanded angrily.

"None of your damn business," Tsunade replied quickly and with a little anger bleeding into her voice. "Is the problem that you aren't on the mission or that Ino is?"

"D-don't be silly," Sakura said, but the small hitch in her voice caused Tsunade to smile internally. "It's just he's my teammate and I want to know why I wasn't selected."

"Well if that's all then the answer is simple," Tsunade said leaving it at that while she looked over a piece of paper Hinata placed in front of her.

After several minutes of silence in which it appeared Tsunade had forgotten Sakura was there the younger woman asked, "Which is?"

"Because I wanted to send Ino instead of you," Tsunade said without looking up from the paper. "You did just return from a mission and Naruto and Ino had the longest amount of downtime."

"Is that the only reason?" Sakura asked a hint of desperation entering her voice.

Tsunade could easily guess what Sakura was truly worried about and that was that Naruto had requested not to go on a mission with her. She could understand why Sakura may feel like that considering his recent distancing himself from her, and while not true, felt it couldn't hurt to keep the girl slightly on edge so said, "No, it's not the only reason. However I'm not willing to go into them."

"It's not because…"

"Sakura, I said I'm not going to discuss it any further," Tsunade said her voice turning to steel. Sakura nodded sadly. As she turned to leave Tsunade did give the girl something else to think about as she said, "Sakura, I am forced to wonder why you are this concerned about who accompanies Naruto on a mission, but didn't hesitate to leave him behind when he refused to go on your last one."

"That's because…"

"I don't want to hear your reasons," she said cutting her off, "But merely want you to realize you can't have it both ways. You're dismissed."

Sakura looked stunned for a moment but quickly followed her Hokage's suggestion. Tsunade felt a little annoyed at her apprentice and for a moment wondered what it was Sakura expected of Naruto. Was he to remain by her side faithful propping her up emotionally every time Sasuke did his level best to prove what a bastard he was? In any case, Tsunade decided it didn't matter as Naruto had decided to let Sakura continue to chase Sasuke. Only now she would be doing so without the emotional support that he had so often provided. Therefore in a sense Sakura was at a crossroads and each of her teammates was walking down a path getting further and further away. It was now her apprentice's turn to choose down which path she was going to race in order to catch up to one of them.


Temari was trying to keep from seething at the back of Ino's head as she continued to hang off Naruto's arm. She was also trying to understand exactly what was going on between them. As at times they seemed far closer than simply good friends. But what annoyed her most was her own inability to find a boy which whom she could act so freely with.

She shook her head again at how she had almost considered Shikamaru. However, as he had showed up to the semi-date, in which she was going to ask him about the possibility of their getting together, an hour late, had decided to simply make it another meeting about the upcoming Chunin Exams. She sighed as it was a situation that was becoming increasingly frustrating to her. In Suna she was Gaara's sister and while originally boys had kept their distance because of his status as a jinchuriki. Now it was because he was the Kazekage. In either case, nobody wanted to end up on his bad side. As a result she was eighteen years of age and had never even experienced the joy of a simple date.

Then there was also the problem that as a result of her lack of a love life her curiosity about sex was getting the best of her. She had on one trip between Suna and Konoha stopped in a sex shop. She hadn't bought anything if only because considering her profession didn't want to die and have her brothers find such a thing. But she had been so very tempted, as she was finding using her hand or pillow to become rather stale.

Another thing she was trying to keep herself from doing was staring at Naruto as anything other than a shinobi that she highly respected. But it wasn't easy considering his athletic frame and dazzling blue eyes. Not to mention that it was difficult for her to deny that the three years had been kind to him. For a moment she pictured herself hanging off his arm chatting happily, but quickly closed her eyes to force the image from her vision.

Naturally, that was the moment that Naruto chose to disengage himself from Ino to walk beside her. When she opened her eyes again, they immediately latched onto the blue ones of the boy next her. Fighting down the sudden blush she felt she asked, "What?" And to her ears she sounded far harsher than she intended.

"Sorry, I was just curious about why you would hire escorts since I know you've made this journey by yourself in the past. But if you want to be alone…"

As he moved to walk by Ino again Temari grabbed his wrist stopping him and quickly said, "No, I'm sorry. I was just a lost in thought and you startled me. To answer your question it's because of the information I'm carrying on this trip."

"Really," he said sounding more excited, "Are we guarding some triple sss-rank top secret document?"

Temari laughed at his exuberance but said, "First off there is no such thing as triple s ranked anything. I imagine if there was something higher than S there are a whole slew of letters to chose from. Secondly I'm afraid not. All we are carrying is information on the participants in the third round of the exam."

"Oh," Naruto said his excitement fading, "Why would you need a pair of guards to help protect those?"

Temari blushed since her original plan had been to get her and Shikamaru alone if he had accepted her request for a date. However his blowing her off for a nap had ruined that of course. But she didn't want to retract a mission request and have the Hokage pry and the reason she had given for the escort when she had requested it still held true so said, "Well in the right hands this information is worth a lot of money. I don't know if you are aware of this but a lot of gambling takes place during the third round. A gambler forearmed with some of the information we are guarding could easily change the odds in his favor."

"Enough that someone would send a missing-nin after us?" Naruto asked feeling his excitement returning.

"I suppose," Temari said with a small smile appearing as she added, "But shouldn't you be hoping that doesn't happen instead of sounding like you want it too."

"Ah come on Temari. You can't tell me you find the idea a little exciting," Naruto said leaning in a little.

Temari leaned back slightly not used to people invading her personal space like that as she said, "I can honestly say I do not hope to run into any missing-nin."

"You're no fun," Naruto said pouting a little.

Ino slowed her pace enough to once more walk by Naruto's side and grabbing his arm said, "I can think of a few ways for us to liven up this mission Na-ru-to." The way she seductively said his name left no doubts as to what she was suggesting.

For the first time in a while the idea of sex actually turned Naruto red in embarrassment. He spared a quick look towards Temari who was gawking at Ino. When she noticed Naruto looking she quickly looked away causing him to turn to Ino and shake his head no. Ino simply licked her lips and blew him a kiss before skipping off.

After a minute of an awkward silence between them Temari finally asked, "Are you and Ino involved?"

"Yeah," Naruto quickly agreed since he was positive now that Temari knew and without the aid of his enhanced pheromones that regardless of what Ino tried she'd keep her distance.

Temari frowned but whether it was from disappointment or Ino's behavior she wasn't sure.


"Welcome to the Whitetail Inn," the receptionist behind the desk said with a small bow.

Ino smiled happily while Temari simply returned the polite greeting. Naruto however was on the verge of panic as the receptionist was a very thinly disguised Tayuya. All she had on to disguise her features were a pair of black rimmed glasses. Staring at her now Naruto knew what Ino had been playing at for the past two days during their leisurely pace to Suna. She had been trying to get him worked up with her constant innuendo, quick gropes, and flashing him with her breasts or pussy whenever Temari wasn't looking to wear down his resolve. What was worse, was the blonde was feeling that it was working, especially since some of the innuendo seemed to have an effect on Temari as well.

Since Temari was the client the Leaf Shinobi left it to her to see about the rooms. Stepping up to the counter the blonde said, "I'd like two rooms please."

"Sorry, not possible," Tayuya responded quickly.

Temari arched an eyebrow since although there were a few customers walking around not enough to suggest that the place was filled to capacity. Mentioning her observation she said, "I'm sure you can find two rooms for us."

"Nope," Tayuya said her tone hinting at the amusement she felt at frustrating the blonde kunoichi. She wasn't surprised Temari didn't recognize her as how often do people think about a person they had only seen for a few seconds and thought they killed. And while she let go of that fact, she was currently enjoying playing with the girl. She would also enjoy doing so later when they really began to push her buttons.

"Fine… perhaps you can tell me why you don't have any rooms when the Inn isn't fully booked." Temari said blowing out a breath to remain calm and not punch the smug bitch in front of her. She also couldn't shake the feeling that she'd seen her from somewhere, but blew it off as her being a person she had seen when she had stayed at the Inn before.

"It is fully booked," Tayuya said smoothly giving no hint she was lying. "A noble sent a runner ahead to book all our remaining rooms for his group, I'm sorry to say. We've consolidated all the rooms he's taken into one area. I'm afraid all that we have left is a room with two beds."

"Alright we'll take it," Temari said feeling frustrated. After signing in she turned to her party saying, "Trust me guys, the hotsprings here are out of this world. They're why I always stop here on my way to Suna."

Tayuya smirked internally saying, "Sorry, but only the mixed bathing onsen is still available for use. The noble insisted that the others remain customer free for forty-eight hours before his arrival. Something about allowing the cleansing affects of the springs purifying them from all the riffraff."

Both mortified and titillated at the idea Temari said, "Fine," before taking her key. Still a little put off Temari said, "I'll just have to use it late at night when nobody else is."

"What's the fun in that," Ino said enjoying the shades of red that appeared on Temari's face. "What do you think Naruto," she asked as they entered their room.

"I think I'll hit it up now," Naruto said heading into the bathroom to change into a robe. In truth, he planned to find Tayuya and to tell her whatever she was up to, to cut it out. Emerging from the bathroom he could see Ino smiling at him innocently which he found annoying since he was positive she knew about this.

Temari looked nervous and asked, "Aren't you worried about people seeing you?"

"Not really," he answered, "During my training trip it was almost guaranteed that if a village or inn had mixed bathing that Pervy Sage planned to spend all day in the water."

He left the room noticing that Temari entered the bathroom after him and that the smile on Ino's face got bigger. However his search for Tayuya was proving to be less then fruitful, even with the seal he had on her since she was obviously going to great pains to keep her distance and staying in crowded areas so he couldn't just teleport to her. Deciding to enjoy the bath he was surprised to find it empty, even if it was approaching dinner time. As he settled into the hot water he sighed in contentment. He could sense Tayuya approaching but since she was coming to him stayed where he was.

A few minutes later she entered the Onsen. With an all too pleased smile on her face asked, "Hello sir would you like our special service."

Trying to keep the smile her words threatened to make appear from his face he said sternly, "I want to know what you are playing at. I thought I made it clear that I wasn't going to go after Temari."

"Take it up with Tsunade, she's the one that thinks you are being an idiot. Well that's not entirely correct. I think you are being one too, but she's the one that decided to send me and Ino along," Tayuya said chucking her own robe away as she slipped into the water.

"Fine, but I'm not going to give in to whatever you have planned," Naruto said crossing his arms.

Tayuya simply rolled her eyes but sliding up next to him began to rub his cock to get it hard. Naruto thought about stopping her but figured if anything it would help him resist whatever they had planned later. So he leaned back to give her more room to work and smiled when she positioned herself over him and began to slide down. However he was unaware that his little tryst was being observed by a pair of dark teal eyes.


Temari was shocked as she saw the receptionist of the inn begin to ride Naruto. She was crouched near the entrance having peeked in to see if Naruto was inside. But why she couldn't exactly say. After leaving the bathroom she had sat down on what she assumed was going to be her bed for the night since Ino had claimed the other one. She simply had assumed that Naruto would lay with her since they were together.

However she kept sending looks to the door of their room, the temptation to see Naruto minus his clothes being rather hard to ignore. Yet ignore it she tried, electing to wait until he came back. But that didn't stop her from sending looks to the door as if she wanted to leave. It was probably on her hundredth or so such look that the she felt overcome by the desire. It was hard to describe but she imagined it was almost like a suggestion had been implanted in her.

Upon reaching the onsen, which had a sign that said Closed for cleaning on it, she had felt a tad disappointed. But as she was about to head back she began to wonder where was Naruto then. She felt a small amount of fear wondering if someone was making a play for the information on the genin in the next chunin exams so decided to investigate. Yet the last thing she expected to see was Naruto cheating on Ino with the receptionist. She was about to go tell Ino when she almost gasped as Naruto stood them up and pulled out of the girl to turn her around. Seeing her first erect penis, Temari felt herself grow damp and her nipples grow harder. When the red head moaned as Naruto entered her from behind Temari felt her own arousal skyrocket.

As she watched Temari began to imagine herself in the red-heads place. Her hands began to explore her own body to make it more real for her. She bit her lip as she began to rub her pussy as she watched the hot action in front of her wishing that it was her. She was just about to reach orgasm with the couple in front of her when the sound of something crashing to the floor behind her was heard. Turning she saw a pile of buckets that people sometimes brought into the onsen with them and had looked to be stacked rather secure had fallen onto their sides. Naruto and the red-head stopped with the girl suddenly making her way for the entrance where Temari was. Quickly darting off in embarrassment she missed the other Blonde kunoichi who was hiding and had knocked the buckets over.


Tayuya opened the door and immediately saw Ino who gave her a wave before heading back to the room so as to prevent Temari from finishing what she had started while watching. Tayuya turned back saying, "It was just some buckets."

"Well let's pick up where we left off," Naruto said as Tayuya made her way back to the water. He frowned when instead of getting back in Tayuya picked up her robe saying, "Sorry, I may have put the Inn's staff and customers under a genjutsu to make them go along with my story. But I still have a job to do."

She turned away and smiled as she saw Naruto stare down at his still rock hard cock. As she left she removed the genjutsu from around the entrance that had made the onsen appear closed. Almost immediately some people began to make their way towards it making it so that Naruto wouldn't be able to handle his rather large problem. Glad that phase one of her and Ino's plan was complete she went in search of a quiet place where she could deal with her own pressing needs.


Temari reached the room and was glad that Ino wasn't present. However, her fear of being caught prevented her from immediately picking up where she left off. She was torn about whether or not to tell Ino about Naruto since a part of her still felt indebted to him for bringing back her little brother, both from his hatred and Akatsuki.

But the decision was taken out of her hands as they entered the room together. "I think we should call it an early night," Ino said sounding happy.

"I agree," Temari said quickly just wanting to get to sleep as then maybe her arousal would fade. They all quickly changed and Temari felt the desire for sleep fading as when she exited the bathroom, having slipped into a pair of flannel pajamas, she saw Naruto wearing just a pair of boxers. Ino had apparently had no trouble changing in front of him as she was wearing an oversized T-shirt that covered all the way down to her knees.

Wishing the couple a good night, Temari laid down in her bed, but found trying to sleep difficult. What was worse was she knew that until she could take the edge of her excitement, sleep would be almost impossible. She curled up into the fetal position and was just about to discreetly reach between her legs when she heard Ino whisper, "Temari."

Temari froze and a moment later Ino again repeated her name softly. Naruto either had trouble sleeping too, or was woken up as he asked, "What is it Ino?"

"Your dick is poking me in the ass," she answered.

"So you want to switch beds," Naruto said but gasped as Ino wrapped her hand around his dick.

"No," Ino said moving down the bed, "I want to put it to good use."


"Isn't responding," Ino said before swallowing his dick.

Temari could hear the obscene noises coming from the bed next to hers. She was almost tempted to tell them to stop or at the very least Ino about Naruto's early transgression but was flabbergasted as Ino stopped her sucking long enough to say, "You were with her weren't you."

"What," Naruto moaned out as Ino gave his staff a long lick.

"You were," she said almost positive she could imagine the shocked expression on Temari's face, "I can still taste her on it. Did she not make you cum? You must have been interrupted for you to be this hard." As she spoke Ino crawled up his body and positioning herself over his dick where Naruto learned that she wasn't wearing any panties.

Naruto beginning to suspect he had been set up earlier and was about to accuse her but instead said, "Oh damn," as Ino sank down on his meat wand.

Whatever protests Naruto had, disappeared as a result of being buried inside of Ino. He placed his hands on her hips and began to move under her desperate to cum and alleviate the blue balls Tayuya had left him with.

As Ino began to moan Temari couldn't control herself anymore needing to reach her own sexual satisfaction. She first unbuttoned the first few buttons of her shirt to gain access to her breasts and began tweaking her nipples upon finding them already hard. She then worked her flannel pants down her hips just enough that she could discreetly begin to rub her pussy. She rubbed at the pace of the lovers imagining herself in Ino's position. Ino began to pick up her pace the volume of her moans increasing along with it. Rubbing frantically, Temari only stopped when she heard Naruto say, "Ino be quiet, Temari's sleeping right next to us."

"No…no she isn't," Ino moaned looking over at Temari whose back was facing them, "She's frigging her pussy while probably thinking of you. Aren't you Temari?"

Temari didn't say anything hoping Ino would drop it and just pretend she wasn't there, but that wasn't to be as Ino turned on the light between the beds. Temari closed her eyes feeling mortified but hearing Ino chuckling out a, "Seems kind of silly to pretend to still be asleep. Unless you want us to get back to what we were doing so you can cum. But why settle for your hand when you can have this thrust inside of you."

Temari opened her eyes in shock but despite a sense of embarrassment at facing the two turned. Ino smiled as she did so, rising off of Naruto's cock. Temari could see it was covered in her fellow blonde's juices. Ino moved her face down towards it saying, "I'll clean this for you. But you need to tell Naruto what you want. He's afraid to anger your brother considering their friendship."

Ino began licking her own juices off of Naruto's dick. The only male in the room was frozen as he could see Temari staring at it hungrily and was desperate to come having now been denied it twice. His own gaze would switch between the two girls. He'd watch Ino who although her licking his staff was pleasurable she was obviously not interested in making him cum. He'd then switch his focus to Temari who seemed to have forgotten that her shirt was partially unbuttoned allowing him an unfettered view of one of her breasts.

Temari tried to break the situation down logically wondering why Ino was offering her boyfriend up to her. Or why she didn't seem to care that Naruto slept with some random stranger. But her own brain was clouded with lust and despite herself could only focus on the stiff cock across the room. Finally Ino said, "Guess you were right Naruto to not want to go after Temari. She seems to have her own issues with sleeping with you. Oh well guess I should finish what I started."

Ino began to knee walk over Naruto holding her shirt up over her waist. She was about to drop down to once more bury his dick into her when Temari said, "No!" She paused surprised at herself but said, "Naruto… please…"

Naruto looked surprised at her sitting up and bring his legs over the side of the bed but Ino held him down by grabbing onto his back saying, "Don't give in so quickly Naruto." She then reached down to begin stroking his dick as she said, "Come on Temari. Naruto is taking a big chance her. It may change things between him and your brother. Make so that he know just how badly you want him to fuck you."

Temari glared at Ino but said, "Naruto, please shove your dick inside me. I want it, I want it so bad."

"Don't just tell him show him," Ino said and felt Naruto's cock twitch as Temari shimmed out of her pajama pants.

Once free of them she faced her pussy towards them and spread her legs holding them in the air. Reaching down she spread her drenched pussy lips as she said her lust taking over, "Naruto please. Can't you see how wet I am. I need your dick, please."

Ino whispered into Naruto's ear, "See, how can you turn her down now? If you did it would almost be cruel."

Naruto stood walking the short distance that separated the beds. Grabbing the back of Temari's knees he pressed them down into her chest and leaning over her said, "Temari are you sure. Everything will change for you?"

She reached up to cup his face between her hands and said, "Yes…I just want to feel like a woman."

Naruto still wasn't sure if what he was about to do was a good idea or not. But he had to admit Ino was right. To turn Temari down now would be cruel. He leaned down and kissed her. It began gently but soon both of them were making out madly. Naruto still held her legs into her chest but could feel her attempting to move her pelvis in order to rub it against something. That thing turned out to be his cock as Ino being her helpful self had guided it to Temari's entrance.

Both groaned into the others mouth upon their genitally making contact with each other. That groaned deepened as Naruto began to slowly push forward into the Sand Kunoichi. Temari broke the kiss to say, "It's splitting me apart." Naruto stopped afraid he had hurt her but she quickly said, "Keep going I want to feel all of you in me."

Naruto obeyed the command. When he was fully inside her he stopped giving her time to adjust to his size. But she didn't need any telling him, "Fuck me Naruto… fuck me."

Naruto obeyed quickly setting a hard and fast pace as he began to screw her into the mattress. The way he held her legs down prevented him from gaining access to her breasts so he began to kiss and lick around her neck.

Ino moved back to her bed where she began to finger herself as she enjoyed the show. From her vantage point she could see Naruto dick churning in and out of Temari as well as see the kunoichi's juices leaking from her pussy down her spread ass.

Naruto moved from Temari's neck to begin kissing her again and caught something out of the corner of his eye. Focusing on it he could see Tayuya watching from the hallway. He could see that although she was obviously pleased that he had succumbed to their plan was also afraid that he would be mad later. To put her at ease he moved the hand closest to her from Temari's knee, as soon as he did found that leg on his shoulder, and holding it up beckoned her into the room. Tayuya didn't need to be told twice quickly entering the room and stripping out of her clothes.

Temari was in heaven as Naruto pounded her, but groaned as he ended the kiss to pull away from her. She had closed her eyes while they had kissed and was about to open them when she felt lips return. Except almost instantly she could tell they were not his. Opening her eyes she saw the red-head, who had pulled away from the kiss to stare down at her, from earlier minus her glasses and immediately pictured her with darker skin and horns coming out of her head.

"You're…" she began to say but found her ability to speak hampered as Tayuya leaned down to kiss her again. She resisted at first but quickly gave into the pleasure. As the two women made out, Ino decided to get involved and joining them on the bed latched onto Temari's breast.

Suddenly Temari tensed squeezing her eyes shot and although she did moan gave a high pitched whine. Naruto feeling Temari's inner muscles tighten and squeeze around him did groan causing Tayuya to say, "She's fucking cumming, isn't she?"

"Yeah she is," Naruto confirmed his pace slowing due to the added resistance.

Ino pulled her mouth from Temari's nipple and reaching a hand down split her fingers around Naruto's moving dick as well as Temari's nether lips said, "Well you must not be doing your job to get such a weak reaction out of her. Make her scream Naruto."

Naruto took up the challenge quickly picking up his pace slamming into her as her orgasm died down. Temari tried to resist screaming perhaps taking it as a challenge as well, but it proved difficult especially with Tayuya egging her on saying, "Quit being such a stubborn bitch. Reward him by telling him how good it feels." Temari didn't respond so Tayuya said, "Fucking stop Naruto."

He did so which pulled a strangled, "N-no, don't stop."

But Naruto did, so Ino pulled his dick out of Temari and began to suck on it while Tayuya said, "How selfish. You beg him for his big dick, but refuse to let him hear it when it satisfies you. I'm sure Ino will have no problem telling."

Ino didn't play along prompting Tayuya to nudge her with her toe but Ino pulled off Naruto's dick only long enough to say, "Sorry, but his dick just tastes so good." From her position on her back Temari couldn't see Ino sucking Naruto off as she returned her attention to his pole only able to see the back of the kunoichi head as she was laying near her stomach. But she could hear and feel as the blonde's saliva dripped onto her groin.

"Hear that," Tayuya said, "At least Naruto knows how much Ino loves sucking him off. She doesn't even need to speak. You can just hear how much she gets into it, and if you are a bit more loud and decisive, she's going to get a mouthful of cum that should have been yours."

Temari wanted Naruto back in her feeling empty since his forced removal. Loudly Temari shouted, "Naruto I want your dick back in me. Give it to me." Ino smiled hearing the shout and giving his dick one more loud slurp as she pulled back, positioned it back at Temari's entrance. Naruto thrust forward burying himself in her completely and began pounding her with the intention of coming. This time though Temari was far more vocal shouting, "THAT's IT, FUCKING NAIL ME… I NEVER THOUGHT IT BE THIS FUCKING GOOD…"

As Temari continued to yell her approval, Ino jokingly said as she moved towards the standing Naruto's face, "Hear that, she's starting to sound like Tayuya." Kneeling on the edge of the bed she removed Temari's leg from his shoulder letting it hang off the side of the bed.

"I certainly approve though," Naruto said before beginning to make out with Ino as Tayuya took Ino's place sucking Temari's tit into her mouth. With all the physical and visual stimulation it wasn't long before Naruto felt his approaching and long overdue orgasm. Breaking away from Ino's mouth he said, "I'm getting near my finish Temari."

"Me Too," the kunoichi replied, she brought her free leg up behind him placing her foot into the small of his back pulling him towards her.

Taking that as permission to cum inside of her, he shouted, "Here it comes Temari."

As he pumped his seed into her it triggered Temari's orgasm causing her to arch her back as she yelled, "OH MY GOD…IT'S SO HOT…AHHHHHHHH!"

Naruto kept his tool buried inside of her until the last powerful burst and began to pull out. As soon as he was freed from Temari's velvet grip he shuddered as he felt a pair of lips wrap around his overly sensitive head. He moaned as Tayuya began pleasuring him and chuckled as Ino pouted, "Hey that's mine," and abandoned his chest in order to get access to his tool. He allowed them to pull him onto the bed where they each took up a position on the side of his groin to clean him, before they would inevitable got into an argument about who got first ride. But he focused on Temari who stared at him with a content smile on his face. He reached over to take her hand and although still felt a small amount of fear at damaging his friendship with Gaara admitted he was glad he had succumbed to his girls' will on the matter.

*Chapter 8*: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Target Matsuri

Naruto lay against the wall at the head of the bed that he was supposed to have shared with Ino. Although a blonde was currently snuggled into his side it was the one he had started the night with. Temari was currently rubbing a hand up and down his chest while the leg currently resting on top of his made similar motions.

He heard a small moan come from the other bed and looking over could see it had come from Tayuya as Ino readjusted herself on top of her breast. After his first time with Temari, he had set about pleasing both Tayuya and Ino before picking up his newest lover and carrying her to the other bed where they could talk. He explained everything that they had learned up till now as well as his ultimate goal. She had yet to say anything, but since she hadn't laughed like some of his other lovers figured that was a good sign.

Hoping to hear her opinion he asked, "Well what do you think?"

"It's certainly ambitious," Temari replied.

"That's it," he said surprised, "I figure someone with your analytical skills would tell me the odds of pulling this off are rather small."

Temari smiled but said, "I made out with an ex-sound-nin that I tried to kill. If someone had told me that laid in store for my future. I probably would have laughed in their face."

"Fair enough," Naruto said with a small chuckle, "How about the rest of it though? Do you have a problem with helping me knowing that you may have to feed me critical information about your home?"

Temari moved away from his side to look him in the eye to ask, "What if I did?"

"I don't know," Naruto admitted honestly. "I may be able to force you. But I don't think I could do that to you, and now that you know what I'm planning you could be a hindrance if you wanted. I wouldn't make you give us information but I would force you to be quiet. That would probably be just as bad for you since you would know I would move onto another woman and she may give me what I wanted."

Temari nodded her head as she knew it would be. That Naruto had that kind of power over her was rather frightening but that he wouldn't force her to betray her home made her confident of her answer as she said, "I'll help. But, what about Gaara?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are you going to tell him what you are up too?"

Naruto leaned his head against the wall looking at the ceiling and said, "I had originally planned too. I'm not so sure if that's a good idea anymore."


Naruto smiled as he said with a light tone, "Well first put yourself into your premake-out with a girl shoes," but turning serious he continued, "I seduced his sister and have the ability to turn her into a spy against her will. If you were him would you still trust me?"

"No," Temari admitted, "Yet at the same time Gaara does trust you like no other. Not telling him may be more damning."

"Yeah I know, but…"

Temari stopped him placing her finger against his lips saying, "I'm not done. Also, let's face facts, you didn't seduce me. We were both driven together by those two over there."

"I suppose that's true," Naruto agreed sparing a look at the two naked women hugging each other. "But do you think Gaara will see the difference?"

"I don't know," Temari said. Placing a kiss against his chest, she asked, "Naruto if you have the ability to control their and my actions. Why didn't you simply force them to abandon their plans for us?"

"I didn't think of it," Naruto admitted, "But besides that, if we're going to unite the shinobi world it's going to take more than just me. Taking away your and the other's free will to tell me that I'm wrong will do a disservice to you and me. Tsunade, Ino, Tayuya, and I imagine Hinata all thought me ignoring you because of my friendship with Gaara was foolish." He stopped when he noticed a look pass over her face causing him to ask, "That bothers you doesn't it?"

"Yes," Temari said placing her head back against his shoulder, "Most of my life men kept their distance from me because of my brother. I can understand it more with you since you have a bond with him but I can't say I'm pleased to learn I almost missed out on such a pleasurable night because of it."

"Which basically proves my point," Naruto said, "Had I robbed Tsunade of her ability to override me. Well, you probably would have. All of you are such incredible people that taking away your ability to make your own decisions diminish what you can help me achieve."

"You certainly have a way with words," Temari said looking up from his shoulder to gaze upon his face.

Naruto looked down and said, "I only say what I feel." He leaned down to kiss her which she quickly returned.

Pulling away she said, "That's what makes it all the more powerful." She then leaned back in to kiss his chest, before moving down to place several along his abdomen. Naruto had a good idea of where her final destination was so ran his hand down the back of her spine. Reaching her butt, he gave it a squeeze just as she began placing kisses along his flaccid cock. As she reached the tip giving it a kiss as well, he reached around her ass and began to slide a finger along her lower lips before burying two of his fingers inside her.

Temari closed her eyes and moaned at Naruto's ministrations. She smiled as she focused on his dick once more to find that it had risen to occasion as a result of her actions. Licking around the tip, she stroked the rest of his length until the taste of it changed as he began to ooze precum. She took as much of him into her mouth as she could while stroking what remained. But found concentrating on the task in front of her difficult due to Naruto's own efforts.

She pulled her mouth away to moan deeply as he began to rub a particular sensitive spot within her. She was just about to place him back in her mouth when he picked her lower half up and holding her around the midsection began to eat her out from his sitting position. Her lower legs and feet where resting along the wall that his back was against so she used chakra to keep them in place in order to make it easier on Naruto to hold her as he dined on her pussy.

"Oh Kami, your tongue feels divine Naruto," she moaned appreciatively. Deciding to show her appreciation through action she swallowed his staff once more working her head back and forth stopping at the tip occasionally to lick around it. As good as Naruto was making her feel Temari wanted more so without warning cut the chakra to her legs and slid down his body. Bringing her lower body above his stiff cock, while facing away, Temari rose up on her knees and could feel Naruto rub himself along her soaking wet pussy. Holding it steady for her, they both groaned as she began to slowly sink down on him. When he was buried in her completely Temari sighed in satisfaction and remained still to bask in the feeling of fullness that she was quickly becoming addicted too.

Eventually she began to raise and lower her hips with Naruto meeting her downward thrusts half way. Reaching forward she grabbed Naruto's ankles as she continued to move her hips up and down. Naruto was mesmerized by the amazing view the position gave him of his dick sliding in and out of her wet passage. Reaching forward he placed his hand on the top of her ass aiding her downward thrust as he began to thrust up harder into her. It had the desired effect as Temari shot up arching her back as he pulled a yell of, "THAT'S IT NARUTO….RIGHT THERE…SHIT RIGHT THERE…"

Enjoying her screams, he reached up to cup her breasts only to find her hands already there. Placing his over hers they both groped and squeezed her breasts as they settled into a fast rhythm. After several minutes Temari placed her hands on Naruto's thighs as he brought his to her hips, and she began to grinned herself into his lap in a circular pattern causing him to groan. Placing her chin into her chest she bit her bottom lip to stave off her impending orgasm wanting to keep the feelings churning about inside her going as long as possible.

Sadly a few moments later she knew that she was at the end of her rope so turning to look over her shoulder said, "Naruto…I'm…I'm going to…cum…"

"I'm close too, Temari."

"Together…together please," she pleaded.

Naruto didn't respond with words instead began to raise and lower her hips. Placing one of his hands near the top of her pussy he waited till he felt his own desire to cum become overwhelming and then giving her clit a little rub sat back against the wall as her cunt milked him off his seed. As her orgasm hit and Naruto released his load inside of her, Temari raised her head towards the ceiling and shouted, "Oh…Godddddd…there's so much."

As her orgasm subsided Temari wobbled slightly before falling backwards into Naruto's chest. He wrapped his arms around her and placed a kiss against her neck. As she felt sleep beginning to overtake her Temari wasn't exactly sure what it was she felt for the boy, but she did know that she owed Tsunade, Tayuya, and Ino for forcing Naruto to introduce her to a world of pleasure.


Sakura watched Ayame hum to herself as she prepared some ingredients for use later. She wasn't sure why she decided to eat at the small stand but the way the young woman on the other side of the counter was acting was getting on her nerves. In truth though, it wasn't just Ayame, but Tsunade, Hinata, and Ino as well.

Sakura hadn't noticed the change that the women had gone through since her return from Grass Country. No that honor had belonged to Shizune since Sakura had been too upset about Naruto's disappearance from her life to really notice. However Tsunade's first apprentice and assistant had, at least in her master.

The two apprentices had been enjoying a break from their hospital duties when Tsunade had walked through the break room. Sakura had been staring into her tea trying to come up with some way to make things go back to the way they used to be between her and Naruto so hadn't noticed the Hokage pass through. After Tsunade had left Shizune had placed her chin onto her hand and said, "I wonder what has had Lady Tsunade in such a good mood lately."

"Sorry, what was that?" Sakura asked looking up from her drink upon Shizune's speaking

"Oh nothing," Shizune said, "It's just lately Lady Tsunade has seemed rather happy and I was wondering at the reason."

Sakura remembering how Tsunade had put her in her place after complaining about Naruto's going to Suna without her so had a hard time picturing what Shizune was saying. Voicing her opinion she said, "I haven't noticed any change."

"Really," Shizune said surprised, "You haven't noticed that Tsunade has caught up on all her paperwork, or that she hasn't attempted to sneak off to drink and gamble lately. Not to mention, she finally granted my request that she take on a second assistant."

Sakura truly hadn't but going over her memories couldn't deny what Shizune said was true. Coming up with a theory she said, "Maybe with Hinata there to assist, it's helped to streamline things a bit so that she can keep up. With more free time she can now gamble and drink when the office is closed."

"That's just it," Shizune said, "She hasn't had a drop in weeks. I'm the one that normally has to restock her supply so check from time to time. I haven't needed to get a new bottle in weeks. I've even checked her secret stash and they've been gathering dust."

The two women had lapsed into silence shortly after that each trying to think of a reason for their master's change. Sakura had wanted to ask if Tsunade began to change around the time she had been out of the village. However she had been too embarrassed as she would probably have to admit that the reason she wanted to know was because it would be about the same time Naruto had changed as well.

Watching Ayame had brought her mind back to that memory though and thinking about it she realized that Tsunade and Naruto weren't the only people to have changed recently. Ino had as well going from someone who had claimed to be madly in love with Sasuke to someone who didn't even care if he returned. Then there was Hinata as well, who seemed not only more outgoing, but seemed hellbent on learning the ins and outs of politics. If she really wanted to expand her theory even the tough as nails Head Anbu captained seemed more relaxed and happy the last time she had gone to her office to pick up some paperwork.

Realizing that quite a few women had changed, she focused on the one that had changed the most to her, which was Ino. Thinking back to just before she left on the mission Sakura remembered that Ino had quickly come to Naruto's defense when she had been upset about his not going on the mission. Ino had even claimed that Naruto hadn't chosen her for something but had quickly clamed up about what. Whatever it was Sakura was positive it went deeper than Ino taking care of his plants. Because if she was right the kunoichi had no problem showering at Naruto's considering the time she had seen Ino there. Thinking of that moment Sakura began to wonder if Naruto was the cause of all the changes she noticed in the women around her.

Sakura began to rub her forehead feeling it begin to hurt as she admitted that Naruto's distancing himself from her must be bothering her more than she thought if she was coming up with such a crazy theory. Ayame seemed to notice her distress asking, "Are you alright, Sakura?"

"I'm a little stressed out I guess," she admitted.

"Oh," Ayame said leaning in towards her, "May I ask about what?"

Feeling embarrassed Sakura said, "I'd rather not say." Ayame nodded her head and went back to her work. However after several minutes Sakura asked, "Ayame, has Naruto talked about me recently?"

"No, not really," Ayame admitted. Although she was privy to why Naruto was acting so distant with his teammate she still asked, "Why?"

Sakura thought for a moment before saying, "Well… ever since I came back from that mission to Grass Naruto's been so different with me."

Ayame nodded and could see Sakura was obviously hoping that Ayame had the answer as to why. Although she did, she knew it wasn't her place to say anything. Instead she asked, "Do you mind if I ask you something?" Sakura shook her head no, so Ayame said, "What are your plans after you two bring back Sasuke?"

Sakura was caught by surprise but said, "I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Hopefully once he's back everything will go back to normal."

Ayame nodded her head figuring that was the case so added, "Perhaps Naruto realizes that is impossible."

"It's not impossible," Sakura quickly snapped.

"I'm sorry Sakura, but I'm afraid you're wrong," Ayame responded calmly. Sakura was about to argue but Ayame cut her off saying, "Look Sakura that you are here worried about Naruto no longer dotting on you shows that it is." A little of the bitterness she felt at Sakura bled into her voice as she continued, "Three years ago Naruto would have done anything for you. While he still intends to bring back Sasuke I think he's realized the truth of matter."

Surprised at the hostile tone the young woman had taken with her Sakura weakly asked, "What truth?"

"That even if he succeeds and brings back Sasuke things cannot go back to the way they were. Nor should he want them too. Sasuke betrayed his home, friends, team and a boy that thought of him as family." Sakura was about to open her mouth to defend Sasuke, and claim it was the curse mark, but in the face of Ayame's rising anger at him chose to remain silent. Ayame ended her rant saying, "And then there's your selfish wish for things to go back to the way they were."

Sakura glared and said challengingly, "What's wrong with that?"

"What you want is Naruto to go back to fawning over you while you chase someone who already proved he doesn't give a damn about you," Ayame replied up for the challenge. Leaning forward Ayame placed a hand on the counter saying, "Naruto probably is simply preparing for the day when you forget about him once Sasuke is returned to the village. He'll give you your fondest wish Sakura. He'll reunite you with your beloved Sasuke, but don't ask him to stand around cheering for you afterwards." Leaning in Ayame added, "Because he doesn't need too."

A customer entered the stand and was about to leave since the two young women were openly glaring at each other. However, Ayame broke eye contact first saying to the man cheerfully, "Welcome to Ichiraku…"

As Ayame moved away Sakura threw her money for the meal down feeling angry at the waitress. But as she walked away from the stand felt a cold chill as she understood the implications of what Ayame had said. Naruto's distancing himself from her was in preparation of Sasuke's return and judging by Ayame's tone there was a line of people preparing to push Sakura to the side in hopes of capturing what had once been her place in Naruto's heart. But thinking of Ino, Hinata and now Ayame she realized the truth that it may have already happened.


Entering Suna, Naruto began to feel a sense of dread. Being honest with himself, he admitted it was because he did feel guilty about what happened between Temari and him. As they neared the Kazekage's mansion Temari looked over her shoulder sending him a tight smile. Although she hadn't asked since their first night together he knew she wished to know what he planned to tell Gaara if anything.

The truth was he didn't know himself. Ino linked her arm with his discreetly catching his attention with her eyes when he looked at her. Following where she gazed next he almost laughed seeing Tayuya, who had traveled ahead of them, dressed as a barmaid at a bar whose primary clientele appeared to be shinobi. Naruto sighed figuring that once he returned to Konoha that a smug Tsunade would be sure to rub it in his face that she was right about his adding Temari. Especially since it was probably due to the Work Visa Temari had supplied that Tayuya was able to gain employment so quickly.

Entering the mansion, they made their way to Gaara's office. Temari knocked on the door receiving a crisp reply of, "Enter."

Doing as commanded, the two Konoha shinobi followed behind Temari as she entered the office. Gaara stared at them for a moment before saying, "Welcome home Temari."

"Thank you Gaara."

"It is good to see you again as well Naruto."

"Heh, heh, yeah same here," Naruto replied nervously. His nervousness must have shown as Gaara arched an eyebrow at his friend.

Pressing on Gaara said addressing his sister, "I trust you have the information on the Konoha contestants we can expect to be coming here?"

"Yes Gaara," Temari answered.

"Good," he replied before focusing on the two foreign shinobi, "Naruto, Ino as my guests please enjoy all Suna has to offer while I compose the list of our shinobi that will be entering. Once it is finished will you deliver it to the Hokage for me?"

"Sure no problem," Ino said when it became apparent Naruto wasn't going to speak.

Gaara nodded again noting Naruto's strange behavior but said, "Thank you. Temari please see to our guests."

Temari looked over her shoulder giving Naruto a smile before saying, "No problem."

Naruto however said, "Actually I'd like a moment alone with Gaara if you two don't mind?" Ino frowned getting the sense that Naruto was going to do something reckless but Temari nodded ushering the kunoichi from the room.

"What is it Naruto?" Gaara asked his friend hoping he could help him get over what was bothering him.

"Well you see… The thing is…" Naruto said but couldn't think of a way to explain to Gaara what it was he wanted to tell him.

"Please relax," Gaara said as Naruto tried and failed to speak several times. "I'm sure whatever it is that is bothering you isn't that bad."

Taking a deep breath Naruto blurted out, "I slept with Temari." Gaara just stared at him in response. Figuring that since he hadn't been crushed by the Kazekage's sand yet that he should take the moment he had to explain himself, he laid everything on the line for his friend.

When he finished talking Gaara remained silent for a while before saying softly, "Get out."
"Look Gaara, I truly didn't want you to find out like this but…"

"GET OUT," Gaara said cutting him off and his tone telling Naruto that remaining further might be dangerous.

Naruto's head dropped but he turned towards the door. Grabbing the door handle he stopped for a moment. He was about to apologize once more but decided against it leaving the office. Upon stepping into the lobby Ino asked, "What is it?"

"I think I screwed up big time," Naruto said sending a look at the door.

"You didn't…" Ino began but trailed off when Naruto nodded.

Temari placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder saying, "Thank you."

"Thank you," Ino said her ire rising, "Depending on how Gaara responds we all could be in serious trouble."

Naruto's shoulders dropped even further hearing that but Temari remained calm saying, "I'll talk to him later. For now let's find you a place to stay."


Tayuya placed the drink in front of the shinobi she was serving before returning to the bar to grab several more glasses. Putting them on her tray, she turned from the counter they had rested on, and her eyes searching for the quickest and most accessible path to the next table she needed to get too. Finding it, she took off passing through some of the rowdy shinobi to reach her customers. As she did so she discreetly observed some of the kunoichi among the patrons. Although there were a few only two of them really caught her attention as being necessary to Naruto's goal.

The first was a jounin who was dressed in the standard uniform of a Sunagakure Jounin. Her head was covered in a white turban but Tayuya could still make out brown hair beneath it. She possessed blue eyes and had red markings on her cheeks. According to her bingo book the woman's name was Maki and much like her dress suggested she was an elite jounin of the village. What made her a target though was some of the rumors that were surrounding her, which were that she may be in line to join the Suna Shinobi council when one of the older members stepped down.

Keeping an eye on her for later, Tayuya realized that she needed to speak with Naruto and Kyuubi at some point. The reason being, that since her mission to get Naruto to sleep with Temari had succeeded she was now beginning her long term one of finding suitable targets. But upon entering employment at the bar Tayuya realized that even if she marked them in her book there was a chance that she would have moved on to another town or village before Naruto could seduce them. Therefore she needed a jutsu that would allow her to mark targets so that Naruto could locate and approach them later at his leisure, since in all likelihood Akatsuki would be making Naruto's life difficult soon.

Placing several drinks down at her customers' table she took that last one to the second woman she had marked as a possible target. The light haired woman thanked her before taking a sip of the drink which wasn't alcoholic. Tayuya nodded and walked away. The reason Tayuya was considering her was mainly because she didn't even have an entry in her book. Considering that Suna and Konoha were allies Tayuya took that to mean that the woman was probably one of the few Suna shinobi with a Kekkei Genkai. Since she wasn't listed in her book it was safe to assume that Suna wished to keep her under wraps which made her a valuable target for Naruto.

It took over an hour of discreet monitoring of the crowd to even learn her name which was Pakura. She only learned that after the lonely looking woman left the bar and a collective sigh could be felt. She learned why a moment later when a Suna shinobi called her mummy making Pakura. When a chunin who looked like he had only recently achieved that rank asked why she was called that. The man had informed the boy of a story surrounding her using her Scorch bloodline to turn a high ranking noble's son into a mummy. Although the son had a reputation as a player and even had a few rumors of forcing women to please him swirling around him, many still refused to believe that he had attacked Pakura. Men kept their distance from her for fear that she may do the same thing to them as a result. When the chunin had asked why she wasn't punished for the murder if they didn't know what truly happened. The storyteller had replied that the Fourth Kazekage had been unwilling to allow one of his few assets to be destroyed. So with even the Kazekage siding with her because of her abilities it was generally agreed upon by most that it was best to just keep their distance.

Tayuya filled the information away for later getting back to her job since a few people were beckoning her for refills. Deciding that she would find Naruto directly after her shift instead of in the morning like she originally planned, she picked up her tray and dived back into the mass of bodies to get to the table that had been waiting the longest.


Naruto stared at Ino who was still sitting in a chair glaring at him. She had been there ever since Temari had booked them into the hotel and had shown them their rooms. The Suna Kunoichi had taken off shortly after presumably to talk to her brother. Ino upon entering the room had marched to the chair and simply planted herself there facing away from him, her whole demeanor showing how angry she was.

After several hours of silence he said, "Ino, I already said I'm sorry."

She didn't respond, much like the other times he had apologized, but after several minutes did finally say, "Yeah well tell me how sorry you are when we're sitting in a Suna cell."

"At least we'll have each other," he replied trying to lighten the mood. Yet knew he had failed spectacularly as she turned her head to face him and her eyes narrowed in anger.

"What would you have me do Ino?" Naruto asked in exasperation. "He's my friend and I slept with his sister turning her into a potential spy."

Ino turned to face him saying angrily, "Big deal. You're not the only one keeping secrets from a friend."

Realizing she was talking about Sakura, he said, "That's different."

"Really how so," Ino quickly said her tone telling Naruto that again he would have been better keeping his mouth shut.

"Well… I mean… she's interested in Sasuke and…"

"That isn't it," Ino said cutting him off, "It's different because here you needed to keep the secret and found you couldn't because of some measure of guilt, but didn't consider that maybe I feel the same way."

Naruto hung his head but admitted, "You're right. I'm sorry."

Lying down on the single large bed he stared up at the ceiling and said, "I really screwed this up, didn't I?"

Ino felt some of her anger fade away when Naruto admitted he was wrong so getting up from the chair she was in made her way to the bed. Sitting next to him she said, "Hey, we'll find a way to fix this."

Naruto nodded saying, "I hope you're right." Changing the subject he asked, "Do you really feel guilty about not being able to tell Sakura." When Ino nodded he asked, "Why?"

"Because, you are probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me," Ino said, "and I can't share it with her. Also she's hurting by your giving her the cold shoulder and I can't even tell her why."

"I can't promise you that I'll tell her or let you Ino," Naruto said prompting Ino to sigh, "But I'll try to be more considerate of your feelings the next time I feel like opening my big mouth."

Trying to lighten the mood as well Ino said, "Since it's very likely that we'll soon be locked away in a Suna cell. I guess I won't have to worry about keeping this a secret from Sakura much longer."

"There you go. I was sure there was a bright side to this," Naruto said allowing a small chuckle to escape him.

Ino smiled but before she could reply a knock at the door attracted their attention. Due to his mark on the person they were able to tell that it was Tayuya. Naruto got up to let her in the room, but before she could bring up what brought her there she asked, "What's going on?" upon feeling some of the remaining tension in the room.

Smiling that she was about to stir up another hornets' nest for Naruto. Ino said, "Naruto told Gaara everything."

"You did what?" Tayuya said getting angry except for a whole slew of different reasons then Ino. Naruto sighed as he tried to calm down the angry red-head coming to the conclusion that having a small harem sucked when all the women were of the opinion you had acted like an idiot.


Gaara stood on a rooftop and used his Third Eye Technique to keep Naruto under surveillance. He admitted to being surprised as it appeared the red-head that had entered the room was rather upset with him. No doubt due to Naruto's telling him about what he had done and how he planned to unify the world. Gaara found that strange since Naruto had made it sound like he gained some sort of power over them. But as he tried to calm the red-head down it didn't seem to be working. He was lost in thought wondering what that meant when he heard, "Don't you have Anbu for keeping tabs on people?"

Surprised his sister had been able to sneak up on him Gaara spun saying, "Are you here to silence me?"

A look of hurt crossed her face but she said, "I suppose I am in a matter of speaking." Calmly she walked past him to gaze into the room where Naruto was staying. She smiled seeing her lover cowering slightly from an enraged Tayuya who was being held back by Ino.

"I don't understand what is going on there," Gaara admitted after coming to the conclusion Temari wasn't there to attack him.

"If I had to guess," Temari said with a small chuckle as a lamp got tossed causing the room to go dark, "Tayuya is upset probably because she's spent three years trapped in a coma and is likely afraid that Naruto's telling you about his jutsu means she may be spending more time locked away in a prison."

"Doesn't he have a means to control them," Gaara asked before adding, "and you?"

"Yes," Temari admitted turning from the window a smile on her lips as the light came back on to find Tayuya straddling Naruto making out with him.

Gaara turned away from the window with a blush on his cheeks as he said, "I guess he used it."

"No," Temari said with a laugh as Ino got involved pushing Tayuya to the side to kiss the blond boy, "I think Tayuya simply came to the realization that if you end up arresting all of us it's going to be a while before she can be with him so doesn't want to waste any of the remaining time they have fighting."

"Us," Gaara said facing his sister, "You include yourself in that estimate."

"Why shouldn't I?" Temari asked, "After all you can't exactly trust me now."

"But you are my sister and probably a victim of that jutsu," Gaara reassured her but was surprised when she laughed.

"Sorry," Temari said, "But if you had been there you would have seen that I practically begged Naruto to take me. So considering me a victim is pretty farfetched."


"Plus while I appreciate you getting upset over my seemingly being a victim. You should understand I'm quite happy with how things turned out," Temari said which surprised her brother.

"It doesn't bother you that he plans to seduce more women?" Gaara asked.

"No, and while that may be a byproduct of the jutsu it doesn't change the fact that I consider being bound to Naruto better than my status before our trip to Suna."


Sighing Temari said, "Because it isn't easy being the sister of the Kazekage."

"I wasn't aware," Gaara said sounding apologetic.

"I know and it isn't your fault that most men found approaching me rather intimidating. Even Naruto wasn't going to." That caught Gaara by surprise which Temari could tell due to his eyes widening fractionally, explaining she added, "He values your friendship and didn't want to do anything to jeopardize it. It was only because of the machinations of Tsunade and the two girls down there that he eventually broke down." Smiling she said, "Trust me, he would have needed to be a eunuch to remain unaffected by the show that was put on. But I believe he was coming here to tell you about his goal and only his sleeping with me made him doubt that you would go along with it."

"I see," Gaara said walking towards the opposite side of the roof they were standing on away from the hotel Naruto was staying in. "Do you believe that he has any chance of uniting the shinobi world?"

"I don't know," Temari admitted, "But he did give me my youngest brother back. Something I thought equally impossible just three short years ago." Gaara faced her, a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. Seeing that Gaara may be coming around she added, "This may also work to your benefit as well."

"How so?"

Smiling Temari said, "You now have a friend with the skill set necessary to solve that problem with Matsuri and her uncle. Once that is taken care of you'll be free to announce your relationship with Sari."


Temari entered the room to find Tayuya with her shirt off as she fought for her spot on top of a still dressed Naruto. Ino kept trying to push her to the side every now and then but at the moment was settling for a three way kiss. Temari felt herself grow a little moist at the sight but cleared her throat attracting Naruto's attention. He sat up immediately as did the other two women. When Naruto got off the bed much to a protesting Tayuya's displeasure Temari said, "Relax, you'll have other opportunities."

Naruto blew out a breath asking, "He's not mad anymore?"

"No, he's waiting on the roof across from this room. He wants to talk with you."

Naruto nodded quickly exiting the hotel. Landing on the roof he was about to speak when Gaara said, "Naruto, provided you continue to make Temari happy I'll consider the matter dropped. I also thank you for the faith you put into our friendship to include me in this plan of yours."

"I'll always do my best to cherish her," Naruto said prompting Gaara to incline his head.

"Good," Gaara said before adding, "As Temari pointed out I do find myself in need of a shinobi with your new set of skills." Naruto arched an eyebrow but remained quiet. Gaara taking that as an invitation to explain said, "Do you remember Matsuri?"

Naruto thought a moment before saying, "Wasn't she that academy student that we had to rescue from those weapon makers."

"Yes," Gaara said, "She was quite fearful of weapons if you remember."

Nodding Naruto said, "I remember she had witnessed her parents' deaths."

"Yes, she also apparently carries feelings for me," Gaara said.

"But you don't return them," Naruto said prompting the Kazekage to nod in agreement. "Why not just tell her?"

"I wish it was that simple," Gaara replied. "However Matsuri comes from a rather influential family. You may not know this but here in Suna water is more precious than gold. Her parents were successful water prospectors and were killed by bandits."

"What does that have to do with not telling her how you feel?" Naruto asked.

"I'm getting to that," Gaara said in a rare moment of irritation.


"Where was I? Her family therefore controls most of the water that flows into the village. Her uncle inherited the company that distributes the water upon the death of her parents."

"I take it he's the problem then," Naruto said earning a nod from Gaara.

"Indeed, he is using her feelings in hopes of pressuring me to marry her," Gaara replied.

"I can't imagine Matsuri going along with that though," Naruto said since Matsuri had struck him as a dedicated Suna shinobi.

"She is unaware of his manipulations," Gaara answered. "But so long as she is a shinobi she is unable to assume control of the company."

"What is the uncle after though?"

"I believe that he thinks that if Matsuri and I get married in time that will lead to his family becoming the most powerful in all of Wind Country through any children we may have."

"Still why not just tell her all this?"

Gaara sighed before saying, "The matter is further complicated by my already being involved with someone."

"Again why not just tell Matsuri?"

"Because the woman I'm seeing is a close friend of hers named Sari," Gaara said.

Understanding dawning on him, Naruto said, "She was one of the girls that showed up after Grandma Chiyo sacrificed her life for you."

"Yes," Gaara said, "Also should you use this new jutsu of yours on her I will crush your genitals."

"Don't worry, I'll keep clear," Naruto said resisting the urge to cup his package. Scratching his cheek Naruto said, "Not to shine to bright a light on my own hedonistic ways but why not simply date both."

"My life has been abnormal enough and I would at least like a normal relationship," Gaara said.

Nodding with a lecherous smile feeling more at ease talking about it with his friend Naruto said, "Normal is overrated. But I'll do as you ask."

Gaara smiled slightly saying, "Sari will be happy to know we won't have to sneak around anymore."

"I'm glad to hear that as I was wondering if you would like to play a small part in helping me seduce Matsuri."

"I'd rather not," Gaara said his cheeks coloring.

"I can understand that," Naruto said, "But I'm going to need to borrow your office tomorrow night then." Gaara raised an eyebrow so Naruto explained his basic plan that he would flush out in greater detail with his girls later.


Naruto and Ino waited outside the building where Matsuri had been assigned clerical duties for the day. As they waited Ino said, "Can I ask you something?"

"Always," Naruto said getting comfortable on a pile of wooden boxes lining the alley they were in.

"Well considering the parallels between Matsuri and you do you regret what we're about to do?"
"What do you mean?"

"Well she loves Gaara who loves someone else, while you loved Sakura who you think…"

"I get it, I get it," Naruto said cutting her off making Ino frown. "But why should I regret targeting Matsuri?"

"For the same reason you won't target Sakura," Ino said, "we're stealing away her choice."

"You didn't seem to mind manipulating me into taking Temari," Naruto pointed out.

"That was different," Ino replied.

"Really how?" Naruto quickly shot back with a smile when Ino couldn't think of an adequate response.

"It just was," she said in a huff but was forced to admit Naruto had her. Further discussion was put on hold as their target left the building. Ino formed the handsign to implant her suggestion into Matsuri and waited for the girl to stop a moment before letting her have it.


Matsuri was leaving another boring day of clerical duty, but considering that the last time the village had been attacked they had nearly lost the Kazekage considered it a blessing. Still she wouldn't mind a mission that led her out of the village for a few days if only to get away from her uncle. The building she was leaving was actually the headquarters of the company her parents had founded. Her uncle had specifically requested her for the boring mission and she suspected that the reason was so he could harp on her lack of backbone when it came to her desire to be with Gaara.

She didn't know why it mattered so much to him anyway. In truth she never really liked the man and when he became her guardian after her parents' death her dislike had only grown. She firmly believed that the only reason he had taken care of her was because it was a stipulation her parents had placed in their will. The only thing he had ever supported her in was her desire to be a shinobi, and the only reason for that was because as long as she was on active duty it made her ineligible to run the company herself.

She stopped for a moment to decide whether she should go home to her modest apartment and cook herself dinner or get something from one of the many new restaurants that had recently opened. But instead of deciding on dinner she was suddenly overcome by a desire to see Gaara. Heading to the Kazekage's mansion she entered and was confused as to why it was empty. Making her way to his office she was surprised to find the hallway darkened and his door slightly ajar.

Looking inside she almost gasped but prevented herself from doing so by clamping her hands over her mouth. Inside was her crush and Sari kissing passionately. Gaara was leaning against his desk his arms around Sari's waist as they made out in his office. Sari broke the kiss staring into his eyes as she asked, "When are we going to announce our relationship?"

"Soon I promise," Gaara responded, "I just need to find the right way to tell Matsuri."

Placing her head on his chest Sari said, "Be gentle please."

"I will," was Gaara's response but Matsuri was no longer there to hear it.

When they were sure they were alone the seemingly close couple dropped their henges to reveal Tayuya and Temari. "Why'd I have to be my brother," Temari complained.

"Are you saying you would have wanted to make out with him?" Tayuya asked teasingly.

"What, no. I'm just wondering why I even had to do this," Temari responded.

"To help her get over Gaara and to get her uncle off of your brother's back," Tayuya said pulling out of her arms to sit on the desk next to the girl. "Besides don't act like you didn't like making out with me."

Temari blushed but admitted, "It wasn't the kissing a girl part."


"It was that depending on how well Gaara's relationship goes with Sari. I may have ended up kissing the image of my future sister-in-law." Tayuya smiled at her but instead of answering began rocking the desk back and forth prompting Temari to ask, "What are you doing?"

"Well since I'm going to be sneaking into the various Shinobi villages I was just thinking about starting a little game of having Naruto sleep with me on each of the village leader's desks," Tayuya responded.

"Don't you dare," Temari said but a minute later imagined herself riding Naruto to an amazing orgasm while on the desk.

"You're thinking about it," Tayuya said a large smile splitting her face.

"No I'm not," Temari quickly replied but her blush made it apparent she was lying.

"You so fucking are," was the red-heads teasing response.


Matsuri couldn't stop her tears as she ran from the office. She berated herself that it turned out her uncle was right. She stopped to catch her breath near the area she had felt the impulse to go see Gaara at. Deciding to go home she began to head that way when a delicious smell entered her nostrils. Following it she arrived at a small stand that had a sign that read, "Ichiraku's of Suna."

Hoping that the food inside would provide some comfort for her. She entered and took a seat at the counter. "Welcome to Ichiraku," the kind proprietor said as she looked over the menu.

"I'd like a shrimp ramen please," she said wiping at her red eyes.

"Coming right up," Teuchi said as he began getting her dish ready.

The sound of another customer attracted his attention and he smiled brightly as Naruto entered the stand. "Naruto, good to see you," the owner said brightly.

"Good to see you too Old Man," Naruto replied. "When Ayame told me you started a new stand in Suna I knew I had to see it for myself."

"Well what do you think," the man said holding his arms out for Naruto to take it in.

Chuckling Naruto said, "Looks just like the one in Konoha. I hope I can say the same about the food. I'll have a miso ramen please."

"Sure thing," Teuchi said placing a bowl in front of Matsuri and adding, "Here on the house."

She looked up surprised saying, "That's alright I can pay."

"I'm sure you can, but you look like you're in need of a little kindness," Teuchi responded gently.

Naruto felt a little guilt at that but knew that one way or another Matsuri would have been hurt. Hoping that he could help ease it he took a seat next to her saying, "It's been a while Matsuri."

She smiled as best she could saying, "Yes, but it is good to see you again Naruto."

"Thanks," Naruto replied his smile growing as Teuchi placed his bowl in front of him. "Let's dig in," he said energetically as he began to scarf the food down.

Matsuri found his smile rather infectious and began to eat her meal her mood rising slightly. Naruto finished rather quickly and putting his bowl down said, "More please."

Teuchi couldn't help smiling either as he saw his profits for the night doubling as he quickly refilled the bowl. After finishing five bowls by the time Matsuri finished hers, he said, "Ah nothing like ramen to make your troubles go away."

Being reminded of hers, Matsuri frowned a little but admitted, "The food did make me feel better."

"Do you want to talk about?"

"That's okay," Matsuri said standing, "I wouldn't want to trouble you." She left small stand wondering if she should go home but admitted she didn't want to be alone.

Naruto threw his money on the counter leaving enough to cover his bowls as well as hers before following after her. Easily catching up Naruto matched her pace as he said, "I'm a pretty good listener you know. Also, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to know."

Matsuri gave him a smile that didn't reach her eyes but said, "It's nothing. I just found out the boy I liked is with someone else."

Naruto knew he could use that to begin his seduction but decided to go a different route saying, "You must be talking about Gaara and Sari."

Her head turned towards him quickly in surprise before saying, "You knew?" Before Naruto could answer she said more to herself then him, "Of course you did. You're practically his best friend."

"Well I only just learned yesterday," Naruto admitted. Deciding honesty was the best way to go he took a deep breath saying, "Truthfully he asked me to be the one to tell you. That little scene you came across today, I arranged it."

Matsuri's eyes went wide showing her surprise before narrowing as her anger took over. "Why would you do that?" she angrily demanded. "Why would Gaara go along with such a thing?"

Answering the second question first Naruto said, "He didn't. You came across Temari who was henged as Gaara and another girl who was pretending to be Sari."

Matsuri's mouth opened and closed several times before looking around making sure that nobody was listening to them before leaning in and saying, "But they were kissing."

Chuckling Naruto said, "It wouldn't be the first time."

"I…I don't understand. What's going on?"

Thinking for a moment Naruto said after collecting his thoughts, "Let's just say, that Gaara was hoping that I could break the news in such a way that everyone could be happy."

"You failed," Matsuri said sadly.

"I haven't really done anything yet," Naruto said causing the Suna kunoichi to look at him strangely. Answering her unasked question he said, "My initial plan was to use a new jutsu I learned on you. It would have made you more susceptible to being seduced by me."

Catching on Matsuri said, "So what happened in the office was to make me easier pickings."

"Exactly," he admitted.

"Then why didn't you?" Matsuri asked her tone not giving away how she was feeling.

"Mainly because of one of my girls," Naruto said, thinking of the conversation Ino and he had when she had placed the suggestion to go to Gaara's office into Matsuri.


Rubbing the back of his head Naruto said, "Yeah, heh-heh… you see Temari and the girl, her name is Tayuya, have also experienced my jutsu."

Matsuri blushed at the implications before asking, "Does Gaara know about that?"

"It's sort of why he asked me to do this," Naruto said.


"Because of your uncle," Naruto said, "and also since he knew about your feelings and was hoping that I could make you as happy as Temari."'

"What does my uncle have to do with this?"

"Recently he's been putting pressure on Gaara to respond to your feelings. I didn't get all the details but I have the feeling that he's hinting that he might start cutting the amount of water Suna receives if Gaara doesn't. I suppose your uncle is hoping that any kids the two of you had would end up taking Gaara's place as Kazekage. But how that benefits him I'm not sure."

"Gaara couldn't think I would go along with such a plan though. Does he?"

"No," Naruto said calming the girl, "It's just that he was hoping to get you to pass your feelings onto me to blunt your uncle's scheme."

Matsuri sagged in relief knowing her Kage didn't think her capable of such treachery. But staring at Naruto questioned, "So why tell me all this? If that jutsu was capable of working on Temari surely it could have worked on me."

"Truthfully, it's because your love triangle sort of reminds me of my own," Naruto said with a sad smile. Matsuri merely stared at him so he explained, "You know my teammate Sakura right?" When he received a nod he continued, "I loved her for years. But she only had eyes for my other teammate Sasuke."

Interrupting Matsuri asked, "But with this jutsu couldn't you make her want to be with you."

"It doesn't work like that exactly, but it would bind her to me," Naruto explained. "Yet, you see since I love her, I want her to be happy. Therefore, I won't use this jutsu on her and will let her continue to pursue Sasuke. I suppose I told you all this since I'm sure you'll stop your uncle without me seducing you. Not to mention it wouldn't be fair to rob you of your ability to continue to pursue Gaara if that's what you really want."

"Gaara gave you permission to use it on me though," Matsuri said her tone again giving no hint of what she was feeling.

"Don't get too upset at him. He's still a little new at expressing emotion, and I think he honestly believed that this was the avenue that wouldn't leave you with a broken heart."

Matsuri stopped causing Naruto to turn and face her. She looked down at her feet as she asked, "If you used this jutsu would it make me feel better?"

"I can't answer that," Naruto said honestly, "It'll make you feel aroused and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. But in the morning you may still love Gaara, and would find yourself bound to me."

"Is there no going back after that?"

"Only for the initial stage of the jutsu. But if we go all the way then no."

"Could we try the first stage?"

"I'd love too. But why would you wish to give up on Gaara?"

Looking up at the stars Matsuri said, "He cares for Sari and doesn't seemed inclined to take other lovers as you have." Facing Naruto she continued a small smile on her lips, "Therefore, my only alternatives are to pray my friend and Kage's relationship fizzles, or to move on. I think I'll choose to move on and if Gaara thinks you'll be good for me, I'll trust his opinion."

They made their way to Matsuri's apartment. Stepping inside Naruto looked around saying, "It's not what I expected."

"Why," Matsuri asked looking around her apartment which was laid out similarly to his own.

"It's just that according to Gaara the company your parents started is rather successful. I figured you would be living someplace a little fancier. But I guess it does suit you."

Matsuri blushed asking, "Why do you say that?"

"Anyone who would serve their village obviously puts their priority in the right things," Naruto said smiling as her blush intensified.

Facing away from him, she asked embarrassed, "What… what now? Should I take my clothes off?"

"All in good time," Naruto said coming up behind her. Channeling his chakra into his hands he placed them on her shoulders as he began to rub them.

Matsuri was filled with a warmth that quickly moved from her shoulders to her more erogenous places. "Mmmm," she moaned leaning into him.

"Are you feeling good?" he whispered into her ear.

"Ye…yes," Matsuri said closing her eyes as he kneaded her shoulders. Suddenly her chest felt lighter. Looking down she saw that Naruto had removed her modified flak jacket. As it fell away from her chest she blushed as her nipples were clearly poking out from beneath her shirt due to her lack of a bra. He moved his hands from her shoulders, placing them on her hips and began placing kisses along her neck starting at where it met her shoulder before making his way up. Reaching her ear, he nibbled on her lobe before tilting her head to face him.

The kiss began modestly but quickly heated up to the point where their tongues danced against one another. He then moved the hand that he had used to tilt her head to her chest where he began kneading her breast over her shirt. Matsuri moaned into his mouth which rose in volume when he pulled slightly on her nipple. She leaned into him but quickly stood straight again when her backside came into contact with his hardened cock.

Naruto broke the kiss before asking, "Would you like to sit down?"

Matsuri nodded her head, still breathless from the kiss and thus unable to respond with words. Naruto grabbed her hand to lead her to the couch. He sat first allowing her to pick where she wanted to sit and smiled when she tried to sit demurely next to him. Placing his hand on her knee he said, "You need to relax."

"I'm sorry," she said embarrassed, "I've never done anything like this before."

Moving his hand up and down her thigh he replied, "Simply do what feels right. There's no right or wrong way to go about this."

He noticed her eyes which had been looking anywhere but, suddenly zeroed in on the impressive bulge rising from his jeans. He chuckled letting her know he was aware of where she was staring and although her cheeks reddened further she didn't look away. Running a tongue over her suddenly dry lips she asked, "Can…can I touch it?"

"Go ahead," Naruto said as he leaned back to allow Matsuri access.

The Suna kunoichi leaned forward hesitantly but then with more confidence. Moving her hand to the fly of his jeans she pulled it down. Her hand moved back quickly as his dick popped out of the front of his jeans. "It's…it's so big," Matsuri said looking up at his face.

"Thank you."

Matsuri reached forward taking his cock into her hand surprised at how warm it felt. She ran her hand up it getting a feel of it which caused Naruto to moan appreciatively. Feeling emboldened she began to stroke it at an easy pace.

Placing his hand on her thigh, he said, "That feels great." Matsuri began stroking him faster and noticed that his dick began to get slick as it leaked precum. So caught up was she in her actions that the gasp that escaped her came as a surprise.

"N-naruto…" she moaned as Naruto began to move his hand over her panties rubbing her womanhood.

"Fair's, fair," Matsuri," he whispered into her ear. It wasn't long before her panties were soaked from Naruto's own actions so he pushed them to the side to bury a finger inside of her and was surprised at just how tight her pussy was.

The pair continued to masturbate each other for several minutes. Naruto who had been staving off his own orgasm was nearing the point of no return when Matsuri moaned, "N-naruto…something…something's happening."

Naruto figured that Matsuri had never experienced an orgasm before so said, "Let it happen, Matsuri."

Despite his suggestion Matsuri still tried to fight it but her orgasm hit regardless causing her to tense up. Naruto felt his finger get squeezed almost painfully but the pleasure of his own orgasm offset it at he released his seed over Matsuri's hand. Naruto's hand was also coated in the juice of the girl he had made cum.

The two sat on the couch catching their breaths for a moment. Matsuri pulled her hand away from his crotch to stare at his seed. She wondered if she should get a rag to clean her hand but caught Naruto out of the corner of her eye staring at his own. She blushed seeing how wet they looked but was mortified when he licked them clean. Once his task was completed he said, "You can wash off if you wish."

But Matsuri responded by hesitantly sticking her tongue out to lick at her finger. Pulling only a little into her mouth she moaned at the taste and soon found herself licking her hand clean with gusto. Swallowing the last of his cum, she pouted but noticed that he was hard again. Tempted to get on her knees to get more directly, she also wanted to feel it inside of her. Pulling her eyes away from the hard staff she locked eyes with Naruto's kind blue ones.

"It's up to you how far we go Matsuri," he said gently, "We can play a little more if you wish or…"


Cupping her face he said, "Or, you can become mine completely. I promise to always be there for you."

"How can you promise that? We live in different villages" she asked surprised at how much she wanted it to be true.

"If you agree to be mine, I'll place a mark on you that will allow me to come to you wherever you are," Naruto said.

Matsuri pulled away to stand and Naruto thought he had received his answer. But a moment later Matsuri's hands were fiddling with the zipper on the skirt she wore. Pulling it down the skirt pooled at her feet and she hooked her fingers into her panties pulling them down as well. Naruto joined her in standing allowing his pants to fall to the floor along with his boxers. Matsuri was about to pull her shirt over her head but Naruto stopped her before she could free herself of it completely.

With only her mouth exposed, he leaned in to kiss her to which she responded hungrily. He allowed her to remove her shirt completely after the kiss ended and smiled when she did the same to him as he removed his own. When she was done kissing him she allowed him to remove his shirt completely and giggled as he scooped up her nude form.

Holding her in his arms he wondered in which direction he should head to reach her bedroom and received the answer in the form of her pointing to which closed door he should move towards. Entering her bedroom he found it to be rather modest like the rest of her apartment and made his way to her bed. Setting her down, he placed a light kiss on her lips before moving on to her chin, and neck. Working his way down to her chest he sucked in one of her nipples causing her to gasp and arch her back. Cupping her other one he worked on them until he felt her hand on his tool. She stroked it several times before saying, "Naruto…I-I want this in me."

He nodded and moved between her legs rubbing his length along her slit getting it lubed as best he could, considering her tightness. Once he accomplished this he pushed the head in and felt her tighten to the point that she almost forced him out. "Matsuri honey, you need to relax."

"It…it hurts Naruto," she whimpered. Naruto didn't move until he felt her body relax before feeding more of himself into her. It took almost ten minutes before he was completely inside but he managed. He remained still until she began to make little rocking motions with her hips at which point he slid about half of his length out before plunging back in.

"Ohhhh," Matsuri moaned pleasurably providing Naruto with the inspiration to pick up his pace. As he worked his length in and out of her, he leaned down to suck one of her small breasts almost completely into his mouth. Letting it go with a pop he leaned back stopping completely with his length buried inside of her. Matsuri's moaning took on a hint of a complaint bringing a smile to his face as he grabbed her right leg and brought it up and over his shoulder until it touched her left. Moving her until she was on her side he spooned up behind her before he began sliding in and out of her again while grouping her breasts.

Looking over her shoulder Matsuri said, "Kiss… kiss me please."

Naruto leaned forward after placing a kiss on her shoulder. When he made contact with her mouth she quickly responded darting her tongue out and into his. He pulled back slightly so that their tongues were visible as they swirled around each other. She broke the kiss as Naruto pulled on both her nipples causing her to moan, "Oh ggggoooooddddd, don't do that or else I'm going to break."

"I want you to break though Matsuri," Naruto whispered into her ear. "Go ahead, cum. Show me the face that only I'll see." He punctuated his sentence by giving her nipples another strong pull.

"Aaaaahhhhhh," Matsuri shouted, her face taking on a look of pure pleasure. Her pussy tightened to the point that Naruto couldn't move but feeling her muscles squeezing him for his essences he let go coating her insides in his seed.

The sweating couple was breathing hard as they basked in the glow of their activity. They remained connected as Naruto's cock refused to wilt despite Matsuri loosening slightly in the aftermath of her orgasm. Matsuri's breathing began to even out and she looked behind her saying, "Naruto…"


"Please don't stop until there's only room in my heart for you," she said her tone filled with longing. He felt her pussy squeeze around him again so rolling onto his back pulling her with, he went about showing her that he would do everything in his power to make her wish a reality.

*Chapter 9*: Chapter 9

Target: A surprise

Naruto and Tayuya were in the recreation of his apartment within his seal. The reason was so Kyuubi could create a new seal to mark people that Tayuya found in the villages she entered. That way Naruto would be able to locate them later. Coupled with the Hiraishin mark that Tayuya would leave in the villages, not to mention the one Kyuubi would be working into the new seal, Naruto figured he'd easily be able to approach them even if she was no longer in the village.

It was going to be necessary going forward as Naruto was due to leave Suna in the morning and probably wouldn't have time to pursue the two women she had already zeroed out for inclusion. Tayuya had little doubt that she wasn't the only one sad about that as she knew the two Suna kunoichi had gotten used to having him around.

Tayuya grinned considering at the moment she was the one with him in the real world as well. They were both lying in her bed in the cheap apartment she had rented on a month by month basis. Much like in the hospital he was channeling Kyuubi's chakra into her so that she could be there to learn how to apply it when finished. Except unlike then they were both naked.

In the seal world they were still dressed and sitting side by side on the couch while Kyuubi drew on the wall modifying the formula she was working on to match all the criteria Tayuya had asked for. The former Sound-nin's smile widened as she thought of all the things she planned to do that night with Naruto as soon as she was taught how to apply it. Her smile dropped though when she noticed Naruto's face began to scrunch up.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm not…Oh fuck," he suddenly shouted in a way that usually signaled his release.

Kyuubi spun surprised by his sudden outburst but before she could inquire as to what was going on he faded from the seal. Tayuya stared surprised for several seconds before it dawned on her what had happened and she blurted, "Those bitches." She cut her connection as well leaving a disgruntled Kyuubi behind as she began to once more feel the pleasure that the other women were experiencing.


"Oh fuck," Naruto shouted feeling a strange sensation as his consciousness was temporarily in two places at once as he erupted into the warm mouth surrounding his tool. The moment passed leaving him full aware of the small apartment that he had been occupying with Tayuya as they waited. He directed his gaze down his body to see Matsuri finish drinking his load with a pleased looking Ino saying, "How's he taste?"

"Like you don't know," Temari said sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed.

Pouting Ino replied, "I know, but I was hoping she'd share."

Temari's response was interrupted as Tayuya shot up saying, "Oh no you bitches don't. He's mine."

Temari glared at the red-head as she quickly said, "You're not the only one that's going to be separated from him in the morning you know."

"But I was the one that got to be with him the least due to my job," Tayuya countered.

Temari frowned since Tayuya did have a point as she and Matsuri had monopolized his time during the several days Naruto had been in the village as he waited for Gaara to finalize the list of Sand Genin appearing in the next Chunin Exam. However despite Tayuya's point Naruto could tell that neither of the Suna kunoichi were exactly thrilled at missing out on a chance to be with him on his final night in Suna. Ino decided to stay out of it since she knew she would have him all to herself for the trip back.

Hoping to ease the tension Naruto said, "I have an idea."

"Please don't tell me you want to use those clones of yours again," Temari said directing her glare from Tayuya to him.

Naruto winced from her piercing gaze as he remembered his disastrous attempt to use Shadow Clones to make it so each girl had time with him. He had created several and then hidden himself among them to allow the girls to pick which one they would spend the night with. Sadly, the girls learned which one got the real one as clones were not meant for the rigors of sex. Matsuri had been the big winner that night as she had chosen wisely and gotten the real one, while the others had their clones dispel sometime during the act leaving them frustrated. As a result he vowed to take another look at the Forbidden Scroll in order to figure out just what the hell Shadow Clones were supposed to be used for. Since he figured it was only because of his enormous amount of chakra that he got away with using them in combat like he did.

"Not what I had in mind," Naruto said.

"Fine, but I'm first," Tayuya said getting an idea of what Naruto had in store and climbed on top of him trying to bury him inside of her.

Naruto grabbed her by the hips preventing her from succeeding and then pushed her onto her back before saying, "Again not exactly what I have in mind." He grabbed a pillow putting it under Tayuya's ass to raise her hips in order to make it easier to enter her from his kneeling position.

As he slid into Tayuya, she moaned contently causing the other three girls to dampen their panties as their own arousal grew. Naruto continued to move slowly as Tayuya rested her ankles on his shoulders. He stared straight ahead at the three girls at the foot of the bed as Tayuya thrashed her head back and forth.

Temari seemed to understand what he was waiting for first climbing onto the bed she then pressed herself against his side while still fully dressed and said, "No fair, Naruto. Make me feel good too."

Naruto's smile grew as he reached one of his hands into the folds of her kimono where her legs met together. The smile grew more lecherous as he felt no panties there to bar his access to her sweet spot. Commenting on it he said, "No panties Temari, how bold." Her response turned into a groan as he buried two fingers inside of her.

Temari grabbed onto his shoulder as she slide down some spreading her thighs apart wider to give Naruto more room to work as he fingered her snatch. He turned his head towards her and kissed her deeply as he began to pound Tayuya harder and faster.

She responded immediately shouting, "That's it fuck me senseless. Oh fuck…"

Naruto felt his own nipple being licked on the opposite side Temari was occupying. Turning his head he found Matsuri, who had taken the time to get out of her clothes, running her tongue around it. He reached his free hand up to cup one of her breasts. As he tweaked one of her nipples she moaned, "I…I want you too, Naruto."

"Don't worry, we have all night," Naruto said leaning down to kiss her gently. He moved the hand working her nipple to her snatch where he buried a finger inside her. As he pleased three of his girls he directed his attention to Ino, who rubbed her own snatch while standing and watching the show. Although her eyes moved over all of them, she mostly focused her attention to the spot his cock was currently churning.

Tayuya suddenly tightening around his shaft caught him by surprise as he was busy licking Matsuri's nipple at the time. It triggered his own orgasm which he shouted saying, "I'm cumming." As he deposited his load into Tayuya, he was vaguely aware of Ino making her way closer to the bed. Climbing onto it, she leaned over Tayuya's body looking directly at where they were connected. When he was finished he pulled out and Ino suddenly lurched forward taking him into her mouth. He moaned as he felt her tongue swirl around his cock cleaning it of his and Tayuya's combined release. After cleaning his tool completely she let him out of her mouth prompting Temari to pull him down onto his back. As the Suna kunoichi positioned herself over his rod he continued to watch Ino as she stared at his release slowly leaking from Tayuya's pussy.

He groaned as he felt his dick slip into Temari but kept his eyes glued to Ino. He had noticed that she seemed to have developed an oral fixation and that it seemed to center around tasting his cock after each girl he had been with. It had started after she had seen him with Tsunade and after the Hokage had lost consciousness she had immediately gotten up from the chair to latch her mouth to his dick. He had figured it was only a matter of time before she would drink directly from a woman's lower lips herself and got the feeling that now was the moment as she stared down at Tayuya's abused pussy.

She leaned forward ever so slowly before giving Tayuya's snatch an exploratory lick. Apparently she liked what she tasted as soon she was eating out Tayuya with the same gusto she had seen him use many times. "Hey, stop…stop it…," Tayuya feebly complained coming down from her orgasm to find Ino was behind the continued sensations she was feeling.

Ino pulled away from Tayuya's pussy to look back at the girl showing her lips covered in both her and Naruto's cum to say, "No way in hell." Before she could get back to her meal though, Matsuri moved in front of Ino and pulled her into a kiss. When the kiss ended Matsuri licked her lips sensuously and said, "Delicious."

Matsuri moved away to climb above Naruto's head in order to lower her own snatch to his lips as Temari continued to ride him. Naruto gave Matsuri his full attention as he began to attack her sensitive spot with his tongue. Meanwhile, Ino brought her other leg over Tayuya's head giving the red head a clear view of her panty covered snatch and the dark stain that appeared to be spreading. Tayuya admitted what Ino was doing was pleasurable but still felt uneasy about returning the favor in the same manner. Therefore she pulled Ino's panties to the side before sticking a finer inside the blonde. Ino moaned appreciatively spurring Tayuya on as she felt her own lusts begin to return.

Temari paused a moment in her riding of Naruto to catch her breath as well as take in the erotic sight of Ino eating out Tayuya. She wondered for a brief moment what the girl was tasting before she directed her attention to Matsuri. Leaning forward she kissed the panting brunette picking up a hint of what Ino had transferred as the two had kissed. The small taste was enough to spike Temari's lust though and she quickly began rocking her hips in an effort to get off.

Listening to the sound of Tayuya and Ino as they pleased each other truly was serving as a huge aphrodisiac for Naruto. Responding to Temari's need he began to try and match her rhythm while he continued to please Matsuri with his tongue. Sensing the girl sitting on his face was closest he sucked on her clit causing her to orgasm and soak his face in her release. She fell to her side away from the others and no sooner was she clear then Temari's face appeared in front of him. She kissed him greedily giving him the feeling that she was trying to taste Matsuri through him.

Placing his hands on her still clothed hips, although her kimono had fallen away from her upper body, he held her still before he began to piston up into her. Temari was forced to break the kiss as she moaned, "Yes, that's it fuck me Naruto…fuck me. Fill my pussy with your hot spunk."

"You asked for it," Naruto said rolling them over where he could truly pound into her. As he went to work she clasped her legs around his waist locking her ankles behind him. Finally she tensed up using her legs to pull him deeper inside her and screamed her release as she felt Naruto fill her insides. She laid there panting with her eyes closed but opened them in surprise when she felt a tongue begin probing her lower lips. Seeing that Ino who apparently had gotten all the cream she could from Tayuya, who was panting having cum again from the blonde leaf kunoichi's talented tongue, had moved onto the fresh source that was leaking from her. Temari placed a hand on Ino's head to push her away but when the blonde flicked her still sensitive clit with her tongue found herself pulling Ino into her snatch instead.


The orgy had lasted for almost an hour before each girl was completely satisfied. Although tired, Naruto had to admit his endless stamina could easily have kept him going for a while longer. He pushed away the desire to succumb to sleep to take another dive into the seal. Making his way to the recreation of his apartment the first thing he noticed was the completed seal design on the wall. He turned his attention to Kyuubi who was staring at him from the couch with her arms crossed. From her demeanor he could see that she was rather upset with him. Figuring it was due to his sudden departure as well as for the reason he sat next to her on the couch.

He remained silent waiting for her to make the first move and was surprised that she did in the form of relaxing into his side. "Enjoy yourself," she asked a hint of the bitterness she felt at having to feel the pleasure second hand leaking into her voice.

"I'm sure you already know the answer to that," Naruto said. Staring at the symbol on the wall which appeared to be an X with a circle around it he asked, "Is it complete?"

"Yes," Kyuubi said a little put off at his changing the subject. "Once she applies it to the target the seal will allow you to sense were these potential conquests are. It will also disappear so the target won't realize she's been marked."

"Nicely done," Naruto said before surprising Kyuubi by gently tilting her face towards his. She shut her eyes as he slowly closed the distance between them. The kiss started as gently as the first one they had shared but Kyuubi quickly desired more and opened her mouth in order to invite Naruto to deepen the kiss. It was an invitation he quickly accepted as his tongue darted into hers to met and dance with hers.

Kyuubi lost track of how long they kissed but eventually the need to breath overpowered her. Breaking apart she panted and watched Naruto with hooded eyes as he quickly recovered first. He slipped from the couch taking up a kneeling position in front of her. Reaching forward, he placed a hand on her thighs before slowly moving the kimono she wore apart to reveal her panty covered mound. He looked up at Kyuubi before asking, "Would you like a reward for a job well done?"

Kyuubi nodded shyly wondering what it was Naruto would do. He leaned and placed kisses on the insides of her inner thighs. He worked his way towards where they converged slowly taking his time as he moved from one leg to the other. Much to Kyuubi pleasure he reached her junction but it quickly turned to embarrassment as he took in several deep breaths making it clear he was breathing in her scent.

"Don't… don't do that," Kyuubi said wondering why it was she felt such mortification.

But it faded as Naruto said, "You don't need to feel embarrassed. You smell wonderful." He proved that by placing his mouth over her panties and teased her folds with his tongue. His feather light licks even further dulled by the cloth preventing direct contact only served to heighten her arousal. When he pulled back her panties were soaked with the combined fluids of his saliva and her excitement. Reaching up the outside of her legs, he grabbed ahold of her underwear and after she raised her hips off the couch pulled them down and off.

Throwing them over his shoulder, he grabbed the back of her knees and lifted her legs up and apart spreading her further. Before she could complain about the exposed state the new position left her in Naruto moved forward quickly attacking her snatch with his tongue. Kyuubi's complaints were silenced and instead she moaned in pleasure while placing her hands in his hair.

Naruto felt a mixture of pride and pleasure as she began to try and grind her mound into his face. Letting go of her legs, he wasn't surprised that her grinding picked up in intensity or that she spread herself even wider for him. As she got wetter and wetter he slid two of his fingers inside of her and quickly found the small area that seemed to get the greatest amount of response from the moaning woman in front of him.

As he ran his tongue over the top half of her pussy while rubbing the area he began to zero in on her clit. Kyuubi moans were picking up in intensity letting him know that she was close. Suddenly he found his head being pulled into her mound as she shouted, "Oh dear Kami, I'm cummmmiiiiinnnnggg." Which was followed by his face being drenched in her release. She went slack and stared at him with a content smile on her face. Naruto moved up to her face kissing her and allowing her to taste herself.

She groaned as Naruto stood quickly asking, "Are we stopping?"

"For now," he said as he began to leave.

He stopped though when Kyuubi said, "Naruto, next time…next time, please don't let it be a reward for services rendered."

Naruto looked back and was about to turn to talk to her but with a wave of her hand she cut the connection returning him to the real world and found that for the moment at least he couldn't reenter the seal. Taking in his surroundings, he saw the content women spread about the bed but realized that much like his earlier mistakes with not considering his girls feelings. He hadn't considered that maybe Kyuubi wanted more than just sex, but the care and comfort he tried to provide for each of the women entering into his orbit.


Naruto and Ino were about halfway back to Konoha and resting for the night when he felt the pull that meant he was being called. Recognizing that it was Matsuri, he told Ino then Hiraishined to her. He appeared in a red flash inside the bedroom of her apartment not sure what to expect, but it wasn't to see Matsuri, Temari and Tayuya dressed in lingerie.

As he took in the gorgeous curves of the women draped over her bed he heard Tayuya say, "See, I fucking told you he'd show."

He knelt on the bed and asked, "What's this all about?"

Matsuri looked nervous and like she wanted to say something but stopped. Tayuya on the other hand didn't have a problem speaking so said, "Matsuri was worried that you'd forget about us back in Konoha."

Matsuri poked her fingers together but nodded. Naruto smiled gently and cupping her cheek said, "I'm here and I'm just a jutsu away."

Matsuri lost herself in his blue eyes until he began to lean forward and kiss her. Pulling back he noticed her eyes were half closed but before he took things to the next level he asked, "What's with the lingerie show?"

"Well we figured if you did show you'd deserve a reward," Temari said giving a bright smile showing off the Kyuubi mark on her inner thigh.

Naruto began stripping his shirt off while saying, "And here I thought my birthday came early." As soon as he had his shirt off, he began laughing as he was tackled and quickly found himself once more in the middle of a hot night of passion in Suna.


Naruto stretched as he sat up in his bed having returned to Konoha the day before. As carefully as he could, he extracted himself from it so as to not wake the girl he was sharing it with. But it proved unnecessary when Hinata turned towards him to say, "Morning Naruto."

"Good morning," he replied leaning down to kiss her.

Before he could tell her to go back to sleep she began to rise as well wanting to get an early start on the day. Hinata truly had to hand it to Shizune as she couldn't believe all the young woman had needed to handle when it had just been her assisting Tsunade. She frowned though when she noticed Naruto quickly getting dress as she had been hoping to share a shower with him that morning. With a cute pout she said, "Do you really need to rush off? I thought Kakashi had a habit of showing up late."

Naruto chuckled but said, "He was pretty insistent on being on time." Kissing her again he added, "Besides, we both know what will happen if we shower together, and I don't think I want to start this new training after being completely drained by you my Hyuuga Princess."

Hinata blushed at what he said but was forced to admit he raised a rather good point since that was exactly what she had wanted to do. Receiving another kiss, Naruto quickly left trusting her to lock up after she did. Making her way to the shower she stepped under its warm spray. Picking up a new shampoo that Ino had left behind she began to work it into her hair as she let the events of the night before replay themselves in her memory.

Naruto had come to her asking to take her out for the night. She had happily accepted and he had taken her out to a fancy restaurant. During dinner they had discussed his trip to Suna. However, he did leave out most of the details about the other women due to the public venue. He did speak about Gaara and his burgeoning relationship with Sari though. As expected the young woman had been quite pleased that she could finally announce that she was the one that was with Suna's most eligible bachelor. Although she still didn't know why it was that her number one rival seemed completely at peace with it.

Naruto had then asked her about what was happening with her. She had started out by telling him that her father seemed pleased by her decision to help Tsunade as an assistant. Naruto had frowned at her causing Hinata to worry that he was displeased with her. He was, just not in the way she expected as he had asked if she was telling him that to let him know about her current standing in her family. She had broken eye contact but nodded.

She closed her eyes and could almost feel his gentle cupping of her cheek to make her look at him as he told her, "I asked you how you were doing. I don't care if your dad likes or dislikes your decision Hinata and if you are doing this to please him, and me as a result, and not because you enjoy it. Then you should quit."

Hinata quickly assured him that she did enjoy it. But from that point on she had talked about her duties and how she felt about them. Towards the end of dinner though talking coherently had been rather difficult since the target Naruto was working on entered the restaurant along with her daughter. The reason had been since as soon as Tsume and Hana had entered he had begun to release his enhanced pheromones. Hinata smiled as she thought of all the people that had gotten lucky that night as a result since all the patrons had obviously felt them.

Yet only two people had zeroed in on the source of them. Once they did though Naruto had quickly paid for the meal and escorted her towards his apartment. Naruto's plan for Tsume called for a rather slow seduction and for the first part would generally rely on appearing in and around the area of Konoha that the Inuzuka tended to frequent. The restaurant they had eaten in had been one such place. Although the Inuzuka were brash and many considered them unsophisticated. The truth was many of the finer restaurants of the village were located in what many considered Inuzuka territory. This was due to while the Inuzuka didn't care for many of the more worldly things money could buy. They did love good food.

Even she had been surprised to learn that, having thought the Akimichi would be the people to see about food. But, due to their gargantuan appetites their restaurants tended to offer more of the bulky types of meals. Still quite a few great restaurants were located there but Naruto's goal was to appear more and more in what Tsume considered her territory in order to make her feel a new Alpha was encroaching. And if the slight barring of her teeth as they had passed Tsume's table showed anything it was that his plan appeared to be working. Hana on the other hand had seemed quite interested in Naruto though in a less challenging way.

As they had made their way to Naruto's they had taken a pretty public path. As they had walked the pair had noticed people talking about them. Which highlighted one of the downfalls of Naruto's desire to take each of his girls on dates, and that was in a shinobi village people loved to talk about other people's business and secrets. Therefore, since Naruto had already been seen on a date with Hinata, Ino, Ayame, and a blonde bombshell that nobody truly knew who she was, he was developing a reputation as a player. To combat that as they had passed through the market area Ino had made sure to stop them and talk. All three of them had found it difficult not to laugh as the people paying attention to them, although they tried not to show it, had all but given themselves away since they obviously were expecting some huge blow up between them. Not the calm conversation that had ended with Ino wishing them a good night. As a result they hoped people would begin to think that the dates were simply a night on the town between friends.

The night had ended on a far less innocent note when after entering the apartment Hinata had all but attacked Naruto finding keeping herself in check to be impossible now that they were alone. Turning the shower off before she began to indulge in the memories since she didn't want to be late as a result of needing to take care of her building urges she spared a moment to drop the henge hiding her chakra. Although the lighter green color had darkened, she frowned since it still wasn't the red she so desperately wanted.


Naruto wasn't sure how to feel about returning to Team Seven. On one hand, he was excited and hoped Kakashi had something impressive to teach him. But on the other he wasn't exactly sure about how to act around Sakura. The truth was he was rather surprised that she was taking his distancing himself from her as hard as both Ino and Ayame described. Ayame had told him of his teammate's visit to her stand while he was gone and of the small argument between them.

When he had originally decided on his current course of action when it came to Sakura, he had expected a quiet acceptance to it. Almost like things had been between them during Team Seven's tenure together three years ago. Minus all his begging her for dates though. While they had gotten on well enough, Sakura had never really gone out of her way to get to know him. He had just assumed that she would gladly go back to that.

Although touched by her new need to have him in her life more, if it ever came up he would have to accuse her of having a revisionist view of Team Seven. As he felt the current policy of emotional distancing was a more accurate reflection of their previous relationship. He supposed her tearful begging him to bring back Sasuke and his vow to do just that had changed more between him then he suspected. Regardless it was that uncertainty of what to expect from her that had him a little nervous about the day's training.

Stepping onto the training field he saw he was the last to arrive. Kakashi upon noticing him closed his book and with a light tone said, "Hm, right on time. For a moment I thought we had switched places."

Naruto chuckled good-naturedly saying, "I'd have to keep you waiting several hours before you could claim that Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi shrugged before saying, "Well before we get to the heart of your new training. Sakura has told me that you've been busy training yourself while I was out of action. Mind sharing what you been up too?"

Naruto caught Sakura wincing as Kakashi dropped her name. He felt his hackles rising and struggled to keep it from his face. However he did narrow his eyes at her. It was a gesture not missed by Kakashi. Before he could ask though Naruto said a little of the anger he felt bleeding into his voice, "Well what Sakura apparently failed to mention was that Tsunade doesn't want me talking about it."

Kakashi noticed that Sakura looked away from Naruto. Shrugging he said diplomatically, "I guess it slipped her mind. But I also heard you've done some sparring against Yuugao."

Naruto nodded before saying, "Yeah, she's a tough taskmaster. I can see why she's the head of Anbu."

Sakura's head whipped around at that to stare at him in wide eye surprise. Although Naruto had told her he sparred against an Anbu. Learning that it was the head Captain and one of the people that had been exhibiting signs of something she was beginning to think of as "The Glow," thought it was unlikely to be a coincidence. What were the odds of women entering Naruto's orbit suddenly gaining a brighter and more cheerful outlook on life. But she was forced to admit that in truth he had been doing that for years as she thought of Koyuki, Daimyo of the Land of Snow, Haruna, from the Land of Vegetables, and Toki of Bird. They were just three women that Naruto had similarly affected, but it was easy to forget that since she didn't have to see it every day. Still she wondered why it was that women in Konoha seemed to be more taken with him than usual lately. She also wondered why it was that he hadn't asked to take her on a date like she had heard he had done for Ino, Ayame, Hinata, and some blonde civilian.


"So after that, Kakashi-sensei had me and Sakura spare to show off what Yuugao had taught me before explaining he wanted to teach me how to add Wind element to my chakra in order to complete the Rasengan," Naruto said to his date that night. "I just wish she would stop trying to snoop in my business."

"Did you tell her that?"

"Yeah," Naruto said. "After the spar, Kakashi dismissed us saying he figured we'd need a way to keep the Kyuubi in check for some reason. He said it had to do with the method we were going to use and that he knew someone in Anbu that would be able to help. Well anyway as I was leaving Sakura tried to come up and start a conversation with me like she did nothing wrong. I told her that I didn't appreciate her trying to manipulate Kakashi into forcing me to reveal what I've been up too." Tsunade shook her head prompting him to ask, "What?"

"It's just three years ago you'd be excited that she was showing this much interest in you," Tsunade said. "Also I think you're being a little unfair."

"What, how is it unfair that I want her to keep her nose out of what I'm doing outside of the team?"

"Oh that isn't what you are being unfair about, but in being so self-righteous in her making a mistake." A part of Tsunade expected him to blow up at that. But Naruto proved he would probably always be capable of surprising her by simply leaning back in the chair and crossing his arms. Taking that as permission to continue she said, "Well she's a young woman trying to understand why it is you have thrown a brick wall up between you two. She was simply hoping to use Kakashi as a means to put a small crack in it."

"But why are you saying my being upset is self-righteous?" Naruto asked challenging.

"In forgetting that you've made a few mistakes yourself," Tsunade answered. "Don't forget you made quite a major blunder recently in Suna in your blurting out to Gaara what you've been up too." Naruto tried to defend his actions but Tsunade cut him off saying, "Yes I know it worked out alright. But without even thinking about how your actions would make everyone else feel you leapt in headlong. What would you do if he rejected your ideas?"

"I…I don't know," Naruto admitted.

"But you persisted without considering just how your actions' consequences could have spelled disaster for all of us. Do you really think I would still be Hokage if people learned of our new connection? Not to mention how Yuugao and Hinata would have been affected."

"I get what you're saying," Naruto replied after digesting what Tsunade had said. "Sakura did what she did without considering the aftereffects if things didn't turn out as she hoped." Tsunade nodded so he said, "I'll apologize tomorrow."

"I didn't say to do that," Tsunade said laughing lightly at his confused expression. "She did screw up and you have a legitimate reason to be angry. I just don't want you to use it as a reason to convince yourself you are right in your current treatment of her." She could see Naruto took her words to heart so said, "Now I'm tired of talking about another woman on my date so let's change the subject."

Naruto smiled at her suggestion just as glad to do so. Moving on to more date friendly topics the pair was unaware they were being discreetly observed. Sitting alone at her table Koharu Utatane frowned wondering what exactly it was Tsunade was playing at. It was merely by happenstance that she happened to be there since she often ate at the expensive restaurant. But upon seeing the nine-tail Jinchuriki entering with a blonde had lost interest in her meal. At first she didn't recognize her but despite her advanced age. Her memory was still excellent and it wasn't long before she realized that the young woman was a henged Tsunade. She was slightly disappointed that it took as long as it did for her to recognize the woman especially since she knew of Tsunade's penchant for changing her appearance. However, Koharu had assumed Tsunade to have grown out of such childish behavior. Yet watching the two, Koharu feared she had grown into something else. Something that if it came to light, would tarnish not only the Hokage title, but the very village itself.

As the pair got up after paying for their meal she considered following them to reprimand them since it was apparent they were far closer than was proper considering their age difference. She decided to talk to Tsunade in the morning in order to give the woman the chance to do the right thing. Otherwise she would take steps to ensure the right thing was done, steps which may include involving her fellow elders.


Sakura was sitting on the swing in the Academy playground that Naruto used to frequent when he appeared down. She hoped that by sitting there she would think of some way to lessen Naruto's anger at her. Sadly nothing had occurred to her. She stood up to go home but stopped when she heard Kakashi say, "Now what's with the long face."

Sakura tried to smile but didn't feel up to it instead saying, "Guess I just don't have much of a reason to smile lately."

"Ah, you must be referring to what happened between you and Naruto today," Kakashi said nonchalantly.

Sakura winced before schooling her features and saying, "Sorry about tricking you like that."

Kakashi shrugged saying, "No big deal." He then began to walk with Sakura as she began heading home.

Sakura though said, "No it is. I tried to use you to force Naruto into telling me what he was up to."

Kakashi chuckled as he said, "I think I figured that out Sakura."

Sakura nodded before saying, "I just don't know what happened between us. I mean when he first came back everything was great. But then when I left everything changed and now he barely wants to be around me."

Kakashi watched her a moment before saying, "I think you're overreacting a tad. Although today started out pretty rough Naruto was still able to function as a team with you."

"But as soon as training was over he took off like he wanted to be as far from me as possible," Sakura sad sadly.

"Well you did just try to…"

"It wasn't only today though," Sakura said her voice raising a few octaves. "Ever since that mission to Grass he wanted nothing to do with me. Ayame says it's because he's preparing for the day Sasuke comes back. Like when that happens he'll cut me out of his life completely."

"Hmmm," Kakashi said after a moment of thought, "I suppose that is possible." Sakura looked up her eyes wide with the panic she felt. Explaining what he meant Kakashi said, "Well Sakura put yourself in Naruto's shoes."

"Don't you think I've tried," Sakura said agitated, "I've been trying to figure out what I've done to anger him to such a point."

"Perhaps," Kakashi said, "Yet I don't think you've truly looked at things from his point of view. Tell me, what do you remember of the day you were all assigned to Team Seven?"

Sakura immediately said, "I remember being happy."


Sakura was about to blurt out, "Because I was put on Sasuke's team."

However it died on her tongue, but Kakashi apparently knew what she had been about to say and pressing on said, "Do you also remember what you said when I asked you what it was you hated?"

"Naruto," she said weakly.

"Yeah," Kakashi said his tone holding no admonishment towards her. But he did say, "Considering that, I suppose it's easy to understand why he'd insist on a little distance in light of our goal being to return Sasuke to the village. I mean three years ago you'd have greatly enjoyed not having Naruto pestering you after training."

Sakura nodded unable to find a fault in Kakashi's logic. Chuckling mirthlessly she said, "And here it was I who thought they wanted things to go back to the way they were." Kakashi raised an eyebrow at her so she clarified saying, "I guess Naruto is simply preparing for me to begin chasing after Sasuke again."

"More than likely," Kakashi said, "While it was no secret how much he cared for you. I guess he just doesn't wish to watch the girl he had cared for end up in the arms of his rival. But don't worry. I'm sure things will get better as the team spends more time together."

Sakura nodded. Yet still felt that only seeing Naruto when Team Kakashi met was less than satisfactory.


Tsunade was busy working on the day's work load having gotten an early start that day. She doubted even Shizune had gotten out of bed yet and smiled imagining her apprentice going to her bedroom to find she was already gone. Well technically gone wasn't the right word since she hadn't slept there in the first place. Smirking, she thought that slept might have been too strong of a word to use as well considering how most of the night had been spent. Although she did return to her room to make her bed appeared slept in and for some fresh clothes.

A knock at her door attracted her attention. Wondering at who her visitor was and what they wanted so early in the morning she told the person to enter. She smiled warmly at the woman who stepped in which died as she noticed the frown that was on the woman's face. Wondering if something was amiss in the village Tsunade asked, "What is troubling you this morning?"

Koharu walked deeper into the office moving past Tsunade's desk to stare out the window as the sun rose illuminating the village before saying, "Did you try the steamed salmon last night? It's what the restaurant is known for."

Tsunade kept her gaze directed forward aware that Koharu was probably watching her in the glass. Tsunade cursed as she had been unable to prevent her body from going stiff. Still she tried to play it off saying, "I'm afraid I don't know what you are talking about."

Koharu sighed saying, "Really, I suppose I could be mistaken. I am getting rather old, and my eyes might have been playing tricks on me. Yet I swear the woman Naruto was with last night was the spitting image of you when you were younger." Although her tone was calm and indifferent Tsunade knew Koharu was positive of what she saw. Continuing she said, "I suppose what I assumed to be a date last night could be nothing more than some harmless fun. Especially, in light of the fact that Naruto seems to have been entertaining quite a few young women lately. Since these women seem to know of each other, I don't imagine anything too serious is going on. Yet, his date last night certainly seemed far more passionate then I thought these other dates had been."

Tsunade slowly turned in her chair to see Koharu staring down at her. "Why are you telling me all of this?"

"Considering how close the two of you are I thought it prudent to warn you," Koharu said her tone disapproving. "I thought that considering your close resemblance to this woman last night it may be possible you know her. I think it also very likely she was far older than she appeared, so please pass on this warning if you will. This woman, whoever she may be, should remember herself and her station in life."

Koharu walked to the door but stopping at it said, "I'll keep what I saw last night to myself and will consider it an indiscretion made most likely by a lonely woman looking for a little comfort. However, should she choose to disregard my warning. She should know that there are plenty of people who will use this against her. I trust I have made myself clear. Remember, real kunoichi keep their emotions and their lusts in check."

Tsunade nodded unable to meet the elder's eyes feeling so very small under the woman's scrutiny. While most people who talked to her like that would be lucky to speak at all when she was done with them, Koharu was one of the few people exempt from that fear. The reason had to do with much like how many of today's kunoichi looked up to her. Koharu was the woman that Tsunade had looked up to while growing up.

The other reason she had held her tongue was because she knew who it was that Koharu had been alluding to. If Danzou learned of her relationship with Naruto there was no doubt that the man would use it and most likely the moral indignation some would feel to pull her out of office and install himself in her place. Feeling her heart break even as she came to her decision she was somewhat comforted knowing that at least there were plenty of people to take her place.


Naruto awoke contently as usual and wasn't surprised that Tsunade was no longer in his bed. After taking a shower he dressed and headed to the training field where Kakashi introduced him to a man named Yamato. He then explained how they were going to use his Shadow Clones to speed up the process of learning the new completed Rasengan.

As the day wore on he could tell both men were surprised that the Kyuubi didn't make any takeover attempts. Still by the end of the day he was pretty much wiped and was looking forward to slipping into his bed. He made it home and had just finished showering again when Hinata entered his apartment. He was about to tell her that he just wanted to get into bed when she told him that Tsunade needed to see him.

He could tell by Hinata's tone that it appeared urgent so he quickly dressed and walked with her to the Hokage office. On the way he asked, "Any idea about what this is about?" Hinata shook her head in reply confusing Naruto since Hinata had seemed to feel it was urgent so he said, "Then what's the matter?"

"Lady Tsunade seemed depressed all day," Hinata answered. "There were times when she almost looked like she wanted to break down and cry. It almost seemed to pain her when she asked me to go get you."

Arriving at Tsunade's office he frowned when upon entering she appeared completely miserable. Looking at him, she tried to smile but failed and said, "Thank you Hinata that will be all for today." Hinata nodded looking at the Hokage sadly before closing the door to the office.

Naruto approached Tsunade and tried to come around the desk to comfort her but was stopped as she said, "Please stay where you are."

He frowned but complied asking, "What's going on Tsunade? Why do you look like you've been crying?"

"Do I," she said quickly wiping at her eyes. "Naruto…," she began before trailing off.

"What is it?" he said the suspense killing him.

Sadly, Tsunade blurted out, "We need to end our relationship. I'll still support you but I…I can't be with you anymore. At least not in any truly meaningful way."

"What? Why," Naruto said confused since she had given no indication she felt that way the night before or that any of such thoughts had been plaguing her. Although he could have missed it he had been trying to be more observant with his girls.

"It doesn't matter," Tsunade said. "It was foolish of me to think I could have a relationship with you. I'm double your age, no matter what changes have happened. I'll always cherish our time together but… I won't be of much use to you if we continue and worse it could lead to our downfall."

"Has someone threatened you?"

"It doesn't matter," Tsunade tried to reiterate.

However Naruto wasn't having it as he used what he thought of as The Voice on her saying, "Who is making you do this?"

Tsunade tried to resist it but eventually was forced to say, "Koharu Utatane." She quickly said, "But she is right Naruto and…"

"Like hell she's right," Naruto said angrily. "What business of it is hers if we see each other?"

"She's an elder of the village and has its best interests at heart. She recognized me at the restaurant and told me this morning if we continued she'd be forced to tell others. If she passes the information on to Danzou, he'll use it to strip me of my title. Kami only knows what his goals are for you."

Tsunade closed her eyes to stave off the tears she felt as she said, "Koharu said a real kunoichi keeps her emotions and lusts in check. Yet I cann't help, but feel…"

Her sentence trailed off as Naruto came around the desk taking her into his arms before saying, "You are mine Tsunade and I love you. I'm not going to let anything come between us, especially some dried up bitter old hag."


He silenced her with a kiss before saying, "I'll take care of this. You get some sleep."

"Naruto, what are you going to do?"

"I have no idea, but a man keeps his promises and I promised to always do right by you."


Naruto left the office telling Tsunade again to get some rest. She had wanted to go with him but eventually relented. As he walked, he felt it was likely that he had never been so angry before. Where was the bitch when everyone was ignoring him, but now that he had found happiness with Tsunade saw fit to disrupt it due to some moral indignation. He tried to calm himself to think up some plan of action or argument, but failed. However he was startled by a voice saying, "I have an idea or two."

He stopped mid-step before saying, "Kyuubi."

Kyuubi quickly admonished him saying, "Don't speak aloud you fool. Do you want people to think you are crazy or worse to begin suspecting we are talking?"

Naruto blushed at the admonishment and was glad he was alone on the street as he thought, "How?"

"Your anger is my best guess," Kyuubi said and Naruto could almost imagine the slight shrug of her shoulders she gave. "I was always able to better influence you when you gave into it. Why should communicating be any different?"

"Okay, now what about your idea."

"First go see Uzuki," Kyuubi said.


Yuugao had been surprised when Naruto arrived in her office as she was just about to go home. He had asked her for a favor which was to know about the Anbu watching the elder Koharu. When she had asked why, Naruto said he needed to confront her. A little hesitant since it was the first time she would be actively subverting her duties one of which was protecting the elder's she gave in when she heard why.

Approaching the Anbu on duty, who had yet to sense her approach, she said, "Mouse, I heard you are the proud father of a new baby boy."

"T-that's right," he said with a slight stutter afraid she was going to reprimand him for allowing her to get so close without detecting her.

Instead he received the surprise of his life as she said, "Must be why your mind was a million miles away. Go home and spend time with your family. But tomorrow you better be focused."

He nodded but stopped raising his hands in the sign to release genjutsu saying, "Kai."

"What are you doing?" she asked confused.

"Sorry it's just I have a hard time believing that you'd just let me go. The last guy you caught spacing out you had him monitoring the sewers."

Yuugao blushed but said, "Would you prefer that." Mouse shook his head no instead opting to take Yuugao up on her suggestion. After he left she gave Naruto the sign to move in and watched him slip into the elder's home.


Koharu was pleased she could let the matter drop. She had observed the Hokage all day from afar and although she had met with Naruto it had appeared they had ended their affair. She wondered briefly where the boy had stormed off too. But Tsunade had gone home and was still alone. Having grown weary herself she decided to head home and would keep her eyes on Tsunade for a few days to make sure things truly had ended.

Entering her home, she frowned upon feeling the presence of someone in her home. As she made her way to it unafraid since she knew she was under Anbu protection she wondered who her late night visitor was. It could be her teammate but found that unlikely considering the late hour. Walking through the house, Koharu frowned again but for a completely different reason. The reason was just how barren her home was. Unlike both of her teammates Koharu had never settled down to start a family since settling down for a kunoichi pretty much was a career ending move. True some still stayed active but most simply retired. At the time she thought it such a waste but now coming home always seemed to show off just how little she had to show for her decision. Unlike Homura and Sarutobi's that had been filled with the sound of children and now grandchildren.

A part of her felt it was unfair to deny Tsunade that if she and Naruto truly had found each other, but the good of the village must always come first in her eyes. A scandal like the kind she imagined would be had should people learn of their relationship would rock Konoha and likely result in some instability.

Recognizing her visitor's chakra now that she was close enough despite the room that served as her office he was in being dark she said, "How did you get past the Anbu watching my home?"

A light flicked on momentarily blinding her and she instantly went on guard but sensing no movement blinked until she could see Naruto, who was sitting in one of her chairs and had turned it towards the door. Naruto slowly stood once she could see saying, "How about we skip to the part where you felt it necessary to stick your nose in my and Tsunade's business."

"Well at least you are willing to admit it," Koharu said entering into the room. "Still, I suggest you take the warning I delivered to heart less something unfortunate happen."

"Are you threatening us?"

"Take it any way you wish," Koharu said moving past him to an ornate desk before pouring herself a drink.

"Why do you even care? We have been discreet and…"

"It doesn't matter if you are being discreet," Koharu said anger leaking into her voice. She is a fifty year old woman and you are a young man less than twice her age. What you two are doing is wrong and morally reprehensible and should it come to light will tarnish the office she holds and the one you claim to covet."

"You're right," Naruto said, "I did want to be Hokage. But I want Tsunade even more."

"We don't always get what we want. So choose."

"I have," Naruto said and he noticed Koharu almost immediately reacted sensing his impending attack. She attempted to make a break for the window, but Naruto raised his arm and a chakra claw appeared catching the retreating woman in the chest and slammed her into a wall hard enough to dent it. She half expected it to have pierced her flesh but looking down it appeared that the chakra was entering her and it was merely the force at which it was doing so holding her against the wall.

For some reason she felt strangely better than she had in years as aches and pains that had plagued her for decades slowly faded. She looked up catching her reflection in the window she had attempted to leap through only to see a face much younger staring back at her. What's more it continued to get younger as did her body as well. She blushed as the knot holding her kimono closed which had been tied to fit her older more stocky body gave way to reveal flawless skin and the toned body time had robbed her of. The blush also was due to the unflattering way her old lady garments hugged her body with her bra slipping away from her now slightly smaller and pert breasts.

The flow of chakra ended and she slid down to the ground landing on her knees. Strangely and probably due to her appearance she remembered the day they had lost the second and Sarutobi had been named Third Hokage. She figured it was because the age she now resembled was around that time. Standing she covered her chest in her arms wondering why the Anbu hadn't reacted to the Kyuubi chakra even if it didn't have the same menacing feel and said, "What have you done to me?"

Naruto calmly walked back to the chair he had been occupying when she had entered. Taking a seat he said, "You told Tsunade a true kunoichi keeps her feelings and lusts in check. Show me how it's done."

Koharu wondered what the boy meant, but then almost doubled over as she felt a feeling of heat and euphoria overcome her. She tried to make a break for it out of the room but suddenly a seal appeared over the window and door. She frowned since only the Anbu were aware of the seal which was to act as a barrier in case of an attack, but now served to trap her with the Kyuubi jinchuriki. She directed her gaze to Naruto and felt her lusts begin to boil over and she wondered how he was doing all this.

Naruto watched on dispassionately and could see the question in the elder's eyes. Answering her unasked question he said, "The chakra that restored your youth is also the cause of your discomfort. It's a jutsu I was given during my trip and I used it on each of my girls. Although I've never used Kyuubi's chakra before while using it so I imagine the effects you are feeling are far more potent. Probably a little unfair but if Tsunade is right and you resist it you'll return to normal although with your more youthful appearance."

Fighting the urge to run over to the young jinchuriki she said, "I'll…I'll beat this and when I do. I'll have you locked away forever."

Naruto chuckled before saying, "Well you'll try I imagine."

"What do… do you mean?"

"You obviously aren't thinking clearly. You see even if you beat this jutsu what do you plan to do. Say that I made you young again. That I turned back the hands of time and that you are in fact a seventy year old woman, you'll be locked up in the nearest psyche ward."

"There are DNA tests that will…"

"Already changed to fit the profile of some crazy woman with delusions of grandeur," Naruto said noticing that the unflattering panties which were attempting to slip off her narrower hips were darkening with her love juice. He also noticed that half-way through his explanation that Koharu had ceased to listen no doubt trying to calm her lust filled body. He released his enhanced pheromones to push her over the edge and could tell when they reached her by the way she swooned. When she opened her eyes Naruto could tell she had lost and that all she wanted was to sate the need her body felt.

He watched as she took a shaky step towards him and she removed one of her arms from her chest and reached it out towards him. Pleadingly she said, "Please…Please end it."

Resting his head against the hand that was against the armrest of the chair he said, "You know what you need to do to end it."

She took a step and followed by another as she walked rather clumsily as she tried to prevent the panties she wore from slipping down her hips. She managed and came to rest in front of him. Naruto kept his head on his hand while spreading his legs apart. Koharu picked up the hint sinking to her knees. With her free hand the other covering her chest she reached for the fly of his jeans. She stopped though when Naruto said, "Don't use your hand. Open it with your mouth."

Koharu glared up at him but he calmly said, "Or don't do it at all. I've already won the only thing that you can achieve now is alleviating the lust you feel."

The glare wilted as her body sent another shockwave of desire through her. Removing her hand from her chest, she shucked off her kimono before she placed both of her hands on his thighs and leaned forward. She struggled to grab ahold of the zipper using only her teeth as the large bulge she was rubbing against in her attempt also added to her distraction. Finally she managed and pulled it down and sat back in surprise as it sprung out hitting her face. She stared at it for a moment before leaning forward to take him into her mouth. She began slowly and hesitantly but soon began to get into it. Sadly, she just wasn't very good at it and Naruto figured it was because she was probably a prude in her youth. Grabbing her by the back of her head he forced her down his length without warning. He began to furiously fuck her face as she attempted to pull away but his strong hands kept her moving back and forth over his pole. Feeling himself ready to release he let go after burying his tool as far as it would go. He coated her throat and stomach in his seed in several powerful bursts.

He held her there for several moments before letting go. Instantly pulling back Koharu began coughing and massaging her abused throat as she panted for breath. Her glare returned as she looked up at him but he said coldly, "If I left it to you we'd be here all day. What's a matter granny, never give a blowjob before?"

Koharu looked away prompting Naruto to laugh and say, "You haven't, have you? Kami, no wonder you got so bent out of shape over Tsunade and me. You were probably just jealous of her."

Koharu turned to face him saying, "I was not. What you two were doing…"

"Is no different then what you and I are doing right now," Naruto said cutting her off. "But we can stop here and perhaps you can try to recapture that focus kunoichi are supposed to be capable of. So what do you say?"

Koharu's body had plenty to say as it almost seemed to reject the idea for her and if anything having been fed Naruto's sperm had made her crave more. In truth even when she had taken lovers in the past they had never stayed for long. She supposed because it was because she had always insisted on simple missionary every time. Yet, the blonde whelp sitting in front of her and was dominating her had awakened something hungry within her. To answer his question she shook her head no and attempted to climb into his lap and pushing her panties to the side tried to insert him inside her.

However Naruto had other ideas and forced her into a standing position. Dragging her behind him as she tried to keep her panties in place he pushed her against the wall and spun her around. Getting behind her, he pulled her panties away ripping them from her body. Dropping his own pants and boxers he ran his manhood along her dripping snatch getting it well lubricated before saying, "You want my dick inside you don't you."

Moaning, she nodded her head but Naruto said, "Well I can't hear you."

Meekly she said, "Yes."

Naruto pulled back from her and then spreading her butt cheeks apart pressed his dickhead against her anus. Almost immediately she looked back saying, "No, not there."

"You should have been more specific, besides fucking this hole is good enough for you." With that said he slowly pushed inside of her causing Koharu to groan in discomfort as her ass was penetrated for the first time. However, once he was completely inside of her. He just stopped and Koharu realized that he was giving her time to adjust. He reached around to begin playing with her clit and she inadvertently squeezed her rectum pulling a groan from him. Strangely hearing him groan spurned Koharu on and she slowly pulled away from him before moving back. The sensation was unlike anything she had experienced before plus the way he continued to play with her clit was sending her into orgasmic bliss.

Naruto couldn't believe the sensations he was feeling from Koharu's ass and even though he had originally planned to fuck her ass as a punishment could tell the woman was truly getting off on it by the way she kept tightening and releasing her rectum. Having allowed her to set the pace thus far he began thrusting himself pounding her forward. She tried to push back but it was only a matter of time before she found herself pressed against the wall unable to move and at his mercy as he fucked her backdoor. He removed his hand from her clit in order to slide his fingers inside of her. He could actually feel his dick moving inside her through the thin wall that separated them.

Koharu for her part was moaning incoherently as he screwed her, making her sound like she was speaking some long dead language. Naruto almost decided to simply stop in order to punish the woman for her attempt at separating Tsunade and him. However at that point stopping would almost be a punishment for him as well so settled for talking down to her saying, "Look at you. Where are your high standards for how kunoichi should act now? Well?"

Koharu didn't respond so Naruto continued adding, "I guess deep down you're just a slut that wanted to get off huh. A dirty whore that always wanted to be fucked in her ass but never had the courage to ask."

"That…that's not true," Koharu replied but despite her words gripped the cock inside her all the harder.

"That's not what I'm feeling," Naruto said, "If anything you're gripping me tighter than before. But maybe we should stop…"

"No," Koharu shouted feeling herself on the edge of an orgasmic bliss undreamed of.

She could almost hear the smile on his face as he said, "Then tell me what you are."

Koharu couldn't say it so Naruto stopped. She actually whimpered a sound that in all the battles she had fought in had never once crossed her lips. Naruto began pulling out agonizingly slow saying, "Too bad. I bet you were so close too."

Just as the tip of his cock was about to exit her, she shouted, "I'm a dirty cock loving slut that enjoys being fucked in my ass. Please don't stop." Her answer was Naruto slamming back into her at full force with the fingers in her pussy working overtime. Already near the edge it was only a few moments before she jumped over the cliff she had visualized moments before and screamed her release. The sensation was added too by his releasing his hot cum inside her rectum which triggered an even stronger orgasm which robbed her of conscious thought.

Naruto pulled out after filling her bowels and positive she would remain unconscious for a while headed to her shower. Washing himself and now clear of his anger he felt guilt threatening to overcome him. He supposed it was due to his rough treatment of the woman.

Dressing he returned to the office and saw she was still unconscious but had been joined by Yuugao. He could see some of his release had begun to leak from her ass. Yuugao directed her gaze to him and seeing his face asked, "What's wrong?"

Naruto shrugged but said, "I guess now that my angers gone I feel like I went too far with her."

"That's to be expected," Yuugao said having seen and heard Naruto. "But your response was rather expected as well. In truth, I figured you'd be a lot rougher on her. Anything else eating away at you?"

"Yeah, I suppose the amount of anger I felt has made me feel a little ill at ease as well," Naruto said taking a seat in a chair.

Trying to lighten his mood she said, "What you've never gotten angry before?"

"No, but I guess I just always had Kyuubi to blame when my temper got out of control. But this time it was all me."

Yuugao shook her head and sat in his lap. Making him look at her in the eyes, having lifted her mask, she said, "Getting angry when someone threatens the people you love is to be expected. It's what you do with that anger that poses the problems. But speaking as a women and although I know I'm not as close to you as Tsunade. I'd want you to defend our right to be together in much the same way as you did hers."

Regaining some of his good cheer Naruto said, "Thanks Yuugao."

The Anbu Head Captain nodded before placing a light kiss on his lips. Standing she pulled her mask down before asking, "What are we going to do with her now?"

"We'll take her to Tsunade and have her teach that Henge she uses. I'll place some orders in her so she won't be able to reveal us to the world. From there we'll see how she reacts to what we tell her."

"And if she refuses to help?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we reach it," Naruto said getting up and whispering some of the commands he wanted her to follow in the sleeping woman's ear in order to see if they'll take hold upon waking.

*Chapter 10*: Chapter 10

Target: Anko

Koharu shot awake and from the discomfort in her rear and immediately knew she hadn't been dreaming about the events from the night before. Taking in her surroundings she found her robe had been draped over her and that instead of still being passed out on the floor she had been moved to the ornate couch in her study slash office. A light snoring attracted her attention so turning towards it found Naruto lightly snoozing in the same chair he had been in when she had entered. She sent a glare the sleeping boy's way and considered slitting his throat. Deciding instead to bind him and force him to admit what he had done to her. She got off the couch to go look for something to tie him up with. But instead, as soon as she moved from the couch it was like she became a passenger in her own body. As instead of going where she wanted, she moved in front of Naruto and dropped to her knees in front of him sticking her chest out in a pose of subservience.

She tried to scream. But found her ability to do so hindered as well. An hour passed with her remaining in the same position, till Naruto began to stir. He yawned sleepily but then awoke with a start probably surprised he had fallen asleep. His gaze met her glare and he said, "It seems the orders I gave you took hold."

She wanted to demand he tell her what jutsu he had used on her, but yet her mouth remained closed. Her eyes were expressive enough though that Naruto could guess what she was saying. Responding to her unasked questions he said, "A result of giving into my jutsu is that it makes you have to obey my orders. Of course, you're the first person I've actually had to take these precautions for though."

"You can speak if you want," Naruto added as an afterthought.

"I demand you release me from this jutsu."

"That's not going to happen or possible as far as I know," Naruto said standing from the chair, "You have no one to blame for this mess but yourself."

"Me, I was trying to…"

Naruto dropped to his haunches in front of her and cut her off saying, "I. Don't. Care. You tried to meddle with my and Tsunade's relationship. Had you simply minded your own business you'd have never gained my attention. I'll speak with you later about my goals and your part in them. Now though, go shower and then come right here. I need to take you to Tsunade so I can go meet with Kakashi."

Koharu stood to comply with the order, although she was frowning and trying to fight it every step of the way. She entered the shower stall and turned it on to clean her body. As she ran her hands over herself, she marveled at the changes that had been made. Not only did she appear in her early twenties but the scars that she had picked up in her long life had been erased. After she had cleaned herself she exited the shower to stop in front of the oval mirror hanging over her sink. Running her hand over the fogged up glass she still couldn't believe the face that stared back at her.

Her face appeared rounder as a result of regaining her youth as her skin had regained its tightness and her dark eyes were easy to see since she no longer needed to squint all the time. Her hair had returned to its natural brown color and had regained much of its volume and shine. Feeling nostalgic, she wrapped her hair into twin buns right next to each other on the top of her head and stuck a decorative hair needle through the center of them to hold them in place. Wrapping a towel around her body she proceeded to her bedroom. Dropping to her knees next to her bed she pulled out a box from under it. Opening it, she first pulled out a team picture which featured her, Sarutobi, and Homura as well as their sensei Tobirama Senju. Standing off to the side with his arms crossed and a slight smile on his face was Hashirama Senju as he took the picture with his brother's team. Koharu was only partially visible from behind her sensei as if hiding from the camera.

Placing the picture down she reached into the box to pull out her old shinobi gear. She slipped into the body suit a relic from her time on Team Tobirama. She had another that she had worn on the day of the Kyuubi attack but even that one had needed to be let out to fit her older frame. Gazing down her body this one fit her like a glove and she marveled at just how good it felt to be able to wear it again. She was about to put on the rest of her outfit, but stopped since it was armor and most shinobi no longer wore such things. She had little doubt that Naruto would make her take it off again so decided not to bother.

Returning to her office she found the blond waiting patiently. Standing he met her eyes and said, "Alright let's go."

Koharu followed behind him and was slightly miffed that he hadn't been flustered by her choice of clothes. Realizing she was upset she thought, "Damn him. I should be glad he didn't eye me like a piece of meat."

However she was forced to abandon that line of thought as they exited her home when she noticed Naruto had directed his attention upwards and to the left. She followed his line of sight and saw the Anbu captain Yuugao standing in a tree at the edge of her property. For a moment she felt a sliver of hope that the Anbu captain would stop them to ask what they were doing in an elder's home. But it faded as Yuugao lifted up her mask and blew Naruto a kiss. He smiled at the woman before waving towards her on their way to Tsunade's as the sun began to rise on the village.

As they walked Koharu said, "She's under your thrall too, isn't she?"

Naruto looked over his shoulder giving a look that screamed, 'No Kidding,' and said, "What was your first clue?"

Koharu blushed out of embarrassment at stating something so obvious, but carried on saying, "Just how far have you sunken your claws into Konoha?"

"Claws," Naruto said before shaking his head and saying, "A Kyuubi reference I take it."

"Take it anyway you want," Koharu said, "But I demand you tell me."

"Demand," Naruto said his tone amused, "I'd be careful if I was you elder, or else I could make a few demands of my own."

Koharu realized that Naruto could make her life extremely unpleasant at the moment. For a second she considered asking what he'd do and felt annoyed at herself for picturing him taking her again. However, she felt whatever he had in mind would tend to be more embarrassing then pleasurable such as completing the walk to Tsunade's in the nude so decided to remain silent.


Tsunade awoke as the sun peeked in through her window. She got out of the bed revealing she had taken to sleeping nude. She had never allowed the Anbu Black Ops to assign her bodyguards to watch her home and recent events made her quite happy of that. Walking past the mirror in her bedroom she smiled at her younger self something that had become the norm before henging into the age she had appeared upon her return to Konoha. She felt some of her good mood drain upon remembering what had occurred the night before, but considering that no alarms had been raised hoped at the very least it meant that Naruto had been discreet.

Thinking of him filled Tsunade with a warmth, which told her all she needed to know about the state of her chakra's color. Naruto wanted her, not just as the Hokage but her. She had still been willing to support him with all the power her office held, but when he had stated none of that mattered and he told her that he loved her. She realized he was all she wanted. She had returned to Konoha solely for his sake and if she couldn't have been with him would leave just as quickly.

Leaving her room she made her way towards her kitchen for a quick breakfast but stopped spotting her lover sitting on a couch in the living room. Before she went to him though, her eyes traveled to the woman standing behind the couch. It took her a moment to place the woman but with a stunned realization said, "Koharu!"

She covered her mouth fearing that she had woken Shizune but after a moment and no one stirred relaxed. Directing her attention to Naruto, she said, "A rather creative solution to our problem."

"I can't exactly claim responsibility for it though," Naruto said standing to walk towards her.

"Kyuubi," she whispered causing Naruto to nod his head in reply. She frowned, not because Kyuubi was being helpful but for something that had been eating away at her. Deciding she needed to confront it regardless of Jiraiya's wishes, who she was having a difficult time locating, she said, "Naruto, I need to speak to Kyuubi."

"About what?" her lover asked confused.

Trying to be flippant she replied, "Girl stuff. I want to talk to her alone."

Naruto nodded before saying, "How about tomorrow night?"

"Why tomorrow?"

"I need to get going to meet up with Kakashi-sensei and Captain Yamato," Naruto said before jerking a thumb towards Koharu speaking gently enough that the elder couldn't hear, "Please teach Koharu your henge so that she can continue her duties elder. Also, tonight I'll explain everything to her over dinner as I wasn't exactly gentle with her."

Tsunade looked past her fellow blonde who was blocking her view of the woman to see Koharu glaring at them. Commenting on it she said, "Honestly, I don't think she'll be of much use. She's too set in her ways."

"Maybe, but… I let my anger get the best of me last night… I know dinner won't make up for it, but I still want to give her a choice to help us willingly."

"And if she refuses…" Tsunade said leaving a pregnant pause between them.

"I'm not sure, but for now she has no choice but to obey. She has to listen to anything you and the others tell her in case she finds a way to try and alert people.

Tsunade again looked past Naruto, narrowing her own eyes at the woman thinking of some devious things she could make her do for trying to separate the two of them. Before she could really give it much thought she felt a finger under her chin directing her gaze to his blue eyes. As if sensing what she was thinking he said, "Be nice," and then kissed her lovingly. Losing herself in the kiss it ended far too soon for her liking and then he was leaving to meet his teachers. She returned her gaze to her fellow kunoichi to see her staring at her with what appeared to be jealousy.

Left alone with the woman that she had looked up to and who had ultimately tried to steal her happiness she said, "Let's go." Breakfast forgotten, she planned to take the woman to her office in order to teach her the henge she used to hide her new and true appearance as well as her chakra. As they made their way to her office, she dropped her henge to show off her own younger self to give the appearance of two women walking the town. Although taking in Koharu's choice of clothes, she wondered if the woman had anything appropriate for her new age.

The older woman caught her by surprise saying, "I'm sorry." Before Tsunade could ask her why she explained, "This jutsu he used to bind us was potent. I'm sure you did your best to reject the desires it welled up inside you. I also understand why you couldn't speak…"

Tsunade cut her off by laughing. Leaning in she said, "It's true he used the jutsu on me and I did try to resist. But it was only because I was afraid to give into my feelings for him. If I knew then, what I know now, I'd have thrown myself at him far sooner." Thinking back to her own first encounter with Naruto she said, "Although, truthfully I didn't put up too much of a fight."

Koharu stared at her before finally saying, "I see. You seem awfully proud to be a whore."

Tsunade was far from offended saying, "You're one to talk."

"Me," she replied indignantly, "He took me against my will."

"I don't believe that," Tsunade said, "If I know him and I do. He gave you a choice…"

"After pumping me full of his Kyuubi chakra. How was I supposed to resist?"

"By being a true kunoichi," Tsunade shot back her voice filled with scorn. Koharu had the decency to look away at least. Tsunade further poked a hole in how Koharu was viewing events by saying, "I also think you want it to happen again."

"Don't be ridiculous," the woman said quickly.

Tsunade stopped prompting Koharu to follow suit and then eyeing the black bodysuit she wore said, "A rather provocative way to dress for a woman not interested in a repeat performance. I'm sure if you wanted to avoid a repeat of last night you have plenty of old lady clothes you could have worn." Leaning in to whisper in her ear the blonde Sannin asked, "Are you even wearing underwear?"

Koharu blushed realizing she wasn't causing a smile to appear on Tsunade's face. She didn't comment but both women knew that despite how she may claim the contrary that Naruto had awakened something in the woman that wouldn't mind a repeat of the previous night. Her henge back in place and arriving at the office, Tsunade began laying out the steps to learning her Perfect Henge.


Naruto laid beneath a tree at the training field where Kakashi was teaching him the beginning stage of adding his wind element to the Rasengan. Kakashi had given him a short break. The two jounin had left him alone and Naruto had the feeling that they were discussing why Kyuubi wasn't becoming a factor in the training. Although he hadn't liked lying to his sensei about why Kyuubi wasn't making attempts to take over, he understood that he couldn't just blurt the truth to him. Due to his realizing his actions affected more than just him now.

Thinking of Kyuubi made him decide to put the downtime towards a more constructive use than just sitting in the shade so he let his consciousness enter the seal. Walking through the sewer tunnel to where she was, he entered the recreation of his apartment that the front of her cage represented. Looking at the bars that made up where his front door would be he could just make out the outline of her Bijuu body behind them. He was about to call out to her when he heard shifting coming from in front of him. Moving towards the couch that was facing the bars he looked over the back of it to see the woman napping. Gazing down at her, he was forced to admit she was stunning. Staring at her face, he couldn't shake the feeling that he had seen it somewhere before. For some reason he imagined it was during his time at the academy.

He had just turned from her and was about to leave the seal to let her rest when he heard a sleepy sounding, "Naruto."

Facing back towards the couch he saw the woman sitting up to look at him while rubbing sleep from her eyes. "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," he said, "I'll let you get some more sleep."

"I'm fine," Kyuubi said quickly, "Why have you come?"

Moving around to sit on the couch he answered, "I thought we could talk some."

"About what?"

Shrugging he said, "I don't know really. I guess I thought it was about time that we get to know each other." Kyuubi nodded but then the two of them simply sat there awkwardly. Finally he asked, "Would you mind telling me what you meant when you said you were created?"

Kyuubi stared at him but looking away said, "All nine of us Bijuu were once part of one being. It had ten tails so I suppose it could be called Juubi. For centuries it rampaged all across the land until one day it was challenged by a man you may know as the Sage of the Six Paths."

"Never heard of him," Naruto said having never really paid attention in history class or any of them for that matter.

Shaking her head at the lack of knowledge her host possessed she said, "In any case, he was probably the man that was most responsible for the current understanding of chakra and how to harness it. But back to my story, the Sage sealed the ten-tails into his own body to stop it. It gave him incredible power but even he couldn't completely master it all. He lived a long life and fathered two sons but then one day he realized his time was nearing its end he split his gifts among his heirs. His eldest received his 'eyes' and his younger received his 'body.' These two men's descendants would be known as Uchiha and Senju and would war bitterly after the Sage chose the Senju's ancestor as his successor."

"But the Uchiha and Senju founded Konoha together, didn't they?"

"Indeed, but only after many centuries of bitter bloodshed. However we are getting off topic. The Sage realizing the Juubi would be reborn after his death split the creature into nine separate ones. I being the most powerful."

"Wow," Naruto said in awe, "You've must have seen a lot then, huh?"

Looking back on her long existence Kyuubi came to a shocking realization as she said, "No, not really."

"How's that?"

"Because when I was created it was without any sense of purpose. I was simply a less pleasant alternative then the Juubi being resurrected upon the Sage's death." She thought back to those first few years as she explored a new world and realized, "I suppose I was filled with a sense of wonder," her mood darkened though as she added, "it didn't last though."

Naruto remained silent listening intently but guessing what he wanted to know she said, "Eventually the elder son in a bid to destroy his younger brother tried to harness my power. He tried to make me his slave by sealing me into his body."

"Did he?"

"No, he failed and paid the ultimate price for his hubris," Kyuubi said remembering devouring the man. "But he had gained many followers by then and they attacked me constantly. In time I considered all humans a nuisance and simply destroyed them whenever I came into contact with them. I should have wiped the elder's entire line from the face of the earth perhaps then…"

"Then what?"

Realizing she was rambling Kyuubi stopped her story. Naruto realized she had revealed more than she intended so didn't push but said, "Well I for one am glad you didn't. Otherwise Sasuke might never have existed."

"Naruto, in time… you may wish I had."

"No way, I know he's being difficult and he's probably going to spend some time in jail but…"

"Naruto, I sensed his chakra when you fought each other at the valley of the end. It's almost as dark and twisted as the elder son and Madara Uchiha, perhaps the greatest traitor your village has ever known. If you truly intend to unite the shinobi world you may one day find him standing in your way."

Naruto got the feeling that Kyuubi was being cryptic about whom she was talking about. While on the surface she may have been talking about Sasuke. He got the feeling that it could be one of the other two people she mentioned as well.

Wishing to turn the subject Kyuubi said, "Now tell me something of yourself."

Naruto kept the frown he felt from his face wishing to know what Kyuubi had meant, but accepted that she didn't trust him enough to open up further. "Okay," he said knowing he had to share some of himself as well, "well I guess I can tell you the day I decided I wanted to be Hokage…" As he shared the story he thought about what he had learned and also why it was Kyuubi seemed so sure that in the end it would be an Uchiha standing in his way.


Ino wondered why she had been summoned to the Hokage's office. Although, it could be a mission she had the feeling it was related to their more Naruto related pursuits. Stepping in she saw a young woman she didn't recognize sitting in a chair as well as Hinata and Tsunade in their usual places.

"Ino reporting for duty," she said standing at attention while eyeing the woman before focusing on Tsunade.

Tsunade nodded before saying, "Ino do you know Koharu Utatane?"

Ino nodded unaware she was talking about the woman sitting in the chair next to where she was standing. "Yeah, I know the old hag," she said having had a run in with the elder once.

"I beg your pardon," the woman said staring up at her.

"Um, who are you," Ino said wondering why the woman was so upset since Koharu was rather disliked by many of the younger kunoichi due to her strict sense of what a kunoichi was.

Ino frowned when Hinata giggled and with a large smile Tsunade said, "Ino meet Koharu Utatane."

The Yamanaka heir stared at the gorgeous woman before face palming and saying, "Naruto, huh?"

Tsunade's smile stayed in place as she nodded before saying, "Got it in one. Koharu here figured out that the other hot blonde Naruto was taking on dates was me. She decided to meddle and break us up. I don't think I need to explain any further."

Ino agreed saying, "I would imagine he was quite upset with her."

"Enough to take it out on her ass," Tsunade said enjoying the way Koharu's cheeks turned red.

Ino looked at Koharu with an appraising eye before saying, "I'm surprised she can even sit then."

Tsunade laughed as did Hinata prompting Koharu to say, "If you're done having your fun at my expense. Can you explain why you've summoned Miss Yamanaka here?"

Ino admitted she was curious as well so nodded towards the Hokage. Getting to business, Tsunade said, "Ino, due in part to just how she entered our little club. Naruto will be taking her out tonight to explain his ambition. I doubt Koharu has anything appropriate to wear for such an occasion. So if you don't mind I'd like for you to take her shopping. Also, you're to keep an eye on her. Since while Naruto and I have placed some controls on her. She may try to find ways to circumvent them."

"Understood," Ino said before turning to leave. Stopping at the door she asked, "Out of curiosity, what color is her chakra?"

"Purple," Hinata answered directing a gaze towards Tsunade who had refused to lower her genjutsu around the girl making the Hyuuga suspicious that a change had occurred.

It wasn't a gesture lost on either of the women present although only Ino knew why. Koharu voiced her curiosity asking, "What does that have to do with anything?"

Ino though ignored the question saying, "Come along granny Koharu let's go." While thinking, "Purple must be she feels negatively about Naruto."

Koharu bristled, but due to the controls Naruto had put in place she soon found herself falling into step with the young woman. As they made their way to a clothes store in silence Koharu tried to think of a way to break the controls that had been placed on her. She was aware of the ones Tsunade had which basically were that when in public as elder Koharu Utatane she had to look the part and couldn't suddenly drop the henge. No the ones that gave her the biggest concern were the ones that Naruto may have put on her as she slept.

She had already learned of one such command when shortly after mastering Tsunade's true henge they had taken a walk through the village appearing as their older selves. After reaching a secluded area they had dropped them and Koharu was surprised at just how pleased she was to do so. However along the way back, she had seen her old teammate Homura. Quickly thinking of a way to alert her friend that something was going on she had broken away from a surprised Tsunade. Approaching him she was going to inform him of a mission only the two of them would be aware of. She had wanted to say, "Homura, remember when we fended off those twenty Prajna from the Land of Woods." It was to remind him of the time they had been trapped behind enemy lines. In order to escape they had needed to defeat the twenty men of the specialized Anbu group. She hoped since it wasn't common knowledge he'd question just how she knew of it. But instead when she got in front of him it came out as, "Grandpa, remember when we ate those twenty muffins from the Land of Woods."

Homura had stared at her in confusion before saying, "I'm afraid you must have me confused with someone else."

She was about to try again when Tsunade clamped a hand on her shoulder saying, "Come along now that's not your grandpa. Sorry for disturbing you."

"That's alright, but is she?" Homura asked.

"Sort of," Tsunade said smoothly, "She's just been drinking. She's trying to cope with some major changes in her life."

"I see," the male elder said, before directing his gaze at the woman to add, "Please remember my dear climbing into a bottle is no way to deal with life's problems."

She felt Tsunade's hand squeeze a little tighter no doubt reacting to the comment. But Koharu nodded weakly feeling defeated and allowed Tsunade to lead her away. As they walked the smirk on Tsunade's face angered her but she needed to wait until they were alone till she could snap, "You harlot trickster, when did you place that command on me?"

Tsunade directed her gaze at the deaged elder and with an all too pleased voice asked, "What makes you so sure it was me?"

Realizing that she was referring to Naruto she said, "Don't be absurd. Nothing in the boys file shows him capable of such foresight."

Tsunade shrugged saying, "I'm sure there are a lot of things your file doesn't show about him. If your file was up to date, I don't think you'd be in the pickle you find yourself in." Koharu was about to respond but sadly the street they turned onto had pedestrians on it forcing her to lapse into silence on the matter. She was partially surprised her teammate didn't recognize her but was forced to admit that as far as he was concerned the Koharu he knew was a woman as old as him.

But still, Koharu couldn't get the judgmental way that her teammate looked at her out of her mind though. Granted he thought she was drunk but it had been due to something else. Something that she was having trouble understanding. Directing her gaze towards the young Yamanaka walking in front of her she could feel the slight resentment the woman was emitting towards her. Asking about it she said, "Have I wronged you in some way?"

Ino turned to look at her before saying, "It doesn't matter."

"Obviously it does to you."

"You don't remember, do you?"

Koharu shook her head so Ino said, "The only time you've ever spoken to me directly was to put me down."

"What do you mean?"

"When I graduated from the academy you were walking through it and after taking one look at me, made some comment about how I was dressed. You asked if I was on a mission to pose as some underage prostitute."

Koharu recalled the memory but said, "Well you must admit you dress rather sluttishly." Eyeing Ino's current attire, she continued, "Not that your choice in clothes has improved any. Why in my day…"

"That's just it," Ino snapped, "This isn't your day anymore and just because I'm confident enough in my appearance to show some skin doesn't mean you need to look down on me. You didn't know the first thing about me but that didn't stop you from snapping to a judgment based solely how I was dressed."

Koharu was at a lost at how to respond but then realized that was what had been in Homura's eyes. He was appraising her and no doubt due to her younger age and skintight suit had rushed to the conclusion that what Tsunade said was true even though she didn't smell of alcohol.

Ino kept her gaze on the women for a few moments more and noted she seemed to be thinking about something. More than willing to let the topic drop the rest of the trip was made in silence. Entering her favorite clothing shop she waved to the beautiful woman behind the counter whose family owned the place.

"Hello Ino," Emi said cheerfully as the two women entered her shop, "Here for more? Where do you store it all?" The young tailor smiled as she pushed a bang of her raven black hair from her eyes.

Ino laughed good naturedly saying, "Sadly, I'm not here for me today. This is Koharu and she needs to be brought into the current decade fashion wise."

Emi ran her practiced brown eyes over the young woman Ino indicated saying, "Is she a shinobi?"

"How can you tell?" Koharu asked surprised since she wasn't wearing a headband.

"The body suit you're wearing," Emi said coming around the counter. "I can see what you mean Ino, that bodysuit is definitely classical. But they had a great sense of style back then even if it was a little lacking in boldness."

"She also has a date tonight so will probably need a dress," Ino said already looking through some clothes on a rack.

"Really," Emi said interested in gossiping with her fellow shopkeeper even if Ino was only worked in her family's shop part time. "It wouldn't happen to be Naruto would it?"

Ino turned holding a vest to her chest saying, "It might be."

"Aw, don't be like that," Emi said with a pout, "It's the latest gossip about how he's been taking all you girls out. Just what is the big attraction by the way? Aren't you jealous?"

"No," Ino said putting it back to pull out another, "When you're on a date with him. He has this way of making you feel like nobody but you matters. Besides as I've told you, they're just harmless dates between friends."

"I don't know," Emi said skeptically, "You don't sound like you think of him as a friend."

Ino smiled but remained closed lip on the matter. Koharu had listened to the exchange with half an ear but admitted she was rather taken with some of the clothes hanging from the racks. Searching through the kunoichi wear she came across a black body suit like hers but instead of being one piece. It was split in two with the top covering her chest while exposing her midriff and back. While she was admiring the suit Ino came up behind her saying, "Rather revealing isn't it?"

"Miss Yamanaka I was simply looking," Koharu replied putting it back.

But both Kunoichi's attention was shifted to Emi who had begun giggling. "What?" Ino asked.

"Sorry, it's just she sort of sounded like my grandmother," Emi said prompting Ino to crack a smile at the irony of the statement.

Koharu wasn't sure why but the statement upset her even though chronologically it was probably true. Pulling the suit from the rack she said, "I trust you have a changing room." Emi pointed towards the back of the shop and turning in a huff Koharu headed towards it.

Ino watched with a smile but Emi said, "I hope I didn't offend her."

Waving off the tailor's concerns the blonde kunoichi said, "Don't worry about it. She simply needs to recognize that she's only young once."

Emi nodded but remembering something said, "I think I have just the thing for her date tonight," and entered the back of her shop.

Koharu exited the changing room wearing the modern suit and Ino was forced to admit that she cut quite the figure. "Not bad," Ino said walking around the elder.

"I still don't see what point showing my skin achieves," Koharu said.

Ino traced her fingers across Koharu's stomach tracing them around the woman as she completed another circuit around her. In a husky whisper she said, "A flower is only as beautiful as its petals true but it doesn't hurt to show a little of what those petals hide."

"Miss Yamanaka, please," Koharu flushed at the contact and way Ino spoke.

Pulling away Ino said, "I hope I'm not like you when I'm in my seventies."

"Do you truly think it will matter," Koharu said looking at herself in the mirror. With some regret she added, "I think you'll find that as time slips away the line of suitors gets smaller and smaller."

Ino came up behind the woman and placing a hand on her stomach began rubbing gently again whispering, "I think you are looking at things from a skewed point of view."

Again flushing from the close contact Koharu whispered, "What do you mean?"

"Naruto didn't just make you look younger. If we were to run a test on you, we would find that you are simply a twenty year old woman. He literally turned back the hands of time for you. And if he could do that for you, what's stopping him from doing it for me or even himself? Naruto may literally never need to grow up, but that's beside the point. You've been given a second chance to try all the things you missed your first time around and that have been eating away at you. Try to enjoy life this time."

The sound of Emi returning caused Ino to pull away and Koharu was surprised she missed the closeness. Emi appeared holding a black dress that tied behind the neck and would leave the whole of her back exposed. It also appeared to be rather form fitting.

Almost immediately Ino said, "It's perfect, you wouldn't happen to have one in purple and could maybe put a slit along the side."

Emi smiled saying, "No, but I can make one like that for you."

Ino nodded letting Emi hand the dress to Koharu before taking the tailor to the back to measure her for her new dress. Koharu stared at the gown and although felt it a little too bold for her, decided to listen to Ino's advice and took the dress to the changing room to try it on.


Koharu sat across from Naruto who was dressed to match as they sat in the restaurant where she had identified Tsunade. She took a sip of the wine she had ordered as Naruto finished explaining his grand ambition. She placed her glass down and was amazed to see that it appeared Naruto actually was interested in hearing her opinion. It almost disappointed her to see his face drop as she said, "It doesn't stand a chance of working."


"Do you not think it's been tried before? The first Hokage handed out the tailed beasts to help make peace a possibility instead it only increased the desire for war."

"That's what happens when you hand out things people will turn into weapons. My plan will insure that war is the last thing the leaders of the other villages want."

"And how do you hope to do that?"

"By making all our welfares depend on the others survival. It has three stages the first is simply putting people in place."

"You mean the women you seduce," Koharu said.

"Would you prefer to be called an asset," Naruto said jokingly.

Koharu blushed at the reminder of how Naruto had taken her but said dryly, "Continue."

"Well once in place we'll begin influencing the villages' policies and hopefully get them to interact with each other."

"I assume that is the second stage," Koharu said. Naruto nodded causing her to ask, "And can I assume the third stage units them all into one big village which follows you."

"No," Naruto said, "but in a united front against anything that disturbs the peace. So instead of reacting individually we act as one group."

"So you don't intend to get rid of the other villages and unit them under Konoha's banner. But hope to simply make them forget about years of hatred and war. You're more delusional then I thought."

Naruto sighed but said, "I guess I can understand why you'd think that way since you are part of the problem."

"I beg your pardon."

"Well think about it, most of the shinobi leaving the academy now have never known war. It's only the older generation that is speaking of the old hatreds towards the other villages…"

"You forget Suna's invasion."

"No I haven't. But despite it, we aided them when they need our help. We forgave them for their betrayal which had been brought about by unfair trade regulations that allowed us to undersell our services to their Daimyo till they felt hemmed in and needed to attack. Once we're in place we'll get rid of such trade practices so that both villages and any others that join will benefit. Reaching the point where attacking one another will hurt us all economically."

"A very pretty speech, but how do you intend to get the other villages to forget their hatreds enough to willing join any trade alliances with us."

"We'll have people in those villages as well," Naruto said but frowned when Koharu smiled like he had fallen right into her point.

"That is where your ambition is due to failure," Koharu said.

"Why's that?"

"I'll admit your plan may work in Konoha since we have both the clan and civilian council in which to influence policy. However in the other villages I'm afraid you will find things to be far different."

"You mean the shinobi council in Suna," Naruto said taking satisfaction in the way her eyes widened in surprise.


"Gaara is already aware of my ambition and told me of them. He told me The Shinobi Council is made up shinobi of prestige that are invited to join."

"Yes, and once they do so, they do so for life or till they retire. Many of them voted for aiding Sound in invading us and despite their words of friendship would like to see the Leaf burn."

"I know, Gaara admitted as much," Naruto said, "But I already have a voice on that council."

"Who…" Koharu said before realizing, "Temari. Does Gaara know you…"

"Yes and although not pleased at first is at peace with it," Naruto said taking a sip of his glass of water. "But as more time passes I'll gain more seats I'm sure and more influence as a result."

"Perhaps," Koharu admitted thoughtfully surprised Naruto had already extended his reach outside the village. "But that won't work in Iwa since that village is ruled by a military dictatorship overseen by the Tsuchikage."

Naruto crossed his hands in front of his face saying, "He doesn't have any advisors whose ear I could maybe bend."

"Not that I am aware of, but there is also Kumo to consider. They do have a Head Ninja council but the Raikage tends to ignore them since despite the peace he continues to build up his military."

"I hope you agree to help," Naruto said suddenly giving her a bright smile that made her blush and look away.

"Why you can simply force me?"

"Well if I force you I doubt you'll give me these insights that you possess willingly and if I'm going to make this plan work I'll need all the different viewpoints I can get. Also, you may be aware of things others have tried in the past that have failed. What about Kirigakure, any ideas about it?"

Koharu got a hold of herself to say, "Kirigakure may actually be the one place you have the greatest advantage."


"Much like Iwagakure it is a dictatorship, but if the information I have received from my sources is correct the new Mizukage is a woman."

Naruto smiled saying, "Well that may hopefully simplify things. Now how about we change the subject, when did you first want to become a shinobi?"

Koharu was surprised but figured Naruto was giving her time to digest what she learned and to come to a decision. As she filled him in on her past she continued to think on the matter. She wondered if the dream her sensei and his brother had envisioned of the shinobi world at peace could truly be brought about by the young man in front of her. After dinner,he walked her to a hotel since taking the younger her to her home would alert the Anbu watching the place that something was up. He stopped in front of her room for the night and said, "Well good night Koharu."

"I'll help," she blurted out as he turned to leave.

"Really," he asked his tone giving away he wasn't sure he could believe her.

She nodded saying, "It was my sensei 's dream as well to see the shinobi world at peace. I doubt you'll succeed but parts of your plan do have some merit."

"Thank you," he said meaning it, "But I trust you can understand why I won't remove the controls on you just yet." She nodded so he leaned in and she closed her eyes expecting him to kiss her. Instead though the door behind her opened and she realized Naruto had reached past her to do so.

Opening her eyes she was surprised as he said, "Sleep well," before leaving.

Entering the posh room she wondered why he didn't kiss her or take her but suddenly felt she understood. Probably due to how she was taken the last time, the next time things got physical between them she would need to be the one that initiated it. She leaned against the closed door and wondered if she should simply chase him down as she did want to experience more at his hands. However, she stopped as she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. While she liked what she saw, she realized that Naruto may be capable of pulling off his ambition after all since if she did initiate the next meeting it would only be after falling into the trap he had just set. Stripping out of her dress, she decided to get some sleep as she began to think about another concern for a peaceful world, since one problem she was sure that stood in his way was her fellow elder Danzou and his own ambition for Konoha.


Tsunade slept next to Naruto the night after his date with Koharu and had been a night filled with passion. He was currently sleeping contently and even though she felt sleep creeping up on her as well shook it off. Naruto had forgotten about letting her talk to Kyuubi and truthfully she was glad since she knew if he hadn't he'd become curious. Therefore she'd initiate contact with the Bijuu herself. Placing her hand over his seal she began channeling chakra into it. For several minutes nothing happened until she felt a pull and found herself in Naruto's apartment except minus him.

Disoriented she turned as a voice said, "Ah, the Senju, I trust you've enjoyed the changes to you that I've made."

But instead of answering she was surprised as it appeared her grandmother was talking to her, except with her long hair ending in nine braids. Far from being amused Tsunade said, "How dare you take that form."

Confused at first Kyuubi said, "Ah I forgot you are related to my first host. But only the face is hers I modeled my body after my second."

"Host…" Tsunade said confused, "My grandmother was a jinchuriki?"

Kyuubi nodded saying, "She's the one that robbed Madara of my services."

"Then she didn't die of natural causes like I was told," Tsunade said.

"Why else do you think she didn't allow you to be her doctor," Kyuubi said walking towards Naruto's brown leather chair. Sitting in it regally the woman said, "Now why have you come?"

Still shocked at what she had just learned Tsunade said, "Who was your next host then?"

"Kushina Uzumaki," Kyuubi replied.

Tsunade sat at the edge of Naruto's bed running through different reasons for Kyuubi's rampage. Coming to one she said, "You escaped when she gave birth."

"Did I?" Kyuubi said, "Kushina's seal was far different from Mito's. With Mito's I could sense some of what was happening around her. However Kushina's prevented even that much. All I knew was it was getting weaker. But I didn't escape exactly."

"What do you mean?"

"How about we get to the reason for your visit," Kyuubi said changing the subject.

Tsunade frowned but knew the ancient being wasn't going to budge so said, "Actually it's because of your second host's son that I'm here."

"Who…Naruto," Kyuubi said shocked.

"That's right," Tsunade said, "As a result of your rampage. His mother and father are both dead. He's eventually going to learn of this so I thought you should tell him yourself. It may blunt the anger he'll most likely feel towards you."

Kyuubi looked away asking, "W-what if it doesn't?"

"Then consider what happens after, a punishment for your past evil deeds," Tsunade said standing.

Kyuubi stared at the woman anger entering her vision but it faded in light of Tsunade's calm indifference. Looking away she asked, "Who…who was his father?"

"The man that sealed you into him," Tsunade said before fading from the seal. Her consciousness returning to her body she stared at her sleeping lover. She knew that she may be betraying her promise to Jiraiya that Naruto not learn of his parents till he felt the boy was ready. But she felt Naruto was no longer a boy but a man that needed to know. Especially the role one of his potential lovers played in both his parents' deaths.


Naruto was leaving training a week after his date with Koharu. Since that night the elder had truly appeared to throw herself behind helping them even if she hadn't started anything sexual between them. Kyuubi on the other hand seemed to have retreated behind the bars of his seal. He had tried to talk to her a few more times but she refused to be lured out.

As he was walking to go get some ramen he caught sight of a depressed looking Anko as she sat at her favorite dumpling shop. In her eyes he could see that she appeared extremely lonely even though the stand was quite crowded. With a sigh she left money on the table before heading off in the direction of the training fields more specifically the Forest of Death. Deciding to have a little fun with her, he discreetly followed behind and when it became clear where she was heading got ahead of her to await her arrival.


Anko was tired. Last night she had been kept up since Kurenai and Asuma had been going at it again. The Jounin-sensei's apartment was right next to hers and while in the past it hadn't bothered Anko that the two bedrooms were right next to each other even serving as a comfort. In recent months had served as a stark reminder of what she lacked. Namely a man of her own. Hearing the moaning coming from her friend's apartment almost nightly she wondered what had lit a fire under them as it was almost like they were trying to have all the sex they could before needing to stop for some reason.

Her problem wasn't that men weren't interested but that all they were interested in was in getting in her pants. They thought because she dressed brazenly and talked boldly that translated into she was a slut. She bet all the assholes that hit on her when she'd go out drinking at night would be surprised she was still a virgin. Not that any of the bastards took the time to ask anything about her. There had been one man though and he had almost deflowered her but just before giving in she had felt something sinister about him and then there had been that jutsu that…

Anko's memories were put on hold as she suddenly needed to dodge to her left. Doing so on instinct a kunai buried itself into the ground. Searching the area she wondered who would attack her so deep in Konoha but then caught sight of a blond kid standing inside the fenced off area of training area forty-four in one of the massive trees. He looked familiar but she couldn't exactly place why.

Glaring up at the blonde she said, "Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm hurt," Naruto shouted back, "Here I thought we had a special relationship because you drank my blood."

"Naruto," she said surprised. But remembering the boy and the day he spoke of asked, "Why would you attack me?"

"I was just trying to even the score," Naruto said pointing to his cheek.

Letting her attention move to the kunai that was buried in the ground she remembered how she threw one at him and cut his cheek. Letting a predatory smile appear on her lips she said, "You still have a long way to go before you can tag me with one of those."

The Naruto in front of her disappeared into smoke and from behind her, he whispered right into her ear, "How about tagging you a different way?" With that he pushed her forward saying, "Tag you're it," before leaping into the trees.

Anko stood there for a moment before shouting, "Hey, get back here," the things that had been troubling her moments before forgotten.

Naruto kept in front of her for almost twenty minutes before eventually losing sight of her. Finding a place to rest he kept scanning the forest, but picked up no sign of her. He wondered if she had lost interest since it was a pretty childish game, but just as he was about to move she burst out of the canopy of leaves above him. He managed to avoid her outstretched hand by leaping from the branch. But she landed against the trunk of the tree and used that to springboard into him as he sailed through the air. She grabbed onto him pulling him to the ground with her. As they hit and rolled along the ground she laughed. Which stopped as they came to a rest with him on top and holding her down by the shoulders.

Not bothered by the position she said smiling, "You're it."

"I think since I'm on top you could still be considered it," Naruto said returning the smile.

"Aren't you supposed to let me go so I can run away?"

Lowering his head slightly he said, "Who in their right mind would let you go?"

Anko blushed, now fully aware that a handsome man was laying on her. Not that she was afraid of him but the way he stared into her eyes was having an effect of her. He began to get up saying, "Do you want me to count to ten or…" But she silenced him by leaning up and kissing him.

Naruto was surprised since in truth he hadn't intended for anything sexual to happen. When he had seen how lonely she looked it had simply touched off something in him having experienced it as well. However, having the beautiful woman and one he would probably have seduced eventually start things wasn't an unpleasant turn of events.

But as the kiss continued, Naruto got the feeling that Anko wasn't very experienced with such things. Taking charge he ran his tongue over her bottom lip but she apparently refused his request to deepen the kiss. Breaking it he asked, "Are you alright Anko? We can stop."

She looked away but gently shook her head no. Shrugging Naruto placed a kiss against her neck before moving down to her collar which caused the woman to moan. But again he got the feeling she was acting outside the norm since it sounded rather demure. Moving to her ear he whispered, "You remind me of those two snakes."

She stiffened saying, "Because of Orochimaru."

"Can you not talk about that bastard," he replied nibbling on her ear, "I said two snakes you know the ones. The one that song is about, how red and yellow can kill a fellow while yellow and black venom lack. Despite how you may talk and dress, you're actually quite shy."

Anko was surprised that the young man currently working his magic on her was able to read her so well. Pulling his head away she stared into his eyes several seconds and seeing only kindness leaned in to gently kiss him. This time when he asked for permission his tongue was met by hers as they began to dance around each other. Naruto brought his hand to her chest and began to gently knead her breast causing her to moan into his mouth. But still she seemed to be holding herself back so he began to channel chakra into her to help stoke her fires. But almost immediately she reacted by pushing him away violently. Before he knew it she was on her feet standing over him while shouting, "You fucking bastard," she then brought her foot down on his face turning his world to darkness.


Tsunade and Hinata were startled by the door to her office being kicked in. Anko quickly appeared dragging a tied up Naruto behind her. Hinata moved towards the door to shut it and Tsunade quickly said, "Anko, just what the hell do you think you're doing."

"I want you to place this bastard under arrest," Anko said pointing a finger towards the now conscious and gagged Naruto. "He tried to use some jutsu in order to get me to screw him."

"I see," Tsunade said in a way that placed Anko on guard for some reason before saying, "Hinata."

Anko arched an eyebrow but was suddenly hit in the back several times. Feeling her consciousness fading Anko muttered, "You bitch," before toppling over.

Hinata quickly moved to untie Naruto and as soon as the gag was free of his mouth Tsunade asked, "What the hell did you do?"

"I don't know," Naruto said being helped up by Hinata, "I saw she was looking down so decided to cheer her up. We ended up playing tag in the Forest of Death. She kissed me and one thing led to another."

"What about the part where you used the Temptation Touch on her?" Tsunade said crossing her arms under her bust.

"That's just it," Naruto said, "we were already well on our way when I used it. I was just trying to loosen her up a little since she's so guarded."

Sitting back in her chair Tsunade said, "She probably dragged you through the village where everyone could see. Did she talk to anyone?"

"Not as far as I can tell," Naruto said.

"Good, we can probably play it off as Anko being Anko. But now we have to convince her to go along with it," Tsunade said.

"I don't know she's pretty pissed," Naruto said looking down at the unconscious jounin.

"Yeah," Tsunade admitted wondering how they'd get out this mess.


Anko awoke to find herself chained to a chair. For a moment she wondered if she had dreamed the whole encounter with Naruto. But catching sight of her captor said, "Untie me you bitch."

"Sorry I'm afraid I can't do that," Tsunade said.

Taking a look around the room Anko said, "Where are we?"

"We are below Konoha in the tunnels Orochimaru used for his experiments."

Anko looked around and saw lots of medical equipment around as well as a large pane of glass that she assumed was where he would lock up his experiments to observe them. Glaring at the blonde woman she said, "I've never been here before."

"I never said you were, but luckily enough they were never sealed off completely allowing us to keep you here and out of sight."

Not seeing Naruto, Anko pleaded, "Look, I know it's hard to resist but if he's using that jutsu on you, fight it."

"Sorry, it's too late for that," Tsunade said, "and besides the way Naruto tells it you started things between you two."

Anko blushed, but admitted, "I did. But as soon as he tried to use that jutsu on me I figured I was being played."

"How did you first encounter it?" Tsunade asked.

Figuring at that point it didn't matter she said, "Sh-shortly after Orochimaru abandoned me and everyone learned what awful things he had been doing I met someone. The rest of the village was giving me a wide berth so I was quite happy to be around him."

"Does he have a name?" Tsunade asked having a bad feeling she already knew it.

"Kanji," Anko said, "He was sweet and kind. Well one day we were fooling around and suddenly I felt far hornier then I've ever been. But what frightened me was that there was something sinister behind it. I realized that Kanji was using some jutsu on me. He seemed surprised when I pushed him off. He tried to start back up but I told him to leave. Then…then his real personality began to show. He called me a whore and told me soon I'd be begging to suck his dick. I-I was devastated."

"I'm sorry," Tsunade said placing a hand on her shoulder, "When Naruto did it did you feel the same sinister feeling."

"No…" Anko admitted, "But considering what happened to me after Kanji I didn't want to take the chance."

"What do you mean?"

"He was right," Anko said looking down, "I did want find him to get him to fuck me. Even now I can feel the desire for Naruto to do it. Maybe he's right and I am a whore."

"He's not," Naruto said, entering from the room the glass window hid. "You resisted him just like you resisted me. But even if you hadn't that doesn't give him the right to speak about you like that."

Anko looked away since simply seeing the blonde made her want to give in. Tsunade forced her to focus on her as she asked, "Can you describe Kanji?"

"He was about my age, and had brown hair with a white strip running down the right side of it. He was handsome with brown eyes and a scar in the shape of x on his chin."

"It the same man that gave me the scroll," Naruto said answering the next question she wanted to ask.

"Anko," Tsunade said, "Are the effects you are feeling now the same as then?"

"Yes, but they'll get worse as the week goes on. It lasts for about five days," Anko answered wondering why she was being so forthcoming.

"I see, much as Ino reported. Would you mind if we observe you during that week? I've long suspected that the effects fade over time but sadly no one Naruto has targeted has resisted all the way through," Tsunade said.

"He's targeted others," Anko said staring at the blond man.

Tsunade nodded saying, "If you had submitted to Kanji then you'd be bound to him. Luckily your resisting him seems to have left the impression that his jutsu isn't really effective against kunoichi. Otherwise who knows what he'd have been capable of doing during his time in the village."

"But what about him," Anko said nodding her head in Naruto's direction.

"In time we'll explain everything, but the only thing you need to know is that I am glad he chose me. It might not be the same for you but please at least listen to what we have to say."

Anko nodded so Tsunade unchained her as they explained just what it was Naruto hoped to achieve using the jutsu Kanji had given him.


It had been two weeks since Anko had agreed to serve as a guinea pig in Tsunade's experiment. After making it the first week, Tsunade had asked if she minded going through it all over again. Strangely the second week was going easier then the first had. Tsunade believed that she may be building up an immunity to the jutsu. Naruto wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. But considering that the friendly face Kanji had used with him may have been false. He felt it may probably be good thing.

As to what Anko intended after Tsunade was finished he wasn't sure and didn't know how to broach it. He was also moving forward in his training having finally cut a leaf in half using his chakra. Now Kakashi had him working on doing the same for a waterfall. Naturally it was far harder.

Then there were also the problems with his teammate Sakura and Kyuubi. Sakura was taking his distancing from her far harder than he had imagined she would. She would show up to watch his training looking miserable but always left before he finished. He knew he should talk to her but again wasn't sure he knew how to talk about it. Then there was the silence he received whenever he called out to Kyuubi.

Looking up he saw his teammate walking towards him also lost in thought and almost at the same time she looked up as well. As they walked towards each other he could see her mood picking up since it appeared he wasn't going to take off from her. But suddenly he felt Tayuya flaring her chakra and from the way she was doing so knew that it was an emergency. Cursing the rotten timing he suddenly darted down an alley and could almost hear that Sakura had begun running to talk to him. Activating the Hiraishin he disappeared in a red flash leaving a despondent teammate behind.


It had been a month since she agreed to being used as a test subject. In truth she felt rather good and felt almost no desire other than a vague sense of discomfort she usually associated with a need to get off. Ino and Tsunade were behind the glass monitoring her and she could just make out some of what they were saying.

Currently speaking was Ino. "Has his latest… fou…Konoha to her…ing."

Tsunade's response was just a garbled but she could make out, "Considering how her previous vil… treat… her I would be sho… if she… didn't lo… here."

Sitting up in the bed she was laying on Anko was about to bang on the glass to find out who they were talking about but suddenly felt a sharp pain in her stomach. The pain faded replaced by a heat that made all the other times she had felt it pale in comparison. Before she knew it she was mawing her own tit while sticking her hand up her skirt to finger herself to take some of the edge off.

Due to the raised voice she could hear the two women more clearly as Ino yelled, "What the hell is wrong with her?"

"I don't know," Tsunade shouted, "the area of her brain responsible for sexual desire suddenly exploded with activity."

Anko didn't care about any of that though as she tried to take her skirt off to make it easier to please herself. Moaning for more she deep down knew there was probably only one way for her desires to be quenched so shouted, "Bring me Naruto, now!"


Naruto frowned when he spotted Ino waiting for him as training let out since he knew something was wrong. Hoping it didn't have to do with his newest conquest. He rushed up to her. She sent a small glare his way still upset with how he had taken off on Sakura. Even the fact that Tayuya had been in trouble only blunted it a little but she was upset he still hadn't talked to her since then. Even if Sakura had stopped showing up to his training, when he had pointed that out she had said, "That doesn't stop you from going to her."

However Sakura wasn't on her mind as she immediately said, "Something's wrong with Anko."

Naruto nodded, and finding a secluded area pulled Ino close to him and Hiraishined to the underground lab they were using. Stepping up to Tsunade who was agonizing over some printouts he could see Anko tied to the chair again while squirming.

"What's going on?" he asked frantically as she appeared to be in extreme discomfort.

"Basically she's hornier than she's ever been and the only way to put her at ease seems to rely on you," Tsunade answered.

Naruto frowned into the glass saying, "Won't it fade like the other times?"

"I don't know," Tsunade answered. "It may be some sort of last ditch effort the jutsu triggers to get her to sleep with the castor."

"Then we should wait it out," Naruto said not wanting to take her under such conditions for fear she would regret it.

Tsunade sighed saying, "That might not be an option."


"The area of her brain affected is getting larger not smaller. If we don't find a way to stop it she may become a nymphomaniac."

"Haven't we all sort of become that," Ino asked trying to lighten the mood.

"To a degree maybe, but look at her. I don't think she'd be able to function anymore if we let this run its course. What's more though, is while you were gone I henged into Naruto but she knew I wasn't him somehow. That leaves me to believe the only way to stop it, is for Naruto to provide her with the relief she needs."

Naruto nodded, before entering the room. As soon as he did so Anko stopped squirming and followed him with her eyes. He stopped half-way towards her and almost immediately she began whining. Hoping to entice him towards her she began saying, "Naruto, come here. Please I need you. I'll do anything you want just please fuck me. Use me and throw me away I don't care but hurry." Hearing the proud woman sounding so desperate broke his heart.

He did come closer and she began repeating, "Yes," over and over again. Yet she found herself shocked when he threw his arms around her in a tight hug.

"I'm so sorry about this Anko," he said sounding miserable due to his being the cause of her discomfort. Holding her close he undid the bindings that held her arms to the chair. For a moment she wasn't sure what to do with them. Confused on whether she should dig out his cock or not but eventually she returned the hug. He continued whispering, "I'll never discard you Anko. I promise, you'll always be mine."

Meanwhile Tsunade noticed that Anko's brain activity was returning to normal. Ino confused asked, "Is it naturally doing that?"

"I don't think so," Tsunade answered and coming up with a theory said, "When Kanji used the Temptations Touch on Anko; she said she felt something sinister in it."

"But Naruto isn't using it right now," Ino said.

"True, but I believe the chakra he pumped into her already is responding to his wish that she not become some mindless nymphomaniac that wants to get into his pants."

"Then why…"

"Did she lose her mind for a moment? I think it's because Naruto was simply pumping her full of his chakra, but there was no desire behind it. When Kanji used the jutsu it was probably for his own desires, which is why Anko could feel his chakra as sinister. But when Naruto does so while it may be for the same result, he doesn't think of us as whores and I don't know about you but I felt warm and loved when he used it on me."

Ino nodded and noticed that Anko was returning the hug. Smiling she said, "I think were about to have a new member."

Anko felt her body calming until she felt the same desire that had caused her to kiss Naruto in the Forest of Death. Pulling away she said, "Naruto, thank you."

"Anko," he said obviously relieved, "Are you alright?"

"I'm feeling better," she admitted.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he knelt down to loosen the bindings around her ankles. He tried to divert his gaze from her snatch as he did so since as it was still exposed due to her rubbing herself against the chair. It was a gesture not lost on the woman. When her legs were free she lunged forward pinning him to the ground. He appeared confused wondering if it had been a trick but she said, "Tag you're it," and then leaned down to kiss him hungrily.

When it ended she said breathlessly, "I want you. But can we go someplace more private."

Naruto nodded and in a red flash they disappeared to reappear in his apartment's bed. Her eyes opened wide in surprise recognizing the jutsu. He leaned up to kiss her and after pulling back said, "I'll tell you later."

She nodded, but got off him asking, "Do you mind if I use your shower?"

Naruto shook his head so with a seductive sway in her hips Anko left the young man alone. As she cleaned herself she truly wondered if she should go through with it. But remembering how accurately he had nailed her character back in the forest and the tender things he had said when he felt he had no choice but to sleep with her decided he was something special and would regret letting him get away. Stepping from the shower she wrapped a towel around her body. Exiting she saw him sitting in the middle of his bed against the wall. He was still dressed which made her frown as she asked, "Having second thoughts?"

"No," he said standing as he took his shirt off, "But I didn't want to be too presumptuous. You can still walk away if you want."

Anko nodded and turned away from Naruto. He frowned figuring she was going to do exactly that but instead she dropped the towel. Naruto knew an invitation when he saw one. Closing the distance he hugged her from behind wrapping his hands around her stomach. She immediately leaned into him showing none of the hesitance she had in the Forest. Placing kisses along her neck he stopped at her curse mark. She recognized where he stopped and feeling self conscious reached back to cover it with her hand. Naruto frowned but pulling it away licked the area before sinking his own teeth into it.

Anko stiffened as she felt his chakra flow into her. The dark presence she always felt at the back of her mind seemed to scream in pain before flaring out of existence. When Naruto pulled back he smiled as he saw that the mark had been replaced with his own. He had felt Kyuubi pump her chakra through him into the mark and would need to remember to thank her.

But there was a small side effect as Anko's breathing picked up as she began feeling far hornier than she had been moments before. Pulling Naruto's hands from her stomach she placed them on her breasts. She moved his hands at first until he got the hint and then moaned as he set about pleasing her.


Kyuubi could feel the sensations as Naruto began to please Anko, but what she had learned dampened her desire to truly enjoy them. Then she felt an evil presence and focusing her attention knew that Naruto had bitten the curse mark. Having a good idea of what he wanted she channeled her chakra into the mark. She found herself in a dank lab and could hear someone chuckling malevolently.

"My, my what have we here," Orochimaru's representation said due to his chakra in the seal.

"You must be Orochimaru," Kyuubi said, "I see, is this some means by which you can cheat death."

"Very observant," Orochimaru said, "Yes this is key to my Living Corpse Reanimation. After all, only those that can survive having my chakra implanted into them will do as hosts."

"I'm sorry to say Anko is off your list of potential hosts now."

"Really, do you truly think yourself capable urk…"

Kyuubi silenced him by quickly closing the distance between them and grabbing him around the throat lifted him in the air. Her eyes turning red she said, "Don't get full of yourself human," before causing him to burst into flames. The copy screamed painfully much to her pleasure but it faded when she realized her indulgence in such destruction in the past was going to be responsible for Naruto rejecting her.


Naruto had maneuvered Anko to the bed and upon reaching it pushed her forward until she supported herself by placing her hands on the bed. Kneeling behind her, he took a moment to enjoy her scent before diving in. Running his tongue along her slit, he reached forward to play with her dangling tits. Pulling her nipples towards him, he felt his own arousal spike as she groaned in pleasure. Finding the woman's taste to be desirable he buried his tongue in her trying to pull more of her juices into his mouth. Anko reared her head back to moan and began to rock back and forth as she tried to fuck herself on his tongue.

"Oh, gods I feel s-something co…cumming," she started to say but screamed her release when he rubbed her clit. As her orgasm faded she sunk to her knees with her top half resting on the bed. She was vaguely aware of Naruto standing behind her.

Unzipping his pants he allowed them to fall to the floor. Anko turned slightly and almost gasped at the sight of his erect cock. He smiled down at her saying, "How about you return the favor."

She nodded sitting up and tentatively reached for it. Grabbing ahold she was surprised at just how hot it was. Fisting it a couple of time she picked up her pace when Naruto groaned in pleasure. The desire to hear more such sounds pulled from his throat spurned Anko to go faster. She noticed his tool began to get slick and as a particularly large drop of his precum formed she stuck her tongue out to swipe it away. Finding his taste to be an aphrodisiac in its own right she began licking his cock in earnest for more.

"Oh fuck," he moaned when after reaching the tip and swirling around it with her tongue surprised him by leaning forward to take it into her mouth.

She pulled off almost immediately to run her tongue around it some more but staring up at him said, "Did you like having this big thing in my mouth?"

Naruto nodded his head bringing a smile to her face. She then leaned forward to do it again, and began to bob her head back and forth. Naruto placed a hand on her head saying, "God damn I can't believe you have never done this before. You're a fucking natural."

Anko felt pleased at his words and they only added to her lust causing her to begin rubbing her snatch as she blew him. Her other hand began playing with his balls and she pulled her mouth back to the tip to run her tongue all along his piss slit. She felt his balls contract and he shouted, "Fuck, I'm going to cum."

When Anko didn't pull away but instead took more of him into her mouth he placed his hand on her head and then let go. Blowing his load into her waiting mouth. Anko was surprised at just how much of it there was and feared drowning in his spunk. As best she could she swallowed until he let her head go allowing her to pull away. Swallowing the rest she stared up at him with hooded eyes before taking the hand buried in her snatch and was coated with her own essence. She wiped up some cum that had escaped her mouth to fall on her tits and licked the hand clean savoring their combined taste.

"Kami do just naturally secrete sexiness," Naruto said feeling his dick respond to the sight. Before she could reply he picked her up and planted her on the bed. Kneeling she looked over her shoulder catching sight of the fox mark for the first time. Rubbing her hand over it she felt Naruto kneel behind her as he said, "That means you are mine." He raised her hips up and then pulled her back down onto his cock.

Anko moaned as she was filled by the unfamiliar but pleasant sensation. He rested her back against his chest as he gave her time to adjust. When she was ready, she reached behind him and cupping his ass pulled him forward. Naruto began rocking back and forth while occupying his hand with her tits. Kneading them and playing with her nipples.

She looked over her shoulder and ran a tongue over her lips. Naruto leaned forward to taste them once more and eagerly began dueling with her tongue. He felt the hand she had against his rear begun to try and pull him towards her faster. Responding to her silent request, he began moving faster as well as harder. His increased pace forced her to break the kiss as she moaned, "Fuck… it's so fucking good."

His pace eventually became too much for her and she fell forward to rest on her forearms as he continued to pound her. The new position allowed Naruto greater access to her as it exposed her deepest part further to his relentless assault. Feeling his dick against the entrance to her womb, Anko screamed, "You're hitting me so fucking deep. Oh…oh kami…I'm …I'm fucking going to cum again."

"I'm going to cum too," Naruto said feeling his balls tightening.

"Good…I want you to cum inside. Give me every drop," Anko said the pitch of her voice rising in volume. Naruto held on as long as he could, delaying his release, but eventually the need grew to great and with a final violent shove buried himself inside her as far as his cock would go. Again she felt him knocking at the entrance of her womb but this time the sensation was followed by the feeling of a hotness that quickly entered and filled it. The sensation of her womb filling with his semen caused Anko to arch her back as she screamed, "It's so fucking incredible," before collapsing into the mattress.

Anko breathed heavily and felt Naruto fall backwards into his bed his dick popping out of her snatch followed by some of his seed. She could feel his eyes on her cunt as it continued to leak some of his release. Turning over onto her back she stared down at him and spreading her pussy lips said, "Are you ready to go again because you have a month's worth of frustration to help me get over?"

Naruto chuckled, but the sound of a key entering his lock caught their attention. Anko panicked slightly but calmed since Naruto didn't seem worried. The door openrd and in stepped a women in white. Her outfit exposed a great deal of skin. She was lithe looking like a dancer with pink eyes and light green hair. Taking in their current state a small smile appeared on her face and she said, "So you have taken another mate."

Naruto smiled at the woman and reason Tayuya had called him to her location two weeks ago and said, "Fu allow me to introduce Anko Mitarashi. Anko this is Fu, she's the jinchuriki of the seven-tails."

Anko was surprised she wasn't embarrassed but was when Fu lifted her shirt over her head saying, "Do we now engage in a threesome?"

Naruto directed his gaze to Anko and she knew it was her call. Gaining a predatory smile she said, "Oh what the hell. The more the merrier, right?" Naruto smiled and captured his lips with hers and moments later she felt the weight of Fu joining them on the bed. As she began to lose herself in the pleasure she thought, "Eat your heart out Kurenai."

*Chapter 11*: Chapter 11

Flashback: My First Jinchuriki

Anko couldn't believe that mere moments after losing her virginity, she was in a heavy make out session with the man who had done the taking, while at the same time being joined by one of his other lovers, who was currently sucking on her nipple much to her pleasure. "Oh…oh it's so good," Anko moaned breaking the kiss upon feeling two fingers beginning to enter her passage. From the size of them she knew that they belonged to the green-haired girl currently latched to her breast.

After stirring the fingers around inside of her, Anko watched mesmerized as Fu removed them from her cunt and brought them in front of her face. Anko blushed in embarrassment at the sight of her and Naruto's release that covered them and she turned a deeper shade of crimson as the Jinchuriki brought them to her mouth. The green haired girl then licked them clean running her tongue along them pulling the combined essence into her mouth. Fu moaned contently at the taste before smiling and slowly lowering herself to drink directly from the source.

Leaning back on her elbows, Anko simply watched as the younger woman took up a position between her legs and began placing kisses along her thighs. When the Jinchuriki attacked her core she threw her head back and moaned as the girl's tongue began moving about inside her in hopes of scooping up more of Naruto and hers cream. When she brought her head forward again, Anko smiled as she found Naruto kneeling near her face. Seeing that his cock had recovered and knowing what he wanted her to do she leaned forward taking as much of it into her mouth as she could.

As she bobbed her head on his pole, she realized that she was tasting herself and him, much as Fu had. Far from being disgusted she found their combined taste to be quite flavorful. She had to pull back to scream as her orgasm from Fu's ministrations caught her by surprise. Falling back into the bed she panted contently. Her vision of the smiling blonde looking down at her was obscured by the orange-eyed Jinchuriki whose chin and lips was coated with her essence. Anko grabbed Fu by the back of the head and pulled her down into a deep kiss. As their tongues danced against each other Anko felt movement at the foot of the bed and then Fu suddenly tensed.

The female jinchuriki broke the kiss looking over her shoulder to say, "Mmm, you are spreading me so wide, Naruto." The blond man leaned forward to kiss her before straightening in order to begin moving within her. Fu moaned out loud as her arms gave out causing her to bury her head into Anko's shoulder.

Anko stared up at the blonde as he began to really pound the young woman into her. Raising her legs and wrapping them around the girl Anko pouted, "No fair, I want some too."

Naruto smiled at her but didn't pull out of Fu. Instead he adjusted himself so he could reach down and begin rubbing her slit as he continued to fuck Fu senseless. Anko moaned contently as he petted her mound. Fu rose back up moaning, "I'm so full. Does my pussy feel good, Naruto?"

"It feels great Fu," Naruto said contently, "You're so fucking tight and wet."

"Hey, "Anko said fearing she was being forgotten, "What about mine?"

"Well let's see," Naruto said moving his hand before pulling out of Fu who whimpered at the lost. He then plunged into Anko roughly causing her to cry out in pleasure which rose in volume as he began sliding within her. "Ah, just as I remember it," Naruto said pleasantly, "Hot and slippery. Maybe even a little tighter if that is possible. You must be really feeling having Fu here."

"That…That's not true," Anko said embarrassed.

"Why," Fu said quickly a little hurt creeping into her voice, "I am enjoying Anko's presence."

Naruto stopped moving and pulled out of Anko before positioning himself to once more enter the Jinchuriki. Missing the feeling of fullness already Anko said, "Why'd you stop?"

"Because you aren't being honest," Naruto said plunging himself once more into Fu.

Reaching down to Anko's snatch Naruto buried his fingers in her getting them nice and slick with her juices. He then brought the hand in front of Fu's face holding them in front of her mouth. Anko watched as the green-haired girl's tongue appeared to lick them clean without hesitation and was forced to admit the sight did cause her to grow even more aroused. He then reached between Fu's legs rubbing her clit causing the girl to scream, "I'm cumming!"

After going stiff the girl collapsed onto Anko and remained still as she panted happily. She moaned slightly as Naruto pulled out his cock out which was still rock hard having resisted cumming inside her. He then ran his fingers along her abused snatch before burying his middle finger inside her. Pulling it out, he held it in front of Anko face. Despite a desire to respond similarly as Fu had, she resisted by turning her face to the side.

Naruto chuckled before bringing the fingers to his own mouth to lick off Fu's juices. "Delicious," he said as Fu began to stir.

The female Jinchuriki climbed off of Anko turning to face Naruto as she said, "Why are you not making Anko feel good?"

"I like it when girls are honest," Naruto said.

"Anko's being shy," Fu said placing a hand on Anko's mound. Looking over her shoulder the young woman added, "Don't worry, Fu will make you feel good."She then buried her face between Anko's legs. While she ate the jounin out she tried to bring her body around but was stopped by Naruto who picked the girl's lower body up and deposited it so her snatch was staring Anko in the face. He then laid down next to Anko, who was biting her lip as she tried to refrain from moaning.

Placing kisses along her ear he asked, "Is Fu right and are you just being shy? Or, are you ashamed to admit that you want to be as free at showing affection as she is?"

Anko opened her mouth to reply but Fu began stimulating her clit causing her to moan out. She clamped a hand over her mouth and could almost feel the smile against her neck from where Naruto was kissing her. "You don't have to worry about anyone judging you here Anko." He then moved to Fu's cunt thoroughly exploring it with his tongue before turning to Anko and kissing her on the lips.

Anko resisted at first but soon couldn't deny that her first unabashed taste of another woman was pleasant. Naruto broke the kiss and smiled as Anko licked her lips afterwards. She then directed her gaze towards the young woman's quim. Slowly she raised her head until she planted her mouth over it causing Fu to raise her head from Anko's pussy as she moaned in pleasure before returning her attention to pleasing Anko.

Naruto sat back and watched as the two women ate each other out. As the women's moans grew louder his dick seemed to actual grow harder if such a thing was possible. He almost came when Fu tensed screaming her release, coating Anko face in her release. Fu fell to the side and Anko licked her lips as she sat up her gaze directed at Naruto's crotch. When her eyes met his, to Naruto it appeared that the woman that Anko pretended to be was kneeling in front of him. Gently nudging Fu's head and giving Naruto a smile that reminded him of the day he met her in front of Training Ground Forty-Four she said, "Hey sis get up."

"Sis?" Fu said confused getting up weakly.

Smiling at the Jinchuriki Anko kissed her saying, "Yeah, anyway why don't you help me tame that monster," while pointing at Naruto's dick.

Fu returned the smile nodding her acceptance of Anko's nickname and her agreement at her suggestion. Anko crawled towards Naruto pushing him onto his back before sitting on his stomach placing her snatch right next to his cock. Motioning for Fu to follow suit she positioned the jinchuriki's cunt on the other side of Naruto's tool. Anko then pulled the girl's hips towards her own sandwiching the blond's member between their two pussies. Anko at first began rubbing herself against it quickly followed by Fu who caught on to what the jounin was doing.

For Naruto the sensation of having both women rubbing him with their mounds was unbelievable. As they continued to rub themselves against him, Naruto closed his eyes basking in the feeling of warmth and wetness that surrounded his manhood. Sadly as a result of his earlier holding back and the show the two women had put on previously he felt that his time to enjoy the moment was going to be short lived. Already feeling the sensation that told him the end was nigh he moaned, "Fuck girls I'm going to blow."

"Do it," Anko said near her own release as well, "coat us in your cum."

"Shit!," Naruto shouted raising his hips off the bed as his cock spilled his load over the two women's stomachs. Anko clutched Fu to her as she came as well reaching down and pinching the female's jinchuriki's clit which prompted the girl to cum again. Anko and Fu fell away from each other with Anko falling onto Naruto's chest.

He wrapped his arms around her causing Fu to scamper up his chest and worm her way into the embrace. Surrounded by each other's warmth it wasn't long before each of them fell into sleep's embrace. Just before shutting his eyes Naruto's last conscious sight was of the content female jinchuriki which was probably why he dreamed of the events leading up to her inclusion into his life.


Sometime around Naruto's failed attempt to seduce Anko:

Tayuya was bored. Currently she was sitting on a rock trying to refrain from killing one of the annoying civilians that was trying to get into Takigakure along with her. Having scouted Suna to the point that she believed she had information on all the relevant kunoichi she had quit her job and moved on. She had left Suna with no true final destination in mind while toying with the idea of going to Iwa. However, in the end she had decided to save it for last due in part to the rather hostile stance it had taken lately. Although she couldn't be sure and it was based on what Naruto told her about Deidara taunting that Akatsuki had already kidnapped two jinchuriki, she believed that the two taken had been Iwa's. With a good portion of its military might gone sneaking into the village would be difficult due to the increased patrols.

Tayuya's other reason for deciding on Waterfall, stemmed from the fact that Taki's Jinchuriki was a woman. While she knew Naruto would want to protect all the jinchuriki regardless of gender Tayuya felt that getting a mark on the Jinchuriki would help thwart many of Akatsuki's plans. At the very least it would allow them to come to her aid should Akatsuki move to attack her.

"Hey beautiful how about once we get to Takigakure I show you a good time?" the persistent and annoying man asked sitting next to her.

Giving the man the meanest glare in her arsenal she said, "Unless that good time involves you slowly opening your belly with a dull knife I'm not interested."

The man's eyes went wide and he quickly moved away from her. Tayuya chuckled darkly further bolstering her appearance of being unapproachable. She barely managed to stifle the sigh she felt at the Taki shinobi watching the group from the shadows taking their sweet time in approaching. On one hand she could understand it since if the weaklings she could sense were anything to go by the only reason the village had never been conquered was probably because nobody knew how to get there. Even civilians like the one she was with and had lived there for years wouldn't know how to find the place. Therefore, to get to and from the village people had to meet at designated spots in order to be escorted there. As the people waited, and her own highly tuned sense proved, the Shinobi would monitor them keeping an eye out for spies, while going over the travel passes and other I.D.'s that the lone visible shinobi that Takigakure wanted them to believe was present had collected.

Tayuya wasn't worried about them finding a discrepancy in her paperwork mainly since everything she had given the man were legitimate documents of Suna and Konoha. All they would find was that she was a world traveler who took up work at various establishments in order to pay for her travels. Granted, having official documents didn't exactly mean much of anything when entering a Hidden Village. But having a paper trail that could be followed did, especially when no acts of sabotage or spying were logged as a result of her leaving.

Spending a moment to look over the group she was with she figured that starting over in a hidden village was something quite a few of the people present hoped lay in their future. She could feel the shinobi around them preparing to move so was aware of the reason one of the civilians gasped as he was startled by their appearance.

"Greetings," the lead shinobi said, "All those ready to proceed to the village please come forward." Naturally almost everyone did only to be blindfolded and lead down a path towards a boat. Getting aboard she put all her senses to work hoping to use them to map a path in her mind, since although her entry into the village may be peaceful there was no promise that her exit would be.


"Fuck, I'm bored in here." The statement caused some chuckling from the other side of the glass. Recognizing it as male Anko asked, "Is that you Naruto?"

"Yeah," she heard more clearly do to his pressing the button for the intercom.

"What's so funny?"

"You just reminded me of someone," Naruto replied thinking of his fiery red-head.

"It wouldn't happen to be one these other mysterious girls of yours would it?"

"Yeah it was."

Anko racked her brain trying to figure out who it was but couldn't. Although she had heard some of the rumors surrounding Naruto's sudden popularity and figured most, if not all of the women that had appeared on the dates with him were under his spell, couldn't really think of one that her statement would have reminded him of. Giving in to curiosity she asked, "Who?"

She could hear the smile in the man's voice as he said, "Her name is Tayuya."

Anko knew she had heard the name from somewhere but couldn't place it. It must have shown on her face because Naruto said, "She was one of the Sound Four." An image of a red-head flashed before her eyes having visited the unconscious girl in the hospital once. Mainly out of a sense of understanding of being abandoned by Orochimaru.

"I thought she was in a coma."

"She was but Kyuubi helped wake her up and she's moving around the shinobi world…"

"Helping to grease your way between kunoichi's legs, huh?"

"Something like that," Naruto replied dryly.

Anko bit her lip due to her desire to ask the blonde a question. Finally her craving to know overpowered her so she blurted, "Why'd you target me?"

"To tell you the truth I wasn't planning too." But, he quickly added due to a frown appearing on her face, "That didn't come out right. What I meant is…I saw how lonely you were and simply wanted to drive it off. Playing tag in the forest seemed like a good way to do that. But actually seducing you would have been on a separate occasion. I wouldn't want to take advantage of you when you were vulnerable like that."

"But you would have eventually come after me right?"

Naruto wasn't sure exactly what she was looking for so as usual answered honestly. "While it probably wouldn't have been anything to do with my ambition… yeah I think it's safe to say I'd have seduced a beauty like you eventually."

Anko turned away from the glass due to the blush his words caused to appear. Trying to play it off she leaned against it while crossing her arms. The two of them lapsed into silence neither willing to bring up the matter of whether or not such a moment would happen again in the future. Just as the silence was becoming unbearable Anko could hear the sound of a woman talking. Guessing it to be Ino who Naruto had probably been covering for, Naruto bid her good-bye leaving Anko to contemplate whether or not to give into the feelings she knew the jutsu she was currently under was helping along.


Naruto had left Anko in the underground facility that Orochimaru had used before abandoning the village having been covering for Ino. Anko had been under the jutsu for about five days and as she had told them it seemed to be in its final phase. However, surprisingly Anko had agreed to Tsunade's proposal of testing its effectiveness against her again.

Yet none of that concerned Naruto at the moment as he slammed into a tree. He slumped down it to land on his butt. Staring straight ahead he saw the smirking blonde responsible for the pain spreading along his back, but before he could complain about her rough treatment of him cursed as she was joined by a brunette who had dropped from the canopy of leaves above.

The brunette flashed through a flurry of signs her hands moving too fast for his eyes to follow, but the jutsu she cast quickly became apparent as an Earth Dragon rose from the earth behind her. The dragon shot towards him but still Koharu wasn't done as she performed a second jutsu shooting several fireballs from her mouth at the dragon setting it afire.

"Oh that's too much," he moaned, but reacting quickly created a shadow clone that picked him up and tossed him out of the way. Landing on his feet, he began running through the woods while bemoaning the fact that he was forbidden to use Hiraishin during the sparring match that he had agreed to.

He got out of sight of the two women who hadn't pursued him making him nervous. From behind a tree a blade suddenly struck out but bringing forth the kunai he had stored in his sleeve he blocked it forcing it back. The masked owner of the blade appeared from her cover behind the tree holding the blade in front of her as she teasingly asked, "Going somewhere?"

"If you three don't start holding back some then I'd wager I'm going to the hospital most likely," Naruto quipped keeping his guard up.

Although her face was covered he knew his words had upset Yuugao as her voice hardened as she said, "Do you think Akatsuki is going to take it easy on you?" She then charged the jinchuriki easily forcing him on the defensive.

Naruto managed to create some room between him and the Anbu captain by blocking her sword before dropping into a leg sweep. Yuugao leapt over it but Naruto created a clone that tackled her while she was in the air. Landing on her back, she stabbed the clone in the gut dispelling it before leaping back to her feet. Looking around she was surprised that not only was Naruto gone but that he had left no trace of the direction he had taken off in.

Picking a direction she took off to link back up with Tsunade and Koharu in order to strategize a plan to flush him out. Naruto meanwhile peeked out from the tree he was hiding behind to scan the area after coming to a rest. Although Koharu was taking the exercise seriously his quip revealed that Yuugao and he believed Tsunade were taking it even more so. He supposed he should have realized they would due to their past losses. Guessing that meant he needed to show them that he was strong enough to take care of himself he was about to create a few shadow clones when he sensed an attack. Ducking at the last minute, the fist hit the tree causing it to explode into splinters.

Reacting quickly, he grabbed the arm and flipped Tsunade over his shoulder. As expected though, she easily landed on her feet. When she turned towards him however Naruto saw a quiet anger that matched the tone he had heard in Yuugao's voice. Knowing that he needed to show the two women that he wasn't going to be dying anytime soon, he charged Tsunade.

He closed quickly with her and her eyes widened slightly at the sudden change in his tactics. She threw a punch that he sidestepped and responded with an elbow that caught her in the side of the face. The blow caused her to step back and Naruto spun catching her in the stomach with a kick. While she folded around the attack she still managed to grab ahold of his leg and spinning around she tossed him into a tree.

As he slid down the tree he had a sense of déjà vu, but Koharu didn't drop down this time. He created two clones that attacked her as he got back to his feet. Tsunade made short work of them and then refocused her attention on him.

Naruto could see that some of the silent anger that she had been exhibiting due to his lack of seriousness had faded now that he was standing his ground as opposed to his earlier joking and running. Tsunade charged causing Naruto to defend himself by doing his level best to avoid her fists. Eventually she landed a punch to his gut that lifted his feet into the air as she buried her fist into his stomach.

As Naruto folded around the attack she saw a small smile split his lips. She briefly wondered why till he burst into smoke.

"Shit," she said turning in time to see the young man closing with her with a Rasengan held behind him. But before he could get within striking distance of her, a dragon like mouth opened in front of her made from dirt. It then began shooting globs of mud at Naruto who was forced to abandon his attack and bringing his arms in front of him to protect himself. After several of the projectiles connected that Naruto also burst into smoke.

Koharu dropped from the trees behind Tsunade scanning over the trees of the forested training area for any signs of the blonde. "He is quite slippery," she said finding no sign of him.

A smile appeared on Tsunade's face as she replied, "Misdirection is one of his best skills. Thanks by the way. I'd never have lived it down if he connected with that." Tsunade could feel Koharu nod behind her. The woman then stiffened but Tsunade didn't need to ask why as she believed that it was due to the hundreds of Naruto's that began stepping out from behind the trees.

"Kami," Koharu said unbelieving, "I had heard he could make so many from when he caught Mizuki. But I had thought it merely an exaggeration."

"Get ready," Tsunade said preparing to defend herself as the clones began running. But instead of attacking the two women they began fighting each other.

Yuugao dropped down joining the two women as the clones began thinning their own ranks. "It would appear he still is quite weak against genjutsu though." One of the Naruto though made the hand sign to break genjutsu so the three women targeted him.

Naruto broke the genjutsu to see that many of his clones had already been defeated during the brief time under the illusion. Seeing the three women charging him and that none of his clones realized they were still fighting each other he called out, "I surrender."

Dropping to his butt he dispelled the rest of the clones as the three women came to a stop. "Damn, and I thought I almost had you."

"You dropped your guard and paid the price," Tsunade said kneeling in front of him. "But on the bright side you did manage to make us work for the victory."

"If you don't mind, I'd like to be the one that gives him the after action report," Yuugao said stepping up behind the Hokage.

Straightening Tsunade said with a knowing smile, "Is that what we're calling it now?"

Yuugao blushed in embarrassment although her mask covered it up. Still she nodded helping Naruto stand before Shunshining to her office where she'd tell him what he did right and wrong before giving him a reward. Tsunade sighed, since she'd have to return to her office and that meant putting her henge back in place.

Turning to tell Koharu she was leaving she noticed the woman starring over the devastation they would be leaving for the ground crews to clean up. "Hey what is it," she asked moving up behind the elder.

"I've missed cutting loose like this," she replied with a half smile.

Tsunade nodded before beginning to head back to the village taking a less traveled route to delay having to reapply her henge. Koharu fell into step with her. Tsunade would have teased her about wanting to remain young looking as long as possible but the frown on the elder's face stopped her. Before she could ask what was wrong Koharu asked, "Tsunade, have you told him about her yet?"

"No," Tsunade said, "I was going to back when he needed someone to act as a scout but since Tayuya is filling that role. I've put it off. Now though I figure you can since you'll have to tell him about the role you played in stopping her family's rebellion."

Koharu nodded but said, "There's something else you should know about her though."

Raising an eyebrow Tsunade asked, "And that is?"

"She was the one that gave us the warning of her husband's rebellion," Koharu said eliciting a look of shock to appear on the Hokage's face.

"Damn, like I don't have enough to worry about with how he's going to react when Kyuubi stops being so chicken and tells him her role in his parents' death. Now I have to worry about his reaction to you elders killing Sasuke's family and that Mikoto was the one that got the word out to Sarutobi."

"We were acting in Konoha's best inte…"

Koharu trailed off though as when Tsunade held up her hand giving the elder a stern look. "Tell me about it later," the Hokage said angrily feeling a desire to drink that she hadn't since becoming one of Naruto's lovers. Seeing the village, she put her henge in place as did Koharu, although the disguise didn't hide the frown marring the older woman's face due to her fears of Naruto response to learning she had given the order to have the Uchiha wiped out along with Danzou and Homura, or that the Matriarch of the Uchiha was locked securely away in the deepest dungeon of the Leaf Maximum Security Prison.


Tayuya easily found a job as a server at one of the few restaurants that catered almost exclusively to Shinobi of Taki. However, she was beginning to think coming to the village was going to be a huge waste of time. As far as she could tell the few shinobi here were all wimps, especially the supposed leader of the village. The only reason she had stayed this long was because according to Tsunade's book a jinchuriki was supposed to reside in the village. Sadly, nobody outside of Konoha had any real information on her. Gauging the supposed kunoichi's strength relaxing in the small open air café she was working in Tayuya really doubted any of them were going to be of much use in helping Naruto's ambition along.

Wiping down a table after one of her customers left Tayuya cursed the cheap bastard for leaving her a laughable tip of a few coins. While performing the chore she let her mind wander to the other matter that had kept her in the small village, and that was the oppressive air that the shinobi seemed to be admitting. They were like beaten dogs and Tayuya was convinced most would take off running if startled.

She hadn't seen the source of worry yet and most of the civilians seemed oblivious of it, but she was sure it was there. Most of the patrons tensed though when a green-haired girl, that Tayuya's bingo book identified as the jinchuriki entered the village through the secret entrance near the café. The girl seemed to be quite vulnerable as she walked past the café and as she ran her orange eyes over the restaurant all the other shinobi present made sure to look elsewhere. She made eye contact with Tayuya and was quite surprised when the red-head didn't look away. She looked like she was about to smile when she was suddenly hit in the side of the head by a rock.

The girl held the gash it had opened up and glared at the young boy who had thrown it. But the glare wilted as more people began looking at her. Since everyone's attention seemed directed at the young girl they missed why the young boy was suddenly laying on his back. Sitting up he had a gash of his own on his head and began crying. Moments later a woman ran up and although she had seen her son throw the rock had the audacity to glare at the startled young woman before snatching up her son to look at his wound.

Tayuya smirked having used one of the coins that the cheap bastard had left to hit the kid. Giving the area a scan she made sure nobody had noticed her small intervention. Confident the clueless shinobi around her were just that, she directed her attention to the girl and noticed that as she wiped at her cut that the wound was gone. She felt a smile tug at her lips as she settled her gaze on her jinchuriki target.


Naruto pulled at his collar only to feel Temari gently kick his leg underneath the table. "Stop that," she said leaning in.

"I'm trying, but it's so stuffy," Naruto replied complainingly not liking the high collar of the black and red jacket he wore.

"Deal with it," Temari said looking stunning in a black dress, "It's the latest fashion in Suna."

"I'll try and keep that in mind as I suffocate," he replied taking a moment to look around the restaurant. Catching his current reflection in one of the mirrored surfaces scattered around the area he found he really missed his old face. Although he had kept his eyes the same due to Temari's insistence.

Temari let his joke slide since she had to admit the jacket did look uncomfortable. "Why don't you unbutton the top few then?"

"I don't want to look like a clod in front of everyone," he replied, but nevertheless followed her suggestion.

Temari smiled as he let out a breath in comfort and noticed that several other men in the restaurant immediately followed suit. No doubt figuring that if the Kazekage's sister was going to let her date for the evening do it then they should too.

A lot more relaxed Naruto asked, "So when is everyone going to get here?"

"Soon, I wanted some alone time before we began to talk business."

Naruto nodded looking around the restaurant before asking, "Do you always meet with your fellow councilors in such grand style?"

"No, this is more of a display for the populace. It's to show a united front to the people despite all the bickering and backstabbing they engage in during the actual council meetings."

Hearing the bitterness in Temari's voice he asked, "Is that why you spent so much time in Konoha to avoid working with them?" Temari nodded so Naruto placed his hand on hers. When she looked at him he smiled and said, "Thank you, I appreciate you putting up with it for my account."

"Oh don't worry, you'll be showing your appreciation later," she said with a seductive smile.

"Hey you're actually early for once," Kankurou shouted walking up to the table a civilian girl on his arm. Eyeing the man with her the puppeteer said, "And you brought a date?"

"Are you saying it should be difficult for me to find a man who wants to spend time with me?" she replied with a hint of danger in her voice.

Kankurou recognizing he was in dangerous territory said, "I'm just commenting that it's unusual for you that's all."

Temari conceded the point before raising a hand in Naruto's direction and introducing him. The name she gave naturally matched the identity she had proved for him. Kankurou nodded politely before taking his seat after pulling the chair out for his date. They made small talk as more and more councilors began to arrive while taking seats around the large table. Some brought their spouses or children but Naruto's eyes landed on one woman in particular.

She arrived with a senior councilor and what caught Naruto's eye was that she was one of the women Tayuya had left information with Temari and Matsuri about. As Maki took her seat next to the far older man Naruto wondered if she was with him as they didn't appear to be related. Temari must have sensed his question as she leaned in and said, "She isn't his lover. Joseki is grooming Maki to take his place on the council."

"Grooming?" he asked confused.

"Joseki is particularly adamant about not trusting Konoha. He's trying to make sure the person most likely to replace him sees things similarly as he does," Temari said having been butting heads with the man due to her trying to bring the two villages closer.

The councilor took his seat, inclining his head to many of the members present completely skipping over Temari and Kankurou. Naruto noticed this so asked, "Why doesn't he like Kankurou?"

"When Gaara was kidnapped some of these men tried to write him off. Kankurou didn't take to kindly to that and roughed Joseki up a little."

A murmur rose in the restaurant as Gaara made his way towards the table with Sari on his arm. The kunoichi was beaming despite receiving some jealous looks from many of the single women present. Gaara met everyone's eyes as he sat stopping momentarily on Naruto. A small smile cracked his face recognizing the jinchuriki despite his henge.

As the councilors began talking Naruto paid close attention to what many of the men present were talking about. Joseki seemed to garner the most respect due to his age but Naruto noticed that when he spoke poorly of Konoha it made Maki a little uncomfortable. Almost like she was afraid that she'd be put on the spot by the man to confirm she believed many of the anti-Leaf things the elder councilor said.

He began to zone out to much of the conversation but refocused when he realized the man was talking to Temari as he said, "... and unlike some of us present at least not all of us are buying into the Leaf's blatant attempt to get us to drop our guard."

Temari was ready for the challenge saying, "Really and how are they doing that by helping to save our Kage. Or perhaps by being the only village to respond to Gaara's desire to unite against Akatsuki."

"You are young so I don't expect you to be aware of just how slippery the Leaf can be," Joseki said dismissively.

Temari was about to snap at the older man but Naruto calmly asked, "Has the Leaf killed someone close to you?"

The question caught the elder off guard, but he quickly schooled his features before replying, "I lost a wife to the Leaf during the Second Great War and my daughter to the Oto invasion."

Naruto nodded his head, but began cutting into his meal. One of the other councilors wanted to know why the henged jinchuriki thought it mattered so asked, "Why?"

Naruto slowly chewed the piece of meat he had placed in his mouth to think of a response. Finally after swallowing he asked, "Do you want to lose more?" The others stared at him in confusion so he clarified saying, "Wives, husbands, sons, and daughters I mean. The way I see it, by making it so that the younger generation sees things through the same anger tinted glasses as some of you do. It almost ensures that the cycle of fighting and peace is doomed to continue."

"Say that after you've lost something precious," Joseki said angrily.

"I'm not trying to belittle your loss, but simply trying to point out that rejecting Konoha simply because of it ensures more people will suffer the same," Naruto replied calmly. "Please don't take this the wrong way but if you hadn't voted to help Orochimaru in his invasion of Konoha. Your daughter wouldn't have died."

Joseki slammed his hand down spilling several glasses nearest him causing the restaurant to lapse into silence. "So you would ignore that Konoha engaged in practices that almost bankrupted our village."

Shaking his head, Naruto replied, "No, but I would have waited until after Konoha had rejected any request to renegotiate those trade practices before taking the village on a path to war." Despite keeping his eyes on Joseki, Naruto could see that Maki seemed surprised at his reasoning but that she also may have felt the same way.

Joseki glared at Naruto for several more moments before tossing his napkin into his plate. Standing he excused himself claiming to need some fresh air. Maki seemed conflicted but settled on following since she had been invited to the dinner by the retreating elder. Naruto looked around the table and saw a few elders seemed surprised by his argument but that many felt similarly as Joseki. When he looked at Gaara, the former jinchuriki inclined his head before starting a conversation that was less heated.


The door to Temari's apartment slammed open as she backed while making out with her lover. Hearing the door shut behind him, she said, "Drop the fucking henge." Naruto quickly complied before pushing her against the wall of the narrow hallway. He began kissing along her neck pulling a moan from the kunoichi's throat.

Naruto lifted the hem of her dress up before sliding his hand into her panties to find her soaking. Sliding his fingers inside of her the jinchuriki said, "You're fucking drenched down there."

"It's…it's your fault I'm like that," Temari moaned as the fingers worked their magic on her, "the way you talked to that dried up bastard had me wanting to jump you right there." As she spoke her own fingers were trying to free Naruto's cock from its confines. When she succeeded she moaned, "No more foreplay. Shove that monster inside me."

Naruto pushed her panties down before lining himself up with Temari's entrance. Picking the woman up, he pushed her against the wall as he buried himself inside her. "Ohhhhh," she moaned as he gave her a moment to adjust to his invasion before he began moving within her. Temari moaned as she locked her legs around him. As he pounded her against the wall she began sucking on his earlobe while whispering, "I can't ever get enough of your dick."

Naruto pulled his head back to stare into her eyes enjoying the look of crazed lust the normally reserved kunoichi displayed only for him. Leaning in, he began to hungrily kiss her as she clamped her hands behind his neck. Feeling her beginning to tighten around him, Naruto broke the kiss saying, "Are you going to cum?"

"Yes…oh fuck…I'm close…" Naruto stopped moving burying himself as deep as he could and feel the tip of his dick poking her deepest spot. Almost immediately she shouted, "No, don't stop."

Naruto groaned as she squeezed her muscles around his schlong but remain still teasingly saying, "Now, now Temari we have all night."

But Temari wasn't having any of that and pulled his forehead to hers and giving a dark glare said, "I've been dealing with asshole councilors for you for weeks. Now make me cum and make me cum now."

Naruto gulped heavily, but responded as she wished by pulling back before slamming forward even harder and faster than he had been moments before. Temari screamed appreciatively shouting, "That's it lover. Fuck me; pound me through this fucking wall." Due to how close she had been and his faster pace it wasn't long before Naruto felt her tensing around him again. Suddenly her legs tightened pulling him deeper into her as she screamed, "I'm cumming!" Her velvet walls began milking him of his essence which he released bathing her insides in his liquid heat.

After riding out their orgasms together Naruto leaned forward panting as Temari sagged in his arms. "Mmmm," she moaned happily. Naruto tried to lower her but she simply held on. Getting the hint he carried her towards her bedroom where he laid her down on her mattress. As he tried to straighten she refused to let go so he climbed into the bed. She snuggled into his chest and quickly fell asleep feeling tired himself he figured he could Hiraishin back to Konoha in the morning.


Tayuya was worried as she moved throughout the village stealthily. She had made an effort to get to know the girl known as Fu over the past week. It hadn't been easy especially since she seemed to have a deep resentment for the people of Taki. But eventually Fu had begun to seem to trust that Tayuya wasn't like the rest of the villagers. She had even stopped by the restaurant where the red-head worked to say good-bye before leaving on a mission. Tayuya had managed to mark her with the locating seal the Kyuubi designed by hugging the girl and telling her to be careful. Fu had been surprised and touched by the gesture. As a result of Fu's response to the simple gesture Tayuya had decided that she would get in contact with Naruto when the female jinchuriki got back and hopefully between the two of them could convince the girl to defect to the Leaf.

However, shortly after Fu's leaving Tayuya began to fear for the jinchuriki since it seemed the oppressive atmosphere that had been choking the village had lifted. Almost like whatever had been silently menacing the place had left. Reaching the Village Hall, she snuck in definitely deciding that the village outside of Fu lacked talented shinobi.

Finding a council chamber she strained her ears to hear what was being said on the other side of the thick door. Although mumbled she could hear several councilors debating among themselves. Catching the tail end of their conversation she heard, "Are we sure we did the right thing?"

"Of course we did," another voice replied, "We didn't stand a chance against that thing. Better to sacrifice the jinchuriki then have the whole village wiped out."

"Still, what are we going to do in the future? We'll need to rely on the Hero water from here on out. We should have used it to kill that freak."

"Stop your sniveling. Even with the Hero's Water we are no match for Akatsuki."

Hearing the name of the organization after the Jinchuriki, Tayuya grew angry and almost charged into the room to kill the people inside. However instead she got ahold of herself before quickly exiting the building. She cursed the village that was saving its own skin by sacrificing one of its own. Reaching her apartment she knew her sudden leaving would be noted no doubt possibly harming her ability to sneak into other villages. But, she knew in the long run Naruto would want her to do the right thing.

Donning her shinobi attire, she gathered up her few possessions and followed the sensations the seal she had placed on Fu in order to locate her before Akatsuki.


Fu dropped into a clearing near the coordinates the councilors had given her. She was supposed to link up with a team of kunoichi in order to gauge the responses of Iwa. However something that had raised her guard was that the team she was supposed to meet had been out of contact for over ten years. If the limited rumors she was privy to were true then they had been incarnated by the Leaf. When she had raised that point the councilor in charge had easily brushed off her concerns saying that they had escaped but they used that cover story to their advantage. As he had explained it if they failed again Taki could easily put the blame on the Leaf claiming that the village had turned them.

Reaching the meeting point she settled in to wait and watch the area from some nearby trees. As she waited she allowed her mind to turn to Tayuya. She had first met the red-head the day after her return to the village from a long term mission having suddenly been summoned back. During her week in the village the red-head had kept popping up on her. Fu had tried to ignore her at first and when Tayuya had cornered her one night she had even pushed the girl to the side to get by her.

She had stopped though when the red-head snapped, "You must really enjoy fucking being alone, huh?"

Fu had rounded on her about to tear into her but was surprised to find the woman missing. Aware that she may have been one of the influxes of new civilians Fu knew she shouldn't have been capable of disappearing on her like that unless she had shinobi training. Taking to the roof tops of the village she quickly scanned it finding the girl leaping over them heading towards the great tree at the center of the village. Fearing that the woman was a spy after the Hero's Water she quickly gave pursuit. She considered raising the alarm, but decided against it since for the most part felt the other shinobi would get in her way. She lost sight of the young woman as she hit the last rooftop and dropped down to the ground. Reaching the end as well she scanned over the lake that surrounded the tree expecting to see some sign of the girl running over the water. Instead she heard a calm voice say, "I'm not interested in the Hero's Water."

Fu looked directly down seeing the red-head sitting on a barrel with her legs crossed. Fu dropped down to the ground and grabbing Tayuya by the shoulders pushed her against the wall as she said, "Who are you and what do you want then?"

The red-head smirked as she calmly said, "My name is Tayuya."

"Why have you infiltrated the village?"

"To get to know you," Tayuya replied. Fu eyes widened in surprise and her grip lessoned allowing her to get free by flipping over the jinchuriki. Landing behind the green-haired girl she continued, "Now how about we go somewhere to get something to eat and talk?"

"I'm not welcome in most places," Fu said bitterly.

"But yet you still protect this village," Tayuya said surprised.

"It's my duty," Fu said, "Now what are you after."

"I already told you," Tayuya said walking away. Fu quickly caught up prompting the former Sound-nin to say, "I thought you wanted to be left alone."

She glared at the woman but said, "I have to make sure you aren't a threat."

Tayuya gave a knowing smile before entering a restaurant Fu stopped at the entrance since it was one that didn't allow her to eat there. Finding a spot where she could watch the building for Tayuya's exit she wondered why it was she hadn't raised the alarm yet. She was considering doing just that when she became aware of the delicious smell of the pies the restaurant was known for. Spinning around she saw Tayuya sitting behind her with two plates and a whole pie lying next to her.


"Let's just say that like another jinchuriki I know you have a very distinct weakness to genjutsu," Tayuya said holding one of the plates up for her.

"You know another jinchuriki," Fu said surprised.

Tayuya placed the plate down before standing and turning around. She pulled her long hair to the side to reveal her Kyuubi mark. "He's the host of the nine-tails," she said allowing her hair to cover it up again and giving a knowing smile added, "And I'm quite sure he'd love to meet a beauty like you."

Fu blushed completely unused to compliments of any kind. Tayuya laughed saying, "But for now how about you listen to what I have to say and we see how things go from there." So over several pieces of pie Tayuya began laying the ground work by telling Fu that there was a place out there where she could belong and that being a jinchuriki wasn't a curse but a gift to be used to help end the fighting that had made her sealing necessary.

Fu smiled at the memory and was tempted to blow off the mission in order to follow through on Tayuya's desire for her to meet the mysterious man that had sent her. But she was forced to put such thoughts on hold as she became aware of two plant-like mandibles sprouting from beneath her. Jumping from the tree branch just as they snapped shut, attempting to cut off her legs, she landed on another branch as the creature kept rising from it.

As the black cloak with red clouds appeared she recognized that the man must be from Akatsuki having learned about it from Tayuya since her village had kept her in the dark about the group. The plant-like protrusions separated revealing a half black, half white face. "Aw man I was hoping to get a quick bite," the white half said his tone light.

"And what would you have done if she had bled out before we got her to the sealing cave," the black half said.

"I'm sure Itachi could have cauterized the wounds," was the white's reply.

"If he was even there you fool," black Zetsu countered.

"You're from Akatsuki," Fu said dropping into a guarded stance.

The black half focused on her saying, "And how do you know that. The Taki councilors assured us that they hadn't made you aware of us."

Fu was shocked even though she figured she shouldn't have been as the village had never made it much of a secret they despised her. But she had always believed that due to her strength despite that hatred she was indispensible to the people of Waterfall. Staring at the inhuman looking man in front of her she supposed he possessed a power greater than hers. Or at the very least his organization did, so they had traded her life for theirs.

Glaring at the man she said, "Well I have," and leapt at him saying, "Just like I heard you work in pairs. You'll regret coming after me by yourself." She aimed the punch right for the center of Zetsu's face. Just before it connected it split apart as he separated. Fu's eyes widened in surprise but the black half grabbed her arm tossing her into the trunk of the tree whose branch they were standing on. The Black Zetsu calmly said, "I'm never alone."

"Oh my turn," the white half said charging the jinchuriki.

Fu though pushed off of the tree ducking under the White Zetsu's punch. She slammed her fist into its stomach and as he backed up holding it sent another punch into the side of his head knocking him from the branch.

"Idiot," the black half said preparing for the girl's charge.

He wasn't disappointed as Fu quickly closed with him. However unlike his white half, Black Zetsu was quite proficient at taijutsu. He easily managed to block most of her attacks but was caught by surprise when she spit a glob of mud into his eyes. Black Zetsu fell back but before she could capitalize on his blindness white blotches began appearing on her skin. Feeling her chakra being drained as the spores began to take the shape of the white Zetsu she cursed, "Get off me you bastards."

She then began to channel her Bijuu chakra. As she was covered in a golden chakra the clones began to grow faster but even they had limits to what they could absorb and were forced to let go less they explode from the energy. Still it left Fu at the disadvantage of facing two super-charged clones which quickly charged her. Fu leapt from the tree her golden chakra taking the form of a pair of wings that kept her afloat. The two larger White Zetsu stared up dispassionately but made no move to get her down. The reason for this was because White Zetsu landed on her back the sudden extra weight knocking her close enough that the two other Zetsu could leap onto her pulling her to the ground of the forest.

When they hit the ground she rolled back over the White Zetsu who groaned, "Ah heavy." But before she could get to her feet was hit by one of the Super Clones whose punch knocked her against a large rock hard enough to leave an impression. As the clones closed with her she reached a hand out and her chakra shot forward taking the shape of a large Insect like leg which pierced one of the clones through the forehead. Before she could focus on the second though a pair of black arms appeared from the rocks grabbing her own and pulling them back painfully against the rocks. She heard the black Zetsu say, "Can't have any more of that now can we?"

Before she could say anything the clone closed with her delivering powerful shots to her exposed sternum and ribs. As she absorbed more and more punishment despite the chakra cloak covering her she could hear her Bijuu telling her to let it free. Although tempted to do so she knew the creatures only interest was in its own freedom and once free would most likely rampage around the country side until stopped. Since it had a particularly strong hatred for Taki she was sure it would head there first and although she had no love for her home especially now, kept it in check because of a red-head that had become her friend in what may have been her last week in the village.

Just before losing consciousness she saw something land heavily on top of the clone in front of her causing the area to explode into dust.


Using the locating seal Tayuya easily found the area where Fu was supposed to be. As she had neared she lamented that she probably wouldn't have needed the seal as she could feel the heavy chakra of the Bijuu the girl carried. Guessing that meant the battle was already underway she picked up her pace coming to a stop as she saw Fu pinned against a rock a large white marshmallow looking man doing his best to break the girl's ribs.

Getting into a position above the White Zetsu clone she dropped off the branch channeling her chakra to activate her Stage Two form. The Zetsu paused momentarily just as the jinchuriki's head began to sag and looked up to have his face met with Tayuya's feet as she allowed gravity to do the work. As she landed she smashed his head into the ground crushing it and her landing threw up a tremendous amount of dust. Reaching into her pouch she pulled out her flute blowing a note which allowed her to map out her surroundings. The sonar also revealed the presence of the second opponent inside the rock. Playing several more notes she placed him under a genjutsu and while under no illusion that it would delay him long did force him to let go of Fu. Grabbing up the unconscious girl Tayuya quickly took to the trees trying to escape from the area while trying to call Naruto by channeling her chakra into her mark.

"That was unexpected," White Zetsu said emerging from the ground as Black Zetsu did so from the rock.

"Shut up," Black Zetsu said merging with his white half. "We'll never hear the end of this if we let her escape." Zetsu then merged back into the ground using it to try and get ahead of the fleeing kunoichi who held their prize.


Naruto appeared on a branch in a red flash in front of the transformed Tayuya. "Tayuya, what's going on," Naruto asked expecting her to be in the middle of a life or death battle.

"No time to explain," Tayuya said landing next to him, "Here take her and flash back to Konoha."

"What about you," he asked concerned.

"Don't worry about me, just go!"

Naruto didn't budge though so she quickly said, "She's the jinchuriki of the Seven-tails. I just ambushed some Akatsuki assholes so get going and I'll try and lose them."

"No," Naruto said before henging into her, "Find a place to hide. I'll lead them away from you and you can sneak back to Taki."

"Naruto they're after you too," Tayuya said her voice filled with concern.

"I know," he said kissing her before leaping away as he called back, "But I can't let you take all the risks by yourself. I'll Hiraishin when I'm sure they've taken the bait."

Tayuya cursed but knew further arguing with him was pointless. Releasing her transformation she dampened her chakra as best she could before hiding. A moment later the figure of Zetsu appeared from where they had just been standing. It looked around the area before seemingly picking up the trail of their prey and merged back into the tree giving chase. Waiting a good twenty minutes she began heading back to Taki but only began breathing easier when she finally felt that Naruto was safely in Konoha.


Naruto kept leaping from branch to branch while hoping whoever was after the girl hanging on his back didn't chase after Tayuya. He didn't need to worry as the man began rising from the branch in front of him. He came to a stop in front of the man still henged as a transformed Tayuya.

Zetsu said calmly, "That's far enough. Hand over the jinchuriki and we'll let you go."

"How about you walk away and I'll let you live," Naruto countered but knew it was an empty boast mainly because with the injured girl on his back he was at a disadvantage.

"You got guts, I'll enjoy dining on them later," Zetsu said splitting in half.

"Wait, first let me show you a magic trick," Naruto said jumping behind the tree trunk disappearing from Zetsu's view before activating his jutsu wishing he had taken the time to place a Hiraishin seal in his apartment. Zeroing in on one of his girls that was alone, he disappeared in a red flash.


Hinata was taking a bath in the Hyuuga compound. As she sat in the soothingly warm water she frowned since it wasn't helping her relax. The reason being, that she was positive that Tsunade's chakra was now red. Feeling her mood drop some more, she sank deeper into the bath until only her eyes were above the water. She then began blowing bubbles as she exhaled trying to think of some way to get rid of her doubts. Sadly before enlightenment reached her a red flash appeared above her followed by a loud splash.

Hinata, half expected Naruto to appear from out of the water, not a transformed creature that vaguely resembled Tayuya. Pulling back she was about to Jyuuken it but seeing the nude beauty about to attack it held up its hands saying, "Wait Hinata it's me."

He then dispelled his henge causing Hinata to ask, "Naruto what are you doing here?"

"Tayuya was in trouble and after helping her escape I needed to Hiraishin but everyone else was in a crowded area," Naruto said the jutsu allowing him a brief glimpse of the area he was teleporting too. Before Hinata could ask for more details he said, "Shit," before looking around the large indoor tube frantically.

Finding the girl he had teleported with, he quickly moved towards her as she was floating face down in the tube. Turning her over, he breathed a sigh of relief that she gasped for a breath. She then opened her orange eyes. The two of them stared into each other's eyes until she clocked him in the chin. Naruto stumbled back as she used chakra to stand on the water. However before she could threaten him she was hit multiple times in the back by the nude Hinata. Naruto caught her but before he could explain everything a knock at the door alerted them to another presence.

"Hinata," Hanabi's voice called, "Do you mind if I join you?"

Hinata looked at him panicked but Naruto rolled over the edge of the tube taking the other girl with him hiding on the other side of it. Hinata quickly scrambled out of it moving towards the door as she wrapped a towel around her. Opening it she said, "Sorry Hanabi but feel free to enjoy it yourself," as she quickly darted down the hall towards her room.

Hanabi watched her sister a moment before shrugging her shoulders and just before dropping her towel to enter the water thought she saw a flash of red come from the far side of it. Moving towards the area, she saw that the area appeared wet, but shrugged upon seeing no other sign of someone having been there.

Naruto appeared in Hinata's room keeping his hand clamped over the struggling jinchuriki's mouth. "Thanks Hinata," Naruto said, "Do you think I can trouble you to head to my apartment."

"I don't mind," she said dressing quickly, "I'll activate my mark when the coast is clear." She then left the room heading there as quickly as possible.

Naruto smiled before directing his attention to the girl. Making eye contact he said, "Please stop struggling and I'll let you go. We have to be quiet or else we'll make things difficult for the girl's whose bath I ruined."

Fu nodded, so Naruto removed his hand keeping it near her mouth just in case it was a ruse. When she didn't scream he pulled back before laying her down on the bed. "Alright, now let me explain where you are. I've taken you to Konoha, my home and my name is Naruto. I'm not sure if you met her but the girl that helped you escape from Akatsuki was Tayuya."

"I've met her," Fu said, "You must be the jinchuriki that marked her."

Naruto nodded saying, "Yeah, did she tell you why."

"Only that you are trying to gather powerful individuals to help unite all the shinobi villages."

"I guess that is close enough to the truth for the moment."

"Is Tayuya alright?"

Naruto closed his eyes using the mark to get an idea of where she was before saying, "Yeah, she's back inside Taki. I imagine now that you're safe she'll be leaving pretty soon."

"Why help me though," Fu said looking away, "I'm so worthless my own village sold me out."

Naruto gently cupped her cheek forcing her to meet his eyes as he said, "You're not worthless and anyone that says otherwise will be answering to me." Fu blushed before looking away again a slightly uncomfortable feeling appearing in her stomach. Her embarrassment grew as he scooped her up into his arms saying, "Hold tight," and then disappeared to appear a moment later in his apartment. Settling her down on his bed and thanking her down on his bed, he then quickly thanked Hinata.

He told Fu to get some sleep and that he would get someone to look over her injuries. Despite assuring him that she wasn't tired, a few moments later she was snoring lightly. Naruto then walked Hinata home before going and getting Tsunade.


The Hokage looked over the assembled clan heads and elders before saying, "As I'm sure you've all heard the Jinchuriki of the seven-tails has appeared in Konoha asking for asylum. This meeting is to hear what your thoughts on the matter are."

She could see that quite a few of the clan heads gathered felt along the same lines as her especially since they had heard how Taki had set the girl up to be captured. The only ones she was truly afraid might be against it were the elders especially since without their support keeping Fu in Konoha may become difficult.

As expected Homura was against it and although he hadn't spoken yet she could tell Danzou was as well. Most likely since he knew Tsunade would never allow him to use the girl as he wished. Perhaps he hoped by denying Fu's request it would force the girl into a corner making it easier for the elder to manipulate her.

Homura though for the moment at least was the sole voice of dissention. Although he had been droning on for a while Tsunade only really began to pay attention as he began winding down. "Furthermore, keeping the girl in the village will bring about an unacceptable risk to the civilians."

Tsunade was proud that the attempt to tug at the Clan's emotional strings by mentioning the potential danger didn't seem to work. Danzou could see that as well so said, "You've been rather silent on the matter Koharu. Perhaps you would like to add something."

"While my colleague does raise an interesting point, I'm afraid I'm going have to disagree with him on this matter."

Tsunade kept the smile she felt from her face at Koharu's words. But it was difficult especially since Danzou and Homura both appeared so surprised. Apparently the other two elders were so used to voting in a block that they didn't bother to confer with one another. Whatever the reason for their surprise though, Tsunade found the look on Danzou's face priceless.

Before one of the other two elders could try and step in for damage control Shikaku Nara said, "Perhaps you'll explain your reasoning."

Koharu nodded saying, "It's rather simple actually so I'll ask the question that we should all be asking ourselves which is. What do we plan to do with our own jinchuriki?" The question caused a murmur among the Clan heads and when it died down Koharu said, "Homura and I assume Danzou are against us offering protection to Fu because they say it will cause Akatsuki to target us that much sooner. I'm afraid that despite that probably being true the fact remains that we are targets and as such shouldn't push the girl away simple to push the matter to a later date. They have already extracted the one tails and if our sources are correct the Four and Five tails have also fallen."

"But Koharu…" her old teammate began only for Koharu to continue on.

"I know the village should come first, old friend. But by denying Fu the protection of the Leaf village we are only strengthening our enemies."

"And what of Taki?" Danzou asked.

"What of them," Tsunade said her eyes narrowing.

"They are already clamoring for the return of their kunoichi. Are you really willing to risk war with them to keep the girl in the village?"

"If they are such cowards as to give up their strongest kunoichi instead of fighting then they aren't a threat," Tsunade said with a hint of finality.

"Are you willing to spend the life's blood of our shinobi if you are wrong?" Danzou asked expecting the Hokage to back down.

Tsunade looked over the gathered shinobi present before saying, "No," but when Danzou smiled she said, "I'd expect the Shinobi of the Leaf to gladly give their lives in the protection of those who need it." She could see that with Koharu supporting her that even the Clans that normally would have fallen into step with the elders simply not to be on their bad side were solidly behind her now.

Standing she said, "Therefore as of this moment Fu is now considered under our protection. Thank you for your time." Walking out of the council room she smiled as she saw Naruto sitting next to the obviously nervous young woman. In the short time she had been in Kohona she could tell that the girl had fallen in love with it. Although she had a penchant for trouble since she could often be found in strange places as she had never really had a home of her own before having lived inside an abandoned building in Taki. Even thought Naruto had gladly allowed her to stay with him the girl still snuck off and could be found sleeping in local business. For the most part it was places associated with Naruto like Ichiraku or the Yamanaka flowershop. As expected those shops didn't mind, but every now and then she'd chose one where the owners still thought poorly of Naruto and by extension the girl he was rarely seen without lately. Those groups tended to raise a huge fuss, but quieted down when people began avoiding them since most of the village appeared to be behind Naruto now.

Naruto stood as did Fu who remained partially blocked as she tried to hide behind the blond. Smiling to put the girl at ease Tsunade said, "Fu from this moment on you can consider yourself under our protection and if you like we'll add you too our shinobi roster." The girl nodded from behind her human shield. "Good," Tsunade said, "Well then I'll be adding you to Team Kakashi then."

"That means we're teammates now Fu," Naruto said turning to the girl who smiled brightly back before hugging him tightly.

Tsunade turned to fill out the necessary paperwork to make it official as well as to keep her jealousy at the contact in check since there had been a strict no sex policy in place. It was due in part to Naruto not being willing to seduce a girl so soon after almost being killed and as a result of Fu showing up during what would normally be her or the other women's alone time with the blond. Still if Naruto didn't get over that hang up soon, Tsunade would fuck his brains out right there in front of Fu. Particularly, since she was positive that the two kunoichi in Suna were reaping the benefits of the moratorium placed on his bedroom skills in Konoha.


Fu opened one of the sky lights of the greenhouse that she liked to sleep in. One reason was because that it seemed that the place actually welcomed her presence since one time she had found a blanket draped over her. She guessed it was probably because the girl that often ran the flowershop was friends with Naruto. Although the sun was still up, she had decided to arrive early since the smell of flowers often put her at ease.

As she made her way through the bed's of flowers she laid down in the midst of her favorite as she allowed her mind to wander. Naturally she thought about how different Konoha was from Taki. Even though Naruto said for a time he had been ignored by the villagers he assured her that they had never reacted with outright hostility. A few had been less than friendly to her but for the most part a good number of people had welcomed her. It sort of made her feel guilty at times, since she got the feeling that she in effect was benefiting from the hard work she imagined Naruto had put in to change the people's minds about him. Still when she had brought it up to him, the blond had laughed it off saying that it was because the villagers had learned to be more opened minded.

Thinking of him, Fu was filled with the sense of warmth that started in the pit of her stomach but soon spread throughout her body. She wondered if Naruto found her attractive but considering the way he often pulled back when she tried some clumsy advance guessed he was just too nice to say he didn't think of her like that.

She heard a door open and since it had gotten dark out as she lay among the flowers a light turned on. She heard feet entering the area and although the greenhouse was quite large she feared being discovered since she couldn't be sure if it was Ino or not. She was put at ease though as she heard Naruto's voice say, "You two said you needed to talk to me."

Fu slowly crept towards the voice catching sight of Ino and Hinata who were standing in front of Naruto. It was Ino who responded saying, "Well talk might have been a slight exaggeration." Ino nodded to Hinata who had inched close enough to the jinchuriki to hit him several times as Ino distracted him.

"What's going on," Naruto said as he was gently laid back on the ground by the two girls.

Ino stood and along with Hinata began stripping saying, "We're tired of waiting."

"But you know Fu might show up any minute and it's only been a week and a half…"

"Naruto," Hinata said kneeling next to Naruto after divesting herself of all her clothes and after Ino took off his pants began gently stroking him, "As Ino has explained we are tired of waiting. I think it is sweet that you are giving Fu time to adjust. However, you have been slacking in your responsibilities to us. We shouldn't need to resort to such measures to get our Naruto time."

Hinata then leaned forward and began licking his cock as Ino followed suit from the other side. Fu felt herself get wet at the sight as the two girls enjoyed the pillar of flesh like it was the most delicious thing they had ever tasted. Reaching between her legs, she felt that the thin fishnet shorts she wore were already soaked through. She began gently rubbing herself as she watched them on her hands and knees. She crouched even lower as she brought one of her hands up to her mouth to bite on the knuckle of her finger to prevent herself from moaning out.

Hinata straightened saying, "Ino do you mind if I go first?"

"Be my guess," the blonde said giving his cock one last lick. Before guiding it into Hinata's snatch as she lowered herself onto it. Ino then took up a position behind Hinata and playing with her breasts whispered into her ear after running her tongue around it, "How's it feel after so long?"

"Like coming home," Hinata replied raising and lowering herself atop the meat pole with Ino matching her movements from behind. As Hinata got lost to the moment she fell forward while still moving her hips up and down Naruto's length. She screamed out hard as Ino pulled away and began licking at her snatch along with Naruto's tool.

She felt a hand on the back of her head and realized that Naruto could move again. But instead of pushing her away, he pulled her towards him kissing her greedily. Ino looked up from her licking at the sight saying, "See, I told you he'd get into it."

Naruto began rocking his hips before breaking the kiss saying, "I'm sorry for making you wait so long."

"It's okay," Hinata said placing kisses along his chest.

Ino teased her though saying, "That's not what you were saying this morning."

"Having his cock in me has a way of brightening my view," Hinata said giving it a squeeze with her cunt. Feeling the blond jinchuriki's tool growing in her, Hinata stood up moving up and down faster her tits flapping with her movements as she panted, "Your getting close. Give me it…give me your cum Naruto." He complied with her request filling her womb with his seed causing Hinata to throw her head back as she screamed her release.

She collapsed forward but moved to the side aware that Ino was probably just as ready for her own ride. But first the blonde kunoichi licked his tool clean of the juices bathing it. Once it was back to full hardness she said, "Giddy up." She then began to ride him until he bathed her insides in the warmth that she believed she was permanently addicted too.

Fu watched as both kunoichi took turns with him and at one point had been positioned so that their cunts were pressed against each other as he took turns moving between them. After having rubbed herself to a third orgasm she snuck out but followed the blond around during the rest of the week as he apparently decided that it was best if he pleased the rest of his mates as well before they took similar drastic actions.


Naruto relaxed in the hot springs guessing the hour to be close to about midnight. He had spent the rest of the week with trying to please his harem. The only one he had yet to sleep with again was Koharu and that was because he was waiting for her to breakdown. Considering how pent up some of his Konoha girls had been after only a week he was afraid of what the woman would be like considering it had been over a month.

Before meeting each one he had always confirmed that Fu was far away using the locator seal and although afterwards would find her closer she remained far enough away that he didn't think she had seen anything. He had just returned from being with Tayuya who was on the road having left Taki. Her next destination was Kumo, and although Naruto was sure she would manage feared she would get caught entering since she'd have to go with less trusted black-market documents since Konoha and Kumo were technically still enemies due to what had happened with the Hyuuga.

Leaning back in the water he closed his eyes as he tilted his heads to the heavens. When he opened them again he saw a shaved snatch above his face and recognized the skirt as Fu's. "What the he…" was as far as he got before he found his ability to talk hampered by the girl sitting on his face.

Despite finding the scent that surrounded him delectable and his body responding to the erotic sight he managed to pull his head out from under her. Backing up deeper into the water he said, "Fu what's gotten into you."

"I've talked to your other mates," Fu said climbing along the water on all fours, "they told me that if you are going to decide not to include me without consulting me that I should make my desire to experience pleasure at your hands known."

Still slightly uncomfortable since it was the first time he found himself on the receiving end of being targeted he was covering his manhood with his hands. Fu smiled before tilting her head saying, "I've already seen it in all its glory Naruto, and while I appreciate your wanting to give me time after my near death experience. I think it's time you put it to use making sure the rest of my time on this earth is pleasurable."

She then sat back on top of the water spreading her legs saying, "See how wet I am? I'm like this because I've been watching you pleasure your mates. Please don't exclude me."

Naruto slowly made his way towards Fu as she rubbed herself in front of him. He stopped in front of her cupping her cheek as he stared into her eyes saying, "There is no going back if we do this."

"There is nothing for me to go back too. I want to belong to something special like the rest of your mates," Fu said before leaning forward and kissing him. As the two made out they were unaware that two old acquaintances were coming to terms as well.


As the two jinchuriki made out Kyuubi took the opportunity to channel some chakra into Fu. She easily found what she sought as she found a large bug container like the kind used by the Aburame to catch their specimens residing under a single cone of light. Although she currently possessed a small amount of chakra it was enough for Nanabi to sense her.

"Kyuubi, stop hiding I can sense your foul tasting chakra," Nanabi said turning to face her. Stepping into the light the giant beetle snorted before saying, "Why have you taken that disgusting form?"

"I have my reasons," Kyuubi replied.

"So why has the so called greatest of the Bijuu decided to grace me with its presence?"

"I want you to throw your support and power behind your host," Kyuubi responded.

Although she found its face difficult to read she didn't need to as the creature began laughing at her causing Kyuubi to narrow her eyes. "The only reason I would give my host power is to trick it into freeing me. I don't know how it is you are free of your own cage, but the price you paid seemed to be quite high since I can barely feel your power."

"I see," Kyuubi said stepping up to the cage. Placing her hand on it, the seal appeared on the clear plastic reacting to her chakra.

"What are you doing?"

Smiling at the Bijuu, Kyuubi made a minor adjustmeant to the seal which the cage showed by small holes opening in the plastic. She could tell right away that what she had planned was working as the Bijuu began shivering no doubt confused as to the pleasurable sensations it was feeling due to her hosts actions.

Stepping back into the darkness that surrounded the cage Kyuubi said, "We'll speak again when you've had a chance to change your view of things."


"Ahh," Fu moaned out cumming from Naruto's oral assault on her snatch. Due to her orgasm she lost control of her chakra and began to sink into the water. Naruto scooped her up and easily held her in his arms lining her snatch up with his rod.

"Are you ready?"

Fu nodded so Naruto began to pull her down onto his tool finding her to be almost as tight as Matsuri. Fu bit his shoulder after tensing telling him that the experience was somewhat painful. Stopping once he was buried inside of her the blond gave her time to adjust. Eventually he felt her grip on him lessen so began to test the waters by pulling out of her slowly. She hissed in a mixture of pleasure and pain but since she hadn't told him to stop then pushed back in just as slowly.

As he held her above the water she began to match his pace before saying, "M-more Naruto…give me more."

Naruto leaned down biting her nipple through her white shirt causing the girl to arch her back and squeeze his cock. He then began to increase his pace escalating the girl's feeling due to her tight grip on his dick. Moving to her other nipple he was gentler with it sucking on it and rolling his tongue around it. Despite her shirt blunting some of the pleasure the difference still reached her causing Fu to lock her ankles behind Naruto's ass to pull him into her cunt harder.

Naruto stopped causing the girl to whimper but he silenced her with a kiss while walking to the edge of the springs. Placing her on solid ground he began truly pounding her and after lifting her shirt moved to suck on her small breasts directly. Fu buried her hands in his hair pulling him into her chest and again moaned out as he gently bit her nipple.

He pulled back enough to watch the green-haired beauty as she shook her head back and forth. Opening her eyes she met his saying, "Naruto, I'm scared."

"Why?" he asked confused.

"I think I'm about to cum… but I've never felt like this before."

Naruto smiled, gently kissing her before saying, "There's nothing to be afraid of. It's always better when you cum with someone you care about then when you are alone. Let it go Fu."

Standing straight with his legs still in the water he grabbed her legs and placed them on his shoulders doing his best to make sure her orgasm was more powerful than anything she had felt before. Fu proved to be stubborn but when he buried himself completely inside of her and released his own spunk. Her eyes seemed to bulge as she arched her back and screamed her release. Riding out her orgasm, he then picked her up and held her to his chest as he sunk back into the water. He created a clone to keep a look out in case someone came to investigate the scream.

After several minutes Fu caught her breath and then raising her head from his chest and feeling the still hard cock inside of her looked into his eyes before saying, "Again please." Naruto's answer was to raise her up slightly before letting her slide slowly back down as they both shuddered.


Back in the present:

Naruto was pulled from his daydream by a hand stroking him to hardness. He looked down to see Fu looking into his eyes before saying, "Again please." This time Fu didn't wait for any sign from her lover knowing full well Naruto would never turn her away. Guiding him to her entrance she began moaning contently as she became aware of Anko waking due to the bed's vibrations.


Anko walked stiffly up the stairs of her apartment building. As she fumbled with the keys to her apartment she looked over as the door to Kurenai's opened. "Anko," the woman said after eyeing her friends haggard appearance, "That must have been some mission."

Guessing that was the excuse Tsunade gave for her month absence Anko replied, "Yes it was very hard." Thinking of how the two jinchuriki seemed to have ungodly stamina she added, "Every time I thought I had things under control the enemy would simply raise to the occasion."

"Really, would you like to talk about it?"

"Not at the moment," Anko said, "In truth I simply want to climb into bed and sleep."

Kurenai nodded saying, "Well take comfort in knowing that all missions aren't that hard."

Anko gave her a large grin saying, "Oh I don't know about that. Something tells me that in the future they might be even harder." She then closed her door leaving a confused Kurenai behind.

*Chapter 12*: Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Target: The Inuzuka's

Sakura backed out of the room promising to be right back leaving the irate patient to curse her and all shinobi for being overly destructive people. The man had hurt his back fixing up Training Ground S for what he claimed to be the six time that month. As the door shut, she sighed, having a good idea of who one of the so called hooligans were from the way he described how it appeared as if trees had simply exploded into kindling. Since it simply highlighted that she was being left out of something pretty grand, at least judging from the smiles that she had seen Tsunade sporting as of late. As she headed to the supply closet for some ointment for her patient she wondered just what was making Tsunade so happy. But in truth figured she already knew who was behind it, especially since Training Ground S was the one that she had seen Naruto at with her master as well as Hinata and Ino.

Thinking of the two younger kunoichi filled Sakura with quite a bit of jealousy. She had heard the rumors of the two girls having had dates with Naruto. Although they had also said that they simply appeared to be friendly dates despite the romantic settings. Sakura couldn't get the image of a freshly showered Ino leaving Naruto's apartment out of her mind. What also added to her doubts about the dates innocence was that she hadn't heard anything about it from Ino herself.

She had confronted Ino about the matter. But, despite having met with Ino with the intention of getting to the truth of the situation, she had quickly found herself on the defensive due to one question Ino had asked. "Are you jealous?"

She could still feel the way her cheeks had heated up at the question but regardless had quickly denied that being her motive. Instead she had given some half hearted excuse that she couldn't even really remember. Ino had just given her a knowing sad half smile before replying, "Then why does it matter?"

Unable to answer that without admitting that she was jealous Sakura had let the matter drop. But still a part of Sakura held out the hope that maybe Naruto would get around to asking her for a date. So she'd show up to his training with Kakashi and Yamato as he practiced adding his wind chakra to the Rasengan, however since even during his breaks he'd go sit under a tree after simply saying hi to her. She had begun to lose hope. Those hopes had been dashed when he had taken off running from her a little over two weeks previously.

She had gone straight to Ino in tears bursting into the blonde's family shop saying, "He hates me doesn't he?"

"Who?" Her friend had asked coming around the counter.


"He doesn't hate you Sakura," Ino said soothingly trying to calm her down. "He's just…"

"Yes he does," Sakura had said cutting Ino off. "He just took off running from me."

Ino had looked surprised. But she closed her eyes for a moment and a look of concern appeared on her face. As if realizing that the teary eyed Sakura was staring at her strangely, she opened them saying as soothingly as possible, "Maybe something important came up or he probably remembered he left the stove on. You know how scatterbrained he can be at times."

Sakura tried to smile but replied sadly, "I wish that were true. But he's been avoiding me ever since…"

Ino suddenly pulled Sakura into a hug saying, "Sakura…Naruto doesn't hate you, trust me. He…he just doesn't know how to handle you. As far as he knows you're still that thirteen year old girl that begged him to bring Sasuke back and truthfully I don't think you know how to handle him."

With her head on Ino's shoulder as the blonde rubbed her hand up and down Sakura's spine trying to be as calming as possible, Sakura asked, "What do you mean?" As she relaxed into Ino's embrace she picked up a scent that was both familiar and reassuring.

Sighing Ino said, "Before he came back you'd talk constantly about how you couldn't wait for him to return. But as soon as he did everything became all about Sasuke."

"That's because…"

"I know. It's because you wanted to bring Team Seven back together. But Naruto sees it as a way to keep his promise to you and bring back the boy you claimed to love."

"But Naruto sees Sasuke as a brother also," Sakura said pulling her head away.

"True… but how do you see Sasuke?"


Ino smiled sadly as she trailed off and pulled back several steps before saying, "I don't think I need to tell you how Naruto believes you see Sasuke."

"But why avoid me? Was I acting so different from back then?"

Before Sakura's eyes, Ino seemed to change from soothing to sultry and as she closed the distance between them walked with an overly exaggerated sway in her hips. Getting her face almost uncomfortably close, Ino ran a finger under Sakura's jawline and forced the pink-haired girl to stare into her eyes when she tried to look away. In a husky voice she said, "If Naruto sees you as Sasuke's then perhaps the distance he has created between you is to prevent him from giving into temptation.

"Temptation…" Sakura whispered as if under a spell as her heartbeat seemed to rise in volume drowning out the ambient noise.

Ino didn't respond instead backing up just as sultrily as before but with the distance between them opening up the spell broke and Sakura began to blush quickly saying, "I… I should go."

Sakura rushed past her friend trying to make head or tails of what had just happened but stopped when Ino said, "Sakura, I'll talk to Naruto, but I doubt it'll do much good. As I'm sure you know he can be pretty hardheaded when he's made up his mind. Therefore, you need to be the one that has to decide with who you want to stand."

Sakura left the store more confused than when she had entered. But as the door to the shop closed behind her, Sakura stopped finally placing the scent she had picked up on Ino's clothes. It had been Naruto's.

Sakura let the memory fade grabbing up a tube of the ointment she sought. She had stopped going to watch Naruto train after that hoping that maybe her disappearing from his life would make the blonde come to her. Instead, all she got for it was two weeks of loneliness as well as finding that another female had entered his life. Thinking of the green-haired jinchuriki really dropped her mood, not that it had been very positive as of late. It was impossible to dislike the girl in part to her friendly and open nature. Also due to the fact that people being nice to her was still so new that the novelty hadn't worn off. But the way the girl always hung off of Naruto did raise her hackles at times, especially since it prevented her from talking to him due to embarrassment.

Dropping the ointment off with her patient she told him how to apply it before leaving. Making her way to the Nurse's Station, she heard the sound of laughter. Rounding the corner she saw the blonde that had been occupying her thoughts as of late sitting on the desk with his arms crossed while the two nurses on duty laughed at something he had said.

Sakura frowned recognizing the nurses as Kaori and Otoha. She remembered Kaori as the nurse that had shown her around the hospital when she and Ino had wanted to visit Sasuke and Lee after the Chunin Exams. Otoha she didn't know all that well, although from the few conversations they had, Sakura knew she was quite fond of the hot-springs that Konoha had to offer. Sakura again had to force down her jealousy as Naruto whispered something but from the way both nurses blushed believed he had begun flirting with them.

Getting control of her emotions she decided to use it as the opportunity that it was and began to head towards them to talk when a green-haired jinchuriki slammed into him full tilt knocking him back and over the desk.


Naruto didn't know what hit him until Fu who was dressed in a hospital gown began saying, "Please hide me from her," as she tried to hide by burying herself into his chest.

"Who," Naruto asked confused trying to pull the girl off to defend her from whoever was after the girl.

"There you are," cut in a third voice. Managing to get to his knees, Naruto peeked over the desk as Fu moved to hide behind him to see Shizune standing with her hands resting on her hips. Spotting the girl behind Naruto the dark haired first apprentice of Tsunade said, "Come along Fu. The exam is almost over. I just need to inoculate…

"Stab," Fu countered from behind Naruto.

"Honestly, it's only a shot," Shizune said.

"I don't need it," Fu said, "I've never had one before and I've never been sick."

"That may very well be," Shizune replied, "But you still need to be inoculated from diseases to prevent you from giving them to others as well."

"It's okay Fu," Naruto supplied, "Shizune's very gentle."

"Then you take it," Fu quickly said her tone telling him that she didn't believe them.

"That's an excellent idea," Shizune said her eyes lighting up; "You never did have your physical examination after returning from your training trip."

"Well a lot happened," Naruto said lamely not liking where the conversation was heading.

"Well today's as good as any," Shizune said. Turning she said over her shoulder, "Now come along," her tone telling the two jinchuriki she expected them to follow. Sighing in defeat, Naruto got up, nodding to the two nurses who were clearly amused by his predicament followed behind Shizune, dragging a still protesting Fu behind him.

Entering into the room, Shizune grabbed a clipboard and some papers from a file. After filling in all the relevant information she turned to Fu saying, "I'm going to need you to step out for a while."


"Well I'm going to have to ask Naruto to strip down as well."

"I don't mind," the orange-eyed jinchuriki said mischievously.

"That might be but…"

"It's okay Shizune," Naruto said taking his jacket off and tossing it over a chair. He then quickly began stripping out of the rest of his clothes. When he was in only his boxers he asked, "Do you need me to lose these too?"

"Yes," Fu said surprising Shizune, who appeared tempted to agree but shook her head no. "Aww," Fu pouted again surprising Shizune especially when Naruto shot her a grin.

Commenting on it, Shizune said, "My I remember the first time I gave you an exam. It was almost impossible to get you to let me examine you.."

"Well I've grown up some since then."

Shizune nodded before running her tests on him. As she was finishing up she gave him the shot in his arm and then did the same to Fu. Scribbling down some notes and telling them she was finished she was again surprised as Fu threw her gown over her head and began pulling her clothes on. Although she figured that Fu probably wasn't ashamed since she hadn't grown up with very much understanding of modesty she was surprised Naruto didn't react.

Standing Shizune said, "Thanks Naruto, but I'm going to need you to come back."


Slightly embarrassed she looked at the female jinchuriki before saying, "Well there's one more part of the exam. I'm going to have to exam it."

"It," he asked confused but got the hint as Shizune eyed his groin and nodded towards it. "Do you want to do it now?"

Naruto smiled as he began to grab ahold of his boxers to pull them down but Shizune quickly said, "Um that should probably wait till a time when there wouldn't be an audience."

"Aw," Fu whined realizing Shizune was referring to her. But Naruto let the now blushing woman off the hook nodding that he understood. Shizune left the room to file the paperwork and to schedule an appointment to finish Naruto's exam.

As she left Naruto chuckled but noticed that Fu seemed rather flushed. Getting a bad feeling he asked, "Are you okay?"

The girl responded by sitting up on the examination table and rubbing her pussy through her shorts said, "Again Please."

"Fu, we're in the hospital," Naruto said just finishing pulling his pants up wondering why ever since sleeping with the female jinchuriki she'd experience moments of extreme arousal. He tried to pull her down from the table but Fu lunged forward locking her lips to his. Losing himself to the kiss he felt her begin to rub her hand along his manhood over his jeans. His dick responded as expected and Naruto was about to pull Fu's shorts down to expose her soaking cunt when a knock sounded from the door. He cursed but acted quickly as he Hiraishined them to his apartment, where Naruto took his time in enjoying Fu's most recent outbreak of horniness.


Sakura frowned when she didn't receive a response since she had run into a blushing Shizune who had directed her towards the room. Opening the door, she thought she saw a flash of red but blew it off as her mind playing tricks on her. Looking around she wondered where the two jinchuriki were at and feared that Naruto had again ditched her somehow knowing she was the one that had knocked. She was about to leave when she saw his jacket sitting over the back of a chair. Picking it up, she smiled at his forgetfulness and tucked it under her arm to give it to him later.


Kyuubi smiled as she once more channeled her chakra into Fu. Since the two hosts were currently entertaining each other Kyuubi doubted that Nanabi would notice her presence this time. Sure, enough Kyuubi was able to approach the seal that contained the Seven-tails without being noticed. Remaining in the dark that surrounded the insect cage she noticed golden chakra being admitted from the small holes her tampering with the seal had opened. Kyuubi's grin grew even larger as she realized what Nanabi was doing. It was using it's chakra to stimulate the young woman's sexual desires in order to force its host to seek out Naruto.

Confident that the Bijuu understood it needed to keep a low profile since it had yet to stimulate Fu in a crowded environment, Kyuubi allowed her consciousness to leave. As even though Nanabi's desire to experience more was a step in the positive direction, Kyuubi would wait until the Bijuu met her requests before taking things to the next level.


Naruto was walking through the halls of the Hokage Mansion. After taking his time with Fu to the point that she had lost consciousness, he had decided to go for a walk through the village. As he was redressing he realized that his jacket was missing. Figuring he must have forgotten it at the hospital he had headed there first. But, after checking the examination room had found no sign of it. He tried to find the two nurses he had been flirting with earlier to ask if he had been wearing it then but sadly their shift seemed to have ended.

He had asked Ino next since he had visited her just after training with Team Seven earlier in the day. Since his clothes had ended up on the floor of the back of her shop during his earlier visit he had guessed maybe he had left it there, but the blonde kunoichi assured him he had left wearing his jacket as he suspected. Next he had visited Hinata, who he had seen next as he had ended up once again stripping when he had enjoyed her own naked beauty.

Finally, he had visited Tsunade but had been looking for Shizune. This time however he had ended up needing to strip in order to please the Hokage on her desk. Although Tsunade hadn't been able to point him in the direction of Shizune, she had told him that her first apprentice hadn't made any mention of his jacket.

Bidding his lover farewell, he had decided to go looking for Shizune regardless, just in case. He smiled when he saw that he wasn't alone wandering the halls as he saw Tsume walking towards him. His smile grew bigger as she saw him and he noticed the slight baring of her fangs at him. As they walked towards each other both walking in the middle of the hall his amusement grew as it appeared that Tsume was crossing into his path. As they neared each other he became aware that Tsume was testing him to see if he backed down by moving to the side. Refusing to do so they collided partially into each other but only enough that their shoulders hit.

Instead of either apologizing they each kept walking their separate ways and he knew it was just about time to make his move when he heard her growl under her breath. Thinking of an upcoming event that the Inuzuka were sponsoring, he licked his lips as he thought up a great prank that he was sure would really push the woman's buttons making her seek him out.


Tsunade sat back in her chair staring out the window of her office. She squirmed a little due to feeling more of the seed that Naruto had left inside of her leak out of her freshly fucked pussy. She shook her head with a smile on her face thinking about how Naruto was scouring the village looking for his jacket. Considering the number of times he probably had to dress and undress throughout the day she figured it had almost certainly only been a matter of time before he left something lying somewhere. She supposed that it was a good thing it was something harmless like his jacket. She imagined he'd have a hard time explaining if his underwear turned up someplace it shouldn't have been.

Drumming her fingers along her desk she felt her good mood slipping away due to the matter of dealing with Mikoto. However, in the end she decided to put that off for now since despite alerting her predecessor of the Uchiha's revolt the fact of the matter was that when push came to shove she had sided with her family. It had only been luck that Itachi's blade hadn't taken her life despite his cutting her down. She wondered why Danzou had bothered to save her life, but sadly Koharu had no idea since she had been against it. She figured that he must have had plans to use her against either Sasuke or Itachi, but whether or not he had already put them in motion she couldn't be sure.

Figuring the woman would keep for now, she felt her mood pick up as she turned to face her desk once more seeing the special folder lying on top of it. The folder contained a mission request however this mission wasn't ranked in the same categories as the others. The mission it contained was a G-ranked one with the G standing for gratitude.

Gratitude missions were missions that came up from time to time that requested either specific shinobi or teams. As the name suggested they were missions that were generally so the client could show their gratitude to the shinobi or teams that had performed great or even simple tasks for them in the past. As such the prices that they brought into the village varied, but for the most part they were considered paid vacations for the person or persons requested. The mission sitting on her desk was sent by Princess Koyuki Kazahana. She was requesting the presence of Team Seven for the premier of her newest movies in the Land of Snow.

She still had some time to consider the matter, although she was positive that she'd send Team Kakashi since it was a personal invite by the Princess. But what really made her smile about the whole thing was that when she had looked through the back log of G-Ranked missions, most of them had been personal requests for Naruto to visit. At least two more were direct requests from rulers of their nations and since those rulers could also help Naruto's ambition along she was quite sure he would be making stops in the Lands of Bird and Vegetable.


Sakura flopped on her bed glad the day was over. As she laid there with her eyes close she picked up the scent of grass and ramen that she associated with Naruto. Opening her eyes, she saw his jacket sitting at the edge of her bed. She pulled it towards her, having chickened out of giving it to her teammate at his home. Mostly since she figured Fu would be there. Staring at the jacket that laid next to her, she could almost imagine the blond it belonged to. She then pictured him flashing his big toothy grin towards her much as he did before everything began going wrong, at least for her.

She felt a stab of jealousy as she thought about the new recipient of that grin, Fu. Team Kakashi, had trained first thing that morning since Kakashi had put Naruto's Rasengan training on hold for the day to get some teamwork drills in. As Kakashi had promised, things had seemed to get on track between her and Naruto, but it only seemed to last during training. When they talked afterwards, he was cordial and friendly, but not in the over top way he had been before.

After several hours Kakashi had called for a break needing to attend a meeting with his fellow jounin. During the break Naruto and Fu had taken off to eat at Ichiraku. He had invited her, but again it had seemed to be due to it being the polite thing to do. She had refused simply because she still wasn't sure she wanted to have another run in with Ayame, especially with Naruto sitting right there. She had instead eaten her simple lunch by herself and returned to the training field early. The two jinchuriki had done so as well as she had seen them sitting against a tree with several empty ramen containers surrounding them.

They hadn't noticed her arrival so she had caught them in an unguarded moment of Fu leaning her head against Naruto's chest as the blonde gently stroked her hair. She had needed to leave feeling a mix of emotions not the least of which had been envy.

Lying on her side, she pulled the jacket closer to her face as she closed her eyes and imagined herself in the female jinchuriki's place allowing the scent of the jacket to help her imagination along. She could almost feel the gentle strokes along the back of her head. She imagined herself leaning away from his chest to stare up into his cerulean eyes. He'd stare at her gently and with a warmth that seemed to fill her being, before breaking out into his bright smile that conveyed the pure joy of being alive.

For a moment she imagined him leaning down but the vision ended as she suddenly moaned out loud. Surprised she realized that during her daydream she had begun rubbing along her slit over her shorts. However instead of stopping though, she put the daydream on hold to continue her current actions. Now conscious of her arousal, she again pictured the blond except this time clad only in his boxers.

It was easy to picture due in part to Naruto would often strip down on a mission to catch fish in nearby streams when it was his turn to catch dinner if they were conserving supplies, just as he had done during the second part of the chunin exams. Seeing the tone and athletic body she imagined his current clothes hid she began to pick up the pace of her rubbing burying her face in the jacket. Spurred on by his scent washing over her, she stopped her rubbing long enough to bury her hand in her shorts. Flipping onto her back she spread her legs apart the heels of her feet pressing down in the mattress as she began rubbing her pussy directly.

She brought her free hand up to her breast and began groping it over her shirt. Finding her nipple, she began to tweak it as she moved the breast around in circles. Rubbing her clit she was forced to pull her hand from her breast to bite down on her knuckle to prevent from moaning out loud and alerting her mom to what she was doing. She began to imagine that it was Naruto who was responsible for the pleasant sensations racking her body. Although having never seen Naruto's dick she imagined that it was quite large and that he was lining it up with her passage. When the phantom Naruto penetrated her she buried a finger inside her cunt working it in and out of her slick tunnel. As she did this she imagined Naruto telling her how good it felt to be inside her, and imagined herself telling him how good and right it felt for him to be there.

Raising her hips off the bed she really began working her finger inside her and imagined Naruto telling her he was close. Picturing herself clamping her legs around him the fantasy played out with Naruto cumming inside of her which in turn triggered her orgasm as a result of her self pleasure. Tensing, her release soaked her panties and shorts. Letting her hips fall back onto the mattress she gave her mound a few gentle rubs sending shivers of pleasure through her. Pulling her hand from her shorts she spread her fingers, blushing at the sight of the strand of her release that clung between them. Staring at them she had a flashback to the first time that she had come to realize that Naruto had become more than a teammate to her.

She had been talking with Ino shortly after Sasuke defected. At the time her friend had been taking the loss of her crush rather hard, much harder than her in fact. When she later had wondered why she received a flash of a bandaged Naruto promising to bring him back. But she hadn't quite made the connection then so listened intently as her just turned fourteen year old friend complained about how unfair it was.

"Are you listening to me Sakura," Ino had said getting the sense that Sakura was ignoring her.

"Yes Ino, I've heard ever word," she had replied without looking up from her medical book, but really hadn't since Ino had complained about the matter several times already and general said the same thing. Behind her book she silently said what she guessed Ino was going to say next.

Guessing correctly she silently said along with Ino, "Go ahead and play it cool then, at least you got to say good-bye."

Sakura frowned behind her book since in truth she really hadn't. No instead she had begged to go with him. Sakura stifled the sigh she felt not wanting to let Ino know how she really felt about the matter. As Ino had droned on she had begun to feel disgusted with herself. Had she really been willing to give up everything she had in Konoha simply to live with the person she believed she loved. Sadly, she wasn't sure. But one moment really shown a light on just how selfish her plea to leave with Sasuke was. That was the moment Naruto gave her the thumbs up after telling her that he understood the pain she was going through and that he would bring Sasuke back to her.

As Ino continued to rant Sakura realized that at that moment something had changed in her as well. Even at that point at the gate her opinion of Naruto hadn't been all that stellar; she cared for him as a teammate but had still regarded him as something of a buffoon. Thinking back she understood that she had never really had a good understanding of the blond. But that moment at the gate made her understand one thing, Naruto would put everything on the line for those he cared about. And that all the times she had viewed him as getting between her and Sasuke had been exactly what they appeared. Earnest and honest attempts to gain her heart.

As Sakura thought that behind her book she became aware that tears had begun leaking from her eyes with the understanding that the person that had caused Naruto to go through the pain she had been feeling at Sasuke's leaving had been her. Luckily for her though Ino realized that her ranting had made her late to attend to her family's shop. Therefore she had left unaware that her friend was crying as she half-heartedly waved good-bye back to the blonde.

Back in the present Sakura wiped her hand against her shorts before getting up from the bed to bathe. As she stripped she wondered if there was some way to undo the damage to her and Naruto's relationship. But at the moment she couldn't think of anything since there was one roadblock in her desire to recapture Naruto's affection, Sasuke.

Wrapping a towel around herself she thought, "It's true, karma is a bitch." Moving to the bathroom she dropped her towel and started the water running. Her earlier thought was a result of the fact that the reason she had been so insistent to return Sasuke had to do with the fact that she was no longer sure she loved him as she had so often claimed when she was younger. Meanwhile, her feelings for Naruto had only grown stronger as a result of his absence, but she had still needed to return Sasuke for one reason. Unless Sasuke was in the village even if she came around to loving Naruto. She was sure there were many people, possibly including Naruto, who would believe her feelings were simply a result of Sasuke being no longer around to receive them. Therefore, she had needed to put her energies into doing just that. As while she still wasn't sure just how developed her feelings for Naruto had become she was sure that the path to his heart would require bringing Sasuke home.

But no doubt as a result of her past treatment of the blond, it had all blown up in her face to the point that she seemed to no longer matter to him. And what was worse was as she expected, everyone was convinced that her misery was due to Naruto no longer seeming to care about returning Sasuke. Resting her forehead against the walls she wrapped her arms around herself as her tears mixed with the falling water as all she really wanted was Naruto to look at her with the same warmth that he had used too.


"Welcome to the Twelfth Annual Konoha Dog show. Please enjoy yourself," the woman attending the stand that sold the day passes said as she handed Naruto his.

"Thanks, I intend too." Walking past the gate, Naruto was surprised at just how big the event actually was. Although from his traveling through it the night before he supposed he shouldn't have been. He stopped as a man walking his show dog stopped at a tree and the animal raised its leg to leave its mark behind. He smiled since it would have to get up into the tree to get his.

After his run in with Tsume the previous day, he had drunk close to fifty bottles of water in his attempt to mark every tree inside the grounds with his scent. If the fact that Naruto was marking territory she no doubt considered hers, due to the Inuzuka sponsoring the dog show, didn't send her over the edge then he didn't know what would. As he walked through the event he noticed that a few male Inuzuka's were affected by the act as well as they barred their teeth ever so much when he moved close enough to them. Whether or not they were conscious of it though he couldn't say, but he was beginning to feel disappointment creep into him after his third time traveling the throughout the grounds since it appeared that he had gone through a lot of effort and water but his target was a no show.

Still he decided to have a good time regardless and put off searching for Tsume in order to actually take in some of the events. But eventually after watching some them which featured snooty people and their prim and proper pets decided to move along. As he moved throughout the event he began to wonder why the Inuzuka would bother to sponsor something like it, as having seen some of their nin-dogs he was quite sure they'd eat the ones being shown for breakfast.

But making his way towards the back of the show grounds he noticed that it became less crowded with stands featuring rich civilians and their show dogs, but more salt of the earth type people. He saw one massive dog that he was positive the only award it would receive was meanest looking dog on earth. He reached out a hand to pet it as he had some of the others much to the owners' objection, and almost lost a hand to it as it round on him. Jumping back he was chided by the civilian who the dog belonged to saying, "You're not in that weaksauce competition anymore boy. The animals here are meant to be warriors." Naruto cocked an eyebrow confused, but before he could ask the man to elaborate saw a woman that had often been in Tsume's company when he had exposed the woman to his enhanced pheromones so made a beeline for her.


Hana resisted squirming as she examined the animal in front of her, quite aware of how the shorts of her chunin clothes were clinging to her. Marking off on her clipboard some notes about it, she moved on quickly to the next in a hurry to get her task finished due to how wet she was getting. While embarrassed she relaxed somewhat since most of the female Inuzuka she had come across had been exhibiting the same general horniness. Only they had no idea what was behind it other than the smell that seemed to coat the entire campground. But Hana did, since although it held the distinct smell of urine it was filled with the same pheromones she had been exposed to over the past two months.

"Did he simply piss a little on each tree," Hana thought feeling hotter at the image since she felt he was marking his territory. She smiled a little though since she imagined when her mother arrived she'd flip out especially since Tsume had become convinced the boy was challenging her by eating at the many restaurants that existed in the Inuzuka's territory.

She closed her eyes and frowned slightly since she was sure her mother was probably right, especially after the stunt he had just pulled. Why, she couldn't say but if he was challenging her mother it meant he probably had no interest in her. She wasn't sure why that bothered her, but she had fantasized about the young man when her exposure to his scent had caused her to need some release.

Standing in front of the next stand she dropped her clipboard down to hide her groin and was about to give her snatch a discreet rub, due to the fact that it seemed Naruto's scent was getting stronger. Her eyes opened wide in shock as just before she gave into the temptation the blonde boy said from behind her, "Hey do you mind if I ask you a question?"

Turning towards him quickly, she wondered if he knew what she had been about to do. But guessed he didn't due to the simple grin he was giving her. "N-no I don't mind," Hana replied cursing the weak sounding hitch in her voice, already hearing her mother bitching about her lack of assertiveness in the back of her mind.

"Well that guy there said these dogs were meant to be warriors, I was hoping you could explain that to me," Naruto said jerking his thumb to the man that he had been talking too.

"Why didn't you ask him to explain it?"

"Well you're a lot cuter than him," Naruto said causing the woman to blush. "Besides I've kept seeing you at some of the restaurants I've been eating at as of late and thought it was time I introduce myself. I'm Naruto."

"I know," Hana said noticing the small frown that appeared on his face. She briefly wondered if she had offended him since he could take it that she knew him because of what he carried. Hoping to prevent him from making that leap of logic she added, "My brother mentioned you quite a bit," and under her breath finished with, "and my mom lately."

"Yeah, he was probably pretty pissed when I kicked his ass in the chunin exams."

"There was that true, but he also spoke very highly about how courageous you were during some of your joint missions."

"Really, are we talking about the same Kiba," Naruto said his tone making it known he was joking.

Hana laughed before turning towards the dog behind her and saying, "Well, to answer your question. These dogs are breed in hopes of being added to Inuzuka breeding program. That is the whole reason this event is sponsored by my clan."

Naruto scratched his cheek in thought saying, "I can't imagine any of those dogs at the front of the show joining it."

Hana nodded saying her voice holding a tinge of distaste, "This use to be a real underground event. But eventually some dog breeders of those show dogs got wind of it and figured with the Inuzuka name attached to it would really legitimize what they do."

"You preferred things when they were smaller?"

Shaking her head Hana replied, "No that's not it. The people up there breed them just for show and inbreed to the point that it's detrimental to their animals' health. That's why the Inuzuka began this event in the first place to prevent such a thing from happening. We carefully map out all of the animals lineage to prevent such things and add new blood, so to speak, every year. Akamaru was a result of such practices which is why he looks so different from most of the nin-dogs in our clan."

"I didn't know so much work was involved to breed a nin-dog," Naruto said impressed, "But I assume most Inuzuka feel the same as you. So why tolerate such practices from others at an event held by you?"

"Well, it does generate money for the clan," Hana replied trying to ignore Naruto's presence behind her as she checked over the dog in front of her marking it down as too weak to be added to the clan's program. "We after all have to pay some of these people for the rights to breed their dogs to ours. Depending on how bad we want them we can be talking about a lot of money. Besides what they do isn't technically illegal, just doesn't show that they care for anything but how an animal looks. "

Naruto nodded, taking in her figure as she squatted down to look over the animal closer, he asked, "Do you mind if I tag along?"

Although a part of her wanted to get as far from him as possible before she lost control she found herself saying, "Not at all. But it'll probably be pretty boring."

"Oh I'm sure I'll manage to find a way to stop from getting bored," he said with a tongue in cheek bit of humor.

It turned out that Naruto didn't have a problem with boredom since one thing the Inuzuka looked for was aggressiveness. Not the over the top that was found in underground dog fights, which were sadly found throughout the Shinobi world and that the Inuzuka shutdown with the same ferocity that most shinobi would illegal slave trading, but the aggressiveness not to back down even to enemies that technically overmatched them. Therefore he found himself constantly being growled and snapped at. But amazingly enough Hana had no problem approaching as even the most ill-tempered of dogs seemed to relax as she came near them.

When he had commented on it Hana had seemed ashamed rather than proud. When he asked why her reply had been, "My mom says it's because I lack the traits necessary to be a good alpha."

"What do you mean?"

Sighing she said, "Take a good look at me."

"Believe me I have," Naruto said honestly in a way that made the woman blush.

He smiled at her coloring face but then frowned in confusion when she asked, "What do you see?"

"A beautiful woman."

"Buy not a beautiful Inuzuka woman," Hana said moving on to the next stand.

Quickly catching up he asked, "Are you adopted?"

"No, it's just unlike most in my family the traits of my clan didn't seem to be passed on." Taking a closer look Naruto did notice that unlike Kiba or Tsume. Hana lacked the slightly enlarged canines and the slitted eyes. Take away the fang like tattoos on her cheek and Hana could pass for a normal civilian. Before he could ask Hana seemed to sense his next question saying, "No my mother didn't have an affair with a civilian."

Although he was about to ask that he raised his hands defensively saying, "The words never passed my lips." Despite herself and the subject matter, Hana smiled briefly.

"Still I have to wonder though what that has to do with being considered an Alpha. Sure, it might be important to be able to intimidate a rival into backing down. But if you ask me the ability to put them at ease and make a fight unnecessary seems to be a more impressive ability."

Again Hana blushed and favored him with a smile but said, "Unfortunately, much like we exclude certain animals for lacking traits we feel are necessary for nin-dogs from the program. My lacking even the most basic of Inuzuka traits labeled me as something of an outcast. I doubt many Inuzuka suitors would consider me something to pursue for fear my defects will be passed along." As she finished her sentence Hana had begun looking over another of the entries.

"Well then perhaps like you look outside Konoha for new dogs, you should consider looking outside your clan," Naruto whispered into her ear coming up behind her. Hana whimpered slightly as his scent seemed to fill her nostrils as he rested a hand on her hip. She leaned into him ever so slightly surprised at herself.

But the moment was broken by a loud crash. "Get out of here," one of the patrons of the dog show shouted running by the stand they were in. They heard the sound of growling and both ran out to see a large black dog almost double the size of Akamaru. It had a man trapped beneath its massive paw and it was clear that he was dead. It turned towards them and Hana cursed seeing foam all around it mouth.

"Shit," she cursed as the animal lunged at them. Several of her clan members arrived with their canine partners to quell the disturbance but Hana shouted, "Keep back. There's a good chance it's rabid." Glad her own partners weren't present she had the clan members set up a perimeter to prevent it from escaping into the more populated areas of the show.

"What's the plan," Naruto said.

"Stay back," Hana said.


"You're still a genin," Hana shouted over her shoulder as she charged the beast. Although it wasn't a nindog it still sensed her attack and managed to avoid her as she attempted the fang over fang. Landing on all fours she cursed having lost sight of the animal as it had taken off around several of the stands. Giving pursuit she took off after it but the animal had quickly doubled back and bashed through one of the stands. The board landed on her with the animal using it to pin her down. It glared down at her and tried snapping at her face but she managed to push the board off of her. Nevertheless the creature landed on its feet and lunged at her again before she managed to get to her own.

Before it could tackle her to the ground something hit her from the side moving her out of the way as the dog smashed into a nearby stall. As the person who tackled her rose to his feet holding her in his arms he said, "I might be a genin, but I'm still Naruto Uzumaki. Now how gentle do I have to be."

Examining the creature that was now heavily foaming she said, "We have to destroy it."

"Alright," Naruto said setting her down. Charging the rabid animal it leapt at him managing to slice his arm as Naruto narrowly avoid the attack. Before the animal could round on him though he held his hand out and a Rasengan formed which he easily slammed into the creature's side sending it flying off into an empty booth.

Holding his bleeding arm he asked Hana, "Are you alright?"

Hana stared dumbfounded at the ease he handled the animal before saying, "Your arm!"

"I'll be fine," he said waving her concern off.

"Hana," a member of her clan said running up.

"Please see what happened here. Start with the man it had killed. If my hunch is correct he's probably the one that caused this mess. I'm going to attend to Naruto."

The man nodded taking off to follow her orders. Despite his protests Hana managed to get Naruto moving to where she could examine his wound. As they walked he asked, "Why do you think that guy was behind this?"

"As I said being asked for your canine to join the breeding program involves quite a bit of money. Therefore, sometimes the breeders sabotage each other. Considering that canine was almost a shoe in to be asked I have little doubt the man injected him with some virulent form of rabies to make us have to destroy it."

"What a waste."

"Yes," Hana said guiding him into the kitchen of her family's home. "Now sit here. I have to make sure you aren't infected."

"It didn't bite me," Naruto said calmly.

"True, but better safe than sorry less you share its fate," Hana said leaving the jinchuriki alone. She returned several minutes later holding a medical kit. Taking a sample of his blood she put it in a test-tube and then squirted some blue liquid in it before shaking the solution. The color remained blue so she said, "Well it appears the animal didn't affect you. But I'm going to have to give you a shot just to be sure."

"Great more shots," Naruto said mirthlessly.

Smiling she said, "Be a big boy and I'll give you a treat."

"Hopefully a big boy one," Naruto said with a smile as he began releasing some of his pheromones.

Hana flushed almost immediately, but remained silent trying to calm her suddenly overheated body. She quickly gave him the shot and moved to begin cleaning his rapidly closing wounds. "Amazing," she said watching as the largest one finished closing.
Hana began to gather up her medical equipment saying, "I imagine you'll be okay. You really should be more careful in the future."

Standing and coming up behind her, Naruto said, "You should take your own advice. Did you really think taking on the dog by yourself was a good idea? Or, were you just hoping that defeating it would make you appear to be more alpha like?"

"D-don't be ridiculous," Hana said turning towards him, "Who would I be trying to impress? I've long since accepted my role in the clan."

Placing his hands on the table behind her with her between them and after bringing his face close to hers, he said, "Well I can't really answer that, only you can. But there's one thing I can tell you about being an alpha."

Feeling overpowered by his presence Hana asked, "W-what's that?"

"He takes what he wants." No sooner had he finished his sentence then Hana leaned forward locking her lips to his. The kiss quickly deepened and before she knew it Hana was laying on her family's kitchen table. With the blonde pressed on top of her.

Naruto broke the kiss to stare into Hana's eyes and smiled as she looked away. Whispering into the ear she presented to him, he said, "No, no, no, you were doing so well. You have nothing to be embarrassed about."

"What about those other girls you've dated?"

"Well to be honest, I've been quite intimate with them."

Hana turned her head and stared at him in surprise, but he simply smiled at her before saying, "I told you an Alpha always takes what he wants. But he also makes sure to care and provide for his pack as well. If you don't want this push me away, and I'll respect your wishes."

Hana tensed and for a moment Naruto thought she'd do exactly that. But he was surprised when she suddenly pushed him back and up against a counter before saying, "What makes you so sure you're the alpha here?" Before he could respond she slammed her lips to his greedily. As they kissed, they fought for position with whoever ended up pressed against the counter momentarily surrendering control of the kiss.

Naruto decided on a game changer and slid his hand into the shorts she was wearing. As he pushed his hand past her panties he could feel that Hana muff was quite hairy. Sliding a finger inside of her the woman seemed to surrender as she clung to his shoulders while he worked his magic. She suddenly stopped his hand saying, "W-wait not here."

"Worried about someone catching us?"

"N-no," she said instead of explaining pulled his hand from her shorts and then used it to guide him through her home. Naruto was surprised that instead of heading upstairs to where he assumed her room would be she opened a door underneath the stairwell that led downstairs.

As they reached the bottom Naruto was surprised to find a large platform carved out of the wall all the way across the room. Resting on the platform was a mat that was covered in many pillows. Along the walls were clawmarks but he could tell they were made by people as opposed to the dogs the clan was known for. Hana began stripping quickly saying, "There's something you should know about Inuzuka women. When we have sex for the first time or have gone without for a while we tend to lose ourselves to our beastly instincts. It… also tends to establish our… roles in the relationship."

Naruto guessed she was beginning to lose herself since her ability to think coherently was appearing to suffer. But confused asked, "What do you mean?"

Hana closed with him and dragged him to that mat as she did so she said, "W…when an Inuzuka takes a mate and senses she… may be stronger…she…she will….try and…" But upon reaching it, Hana let go of his hand and climbed on top of the mat on all fours. She looked at him hungrily as if taking stock of him for several moments but then shivered. She then turned from him giving him a glorious view of her dripping cunt. She dropped her head to the mat and kept her ass in the air. When he didn't move she began to wag it back and forth. Getting the hint, he pulled his shirt over his head and began stripping out of his pants.

Climbing onto the platform Naruto squatted on his haunches behind her. Grabbing her hips he eased himself into the woman enjoying the way she moaned at his entry. Almost immediately he began stirring up her insides causing Hana to whimper which spurred him on finding the sound highly erotic. Reaching around Naruto began rubbing her clit causing Hana to raise her head from the mat to howl in pleasure. Almost immediately she returned her head to its previous position. Despite the highly pleasant feeling surrounding his cock he found it rather strange.

Hana began to tighten around him and Naruto considered staving off his own orgasm but found his ability hampered by the sound of feet running angrily down the steps. He caught site of who had caught them in the act just as he filled Hana's womb with his seed.


Tsume was pissed as she headed home from the Dog Show. Not an unusual state of emotion for her lately do to the challenge she felt was being brought forth by the Nine-tail jinchuriki. But for most who knew her, felt her anger had been simmering beneath the surface ever since her husband had left her. Reaching her home her nin-dog partner took off into the woods behind the house where all the nin-dogs lived. Although welcome in the homes of the clan the animals tended to rather stay in nature.

Watching her partner run off, Tsume thought of the blond bastard as she was beginning to think of him. First he had begun eating at restaurants that she frequented and for whatever reason his scent quickly would arouse her. But then the bastard would takeoff almost immediately after her arrival, like a wolf that was slowly pushing into another's territory to see how far he could get before being challenged. When he had seen him in the Hokage mansion she had tested him to see if he'd back down, and although impressed he didn't. She had quickly grown angry getting the feeling that he had been testing her as well.

Then there had been the dog show. She still couldn't get the scent from out of her nose. The bastard had actually marked the tree tops with his scent like he was calling her out. What was worse was she was tempted to go to the fairgrounds later that night and cover them up with her own. However she doubted the bastard would be able to tell.

As if that wasn't enough, the disaster that had been averted today had been the result of foul play. Most likely the vial the man had injected the dog with had been provided by an enemy shinobi to deny the powerful beast's material from joining the breeding program. Furthermore she had heard Naruto was the one that had brought it down.

Entering her home she thought her nose was playing tricks on her as she could smell Naruto's scent in the house. Growling, she was about to go in search of him to beat the shit out of the boy since marking her home was a challenge she couldn't ignore. However, she heard a howl from the room specifically made for times when her Inuzuka's lusts took over. But since it only happened in the presence of a mate during the first time or long dry spells, Tsume hadn't needed to use it in years.

Her eyes opened wide in understanding though since her clansmen had told her that Hana had taken Naruto to be examined. The elder Inuzuka hadn't failed to notice how Hana had been attracted to the blond, as she was forced to admit if she didn't see him as a challenge to her status would have probably as well. Growling in anger, she threw open the door bounding down the steps just as the jinchuriki and her daughter both shared an orgasm together.

Almost immediately Tsume knew who the alpha in the coupling was as Naruto fell back his seed leaking from her daughter's snatch. Tsume growled taking a step forward, fighting her bestial instincts trying to take over due to the lust she was feeling. It proved difficult as Naruto looked over towards her and instead of displaying fear as she imagined most would in such a situation, appeared rather satisfied.

Taking another step forward she growled, "You bastard…get out!" However, before he could respond Tsume took a step back in surprise when her daughter rounded on her growling. Being challenged by Naruto was bad enough; however she wouldn't take it from her daughter and as a result of the new challenge felt her bestial instincts begin to take over. Especially since her daughter was challenging her right to mate with the stud, and as Alpha she had first call.

Losing her sense of reason she managed to growl, "Know…your place bitch," before leaping at her. Hana was all too ready to meet her in order to defend her right to Naruto.

Naruto for the most part wasn't sure what to do as he never meant to cause mother and daughter to break out into a fight over him. Although it was actually more of a wrestling match then actual fight and watching the two women soon had an affect on his dick which grew hard. Hana ended up pinned on her back by Tsume and when the younger Inuzuka tried to get up the elder slammed her down hard causing her daughter to whimper. Tsume let Hana go who moved off to a corner of the platform watching sadly as Tsume crawled towards him on all fours.

The woman managed to get her pants off as she closed the distance between them, but left her flak-jacket on. Naruto could see that unlike Hana's full bush which had been trimmed, Tsume's was wild and untamed. When she was right in front of him the older woman pounced quickly lining her cunt with his cock. When she was about to bury his dick in her, Hana whimpered. Realizing that if Tsume was the one to control things she'd view herself as the Alpha in the relationship, he managed to shove her off. She growled at him before jumping at him again but Naruto caught her and slammed her into the mat. Quickly getting behind her and grabbing her by the hips, he got ahold of her hair forcing her face down into the mat. Holding her like that, he began rubbing his cock along her hairy slit eliciting a whimpered moan from her.

When she began matching his movements, he pulled back pulling an even louder one from her and then slammed forward burying himself deep inside her. Tsume howled in pleasure and came immediately. He then began pistoning his tool in and out of her soaking cunt. Naruto let go of her hair, but when she tried to raise her head immediately forced her face back into the mat. He would repeat the process several times and eventually Tsume kept her head down much as Hana had.

Looking towards the younger Inuzuka, he saw she watched on sadly obliviously upset at losing her mate. "Hana come," Naruto said, causing a look of hope to appear in the woman's eyes. She began crawling towards them, but Tsume growled deeply causing Hana to stop. Naruto responded by bringing his hand down on Tsume's ass pulling a yelp from her throat. Hana began to move again and Tsume growled although slightly softer. However, Naruto spanked the elder Inuzuka just as hard but twice this time. It repeated three more times with the number of spankings doubling each time, leaving Tsume's butt rather red but after receiving her final spanking Tsume surprised him when her cunt tightened around his shaft. Riding out her orgasm Tsume's moans became less forceful as she began to lose her grip on consciousness.

When Hana was right by him, she rose up and began licking his neck and chest. He then positioned her on all fours next to her mother where he began to finger her snatch while he continued to pound her mother's pussy. Tsume tightened around him again, but this time Naruto allowed himself the pleasure of filling her cunt with his cum. When he pulled out Tsume didn't move but her ass slowly sunk towards the mat.
Hana turned and began licking his cock much as he imagined a dog would. Due to his sensitivity the sensation was quite pleasurable and he immediately began to harden again. However, he pulled her off saying, "Hana, do you have some shaving cream?"

She stared at him in confusion, but eventually her humanity began to reassert itself as she nodded. She ran upstairs the sound of her feet echoing through the house. She returned moments later with several more items then he requested obviously knowing what he was planning. He smiled as he saw that she had also lathered her own bush with the cream he had asked for. Taking the towel she had brought he laid her down on it, before taking the razor. He had her sit back on the mat and she spread her legs. Gently he began shaving away the hair, leaving a small stripe that pleased his new lover as he wiped away the excess cream. Moving on to her mother, Naruto repeated the process although this time he left her mound completely bald.

When he was finished he turned to Hana motioning her towards him. He maneuvered her off the platform and set her between his legs. Getting the hint, Hana began to once more lick his cock as Naruto leaned his head back and moaned. As she licked him, Naruto noticed that Hana seemed to once more give into her animal side. He heard movement behind him and looking over his shoulder saw Tsume waking up. She ran her hand over her shaven mound and when she locked eyes with him actually blushed. Hearing the content noises Hana was making, she crawled towards him and looking over the edge of the platform saw her daughter licking his cock.

Moving around him, she joined her daughter on the floor and taking up a position next to her began joining in the pleasing of his dick. Naruto groaned in pleasure as the two women got into a steady rhythm moving their tongues up and down his shaft on opposite sides. Feeling his balls tighten he said, "Cumming," but both women kept licking and as his dick erupted it coated their faces in his seed. The two women sat there a moment as he panted, but then Tsume leaned forward and licked her daughter's face. When she pulled back Hana moved forward to do the same to her mother. Watching the two Inuzuka taking turns licking his seed from each other he could only think of one thing to say, "Good Girls."

*Chapter 13*: Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Yugito Nii & Confessions

Naruto was surrounded by warmth after he had fallen asleep shortly after pleasing Hana and Tsume again. Apparently the two women while still under their animalistic lusts had curled up next to him. He felt one of the two bodies shift next to him before pulling away to head upstairs. Cracking his eyes, he could see that it was Tsume and that she hadn't bothered to pick up any of her clothes. He knew she didn't have to worry about Kiba coming home as Naruto had made sure that the boy was out of the village before heading to the dog show.

Carefully extracting himself from Hana, he followed silently behind. He heard a door close and assumed that she had entered her room. Reaching the one she had entered he knocked at the door only to receive a brisk, "Go the fuck away."

For a moment he was surprised that she knew it was him but shook it off as foolish as her sense of smell had no doubt confirmed his identity. Sighing he answered, "I can't do that. There are things we need to discuss." Receiving no reply, he turned the door handle and finding it unlocked opened the door.

Entering the room, which he assumed to be the master bedroom, he found it rather bare. There were a few pictures of her children at what he could only guess to be at certain achievements of their lives, such as a picture of Kiba wearing his headband or Hana holding a diploma of some type, most likely when she passed her veterinary training. But pictures of the man who helped bring them into creation were missing.

Focusing on Tsume, he could see that she had expected him to heed her words and leave. Partly due to when he had first entered she had been sitting at a vanity, still naked as he was, holding her head in her hands. Now though, she was glaring at him using the mirror so that she didn't have to face him. He noticed that for a moment the glare stopped as she ran her eyes down his nude body. But, when they returned to his face so to had the anger. Eventually she sighed though before saying, "Look there's nothing to discuss. I've been around the block enough times to know when I've been played. The way you've been showing up in my territory and your stunt at the show yesterday all but proves it. So do us both a favor and get the fuck out before I forget myself and kill a fellow Leaf shinobi."

"I can't just yet," Naruto replied causing Tsume to growl slightly but he stood his ground. Stepping closer he said, "I admit that what you say is true. I did set about challenging you in order to bring about something like what we shared yesterday. But have you asked yourself why?"

"To put a notch in your belt," Tsume answered heatedly. "You have become popular with some of the women in the village lately. If those dates weren't just the playful ones that the rumors say they are then you've been rather busy lately."

Naruto nodded as he said, "True, but all this wasn't just to say I've slept with an Inuzuka."

"Then what?"

Smiling Naruto replied, "To unify the shinobi villages."

"Great, I've let myself sleep with a delusional nut bag," Tsume said lowering her gaze from the mirror to stare at the top of the vanity.

Sighing, Naruto said, "Look I know it sounds crazy but hear me out." Tsume looked up from the tabletop to look at him through the mirror again so he continued saying, "Since I've started on this path I've already gained the support of several powerful women. With yours, we'll have a voice in three of the clans that make up the council."

Tsume turned in the chair, surprised at Naruto's revelation before saying, "I see. Then Ino and Hinata have already been lured to your quest then."

Naruto nodded guardedly wondering if it was a good idea to give her so much information without gaining her allegiance as otherwise he'd have to use his control over her, and truthfully he was hoping to avoid that. Tsume though didn't really notice, instead she was trying to figure out whom else Naruto had already seduced. Thinking to a recent clan meeting she looked up in shock saying, "Elder Koharu is one of the women you've slept with!"


"Her scent changed recently," Tsume said eyeing Naruto with a mixture of awe and perhaps slight revulsion, "It's hard to explain but I guess she smells less of frailty."

"Is that a polite way of saying she doesn't smell like an old woman anymore," Naruto said with a playful smile. Tsume blushed at being teased but Naruto didn't comment instead saying, "Let's just say that if you saw her true appearance you'd understand why her scent doesn't match with how she looks. But still it was quite a leap of logic to associate her smell with being one of my women."

"It wasn't just her scent," Tsume said reconsidering Naruto's chances of pulling off his ambition, "The meeting that decided Fu's fate, who is another of yours I'm guessing. In the past, Koharu would have sided with her fellow elders in a heartbeat. That she didn't speaks volumes, and makes me wonder. Just how are you controlling her?"

"I both am and am not," Naruto admitted, "The only way I was controlling her was to make her keep quiet about what I was up to. I had to take these steps to keep her quiet about me and another of the women I'm with."

"Tsunade," Tsume interjected surprising Naruto.

Getting ahold of himself, Naruto nodded saying, "Her scent changed as well?"

"That and if both Koharu and her have been made younger somehow and the Byakugan hasn't detected it. Then the only genjutsu I know capable of that is Tsunade's."

Naruto inclined his head telling Tsume that she was right. "I have also brought a few kunoichi outside the village into the fold. I'm hoping that you will join with me as well."

"What of Hana?"

"Her too," Naruto said, "If it makes you uncomfortable I'll make sure to see the two of you separately. But now that I've been with her, well there have been some changes to the two of you as well."

Tsume's stare hardened so Naruto explained all that they had learned over the few months he had been in possession of the jutsu. When he was finished Tsume asked, "If you have so much control over us why not simply force me to obey you?"

"If I did that I'd have to micromanage everything you did and I have little doubt you'd be constantly testing the controls for ways around them. If you don't agree, I'll place a few suggestions that will keep you quiet and then I'll ask Hana. If she agrees, I'll encourage her to one day take your spot as clan head."

"You could just have me step down," Tsume said.

"True, but when Hana took your place then it would be because she earned it," Naruto said. "Besides, I know that your clan passes the position through combat. If she didn't earn it, then she wouldn't keep it very long."

Tsume hated to admit it, but as the conversation wore on. Naruto's nudeness was having an effect on her. Yet it was not just that, but the frank way he spoke to her as even her ex-husband hadn't talked to her like that. "Hell," she thought, thinking of the father of her children with an internal smirk, "That wimp wasn't even able to make me submit when I was lost to my animal side." Eventually she had proven too much for her ex-husband and he had left her for a weaker female, one that he could dominate. Not feeling the bitterness she usually associated with thoughts of the man that had left her high and dry. She continued her current train of thought thinking, "Now this is a man though. How many men in this village would sleep with both a mother and daughter and with all the power he gained over them still rely on his own strength to sell his idea."

Standing and leaning against her vanity. She ran a hand between her breasts as she said, "I take it there are perks to agreeing to go along with what you are planning?"

At the change in Tsume's demeanor, a smile appeared on Naruto's face as he closed the distance between them. Wrapping a hand around her waist, he pulled her towards him stopping his face inches from hers before asking, "What sort of perks are you hoping for?"

Before Tsume could reply, Naruto pressed his lips against hers and soon both of their tongues were clashing against each other. Naruto then grabbed both of Tsume's ass cheeks, both picking her up and spreading them as he sat her on the vanity. Tsume reached her hand forward and grabbed ahold of his cock finding that it had already hardened in preparation of entering her. Giving it a few tugs. She lined it up with her cunt and groaned as Naruto buried it in her in one go. Naruto didn't give her any time to adjust. Instead filling and emptying her in a rapid succession that soon had her close to the edge. She was aware of the vanity's mirror she was sitting on smashing as a result of the vicious assault she was under due to its bouncing against the wall.

Reaching her hands up to grip his shoulders, she was unable to do anything else but moan her approval and it was no surprise to her when she came. Upon reaching her orgasm, she raked her sharp nails along Naruto's back leaving long gashes that quickly healed, but the sudden pain caused Naruto to lose control and pump her full of his seed.

As she recovered along with the blond, she realized that much to her amazement the cock still buried in her hadn't wilted as a result of his release. Giving it a squeeze using her internal muscles she smiled as she heard Naruto groan at her actions. Constricting around and releasing his dick several times. It was only a matter of moments before Naruto began to respond as well. Picking Tsume up with his dick still inside her, he carried her towards the bed. Where he sat down before he leaned back allowing her to set the pace while on top.

Tsume planted her feet on the bed before she began raising and lowering herself on the thick meat staff that had impaled her. Naruto groaned as he reached up and cupped her breasts while she slid herself up and down his cock. Grabbing the nipple of one of her breasts, he gave it a tug as she was on an upward stroke allowing her own momentum to increase the sensation causing her to howl in pleasure. Dropping to her knees, she began a more relaxed pace gentle swirling her hips as she asked, "Just how long have you been at this?"

"A couple months," Naruto answered having moved his hands to her hips as she began a back and forth motion with her hips.

"Kami," Tsume replied both from the revelation and his dick hitting the entrance to her womb causing her to crash forward into his chest. Raising her hips up and down his staff slowly from her new position she said, "You… you must be a natural."

"Nah," Naruto said with a groan, "I-I just get lots of practice."

Tsume didn't reply instead licking the sweat from his chest before moving on to one of his nipples. She swirled her tongue around before nipping at it with her teeth. Naruto responded with a vicious upward stroke which again poked at her deepest spot causing her to howl once more in pleasure. Naruto then rolled them over so that he was on top. He then withdrew almost all of his cock leaving only the tip still inside Tsume. Who then began whimpering at the loss.

Looking down at the woman, Naruto leaned forward to kiss her tenderly and when she responded slammed his hips forward. Tsume screamed into his mouth and was soon panting from his renewed assault. Sweat dripping from his brow and feeling the end approaching Naruto said, "I'm at the end of my rope…"

Her arms clamped around his neck as Tsume nodded weakly before panting out, "M…fuck…me too. Cum…cum on my tits."

Naruto was surprised, but leaned forward and bit Tsume's nipple in a manner similar to how she had his earlier. It provided the spark she needed to reach her climax causing her inner walls to clamp around him in a milking sensation. Naruto's own orgasm was reached as a result and complying with her wishes pulled out bathing her tits in his spunk, before collapsing next to her on the bed. Tsume spent several moments catching her breath before reaching her hands up and working his cum into her skin as if in a trance. When she was finished she licked her fingers clean.

Noticing Naruto staring at her in a strange manner she blushed before saying, "I like having the smell of my mate on me afterwards."

Naruto sat up against the headboard of her bed before holding a hand up and beckoning her towards him. Tsume quickly accepted the invitation moving to lay her head against his chest where she was content to let sleep claim her except for a surprised sounding, "Mom…Naruto…it wasn't a dream then."

Tsume sat up to see her naked daughter standing in the hall no doubt confused from the after affects of having experienced the Inuzuka's lust for the first time. No longer under the effects herself Tsume moved to cover her own nudeness but Naruto held her tight saying, "No it wasn't a dream. Come in Hana there's a lot I need to tell you."

Hana nodded still no doubt confused as Tsume wouldn't have been surprised that if not for the fact she had awoken naked in the mating chamber. That Hana would have written the whole experience off as a dream. Hana stepped into the disheveled room sitting at the edge of the bed that contained her naked mother as well as the young man who had taken her virginity who said, "Now where to begin?"


Koharu walked wearily to her home, while hoping to reach it soon so she could drop the henge she was under. Having come to cherish the times where she could run around in her new youthful body it had become almost a chore to leave her home to attend the endless meetings that her life as an elder had become. However despite entering her home the respite she sought was denied to her as she could feel the presence of people inside. Sighing and keeping her henge in place she approached her study and much as she expected found Danzou sitting there waiting for her.

However, what she wasn't expecting was the kunoichi and shinobi standing behind him on either side. The kunoichi was dressed in the standard armor of the Anbu and had long light brown hair that was done up in a bun that had a ponytail coming from it and held in place by six needles. Her cat mask was framed by her bangs as she stood at relaxed attention behind the elder. Koharu wasn't sure but believed the woman's name was Komachi. She remembered her name coming up briefly as a result of the Kagura incident several years ago.

Her partner wore a bird mask and if she was correct his name was Towa. While the two had served Konoha faithfully in the past, Koharu was afraid that their presence here with Danzou meant that they secretly served him as remnants of the Root Organization.

"Danzou," she said her voice sounding at ease with his presence although she was anything but. "What brings you to my home so late at night?"

Danzou's visible eye remained squinted but she knew that he was analyzing her for anything he could use against her. Finally he said, "I felt it prudent that we talk as lately it seems we have begun to differ on the path Konoha should be following."

"Really," Koharu said having an idea of what he was speaking about, "I don't think one difference of opinion on the fate the seven tail jinchuriki is a cause for such concern."

Danzou grunted, but remained silent on the matter for several moments before saying, "I've noticed that your Anbu guards have been removed."

"By my request," Koharu said calmly pouring herself a glass of liquor. When she offered Danzou one he shook his head no. Taking a sip, she continued, "I've come to the decision that they would be better suited guarding more vital parts to the village."

"Don't underestimate your importance to Kohona," Danzou said sounding as close to friendly as she had ever heard him.

She smiled politely at what he said but replied, "I'm afraid our time is done Danzou. Better to let the younger generation step up and hopefully build a better world then we left them."

"Hmm, you're beginning to sound a lot like Tsunade," Danzou replied standing abruptly. "But I guess we'll see if the current generation is capable of meeting the challenges that they will soon face." The crippled elder began making his way to the door and Koharu was sure that he no longer considered her an ally.

She frowned at that as she didn't doubt for a second that the man hadn't given up his hope to one day become Hokage. In the past she would have admitted that such an event may have filled her with a feeling that Konoha would be well protected. But now she was positive that it would only spread misery and death. As his two Anbu fell into step with the elder, Koharu's gaze drifted to Komachi and found herself wondering whether or not Danzou had exposed a weakness that Naruto could exploit.

Dropping her henge and glad that Danzou had left as thinking of the blond caused her body to react in the predictable manor of her nipples hardening and her panties growing moist. She knew the day when she would breakdown and beg him to take her again was fast approaching as she would probably spend the next few hours masturbating herself to several orgasms that only made her desire for the young man stronger.


Naruto groaned as he lowered himself into the hot springs. Although his body didn't show it, he was sure he could feel the phantom pains of the many scratches and bite marks that would have marred his body as a result of his time with Hana and Tsume. After explaining his ambition to the younger Inuzuka, he was pleased to learn that despite no longer being under the animalistic lusts that they had been under during their first encounter the two Inuzuka apparently didn't have any problem pleasing him at the same time. As after pleasing Hana similarly to how he had her mother, Tsume had quickly joined in. After enjoying them both, he had been a little concerned that Kiba would find out due to the smell of sex Tsume's room had reeked of, but he was put at ease upon learning that all Inuzuka homes came with seals that when activated dampened the senses. A necessary item, as very few people wanted their young kids or neighbors figuring out what mischief they were up to in their rooms due to the heightened senses the clan possessed.

As he allowed the springs to rejuvenate his body, Naruto turned his attention inward to the person that had helped him seduce the Inuzuka head and her daughter but seemed to have retreated from him as of late. He knew where she was hiding of course which was behind the bars that the seal represented. What stopped him from seeking her out was the nagging fear that it was all a set up. That if he crossed into her cage he'd find her waiting to pounce and take over control of his body. However, he got the sense though that his fears in this instance were misplaced. Due in part to the fact that Kyuubi had retreated so completely from him and wasn't even trying to bait him into the seal. Of course, he'd be remiss if he didn't consider it a part of her plan, but on the few times he had entered the seal hoping to see her all he could feel was a deep sadness.

Despite knowing he was taking a risk that could spell his own destruction as well as the villages, he decided to trust his instincts. Focusing his attention into the seal, he appeared in the recreation of his apartment complete with massive barred gate. Approaching it, he considered calling out for Kyuubi but considering all the success he had experienced up to that point decided against it. Especially since he couldn't be sure that she wouldn't force him out of the seal if she knew he was coming.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself he walked through the bars. Almost immediately he looked to the face of the massive fox that lay on the other side. But by all indications Kyuubi was currently occupying her human body as the massive creature was barely breathing like it was in a deep sleep. Having never really been on the Kyuubi's side of the bars he spent a moment looking around only to see that it appeared that the area he was standing in seemed to stretch out in a void of infinite darkness. For a moment he wondered if Kyuubi was wandering that darkness in her human body, but looking back to her chakra beast body found her lying asleep in a nook behind the beast body's crossed front paws.

For a moment he worried that it was a set-up and that he'd approach only to find she was occupying the fox's body in order to devour him. However, upon a closer look it was easy to see that she was currently residing in the human one as although sleeping, every now and again she would shift. Whereas the fox remained unnaturally still.

As stealthily as he was capable of, he managed to work her out from behind the paws and carrying her bridal style took her to the other side of the seal. Laying her on the couch, in such a matter that she was curled up against him, he then began stroking her hair waiting for her to wake up. After almost an hour, at least in the seal, she began to stir. But almost immediately she stiffened as if realizing she wasn't alone, which was followed by her quickly sitting up.

"Naruto…," she said, upon laying her eyes on him. For a moment she looked like she wanted to say more, but then quickly stood before trying to make a break for the seal.

Naruto caught her wrist as she moved past him and holding it tightly said, "Kyuubi, if you are angry at me then let's talk about it. But I'd like to know why you've been avoiding me."

"You…you think I might be angry at you?" Kyuubi asked surprised looking over her shoulder at the blond still sitting at the couch.

"What am I suppose to think when you haven't spoken to me in weeks?"

Kyuubi looked away towards the bars of her cage as if she was still considering running towards it. Sighing, she moved back towards the couch sitting far away from him. Naruto was about to scoot over but she held up a hand saying, "Please, stay where you are." Naruto looked concerned but nodded and settled into the couch prompting Kyuubi to say, "Congratulations on your latest conquest are in order I suppose."

"Thanks," Naruto said watching Kyuubi who appeared incredibly nervous and scared, "I owe a great deal of it to the pheromones. So thank you." Kyuubi smiled weakly so he asked, "Now maybe you can tell me why you've been avoiding me?"

Kyuubi looked away focusing on some unseen object in front of her before saying, "I've recently been made aware of something important about the day our fates became connected… and I'm afraid that once you learn of it too that you'll despise me."

Seeing how vulnerable she looked Naruto almost automatically wanted to say that she didn't need to worry about such a thing. However he stopped, since despite how she looked now there was a time when she had delighted in death and destruction. When silence was all that followed her statement Kyuubi turned to look at him and giving him a grim smile said, "I guess the best place to begin is my being freed from my previous host." Naruto couldn't keep the shock from his face prompting Kyuubi to say, "I know it must be a surprise to you, but in actuality you are the third jinchuriki to host me. The first was a woman named Mito Uzumaki. You probably know her best as the wife of the First Hokage. She sealed me into herself in order to rob Madara Uchiha of my power. Eventually though she grew old and they needed to find a replacement. That replacement's name was Kushina Uzumaki…your mother."

"My…my mom," Naruto whispered stunned and confused but quickly gave way to an excitement at learning of one of his parents.

"Yes," Kyuubi said dejectedly seeing Naruto's face lighting up at the idea of learning about his mother. "I wish there was something I could tell you about her other than that on the few times she entered the seal she was as defiant as you. But her seal was designed far different than yours. As it didn't allow me to sense much of anything about her personal life, therefore for the most part I spent most of my time sealed in her chained to a damn rock."

"I don't understand," Naruto said interrupting her.

Glad for any reason to prolong telling him of her role in his parents' deaths she began to explain, "Each seal designed to contain a Bijuu takes on different forms. For instance yours before you modified it resembled a cage with sewer pipes running to it. That was so that my Chakra would slowly bleed into yours or you could call on it when you were in need of it. Nanabi's looks like a giant bug container."

"You've seen Fu's Bijuu?" Kyuubi nodded, causing Naruto to ask, "Are you the reason she's been getting so horny all the time?"

"Partly," Kyuubi admitted, "I modified her seal so that Nanabi would feel what its host did. I hoped to make Nanabi more willing to help Fu in the future."

"You did this despite knowing that I might become angry at you." When Kyuubi nodded, Naruto added, "Thank you." But growing somber he asked, "Does what you have to tell me involve what happened to my mother?"

"And to your father," Kyuubi said looking away for a moment to avoid seeing how Naruto would react. Closing her eyes she picked up her tale again saying, "As I was saying your mother was my second host. After years of not feeling anything I suddenly became aware of the seal weakening. This I guess was due to the fact that she was pregnant…with you." She paused opening her eyes and looking at Naruto saw him listening intently, "Naturally, I tried to make the most of it by trying to escape. But your father was prepared and reinforced the seal while she was giving birth to you. I'm not aware of what happened exactly but the force your father was exerting to contain me was suddenly removed and I escaped…only to come face to face with Madara Uchiha."

Instead of commenting on the appearance of a long thought dead Uchiha, Naruto asked, "My mom died because you escaped, didn't she?"

Kyuubi winced at the unemotional tone Naruto used. Answering his question, she said, "She should have. But apparently you Uzumaki are rather resilient; she was still alive despite my escape. Madara enslaved me again using his damnable Sharingan and ordered me to finish her. Your father though saved her…using the Hiraishin."

"The Hiraishin…you can't mean my dad was…"

"Yes, he was the Fourth Hokage," Kyuubi stopped giving Naruto time to adjust to the news as he looked away from her. When he refocused on her, she could tell he wanted to ask her something but she continued her story to prevent him wanting to get it over with so said, "While under Madara's control I began my assault on your village. Eventually though, and I assume because of your father, Madara lost his ability to direct me…but still I continued my assault. Your third Hokage and the defenders of the village managed to drive me back but I was about to destroy them all using a beast ball when your father reappeared. He then Hirashined it and me away, where we began to battle…"

Kyuubi paused to spend a moment to look at Naruto. However his face and body language gave away nothing of what he was thinking. Gathering up her courage, she finished her tale saying, "By then your mother had entered into combat with me using a special jutsu to turn her chakra into chains and bind me. Eventually your father realized that the only way to defeat me was to seal me. He chose you, his own son. But when he began the jutsu I managed to break free one of my paws and attempted to destroy you. Your parents both got in my way allowing me to impale them with one of my nails and then your father sealed me into you."

Kyuubi returned her gaze to his face looking for some sign that he wasn't going to reject her. Naruto could see that she was scared at how he would react. But due to having so many emotions warring within him couldn't tell her that he wasn't mad as he wasn't sure just what to think. "You obviously only learned of this recently, so how did you learn of my connection to the Fourth?"

"The Senju," Kyuubi said.

A hint of emotion appeared on Naruto's face as a result causing him to say, "Why didn't she tell me?"

"Perhaps she couldn't for some reason," Kyuubi said but leaned back as Naruto's gaze landed on her. As his face was no longer calm due to anger appearing in his eyes. Kyuubi could feel his anger getting stronger, but before she could say anything he disappeared leaving her alone as well as afraid that was how she would remain.


Naruto awoke back in the hotsprings having left the seal before his anger caused him to snap at Kyuubi. He knew that it had taken courage to tell him about her role in his parents' deaths. But he was also aware that it would take some time before he could speak to her civilly. So before he said something he couldn't take back, had decided to take the time to calm himself before talking to her.

Getting dressed, he headed to the academy and was glad that it was late at night as all he wanted was to be alone. Climbing to its roof, he had an unfettered view of the Hokage monument and of the face of his father. After learning of the Kyuubi, he had always wondered, why him? Now knowing that it was his father that had done it hoped it was because he believed Naruto would use the power wisely. But it also left him feeling bitter at him, in light of the fact that he had been regarded as a hero for his actions. Meanwhile he, the one that had to live with the results of them, had been considered a curse on the village.

Naruto forced himself to abandon his current train of thought though. He believed that his dad hadn't placed the burden on him lightly and at that realization felt a good deal of his anger at his father fade. As he knew if he let it take over he'd be disappointing him. With his head clearing, he believed he knew how to explain how he felt about Kyuubi's role in his parents' deaths. Sitting cross-legged in the center of the roof he was about to reenter the seal when he sensed the presence of one of his lovers appearing behind him.


Koharu had ignored her body's desire for release and had instead decided to go in search of the cause for it. Her primary reason was to alert him of Danzou's meddling, but also she wanted him to once again make love to her. But before that, she needed to clear her conscious by telling him the truth about the Uchiha Massacre. She arrived on the roof behind him just as he assumed a sitting position.

"Is something the matter Koharu?"

Not surprised he knew it was her, but that he knew that something was indeed bothering her she asked, "Are you a mind reader now?"

Naruto stood turning to face her and although he tried to smile she could tell that he was burdened with something as well. "No," he replied, "But since it's rather late for a training session. I figured you needed to speak with me." A small lecherous smile appeared on his face as he added, "Unless you've decided it's time for things to get physical in a wholly different way."

Koharu blushed at the innuendo, but said, "A little bit of all of the above."

Naruto's eyebrow rose in confusion, but sensing some of what was troubling her asked, "You're not about to drop some bombshell that is going to force me to reevaluate how I look at the world are you?"

Koharu stared at him with surprise that Naruto had guessed her reason for searching him out. Sighing he moved to the end of the roof and leaning against one of the supports that rose above it said, "Alright hit me with it?"

"Before that, am I to take it that Kyuubi has spoken with you?"

For a moment Naruto's eyes hardened as he stared at her. He was surprised at how quickly his anger was roused by the question but figured it was due to someone else knowing of his connections to the Fourth. A little of the anger bled into his voice as he asked, "You knew as well?"

Koharu shook her head, quickly saying, "Only a few odds and ends. Tsunade let a bit of it slip after a training session. I believe that she is under some sort of promise to keep quiet about it, but used Kyuubi's involvement to go around it."

Naruto felt more of his anger bleed away at that. He knew how much Tsunade valued keeping her word and that she engineered his learning of it through Kyuubi was probably skirting the line of keeping it for her. Koharu had stopped to allow him to process that so when he refocused on her she continued saying, "I believe that the only two people who knew of your connection were Sarutobi and Jiraiya. Why they chose not to tell you I can't say. But I caution you against feeling any bitterness towards them."


"Because at times people need to make decisions that they are not happy with but believe are for the best. I suppose that they felt keeping you in the dark was a way to protect you from your parents' enemies. People that wouldn't hesitate to kill a harmless child even though the targets for their revenge were already dead."

Naruto nodded feeling some more of his resentment disappearing. Koharu took a seat next to him causing him to say, "I take it what you have to tell me involves a difficult decision you had to make."

Koharu sighed before saying, "I'd be lying if I said I felt it was difficult at the time. As you know as I grew older, I grew more jaded about my sensei's desire for peace to reign throughout the shinobi nations. Instead my focus turned towards making sure that Konoha's peace was not disturbed." Koharu took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves. She wasn't sure why she was so nervous. But, she figured it was due to the light in which Naruto may see her when she finished telling him of her role in destroying the Uchiha.

Seeing that Naruto was calmly giving her the time she needed she picked up her story saying, "The Kyuubi attack had more ramifications on the village then you could possibly know. Our enemies began probing us almost daily for weaknesses. I'm sure your own experiences during the aftermath of the Sound Invasion have shown you that." Naruto nodded, remembering the Iwa kunoichi that had led a battalion of genin in a failed assault on the village.

Koharu smiled weakly at seeing Naruto small sign of understanding and continued adding, "Sadly it also negatively affected the Uchiha. You see many in the village remembered the tale of Madara's controlling the nine-tails with his Sharingan. It also appeared that the Kyuubi was being controlled during its attack as its eyes suddenly changed during the battle."

"She was," Naruto said absentmindedly thinking of what Kyuubi had told him. When Koharu looked at him shocked, he said, "During her confession she told me that Madara controlled her after she escaped from my mother."

Koharu couldn't keep the surprise from her face as she was hit by two bits of knowledge she wasn't aware of. That Madara Uchiha had been behind the incident and that Kushina Uzumaki had been the container of the Nine-tails. Responding she said, her voice tinged with disbelief, "Naruto, Madara would have to be over a hundred years old to have orchestrated the attack."

"I know," Naruto admitted, "But Kyuubi seems sure and since she has compared Sasuke's chakra to his I'm inclined to believe she remembers it and him."

"I see," Koharu said wincing at the mention of Sasuke. "To continue, many believed the Uchiha to have been behind it."

Naruto wanted to deny it, but in light of what he had learned could understand why people would believe such a thing. However he said, "But weren't the Uchiha part of the Police Force."

"Yes, but they eventually came to believe that we were using their being in it as a way to observe them."

"Were you?"

"No," Koharu said immediately, but with a sigh added, "Not that we didn't suggest it. However, Hiruzen would never allow it as he feared it would spread dissent among them. But still it couldn't hide the many doubting looks they received and eventually due to their own paranoia they began to plot against the village."

"You mean…"

"Yes, one of the founding clans of the village began plotting to overthrow it." She could see that Naruto had hundreds of questions, hoping to answer one she said, "We learned of this from Mikoto Uchiha, Sasuke's mother. She had been a prominent shinobi before retiring to start a family. Her husband had included her in the planning and she discreetly warned the Third of the pending threat. We also learned of it from Itachi."


"Itachi loved the village," Koharu said, "And after reaching Anbu did everything in his power to protect it. Everything…"

"You mean…"

Koharu nodded her head saying, "Yes, his father attempted to use Itachi to spy on us. But in truth we used him as a double agent. Sarutobi used the information to attempt to stop the rebellion before it began, but Fugaku rebuffed him. Still Sarutobi held out hope that violence could be adverted. I and my fellow elders were not so sure. Our fears were shared by Itachi, and so together we planned to eliminate them. Itachi asked us to allow him to handle the matter alone and his orders were simple, kill the entire clan."

Naruto stared at her both spell bound and shocked. Koharu feared her standing was slipping in his eyes but continued adding, "As you know he did as ordered. Mikoto who initially warned us of the threat was appalled at our decision and joined her clan in the end."

"You weren't going to spare her anyway were you?"

"No, for the same reason we weren't going to spare any of the children. We feared that one day much like how the truth was kept from you but you learned of it regardless. Any survivors would become potential threats should the truth become known to them. However we underestimated one thing."

"Itachi's love for Sasuke."

Koharu stared at him in surprise, but nodded. "Yes, as much as Itachi loved Konoha he loved his brother even more. It was Itachi who after completing his task went to Sarutobi and begged him to spare Sasuke. He then took on the sins of his clan and left in exile, before turning up in Akatsuki."

Naruto stood, before moving away from Koharu. He could feel her worried gaze staring at his back. Again he felt anger but this time on Sasuke and Itachi's behalf. But then took several calming breaths to force it away. Partly because he felt Sasuke was unworthy of his getting angry over him. Although it turned out his old teammate had reason to hate Konoha, the truth was he hadn't known any of it at the time. It also raised the question that he gave voice to saying, "You realize if Sasuke learns of this, he'll become a threat to the village."

"I do," Koharu said looking away.

Naruto nodded directing his gaze to his dad's face on the Hokage monument wondering briefly what he would have done if he was still Hokage. He knew he wouldn't have allowed the rebellion to happen, so wondered if he would have taken on the duty of stopping them as Itachi had. If so, and Sasuke had survived he would have no doubt have seen Naruto's family as something to be destroyed which would have put them on a collision course to fight one day, of that he was sure. Looking over the village he was more positive than ever that Sasuke and he were destined to fight.

Turning to Koharu, he could see she was worried that he was angry with her. Trying to sound soothing and having gained a better understanding that if he was going to unite the villages he needed to rise above his own anger and hatreds said, "Thank you for telling me the truth."

Koharu was obviously surprised so he smiled at her and moved to kneel in front of her. Reaching a hand out, he cupped her cheek saying, "I know it wasn't easy for you to tell me this." He then leaned in and delicately kissed her.

When he pulled back, Koharu had tears in her eyes but pulling it together said, "You should also know there was a second survivor. Mikoto survived her wounds and Danzou had her transported to the Leaf Maximum Security Prison."

Needless to say Naruto was shocked but getting over it quickly asked, "Could you get near her and place a seal on her."

Koharu shook her head saying, "Perhaps before tonight, but I'm afraid that if I do Danzou will have her killed. Also I was against saving her so if I were to suddenly show an interest in her. Danzou may come to believe I'm positioning myself as an enemy."

"What do you mean?"

Quickly giving him a rundown of her meeting with her fellow elder she added, "Due to my siding with Tsunade on Fu's inclusion into the village. I fear he no longer counts me as an ally. When he learned you had become the host of the Kyuubi. He petitioned Sarutobi to allow him to train you. As you know this didn't come about in part to the Third's fear that Danzou would turn you into a weapon. I believe he was against letting Fu join the village for much the same reason. Why do you want to meet her?"

"I was hoping that if we could free her that maybe she could blunt Sasuke's anger should he learn of Konoha's complicity in his clan's destruction."

Koharu nodded but said, "I wouldn't count on it."

"I know it wouldn't be easy. But if we can show her what we are hoping to accomplish…"

Koharu stopped him saying, "Naruto, if anyone can do it perhaps you can. But, I fear you are underestimating Sasuke's desire for revenge and the effect it will have."

"What do you mean?"

"Sasuke has desired nothing but his brother's death for years. He even abandoned the village something Itachi would never have wanted. That tells me that whatever Itachi had planned for him is no longer valid. Perhaps he planned for Sasuke to kill him and erase the stain on the Uchiha that had plagued the clan since Madara. I can't say with any certainty that is what he had planned, but it's what I always believed. However what even Itachi can't control is how a person lost in the depths of his own hate will react."

"I know but…"

"Forgive me, but I don't believe you do," Koharu interrupted. "Take all that you have learned tonight. Most people would have lashed out at the world and the people around them. You are trying to take a higher path…"

"It isn't easy though…"

"I know," Koharu said smiling despite herself at how they kept interrupting each other. "But that is exactly my point. All Sasuke has ever done is take the easy path. He left for Orochimaru expecting a quick path to power. He gave into his hatred of his brother. You fear if he learns of the Elders and mine role in his family's destruction he'll target Konoha. And, what if he learns that his mother was the one that originally tipped us off…"

Naruto nodded at her point saying, "Whatever use she may have been in blunting his anger would evaporate. But if only the other elders, Itachi, and you know of it then…"

"I fear that might not be entirely true. We have long believed that Itachi had help that night. It may be possible that he even enlisted the aid of Madara."

"Why would he do that?"

"Madara had long nursed a hatred of his clan and Konoha. It's possible that the Kyuubi attack was carried out to do both. That way even if the Kyuubi was defeated then perhaps he could hurt the Uchiha's standing. It's sad to say we all probably played right into it."

"Which is why getting her out is all the more important. Can you think of a way to get to her?"

"Perhaps," Koharu admitted thinking of the kunoichi that had accompanied Danzou. "However give me time to look into Danzou's operations a little closer before I commit to anything. If we are smart about this there may be a way to discredit him limiting the threat to us that he may pose."

Naruto nodded, before giving her a bright smile asking, "Is that all you came to see me about?"

Koharu blushed but standing said, "Perhaps tonight isn't a good night for what else I had planned." Reaching into her pouch she pulled out a folded scrap of paper before handing it to him.

Naruto opened it and seeing an address asked, "What's this?"

"It's used to be a safe house I had set up."

"Why would you need that in the middle of Konoha?"

"Just because we all wear the same headbands doesn't mean we don't find enemies that live near us. I took this precaution years ago just in case. Seeing as how Danzou might eventually begin watching me to make sure I'm not moving against him it seems to have paid off." Blushing she added, "Perhaps if you feel up to it you can stop by tomorrow night."

Naruto smiled at how nervous she was but nodded saying, "I'd love too. See you then." Koharu surprised him quickly leaning in to kiss his lips chastely before taking off over the rooftops. Looking at the piece of paper he committed the address to memory before setting it alight and heading home himself. Upon reaching his apartment he saw a package of parchment paper lying in front of it. Pulling the string that had tied it close he saw it contained his jacket. Smiling he pulled it to his nose smelling it for a hint of who had delivered it. However, it had been washed and although the soap used smelled familiar, he had a hard time placing it. Entering his apartment he threw it over the back of a chair and then taking all his clothes off got into his bed. For a moment he wondered where Fu was but since she still had a penchant for sleeping in strange places wasn't too concerned. Focusing his attention inward he appeared inside the seal and heard the sound of crying.


Kyuubi had been devastated when Naruto had just left. Anger she had expected, but not calm dismissal. Fearing that his visit to the seal had been his last she was surprised to feel her cheeks getting wet. Reaching a hand to one, she pulled it away to see it wasn't her imagination. With the realization that she was crying a huge sob overtook her and she buried her head into the couch where she let her sadness engulf her. She knew that if she could speak to the many victims her rampages had left behind many would say she deserved it. She figured it was quite ironic to find that she had come to care for someone other than herself only to learn that he too had been one of them. Perhaps that was the fate Kami had planned for her. She had long thought that being contained in the various seals that she had been were hell. Sadly she was wrong. So caught up in her misery was she that the hand that landed on her shoulder scared her nearly to death or as close to it as she could come.

Spinning she was surprised to see Naruto staring at her. But not nearly as much as she was to see that he was doing so with genuine concern in his eyes. Before she could ask anything he said, "I'm sorry for leaving you like that."

Naruto could see that she was surprised he was apologizing to her. He smiled gently and although nude in the outside world had appeared in the seal fully dressed. Sitting next to her, he said, "I needed some time to process what you told me. Tonight seems to be a day full of confessions." He shook his head when Kyuubi stared at him strangely letting her know he'd talk about it later. Continuing he said, "I suppose on a certain level I still hate The Kyuubi." She gasped at his statement and although he expected such a response had decided to speak bluntly. However when he stared at her, Naruto hoped none of the hatred he said he felt showed as he explained, "But truthfully you aren't The Kyuubi. At least not anymore, instead I suppose it would be best to think of you as My Kyuubi." Again Kyuubi gasped but this time it strangely sounded happier and as more tears appeared in her eyes Naruto reached up to wipe them away. "Now, now there's nothing to cry over."

Kyuubi nodded pulling out of Naruto's grasp wiping at her tears herself saying, "I know, but despite feeling happy they won't stop falling."

"Then let them fall," Naruto said and smiled as Kyuubi buried her head into his shoulder crying her first tears of happiness.

When she finished, which took a while, she pulled back to stare into the blue eyes that had truly tamed her. Leaning forward she placed a kiss gently against his lips. She feared she had overreacted to Naruto's kindness when he didn't immediately respond but he soon did, easing her fears as he pulled her closer. She felt his tongue run against her lips asking for permission to enter which she quickly granted engaging his with her own. As they kissed she climbed into his lap placing her knees on the outside of his thighs.

Naruto broke the kiss picking her up bridle style before she could complain. Smiling down at her to calm her, he said, "Let's move this to the bed."

Kyuubi blushed, but quickly nodded her approval of the idea. Naruto carried her to it where he laid her down and quickly pulled his shirt over his head. Leaning forward, he again placed his lips to hers where their tongues once again danced around each other. Kyuubi while engaged in the kiss, kept the rest of her body still unsure of what to do with her hands.

Naruto pulled back and kneeling rested his hands on his hips giving a knowing smile to his soon to be newest lover. Placing his hand on her bare lower leg, he began to move it up and down slowly raising how far up her leg he traveled. As he did so he pushed the kimono she wore to the side exposing more and more of her skin to his gaze. As he continued this, he leaned down and began placing kisses on Kyuubi's neck before traveling downward. When he reached her collarbone Kyuubi gasped in surprise at the sensation, feeling it more than any of the other places he had thus far explored. Naruto zeroed in on the spot and soon Kyuubi began moaning and her hands naturally found their way to the back of his head.

As he continued to attack her neck, Naruto's hand had made its way to her inner thigh. He began rubbing it moving his hand in small circles that were getting progressively wider. Eventually he bumped into the junction where her legs met and smiled against her collarbone as he found it covered by the same panties she had created at his request the first time they fooled around. Kyuubi spread herself wider so Naruto moved his hand to her covered mound and began rubbing her slit.

"Mmmm," she moaned as Naruto's fingers began to run outside her panties. And despite her thinking she was wet before found that it paled in comparison to what she could produce as her panties quickly became soaked with her juices.

Naruto removed his hand and his mouth from her body causing Kyuubi to moan a complaint but watching her container he simply smiled at her before slowly reaching for the sash that held her kimono closed. He pulled it slowly like a person savoring opening a present and once the knot gave way slowly spread the kimono open exposing her creamy chest to his eyes. Despite herself she moved to cover her chest but Naruto moved quicker taking one of her nipples into his mouth so that her hands instead found their way to the back of his head. With his mouth occupied his hand again moved to her pussy where he slid his hand beneath her panties to stimulate her pussy directly.

At first Naruto's hand began sliding along her outside lips, and every now and then he'd give her clit a gentle tweak between two of his fingers. But then when he buried his finger inside her she gasped and moaned at the intrusion. As Naruto worked his finger inside her Kyuubi came to the conclusion that all her experiences that had come secondhand from Naruto's other lovers paled in comparison to what she was now enjoying. With that realization she also felt an orgasm approaching but Naruto must have as well as he suddenly stopped.

For a heartbreaking moment she feared that Naruto hadn't forgiven her and that he stopped to show her everything she would be missing as he continued in his self-appointed mission. However, it was quickly pointed out to her that she was jumping at shadows when he held his fingers in front of her face showing her how covered in her juices they were. He then licked them clean closing his eyes as he savored her taste. Moving to between her thighs, he placed his hands on the sides of her hip and after she raised herself up slightly pulled her panties down and off. Tossing them over his shoulder he was about to lean forward to dine on her snatch but she said, "Naruto, please… no more foreplay…I want you."

Naruto smiled but instead of complying move to lie on his back as he said, "Show me."

Kyuubi nodded, and getting on all fours crawled towards him. Reaching his legs, she reached up to where he was tenting his pants, and unbuttoning them slowly pulled down his fly. As soon as it passed a certain point his cock sprang up still covered in his boxers. Despite her earlier insistence, she placed a kiss against the clothed tip. Naruto groaned his approval which increased in volume as she engulfed the tip boxers and all. She stopped though and looked at his cock in confusion as she couldn't really taste the cloth like she would have expected.

"What is it?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing," Kyuubi said shaking her confusion off before fishing his cock out. Swallowing it quickly she could taste him so let the matter drop.

Naruto reached his hand to her head and pulling her away said, "Now who's taking her time."

Kyuubi blushed, but nodding helped Naruto out of his pants and boxers, which was followed by her own clothes. Now completely nude she felt her body heat up in embarrassment but it faded as Naruto said, "You're beautiful."

Kyuubi felt more tears threaten to spill but forced them back so she could enjoy the moment. She climbed over Naruto's penis and with his aid lined it up with her opening before lowering herself on it. There was more resistance then she expected but with a sudden pop he was inside her and due to her efforts she sunk down his staff completely. Gasping in shock and pain she was grateful that Naruto didn't move no doubt having known that it would be painful for her. Although the pain hadn't faded completely it became a dull enough sensation that she felt comfortable moving so tentatively raised her hips, before slowly sinking back down.

But upon completing the motion knew she was hooked as she quickly rose back up to do so again. When Naruto leaned up to take one of her tits into his mouth she had already established a steady pace. As Naruto sucked her nipple, she began moaning, "Yes…fuck it's so good."

Naruto grunted, but as she had wrapped her arms around the back of his head to hold him to her bosom wasn't surprised he couldn't speak. Letting go of his head, he pulled back but as he was catching his breath she cupped his face staring into his eyes as she ground herself against his pelvis. Seeing only the love and acceptance that she had longed to see there, she was overpowered with emotion and pressed her lips to his.

Rocking her hips back and forth as they kissed, she became aware that something from deep inside her was building. It was hard for her to describe, but if she had to do so would say that it was like a subtle pressure that was becoming more and more insistent. Believing she knew what it represent she broke the kiss and reaching behind her grabbed ahold of Naruto's knees as she continued rocking herself back and forth. As she did so, she began to stare up at the ceiling moaning, "I'm going to cum," over and over again. Naruto grabbed her hips and with a well timed upward thrust pushed her over the edge causing her to scream, "I'm Cummmiiiinnnngggg!"

Her body tensed with her release and once it had passed she collapsed forward into Naruto's muscular chest. He began stroking her back as he asked, "Was it everything you hoped it would be?"

Kyuubi was about to say yes, but feeling his still hard cock inside her smiled as she looked into his eyes asking, "I'm not sure, perhaps you'd give me something else to compare it too?"

Naruto smiled picking her up slightly before allowing her to sink back down causing her to shiver and moan, "Is that a yes?"

Before she knew it she was on her back and smiling he said, "I'll let you figure it out on your own." From then on he pleased Kyuubi in almost every way he had learned up until that point. When he finally left the seal Kyuubi was a sweating mess but just before her consciousness faded did she realize that he hadn't cummed once himself.


Naruto watched as the Rasengan began to change and felt as if he was nearing some monumental breakthrough. Sadly though as had all the others, the Rasengan dispersed in a flare of chakra and he hoped wind. Looking around he could see his clones weren't experiencing much more in the way of success so felt a small measure of relief when Kakashi called a halt to training. He and Yamato had then taken their leave conversing among themselves and if Naruto had to guess it was about why Kyuubi wasn't hampering his training. He smiled to himself at the reason but felt it falter as he remembered the night before. Although his time with Kyuubi had been pleasurable it had been so in the way of a highly erotic and real feeling dream. In other words, he had awoken with the mother of all boners and felt it was a good thing there were a slew of people he could take it too. That morning he had taken it to Anko, who strangely had delighted in letting herself moan as loudly as possible as he pleased her. It had left him with the feeling he was getting back at the person that had lived next door to her.

Still he wasn't sure if he should mention it to Kyuubi or not, for fear she would feel that she was lacking in some way. Settling on keeping it to himself for the moment he became aware of one of his lovers approaching him. When she appeared he asked, "What can I do for you Yuugao?"

Removing her mask the Anbu captain said, "I think it's time we begin taking steps to better defend you from Akatsuki."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow, but standing said, "Tell me what you have in mind."


Naruto approached the address that Koharu had given him finding that it was an upscale apartment building in one of the richer districts in the village. Although being careful to make sure he wasn't being followed by associates of Danzou. He nevertheless still dedicated a little brainpower to what Yuugao had suggested after his training. Her plan called for more training but instead of against his various lovers it was in how best to work with them. The idea being that in any situation in which Akatsuki was expected to reveal itself he would be surrounded by a group dedicated to his protection.

Naruto had thanked her but assured her such a measure wasn't necessary. Apparently she had already taken his pride into account as she had told him the matter was already decided by his lovers. He chuckled while wondering to himself if he was truly in charge. Yet, didn't truly care as having a cadre of beautiful women dedicated to his protection truly meant his life had turned a corner in the suck department.

Entering the apartment building, he made his way to Koharu's floor where he knocked on the door she was waiting behind. He received a brisk, "It's open." As soon as he opened the door he had a feeling he was being watched but it faded as a door from inside the apartment closed. Guessing that Koharu hadn't been taking any chances and if he had been anyone else she would have quickly dealt with the intruder from her observation point.

Entering, he found the apartment to be well furnished and as he entered the living area was stunned at just how expensive the place appeared to be. Guessing it paid to be an elder, he figured that Koharu had been as frugal with her money as he had been with his. Well at least before he had begun dating a growing harem of women. Although he had amassed a sizeable bank account that had only grown during his three year training trip, he knew that he'd need to start taking missions again and soon. Especially in light of the fact that he had yet to take out any of the women that appeared older than him yet. He knew he was stretching things as it was in taking out some of the most beautiful Kunoichi in his age group and that claiming they were play dates would only get him so far. But the moment he took out Yuugao or Anko such innocence would no longer be associated to them. Although the older women didn't give him too much grief over it, Anko limiting her complaints to playful teasing, he believed the longer the situation went on the more serious about it they would become.

He considered having them henge themselves to appear younger but in the end knew that only delayed the true problem. He was gathering a large number of women around him and sooner rather than later. If he didn't find a way to keep it secret word would get out, and then his ambition would be sunk. While things would be hard regardless, he believed that people who were resistant to the changes he wanted to bring about. Would suddenly double their resistance if they knew the reason the women were voting a certain way was because there was a mastermind behind it. Therefore secrecy was an absolute must, but that didn't mean he wasn't thinking of ways to show his affection for them in public without people realizing just how close he and his dates truly were.

Shaking such matters off he sat at one of the couches and despite it appearing a little out of style it had a resistance that told him it hadn't been used to any great degree. Realizing that despite Koharu having set the place up sometime in the past, that in truth she hadn't really used it, he felt a sense of gratitude towards her that she would to be with him. As he was under no illusion that setting up a safe place to meet in a village full of shinobi was no easy feat.

Hearing a door opening, he shifted his attention to the hallway the sound had come from. He could hear the soft sound of bare feet moving over the expensive wood floor towards him. When Koharu appeared Naruto found his breath stolen from him.

She smiled at his reaction as his mouth opened to gap at her. She had let her brown hair down so that it was hanging around her lower back, but what she believed was truly behind his reaction was the shear nightgown she was wearing. That although see through, with the light she had positioned in the bedroom caused the thin material to appear to surround her with a smoky haze that covered her nude frame. She ran a hand down her chest and her cheeks colored as it passed her breast finding her nipples were already hard in anticipation of the night to be had. As sultry as possible she asked, "Like what you see?"

Naruto shook off the affect her appearance had on him before replying, "Love would be a better word."

Koharu flushed at the compliment before moving from her spot and taking the long way to get to him ran her hand over the back of the couch, moving it up and over his shoulders before it returned to the leather. Reaching the end she came around the piece of furniture and instead of sitting next to him as he expected took up a kneeling position between his legs.

Naruto surprised asked, "Don't you want to talk or maybe have dinner first?"

Koharu smiled up at him and running her hand over his tented pants replied, "Do you think I'm wearing this in order to spark a conversation?"

"I suppose not," Naruto conceded with a smile that turned lustful as Koharu freed his cock from its clothed confines.

"What a beautiful dick," she said before again surprising him by running her tongue along his entire underside starting at the root. When she reached the tip, she swirled her tongue around it pulling a moan from Naruto.

Spurred on by the sound, she took as much of him into her mouth as she could as she began to bob her head up and down his meat stick. Naruto groaned in pleasure surprised at just how good she had become considering her dismal performance their first time. Granted she had been under his control but she obviously had been practicing since then. Commenting on her increased skill he said, "Damn, have you been taking tips from Tsunade." Although the way her skin flushed seemed to answer his question, what further proved it to be true was the way her throat suddenly opened and she took him down it all the way to the root. Placing his hands in her hair and unprepared for the sudden deepthroating he shouted, "Holy shit," before blowing his load almost directly into her stomach. Koharu remained in place waiting until his cock stopped spurting before pulling back to catch her breath. Wiping at a bit of saliva on her chin she smiled up savoring the warm feeling she was receiving both from the meal and pleased look at which Naruto was gracing her with.

Climbing up and straddling his lap, positive that he could feel how wet she had become from her actions she asked, "Not bad for a granny now, was it?"

Naruto chuckled remembering his comments from after the first time she blew him shortly after making her younger again. "No, and I'm sad to report we weren't here all day either. That caught me completely by surprise were you practicing all this time."

Koharu nodded admitting that she had asked Tsunade for some advice on the subject, when it became clear that she was going to give in. Naruto then kissed her greedily which she quickly responded too. Picking her up as they kissed by grabbing her by the ass, he then carried her down the hall to the room he assumed she had appeared from. Finding a large bed he placed her down on the edge of it. He then knelt in front of her and placing his face inches from her snatch said, "Now to return the favor." But before attacking her pussy directly he began by licking her thighs clean of the juices that she had already spilled.

Koharu moaned at the sensations but began to plead, "Please Naruto, don't tease me."

Naruto moved from her thigh and gave her slit a lick that started at the bottom and ended around her clit which he swirled his tongue around in an attempt to fully expose it. He then began to roll it between his index and thumb while moving his mouth to her opening where he began to tongue fuck her. Moaning her approval she began to paw at her tits through the thin material of her nightgown and began to roll her nipples between her fingers in a similar manner to the way Naruto was her clit. Hearing Koharu's moans caused Naruto to give her clit a gentle pinch which caused her to tense as she came coating his tongue and mouth in her release. He again licked her clean before traveling up her body where he kissed her allowing her to taste herself on his lips.

Breaking the kiss he removed his clothes as she scooted up the bed and with legs spread beckoned him towards her. Naruto got onto the bed and getting between her legs lined up his cock with her pussy asking, "Are you ready?"

Preparing to be penetrated in her pussy for the first time in she couldn't truly remember how long Koharu gave a timid nod. Naruto pushed forward entering the woman who groaned in discomfort at the intrusion. Naruto stopped but she quickly said, "Its okay, I've just never had someone so big before."

Naruto nodded and completed his task by slowly feeding the rest of his length into her. He gave her time to adjust and when her body relaxed began a slow languid pace. Although Koharu was pleased with how gentle he was being this time around, considering the pace of their first encounter Koharu said, "I'm not made of glass, now fuck me."

Naruto didn't need to be told twice as he pulled back, and as hard as he could slammed his hips forward, pulling a shriek from her throat. "Oh…K-kami," she moaned being pressed into the mattress under his assault, "that's it…f-Fuck Me."

Placing his mouth against her neck he began kissing all along her neck and face before taking her lips again. Her tongue quickly met his and as they wrestled against each one another, she locked her feet behind his ass using her powerful legs to pull him deeper into her. Naruto broke the kiss and Koharu quickly clamped her mouth to his collarbone. Groaning at the added stimulation Naruto said, "Fuck…I'm going to cum."

"M-me too…let it go inside…"

Naruto pumped his tool inside her several more times till she tensed her legs pulling him as far as he could go inside her before he began releasing his cum thereby painting her insides white. Naruto collapsed on top of her, as she kept her tight grip around him. When her legs finally let go, he rolled over to his side breathing hard and smiled as she curled up next to him.

Looking down at her and the nightgown he noticed it ripped in several spots not to mention the stains from both of their sweat. "Sorry," he said confusing her.

Following his gaze she noticed the damage herself and said, "That's alright. I sort of had the feeling it would be good for only a single use. I hope it wasn't why you were so into our lovemaking."

"I think what it wasn't trying very hard to hide was the reason for that."

Koharu blushed but getting a nervous look she bit at the edge of her fingernail as she said, "Then perhaps you might have one more time inside of you."

Surprised at the fit of nerves in her, he asked, "Of course, but why so shy?"

Looking away she said, "Well I'd like you to fuck my ass again."

Hearing Koharu say that had an immediate affect on a certain part of Naruto's body, grabbing a hold of her hand he placed it around his tool saying, "I'd like that as well."

Koharu moved to lie on her back and Naruto moved to the end of the bed but seeing she was getting in the missionary position again said, "Really Koharu. I'm sure you can show me just how badly you want my dick in your ass, can't you?"

Koharu blushed but understanding what he wanted rolled over and getting to her knees with her face buried in her pillow reached around to spread her asscheeks apart. "Very nice," Naruto comment getting to his feet, after rubbing his cock against Koharu's leaking pussy to lubricate it. Angling his cock downward and pressing it against her anal passage. With a pop, he buried his tool inside her in one shot pulling a strong moan from Koharu. Naruto mercilessly began pounding her ass figuring that she probably wanted it as violently as the first time he had taken it.

He was reward for his insight by Koharu moaning, "Yes, fucking pound me. Kami, why does it feel so good?"

Naruto didn't have an answer so instead reached his hand down to her front where he began playing with her pussy. Koharu's response was immediate as her moaning doubled in volume prompting Naruto to say, "Fuck what I'd give to fuck you in the pussy and ass at the same time."

Koharu had been thinking the same thing as the feeling of pleasure that had welled up from the little bit of finger play Naruto was giving her. Truly made her wonder what having a second cock buried inside her would feel like. She was aware of his disastrous attempts at using the Shadow Clone Jutsu to pleasure his lovers in Suna. While its failure to meet expectations had resulted in quite a few threesomes and moresomes, Koharu was convinced a more durable clone was possible. After all while it had originally been created to spy on the enemy while limiting its castor's exposure to danger. To her its mission parameters had just changed. At the idea of creating such a jutsu and the potential pleasurable results Koharu's ass tightened around the cock inside her.

The sudden pressure surrounding his dick caused Naruto to moan, "Here it cums."

The sudden feeling of being filled by his hot and sticky goo was the final piece to the puzzle which caused her to scream, "I'm cumming." After several spurts, Naruto collapsed against her sweaty back and wrapping his arms around her torso pulled her to the side as he fell into the mattress with his dick still inside her. As it returned to its flaccid state and left her passage Koharu could feel his seed leaking from it. Thinking of the sheets, she said teasingly, "I don't think the nightgown is the only thing I'm going to be able to use just once."

Naruto chuckled into the nap of her neck before kissing it and saying, "Then I think we should make sure you get the maximum use out of both."

Reaching behind her, she began stroking his slowly recovering cock saying, "I love the way you think."


Tayuya was nearing Lightning's shared border with Frost country. From there she planned to enter Hot Spring Country before returning the Land of Fire. Although having not seen Naruto since entering Lightning she was sure that when he did lay eyes on her that he'd be able to see the failure that surrounded her. She knew she was pretty much piling the guilt on herself as she knew Naruto would shoot her a bright smile while telling her they'd find a way to succeed. However she couldn't help it since the idea of failing him made her a little scared that he wouldn't value her as much. Again she knew she was blowing things out of proportion but whoever believed emotions were rational was a fool as far as she was concerned.

Almost from the get go, Tayuya knew getting into Kumo would be difficult namely since whoever was running the place seemed to have their shit together, or at the very least, had someone in their hierarchy who did. But whoever the person was definitely knew the ins and outs of paperwork. Most Shinobi Villages generated untold amounts of it. This of course led to the creations of staffs that decided what was important and what wasn't which in turn created levels of bureaucracy that spies thrived on.

It was easy to infiltrate a target if people believed that the reason the infiltrator didn't have clearance or permission was because it was possible that the paperwork stating such was lost in the endless shuffle. That didn't mean they granted the spy access but they would undoubtedly look and if said paperwork showed up in a less classified area the spy had already accessed then less questions were asked.

But entering Kumo seemed to be nearly impossible as she had no idea of the weak points in the barrier surrounding the village so couldn't chance entering without permission and getting the permission to enter required several steps including a thorough screening. One that she didn't doubt would turn up her recent appearances in Suna and Taki. She also doubted that her story of being a simple traveler would gain her much traction in getting a pass to enter.

That left her with one alternative, black-market documents. Using them came with their own disadvantages mainly they were all counterfeit and how well they stood up to scrutiny was a matter of the forger's skill. She had done her homework and thought she had found the best in Lightning Country. Unfortunately, just before she was to collect her new paperwork, Kumo decided to shut the man down. Tayuya supposed that she had been rather fortunate since if she had arrived a few moments earlier she'd have been captured too. But it had still left the problem that her picture which was accurate and other information about her, which was false, had been loaded up into a wagon to be shifted through by Kumo investigators.

Luckily the shinobi had carted the forger away leaving the more menial task of transferring the documents to a couple of civilians. It was a simple matter to sneak aboard the wagon to take her paperwork and to leave a firebomb that would destroy the rest of the evidence. Her reason for doing so was so that the forger wouldn't notice only one item missing and point it out. Her taking the documents pertaining to her was to not leave it to chance that they would burn in the fire.

Sadly, whatever flaw the papers had contained that had led to the forger's arrest. Would probably lead to hers if she tried to use them so later that night she had burned them herself. Not willing to take another chance so soon and still feeling Iwa was too much of a risk she decided to return to Konoha to see what Naruto wanted her to do. Perhaps a few new targets for her to scoop out had appeared since their last time together.

Before she could give the idea much thought however, the area was suddenly covered in an oppressive feeling that although different was also familiar, the chakra of a Bijuu. Quickly she ducked behind a tree fearing she hadn't been as slick at destroying the evidence as she had thought and that Kumo had sent one of its two jinchuriki after her. However from the way it began to flare she could tell that whoever it was had already entered battle and that made her worry she knew who their opponent was. The feeling of worry grew when the chakra dwindled away to nothing a short time later, causing her to fear she was too late.


Yugito spun away from the backhanded blow the tall masked shinobi had delivered to her causing her to eat dirt when she hit the ground. "Damn it," she thought as she glared up at her attacker, "Nibi why haven't you healed the wound yet." Wondering why these two men had been waiting to ambush her after her successful mission in the Land of Fire.
"I'm trying," the Bijuu replied wondering why her host's wound wasn't responding to the chakra she was sending to it.

Yugito spat the dirt from her mouth as she got back to her feet causing the masked man to say, "Give it up. My partner is annoying but his jutsu is most effective in hindering the accelerated healing you are no doubt used too."

"Hey fuck you Kakuzu," the prone man said, whose stabbing himself had been the cause of her current predicament.

"Shut up and finish praying to your god Hidan so we can get a move on," Kakuzu said to his partner taking his eyes off of Yugito for a moment.

A moment she used to try and attack but he sensed it and sent his arm flying at her. His hand caught her around the throat sending her flying backwards into a tree. She could see that it was still attached to him via the same black tendrils that had appeared to aid his partner in defeating her. "That was foolish," Kakuzu said returning his attention to her, "You must realize that if he had wanted the wound my partner inflicted could have been fatal."

He let go of her throat, his arm returning to him and once reattached he flexed it slightly as she sunk to the ground. From her sitting position she asked, "What do you want with me?"

"Nothing," Kakuzu replied, "We want what resides within you. Regrettably you don't even have a decent bounty for me to collect."

"You and your fucking preoccupation with money," Hidan said standing having finished his prayers.

"Money's more real than your god Hidan," Kakuzu said watching as the jinchuriki tried ineffectively crawling away.

"Jashin take you," Hidan cursed his partner for the thousandth time since their teaming up.

Kakuzu turned his glare to Hidan saying, "He's more than welcome to try. Now collect our trophy."

"What why me," Hidan complained, "You barely lifted a finger in fucking subduing her."

"We each are responsible for collecting one jinchuriki. I've already collected mine," Kakuzu said turning away head to the spot where they were to summon the rest of the group to seal her Bijuu, "Carry your own weight."

Hidan shot a string of curses as he moved towards his target to pick her up. He delighted in the way the woman tried to crawl away from him, moving even slower to taunt her as he easily kept pace. But Kakuzu's grumbling forced him to abandon the game so he moved to quickly grab her when a kunai with an exploding tag landed next to his leg. Hidan stared at it saying, "What the fu…," but the rest of what he said was swallowed by the explosion that engulfed him.

Kakuzu spun immediately catching sight of the horned girl who matched the description Zetsu had given of the woman that had interfered in his attempt to capture the Seven-tails. With no concern to his partner, he tossed his robe away allowing the masks on his back the freedom to spring forth and target the girl who wisely was already running away with the now unconscious jinchuriki. However, she was unwisely carrying the very woman he had been sent to help Hidan collect.

He was about to give chase as well when Hidan said, "Hey you fucking bastard a little help." Turning towards his partner he felt his annoyance grow, while wishing he knew a way of killing the man who was hoping towards him carrying his leg that had been severed in the explosion.

He dedicated a moment to use a tendril to reattach the limb while saying, "I suppose this is how your god repays you for mocking Zetsu for losing his jinchuriki."

Hidan cursed but once his leg was reattached said, "Fuck you, if anything he's simply giving me someone to kill since I couldn't kill that jinchuriki."

"We have to catch her first," Kakuzu pointed out before leaping in the retreating girl's direction.


Naruto had to admit this training session was going better than his previous one. In part due to his current Naruto Protection Squad of Yuugao, Hana, Ino, and Tsume. Along with them, he was currently in a pitched battle against Koharu and Tsunade. Although he hadn't thought of it before, since the rankings given to shinobi were usually to missing-nin, the two women were probably S-class. It was easy to imagine especially as a punch from Tsunade uprooted a tree causing it to fly in the air towards them forcing the group to scatter.

Upon landing, Naruto shook his head since it seemed Tsunade in particular delighted in destroying the training field that they used. Naruto imagined it was in part due to the groundskeeper's constant complaining. Unaware that he was doing so to the culprit and of Tsunade's belief the man shouldn't complain about doing what he was paid for.

He was quickly joined by Hana and Tsume who were crouched and growling at Tsunade who stared back with a smirk taunting them to attack. Although their nin-dog partners had become aware of their relationship to Naruto, since they had told them, Yuugao didn't feel it was a good idea to include them in the duties of protecting Naruto. Mainly since the dogs were more adapt to working with their partners, and the goal of the unit was to protect Naruto. Therefore, the mother and daughter team worked together much the way they would with a nin-dog.

Naruto caught sight of Yuugao and Ino being pushed back by Koharu who seemed to know almost as many jutsu as the Third Hokage and could fire them off in rapid order. He was about to charge Tsunade when he tensed which she immediately picked up on asking, "What is it?"

"Tayuya's in trouble again," Naruto answered and was about to Hiraishin when Yuugao landed next to him saying, "Don't."


"I'm not saying not to go," Yuugao said cutting him off, "Only not to rush off. Tsunade, I'd like to take the current squad along with him to battle this threat."

Tsunade bit her lip trying to imagine what it was the red-head had stumbled into. She wondered if Akatsuki had hunted her down to learn where the Seven-tails was. But she doubted that word hadn't reached them yet that Fu had turned up in Konoha. Wanting to go herself as well but having duties she needed to perform as did Koharu, she nodded her head. As soon as the women had placed their hands on Naruto, he disappeared in a red flash.

Reappearing a moment later he had a sense of Déjà Vu particularly since as before Tayuya had an unconscious woman slung over her back. Landing near the group, she was obviously surprised by Tsume and Hana's appearance and was tempted to give Naruto a smile. However Yuugao's barking a sharp, "Report," had her spilling the events leading up to the moment.

Yuugao nodded saying, "Good, get out of here."

Tayuya immediately replied, "What?! Fuck you, who died and made you boss? These guys don't strike me as chumps and if you are staying to fight you'll need every body that you can get."

Naruto sensed the glare coming from behind Yuugao's mask but the woman calmly said, "Look I can understand your desire to help protect him. But right now there is no known connection between you and Konoha. We've spread the rumors that Fu got away from her abductor for a reason after all. That'll change if you stay and limit your effectiveness."

Tayuya was obviously surprised at how levelheaded Yuugao was being. Naruto could sense her desire to stay and fight though so stepping in placed a hand on her shoulder saying, "Tayuya if Akatsuki learns of our connection they may use you to get to me. As things stand we can make them believe you ran into us and were forced to abandon her."

Tsume and Hana tensed as the leader of the Inuzuka said, "Stay or go, but hurry and decide something is approaching."

Tayuya dropped her curse mark form and quickly said, "Don't you dare fucking die," before taking off into the woods.

Naruto looked to where Yuugao had been standing only to find her gone, but his attention was quickly pulled to a masked creature that appeared from above the canopy of leaves. It began crackling with electricity and as it opened its mouth to fire a blast at them suddenly found it slammed shut as Yuugao appeared from above shoving her sword into the top of its head. The mask exploded into shards but Yuugao was already leaping away landing on a branch in a nearby tree.

"What the hell was that?" Ino asked surprised as it began to shrivel and die.

"I don't know," Tsume said but sniffing the air added, "There are several more on the way. Also, I'd say these things master is among them."

Moments later after a quick effort to make defending the suspected jinchuriki easier in the exposed area, several more masked creatures burst forth. But unlike the lone one before began working together to try and corral the Leaf Shinobi in the clearing. Naruto avoided a powerful combination attack of Wind and Fire from two of the creatures, when he was forced to avoid a scythe that had appeared from the smoke and dust the jutsu had kicked up.

"Fuck more assholes," the owner of the scythe called out.

It was answered by a calm voice on the other side of the clearing that said, "You don't sound pleased Hidan. I thought your god was giving you what you wanted."

"Fuck you!"

Although the creatures that had just attacked him where hovering around the silver-haired man in front of him. He got the feeling the man controlling them was standing in a tree closer to Hana, Yuugao, and Tsume. He also struck Naruto as the more dangerous of the two as he was closely observing them. His eyes settled on the small ditch that Tsume and Hana had made using their fang over fang jutsu and where Ino was doing her best to try and heal the young woman.

The man ignored his partner's response instead saying more to himself then those present, "Did our interloper have the misfortune of running into a Leaf Patrol. Curious, still it seems things are looking up. I can't be sure, but my money's on the Anbu being Yuugao Uzuki. You currently have a bounty of Fifteen million ryo." His eyes moved to Tsume but instead of describing her said, "Twelve million." His eyes skipped over Hana and Ino but landing on Naruto said, "And the true prize another jinchuriki. I've already caught my quota so let's make a deal. Hand over the two-tails and we'll let you go so he can be collected at a later date."

"I have a counteroffer," Naruto replied, "Leave now and I'll cancel the trip to hell for you and these monsters of yours."

"How unwise," Kakuzu said dropping to the ground. No sooner had his feet touched the ground then Hana and Tsume launched themselves at him spinning in their familiar jutsu. Kakuzu's skin turned an almost black color in response as the two women smashed into him. Although lifted off his feet and being smashed into a tree, he stood moments later with no ill effect as opposed to Hana and Tsume that seemed dazed.

"Shit," Yuugao said recognizing the technique as a jutsu that hardened a person's skin. Moving quickly she tried to cover for the two Inuzuka's but Kakuzu seemed to toy with her as he avoided her sword attacks. Grabbing her by the throat, he picked her up before smashing her into the ground. Dazed she heard him as he said, "I've fought the First Hokage do you truly believe you're capable of besting me."

"Not alone," a voice shouted surprising him. Turning to it, he spotted the girl he had written off as a medic and not a threat holding a familiar looking sign. In the split second it took him to place it as the Yamanaka's he felt the girl's spirit enter his body.

Ino was surprised at just how strong the will of the man she possessed was. The only experience close to it was the time she fought Sakura in the Chunin Exams. Realizing her hold of him was tenuous she said, "Yuugao stab me."


"Do it," she shouted already feeling her hold slipping.

Trusting in the blonde Yuugao grasped her sword and from her position stabbed upwards piercing the man's heart. Kicking the corpse backwards she turned worried Ino hadn't released the jutsu in time, but breathed a sigh as the Yamanaka sat up. She was about to thank the girl when Ino's eyes opened wide in horror. The reason being from the trees above another of the masked creatures dropped to the ground and began to bury itself in the man's chest.

Yuugao scrambled away as he sat up and began to stand. Addressing Ino, he said, "I suppose I should thank you for reminding me of the dangers in underestimating your opponents. Sadly the only reward you'll be getting is death."

"That goes double for you," Hana shouted as she and her mother passed behind him with their claws leaving vicious gashes in their wakes.

"Bitches," Kakuzu shouted attempting to swat them away. When he missed the two felt embolden to make another pass but his body changed as two large black tendrils appeared from between the stitches in his back. They succeed it hitting the women away but they landed on all fours preparing to attack again.

Before he could show the capabilities of his new form a shrill sound began to drown out everything except the sound of Hidan shouting, "What the fuck kind of jutsu is that?"


Naruto avoided the scythe of his opponent feeling a little emboldened that his opponent was so slow. In truth the man probably wouldn't have posed any threat to him if not for the fact he seemed to be immortal as several of his kunai had already hit him in vital areas. Not to mention he had the help of the now single creature with two masks that continued to fire combination jutsu at him.

Yet still Naruto wasn't concerned as he felt the man who the creature seemed to be a part of at one time had overplayed his hand in telling Naruto that he viewed him as the true prize. That meant neither man could really kill him. However needing to avoid another powerful blast, Naruto realized that didn't mean they needed him in one piece.

He also had to marvel the two men's teamwork as despite their sounding like they despised each other. Hidan's teamwork with his partner's monsters seemed to be rather close to flawless. As the creature moved to find a new position from which to fire another jutsu, Hidan charged from out of the smoke with his weapon swinging recklessly around him. Naruto backed up continuously before stumbling into a tree behind him. Hidan smiled shouting, "Got you," and swinging his blade buried it into Naruto's midsection.

Naruto smiled before puffing into smoke appearing from behind the tree with a Rasengan in hand as he shouted, "Nope, I've got you." The jutsu hit dead on shredding Hidan's cloak before doing much the same to his stomach.

Hidan was sent flying crashing along the ground several times before coming to a rest. Naruto looked over to see how his lovers were doing just in time to see Yuugao stab the man standing over her in the heart. He caught site of the creature burying itself in Kakuzu's chest but his own attention was pulled to the sound of Hidan groaning as he stood.

Naruto's eyes went wide seeing the damage his attack had inflicted and flashed to the time Kabuto had almost shrugged off a Rasengan. However unlike then Hidan's body wasn't healing, instead Naruto had a rather gruesome view of his stomach and several ribs.

Hidan looked down and glaring up at him said, "You little cocksucker. Do you have any idea how long this shit will take to heal? Fucking little bastard, fuck taking you alive. I'm sacrificing you to Jashin, right now."

Pulling a small handle which when he swung it turned into a baton that ended in a point the crazed religious fanatic began charging him. As he closed the distance, Naruto again remembered how he defeated Kabuto and thinking of Kakashi's answer to how someone looked both left and right at the same time. A question Naruto had asked during one of his few moments of frustration with his training. Finally believed he found the answer to completing his jutsu. Creating two clones behind him, Naruto held his hand near them where one clone worked on stabilizing the Rasengan as the other began adding wind chakra to it. As the jutsu took on a life of its own drowning out the rants of the man charging him. Naruto took off as well holding his Rasenshuriken behind him.

Hidan faltered in his charge as looking at the nexus of the jutsu the boy was holding believed he saw the face of his god staring back at him. He was vaguely aware of shouting, "What the fuck kind of jutsu is that," as he sensed Kakuzu's creature appearing from the trees behind him no doubt attempting to attack the boy. However, Hidan's small moment of hesitance cost him as Naruto slammed the jutsu into his chest. The force of the jutsu was unlike anything Hidan had felt before as was the agony as it seemed to shred his very cells. He was then propelled away, right into Kakuzu's creature where the jutsu unleashed its full power unleashing an unending stream of attacks on his and the creature's body.

As the jutsu ended Hidan tried to stand, but could feel the life draining from his body as his immortality was a byproduct of his cults experiments on his chakra. Unable to feel anything, he believed the reason his god had abandoned him was because someone else had created such a beautiful masterpiece of destruction.


Kakuzu watched stunned as the jutsu devastated his partner and killed two of his hearts in one shot. When it ended the way Hidan laid told him that someone had answered his earlier wish. Although judging from the way the boy held his arm, he expected he hadn't escaped using his jutsu unscathed. But now down to one heart something he hadn't been reduced to in years decided against continuing the battle, as money was of no use if one was dead. Quickly taking to the trees he began to consider how best to tell the leader of the second set back they had experienced.


Naruto approached his girls holding his arm positive the bone was broken. Ino moved to help him but he shook his head telling her to focus on Yugito. Hana though began to run a scan on it and although her field was animal medicine could easily confirm the bone was broken. Yuugao had removed the blonde woman's pouch and began shifting through it. Upon spotting a vial filled with liquid she said, "Hana, can you come here a moment."

The younger Inuzuka nodded moving away from Naruto and taking the vile pulled out some gloves. She then poured some of the liquid into a tube she pulled from her own pouch. Filling it then with the same blue liquid she had used when cleaning his wound after the rabid dog incident she swirled it around causing the liquid to turn black. Before he could ask what that meant, Tsume said, "That fucking bitch," and began storming towards the woman.

Ino quickly got to her feet no doubt sensing Tsume's desire to hurt the unconscious woman so stood in front of Tsume holding her arms out. Glaring at Ino the older woman said, "Out of my way. This bitch was responsible for supplying the strain of rabies that the trainer used to infect one of his rivals dogs."

"That may be but…" Ino tried to say, but she was about to be pushed out of the way when Naruto placed a restraining hand on Tsume.

"Don't even try to stop me Naruto," Tsume said glaring over her shoulder. "If not for you that animal could have infected countless others including our nin-dogs."

"I know," Naruto said, "But if I let you kill her in retaliation I might as well give up now."

"Don't give me that," she said rounding on him angrily. "I'm within my right as the wronged party here."

Naruto nodded, but said, "Still if you do it. Then how can I convince any of the other kunoichi in Kumo that I mean it when I want to put an end to the hatreds between our two villages. Not to mention, Hinata also has a reason to hate Kumo as it was their manipulation of the events behind her kidnapping that led to her uncle's death. Besides, she was obeying the orders of her Kage. If ordered to do something similar would you." Tsume looked away causing him to say, "It's easy to say we're in the right all the time, but sometimes our actions are seen just as villainous by those outside our village's walls."

"Tch, fine," Tsume said crossing her arms and looking away from him.

"Thanks," Naruto said.

"Don't sound so smug," Tsume said still angry but almost as much so at herself for being convinced by Naruto to let Yugito off the hook.

"I'll try," he replied with a smile.

"And if I find out you used your ability to control me to convince me to let her live I'm going to kick your ass."

Although he didn't, the fear that Tsume might one day come to believe that he did resulted quickly in the smile being wiped off his face. Hoping to change the subject he asked, "What now? Do we take her to Konoha?"

"I'm afraid we can't," Yuugao said, "Not unless you don't want her leaving. Getting her in the village would be challenge enough, but if Danzou learned of her it would raise too many questions."

Beginning to despise the name Naruto added, "Not to mention he'd try to use her as leverage against Kumo. So then what do we do?"

"First, I want you to head back to Konoha. Have Tsunade look at that arm; also bring Anko with you when you return as having an interrogation expert on hand may come in handy. The rest of us will move towards a safe-house we have established in Hot-Spring Country. Tsume, you and Hana will travel at the rear to cover our tracks while Ino and I bring the prisoner there."

Naruto closed his eyes locating Tayuya saying, "Can you link up with Tayuya? She seems to be moving towards Konoha."

Yuugao nodded and helping Ino secure Yugito began heading southwest towards one of the many safe-houses the Anbu had scattered around the shinobi world.


Yugito awoke painfully and slowly but her senses were already taking stock of her situation. For one the wound the psycho Hidan inflicted seemed to have finally healed. Unfortunately, from her position she knew she was tied to a chair and apparently her chakra had been sealed. Surprised at even being alive she supposed things couldn't be all that bad all things considered.

Groaning she opened her eyes and they immediately landed on a blond wearing a Konoha headband and had to amend her earlier belief. The blond smiled at her, but she moved her gaze past him taking in the room she found herself in. To her surprise it wasn't a soulless interrogation room instead appearing to be a rather expensive home and from the trees outside the windows she believed she was in Hot-Springs country again.

Focusing on the blond again she noticed a cast on his right arm as she asked, "Who are you?"

"My name's Naruto Uzumaki," the blond answered immediately.

Surprised at how forth coming he was she asked, "Is this your first time interrogating someone?"

"Actually it is," Naruto answered, "Although interrogation might be a little harsh to describe it. We already know you were in or around Konoha recently and were responsible for supplying a disease to infect one of the Inuzuka's would be breeding stock."

Yugito kept the wince she felt from her face instead asking dispassionately, "Then what is there to discuss. Why not get to the point where you ransom me back to Kumo?"

"My you certainly seem to have a high opinion of yourself. I suppose that's a rather unusual stance for a jinchuriki, aren't you wondering whether or not your village is glad you're gone?"

"Don't lump Kumo in with the rest of the villages that treat their jinchuriki like garbage," Yugito said angrily, although in truth knew she owed the change in opinion to the Killer Bee.

"Well regardless," Naruto said standing, "You have to realize that Kumo actually being able to barter for your release is a rather slim chance. I mean Konoha has to consider what happened when your village tried to capture the head of the Hyuuga clan's daughter. I doubt you have anything of value to replace the man's brother."

Yugito was forced to admit that was true as she doubted that Kumo would be able to come up with anything to make a deal possible. As for all she knew, in order to satisfy the clan head's possible desire for revenge her Bijuu would be extracted and placed in a Hyuuga. Hoping to buy time she asked, "May I inquire what happened to the two men that attacked me?"

"Akatsuki you mean?" Yugito nodded so Naruto said, "We killed the one that injured you. His death is probably why your wound healed. With his him dead and most of his masked creatures dead his partner retreated."

"Impossible," Yugito said having struck several what should have been fatal blows to her opponent.

Holding up his cast, Naruto replied, "Quite possible, but I didn't escape unscathed. Although I have the pleasure of knowing I did it to myself."

Confused, Yugito let the comment pass before saying, "Still if everything was as open as shut as you claimed you'd have me on my way back to Konoha." Allowing her voice to take on a seductive tone she said, "Perhaps you brought me here for some sort of reward."

Naruto chuckled causing Yugito to glare at him saying, "Let me guess. When I go for my reward and begin thinking with my other head you try and turn the tables on me to make your escape."

"Very astute Naruto," a voice said from behind her surprising the two tailed jinchuriki.

"Thanks Yuugao," Naruto said shooting a smile to the woman.

Yugito still surprised she hadn't sensed the woman began to concentrate picking up the breathing of a second. Although now that one of them had revealed themselves the second probably didn't feel any need to continue to hide her presence.

Refocusing on the man in front of her he continued speaking to the woman saying, "Still I must appear pretty hard up for her to think such a transparent ploy would work on me."

"Or it just shows how desperate she is," Yuugao responded coming into Yugito's view. "Still I think it prudent to check."

To Yugito's shock the Anbu pulled her mask up and kissed the blond while rubbing her hand over his crotch. His body responded immediately as a tent formed which Yuugao quickly released and began stroking. "What are you two doing?" Yugito said shocked at not only the Leaf-nin's behavior, but the size of Naruto's cock as it was something of a running joke in Kumo that Konoha shinobi were rather lacking.

Yuugao ignored her instead dropped to her knee to take his cock into her mouth. But, Yugito's question was answered as the other shinobi that had been behind her wrapped her arms around her saying, "Do you really need someone to spell it out for you?"

Looking out of the corner of her eye at the woman she could see she had purple hair and was wearing a trenchcoat. Anko smiled at her before directing her attention to Yuugao who was now taking his balls into her mouth while her hand continued to stroke him. Yugito couldn't look away despite herself due to Anko acting as a commentator saying, "You know seeing her like that is still really quite shocking considering how she used to be. I mean all she used to be about was work, work, work. The idea that she would drop to her knees at the drop of the hat in the middle of an interrogation is mindblowing. But having had that cock inside me, well I guess I can understand her lack of professionalism."

Yugito looked away, but Anko chuckled noticing her watching the action out of the corner of her eye. Yuugao again began bobbing her head on Naruto's shaft while her hand played with his balls. When they contracted the Anbu captain increased her pace but stopped as the first spurts erupted into her mouth.

Yugito watched as the woman's throat worked overtime to swallow his spunk. Still a little leaked out and when he was finished she calmly tucked his cock back into his pants before standing and walking back behind the bound woman. Before Yugito could comment she heard the sound of kissing behind her followed by Anko saying, "Mmmm, you saved some for me."

Naruto collapsed back into the chair he had been in when Yuugao first awoke. Seeing her confused face he turned semi-serious saying, "Now that I can operate clear headed again, let me explain your situation to you. Recently I've come into a rather interesting jutsu; it helps me to seduce kunoichi. Now my intention is to use it to help bridge the divides of hatred that separate the various villages." Upon seeing Yugito's incredulous look he said, "Farfetched, I know, but a result of my ambition is that when Tsume Inuzuka wanted revenge for the actions you recently committed she decided to attempt to forgive you. So let me propose a game. Allow me to use the jutsu on you and receive a minor punishment for your mission and if you resist it for five days like Anko did then you're free to go. If not, then you help me in uniting the villages."

"What if I refuse to play?"

"Then we lock you up in prison and let our Kage settle matters."

"Do you really think I'll submit to some weak as jutsu?" Looking over her shoulder at Anko, Yugito added, "I mean if she could resist it then it'll be child's play. I accept."

Naruto chuckled and moved behind her as he channeled chakra into his left hand. Placing it in the middle of her back, he said, "Who can say really, but it'll be fun to watch." As Yugito's body began to respond to the jutsu Naruto added, "Although to be honest Anko lasted a month."

Naruto went back to sit in the chair watching as Yugito began to breathe shallowly, almost panting. Nodding to Yuugao and Anko who nodded back they cut her ropes but before she could move they grabbed her arms lifting her out of the seat while holding her bent over between them. Despite the arousal affecting her, Yugito asked, "What the hell are you doing?"

"We're carrying out your punishment now," Naruto said as a door was thrown open. Ino, Tsume and Hana then stepped in with the elder Inuzuka holding a thin stripped tree branch in her hand. "Believe me it wasn't easy to convince her to let you off the hook with only twenty strikes from her."

Yugito began to struggle causing Tsume to grab her roughly by the chin. With a glare she told the younger woman, "Take it like a kunoichi. If I had my way, your head would be decorating the entrance to the kennels." Looking back at Naruto she added, "Besides when my kids got out of line they'd receive a similar punishment."

Moving behind the kunoichi Tsume pulled the jinchuriki's pants and panties down exposing her ass to the woman. Who then brought her homemade switch down on the exposed woman's rear. Tsume took her time between each strike and although upon reaching the twentieth felt less then satisfied that justice had been done did admit she felt better.

Yugito was let go and she immediately pulled her clothes in place. Determined to prevent the tears she felt from falling she settled for glaring at the sitting blond.

With a sigh Naruto stood saying, "You'll have free run of the house, as there are seals are in place to keep us all inside. If you do manage to find a way out, I don't advice running. We'll find you, and then maybe Tsume will get another chance to let her frustrations out." Yugito nodded so he said, "Ino will you show her to her room please?"

Ino nodded beckoning the jinchuriki to follow her. Before she even left the room she could almost feel the four women surrounding Naruto with the intention of being pleasured by him. Focusing on the blonde in front of her, Yugito asked, "He seems rather positive I'll give in. So far I've felt more aroused on long missions when it was too dangerous to drop my guard to handle things."

Ino smiled over her shoulder saying, "Well trust me when I say you've yet to experience it fully. That'll probably be on the third or fourth day."

Yugito scoffed saying, "I'll beat this. Now that I know what to expect, I'll be able to better prepare myself. But out of curiosity why not just use it on me without gaining my consent?"

Ino shrugged before saying, "I guess it's because of what happened with Anko. She was the first to really resist it. So we decided with her permission to use her as a test subject. By the end of the month she suddenly became overwhelmed by it and we feared if Naruto didn't take her then she'd lose her mind. But in the end and we believe it was due to him she calmed and decided to join him. But I guess the incident scared him a little, so before using it he wants you to know what his plan is."

Ino opened the door to what Yugito assumed would be her room. Moving inside, Ino opened the closet showing many different sets of clothes. Some of which were rather revealing, Yugito scowled saying, "What I have on will be fine."

"Suit yourself, but I'd wager that by tomorrow you'll be glad for a change of clothes." Ino turned to exit the room leaving the closet open. She had been the one to suggest filling it with different types of clothes to help Naruto better gauge just how under his spell Yugito was. Ino believed if she began wearing the more revealing choices then it would be a sign that she was ready to become his.

Alone, Yugito sat at the edge of the bed but winced due to the spankings she received. Turning her focus inwards, she entered her seal to speak with her Bijuu.


While Naruto had pumped Yugito full of his chakra, Kyuubi took the opportunity to speak with her fellow Bijuu. However instead of seeing Nibi imprisoned in a cage the seal appeared to have taken the form of a large play area filled with normal size cat toys. Stepping into the area fully she was surprised as Nibi appeared from behind a stand no larger than a normal house cat, although with two tails. The creature narrowed its eyes at her before surprise registered on its face at who had entered its seal. "Kyuubi, why have you come here and why do you look like that?"

Kyuubi smiled saying, "It's a long story and I'm afraid I don't have time to explain. It appears you have worked out some sort of arrangement with your host."

Nibi tentatively nodded aware of Kyuubi's immense hatred for humanity. Therefore, it came as quite a surprise when with a nod Kyuubi said, "Good. Tell me, is your host a virgin?"

"What is that?" Nibi said confused and tilting its head.

"I see," Kyuubi said ignoring the cat's question looking about the room. Finding what she was looking for she placed her hand against one of the walls. As soon as she did so the formula of Nibi's seal appeared.

Nibi's slightly panicked voice asked, "What are you doing?"

"Letting you in on something glorious," Kyuubi replied back changing bits and pieces of it. Almost immediately Nibi began purring feeling the effects of Naruto's jutsu. Kneeling next to the creature Kyuubi said, "Continue to aid your host and convince her to submit to mine and the feelings you are experiencing now will only grow stronger." Disappearing as Naruto cut the flow of chakra Nibi was left to wonder just what was happening to her host.


A short time later Yugito appeared in the seal. Searching for her Bijuu, she found it inside one of the cat toys that had a small hole. Surprised by the purring that was emanating from inside Yugito asked, "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I believe so," the cat responded, "What about you?"

"I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew," Yugito admitted pulling the cat out to gently stroke its fur. The purring doubled in volume something which surprised Yugito since in the past Nibi seemed to feel nothing. Holding the cat up to look in its face she asked, "What's going on with you?"

"I'm not sure," Nibi admitted, "I've never felt anything like it before. But I believe it's similar to what you are experiencing."

Surprised, since in the past Nibi seemed largely unaffected by her lusts, Yugito asked, "Is this a result of his jutsu?"

"You mean that boy's," Nibi responded, "No, it was a result of Kyuubi's tampering with our seal."


"That boy is the container of Kyuubi," Nibi answered.

"Why would the Kyuubi tamper with my seal?"

"I believe to convince me to suggest giving yourself to the boy?"

"That's not going to happen," Yugito said quickly.

"Why not?" Nibi responded almost plaintively, "I believe you have done so before."

Blushing Yugito said, "Those times were different. Those guys were just to scratch an itch. He made it sound like if I did submit it would bind me to him."

"Would that be so bad?" When Yugito looked at her surprised, Nibi looked away saying, "If you knew the Kyuubi like I did, the idea that it would help a human would be laughable. Yet that is exactly what it is doing and apparently has decided to take human form. This Naruto must be an interesting fellow."

"Drop it," Yugito said putting her foot down. Placing the cat down she said, "I want you to find a way to end his jutsu."

"No," Nibi said defiantly surprising its host.

"Listen here," Yugito said getting flustered.

However Nibi ignored her moving to one of the toys climbing on it she said, "Place your hand on the wall."

Doing as instructed her seal appeared and Nibi said, "Kyuubi left something in the formula. A clause if you will. If I aid you the seal resets and I go back to feeling nothing."

"Trust me, that'll be a blessing," Yugito said quickly, "Unless I defeat this jutsu it'll become an annoyance until I give in."

"Spend as long as I have in a sensory void as I have and even an annoyance will seem like bliss," Nibi said walking away from its host to again climb into the hole she had been resting in.

Yugito cursed ending the connection. Feeling her lusts on the verge of boiling over she took it upon herself to handle the situation. Sadly unaware that the feelings it generated in her Bijuu simply increased its desires to see its host give in.


Naruto whistled to himself as he cooked breakfast dressed only in a robe. In truth, the four days he had spent inside the house had him feeling a little stir crazy. But looking at his arm guessed one way or another he'd have been sidelined. On the plus side though Kyuubi assured him it was fully healed, even the minor damage to his cells using his jutsu had caused. He was simply wearing the cast to put his lovers' minds at ease. He was also a little bummed that Tsunade had banned him from using the jutsu again. She explained that all it would take was one misfire of the jutsu or his being too close to it before he'd find himself unable to use chakra and it being likely even Kyuubi couldn't fix it. He still smiled at how upset Kyuubi had been at Tsunade's suggestion that she couldn't heal him. But she decided to side on the side of caution, so agreed with Tsunade.

Nonetheless it was hard to be bummed about anything when one was living in a house with several horny and willing women. Understanding why Naruto couldn't be seen with them in Konoha, the older women of his harem decided to make the most of the time. He was sure Ino and Tayuya felt a little neglected but they understood. Still that didn't stop them from sneaking into his busy schedule for a quickie or two.

Hearing shuffling he smiled sure that the person behind him was the one person in the house who had yet to partaken of the various sexual encounters that had happened around her. "Would you like some breakfast?" Naruto asked without looking back.

"I can make it myself," Yugito snapped back.

Shrugging he replied, "Suit yourself," before spooning the eggs he had cooked onto his plate. Placing the pan back down so that any of his other lovers who awoke could grab some. He took his plate to the table munching on them contently.

Yugito glared at the boy and was sure if looks could kill there'd be nothing left of him but ash blowing in the wind. "Fucking bastard," she thought since when she had agreed to his proposition the least he could have said was that every night would have been filled with the moans of the other women in the house. As a result, every night thus far had found her masturbating to the siren songs of his other lovers as he pleased them in countless ways. What was worse was that he seemed almost capable of lasting all night causing her to wonder just what it would feel like to be with him.

Although she had a few sexual encounters of her own. None of the men had been able to fully please her no matter how energetically she had tried to keep them engaged. In desperation, she had considered seducing her fellow jinchuriki but due to Bee's habit of running off at the mouth feared the encounter would show up in one of his horrible raps. But none of that matter to her now as she was feeling far more restless then she had ever been in her life and only hoped that the jutsu ended promptly on the fifth day.

Naruto refrained from chuckling as Yugito searched the cabinets aimlessly apparently having no idea what she was in the mood for. His good humor also stemmed from the fact that she was a tightly wound spring of lust only needing a slight push to make her release the lust she was feeling. He guessed this from her current dress which much as Ino anticipated had grown more and more provocative. Dressed as she was in a short and satin robe, Naruto doubted she was even aware that when she bent down search the lower cabinets the robe raised to expose the lower half of her shapely ass.

Finding a can of hash, he watched as she had trouble opening it since the ancient and dull can opener she was using kept slipping off of it due to her mounting frustrations. Watching as she grew flustered, he suspected she was about to smash it against the counter until it released its contents, so moving behind her said, "Here let me."

Looking over her shoulder she said, "Like you'll do much better, you're practically handicapped."

Still she allowed Naruto to take the can opener from her and clamping it firmly on the edge said, "Now turn." Yugito did so and much to her annoyance it didn't slip off the can. When the lid was fully cut free he said, "See, there's no telling what we can do together."

Yugito scoffed saying, "Opening a stubborn can is a long way from accomplishing the nonsense you've been spewing."

"Maybe," Naruto admitted but cupping her cheek he said, "But doing nothing guarantees failure."

Despite herself, Yugito found herself leaning into the palm as she whispered, "I don't want to betray my home."

"Neither do I," Naruto said closing the distance between their faces. "What I want is to build a place where they can coexist."

"What if we fail," Yugito said getting lost in his eyes.

Naruto smiled at the small slip but said, "Then we go down swinging."

Unable to restrain herself further Yugito lunged forward smashing her lips to his. Naruto responded in kind meeting her eager tongue with his own. While they made out Yugito's hands moved over his shoulders but finding the robe annoying undid the sash holding it close to move her hands beneath it.

Naruto for his part considered smashing his cast to free his arm but imagining a lecture from Ino and Tsunade decided to make the best of the situation. Using his left hand, he played with her tit enjoying the way the satin of her robe felt and sure it was stimulating her nipple deliciously.

Meanwhile Yugito's hands grasped his cock and feeling its hardness said, "Kami you were up almost all night pleasing Anko. How can you still be so hard?"

"It's easy with the right stimulation and partners," Naruto said groaning as she rubbed his cockhead against her uncovered pussy since she had stopped wearing underwear around the second day.

Moaning herself at the contact, she said, "I want this so bad."

Naruto responded by spinning her around and bending her over the counter. Rubbing his cock against her drenched lower lips, he said, "Tell me, how bad you want it?"

Yugito looked over her shoulder saying, "Please…don't…don't tease me."

Responding to her request Naruto leaned forward kissing her gently before pushing his cock into her. Yugito broke the kiss groaning into the counter as her passage was filled by her fellow jinchuriki. Naruto went straight for the kill pistoning in to her at a blistering pace from the onset aware that after four days of frustration all she truly wanted was an orgasm that she could only receive from a stiff cock.

The way she moaned, "Yes…oh fuck yes…why… why did I fight it for so long?" She suddenly tensed shouting caught by surprise, "Oh fuck I'm cumming!"

She collapsed against the counter still being partially supported by Naruto and rested her head on the counter top. Naruto far from finished with her grabbed her by the ponytail pulling her upper body up to his chest and whispered into her ear, "Don't tell me you're finished already." He then began attacking her sensitive passage at the same hard pace as he had before.

"Stop…f-fuck…stop I'm still sensitive…"

Naruto reached his left hand down and lifting her leg up just kept pounding away saying, "Your body doesn't seem to want me to stop. You're squeezing me so tight down there."

Feeling embarrassed at his words, Yugito said, "D-don't say that…"

"Don't be embarrassed," Naruto said, "I'm glad your body's reacting like that, because before you go back to Kumo. I fully intend to have explored every part of it."

Yugito's pussy clamped down on his cock even tighter at his words. Looking over her shoulder, she smashed her lips to his again as he continued his brisk pace. All too soon though Naruto found himself on the verge of release, but attempted to delay it. As a result his dick grew even larger which Yugito could feel prompting her to break the kiss, "You're close aren't you. I can feel it." He nodded his head in response but fought the urge as he continued to his actions as the sounds of the rhythmic meeting of their hips filling the kitchen.

Still Naruto knew he was fighting a losing battle. Burying himself inside her with a shout of, "I'm cumming," was surprised when she pulled away from him quickly spinning and dropping to her haunches with her legs spread lewdly. She then took his cock into her mouth as he began spurting several thick ropes of cum. That she swallowed thirstily as she rubbed her pussy thus triggering her own orgasm causing her to moan around his dick much to his enjoyment.

When he finished Yugito let his dick slip from her lips with a pop taking her time to swallow what remained in her mouth. Once finished, she placed a kiss against his sensitive tip pulling a groan from him as the kiss turned into her energetically sucking of his cock to get it hard again. To her great pleasure it didn't take much so standing she wrapped her hand around his dick using it to pull him after her as she led him to her bedroom.

Looking over her shoulder as she said with a lustful smile, "I hope you are able to function on the little sleep you got because you're in for a long day of exploration."

Naruto chuckled saying, "I think you're going to quickly learn I'm always willing to rise to a challenge." Before surprising her as he lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder as he quickly made his way to her room.

As Yugito beat her fist against Naruto's back playfully, a Bijuu began to understand why Kyuubi had taken the form that she did.

*Chapter 14*: Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Target Shizune

"You allowed your target to get away then," a man said although he wasn't really there his body appearing hazy and in an array of colors, "that is unlike you Kakuzu."

Sounding defensive the Akatsuki treasurer said, "Well if that fool Hidan hadn't of needed to lie around to pray afterwards. We would have been on our way instead of losing our target to that woman."

"Regardless this is now twice she has interfered. It would appear that we have competition for rounding up the jinchuriki. Is it possible that she is working for Konoha as they were the one to fight you and that was where our last target ended up?"

"I don't know," Kakuzu said answering Pain, "But she wasn't one of the shinobi that we fought. It's possible she stumbled on a group pursuing the jinchuriki and was forced to flee. Also the seven-tails supposedly ran to Konoha after getting away from her. Or her primary mission is just to make sure we don't get our hands on them. Since our information said the two-tails was returning from a sabotage mission against Konoha she may have been lying in wait to warn our target of the threat."

"Perhaps, or the information we received wasn't as exclusive as we were led to believe," Pain said. "It may be that Hotsprings Village is selling its services to all sides in this conflict."

"I doubt that," a large man with spiky hair said and although just as hazy Kakuzu could make out the bandaged sword on his back, "Hidan's former village is nothing but a tourist trap with a penchant for getting secrets from their VIP visitors. They'd have to be suicidal to play us off against each other."

"Don't underestimate what greedy fools will do Kisame," Kakuzu said having met his fair share of such people in his long life. "Should I pay their Daimyo a visit?"

"No, this calls for more subtle methods," Pain said looking towards the lone female of the organization. "Konan, I want you to head to Hotsprings Village and observe the leaders there. If we are lucky we'll learn just who this mysterious red-head who is interfering with our collection of the jinchuriki is working for."

Konan remained silent nodding her head before disappearing from the cavern that Kakuzu was conferring with the rest of the group from. As she did so the ancient bounty hunter felt a pang of annoyance since it had been years since he'd gotten a good rubdown from the talented ex-kunoichi of Hotsprings village.


Yugito had her head resting on Naruto's shoulder looking over Tayuya's bingo book with him. It had been three days since her surrender, and much as he promised he had explored almost every nook and cranny of her body. Although she had put the brakes on when he asked her if it was okay to penetrate her backdoor due to her not being entirely comfortable with the idea, she was willing to admit that she was thinking about giving it a try.

Still except for the few occasions when one or the other would run to get some food or to relieve themselves. They had spent most of the days in the bed. But sadly their time was coming to an end. Kumo patrols were both discreetly and not so discreetly searching for her now and although they needed to keep a low profile while they were operating in a foreign country. Chances were sooner or later those searching for her would stumble upon the safe house slash summer home.

Therefore despite still being naked, the two jinchuriki were looking over the bingo book so Yugito could tell him some of what she knew about those it contained. Still despite their trying to get something done it was proving difficult due to the bobbing head of red hair in Naruto's lap. Trying to remained focused despite Tayuya's insistent sucking Naruto said, "So she's the reason getting documents to enter Kumo is so difficult."

Yugito nodded but noticing something wrong about the dark skinned woman's entry in the bingo book said, "Yes, but her name isn't Rio but Mabui."

Looking at the picture of the Raikage's assistant Naruto shrugged saying, "I'm sure that somebody came up with the name so that they didn't have to keep calling her Raikage's assistant all the time."

"Yeah, but a lot of good it would do you to walk up to her and call her the wrong name," Yugito replied dryly, "especially if you were hitting on her at the time."

Naruto's chuckle turned into a groan as Tayuya ran her tongue across the sensitive spot underneath his head. Pulling her mouth away, but still stroking him, the former Sound-nin said, "How about you two concentrate on how we get around the bitch in order for me to get into the village."

"Says the girl with a dick in her mouth," Yugito replied her voice teasing.

Tayuya grumbled under her breath about unappreciative jinchuriki who hadn't gone without for several days before going back to pleasing Naruto's dick. Rubbing Yugito's seal, which Kyuubi had modified so he could track and Hiraishin to her location, Naruto asked, "Now that I have a seal on you, can't I just teleport Tayuya into the village?"

Yugito shook her head saying, "Without the proper documentation she wouldn't be able to get a job. And Mabui keeps a close eye on all applications. Since she took the job of assistant, spies who actually got into the village have fallen some eighty-five percent. I'm even willing to bet the fifteen percent that do manage to slip in are allowed in to be manipulated so they spread disinformation."

Naruto sighed saying, "Basically what you're telling me is that any chance of getting into the village lies with her. But getting to her is near impossible because she is the gatekeeper, so to speak."

With a loud slurp Tayuya let Naruto's length slip from her mouth. Straddling him, she lined his cock with her opening and with a deeply satisfied sounding moan slid down until he was fully inside her. Slowly rocking her hips she moaned out, "w-why…don't we just have…fuck…Yugito grab her when they're alone t-together. We can…goddamn… teleport her away then."

Yugito looked away saying, "I'm not comfortable with doing that. She's my friend and betraying her trust like that…"

Naruto turned her face towards his and gently kissed her and when he pulled back said, "I-I understand."

The way his voice hitched due to Tayuya's actions when he was trying to be serious caused him to shoot her an annoyed glance. Tayuya just gave him a stare that said, "Deal with it." Then perhaps to discourage further discussion while on what she considered her time, she increased her pace as well as began to raise and lower herself on his pole. Naruto groaned as he began to focus more on her. He placed his hands on her hips shooting an annoyed glance towards his cast. Due to Naruto's disappearance from the village for the past seven days, they had needed to concoct a cover story. Using the vial of rabies, Tsunade had come up with the idea that the team dispatched had gone after the saboteur. Only to end up in a slugging match with Akatsuki, but since his ability to use the Hiraishin was still a secret they needed to adjust the timetable. Therefore the official story was after chasing the kunoichi. Who Konoha would be able to identify claiming they had managed to identify her before Akatsuki's arrival; Naruto had then injured his arm after using the Rasenshuriken. This meant that instead of being almost fully healed he'd need to pretend his arm had just been injured.

There were several problems with the story of course, namely due to the devastation his jutsu had caused to the countryside it was likely Kumo would know the altercation had happened on their side of the border. But it was widely hoped since almost everyone involved in the incident had been in the wrong; both villages would agree to just sweep the whole thing under the rug.

Tayuya grabbed ahold of his face pulling his gaze away from his arm towards her. Getting the hint, he began thrusting upwards pulling a loud moan from her which she silenced by kissing him fiercely. Yugito watched the moaning pair and as she began to get aroused at the sight she began slowly to rub her pussy.

As she did so she once again marveled at the sudden change her life had experienced. While before she hadn't thought much of Konoha, one way or the other. She now found herself believing in an idea that had in a sense originated from it. What truly surprised her though was that Naruto wasn't willing to compromise her values in order to achieve his goals. Especially since what Tayuya had suggested would be the quickest path to his getting his spy into the village. Yugito could serve as that function, but Naruto had promised her that he wouldn't make her. She felt bad that her hang-ups were in fact delaying his plan to get a stronger presence in Kumo. However, he assured her that she didn't need to as he was positive that eventually they'd find a way and when they did it would be in a way that didn't force her to betray her friends' trust.

Still she knew it was a thin line because if Tayuya did get into the village and she allowed her to operate in it. She would still be in a sense betraying her village, but watching the red-head, who was now on her back being fucked into the mattress, something told her the women of Kumo that were recruited into Naruto's harem would thank her for her silence.

Getting tired of being a spectator, Yugito got on all fours and began crawling to the coupling pair. Coming to a stop near the moaning red-heads face, Yugito leaned over her saying, "I never did thank you for saving me." She pressed her lips to Tayuya's who immediately responded. The kiss however was more for Naruto's benefit as their lips separated from each other thus exposing the tongue play between them. Still Yugito soon found herself panting regardless and when she pulled back noticed a thin string of saliva that connected their tongues.

Turning to look at Naruto, she saw him watching mesmerized as a result of their actions as he continued to pound Tayuya's snatch. Giving him a sultry smile, she moved her attention to Tayuya's breast where she lowered her mouth to her nipple. Keeping enough distance that he could see her tongue's actions she began flicking it, causing Tayuya's moans of delight to grow louder.

Yugito suddenly let out a moan of her own when a hand reached between her legs to give her pussy a rub. Not recognizing the touch and due to her long having become accustomed to Naruto's was able to deduce that it belonged to the moaning ex-sound-nin. Two of Tayuya's slender fingers pushed into her hole causing Yugito to rear up as they moved about inside her. Grabbing at one of her own breasts she began moving it about as she played with her nipple as Tayuya's fingers began exploring her pussy.

Leaning towards the kneeling Naruto she placed a hand on Tayuya's midsection and believed she could feel the cock stirring up the girl's insides. Once her face was close enough she pressed her lips to his and soon the two's tongues were sliding around one another in a slow dance. Yugito pulled back though as the fingers working her snatch tensed which was followed by a shout of, "FUCK, I'm Fucking CUMMing."

Naruto groaned out a, "Me too," before giving Tayuya's pussy several more pumps and pulling out to shoot several ropes of cum along her stomach with a few reaching almost to her chin. One of the ropes had landed right on Yugito's hand. Pulling it away she licked it clean and then lowering her face to Tayuya's groin began licking the rest up while working her way up Tayuya's body.

Naruto watched as almost like a cat drinking up milk she cleaned Tayuya's body of his seed. By the time she reached the last of it near her chin he was already hard again and when the two women began kissing again sharing his cum between them it was almost all he could take. As Yugito had climbed up Tayuya's body she had presented him a view of her glistening snatch so took the opportunity to position himself behind her. In one quick and violent thrust he buried his cock inside his fellow jinchuriki who broke her kiss to moan out in pleasure.

With a smirk Naruto said, "You shouldn't tease me like that."

Yugito looked over her shoulder with a smile of her own replying, "Who's teasing, I'm supplying motivation."

Reaching around Naruto groped both of her breasts pressing his back to hers and whispered into her ear, "Like that's hard to supply with a beauty like you around."

Yugito blushed but Tayuya having heard asked, "What the fuck about me?"

Naruto moved one hand from Yugito's chest and grabbed Tayuya's, who was being straddled by the blondes, saying, "I'm sure you know the answer to that."

With a hard dick inside of her that was currently doing nothing Yugito said, "Now who's teasing." Naruto laughed before beginning a slow and languid pace. Yugito didn't mind though as Tayuya provided her with extra stimulation by pressing her lips to the jinchuriki's collarbone before moving on to her breasts. Moaning in pleasure, she began rocking back to meet Naruto's thrusts. Naruto picked up the hint and increased his own pace to match the host of the two-tails.

Switching things up, Naruto wrapped a hand around Yugito's midsection and pulled her back towards him. His cock never left her cunt as he fell backwards on the bed leaving the Kumo-nin on top and facing away from him. She sat there a moment getting herself situated and then slowly rose her hips up. Naruto groaned as his dick became visible inch by inch, which was mirrored by Yugito's moan as she slowly lowered her cunt back down. She kept the pace slow wanting to draw it out since in all likelihood it would be the last time for a while since he wouldn't even be able to take her out in her village at least until they found a way to infiltrate Kumo.

Tayuya figuring that it would be a while until she got to ride Naruto's cock again made her way to his head where standing over him said, "Make me feel good too, Naruto," before lowering her snatch to his mouth.


As Naruto and Yugito used their bodies to say good-bye, Kyuubi took the opportunity to enter the woman's seal. Once again in the large playroom that represented Nibi's seal Kyuubi could hear content purring coming from one of the carpet covered towers. Kyuubi was also feeling the pleasant sensations that Naruto's coupling was sending through the seal, however she ignored it finding that they paled in comparison to what she had experienced with the blond directly.

For a moment Kyuubi thought of her own lovemaking with Naruto. It hadn't escaped her notice that Naruto hadn't cum with her. Nor was she upset that he didn't mention it or bring it up as she believed he was trying to spare her feelings on the matter. Particularly due to what she believed was behind his inability to be fully satisfied in the seal while she had been. The first clue for her had been when she had given Naruto a blowjob. When she had tried to taste him through his boxers she had instead tasted nothing. She believed it was because none of his other lovers had tried to do such a thing, and since all she had known of sex came from their experiences. She reasoned that to Naruto sex in the seal was merely mental stimulation. Since she had no physical experience or body she wasn't bogged down by any such thing.

Naruto had visited her several times during the four days it had taken to break Yugito's resolve. Kyuubi was glad to learn that her coming to such an understanding hadn't dampened her enjoyment of those times. However knowing that there was another level of pleasure for her to enjoy did make her hungry to experience it.

The problem of course being how, as her physical existence was still only chakra and was locked behind the seal. Plus, she couldn't access it without killing the man she wanted to be the one to make love to her. She had several ideas in the works, but first needed to talk with one of Naruto's other lovers. She also wanted to keep her plans close to the vest for the moment. Partly since she didn't know how Naruto would react to it and also partly as a response to his not talking to her about the matter. While not mad, it did irk her, so she considered taking matters into her own hands rather fair.

Nibi's purring coming to an end pulled Kyuubi from her thoughts as she felt the pleasant sensations of her host's lovemaking coming to an end. Clearing her throat, she wasn't surprised when Nibi stuck her head out of a hole in one of the cat towers. She fought down a smile as the diminutive Bijuu leapt down quickly coming to a rest in front of her.

"Kyuubi, I want to experience more…"

"Of course you do," Kyuubi said her tone amused.

Almost immediately Kyuubi noticed that Nibi's inhuman face changed from pleased to guarded. Kyuubi fought down a sigh figuring her fellow Bijuu felt that it had fallen into a trap she had set. "Relax," Kyuubi said holding her hands up trying to calm the chakra beast. "I meant that I'm aware of what it is you are feeling. For now though I'm afraid you're going to have to let what you've felt already be enough. But I promise that when the time comes you'll experience all that you want and more. But first, can you tell me are there any weaknesses in Kumogakure's defenses that my host can exploit?"

Nibi looked away saying, "I can't tell you. Yugito would be upset."

Kyuubi scowled saying, "I guess you want your seal to go back to the way it was then."

"That isn't fair," Nibi said angrily, "Would you betray your host just to get what you wanted?"

The question caught Kyuubi by surprise, which she didn't doubt showed on her face. Nibi picked up on it saying, "You haven't really thought about such things, have you? Tell me, is his only value to you the pleasure he can give you?"

"No…" Kyuubi said weakly although a part of her felt such a thing was possible. As her whole reason for her fear of telling Naruto about the truth of her role in his parent's death had resulted from her fear he'd cut her out of his life. But was it him or the pleasure that he gave her that she truly cared about.

Taking a step away from the Bijuu she said, "Forget it then." Allowing herself to fade from the seal she said, "If you are interested in more then perhaps you should consider coming up with a more physically appealing form." As she disappeared she heard her fellow Bijuu hiss at her but nonetheless the idea took root and Nibi began dreaming up a human form to take.


Tsunade screamed in contentment as she felt Naruto release his seed inside of her before relaxing and falling to the side of him in his bed. As their breathing returned to normal, she admitted to herself that she was relieved that Naruto wasn't upset about her knowing the truth about his parents. While they had seen each other since he learned this was the first time they had truly been alone. Rolling over and tucking herself into his side she asked, "Aren't you ever satisfied? You just got back from Hotspring Country and a week's worth of sex."

Naruto pulled her closer saying, "Heaven help me if I ever am. I fear you'll all mutiny against me. Let's not forget you jumped me."

Tsunade smiled, but it faded as she turned somber saying, "Naruto…"

Sensing that she was about to bring up her knowledge of his parentage he placed a finger over her lips before saying, "Tsunade, it's fine. I understand that as the village leader there were things you couldn't tell me. Plus I figured that you were honoring a promise to either Pervy Sage or the Old Man. But you still found a way to let me know that let you honor your promise and our relationship, and as a bonus headed off a potentially bad situation between Kyuubi and me. There's nothing left to be said."

Tsunade nodded but leaned in to kiss her lover. Before things got too heated however she broke the kiss. With that cleared between them, she decided to bring up another matter that she wanted to discuss. "Naruto, when I found your list of women you planned to target. I noticed that Shizune's wasn't there. Did you plan to not add her?"

"Well to be honest me and Ino sort of got distracted before we really finished it. But you put her in the bingo book you made up. However, to be honest I sort of always assumed she was off limits."


"Um, because you raised her didn't you."

"It didn't stop you from sleeping with Tsume and Hana."

"True, but I wasn't really targeting Hana from the beginning. She sort of just fell into my lap. Not that I'm not happy things turned out that way, but I understand there are certain lines people don't want to cross."

Tsunade arched an eyebrow saying, "Do Tsume and Hana seem at all conflicted?"

"No, but…" Naruto began but was silenced by Tsunade placing a finger against his lips.

"I understand what you are saying," Tsunade said before pausing to collect her thoughts. After rejecting several discreet ways of phrasing what she wanted to say she settled on being blunt telling him, "I think what you believe is that I see Shizune as a daughter." When Naruto nodded she said, "That couldn't be further from the truth." Tsunade could see Naruto's confusion and perhaps indignation but said, "Do you see Jiraiya as a father?"

"No, but…"

Cutting him off she said, "Why not, you spent a considerable amount of time with him?"

"I don't know it's hard to explain. He's important to me and we have a precious bond, but I never really thought of him along those lines."

"So why assume I would hold Shizune to a daughter role?"

"Because didn't you take care of her for close to ten years. I mean…"

Tsunade sat up in the bed staring away from him so Naruto let his sentence trail off. Figuring she would explain her position. Finally after several minutes she said, "I think it would be fair to say she took care of me. I was a wreck when Dan died, and to be honest the last thing I wanted was some brat tagging along. But I knew she'd end up a ward of the village if I didn't take her in." She looked back over her shoulder and the sadness on her younger face almost appeared alien. As if it didn't belong there, Naruto guessed it was probably due to her telling him that her current appearance was from before all the tragedies that had happened in her life.

Naruto sat up as well pulling her back towards him before wrapping his arms around her sending an annoyed glance to the cast still on his arm. Tsunade basked in the comfort before continuing, "Still she may have been better off. I hardly let the fact I had a young woman traveling with me deter me from indulging in my own habits of drinking and gambling. I can't tell you the number of times that I came to in whatever hotel we were staying at with no idea how I got there. Yet was still dressed for and tucked into bed. A life of constant travel was no way for her to grow up and sometimes I don't think she's ever been kissed. I guess what I'm saying is if you can give her the same measure of happiness and love you give me, it'd make me happy."

Naruto remained silent not sure how to respond. It still took a little getting used to the fact that at times his harem was the one encouraging him to take on new lovers. Tsunade having said her piece and figuring Naruto needed to time to think about it changed the subject saying, "I suppose we can take the cast off. With your rapid healing it should match up to the timeline we've set up."

Having made his decision Naruto said, "Actually, let's leave it in place. It might come in handy."

Tsunade looked over her shoulder in confusion only to receive an amused smile that made her think he already had an idea of how to add her first apprentice to his harem. Feeling her own body respond to the thought she said, "Tell me more."


"It is good to see you returned to us, Yugito," The Raikage A said visibly relieved by her being found as she was heading back to Kumo. "When I had heard about the devastation of the environment before we lost your trail I feared the worse."

"Thank You, Lord Raikage," Yugito replied genuinely to her leader.

Switching topics and his visage, which went from relieved to stoic and serious, he said, "Now care to fill us in on what happened."

Yugito spent a moment to look around the room finding it filled with some of the Raikage's most trusted shinobi. Mabui was naturally among them. Yugito shifted her gaze from the assistant back to her leader before saying, "My mission to the Leaf was a success. I had given one of the vials of rabies to our client and was returning to the village when I was ambushed by two men wearing cloaks."

"Akatsuki," A said with a sneer.

"Yes," Yugito replied grimly knowing she most likely would no longer be among the living if not for Tayuya's timely appearance. "I was defeated in battle by a man named Hidan. He possessed a unique ability to shrug off fatal blows while being able to curse people to suffer the same damage as him."

A shifted his focus to Mabui asking, "What can you tell me about this Hidan?"

Yugito wasn't surprised that Mabui was able to rattle off, "He's an anarchist that worships a heathen god known as Jashin. He's also a missing-nin from Hotsprings Village and is rumored to be unable to die."

A scowled at the mention of the man's village, due to its having been a constant source of information leaks from various shinobi, kunoichi, and even political leaders, since its conversion from a shinobi village to a tourist destination. Whatever was in the water there tended to make its visitors loose lipped so he had banned his shinobi from ever visiting. Not that the political leaders of Lightning Country ever listened to him much to his annoyance and the ruination of several of his schemes to increase the military might of his village.

Thinking along those lines he said, "Hmm, perhaps we can use this to our advantage. Konoha did cross into our borders and we may be able to use that to get our hands on the Byakugan."

Yugito fought down her frown at that. While she respected A like no other shinobi, with the exception being the one she was now bound to, she didn't like how he was willing to go to such lengths to get his hands on other villages' bloodlines. Glad that they had taken precautions against such an occurrence she said, "I think it would be best to let the matter drop, Lord Raikage."

Her leader arched an eyebrow which she took as permission to speak her mind so added, "Although I wasn't aware of any pursuit it's possible that Konoha was tracking me. During my battle I lost the remaining vials of the disease and since it didn't turn up during your search for me. They may have taken it. With Tsunade as their Hokage she may be able to track the origin of it to our northern villages."

"That's rather farfetched," A said dismissively with a wave.

"I wouldn't underestimate one of the Sanin," Yugito said severely to which her leader had to agree. Adding the icing to her argument she said, "Also, take into account that one of their shinobi was responsible for the devastation you found and that he killed a man that our own information says was unkillable. I think it would be best if we let the matter drop for now."

She could see her leader didn't like it but was hard pressed to argue against her recommendation. With a sigh he said, "I suppose there will be other opportunities. You're dismissed."

Yugito nodded heading for the door but not before sending one last glance Mabui's way wondering just how Naruto would be able to get close to the serene looking woman.


Shizune woke with a sigh not wanting to leave the comfort of her bed or wake from the rather steamy dream she had been enjoying. However, as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, she blushed at what the dream had entailed. Pulling her sleeping shirt over her head, she looked at herself in a full length mirror clad in only her panties. She ran a hand over one of her nipples finding it still hard from her dream which had starred her and a certain genin who could probably take a great deal of the village's jounin on and win. Stifling the moan her actions brought on, she looked at her day planner seeing that today she had to finish Naruto's medical examination.

With a sigh she thought, "No wonder I dreamed about him." Although a plausible excuse she knew it was only partly the reason her dream had been so erotic. The other being her life in general and while she was glad for the opportunities she had been given such as studying under one of the strongest women on the planet. There were times when she wondered if perhaps she would have been better off staying in the village.

At least as far as her love life was concerned, as having to act as the adult in the duo that had been Tsunade and her had taken its toll. That was no doubt one of the reasons why she was having sexually explicit dreams about someone half her age. Not that she hadn't tried to lose her virginity, but she had bungled it in such a way that she had never tried again. It had happened a few nights after she had turned twenty-one. Tsunade had been on one of her all night benders, but instead of fretting over her as had often been the case. Shizune had headed out to a bar herself. There she had met a handsome young man and approached him with the intention of seducing him. Sadly, she had been so nervous that she had kept feeding the man drinks to the point that when they had retired to a cheap hotel room. The man had after a heavy make-out session had passed out on top of her. Feeling mortified, she had left her would be deflowerer in his drunken stupor to collect her master. Luckily and gladly they had left the village early the next day.

Therefore, with her first and only really experience with sex ending in abject failure. Shizune had simply funneled all her energies into being there for her teacher. She guessed that may be the other reason she had begun to feel so frustrated with her lack of a love life, which was lately Tsunade had needed her less and less. To be honest it was something she had always feared about Tsunade taking the position of Hokage. That being as she had grown into the job, and rediscovered the strong woman she had been, before her devastating losses, she'd stop relying on her.

It may have taken a little over three years but that day had seemed to arrive. Normally Shizune would have quickly showered before heading to Tsunade's room to rouse her from bed. Looking at the clock, Shizune sighed as she didn't even need to check as her master was no doubt already in her office. It had surprised Shizune the first time she had headed to the Sannin's room only to find that Tsunade was already awake and gone. She had quickly headed to the office expecting to find out that some emergency had happened during the night that had required the Hokage's attention. Instead all she had found was the blonde working diligently on her paperwork.

At first Shizune had delighted in the change in her master having never seen her so happy. However as time went on that joy had turned into a wondering of how she would define herself as the role she had performed for nearly twenty years seemed to no longer be needed. Shizune shook her head as she remembered trying to convince herself that it was all a front and Tsunade still needed her. She had even checked the blonde's secret, secret stash, since while Tsunade no doubt knew that she was aware of her hidden sake supply. Shizune was positive that her master wasn't aware that she knew of her real secret stash. When she had checked it all she had found was clothes, some of them rather risqué, that Shizune imagined that Tsunade would only wear in her youth. Not really sure what the clothes symbolized, she had put them back wondering just what she would do with herself if Tsunade had truly turned a corner and no longer needed her.

With a weary sigh Shizune decided to shower before heading to the office. Pulling her panties down, she flushed in embarrassment at the reminder of her dream the dampened panties represented. Quickly and efficiently showering she ate a light breakfast before heading to the office wondering just how she'd break the monotony her life had become.


What followed for Shizune was another day of filing the papers that Tsunade signed with the various people they needed to reach. One of the things she noticed was a mission acceptance form for one of the many G-ranked missions that Naruto had accrued over his shinobi career. She didn't know how he'd react particularly if he learned that Team Eight plus Kakashi had discovered something troublesome in their search for answers to what had happened to the Anbu team looking into Orochimaru's hideouts.

Normally she believed that he'd go ballistic at the idea of being left out, even if he was injured. However, the calm way he was reacting to being on the light duty assignment of filling in for Hinata surprised her. She had half expected that by lunch he would have pestered Tsunade into giving him an assignment a little more exciting. Instead he went about the various tasks he was asked to perform with a minimal of fuss. Therefore when lunch did arrive and she entered the office to tell Tsunade she was heading to the cafeteria she was surprised to find him sitting behind the desk looking over a piece of paper.

Entering the office fully she had said, "Does Tsunade know you're sitting at her desk?"

"I'm sure she wouldn't have a problem with it," he replied with a grin she couldn't help mirroring.

"Do you know where she went?"

"S-she said something about getting something to drink," Naruto replied.

Shizune found the small hitch in his reply a little strange and noticed his cheeks coloring a little so asked, "Are you alright?"

"Never better, Shizune."

"Okay, well I guess we'll find out later, don't forget we have to finish your examination after lunch."

"I know. I'll be there."

Shizune nodded and began making her way out of the office. Just as she reached the door she said, "Can you tell Lady Tsunade that I'll be taking my lunch now."

"Y-yeah no problem. I'll see you after lunch."

Shizune paused wondering what was wrong with him as he seemed to be fighting back a grimace. Figuring she'd find out what was going on with him later she opened the door to leave. Just before the door closed she heard a slurping sound and heard Naruto groan out. Except the sound was the farthest thing from pain she could imagine. She stood frozen outside the door wondering what she had just heard.

"Was Naruto with someone," she thought shocked, especially since the only place for the person to hide was under the desk. She was tempted to go back to get to the bottom of it but decided to leave not willing to subject either of them to the embarrassment. She guessed that he was just at that age. Naturally that left the question of just who it was with him. "I guess those dates must have paid off," she thought both amused and titillated.

She had heard the rumors that Naruto had become quite popular with the ladies recently, having been seen about town with several beautiful women. While several of them had been civilians, two of them had been the kunoichi that had graduated with him. She had just assumed that like the rumors also said that they had been play dates and that Naruto was doing them in hopes of wooing Sakura. Still unless it had been Sakura under the desk then perhaps the dates had bore some unexpected fruit for the blond.

She reasoned that had to be the case as Sakura had been rather depressed lately. At first she had believed that it was due to the disastrous mission to capture Sasori's spy. In part to Sasuke's appearance, and subsequent attacking of the team. But now she assumed it was more Naruto related. As it didn't escape her notice that in all the rumors Sakura's name was never mentioned and he had been on several dates with each of the women whose names had. Another thing that hadn't escaped her notice was that as Sakura's mood fell. The kunoichi's whose names she had heard had picked up. Add Tsunade to the mix and it would have been a trifecta of women associated with the blond who suddenly seemed to possess a more positive outlook.

Shizune stopped dead in her tracks, thinking, "It wasn't Tsunade was it?" She shook her head clearing it of such craziness as surely Tsunade the world's most powerful kunoichi wouldn't be on her knees under her own desk sucking off Naruto. Guessing her hunger was getting the best of her. She quickly headed to the hospital to stop at the small cafeteria it had.

Taking a seat by herself to be left alone with her thoughts. She began to really wonder if her dream was having an effect on her. She had just about almost convinced herself she had imagined the whole thing when Ino and Sakura entered. The contrast between the two couldn't be greater as Ino was doing her best to try and cheer up her friend. Still it was easy to see the more the blonde tried the worse she was making the pink haired girl feel and so eventually they both lapsed into silence.

To Shizune it appeared that Sakura was lamenting her loss of presence in Naruto's life. Going through something similar in her own she couldn't help but feel sympathy for the girl. It wasn't a good feeling to know you were no longer needed by someone you cared for. Even if to Shizune the pink-haired girl now found herself trapped in a situation of her own making. She knew Sakura's feeling for Naruto had changed over the years of his absence. But, the way she had focused so much on Sasuke upon Naruto's return Shizune felt she shouldn't be surprised that he had apparently moved on.

Hoping the two would work past their differences Shizune focused on Ino and for a moment pictured her under the desk pleasing Naruto. It was shockingly easy to do especially since Ino not only had been on a date with Naruto but had seemed to shed her Sasuke's loving image.

However, her imagination took the image of the blonde sucking the jinchuriki off and supplanted her into it. But then it morphed again but this time spinning a little scenario for her. She was entering the office holding a cup of tea on a tray for the Hokage. She smiled at the blond sitting behind the desk as his blue eyes softened upon seeing her. Taking the tea from the tray he downed it in a single gulp both delighting and annoying her. Her delight stemmed from the fact she knew he enjoyed it and the annoyance came from all the effort she had put into making it just the way he liked it, only for it quickly being gulped down.
[/Still the delight won out as she asked, "Will there be anything else, Lord Hokage?"
[/"Actually I'm feeling a little stiff," he said pushing the chair back several feet.
[/Without a word Shizune took up her position between her leader's legs and freed the reason behind his tented pants. Gasping as it shot out of his fly she grabbed ahold of the shaft and quickly went about releasing the tension in her Hokage's body. No sooner had her mouth wrapped around his pole then he groaned out in a way to what she had heard earlier saying, "Shizune…"

"Shizune, hey earth to Shizune," a female voice called out waking her from her daydream

Focusing on the voice she said, "What is it, Ino?"

"Well lunch is over, and your hospital shift started fifteen minutes ago. I was just coming back for a drink and saw you staring off into space."

Surprised she looked to the clock to see the blonde kunoichi wasn't exaggerating. Standing abruptly she said, "Oh no, I'm late."

"That's what I'm trying to tell you," Ino said with an amused smile. "Have fun," she added under her breath as the dark-haired woman was already through the swinging doors of the hospital cafeteria.

Shizune took off running since her first appointment was famous for his lack of patience. Knowing how busy he tended to be, even with a cast, she didn't doubt getting him to agree to another appointment would be rather difficult. Especially if the reason the first one didn't happen was because of her tardiness. As she ran, she tried to ignore the way her panties clung to her due to her arousal. Doubting her patient was there, but not willing to chance making him wait longer if he was she decided to just make due.

Arriving at the door she pulled the folder out of the tray hanging from the wall next to it before stepping in ready to face disappointment. What she wasn't expecting was Naruto to be sitting patiently on the bed the room had clad, in only his boxers.

"You're still here," she exclaimed unable to keep her surprise from her voice or face.

Naruto laughed saying, "Well I imagine that we'd have to reschedule later if I left. Since my cast is coming off soon, I figured it'd be best to do it now instead of when I'll be getting some serious missions again."

Shizune nodded saying, "Sorry for making you wait."

"It's alright," he said standing and reaching to pull his boxers down, "so do I lose these."

"Wait," Shizune said nervously.

"I thought you said you need to examine it," Naruto said looking at her confused.

"I do, I just need some time to mentally prepare myself," she said blushing at his amused chuckle. While quickly adding, "Plus there are some questions I need to ask."

Crossing his arms over his chest he said, "Oh okay. Ask away doc."

Asking the full litany of questions she came to one where she expected him to be less than honest but was prepared to confront him if necessary so asked, "Now are you sexually active."

"Yes," he replied unabashedly surprising her.

Quickly composing herself she kept her eyes glued to the clipboard as she asked the next, "About how often do you engage in such activities."

Taking a moment to think he said, "It varies, but maybe six or seven times is the average."

Shizune looked up at him again in surprise. Writing the response down Naruto could see she assumed he had meant a week. He thought about correcting her since Tsunade would make sure the real answers never saw the light of day, but didn't want to shock her too much, too quickly. Still it was proving hard not to laugh as she would keep looking up in surprise when she got an answer she didn't expect.

As she worked her way through the list Shizune fought to keep a hint of annoyance from her thoughts. Here she was a thirty something woman and a boy just reaching the prime of his life had already experienced the unknown thrills of sex and was almost basking in it from the small smile he was gracing her with. With a mental sigh she finished the list so looking up said, "Alright Naruto, I'm ready for you to lose them."

Unashamed, he quickly pulled them down and she was hard pressed not to gasp at the monster in front of her. Although flaccid she guessed that when erected he'd be about ten inches. Quickly and efficiently after dawning some latex gloves, while ignoring the way her body was reacting to the naked man in front of her, she set about checking to make sure he was healthy. Finishing she pulled off her gloves and tossed them in the medical waste bin. Pulling a small container from one of the selves she said blushing, "I'm going to need a sample."

Although not the first time he'd had such an exam since it was pretty much standard issue for becoming a shinobi. She assumed it was the first time he had been asked for such a thing so said, "Since you are sexually active there are more test we need to run. So, I'm going to need a semen sample."

"Okay," he said taking the cup from her. "When do you need it back?"

"Now would be best so I can run it down to the lab. There are some magazines in one of the drawers to help facilitate you in providing it. I'll be waiting outside."

"Sure thing," Naruto said again showing none of the signs of embarrassment that she was feeling.

Stepping out into the hall, she calmed her racing heart having never felt such desire well up inside her. Glad the worst of it was over, she expected it would only be a few minutes before she received the call he was finished. That was why when a half hour passed she knocked on the door worriedly calling, "Naruto, I'm coming in."

She gave him a few moments to cover up before pushing the door open. Yet again she received a shock as Naruto was standing with the cup sitting on the counter slowly stroking himself. She almost jumped out of the room but the sound of footsteps approaching forced her to shut the door. Pressing her back against it, Naruto had the decency to stop but not cover up saying, "Sorry it's taking so long I'm having a little trouble."

Immediately going into doctor mode she asked worriedly, "Do you think the reason is medical?"

Sticking his cast covered right arm behind his head he said, "Nah, it's just I came a short while ago and while normally that wouldn't be a problem using my left hand just isn't cutting it."

Shizune kept a straight face but felt her body heat up at the admission. Now positive she had been only a few feet from Naruto as he was being pleasured caused a surge of arousal that left her panties a sticky mess. She concentrated on Naruto as he said, "Anyway, if you don't mind I'll bring you the sample later after I have my lover help me out."

Shizune was about to nod but he added, "Shit, I'm probably going to be walking around with this boner all day now."

His mentioning that caused Shizune to shift her gaze to the rather large appendage sticking out from his body. He was about to pick up his boxers when she said red-faced, "Well maybe I could…maybe I could be of assistance."

"That would be great," Naruto said surprising her since she assumed he would have raised the point he had a girlfriend. Still she was forced to admit that he probably could use the same reason she was, that she was just going about getting the sample she needed.

She moved towards him and spared a look towards the box of gloves that she knew procedure said she should don. Still she didn't spare them a second look as she approached the attractive naked male in front of her. Embarrassed at the way Naruto never broke eye contact she said, "Please don't look."

Naruto immediately shifted his gaze to the wall. Doing the same thing except looking in the opposite direction she gingerly reached down grabbing a hold of it. She pulled her hand back as it jumped at the contact causing him to say, "Sorry." Nodding, although he couldn't see it she again grabbed hold and began gently moving her hand back and forth.

Shizune couldn't believe how hot his cock was and was tempted to look down. Fighting it, she tried to keep the encounter strictly professional. However, she knew that she had already crossed that line when she had offered. Thinking that almost seemed to free her and after making sure Naruto was still looking at the wall spared a glance.

Naruto fought back a groan since he didn't want to startle her. Being discreet he looked over out of the corner of his eye to see Shizune staring down at her efforts. He knew she was getting lost in the handjob as her pace which had begun almost efficiently in order to quickly get the sample she needed was becoming erratic. At times she'd stop with her hand at the tip before once more beginning to stroke him.

He could also hear her breathing change as she exerted herself. Yet it also had the undertones that he had long begun to associate with his lovers as their lusts took over. Shizune gave up any pretense that it was strictly a way of getting his semen for her tests when she sunk to her haunches. The way her legs stuck out from her kimono gave the usually reserved woman a sultry edge he'd never seen in her before. Not to mention the way she was staring at his cock in a manner completely different then she had only a short while before.

Again he had to fight back a groan as she brought up her other hand to join the one jacking him off. He also had to fight back the urge to cum, as otherwise not only would the spell be broken but she'd get a face full of it as she was almost at eyelevel with his tip. He noticed the tip of her tongue peek out from between her lips before darting back in. Picking up the sign he had been waiting for he placed his left hand on the back of her head. He hadn't even needed to exert any pressure before she moved forward swallowing his cock.

She continued to use her hands to pleasure what she couldn't fit into her mouth and although her technique was clumsy her enthusiasm more than made up for it. He fell back against the counter moaning, "Shizune," and much to his surprise her excitement seemed to double.

When he felt her tongue begin to tickle the slit of his cock he finally lost his battle saying, "Shizune, here comes your sample." She just groaned in response so Naruto let himself go releasing several powerful bursts.

Shizune had vaguely heard his warning, but she was too far gone to care the real thing far eclipsing her earlier fantasy. That was until he erupted in her mouth. Caught by surprise by just how much there was she felt her cheeks bulge. Pulling back she caught the final burst on her face.

Swallowing what was in her mouth as she wasn't sure what else to do. She began to be overwhelmed by a feeling of mortification. "I'm so sorry," she said standing moving to a wipe dispenser to clean her face unable to look at the young man.

"Sorry for what," Naruto said seriously. Before joking, "If all my doctor's appointments had been like that it wouldn't be nearly so hard to get me to come to them."

"Naruto," she said glad he was trying to cheer her up, "that was terribly unprofessional of me. I'm sorry I caught you up in my frustrations getting the better of me. Not to mention you have a girlfriend."

"Ah," Naruto said still nude. He surprised her by moving to his pants and reaching into his pouch he pulled out a kunai. Sticking it into the cast near his elbow, he ran it down the plaster cutting it off.

"What," she said shocked.

Flexing his arm he said," That's better."

"But you said…"

"Sorry about that it was the best way to get you to cut loose."

"What…" she said again quickly losing grasp of just what was going on. "But you have a girlfriend."

Closing with her like a predator, Naruto smiled, "She's the one that put me up to this. She's been really worried about you and wanted you to experience the same joy she does."

"I…I don't understand…"

"Then don't, just feel," he said reaching into the folds of her robe with his left hand. Before she could stop him, Naruto had slipped her panties to the side and finding a flood said, "Wow, you're soaked down here."

Before she could respond, she had to bite down on a knuckle to keep from screaming as she was sure if she had the entire floor would have heard her. Naruto went about quickly proving he was as skilled with his left hand as he was with his right as it only seemed to take a minute for him to bring some release to the young woman who screamed her orgasm into her knuckle. Naruto moved her to fall back onto the bed where the panting woman watched him dressed with glassy eyes that told him that she wasn't completely aware of her surroundings anymore.

Shizune became aware of a dressed Naruto moving towards the door whistling a happy sounding tune. He looked back to see she was once again aware of her surroundings and smiled at the spread legged view he was getting from where she laid on the bed. Focusing on her face he said, "I know you have questions and we'll be pleased to answer them tonight at my apartment around eight o'clock. But if you want this to be just a too real fantasy then you can pretend it never happened. I'll leave it up to you to decide. I know we both hope you show."

Naruto then turned towards the door which he opened with his right hand. Just before he stepped outside Shizune noticed him bring his left up to his mouth where he sucked his fingers clean of her essence. Shizune wasn't sure what just happened, but she knew a part of her was already shouting at her that eight o'clock was too long to wait.


Naruto put the finishing touches on the table by lighting the candle in the center. The only other thing on it was a bucket of ice with a bottle of wine in it surrounded by three glasses. As he made his way to his leather chair where he could argue his path to world peace had truly begun and while aware he still had a long way to go. Also, while he would never rank any of his experiences he had to admit seducing a girl from the 'Wants' list seemed to be more fun than the 'Needs'.

He supposed it had to do with that there wasn't the same element of fear of failure. While both he and Tsunade would be disappointed if Shizune didn't show then there was no worry of his plan derailing at a critical point. Thinking of Tsunade, he looked over the arm of his chair to see a gift bag sitting there. The only note that had been attached had been addressed to him. Basically all it had said was for him to leave it alone. Curious he was tempted to look inside but didn't want to end up facing Tsunade's wrath so let it be.

As the clock approached the appointed hour and despite his earlier thoughts he did find himself feeling a little anxious. He guessed it had to do with as more and more women feel under his spell, Shizune could become a problem if she chose to not join him. He truly didn't know which way she would go as he hadn't needed to use any of his techniques such as the Temptation's Touch or his enhanced pheromones since he had almost been able to smell the lust radiating from her before she gave in. But now as the clock struck eight, he began to think maybe he should have used at least one of them. His attention was pulled to the door by a knock so soft he almost thought he had imagined it. Smiling he got out of the chair to welcome his guest.


Shizune had counted to three in her head after knocking. Hitting the number she turned to flee as she had been debating whether to come or not the rest of her shift. She had talked herself out of showing countless times yet still found herself standing in front of Naruto's door. But before she could run another part of her screamed in abject horror at the idea of not feeling the pleasure Naruto had caused her to experience that afternoon already.

She turned back as the lock of the door snapped into place and slowly opened. Naruto took a moment to run his eyes over her figure and she fretted about her decision not to dress up. But she calmed seeing that Naruto wasn't dressed all that fancy either.

"I'm glad you came," he said stepping to the side to let her in.

The first thing to catch her eye was the table and three glasses surrounding a candle and wine. Naruto followed her gaze and moving towards it asked, "Would you like something to drink?" She nodded, so the blond pulled out the cork before pouring some into two of the glasses.

Noticing she asked, "I…I thought your girlfriend would be here."

"She'll be a little late," Naruto said handing her the glass. After taking a sip from his, he said, "But she said to get started without her." Shizune drained her glass in a single shot. Naruto chuckled, saying, "There's nothing to be so nervous about."

"Naruto this is so crazy, I don't even know where to begin…"

The rest was swallowed by the kiss Naruto planted against her lips. Despite her words Shizune found herself wrapping her arms around the young man and responded in kind when he deepened the kiss. Naruto pulled back and seeing the daze look Shizune sported said, "I think that was a good place."

He then picked her up in his arms and carried her towards his bed. After he set her down he went in for another kiss but she stopped him by placing a hand against his chest saying, "Is this really alright?"

"That's for you to decide," Naruto said taking the hand away and lowering his face to hers. Whispering in her ear he said, "I assure you if you are worried about my lovers they'll be more then understanding. But if you want this to end then you should leave now. But if you stay you'll never regret it."

Shizune felt chills at his words despite the fire it began in her loins and due to her arousal missed his use of the word lovers. He pulled back to stare into her eyes and she lost herself in the seas of blue. Having come to a fork in the road she was faced with either going back to her boring life before she had gotten out of bed that morning, or an exciting new one with the blond that had already shook her world view of just how good sex would feel. Tired of boring she jumped in with both feet pulling the young man's face to hers picking up the kiss where it had ended.

As the kiss progressed Naruto occupied his hands by working at the knot of her kimono. With a slow pull he worked it free pushing the fabric it had held closed to the side. Her chest exposed Shizune moved her hands from rubbing Naruto back to trying to cover herself. Naruto caught them and admonishing her said, "There's no need for that, Shizune. You have a beautiful body." Slowly he lowered his face to her breast sucking on it to coax her nipple into hardness. As the nub responded she moaned as he began to run his tongue around it. Doing so to the other, he let go of Shizune's hands which quickly moved to the back of his head.

He was surprised to feel a subtle pressure trying to push him downward. Not needing a written invitation he kissed and licked down her body until he came face to face with her panty covered mound. He grabbed ahold of the band and was surprised when with no protest Shizune lifted her hips. Pulling them off slowly, he moved his face to her glistening and shaved mound. Looking up her body he said, "I've been anxious to taste you again and look there's so much."

"D-don't say that…oh shit," Shizune said her complaint turning into a cry of pleasure as Naruto dove into her muff. He tongued fucked her doing his best to drink in all of her essence but found she just made more. Again her hands found their way to his hair but this time they pulled him into her as she raised her hips almost directing him to where she felt the most pleasure.

Naruto felt her thighs tighten around him as the rest of her body also tensed when she reached her release shouting, "Aiiiiiieeeeeee," she sagged into the bed. Allowing Naruto to remove his clothes, she had recovered hungry for more and felt a little drool escape her mouth as the nude blond took up position between her legs. He rubbed his thick cock along her slit saying, "Last chance to back out."

To answer Shizune wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him towards her. Naruto angled his cock in allowing Shizune to pull him inside her. As he slowly entered she groaned in satisfaction knowing that she was now addict to the full feeling that only came from a cock penetrating her.

She pulled his face towards hers kissing him and tasting herself saying, "Fuck me, Naruto. I need this…need you so bad." Naruto began slowly but Shizune reached her hands to his ass and began trying to pull him into her faster. Giving voice to her desire she moaned, "Fast…faster…harder…s-show me just what it is that I've been missing."

Naruto responded to her request and soon the room was filled with the loud slaps of two bodies slamming into each other. Shizune proved to be a very vocal lover as she moaned, "Yes…yes …it's so good. I can feel you so deep inside. Fuck….oh fuck it's so good. I want you…I want to feel your cum flooding me…cum for me…cum."

Hearing the normally reserved kunoichi talk like that made Naruto want to fulfill her request. Responding in kind he said, "Shizune, you're wrapped around my cock so tight. Despite your reserved appearance you're quite the slut."

"No…don't say that…I'm not slutty…"

Feeling her tighten around his cock at his words Naruto replied, "That's not what your pussy is telling me."

A little mortified she began to cover her face with her hands all the while moaning her approval of his actions. Groaning and nearing his end he whispered into his ear saying, "Don't worry I love the slutty Shizune too. Because she's all mine."

Shizune moved her hands from her face to wrap them around his neck asking, "You like slutty girls…"

"No," Naruto said and when her eyes went wide added, "I love them…" Shizune tensed her orgasm catching her by surprise and as her pussy milked him off his essence he obliged it by letting go flooding her womb with his seed. Shizune again screamed in the way that was distinctly hers shouting, "Aiiiiiieeeeeee."

Naruto sagged on top of her before rolling to the side letting his breathing return to normal. His forearm was covering his eyes so he was surprised when a wet warmth quickly surrounded his cock again. Looking down he saw Shizune with her mouth around it. Staring up at him with lust she said her voice a little garbled, "More please. Make me feel more."

Naruto placed his hands in her hair pulling her atop of him where she quickly buried his rigid pole back in its new home. After experiencing several hours worth of sex she'd be in a similar position when a voice she knew as well as her own said, "So you came after all."


Tsunade hated one thing about her position that even her new outlook on life couldn't shed. That being how at a moment's notice she could find herself locked in a room with people she despised and still had to try and placate them. Today it had been Danzou who after his attempt to block Fu's inclusion in the village had decided to be up front about his desire to train the girl. Naturally she had told him to go to hell but had then had to listen to his apparent ally Homura drone on to the benefits it would provide the village.

Koharu hadn't been present, and if Tsunade had to guess at the reason it was because she was scouting out Mikoto's situation by discreetly checking the prison. She only hoped the elder learned something of value as that would be the only way she'd consider being delayed to her meeting with Naruto as anything but a loss. Sliding her key into Naruto's door, she opened it quietly and saw a sweaty Shizune riding Naruto's cock like her life depended on it. Pleased she said, "So you came after all."

Not much could pull Shizune from her enjoyment of the cock buried in her. But hearing her master and village leader's voice certainly did the trick. She stopped, turning her head to see a smiling Tsunade as she closed the door behind her.

"Lady Tsunade," Shizune said quickly shifting through several emotions most of them in some way related to embarrassment, "It's not what it looks like."

Tsunade arched an eyebrow saying, "It looks like your riding Naruto's cock to what is probably your seventh orgasm."

Shizune then stared in shock as Tsunade walked towards the bed her appearance morphing into one she had only seen in pictures the woman had carried around. Shizune had seen Tsunade henge shift many times and even on rare occasion fade away. She knew that the sight greeting her wasn't Tsunade shifting her appearance. At a lost as to how and why Tsunade appeared so young and was wearing the clothes she had found was forced to focus on the fact that she still had a cock in her when Naruto moved his hips.

Shizune moaned, only to find that in the few moments her attention was focused elsewhere Tsunade had shed her clothes. She began to understand what was going on when Tsunade moved to the table to pour herself a glass of wine when Naruto said while pleasing the Hokage's first apprentice, "You're late."

"You're his girlfriend," Shizune said trying to get ahold of the situation despite the insistent pleasure wracking her body.

"I think we've agreed lover is more apt considering the situation," Tsunade said slowly sipping her glass. Sitting on the bed next to her apprentice she said, "My selfishness has robbed you of a normal life. While this is anything but normal, I'm sure you'll find it to be a pleasant alternative." Closing her face to Shizune's she said, "Welcome to our new life together Shizune."

She kissed her apprentice gently and was pleased when Shizune responded. She broke the kiss and standing said, "Now Naruto really give it to her."

"As ordered," Naruto said mock-seriously. Shizune began moaning loudly despite herself as Naruto redoubled his efforts.

As Shizune's moans filled the room, Tsunade was glad they had installed sound dampening seals to the small apartment. While the building wasn't fully occupied she didn't think the nightly screams of pleasure would go unnoticed by any of his neighbors forever. She pulled the bag she had brought from next to Naruto's chair and pulled out the harness inside. Slipping into it she slipped one end of the attached dildo inside of her. Staring down at what remained sticking out of her she smiled as she approached the bed.

Shizune seemed to have forgotten all about her again moaning the word, "More," over and over again. More than willing to give her apprentice what she asked for, she stepped up to the bed and grabbing Shizune's chin said, "Here suck on this. You'll want to make sure it's nice and lubed."

Without question her apprentice began doing so like an old pro as she continued to ride Naruto cock. When her plastic toy was quite slippery, she pulled it from Shizune's mouth before taking up a kneeling position behind her. She pushed Shizune forward until her torso was pressed against Naruto's chest exposing the black-haired girl's anal passage. Pressing the plastic dildo against it she said, "I hope you're ready for this, Shizune."

"L-lady Tsunade… ah fuck," Shizune groaned as her ass was penetrated.

Shizune was given a moment to adjust to the new penetration but to both Naruto and Tsunade's shock she began trying to move her hips. "Shizune, my how slutty," Tsunade teased, "If I didn't know better I'd have thought you done this before."

"I…I can't stop my hips," Shizune said feeling embarrassed, "It's just so good. Please…more…make me feel more."

Tsunade leaned forward placing a kiss against Shizune's back before straightening and giving her apprentice what she asked for. Pulling her hips back, she slammed forward pulling a shriek of, "I can feel them rubbing against each other inside me, oh fuck it's soooo good," from her apprentice's throat. It only spurred her on and soon she was pounding away along with Naruto much to Shizune's delight. Tsunade groped her own tit as the sounds of their moans echoed off the walls. As she watched Shizune's back door grip the plastic cock inside her ass, Tsunade began to wonder what it would feel like herself. The way it moved about inside her gave her the added pleasure of knowing she was pleasing her apprentice.

She felt her own orgasm approaching and feared she was going to cum alone when Naruto said, "I'm going to cum…ah fuck…" Tsunade joined in crying her release soaking the harness she wore in her juices.

Shizune, who had been moaning incoherently suddenly tensed before rearing back into Tsunade who caught the woman placing her hands around her tits and pulled her nipples. Shizune's cries intensified before she sagged into Tsunade's body having passed out. Tsunade pulled Shizune to the side noticing the large amounts of cum that began to leak from her apprentice's abused snatch. From the flow she guessed that Naruto had let loose numerous times inside her apprentice but had remained connect to her.

Not quite satisfied herself she pulled her harness off. She leaned down to clean Naruto's cock before climbing atop of him to experience another orgasm herself. It would be a half-hour later when still connected to Naruto except on all fours being pounded from behind Shizune suddenly shot up in bed shouting, "I never got a semen sample for the exam."

Both Tsunade and Naruto stopped what they were doing to stare at the young woman who was beginning to flush in embarrassment at her outburst. Tsunade simply said, "Well I'm sure by now you know how to go about getting one." She then moved away from Naruto allowing his cock to slip from her velvet sheath. She pushed him onto his back and proceeded to lick all over his cock and balls. To her pleasure she was soon joined by Shizune who had decided to wait until later for the answers to her questions.

*Chapter 15*: Chapter 15

Target: Koyuki and a Bonus

Koharu was sweating heavily, but it wasn't for the reason she had gotten used to lately. That reason generally being her on the receiving end of a good hard fucking from her lover. No, the reason Koharu was sweating now was due to her hanging around a lava pit at whose center sat the Leaf Maximum Security Prison. She was dressed in a skin tight bodysuit which was separated around the midsection. Covering her head was a shinobi mask that also kept her hair in check and covered.

It had taken her most of the day slowly moving along the rock face that surrounded the prison. Her hopes were to get inside of it, but to do that had required her reaching her current position undetected by nightfall. That being right underneath the portion of the drawbridge that hung over the rim of the crater and was the only way in and out of the prison. Having achieved her goal, she was simply waiting for them to lower the bridge to let out the civilian administrators for the night. Above her, the elder and deaged member of Naruto's harem could hear the sound of the chunin guards as they walked the edge of the crater.

Although the actual guards were all shinobi, many of whom were stationed in the prison for months at a time. It was civilians that handled many of the lesser and often bureaucratic tasks such as the office work. As such it provided a small window of opportunity to gain access to the prison. One she had been aware of for years and had even tried to shut down demanding the civilians stay on the site like the shinobi. However, now she was glad Sarutobi had told her no while claiming there was no need to subject civilians to such a harsh working environment for such extended periods. Still she took a perverse sense of pleasure from knowing she was right.

Hearing the sound of gears beginning to turn as the bridge began to lower down towards the prison, she amended her thoughts to admit that she wasn't in the prison yet. Once lowered into place, she sprung from her hiding spot running along beneath the drawbridge upside down as the outgoing civilians left the facility. She reached the end and waited for the much slower civilians to complete their own journeys. While she waited she heard the front gate of the prison slam shut and then the drawbridge began to rise into place once more. Riding it up she waited until she could see the top of the wall that surrounded the prison before leaping from the bridge to it. Landing smoothly on the walkway, she ducked into a nearby shadow cast by a guard tower to plan her next moves.

Due to the time there were plenty of shadows for her to make her way closer to the central building where the prisoners were kept. From her vantage point she could see the prisoners assigned to hard labor entering the facility that housed their cells.

Off to the side of the prison sat a large mansion that was where the warden as well as many of the off duty shinobi guards stayed. Directing her gaze back to the building that was her target she found the square looking building to be quite imposing. It was also located almost at the exact center away from the wall that surrounded it and from where she was currently staring at it from.

She ran a quick sweep along the wall to make sure none of the guards pacing the top of it were a threat. From the lazy way they walked, she knew it would be a while before they made their way towards her. She also reasoned it was near a shift change for them and contemplated waiting until then to make her move. However, she couldn't be sure how long that would be since the warden didn't send such information to the village. Partly as a security measure, but Koharu also had a sense that some other reason was behind it.

The warden, a man named Iwana Akame, had taken over the prison sometime after the breakout engineered by Mizuki. He had been recommended by Danzou to which both she and Homura had quickly supported. Tsunade had been against the man's appointment. At the time Koharu had suspected it was due to his well documented dislike of Naruto, as he had been one of the men assigned to track the boy down when he had been tricked into taking the scroll of sealing. If she had to guess, he had also been one of the men that Sarutobi had felt the need to mention that the boy was to be brought back unharmed.

Despite her hesitance to give the man the position, Tsunade had been forced to admit he took to the job quite well. Upon accepting the position he had instituted many procedural changes to the prison. One of which had been to stop sending shift reports back to Konoha since he felt that the prison should be its own self-contained little world. So that enemy spies couldn't analyze the reports for weaknesses in its defenses. It was as she was planning her little operation that Koharu began to think something else may be going on in the prison. Her concerns stemmed from her noticing that most of the chunin who were assigned as guards had been serving for almost the entire three years. That in itself was odd as before most chunin only did prison duty for the single required term, despite it paying slightly higher. Still since chunin were only required to do the tasks that there rank entailed only once before being allowed to fall into their own niches, such as teachers, it could have just been a number of chunin found themselves attracted to guard duty.

However, what threw up a red flag for her was that only certain chunin were allowed to stay on past the first term. Although some had reapplied to the position, no doubt for the hazard pay, they found themselves blocked by poor performance reviews written by Akame. Most of the chunin who were rejected in such a manner had exceptional records in the other tasks they had performed. While it could just mean that they had butted heads with Akame. She had a less innocent theory on the matter. That being that Akame wanted to surround himself with people that would answer to him over the Hokage or he could intimidate into obeying him. In either case it meant that something of note was happening in the prison.

She was distracted from her thoughts and found herself falling back deeper into the shadows. The reason for her sudden being startled was the Anbu mask that suddenly appeared to peak over the edge of the roof of the prison complex. Koharu, frowned since Anbu were not assigned to the prison as guards. That meant the man was there on someone else's orders and she had a pretty good idea of whose. Koharu's frown deepened as she realized that if Danzou was involved in some of the personnel selection that meant the chunin and even the warden may be answering to him. And whatever Danzou's interest in the prison was she didn't doubt it was to get him a step closer to being the Hokage.

Koharu waited until the Anbu ducked back down after completing his scan to make her move. Although an Anbu presence made her mission more dangerous, the answers she wanted may lie with the woman she was there to see.

Dropping down from her hiding spot at the top of the wall she landed quietly and quickly moved along the ground using the few spots of available cover. Reaching the base of the prison she breathed a little easier as no alarms went off. Looking up, she guessed she was right near where the Anbu had poked his head out. She silently scaled the wall and although the Anbu was well trained she could hear the movements of a guard sitting in one position to long. Reaching into her pouch and pulled several senbon. She waited until the Anbu's movements became those of someone shifting to once more glance over the courtyard to make her move. Leaping the final section of wall she grabbed the Anbu by the mask and allowed gravity to pull them down. As they fell she jammed a senbon into the man's neck rendering him unconscious.

As she expected there was an Anbu at the opposite end of the roof, who was just beginning to react to her presence. Throwing another senbon it hit the Anbu in the neck as well causing the masked figure to slump to the floor. Staring down at the one closest to her, she frowned recognizing the mask as one of the two Anbu who had been with Danzou in her home. Suspecting the other one was the kunoichi she made her way to the prone figure and as expected found Komachi there. Kneeling next to the woman she placed her hand on her shoulder and channeled chakra to the spot. A moment later an X surrounded by a circle appeared before disappearing.

Having marked the woman with the seal that Tayuya had asked Kyuubi to design for her, Koharu moved to the roof access hatch. Opening it, she spared a moment to look at the two unconscious Anbu. Although leaving them alive was a risk, primarily since even with the senbon forcing a death like paralysis on them, the effects would fade with time. However, she wasn't willing to kill Leaf Shinobi in order to complete her mission, nor did she suspect Naruto would allow it. Realizing she was wasting time she dropped into the prison.

Moving silently, to the lower levels of the prison she hoped that was where they were keeping her target. Unfortunately since Mikoto was listed as dead, she didn't turn up in the registry. All she was known by was a number, but even that wasn't listed. However, she suspected that the woman would be kept in the same area as some of the most dangerous, mainly since it would limit the number of Konoha personnel she'd run into. Plus all the guards there were permanently assigned to the task by Akame.

As she moved she tried to figure out why Danzou was assigning Anbu to the prison and she had little doubt that they worked for Danzou now. Although, Komachi and Towa answered to Yuugao, who had assigned them as one of the rotating teams guarding the elder. It was readily apparent that Danzou had turned them at some point. If they hadn't always been his that was.

Reaching the first floor with prisoners, Koharu stuck to the shadows, but frowned since due to the time the occupants of the cells should have been locked up. Instead she found all the cell doors wide open. Despite that, most of the prisoners were sleeping but there were a few moving about still. Confused, she considered grabbing one of the wandering prisoners to extract some answers but could almost feel the clock running out.

She reached the hall that would lead her to her destination wondering where all the guards were. Focusing on the mission, she marked the camera and was waiting for it to turn to create the small blind spot she would exploit. The camera reached the point and she was about to run the length of the hall but stopped and flipped back as the camera panned towards her. Frowning she wondered why her instincts had screamed at her not to run. Scanning the hallway even closer she didn't spot anything amiss until her third time. Narrowing her eyes at the small fire alarm at the center of the hall she realized that in all her run down of the blueprints of the prison there was no mention of one. Koharu knew that even if the warden had decided to update the fire system that it should have generated some sort of paper trail. For example the money to pay for such things as fire alarms. Since it wasn't the cheap kind that usually hung on a screw or nail but was hardwired into the building she knew it had cost considerable money to install. But Koharu was also willing to bet that it wasn't a fire alarm at all, but a disguised camera.

Coming to that conclusion Koharu began to back-up since it was possible that she had been on camera ever since entering the prison. That an alarm hadn't been raised simply meant Akame wasn't stupid and had allowed her to make it this far to learn who she was there to meet. Not willing to chance contacting Mikoto under such circumstances, she began heading back noting several more disguised cameras. Apparently Akame realized she was onto his extra security as suddenly the alarm began blaring.

Many prisoners sprang out of their cells much the way she expected guards to respond to a threat. Akame's voice came over the speaker suddenly saying, "We have an intruder. Whoever brings her to me alive will be well rewarded."

"What the hell is he playing at," Koharu thought as she raced through a cell block. But before she made it completely out of it a large man landed in front of her from the platform above. He attempted to hit her with a punch to the stomach but Koharu managed to avoid it easily. Her counter attack was a kick that connected with the man's ribs sending him smashing into the metal bars to her right. But with her forward momentum effectively killed more and more prisoners were able to crowd around her.

Reaching into her pouch she pulled a handful of shuriken and threw them at the men in front of her. To her surprise many of them were batted away by kunai that the prisoners held. The prisoners then prepared to throw said kunai in retaliation. She contemplated using several jutsu to protect herself but feeling a hand grab for her from behind, grabbed it and pulled the man in front of her using him as a shield. The kunai buried themselves in the man's body. Koharu was forced to leap up then as several prisoners behind her threw some as well.

Leaping to the catwalk above her, she made it several feet before a prisoner almost tackled her from his cell. She stopped suddenly though to avoid him and used his momentum to throw him over the railing. She slapped an exploding tag to him and after he smashed into the ground it exploded taking several of his fellows with him.

Reaching the end of the catwalk she leapt down, landing in front of the exit. However blocking her path was a prisoner that filled her with a vague sense of recognition. The young man had silver hair and dark eyes. His prisoner shirt had its sleeves removed to reveal heavily muscled arms, the way the man smirked at her filled Koharu with anger as if he was dismissing the threat she posed.

"Hm," the man said eyeing her body," Maybe Akame will reward me with a new plaything."

Koharu merely narrowed her eyes not rising to the bait since she didn't know if she was being recorded and although her voice was different now due to her younger age, not so much that she might not be recognized if she was careless.

Her opponent didn't seem to care merely saying, "Feisty, I'm sure we'll have loads of fun."

The man took a step towards her and as he did so black strips appeared on his body and his chest seemed to broaden. Next his face began to take on animal characteristics as fur grew from his body. When his transformation finished the prisoner looked like a combination between a tiger and a man. Understanding she was facing off against Mizuki, Koharu wondered just what the hell was going on. As although Tsunade had been able to reverse the aging side-effect the Animal Cursed Seal had inflicted on the former chunin instructor. She had been sure to remove his ability to change.

Guessing that Akame and probably Danzou were behind it she charged hoping to get by him quickly. She attempted to kick him in the side of the head but Mizuki caught the kick easily and then tossed her into the metal bars of a cell. Landing on the floor, she had to roll out of his way as he racked his claws across the ground. Leaping to her feet she flashed through several hand signs and fired a giant fireball at him that enveloped most of the narrow cell block. It hit the back end of the block melting the bars of it and leaving an exit for her. She attempted to run for it but was forced to flip backwards as Mizuki smashed into the ground from the ceiling.

Almost immediately he leapt at her even before she had hit the ground so she spit out a giant mud wall that he slammed into. Landing, she was about to leap to a catwalk when suddenly a clawed hand burst through the wall and grabbed her by the neck. Mizuki then pulled her through the mud wall tossing her down the block near the exit she had made.

Koharu struggled to get back to her feet so Mizuki took his sweet time closing with her saying, "I'll admit you are making me work for it more than I thought you'd be capable of. Have somebody sweet back home that you want to get back too. Don't worry I won't be too rough on you, but I doubt you'll want to leave by the time I'm finished with you."

"Mizuki stop playing around," Akame's voice said angrily.

"Hey, Akame go fuck yourself," Mizuki said looking up to a disguised camera, "Just because I agreed to be a soldier in your rebellion doesn't mean I'm your bitch. I'll send this whore to you when I'm damn good and ready."

Koharu hearing that felt a sudden rage and anguish. Not that Mizuki was threatening to rape her, but that Akame was planning to use the prisoners as soldiers to attack Konoha. Since, she was sure Akame wasn't the brains behind the scheme she believed that there could only be one man who was. A man that if people had asked her about as short a time ago as several months her response would have been filled with praise.

Although her pride wanted to do nothing more than school Mizuki in how foolish he was to give her time to recover. She could hear more prisoners heading her way and knew her primary mission was to warn Naruto and Tsunade now. She waited until Mizuki was right above her and when he reached down to grab her rolled to her side. She then grabbed ahold of his arm with her legs and bent his wrist with her hand. Rolling again she pulled the man off his feet and pulled dislocating his arm. Getting back to her feet she leapt through the exit as the man screamed in anger and pain.

Now out of the cell block, the hallway opened up and she came across a small broom closet. Dashing into it she locked the door hearing several impacts as prisoners, that had been watching Mizuki and her fight and had given chase as soon as she made it out of the cell block, threw weapons the impacted the door. Making a quick sweep of the room she made sure there were no hidden cameras and then channeled chakra into the fox mark located on the back of her left thigh just below her butt. A moment later Naruto appeared wearing only a pair of pants. Shaking her head at his recklessness she clamped a hand over his mouth before he could talk and said, "Flash me to my safe house." Nodding as the door began to give way the two disappeared in a red flash.

Appearing in her living room, Koharu broke away and began venting after pulling her mask off, "God damn him, that stupid selfish bastard."

"Koharu," Naruto said worriedly reaching out for her, "What's wrong?"

Koharu closed her eyes to calm herself saying, "What's wrong is a man I once thought highly of is plotting treason." She explained what she had learned that night and could see Naruto was already thinking of ways to stop it. However, she knew that if they suddenly confronted Danzou with their knowledge or attempted to shut down the prison, which could now be thought of as an enemy fort mere hours from the village, it was likely that soon the village would be facing a civil war.

She was about to caution him against rash action when he surprised her saying, "We have to be careful not to alert him that we know. At the moment he might just think that it was an enemy shinobi attempting to break out a prisoner."

Koharu nodded and knew that even though Mizuki had let the cat out of the bag. That Danzou knew the enemy villages she could have been aligned with would be sure not to move too obviously in part to let the rebellion happen and to not point out which village it had been behind the incursion. She also knew that Danzou would know this and although it would delay him a little once he was sure he had planned for it. He would continue on with his scheme.

Feeling like a fool for ignoring all the times that Sarutobi had warned her of Danzou's extreme methods for what he saw as protecting Konoha, she said, "I don't see how we can stop him without going to war. The prison might be the bulk of his forces, but he may have sleeper agents among Konoha's forces. He certainly does among the Anbu."

Naruto nodded and walked to Koharu before wrapping her in a hug from behind. Pulling her tight he said, "Right now the goal is to get him to lay low so that we can ferret out whatever agents he has."

"I know, but how do we do that without alerting him to the fact it's us that is aware of his impending rebellion and not one of the other villages."

She could hear the smile in Naruto's response when he said, "By turning to our friends." Confused as to how he could make it sound so simple but at the same time sound so positive she turned in his arms to stare into his eyes and simply gave him a questioning look.

Although learning of Danzou's impending rebellion had certainly added a tension to the morning. Naruto was determined not to let the fear of things to come interfere too much with his life. It did though give him a taste of what it must have been like to be Hokage and had only increased his respect of the men and woman that had held the title. Just how many threats had the previous Hokage known about while the rest of the village got to go on about their business blissfully unaware of the threats that the village leaders knew of. Still it proved that luck was on his and his harem's side.

Naruto nodded as he walked past Anko and a team of chunin from the Interrogation Department as they left from performing a surprise listening device sweep in the Hokage's Mansion. Naturally, the first place they had just so happened to check had been Tsunade's office. Although everyone had doubted there would be any there it never hurt to be too cautious. To that effect Anko had given Naruto's apartment a private sweep as well.

As he made his way up to Tsunade's office, Naruto allowed his mind to wander briefly to Shizune. He felt bad that her entrance to the Harem had been marred by Danzou's scheming. However, she took it as the selfless woman he knew her to be. She had then thrown herself right into helping think of ways to blunt Danzou's plan after he had returned from setting his own in motion. Of course the fact she and Tsunade hadn't bothered to dress had a distracting effect on Naruto, but the situation had prevented him from giving into his libido.

However, as the day wore on and with their plans to at least force the elder to hold off on attacking the village in place, things had relaxed somewhat. So much so that as Naruto finished his last day of light duty, both he and Shizune had indulged in a little sex play. Mainly just quick gropes or kisses as they passed each other while fulfilling their tasks. Therefore, Naruto was at the moment sporting a huge boner as he walked through the Hokage Mansion's halls. Adjusting himself, he saw the reason for it approaching with a stack of folders held to her chest. She smiled at him as they passed each other no doubt noticing his bulge despite his attempting to hide it. His attention was pulled from her smile when he noticed something drop to the ground. Shizune kept going so he stopped to pick it up. Snatching it up, he quickly realized the bunched up item were in fact Shizune's panties. Her very damp panties.

Looking up he noticed she had stopped in front of the door to Tsunade's office and was looking over her shoulder giving him a sultry look. Pushing the door open she walked in and shut it behind her. Knowing an invitation when he saw one he followed sticking her underwear in his pocket. He entered the office aware that Tsunade wasn't inside, but handing out missions to the genin and chunin of the village.

His eyes settled on Shizune who was standing in front of Tsunade's desk with her back towards him. She placed the folders she was carrying down and then began pulling up the hem of her kimono. Naruto watched transfixed as first Shizune's legs appeared followed quickly by her shapely rear. Shizune then bunched her kimono around her waist before leaning over, placing her hands on the desk, and spreading her legs wider. Able to see just how wet and turned on she was Naruto closed the distance between them pulling his fly down to free his cock. Grabbing her hips, he buried his dick in her and closed his eyes enjoying the feeling of her tight, wet cunt.

"Mmmm," Shizune moaned as she was filled once more. Looking over her shoulder she said, "I've wanted this all morning."

Naruto leaned forward kissing her hungrily and after ending it said, "Me too. Sorry I wasn't there this morning but well you know."

Shizune nodded and had to fight back a moan as he began moving. Facing forward again, she could see her reflection in the window behind Tsunade's desk. For a moment she had a hard time recognizing herself due to the lust and contentment clearly visible on her face. Her attention was pulled away by Naruto's rough grasps as he pulled the top of her kimono open exposing her tits. Naruto grabbed one of them roughly, pinching her nipple causing the moaning woman to arch her back and to moan louder. Naruto silenced it by turning her head with his other hand and kissed her hungrily. Shizune met Naruto's tongue swirling it around and against his, but broke the kiss when a particularly hard thrust of his dick poked at her cervix.

Her arms collapsed which her head fell on as she moaned, "Kami….your dick is hitting my womb. Oh shit…Naruto…more…harder…fuck." Naruto stopped causing his newest lover to whimper. But before she could give voice to her desire for him to continue, he had grabbed her left ankle and began lifting it up and over his head. Shizune got the hint allowing Naruto to spin her till she was on her back and then putting her legs on his shoulders picked up where he had left off. Shizune's moans quickly returned to their previous volume which he attempted to mute by kissing her. As their tongues once more rolled against each other his right hand was busy groping her tit.

Several stacks of papers that both he and Shizune had brought into the office as Tsunade handed out missions on the floor below, wobbled on the desk due to Naruto's assault on Shizune's quim. He broke the kiss to run his tongue from her jaw to her breast where he licked then sucked her nipple into his mouth. Shizune's hands which had been rubbing along his back moved to his hair where she pulled him deeper into her chest.

However instead of continuing his nipple play, Naruto stopped feeling Ino and Tsunade's presence approaching so pulled back looking over his shoulder. He could practically feel Tsunade's disapproval not because of what they were doing but the timing of it. Naruto realized that the mission briefing that both he and Shizune were supposed to attend was due to start and start in the office they were currently fucking in, so he attempted to pull out.

Shizune had other ideas though and moving her legs from his shoulders clamped them around his waist, locking her ankles. "Shizune," Naruto said feeling a slight panic, "We have to stop. Tsunade's on her way here with Ino and some of my friends to explain the mission."

"I… don't care," Shizune said trying to pull him deeper inside of her, "I…I can't just stop without cumming…please….I need to feel your hot sticky cum coating my womb…hurry."
Knowing Shizune was close and wanting to get off as well, he redoubled his efforts to satisfy his lover before Tsunade arrived.

Tsunade kept the scowl from her face as she walked with the shinobi she planned to send out to back up Kakashi. Practically able to sense the activity happening in her office she had attempted to walk as slowly as possible after leaving the room where she handed out the missions that helped fund the village when Ino, Sakura, Fu, Rock Lee and Tenten had met her there. The pace was currently driving a certain Rock Lee mad.

"Let us hurry with the fires of youth," the mini Guy said for the hundredth time.

Luckily Ino guessed as to why they weren't rushing and said, "There's no hurry, Lee. For all we know this mission is going to be nothing but trouble."

Unfortunately that was exactly the wrong thing to say as the green wearing boy said, "Yosh, which is why I can't wait. I'll be the first one there or I'll run five hundred laps around the village."

Tsunade was about to tell him to settle down when a familiar scream of, "Aaaiiiiieeeeee," filled the air.

Rock Lee's eyes went wide as did Tsunade's except for different reasons. "Do not fear Shizune. I'll save you." Before Tsunade could stop him the boy was already down the hall and with a leaping kick knocked one of her doors off its hinges.

Fearing the scandal about to unfold, Tsunade took off running as well expecting to see Lee gaping at a naked Naruto and Shizune. Instead she found the genin apologizing for startling the pair as they picked up papers from the floor. "What the hell is going on here?" Tsunade barked feeling as if she had just aged fifty years.

"Sorry," Shizune said blushing in embarrassment or possibly from what Tsunade was sure had been going on before their entry into the office, "I opened the window and a gust of wind blew over all the papers on your desk."

As if to prove what Shizune said was true another gust blew through the office disturbing the papers strewn about the room. Tsunade nodded, moving around to sit behind her desk as the other chunin entered the office. "Leave them be for now," Tsunade said as the others were about to help pick them up, which proved unnecessary as Naruto created several clones to handle the mess. "Why I've called several of you all here is to assign you a mission to help back up Team Kurenai which is being headed up by Kakashi at the moment."

As Tsunade expected Naruto's eyes lit up at the idea of a real mission again. Stomping down on it she said, "Naruto, I'm afraid you will not be going. Instead Team Kakashi was assigned a mission to attend a movie premier in the Land of Spring."

Tsunade fought back a wince as Sakura shot a look to Naruto that screamed to her the kunoichi's hopes that if they were on a mission together she'd be able to close some of the distance Naruto had opened between them. It was a look not wasted on Naruto as he picked up some of the desperation her eyes held. Knowing there was no way to be gentle about it Tsunade said, "Sakura, I'm afraid you won't be going."

Sakura's head whipped around and she looked like she had suffered a punch from Tsunade. Before she could ask why, Naruto said, "Maybe it would be best if I didn't go to Spring right now and helped with the other mission."

Tsunade folded her hands in front of her face resting her elbows on the desk. She studied Naruto for a moment before saying, "I've considered that. However the nature of what Kakashi has discovered makes that impossible. It's also why Fu will be staying in Konoha."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked confused.

"What started as a mission to locate Orochimaru's base has uncovered the Three-Tailed turtle. As we speak Kakashi's group is engaged in a battle with several Sound Shinobi who seem to be interested in it as well." Focusing on Sakura, Tsunade said sympathetically, "That's why I can't send you to Spring." Sakura nodded although still sad so Tsunade continued saying, "My plan is to exile the Three-tails to another dimension using the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier. I need those with excellent chakra control in order to use it. That's why Shizune will be leading a team composed of Sakura, Ino, and Hinata, who is already in the field. Tenten and Lee you'll be assisting Kakashi in whatever way he decides. I've also assigned Yamato to the team; he'll meet you at the gates."

Naruto wasn't sure how Kyuubi would react to the plan but not willing to take it easy while his friends were in danger said, "Still why not allow Fu and me to go."

Fu nodded her head, so Tsunade said, "Naruto, Fu, I know you want to help. However your presence on the mission may make it several times harder." She could see Naruto about to disagree so she cut him off saying, "Naruto, you're both jinchuriki and what we have already on this mission is a Bijuu…"

"Which is why we should be there…"

"Wrong, it's exactly why you shouldn't. For all we know Akatsuki will target the creature once word reaches them of its appearance. If they don't know of its location already. Now if I send you and Fu that's three targets they want in one place."

"We can take them though," Naruto said.

"Maybe, or maybe not," Tsunade said but held up her hand to stop his reply, "While we know they attack in pairs. With three of the Bijuu in one place they may break from that pattern. But even if they don't and send a pair for each Bijuu that will be six S-class shinobi in one place. I know you want to be there for your friends, but your presence may in fact put them in more danger."

Naruto gritted his teeth, but nodded saying, "Okay, I understand."

"Good," Tsunade said before focusing on Fu adding, "Fu, I'll be assigning you to act as my assistant for the time being. We'll also spend some time training as well." After Fu nodded, Tsunade once again focused on Naruto saying, "I've also assigned you a team to escort you to and from Spring Country. They'll meet you at the gate tonight."

Naruto nodded, but didn't ask figuring whoever was assigned was probably a part of his harem. Upset at missing out on the mission but understanding Tsunade's reasons Naruto left to complete a little training with Kyuubi and to make sure she was alright with the Hokage's plan for her fellow Bijuu.

Yugito sat in the back of a bar watching her fellow Kumo-nin engaging in the ancient art of getting sloshed. Nursing her own drink, she had to admit it was a little hard getting back into the mix of normal activity after enjoying a week of marathon like sex. Still she supposed it just gave her more incentive to tear down the walls that separated Kumo and Konoha. Naruto had visited her once explaining he was on a boat heading to Spring Country at the moment.

Yugito looked at a poster of the movie actress and princess hanging against one of the walls advertising her new movie. The two-tailed jinchuriki still couldn't believe all that she had heard about Naruto's first visit to the country back when it had been known as Snow Country. Although she knew that he hadn't been boasting as she remembered seeing the Documentary slash Adventure film about Koyuki's regaining her thrown. Taking a sip of her drink she felt a little foolish for not immediately recognizing the genin that had defeated Koyuki's uncle. She admitted hearing the young Naruto spouting stuff similar to the grown one did fill Yugito with a sense that he wouldn't suddenly change. A good thing considering that she was bound to him.

Looking up from her drink she looked around the room to see which of her fellow kunoichi could benefit from a little Naruto time. Her eyes immediately landed on the voluptuous blonde sitting by herself at the bar. Although Samui's teammates of Karui, a hot-tempered woman who probably could use a good fucking, and Omoi were also present arguing over some stupid thing or another. She preferred to sit alone. Using some of the skills Tayuya had taught her about watching potential targets, Yugito could see why she possessed such a cold personality.

As Samui looked up to scan the room probably sensing Yugito's stare, the jinchuriki returned her gaze to her drink. She knew many men considered Samui, a frigid woman, but she doubted that many considered their own contribution to the reason behind it. Mainly, their fascination with her amazing bust. If she had a ryo for every time a man had tried talking to her only for their eyes to drift downwards today alone she'd probably be able to pay for everyone's drinks. From what Yugito could see it left Samui with a distinct loathing of her breasts. Yugito smiled to herself as she knew that a night with Naruto would probably change her mind on the matter forever.

Still she was getting ahead of herself, since first Naruto would need to seduce Mabui. Sighing at her inability to help in the matter still not entirely comfortable with betraying her village, despite her sizing up potential targets, she decided to head home. Heading to her small single room apartment she entered and frowned at the small unmade bed. Stripping to just her bra and panties she climbed into it in order to get some sleep and dreamed of the night when she could walk through the streets of her village or Konoha hand in hand with her lover.

Nibi waited until she felt her host go to sleep. Leaping from the cat tower it concentrated and the room changed into a large dirt filled room surrounded by large rock walls covered with cave openings. Changing shape from the small cat into its true form, the Bijuu made its way to one of the caverns were it had been sealed originally before coming to terms with Yugito. Walking to the back a body sat slumped against the wall. Nibi smiled as it stared at the vessel it was creating for itself. It had done so secretly ever since Kyuubi had put the idea in its head. Not wanting to tell Yugito just yet so that its host wouldn't be able to critique and influence Nibi's sense of what its human body should look like.

Nibi had thought long and hard on what traits its human body should incorporate. It had decided to use the dark skin that was a trademark of many Kumo-nin. The long purple hair was done up in a pony-tail and when Nibi transferred its consciousness into it and opened its eyes would look on the world with golden irises. Happy with its new form Nibi concentrated and allowed its will to move into the human body.

Opening her golden eyes, Nibi stood shakily and nude made her way from the cavern. Running her hands along her body she felt similar sensations to what she had when Yugito had made love to Naruto. Pulling her hands away she concentrated and a black sleeveless shirt with no back appeared. After putting it on she made herself some black pants. Deciding on a little color and one she knew the man she was hoping to introduce her to a world of pleasure liked, she created an orange long sleeve shirt she wore over the other one. Confident she appeared quite stunning; Nibi began stretching since if she was going to learn to make love like a human decided she would also learn how to fight as one.

Naruto sat cross-legged on his bed in the recreation of his apartment the seal had become. He was practicing in calling on Kyuubi's chakra to strengthen his normal jutsu much as he did when he fought Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Which was where he had created the Vermillion Rasengan although it had been a by-product of being in his one-tailed state. Still he figured that if he could use Kyuubi's chakra to strengthen the Rasengan then he could for other jutsu as well. The trick was finding the right mix between his and Kyuubi's. Sadly, since in the real world they were on a boat heading to Spring Country at the moment it was all just theory. He doubted the captain would be too happy if one of his jutsu got away from him and damaged the ship. Still, he believed that he could feel when he was getting the right mixtures so that when it came time to put his theory to the test, he'd be pleased with the results.

Uncrossing his legs he put his feet on the floor and stood guessing the reason he didn't feel the usual stiffness sitting in one position generally brought about was because he was in the seal. He focused on Kyuubi, who was sitting at his kitchen table drawing on a piece of paper. He knew better than to approach as Kyuubi would quickly hide it from him. Commenting on her behavior he asked, "If you don't want me to see what you're working on, why do it in front of me?"

Kyuubi flipped the sheet of paper over before responding, "So you wouldn't think I'm working on something dastardly behind your back."

Naruto nodded before joking, "Are you saying it is, but you're playing mind games with me."
Despite his light tone, Kyuubi frowned before looking away. Afraid he offended her, he moved towards her asking, "What's wrong? I was only joking."

"I know," Kyuubi said still unable to meet his eyes.

Naruto knelt next to her and gently turned her face towards his before asking, "Then what's wrong?"

"D-do you think I've changed?"

Confused, Naruto asked, "What do you mean?"

Sighing Kyuubi said, "I met with Nibi on the last day we spent in Spring Country. I attempted to blackmail Nibi into telling me about any weaknesses in Kumo that could be exploited. Nibi refused, and when I threatened to return the seal to normal, asked if I'd so easily betray you because all I care about is my own pleasure."

Nodding in understanding Naruto said, "And you weren't sure of your answer."

"I…" Kyuubi began to say worriedly but was quieted by Naruto.

"Don't worry I'm not angry. Although, I'll need to tell Yugito about what happened. Since she's made no mention of it, Nibi probably hasn't said anything but its best to be honest."

"I'm sorry," Kyuubi said feeling like she disappointed her host.

"Its fine," Naruto said standing. "You're still new to certain emotions so your confusion is understandable. After all, people usually learn about emotions as they grow from children to adults. Trust me though, you're going to find that the confusion you feel about your emotions is something that persists even when you believe you got it all sorted out. All it will take is learning something new to make you reevaluate everything you believed up until that point."

Kyuubi nodded, so seeing that she appeared to feel better he leaned down and kissed her about to take his leave of the seal. "Now are you sure you're okay with Tsunade's plan?" Naruto asked although he was quite sure she was by this point.

"Yes, we Bijuu aren't friends Naruto. While Nibi was easy to convince and Nanabi I'm sure will come around it's because they are tied to people. If Sanbi is free then I doubt it will listen to reason. Plus if Madara's goal is to reunite us into one being it's for the best."

"Okay, as long as you're sure," Naruto said before disappearing from her sight.

Awakening naked from his cross-legged position on the bed of his cabin, Naruto stood and stretched feeling the familiar aches his sitting like that usually left after remaining in it for so long. Hearing the shower running, Naruto smiled knowing one of his escorts to Spring was cleaning themselves from their activities before he had entered the seal. Guessing it to be Anko since Hana would probably be in the other cabin attending to her nin-dogs. Naruto had found it strange when he learned she had booked a second room, but was glad for her foresight since the idea of having sex in front of the intelligent animals didn't exactly put him in the mood.

Looking out the small circular window of the cabin, he could see the shore approaching so decided a shower was an excellent idea. Opening the bathroom door, he could make out Anko behind the glass. Sliding it to the side he stepped in behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Aw," Anko whined, "Here I was hoping to wake you from the seal with a blowjob."

Naruto chuckled saying, "I doubt it'd stop there though."

Anko turned in his arms saying, "True, but then I'd need to get clean again. Obviously you would to and…"

"We'd simply move to the shower to get clean, no sex right."

Anko looked horrified at such a possibility saying, "You're talking crazy. You'd be naked with a hot babe of course we'd end up fucking." As she spoke, her hand grabbed his cock and she began stroking it. Once fully erect Anko stepped back and raised her leg placing her foot on the lip of the shower where her cleaning products rested saying, "Of course if you just want to clean up I won't stop you."

With a grand view of her pussy whose wetness wasn't entirely attributed to the shower, Naruto closed the distance between them pressing her up against the shower. With a violent thrust he buried himself inside her. Anko wrapped her arms around his neck saying, "See, the idea of you and me in a shower and not fucking was pure crazy talk." Naruto chuckled and was forced to admit she had a point.

Koyuki was dressed in some of her finest regalia, but to be honest she would had preferred to be wearing something simple as she waited at the dock for Naruto's ship. Looking around she could see the many attendants, bodyguards and even a band that seemed to follow her everywhere now and days. The only time they weren't present when she was out was when she was on a movie set acting or in her palace, although the guards were always around. As she listened to the band warming up a part of her feared that Naruto upon seeing the huge fuss her simply wanting to meet him here had brought about. That he'd immediately turn tail and jump back on the ship telling it to set course for the Land of Fire.

"This is a waste of time," her head of security Tessai Kutsuzawa said from behind her. "You should make him meet you at the palace."

Koyuki hid her scowl before looking over her shoulder at the tall man whose right eye was covered by a black bandage like cloth. "Mr. Kutsuzawa, I know you aren't pleased by my coming here to welcome Naruto. However, you were the one that insisted on all this. I would have been happy to show up by myself."

"Yes, as you've made perfectly clear. But do try to remember you are the ruler of Spring Country. You have an image to uphold, certain movies notwithstanding."

Koyuki smiled to herself as she watched the ship close with the dock amused at Kutsuzawa's bringing up the Icha Icha movie that she had stared in. "I used a body double for the risqué scenes," she said not bothering to hid the amusement her voice held.

"I'm sure that really matters to the many perverts who flocked to theaters."

Koyuki shrugged sighing at how difficult it was due to the heavy robes she wore. Truth be told, she was rather pleased with her involvement in the project and was even considering signing on for the sequel. Although she'd have a double film her nude scenes, she didn't doubt her many fans would flock to it thereby paying for another year of the heat generators use which were proving to be so beneficial to her country. Still there were several projects she was already committed to and was even considering producing her own movie if she could find the right script.

The band firing up pulled Koyuki from her thoughts and her eyes went to the top of the ramp where Naruto was descending from the ship. She was about to run to him waving, despite Kutsuzawa's insisting that she act the part of the regal princess she was supposed to be, however she froze upon noticing the two women following him down. Allowing Naruto, whose face showed the surprise at the fanfare he was receiving, to close the distance with her instead, Koyuki tried not to scowl at the two women, who almost seemed aware of the effect their being with Naruto was having on the princess.

Upon reaching her, Naruto stopped saying embarrassedly, "Um, I'm not sure if there's some sort of formal greeting I should give you."

"How about, it's good to see you," Koyuki supplied giving him a dazzling smile that had enchanted the hearts of millions.

"That goes without saying," Naruto said and was surprised when Koyuki hugged him.

As Koyuki hugged her hero, she shot a look to the two women to see if they had responded to it. However, she was surprised when it appeared that their smiles had grown even larger. Kutsuzawa coughing into his hand made Koyuki break the hug remembering that there were plenty of gossip rags out there looking for a juicy story on her. Although she wouldn't mind it if one of the headlines read, "Spring Country Princess caught in scandalous affair with future Hokage."

Stepping back she introduced her party with Naruto quickly following suit and was about to inform the Konoha-nin of the arrangements she had made. Although she made a mental note to make sure the women's room was as far from Naruto's as possible. It proved unnecessary when Anko said, "Well we've completed our mission. We'll catch up with you when it's time to go back Naruto. Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"What exactly is that supposed to exclude," Naruto teased causing Hana to laugh as Anko glared at the young man before breaking out into a smile.

Koyuki half-heartedly told the women they could stay at her palace but was glad when the two insisted they were fine taking in the sights themselves. Linking her arm with Naruto's, she said, "I can't wait to tell you all that's happened over the years. I suspect you have a few tales for me as well."

Naruto smiled saying, "Oh yeah, I've got a lot to share with you."

"I can't wait."

"Me neither." Naruto said, but looking around at the retinue of guards wondered how he could arrange a little alone time with the princess without drawing attention to it.

"Get some sleep Sakura. I'll take over," Kakashi said taking over her watch. She was sure Yamato was doing the same for Kiba on the opposite side of the camp they had established. With a weary nod she stood heading back to the camp.

After arriving at the lake, Kakashi had split the teams into three with her being on the sealing team led by Shizune. He had then split the other two into a team tasked with defending the sealing team with the other assigned to hunting the Crystal Style User. Still despite their preparations the woman had still managed to disrupt their attempt at sealing the Sanbi. Wondering what Orochimaru wanted with the creature since she doubted he wanted to create a jinchuriki as it would take years until a child could properly harness its power. She gave up quickly though, figuring that maybe the Snake Sannin just wanted to stick it to Akatsuki.

Reaching the camp, she smiled at the house Yamato had created using his Kekkei Genkai. Admitting it was nice to camp in such luxury, she slid the door open heading upstairs to the room the kunoichi were occupying. Walking slowly, she allowed her mind to wander to Naruto and hoped he was enjoying himself. She wasn't bitter about not being allowed to go as well due to the fact that if the mission to seal the Sanbi was a success then it may very well eliminate the threat of Akatsuki to Naruto.

However, what was bothering her were the other kunoichi on the team, except for Tenten for some reason. It wasn't that she disliked them all of the sudden, but she felt excluded when they were around. They acted for the most part like they always did when she was nearby, however when Shizune, Ino, and Hinata were alone they acted far closer. Often she'd enter a room they were occupying and she'd get the feeling they had just been whispering to each other. Whatever they were talking about always left them with smiles that they just didn't seem able to wipe from their faces.

Strangely, Sakura took some small comfort in Tenten's exclusion as well, although Team Guy's kunoichi didn't seem to be aware of it. What confused Sakura was Shizune's sudden change. As the medic-nin hadn't seemed any different at the beginning of the week, but now suddenly appeared to be glowing all the time. Sakura wondered if Shizune had found out what was making Tsunade so happy and had partaken of it herself.

Opening the door to the room, she was confronted by a sight that truly made her wonder what was going on with the many kunoichi she knew. Lying pressed against Hinata was a sleeping Ino whose head was using the Hyuuga's chest as a pillow. While strange despite it being apparent that Ino had rolled into the sleeping Hyuuga from her own sleeping roll, it was the way the Hyuuga's arm was cradling the blonde's head that made the scene stand out. It was a gesture that Sakura could only assume was bred from familiarity and the idea that Hinata, a girl who wore baggy clothes to hide her natural endowments was familiar with them being used as pillows was almost laughable. Except Sakura wasn't laughing due to her realizing that the jacket that the Hyuuga often wore was missing revealing she wore a skintight mesh shirt underneath.

Ino began moving and raised her leg, which had been resting on Hinata's above the Hyuuga's covers. It pulled Sakura's attention to the fact that Ino was only wearing her purple top and panties. She wondered if Hinata was dressed similarly before shaking such thoughts off. Moving to her own sleeping role she noted that Tenten was sleeping in a corner by herself and Shizune, who was sleeping on the other side of Ino, seemed to still be dressed in her jounin outfit.

Confident that Ino and Hinata's strange behavior was due to Naruto somehow, she tried to ignore the content light snoring of her blonde friend. Most likely due to the warmth she was feeling, as Sakura tried to shake off the old chill that gripped her, which wasn't due entirely to the temperature.

Koyuki looked at herself in the mirror. Although dressed in a stunning gown for the movie premier she felt a case of depression settling upon her. The main reason being that in the three days since Naruto's arrival and despite taking him to many of the amazing sites of her country. She had done so with her full retinue of bodyguards. Tonight would be the only night where she'd truly be left alone with him but it would only be for the short walk through a crystal hallway to her exclusive box seats at the Sandayu Theater.

She had commissioned the building of the theater shortly after retaking her thrown and named it after her manager and the man that had believed in her so passionately. She had spared no expense and it was now one of the most sought after locations to open a new movie. Naturally all of her films opened there, and for those occasions a crystal hallway had been built connecting her palace to the theater. The hall was also one of the most secure locations and the only place she was allowed to travel without a bodyguard when outside of her home lately. It had also become something of a small media frenzy to guess at who she would allow to escort her to the movie down the hall. This time it would be Naruto and although she had taken the walk several times this one would mean so much more to her. She just wished it could last forever.

She sighed and gasped when Naruto's voice said, "Why so sad. From what I've heard this is going to be one of the greatest Princess Gale movies ever."

Koyuki smiled although she didn't feel like it saying, "I'm not worried about it performing well. It's just your visit has been nothing like what I wanted it to be." Naruto arched an eyebrow so she elaborated looking at herself in the mirror saying, "It's just sometimes I miss being Yukie Fujikaze a simple actress who could do as she pleased." Turning to face him she added, "We would still have done everything the same, but just the two of us."

"I understand," Naruto replied, "That Kutsuzawa guy does tend to put a damper on things."

Naruto's mentioning of her head of security caused Koyuki to realize the blond shouldn't have been in her room, at least as far as Kutsuzawa was concerned. "How…"

Naruto smiled before saying, "I'm the greatest ninja you've ever known remember. Slipping past some guards is just one of my many talents. Now, how about we blow off this event for something a little more personal?"

"I…I can't, I have obligations."

"Trust me Koyuki," Naruto said his smile growing and causing one to appear on her face, "I've taken care of everything." Motioning his head towards her bed he said, "First though, we need to have you wear something a little less presentable."

Noticing the bag resting there Koyuki moved towards it and looking inside said, "You can't be serious."

"Absolutely, unless you really want to go to the big movie premier instead, that is?"

Koyuki took the bag and moving behind a changing screen she began stripping out of her dress. As she did so she made sure a light was shining on her to cast a shadow of her actions for the jinchuriki's enjoyment.

Kutsuzawa stepped up to Koyuki's door nodding to his men standing guard before knocking. "Yes," Koyuki replied.

"Milady, it's time and your date for the evening is waiting at the hall's entrance."

"Excellent," Koyuki said stepping out of her room. "Although I'm sure we could find our way there by ourselves, Kutsuzawa."

"Milady, I'm merely doing my duty. Better to be overly cautious then not enough."

"You do realize I'm attending the premier with the very ninja that defeated my uncle," Koyuki replied, she did a double take as she noticed a quick twitch appear on her security head's face. But by the time she looked back it was gone.

She guessed she had imagined it because there was no hint of emotion in the man's voice as he said, "Perfectly aware, Milady. But he is here on a glorified vacation, don't ask me to believe he's aware of all the threats you face."

"They can't be that bad," Koyuki replied allowing Kutsuzawa to lead her to the Crystal Hall.

"Milady, we've been over this. Those Snow-nin that escaped from prison are no doubt interested in gaining revenge against you. Please just allow me to do my job."
Koyuki eyes widened but keeping her voice calm she said, "Right…sorry. Well it's ShowTime." Quickly moving to Naruto, she hooked her arm with his and began the walk down the hall as many tourists and Snow citizens looked on.

Watching the princess, Kutsuzawa narrowed his eyes wondering what it was that was bothering him about her. Shrugging he guessed it didn't matter and knew she'd have the night of her very short life.

"Wow, she's so pretty," a girl perched on her father's shoulders said loud enough for Koyuki to hear.

"She certainly is," Naruto said from beside her causing Koyuki to blush as she watched herself be led to the movie theater by a dressed up copy of the man beside her.
Looking over she had a hard time not laughing at the blond wearing a white shirt that read, "I love Snow Country." The word love was represented by a giant heart instead of being written out in the vein of many such shirts tourists often bought. Her own shirt read similarly except said, "I love Spring Country."

Both of them were wearing matching jeans and to complete her outfit she had put on a hat. Naruto placed an arm around her saying, "Well where to first?"

"Let's get something to eat," Koyuki suggested allowing Naruto to lead her away. As they walked Koyuki couldn't help but enjoy the first real breath of fresh air without her oppressive security detail. Reaching a street filled with restaurants, they entered a small stand to enjoy the grilled eel that it sold.

As they ate the two talked about the many things that were happening in their lives. Naruto didn't hold back about being targeted by Akatsuki. Koyuki bit her lip, appearing nervous but changed the subject to Spring County's booming economy. Naruto noticed her sudden nervousness, but was going to let the matter slip drop until he suddenly stiffened.

"What's wrong?" Koyuki asked concerned.

"When were you going to tell me about the escaped Snow-nin?"


"Your security head mentioned it to the clone of you. It created another one and dispelled it to alert me."

Koyuki looked away saying, "I didn't mention it because it happened over a year ago. Mizore Fuyukuma staged an escape with several dozen Snow-nin. Shortly after that my studio assigned Kutsuzawa as a security chief since they couldn't chance my being killed midway through filming. He was so good I hired him fulltime, but recently he's become convinced they are preparing to come after me."

"Mizore was the guy with the metal arm right?" Koyuki nodded so Naruto said, "He didn't strike me as much of a thinker. What happened to the guy Kakashi-sensei piledrove into the ground?"

"He died in a hospital fire during the prison escape. He was paralyzed so couldn't escape."
Naruto nodded but didn't look convinced. Letting it drop he said, "You should have mentioned it. I thought we were close."

"I didn't want you to think I invited you here to solve my problem."

"Hey," Naruto said cupping her cheek as she tried to look away, "If I knew you were in danger nothing could keep me away."

Koyuki brought her hand up and placed it on the one cupping her face saying, "Naruto…" her voice tight with emotion. Smiling and changing the subject he asked, "What now?"

Getting a delicious idea, Koyuki said, "You know, I've never been to a movie without it being some fancy premier."

"Well lead and I shall follow my princess," Naruto said standing and leaving enough money behind to cover the bill.

Approaching a theater in a rundown part of town, Naruto could see that it featured all of Koyuki's old movies from the billing above it. Looking at his date he asked, "Are you sure you wouldn't want to see something a little newer."

Koyuki shook her head replying, "I've seen all my movies but one and would like to watch it with you."

"Sounds fun, so which one is it."

Koyuki smiled and stepping up to the booth said, "Two for Icha, Icha Paradise please."

The old man eyed her a moment before shrugging. Handing her the two tickets, he said, "Enjoy the show."

Entering the theater the two made their way to the room the tickets indicated. Koyuki wasn't surprised to find the theater empty since the movie had been out for over three years. However, the old theater after her return had dedicated itself to showing all her old movies at least once a day. Obviously the one they were about to watch was often shown at night. Just before the lights dimmed a man entered alone and sat all the way in front. That suited Koyuki just fine although she would have preferred to have the theater to themselves. Leaning her head on her date's shoulder she sat back and watched herself be seduced by a handsome man who could never hold a candle to the one she was with.

About an hour into the movie Naruto had to refrain from adjusting himself obviously. How he could have called Jiraiya's books boring he didn't know. However, he guessed it was from viewing the one he had read from the eyes of a boy still naïve to the joys of sex. What he hadn't picked up in the word form of what was the masterpiece known as Icha Icha. The movie version showed him in glorious detail, and although he had known that it wasn't Koyuki's body that had appeared in the several hotspring scenes the movie featured as she lamented the clumsy seductions of the main character. He was quite sure the scene of her masturbating had really featured Koyuki's voice. Hearing the music of Koyuki in pleasure had Naruto sporting an erection that could dent steel.

It was something that was not lost on the woman resting her head on the jinchuriki's shoulder as she would have had to be blind not to notice the tent sticking up from his pants. Koyuki was no virgin as she had been a troubled young actress in a business filled with people willing to take advantage. She had been a willing partner, but each encounter had left her hollow afterwards as the men and even on occasion women would often leave as soon as the act was done. It wouldn't be until Sandayu had become her manager that she would stop allowing herself to be seduced by her fellow actors due to his nurturing nature. But seeing the large bulge straining against his jeans filled Koyuki with a hunger she had never truly known, yet how best to satisfy it.

Licking her lips she focused on the lone man in front and seeing him engrossed in the movie decided to throw caution to the wind. Placing her hand on it she whispered, "Has hearing me moan like a whore woken little Naruto?"

Naruto groaned as she rubbed his package whispering, "I knew it was you. How could it not have an effect on me?"

Kissing his ear she said, "You should know that when they gave me the recorder. I fingered my hot hole thinking of you. If you want to know the real reason I asked you to come it had nothing to do with those shinobi. But so you could fulfill my fantasy of being fucked by the greatest shinobi in the world."

Koyuki nibbled his earlobe as her hand freed Naruto's cock from its confines. Allowing his ear to slip from between her teeth she lowered her head to his lap where she quickly swallowed several inches of his cock. Koyuki expected Naruto to freak out slightly and to mention how they were in public. However, when he placed his hand on the back of her head to aid in her sucking like it was the most natural thing in the world she felt her panties grow damper.

Naruto kept from groaning despite how skilled Koyuki's tongue was proving to be. He wasn't sure how long she worked at trying to get him to blow his load but he sensed her jaw was getting tired. Plus the movie was nearing the final love scene so he decided to switch things up. Pulling her head away from his lap he loved the way she stared hungrily at it as if she had been denied a meal. Kissing her, he pulled her into his lap and stuck his hand down her pants. Finding her soaking, he buried two fingers in her snatch causing her to almost moan loudly while the main character was confessing his love.

"D-don't Naruto," she whispered although she leaned back into his chest and spread her legs further apart.

"Why afraid your fan will get to see the real Koyuki?" Naruto said indicating the man in front. "I think he'd enjoy it," Naruto added increasing the pace of his fingers trying to get her to moan.

Following Naruto's gaze and to her surprise, she believe that from the way the man's shoulder was moving that he was pleasuring himself to the final scene in the movie. To her mortification, and unable to stop herself, her pussy clenched Naruto's fingers tightly as her essence coated them. Naruto pulled them from her causing her to whimper before licking them clean after spreading them to show her just how wet she had grown as he said, "Does that idea excite you princess?"

"N-no," Koyuki said although it was hard to deny the evidence.

Smirking Naruto asked, "Then should we stop?"

Koyuki remained silent for several minutes it seemed as Koyuki's character on the big screen succumbed to her feelings and lusts. Following suit, Koyuki said her voice barely above a whisper "N-no I want it." Reaching between her legs she began stroking Naruto's cock saying, "I've dreamed of this for so long. P-please give it to me."

Naruto helped her stand and pulled her pants down to her ankles followed quickly by her panties. Pulling her back against him, he turned her face towards his kissing her deeply and said, "As you wish." Lifting her once more he lined his cock with her slit and pulled her down on it.

Koyuki bit her lip to keep from screaming, but found it difficult not to join her big-screen counterpart in letting her lover know just how much she was enjoying his actions. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that the man in front was still pleasuring himself to her image on the screen. Naruto noticed her gaze regardless whispering, "Poor guy. Comes here to see a false image of your beauty personified on the big screen only to be a few feet away as the real one experiences much the same thing."

Naruto grabbed her shirt lifting it up and over her chest causing her to gasp, "Naruto…"
"Shh," he said groping her tits, "or else you'll be giving your fan a show he'll never forget." He then increased the speed and strength of his thrusts making it that much harder on the princess to keep her voice to herself.

Koyuki leaned back placing her hand behind Naruto's head to pull him into a kiss. As the sound of their rhythmic thrusts filled her ears, Koyuki couldn't believe the man hadn't noticed the two of them yet. The idea of being caught almost made her cum right then. She was aware that her character in the movie was nearing her own climax as well but still she fought to keep her voice down. Naruto's hands grabbed both her breasts and he rolled her nipples as he moved them about. Whispering into her ear he said, "Let it out, Koyuki. Let out that beautiful voice."

Koyuki shook her head, but Naruto moved his right hand between her legs where he rolled her clit between his fingers causing her to cum just as the movie version of her did as well. "Oh…Fuck! I'm cumming…" Koyuki said remembering her lines from the movie and synching up with her character on the screen. As Naruto's seed filled her womb, she was vaguely aware of the fan tensing as his release no doubt coated his hand.

Naruto pulled her shirt down as the credits began to roll in the still darkened theater. The man in front quickly stood making his way out of the theater going out of his way not to look anywhere but straight ahead. Still dazed by her orgasm, she allowed Naruto to pull her pants back up and lead her out of the theater. Getting her senses about her, she was glad that they were walking hand in hand so asked, "What does this mean for us?"

"It means that there is a lot more that I have to share with you," Naruto said and began telling her everything about his dream and her place in it.

Clone Naruto, and Cloned Koyuki, who was just another henged Clone Naruto, walked back from the theater using the Crystal Hall. As expected, there were still lots of tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the ruler of Spring Country. "So what did you think?" Cloned Koyuki asked.

"Probably the same thing as you," Cloned Naruto replied rolling his eyes.

"Aw don't be like that," Cloned Koyuki teased, "I'm upset that her old guardian died too. But they introduced that cool new masked shinobi character and I bet I know who they modeled him after."

"You have such a massive ego."

"Hey, so do you." Koyuki's clone countered as they reached the halfway point between the theater and palace.

Before Cloned Naruto could reply the entire walkway exploded filling the hallway with fire and collapsing it on top of them. As the dust settled, Clone Naruto shook his head surprised at not being dispelled but could feel himself losing cohesion and guessed it was due to Naruto mixing Kyuubi's chakra with his when he had created them. He looked around for his fellow clone and found it still henged as Koyuki but to his shock instead of disappearing it appeared to be dead. Seeing Koyuki's lifeless eyes staring at him, he guessed it was a side effect of trying to create a more durable clone, but it also filled the clone with anger that it knew the real Naruto would use to hunt down the bastards that had tried to kill Koyuki. Forcibly dispelling its fellow clone, it allowed itself to fade as well wishing its creator luck.

Koyuki couldn't believe the words as they left Naruto mouth but still was forced to admit a certain truth to them. Especially since it was obvious Naruto hadn't been a virgin as she had expected. "Wow," she said, "I…wow."

Naruto nodded saying, "I know it's a lot to take in. But with your help we'll be one step closer to putting a stop to the wars between the Elemental Countries."

Sitting on a park bench, Koyuki asked, "Is that the only reason you slept with me?"

Kneeling in front of her Naruto said, "No, I care for you and now that you're mine I won't let anything hurt you. If you told me to get lost and refused to help, I'd still protect you with my last breath."

Koyuki smiled hearing that so said, "You still haven't changed. You can still spout those lines that belong in a movie and make me believe them."

"That's because I do," Naruto said full of sincerity which shown in his eyes.

"Then I will be glad to offer what help I can," Koyuki said regally.

Standing Naruto offered her his arm saying, "Milady, shall I get you back home before the ball ends."

"Afraid I'll turn into a pumpkin," Koyuki said locking her arms with his.

"Actually I was thinking we could have some more fun before…"

As the floor and windows shook, Naruto turned towards the palace a few seconds later he stiffened as he received the information of what happened from his clone. Seeing, and experiencing the Clone Koyuki's death caused Naruto's fists to clench until blood began leaking from them.

"Naruto, what is it?" Koyuki asked worriedly.

"It appears Kutsuzawa was right. Someone just tried to kill you." Pulling her close he Hiraishined to the seal he had placed in Koyuki's room. Letting her go he said, "Get dressed in your gown. I'll go inform Kutsuzawa that you are alright."

Koyuki nodded shaken by her learning if not for a whim she'd most likely be dead. Naruto sensed her fear and tilted her face towards his. Kissing her tenderly he said, "Nothing will get by me, Koyuki. I promise." Creating half a dozen clones, he left them with her as he henged his clothes to look like the suit he was supposed to be wearing.

He found Kutsuzawa, barking orders to his men to clear the rubble. When the man's eye landed on him, Naruto could see the man was shocked. He recovered quickly and ran up to him asking, "Princess Koyuki? Is she safe?"

"Yes," Naruto said, "She's being guarded by several of my clones and is under my protection."

Kutsuzawa nodded and said, "Good, I'll send some guards to…"

"No," Naruto said cutting the man off rudely, "She's under my protection now. If you want to help her find the bastards responsible."

"Now see here…"

"This isn't a debate," Naruto said not in the mood for an argument over the matter so asked, "Did your guards make sure the hall was secure?"

"Yes, as they always do when she uses it," Kutsuzawa replied defensively,

"Then start with them. Somewhere along the way your security has been breached. She'll be safest with me."

Before Kutsuzawa could counter the jinchuriki, two shouts of, "Naruto," cut him off.

Naruto turned to the voices and could see the worry in his lovers' eyes. Leaving the security head behind, he closed with them and whispered, "I'm fine. We weren't in the tunnel when the exploding tags went off."

Both women nodded in relief, getting to business Naruto said, "Anko, I left some clones with Koyuki in her room. Can you help them protect her? I'll be along shortly to help."

"Is she…you know."

Naruto nodded, "I had just finished explaining my ambition to her when this happened."

"Really, where were you?"

Blushing slightly he scratched his cheek saying, "Leaving a movie theater."

"That's pretty kinky, I can't wait to hear the details" Anko said before disappearing in a swirl of leaves.

"What about me?" Hana asked stepping up to him.

Looking over his shoulder at the man in charge of the cleanup Naruto said, "There's someone I want you to look into."

Getting the hint, Hana said, "Right," before also disappearing.

Naruto walked to Koyuki's room frowning at the guards that appeared to block his path. Giving them his best glare they wisely chose not to push the issue stepping to the sides of the hall. Knocking he said, "I'm coming in."

Naruto expected Koyuki to still be shaken up not to hear her laugh as Anko said, "Now Naruto didn't anyone ever tell you to wait for permission to enter. We could have been indecent."

"When are you not," Naruto joked causing Koyuki to snort.

"Hey," Anko pouted.

"Feeling better," Naruto asked getting a small nod from Koyuki.

"Yes," Koyuki said standing to move closer to Naruto. "As Anko has told me, near misses are just proof that Kami still has a plan for us. I guess I know what mine is now."
Naruto nodded and pulled her into a hug. Despite her words he could still feel her shaking. Still he knew that near misses when it came to attacks of this nature just meant they'd try harder the next time. With that in mind he asked, "Koyuki, during that jail break last year. Did your men manage to capture any of them?"

Koyuki shook her head against his chest saying, "I'm afraid not. Although, one of my uncle's lieutenants did chose not to join her fellow shinobi in escaping. When we retook the prison she was still in her cell even though the door was wide open."

"If she stayed behind and they didn't kill her it's unlikely she knows anything, Naruto," Anko said guessing where he was going with his question.

"I know," Naruto replied stroking Koyuki's hair, "But she may know more then they realize. Or have some idea of what to expect next."

"Get in there traitor," the guard said as he roughly pushed the prisoner into the interrogating room.

Fubuki Kakuyoku didn't bother to turn towards the man aware that his worse attitude was no doubt due to the attempt on the princess that had happened the night before. She moved to the table at the center of the room and pulled out one of the seats. Sitting she waited knowing that she was about to be grilled over any knowledge she may have on the perpetrators.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror she knew her would be interrogators were staring at her from it so she made a point of studying herself. Running a hand through her pink hair she decided that once this was over she'd head to the prison barber for a haircut as her hair was growing rather unruly. Her green eyes returned to the table as she began counting the time in her head. She knew that they'd make her wait in order to work on her nerves and to anger her. But she doubted the interrogator would understand just why it was his tactic wouldn't work, which was simply time was all she had. The more time wasted here was just less wasted in her cell and with a little patience as well as some good-behavior mixed in then she'd be free in five short years. Considering her original sentence had been thirty years she was well on her way she figured.

An hour after being pushed into the cell the door opened and a young man stepped in that seemed rather familiar. She kept quiet as he sat across from dropping what she assumed was her file on the table. He smiled at her warmly so she guessed she was in for the good interrogator, bad interrogator technique, where the two would tag-team her. Guessing the one in front of her was the good one she was waiting for the bad one to make his entrance. Therefore she was surprised when the young man said, "Sorry about the wait. I was reading your file. I didn't want to come in here unprepared."

"Shouldn't we wait for your partner," Fubuki said.

"I'm not an interrogator by trade. I simply want to ask you a few things."

Fubuki crossed her arms as she sat back saying skeptically, "Sure you do." Still finding him to be familiar she asked, "Have we met before?"

"Sort of," blond said surprising her with his openness, "I was part of the Konoha team that killed Doto and landed you in here. My name's Naruto Uzumaki."

Fubuki's eyes ran over the young man finding the years had been kind to him; she tried to not let the good looking blond get to her. Deciding to head the coming questions off she said, "I know why you're here and I had nothing to do with the bombing last night."

"Oh, I know that," Naruto said again surprising the woman. "Still the people behind it were your fellow shinobi. I was hoping maybe you could give us a little insight."

"What's in it for me?" Fubuki asked expecting maybe to be offered a year or two off her sentence.

However the blond surprised her again when he replied, "Nothing. You can help because it the right thing to do, or not."

"Apparently you are new to the interrogation game," Fubuki said dismissively, "That's not how it works. Doing the right thing isn't what landed me in here."

"You got me there," Naruto replied with a smile, "Although it is how you knocked twenty-years off your sentence. I mean if you were interested in being free by any means necessary, you could have participated in that jail break last year."

Fubuki looked away saying, "And be hunted the rest of my life."

Naruto began patting her file saying, "That's a rather weak excuse for remaining in your cell. Let's face it; Spring Country doesn't have the manpower to hunt down escaped ex-shinobi. You want to know what I think. I think that the kunoichi that once saved her Daimyo's life from a plot that may have been a first assassination attempt orchestrated by the Daimyo's shinobi brother was trying to regain her honor. She did receive Snow Country's highest medal as a result of her actions and if the plot was Doto's she couldn't have been one of his men then."

"She wasn't" Fubuki said still looking away. "But then she learned that the man whose life she had saved was hiding away Snow Country's treasure and planned to bankrupt her shinobi village."

"Is that what Doto told you?"

"What does it matter? He's dead, and I'm in here. So the treasure didn't exist instead Lord Sōsetsu wasted the resources of my village to build his daughter a heat generator so she could enjoy spring."

"That's not exactly the truth of the matter."

"I saw that movie and the recording he left his daughter so don't lie to me," Fubuki snapped her green eyes glaring at him.

"What you saw was his message to his daughter, but not the reason he built the generators. Are you aware how good Spring's economy is doing right now, and its owed all to those generators. You see Lord Sōsetsu understood something important which was that Snow Country was spiraling into a massive debt that would see it swallowed by a larger Country." Naruto paused and could see Fubuki's eyes soften as she sat back willing to listen so he continued, "Snow needed to import almost all of its food, which other countries were all too willing to supply at massive mark-ups to what it should have cost. Due to the never ending winter the ground never thawed enough to let you plant your own crops or explore other natural resources. He designed the generators to combat that problem. Now Spring is self-sufficient and also finds itself in the unique position of being courted for alliances by all the Five Great Elemental Nations due to the massive coal and oil resources the melting snow has revealed."

"I…they told me…damn it…" Fubuki said feeling hundreds of emotions swirling inside her.

Naruto nodded saying, "I'm sorry. You allowed lies to sway you from honoring the vow you swore to protect your lord. Help me now to protect his daughter."

Fubuki looked down at the table saying weakly, "I'm afraid I don't know anything."

Naruto nodded disappointed before getting up and collecting her file. He placed a hand on her shoulder as he walked by which she quickly shrugged off. Having read the many good deeds that she had committed before Doto's rebellion, Naruto stopped at the door before opening it and said, "I know the mistake you made eats away at you. It's easy to see, but the only way to make up for it is to dedicate yourself to making sure it doesn't happen again by insuring the people of this Country don't need to suffer through another rebellion."

Stepping into the hall he watched as Kutsuzawa was the first to leave the observation room. The man sent him a look that screamed smugness that he had been right about talking to Fubuki being a waste of time. As the man walked away Naruto allowed the frown he felt to show. Anko and Koyuki left next and made their way towards him.

The head guard of the prison entered the room pulling Fubuki out forcefully. Upon setting her eyes on Spring's ruler they widened in surprise before she quickly looked away. The guard pushed her roughly to get her moving causing Koyuki to say, "There is no need to treat her like that. She's been a model prisoner."

"With all due respect ma'am, she's scum and the second you forget that she'll make you regret it," Fubuki looked hurt by the man's description but also like she couldn't fault him for it. The guard pushed her again and Fubuki was surprised when she heard a body hit the floor.

She turned to see Naruto holding the prone man's arm up and behind him. With his foot placed firmly in the middle of the guard's back he said, "Your princess told you not to treat her roughly. I find it highly suspicious that a mere guard feels so brazen that he can ignore what he is told by the ruler of his country. Trust me, right now you do not want me feeling suspicious towards you."

"S-sorry," the guard stammered between clenched teeth, "I-it's just I deal with these scum all day. It's hard not to lump them all together."

Naruto growled under his breath but let go of the man's arm. Scampering to his feet the man collected Fubuki being sure not to antagonize Naruto further by mishandling her. She passed the jinchuriki and moved her lips but no sound followed as she made sure the guard couldn't see. But to those that could read lips it was clear as day what she said, "Trust no one."

Hana had followed Kutsuzawa since the bombing and on the surface he appeared to be an extremely loyal and efficient servant. However, she noticed that not once had he returned to the home listed in his file which she had managed to lift after Naruto had assigned her to watch him. Deciding to give it a look over while her nin-dogs watched him, she found several disguised seals placed on the windows and door. From the looks of them Kutsuzawa definitely didn't want anyone getting inside.

It took near an hour, but she eventually was able to disable one of the ones on a window. Quickly picking the lock, she stepped inside and almost immediately knew something was wrong as death hung in the air. Holding her hand over her mouth and nose she made her way to where the smell was coming from. Pushing a door open, she almost gagged as she stepped into the bathroom. It became immediately apparent where the smell was coming from although she couldn't see the reason as a black bag was covering the top of the bathtub having been taped over the top.

Prepping herself as best she could, she pulled the bag away and still nearly vomited from the smell. But seeing what lay beneath, she cursed as a badly decomposed Kutsuzawa lay in front of her. Backtracking out of the room to warn Naruto she reached the window she entered from and just stepped outside when alarms began sounding throughout the city. Knowing the alarm meant that the prison was under attack, like Naruto had guessed would happen; she hoped that Naruto was truly a few steps ahead of the enemy.

Koyuki stood looking out of a window onto a happy seeming village while sipping a glass of wine. Watching some kids run by she smiled as she watched a young girl pretending to be Princess Gale defeat a boy who was playing the main villain of the movie series. She was about to take another sip but realized the glass was empty. The woman watching her noticed asking, "Would you like some more?"

Koyuki shook her head saying, "No thank you. I feel guilty sitting here, all the while if Naruto is right my throne is in danger of being stolen."

Koharu stood, and reaching for the bottle walked over to pour some more into Koyuki's cup. She smiled at the princess saying, "We all have our roles. Yours is to stay here in my safehouse, safely tucked away in Konoha. While Naruto's is to make sure you have a kingdom to return to."

Koyuki nodded saying, "He's so different, but at the same time almost exactly as I remember. To be honest I have a hard time imagining Naruto being so capable of reading the situation."

Koharu agreed saying, "He is full of surprises. But I suppose nothing breeds competence like adversity. He's always had a knack for finding a winning strategy in the heat of battle. He's just using those skills beforehand to make sure the battles go his way without the desperation."

"I suppose I'm worrying for nothing then," Koyuki said trying to convince herself. Changing the subject, she made some small talk saying, "So you're also one of Naruto's lovers. How'd he get you to join his grand ambition?"

Koharu smiled saying, "Well believe it or not I was a seventy-year old woman a few months ago and…"

Fubuki could hear the sounds of battle echoing through the prison as she sat on her cot. As she expected and had tried to warn Naruto, some of the guards were actually her fellow Snow Shinobi in disguise. She had noticed an unusual amount of new faces appearing in the prison over the past several months. At first she had thought nothing of it, but overtime she began to suspect Nadare's hand in it as she knew he hadn't died during the prison break and had suspect he was behind it.

As the sounds of battle faded between the fake and real guards she wondered what her fate would be. If Nadare's forces won out she doubted it would be good for her. Remembering the day she cut ties with her old colleagues, she could almost hear Mizore as he had said opening her cell, "Come on Fubuki we're free."

"Mizore, how…" she had begun to ask surprised especially since his mechanical arm had been returned to him somehow.

However, he cut her off saying, "I'll explain everything later. Now hurry."
He was about to take off assuming she'd be behind him but stopped as she said, "I'm not going."


"I said I'm staying. I'm going to serve out my sentence and… well I don't know what but I've made up my mind."

"So you're betraying us, you're fellow shinobi."

Fubuki had looked away replying, "We deserve our fates as prisoners. I've made my choice."

"It's one you'll regret," Mizore had said taking off as the sound of guards approached.
The sound of her cell opening pulled Fubuki's attention to the head guard that had pushed her around as he led her to the interrogation room to met Naruto. "Here to see me safely transferred to a secure location?"

"Nope, here to tie up some loose ends," the guard said stepping into the cell. After pulling a large knife, he burst into a cloud of smoke revealing Mizore. Smiling wickedly the man said, "I told you that you'd regret your decision traitor."

Standing she prepared for his thrust and wasn't disappointed. Pivoting to the side, she pushed the blade past her and spinning smashed her elbow into his nose. Mizore stumbled back several feet holding his broken nose mumbling, "You fucking cunt. I'm going to take my time killing you."

Fubuki didn't give him the time to recover launching a kick that knocked him out of the cell into the metal railing behind him. As she was on the seventh floor of the prison she tried to kick him over it, but he caught her foot with his metal arm. Pulling her off balance, he threw her over the railing. Grabbing onto it she hung on for dear life as the Snow-nin slowly turned to face her.

Smiling mercilessly, he said, "Maybe I should cut your fingers off one by one see how many it takes till you let go. Yeah that sounds like fun."

Standing near the rail, he was about to slowly press the knife to her index finger when the sound of a kunai hitting the floor behind him attracted his attention. Fubuki's vision was blocked by the large man but she could see a red flash appear around his edges. Mizore surprised at what he saw said, "How…" but the rest of his sentence was gargled by the kunai that was plunged into his throat.

The red flash happened again and Mizore's body tipped backwards over the metal guard falling to the prison floor below. Pulling herself up over the railing, Fubuki looked around for who had saved her but instead only saw dead Snow-nin littering the various catwalks. Looking at her feet she saw a strange tri-prong kunai with a seal around it. Picking it up, she put it into her prison jumpsuit and looked at her cell for a moment torn. Instead of entering it though she took off down the catwalk at a dead sprint heading to where prisoners' possessions were stored.

Naruto watched disappointed as Fubuki took off running from his vantage point. But since he had placed a seal on her when he had grabbed her shoulder during the interrogation and she was now carrying one of his kunai decided capturing her could wait. Glad he had guessed right in knowing that something was wrong at the prison, he hoped the ring leader behind this ordeal would be stupid enough to take the bait he had left dangling in front of him.

Anko dodged backwards as one of the palace guards tried to remove her head with his sword. It missed her throat barely but as soon as it passed by her she was moving forward into the man's guard. Burying a kunai in his gut, she spun around behind him and raising her arm made several snakes appear from her sleeve. The serpents wrapped around the wounded man tightly and with a grunt of effort she pulled tossing him into several of his compatriots.

The remaining men eyed her warily, afraid to join the pile of corpses that had already tried to get by her. Anko smiled dangerously as well as in amusement at just how well Naruto had guessed the situation. When Fubuki had told him not to trust anyone, he had taken that as confirmation his doubts about Kutsuzawa had some merit. He had believed that Fubuki had noticed something off in the prison and after some meditation had begun to guess at what the Snow-nin had planned. Which was to create a situation where the people of Spring would turn to the man in charge of its security if Koyuki was killed, Kutsuzawa. It was obvious that the plan had suffered a setback when Naruto and Koyuki had survived the assassination attempt at the premier. So now they were staging another prison riot in order to distract the loyal guards while Snow-nin killed Koyuki. Anko was positive that when the bodies of the men she had already killed were identified that they would all be the escaped prisoners from last year's breakout.

She noticed several of the men nod at each other and braced herself for the men to attack her all at once. However before they could take a single step forward four spinning vortex's tore into their ranks sending the disguised guards flying in all directions. The vortex's came to a rest in front of her revealing Hana and her three nin-dogs.

"Kutsuzawa?" Anko asked pulling another kunai from her pouch as she heard another wave of guards approaching."

"Dead," Hana answered and then adding, "From the looks of it, for quite some time."

"The fake then?"

"Sorry, he managed to lose my triplets," Hana said as her animal partners hanged their heads.

"It's not a big deal," Anko said preparing to charge the enemy, "We planned for such an occasion."

The guards stopped upon arriving in the hall that led to Koyuki room their eyes going wide at the fact two women had put so many of their fellows down. When the squad's leader met her eyes his own questioning Anko shrugged saying, "What do you expect from second class shinobi?"

As the disguised Snow-nin bristled before charging Hana said, "You had to push their buttons didn't you."

"They were coming whether we wanted them to or not. You can't expect me to not make it a little fun," Anko said tossing the blade she held and caught the leader in the forehead before pulling another one. Laughing, she jumped into the charging enemies'' midst. Hana sighed guessing she had a point and quickly followed suit.

Kutsuzawa could hear Koyuki moving about in the room below his perch on the roof. He scowled at hearing another of his squads calling for back-up to deal with the women blocking the hallway to the princess. Dropping to the balcony below, he could see Koyuki staring at the door of her room worried. Although her back was to him and he could probably enter the room quietly. He wanted the bitch to know he was there so kicked the balcony doors open.

Koyuki spun around saying, "Kutsuzawa, what's going on."

"The end of the Kazahana," he replied stepping into the room slowly pulling a kunai.

Koyuki backed up saying, "I-I trusted you."

Kutsuzawa smiled amused before replying, "If it makes any difference know that the real Tessai Kutsuzawa was a loyal servant your highness. But he should have been just as concerned with his own security as he was with yours."


"Indeed," the fake Kutsuzawa said taking another step forward as Koyuki backed into a wall.

He was about to move in to finish her off when a shout of, "Nadare," caused him to turn. He caught sight of Fubuki wearing her old outfit and chakra armor that she had liberated from the prison storage. Flying into the room she tackled him around the waist but Nadare rolled backwards and grabbing the wings of her armor kicked her in the stomach. She flew through the air but managed to land on her feet frowning as she noticed the henged Nadare Roga holding the wings his kick had pulled free.

"Fubuki, how nice of you to join us, I guess it was too much to hope Mizore would be able to handle you." Tossing the wings away, Nadare dropped his henge revealing he was also wearing chakra armor although unlike Fubuki's his was charged and working.

"Princess, get out of here. I'll handle him." Fubuki frowned when Koyuki didn't budge but was forced to focus back on Roga as he shifted his stance.

"Will you now," Nadare said amused, "Still trying to find atonement for betraying her father, are you? How pathetic, we were destined for so much more than to serve a weak fool such as that."

"Shut up," Fubuki yelled. "You and Doto lied to me. Lord Sōsetsu wasn't squandering our village's money. He was trying to save our country."

Shrugging dismissively, Nadare said, "What does it matter? In time you became just as bloodthirsty and greedy as the rest of us. Do you truly think you can become that naïve little genin again who was content merely serving others. We are wolves, not sheep and deserve to be treated as such."

Pulling the strange kunai she had found Fubuki prepared to charge at Nadare saying, "When wolves move to attack the sheep it's the shepherds job to protect them. I will not allow you to throw my home into chaos again." Running forward she stabbed the blade into the armor and was surprised when she was violently repelled backwards by an electric shock.

"How do you like the modifications I've made? It's a little something I had our engineers work on to remove the flaw Kakashi pointed out to me." Fubuki tried to get back to her feet but a kick from Nadare to the jaw sent her to the floor landing on her back. Kneeling he pressed his knee against her throat saying, "Not so tough now are you little shepherd?"

"How…how…" Fubuki struggled to say as she was finding it difficult to breathe.

"How did I recover from my injury at Kakashi's hands? Well, I had a little help with that I admit. Thanks to Sōsetsu's inventions this country's loaded with resources just waiting to be exploited. One of the many people interested in getting their hands on them sent someone to heal me. Oh I spent some time pretending to still be paralyzed, civilian doctors are so easy to fool you know, setting things up for our grand prison break. After I killed Tessai, it was just a matter of switching his men with mine. I planned to carry all this out months ago till I learned Koyuki had invited Kakashi and his team here. I was a little disappointed he didn't show, but figured killing his student would almost be worse for him than his own death at my hands."

The sound of Koyuki making a break for the door pulled Nadare's attention from the struggling kunoichi. Pulling a kunai he said, "Oh, no you don't," before letting it fly. He smiled wickedly as the blade buried itself in her back. However his joy was short lived as she burst into smoke, seconds later a red flash appeared where she had been standing.

Nadare's eyes grew wide as Naruto without breaking stride closed the distance between them holding a red Rasengan in one hand. Slamming it into Nadare's chest it easily overloaded the chakra power crystal and destroyed the plastic armor beneath. Nadare smashed into a wall before sliding down it slowly and from the blood trail where his head had hit the wall it was apparent he hadn't survived the attack.

Naruto cursed wanting to question him about who had healed him but knew against Chakra Armor anything less than full strength would have left him open to attack. Sighing at the missed opportunity and worried one of the other Kages or even Orochimaru may have been behind it, hoped the failure of Nadare's scheme would cause them to think twice before meddling in Spring Country again.

He turned to the coughing kunoichi who was rubbing her throat as she attempted to stand. As soon as she got her feet beneath her she asked anxiously, "The princess…"

"Is safe," Naruto answered calmly, "She hasn't been here since the bombing. I've been using a shadow clone in hopes of drawing out whoever was behind this. Sorry, I didn't arrive sooner. The clone was supposed to get killed by Nadare to alert me that he was out in the open. Since he felt like running his mouth it sat back to learn as much as possible, before attracting his attention."

Fubuki nodded, but before she could inquire as to where Koyuki was the door to the room burst open. Palace guards stood in the doorway and since Anko and Hana were with them he guessed they were the real thing. The Captain stepped forward looking around the room the concern easy to see in his eyes as he asked, "The Princess, where is she?"

"Safe," Naruto said, "I'll retrieve her once all the escaped Snow-nin are accounted for."

"There are a few held up in the armory," the captain said, "We'll go root them out immediately." The captain motioned to two of his men who pointed their spears at Fubuki. "We'll also secure the prisoner," he added almost challenging Naruto to say otherwise.

Naruto nodded but said, "She came here to defend Koyuki. If I hear she's been mistreated along the way. Whoever's behind it will answer to me."

The captain swallowed heavily but with a small head motion to his men led them from the room. Hana stepped up to Naruto saying, "If she came here to help how can you let them lead her away in chains?"

"Because she did it for the right reason," Naruto said picking up Nadare's corpse to deliver it to Tsunade in hopes there was a way to learn something of value from it, before retrieving Koyuki.

"Which is?"

"She didn't expect a reward," Naruto said disappearing in a flash of red.

Fubuki was being escorted to the palace in the red prison jumpsuit she had been given upon her return to her cell. Although she may have been imagining it she could almost feel a small measure of respect coming from them. As she tried to figure out why Koyuki was summoning her so late at night, her group was met by the two Leaf kunoichi that had become something of local celebrities. Nodding to the men, Anko said, "We'll take it from here boys. The princess still isn't feeling well due to all the stress what with the bombing and would be rebellion."

The men turned her over to them and with a nod of her head Anko indicated which way she should head. Fubuki was surprised to find that they were heading to the living quarters of the palace although on the opposite end of the building from where Nadare had died. Arriving at large door Anko knocked and received a call of, "You may send her in."

Both kunoichi took up guard positions on the sides of the door so Fubuki entered and was surprised to find herself in a spare bedroom. However as she focused on the princess, who was wearing only a nightgown that covered up to mid-thigh and was see-thru although the material darkened around her breasts and pelvis, that if she was that stunning when she wasn't feeling good then she couldn't imagine how beautiful she'd be if she was.

"Welcome," Koyuki said smiling at her, "I never got the chance to thank you for coming to my defense."

"Your thanks are not necessary Princess and I'm not worthy of them."

Koyuki moved to a high backed chair that resembled a throne. Sitting in it regally, she crossed her legs and Fubuki blushed as she could see that the Princess wasn't wearing any panties. Looking away, she missed Koyuki's smile as she stood back up to walk towards the woman. "Tell me, what reward would you like for your services?"

Fubuki kept her eyes averted, for a moment she considered asking for more time off her sentence. However remembering what Naruto had said about doing the right thing without reward said, "I do not require anything princess."

"You were right," Koyuki said suddenly talking to towards the chair she had sat in.

Coming from around it was a shirtless Naruto who sat down saying, "I told you. I had my doubts when she left the prison during the riot, but coming here to rescue you. Well, I'd be lying if I said I saw that coming."

Koyuki moved to the chair and sitting in his lap she kissed him passionately. By the time the kiss ended Fubuki was blushing madly guessing for the two days that the princess was supposedly under the weather after dealing with the fallout and; she had been otherwise engaged with the blond man. Koyuki got up from his lap and walking towards the former Snow-nin said, "I am in need of a bodyguard. Someone who I can count on to watch over me at all times and knows how to keep a secret. Can you think of someone who may want such a job?"

Fubuki looked up before quickly looking away saying, "I'm sorry I cannot, at least nobody worthy."

"I see, a shame really since I see a worthy candidate in front of me."

Fubuki looked up shocked, but said, "I-I'm unworthy of such an honor Princess."

"Perhaps," Koyuki admitted, "However, you saw how I was as short a time as three years ago. I don't think anyone would have thought me worthy to lead back then." Looking over her shoulder she continued, "But, due to a manager who believed in me and a shinobi who never gives up. I stand before as the Princess of Spring Country."

Closing the distance between them Koyuki said, "Naruto believes in you. So I too will believe in you."

Her face continued to close with Fubuki who leaned back slightly to ask, her cheeks flushed with color, "What…what are you doing?"

"I told you, I need a bodyguard. One that can watch over me at All times," Koyuki said stretching out the word all before pressing her lips to Fubuki's.

The woman stiffened at first; however she soon tentatively began to respond to the kiss. From Naruto's vantage point he could see the nubs of Fubuki's breast harden as they began to press against the thin material of her prison jumpsuit. Koyuki pulled away slightly enjoying the hooded lust filled eyes of the pink-haired kunoichi. Sounding breathless she asked, "Do you accept?"

"Yes," Fubuki said and as soon as Koyuki lips pressed against hers, she opened her mouth to meet the princess's tongue with her own. Naruto smiled as he watched, Koyuki bring her hand up to grope the kunoichi's tit. She played with the nipple for a moment before moving on to grasp the jumpsuits zipper. She pulled it down slowly for Naruto's benefit and when it was all the way down he could just see the thin strip of pink hair that rested above Fubuki pussy.

Koyuki then reached into the jumpsuit, her fingers quickly seeking out and finding Fubuki's slick opening. "P-princess," Fubuki moaned as two of Koyuki's fingers filled her passage.

Working them in and out furiously, Koyuki said, "Please…call me Koyuki."

She then moved her face to Fubuki's tit sucking a nipple into her mouth. Fubuki's hands moved to the nursing princess's hair pulling her deeper into her chest as she moaned in pleasure. After several seconds Koyuki moved onto the other one. After several minutes she pulled back removing her fingers from the kunoichi's passage. Licking the juices from them. She kissed the kunoichi and moved her hands to the woman's shoulders where she slid the open jumpsuit off and down her arms.

Holding it around her waist she led Fubuki to her bed and she gently lowered the woman down where she sat with her legs hanging over the side. She then took up a kneeling position between her legs and began pulling the jumpsuit the rest of the way off. Once it cleared her feet, Koy