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Summary: What were Pokegirl Tamers and Pokegirls? Thresholding? Taming? How is he a Pokegirl Tamer and his girls Pokegirls? Shirou and the girls he knew found themselves in another world. If that wasn't enough, they find themselves in the center of attention of the Pokegirl World. Will Shirou and his girls stay or manage to return home? (WARNING ADULT CONTENT!)

*Chapter 1*: Warning

Dear Readers,

This is a forewarning that this story is for mature audience. It includes material that is unsuited to young audiences. Do not read if you don't like content such as bondage and stuff related to that genre. You have been warned.


*Chapter 2*: Pokegirl World

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If you hadn't noticed this story is divided into two routes. This story is dividing into two possible scenarios, just like Fate Stay Night, from the chapter called the Exam. The Good and Bad Route splits assuming that Sakura breaking the law is discovered or not. The Good Route will focus on more action while the Bad Route will focus on more kinky things happening to the characters.


Chapter One "Pokegirl World"

"Bring the generator up to its first stage!" Maggie Walsh ordered the technicians sitting infront of her.

"Main Generator online, one minute until full charge for first stage activation," said technician with her eyes glued to the line of digital gauges on the screen of her workstation.

"Onsite personnel are to move behind the blast shield." Maggie Walsh ordered.

"All personnel on the lab floor are ordered behind the shield. Activation is Imminent! Repeat Activation is Imminent! this is not a drill!" A technician relayed Maggie's orders through microphone on a stand mounted on his desk.

There was a definite thrum of energy in the air and all the assembled Trauma Team could feel the deep vibration in their bones as the giant generators buried below the hidden base complex picked up speed.

"Full charge, we're ready to activate the first stage on your word, Professor." The lead technician announced.

"Activate!" Maggie gave the order.

"All indications are green, first stage activation confirmed." The report was automated, the AI generating a soft mellow voice, nether male or female, speaking calmly and clearly.

"Begin search routine." Professor Margaret Walsh ordered.

"Beginning search routine, yes ma'am." The head tech answered her fingers flying over her keyboard and she carried out her orders.

"The search will not take long, for the purposes of this demonstration the system has been configured to locate dimensional anomalies which we calculate will make dimension penetration and transit easier. It is very costly in terms of power usage, and later we hope to identify closer targets. But for now aiming for the big obvious bullseye, even if it's a great distance away, is more likely to succeed. Than aiming for something closer but that our sensors just aren't yet capable of picking up out of the background noise. Each I.D.H. we perform will allow us to refine our data and improve our sensors." Maggie lectured almost without realizing it, more focused on the readings scrolling across the big monitor suspended above the controls.

"Target acquired dimension labeled Delta Alpha one nine seven. Boundary scans show green on all I.D.H. criteria." The base AI reported.

"The I.D.H. criteria is a simple checklist that can be confirmed or denied without actually spending the power to piece the dimensional barrier, things like the presence of human life or magic or air."

Maggie cast a slightly annoyed look at her assistant, but didn't really mind someone else talking to the Trauma Team representatives, it wasn't like it was something she enjoyed. Only her desire to see everything go off without a hitch had prompted her. Seeing that the man was doing an adequate job she left him to it and concentrated on running the test.

"Very well begin second stage power up sequence." She commanded.

"Yes ma'am."

"Second Stage is two actions in one go. We pierce the dimensional barrier and start a detailed scan looking for good prospects for I.D.H. normally this would take days, or even weeks. After all, what are the chances of a high powered individual standing close by, to where we piece the barrier? This is another benefit of locating anomalies in the dimensional barriers, such places tend to attract just the sort of targets we are hunting."

Professor Margaret Walsh looked up at the AI interface set into the ceiling above the workstation. It was a simple grey box bolted in place with a red camera lens recessed in the middle, through this unit and the few others scattered about the Team Trauma facility the bases AI could be personally accessed. It was more for human convenience than any real use. It made humans and most Pokegirl's feel better about dealing with an apparent person if they could convince themselves that it was physically in one spot. Yes it was directly tied to the AI, but the time lag between using its own systems at an interface and using the normal networked computers would only be noticeable by a Video Girl.

Right now the AI was filtering through the countless separate, mostly useless, pieces of data the sensors were collecting from the penetrated dimension to pinpoint the I.D.H. targets. "Targets selected, 18 area's of interest."

"Display a run down on the main screen." Maggie told the three Techs as soon as the AI had made its report.

Maggie watched the information appear, quickly scanning each entry as it scrolled across.

"See these values here?" Maggie pointed out a grouping of numbers that appeared in most of the reports. Turning to her assistant and raising an eyebrow.

"Yes Professor, very indicative of non-human entity's."

"Delete all non-humans from the list." The technicians lent over their keyboards quickly identifying the string of numbers the two scientists had pointed out and removing each target that contained them from the list.

A minute later the head technican, turned to Maggie. "That leaves one group of four viable targets." She reported.

"Excellent! A near perfect test group, bring stage three online and activate portal targeting." Maggie smiled and turned slightly to watch the Trauma Team observer, who looked properly impressed.

"Yes ma'am."

With a few keystrokes the displays changed and the I.D.H. really started.

"Stage three fully online, portal is active and targeting, all eight targets locked."

"Run final system check and execute." Maggie ordered.

"All systems check out ma'am, we're good to go!"

"I.D.H. Transit extraction in THREE, TWO, ONE, TRANISIT!"

On the final word all three technicians entered a last command and the whining generators picked up speed. Each person in the control room human or Pokegirl felt the hairs on the backs of their necks try to stand on end. The air was charged with the tiny fraction of energy that escaped the massed shields, dampeners and sinks that fought to contain any leakage. So much power even separated by tons of rock and armor it brought an electric feel to the atmosphere.

The hidden bases huge generators fed power to the network of magic crystals. The master crystal, its presence dominating the laboratory, mounted in the main I.D.H. apparatus set in the exact center of the Lab. The meter long rough cut stone sucked in the generator's output and blazed, each faceted face radiating magic at a slightly different frequency. One matched by the dozen smaller slaved crystals built into each individual pod. A beat behind, each of the lesser crystal pulsed in answer, they're red glow throwing the assembled equipment and staff into stark relief.

The three technicians watched their boards closely, tensed and waiting, as one their shoulders sagged as greens appeared across the system.

"Extraction complete all targets acquired, Transit has been initiated, ETA four minutes and twenty seconds."

"Good! Begin biological enhancement, be sure to keep a close eye on Matrix stability."

The technicians hurried to start the biological enhancement. Maggie kept her back straight and her face a cool mask, not showing any of the relief she felt at this first success, the next stage was harder, where most of the problems would be.

"Engaging biological enhancement, enhancement 10 percent, 20 percent 30 percent."

The Command Center was silent apart from the steadily counting AI and the slowly dwindling deep, near subsonic, vibration of the generators. Through the windows down into the lab the Trauma Team observers could see that the steady flashing of the crystals mounted on the containment pods was gaining in speed and intensity.

"100 percent! biological enhancement complete. Transit time remaining two minutes, thirty seconds."

"Is it wise to enhance the specimens when we have no knowledge of what they are capable of?" Keith Crawford wondered aloud, his eye on the display.

"We have taken into account as many possibilities as possible. We have rigorously tested and went beyond what should be needed. Unless the specimen are as powerful as a Legendary Pokegirl then there is no need to be worried." Maggie replied confidently.

"Transit in final stage fifteen seconds until I.D.H. Containment 10, 9, 8," Most those present held their breath in anticipation. "3, 2, 1, Transit complete, Matrix containment complete. Containment Pods 1 to 8 secure and correct."

"Good, good! Give me a full scan of Pods 1 to 5 if their stable transformation will begin immediately." Maggie told her audience.

"All Pods are green, all subjects are stable and unconscious."

"Begin the process." Maggie said after a second's hesitation, this was where it all went pear-shaped in the last test.

"Ma'am! Pod One is online for transformation." The three technicians watched avidly, as did everyone else, as the scan results of the first pod changed from human to Pokegirl.

"Transformation complete."

"Continue the transformation of the rest of the subjects." Maggie ordered.

Every gauge and monitor went red Alarms blared. Emergency sirens started to howl. The room went black. The emergency back systems kicked in as the lights came back on.

"What's happening!"

"Impossible?!" Maggie shouted in surprise and shock at the results she was reading.

"What is going on Professor?"

"Subject 4 has been not only regained conscious, but also managed to resist our efforts to transform it into a pokegirl," said Maggie. "Its trying to break free…"

"Didn't you say that anything short of a legendary was supposed to be able escape?!"

"You shut these damn alarms off! I think everyone gets that there's a problem."

The man quickly started turning them off one by one.

"This is incredible! Nothing we have can even began to measure this! I've only seen anything approaching this magnitude once before." Maggie whispered in awe, her voice carrying clearly through the command center as the last of the alarms fell silent.

"Yes, Yes Professor, I'm sure it's fascinating, but do something about Subject 4."

"I told you that we designed our pods to be able to handle anything short of a legendary," said Maggie then she turned towards one of the technicians. "Flood Pod 4 with knockout gas."

"Flooding Pod-4."

"Alert, Containment breach, Alert!"

"That's impossible! How is the specimen still conscious from that much knockout gas!" Dr. Angleman argued as he stared at the information that he was reading on the screens before him.

"Good. Good. Good… We managed to get such an excellent specimen…" Maggie said in a pleased tone as she read the information before realizing that what she was saying might not please her backers as if they saw that their investment managed to escape she would likely end up dead for failure. "Please do not worry we can contain the situation."

"Professor! We are getting a huge spike in energy. It's prana!"

"How much prana?" Maggie shouted as she ran behind the technician, who had spoke to her.

"Enough to destroy the entire room; take out all the equipment and specimen with it."

"Divert all power to containment!" Maggie demanded already working at her keyboard.

"Pod 1 to 3 are stable. Subject 1 to 3 are contained. Subject 4 in Pod 4 is steadily chipping away at the containment field. Pod 4 is going to break soon!"

"Terminate Subject 4. Flood Pod 4 with lethal gas!" Maggie shouted.

"Flooding Pod 4 with lethal gas. 5…4…3…2…1… mark!"

"Prana levels dropping! Containment fields on Pod 4 holding steady and climbing. It seems Subject 4 has been… terminated."

"Good," Maggie sighed in relief. She then turned around to her backers, "unfortunately Subject 4 had to be terminated, but all is not lost. In fact, we can see it good example of how powerful Subject 4 and the potential of their genes has. We could use whatever genes that make Subject 4 so powerful to our human genetic projects. Imagine the possibilities we can unlock with its genes!"

Instantly every light went out plunging the command center into darkness. For a second, the lab outside the windows was lit up by the red glow of the Crystals, but even they slowly faded out.

"What is going!"

"We lost power. Cause unknown."

"Why isn't the backup power kicking in!"

"Why can't we see the Power Crystals anymore? They don't run on power." Maggie muttered, staring out into the darkness.

The Crystals, each mounted on one of the dozen of Containment Pods spaced around the ground floor Lab walls, blazed to life. Maggie Walsh had a second turn and take one step, running from the suddenly vibrating windows. The Crystals light, a ferocious devouring Red filled the room, splashing everybody in color as if they'd been swimming in a sea of blood. For a second the blood red of the Energy Crystals filled the world, flooding the humans and pokegirl's present eyes were overwhelmed by the brightness.

Explosions rocked the complex as all the power Crystals detonated at once, magical energies screamed through the cavern ripping everything before them apart. The hardened shock proof glass of the windows of the command center cracked and shattered, spraying shards through the metal room. A beam of ravaging light shot straight up from the wrecked Master Crystal spearing the Command Center and detonating in the solid rock of the cavern ceiling above. Torn and twisted equipment spun as the cyclone of mystic energy whirled around the main floor, reducing billions of credits worth of machinery to so much scrap.

Humans screamed as they tried to seek safety. They where picked up and dashed to pieces by the spinning storm of magic and metal. For a minute it raged throwing off bolts of multicolored lighting that grounded into the walls, floor and ceiling, blasting out huge chunks of solid stone. Chunks of stone that were themselves whipped about by the unnatural power, before being thrown back to earth causing more destruction.

Finally it slowed the magical force spent, unidentifiable pieces of metal, plastic and the still faintly glowing shards of crystal rained down, clattering to the floor.

Silence for a second, surprised somehow as if the wrecked base itself was shocked by the violence, then with a groan the steel of the supports holding the Command Center to the cavern roof gave in to the savage beating they'd received and slowly came apart. The ten meter square box simply peeled off the rock above and plummeted to the ground crushing what little remained under it. A trickle off gravel followed growing until a boulder the size of a house broke away and with a shriek of tortured metal crushed half the battered building.

- O -

"Rin! Sakura! Luvia! Anybody! Respond if you can hear me!" Shirou shouted, but he couldn't hear anything from outside the metal box that he suddenly found himself in.

Shirou Emiya slammed his fist against the metals walls. It did not budge even one bit. A rather impressive feat given that Shirou had trained his body to the peak of what the normal human was capable of without any enhancements or aids. Even prisons designed to hold most people wouldn't be able hold him as he was able to break concrete with his body with ease and even bend metal.

He slammed into the blocking hatch only to bounce off, as it refused to budge. Then Shirou tried to use what little room he had to move around to walk backwards and slam into the closed hatch. The result was the same as the first, the hatch refused to move and there wasn't even a mark to show that his slamming had any effect.

If brute force wasn't going to work then he needed to look for a weakness to exploit. He run his hands over the edge of the hatch to his prison, feeling for a gap or a weakness. In some places the seams didn't match up, as if the door and the doorframe had bent away from each other, but so far it still seemed solid. Nothing where he could focus all his strength at one point that would hopefully give way. There was no weakness to exploit. Whoever had designed his prison had done a good job.

Shirou closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes and exhaled, he felt invigorated. He felt his magic circuits pulsing with prana. It was time to use option two.

His fist slammed into closed hatch. His previous attempts to free himself had only been purely limited to what strength his body was capable of without any aid. It had done nothing, but leave Shirou with a pained fist. This time it was different. He used Reinforcement to increase his strength and speed to the utter most he was capable. Something that was rather impressive to the point that he could move a tonne with ease or move so fast that he seemed to teleport.

The fist went right through the hatch. It went through the hatch so deeply that for a moment, Shirou was expecting his fist to go through the hatch. His fist slowed down as momentum bled away and it came to a stead still, firmly lodged inside the hatch.

"How thick is the hatch?" Shirou wondered as right arm was elbow deep.

Instead of withdrawing his fist for another punch, Shirou tried to use his embedded arm as a leaver. He pulled and twisted at his body to probe the closed hatch. It was so quiet that a normal person would've have heard it. He heard metal groan somewhere, not to far away from him. Probably rivets or welding that were straining to contain his strength.

Shirou withdraw his fist and walked back to inspect the damage he had done. The hatch looked like it had already taken a lot of damage. It was twisted and didn't fit squarely in its frame anymore. Shirou gave the hatch some pushes and every time he pushed it, it moved a little bit more. Nothing that would allow him to escape, but it showed that he could eventually escape if he tried.

"Rin! Sakura! Luvia! Anybody out there?" Shirou shouted, hoping to hear some response from her friends..

"Shirou! I'm here." A familiar voice called from somewhere off to Shirou's left. It was faint, muffled by metal and distance, but there was no mistaking it.

"Rin! Are you ok, where are you!" Shirou felt a surge of relief that one of his friends seemed okay.

"I'm fine Shirou, a little woozy and headachy but OK. I'm inside some kind of metal box." Rin called out. "What about the others? Are they okay?"

"You're the first person I have heard after I found myself in a metal box." Shirou replied.

"Shero! Is that you, Shero?!" Another familiar voice shouted.

"Yes, it's me, Luvia!" Shirou shouted with relief. "Are you okay?!"

"Hey! You shouldn't care about that blonde bimbo?!" Rin shouted in anger as her petty rivalry with Luvia reared its head.

"Ohohhoooo! It's seems the flat-chested girl is still alive." Luvia laughed in a haughty manner.

Shirou only groaned as the two girls quickly devolved into insults thrown at each other. If the two girls were not physically restrained in their metal prisons then Shirou had no doubt in his mind that they would quickly escalate from a fight of wits to a full on catfight. He was about to shout at Rin and Luvia when he was beaten to the punch.

"Tohsaka-san! Edenfelt-san! Now isn't the time!" Sakura shouted in aggressive tone that was uncharacteristic of the quiet and friendly Sakura.

Sweat ran down Shirou's brow when he realized what was going on. It seemed the linger influence of Angra Mainyu that had on Sakura was still around. Shirou could imagine how Sakura could look like right now. Sakura with white hair, red eyes and wearing black clothing made out of her unique magecraft, Imaginary Numbers.

"Can any of you do anything?" Shirou asked.

"I am powerless here. Something is preventing me from using magecraft!" Rin shouted.

"Shero, I am in the same boat! There must be some kind of Bounded Field that prevents the usage of magecraft!" Luvia shouted.

"Senpai, it's drains prana like Rider's Blood Fort Andromeda!" Sakura shouted.

"I can use magecraft!" Shirou shouted.

"It's must because of Archer's influence. You did after all inherited many of his abilities after his heart was transplanted into you. Maybe a Servant's Magic Resistance is one of them?" Rin suggested.

"What?! When did Shero have a Servant's heart implanted in him?" Luvia shouted in surprise.

"During the Fifth Holy Grail War when Senpai killed Gilgamesh. In a last attempt to get revenge, the King of Heroes destroyed Senpai's heart. Tohsaka-san's Servant, Archer volunteered to give his heart to Shirou." Sakura explained.

Shirou suddenly began to feel drowsy when he smelled something unusual. He quickly took a deep breath and projected a gas mask to filter the air of the knockout agent that was being flooded into his metal prison. His reprieve only lasted a moment as parts of his gas mask quickly began to disappear in motes of light.

He had to act right now. The knockout gas was likely designed to knock him out within seconds if he was to breath it in again. Something that he couldn't allow to happen as his friends seemed unable to use magecraft to free themselves and leaving himself the only one to be able to free them. If he became unconscious, then their chances of freedom might escape.

Reinforcing his body to the uttermost level, Shirou slammed the hatch with all his might. It groaned and Shirou slammed his body once body, but the hatch still remained shut. He repeated smashed his body several times, but the hatch was still holding even if it was clear that it wouldn't hold forever. Time that Shirou didn't have as his gas mask disappeared and he felt his prana reserves steadily being drained dry.

Normally, he would've been more conservative on his usage of his prana and Noble Phantasms, but now wasn't the time to be relaxing. He needed something to get him out of his metal prison immediately. Something that had never failed him before and one of his more larger hitting Noble Phantasms when quick and swift application of brute force was necessary.

"Ig-Alima!" Shirou chanted.

The hatch didn't even have time to groan in resistance. It might as well have been a man trying to stop a 100 tonne tank coming at him with max speed. Ig-Alima was not ordinary weapon even amongst Noble Phantasms. It was a Noble Phantasm so large and powerful that it was known as the Mountain Felling Sword. Something that was capable of destroying entire mountains according to legend. Even if Shirou materialized a small fraction of Ig-Alima, the Noble Phantasm completely and utterly destroyed the hatch into small fragments even before it smashed against a wall.

Shirou quickly tried to get out of now broken prison and he was sent to the ground. He quickly scrambled to his feet looking around.

A big dimly lit chamber, with long curving walls was where he was. Shirou couldn't make out the far side, but the curve in the wall looked regular, like they went all the way around making the room a big circle. A trashed circular chamber, that looked like Godzilla had used it for a practice rampage. The walls were cracked, with sections that had fallen in the whole place reeked of smoke and there were still small fires burning here and there, though they looked like most were slowly dying for lack of fuel. Broken equipment lay thrown about; long twisted pipes littered the ground leaking a glowing sickly looking red liquid. Towards the middle of the room was the remains of a large building, half of it crushed by boulders that looked ominously like they used to be part of the ceiling.

Shirou took it all in a glance. When he saw no immediate threat, Shirou turned to where he'd heard his friend's voices. Along the wall to his left, Shirou could see a three metal pods, like the one he'd just escaped from, set each about ten meters apart. The edges were drooping slightly and they were covered in burn marks.

"I'm out! Hold still and don't panic!" Shirou shouted. "Trace On!"

He made no attention to what he used. The only thing he cared was to free his friends. Regular weapons, Mystic Codes or Noble Phantasms. He summoned the first weapons that came into his mind. A hail of weapons promptly smashed into the metal pods with pinpoint precision and broke the hatch that kept his friend trapped inside their metal prisons.

His friends yelped in surprise as they saw their prisons broken and fell as the pods were launched backwards with the sheer momentum and mass behind Shirou's volley of swords.

Luvia was the first to recover as she looked at the surroundings for the first time. She looked over Shirou's shoulder and her eyes widened.

"Shirou! Look out!" Luvia screamed, pointing behind Shirou.

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*Chapter 3*: Arturia

Dear Readers,

If you hadn't noticed this story is divided into two routes. This story is dividing into two possible scenarios, just like Fate Stay Night, from the chapter called the Exam. The Good and Bad Route splits assuming that Sakura breaking the law is discovered or not. The Good Route will focus on more action while the Bad Route will focus on more kinky things happening to the characters.


Chapter Two "Arturia"

Shirou spun to see a woman holding a large pointy sword running straight towards him. He blinked, the woman charging towards her was dressed up in samurai armor. The katana was held rock steady, the razor sharp, slightly curved point aimed right at Shirou's heart.

His reactions were slower than he wanted. He was very sluggish. His body felt heavier, less responsive and his senses were dulled. Tired. Shirou Emiya bet the response for his current state was because of the Bounded Field that tried to drain him of prana and the effects of two gases, the knockout and then lethal gas, that he had breathed. That didn't mean he was helpless. Far from it.

He was surprised when the female Samurai s she dashed at him with speeds that wasn't out of the reach of most humans. No, only something that those of the pinnacle of human physical capabilities or with the aid of sort like magecraft or drugs. In fact, it was so quick that Shirou was caught by surprise.

The two warriors closed on each other in seconds. Shirou matched the others speed at first. With only three steps to go, Shirou accelerated into a blur. His left hand slapped out, the flat of his hand knocking the sword out of line with his chest, before sliding down the blade pushing it wide. Shirou had a spit second to see the woman's blue eyes widen in shock, before he spun inside the Samurai's guard.

His back slammed into the woman's armor and he heard the Samurai's grunt sharply as the two smashed together. The crash was brutal, both had been running. Shirou had been ready for it the impact and had his feet properly braced. The woman folded, crumpling over, but impressively enough managed to keep her balance. Shirou snaked his left hand around the sword's guard and grabbed hold of the hilt, his right hand darting over to join it before the Samurai could react. With both hands on the katana's hilt, Shirou jerked and twisted, reversing the sword until the Samurai couldn't keep hold of it anymore.

The katana's blade slipped up under Shirou's left arm and he slammed it down at the Samurai, piecing armor and cutting flesh. Amazingly, the Samurai's left hand darted down to clamp tight around the blade, stopping its plunge into her body.

The two stood there for a long moment. Shirou with both his hands around the hilt of the long sword, straining to force its blade backwards and further into the Samurai's body. The Samurai woman awkwardly hunched forward, her hand in a death grip around the blade of the sword. Her gauntlet cracking under the strain and blood from her cuts.

He heard the woman's second blade sliding free from its sheath.

So that was what she was doing with her right hand, thought Shirou.

A quick leg snap later and Shirou's shin caught the Samurai as she was sent staggering back. The helmet caught most of the blow so besides buying Shirou more time then the Samurai was unharmed. Shirou used the opportunity to disarm the Samurai. He turned on one leg and lashed out, catching the staggering Samurai with a powerful sidekick. His bare foot ramming into the woman's armored stomach right over the bloody wound, sending her catapulting back.

The flying Samurai crashed to ground, skidding and sliding, her armor grating on the concrete floor, before coming to rest against the broken wall of the crushed looking building in the center of the room. She reached up and started unlatching her battered and lopsided helmet.

When his enemy's face was revealed for the first time, Shirou stared in disbelief as he saw someone that he was all too familiar with.

Arturia Pendragon, the Saber class Servant that he had summoned and had later become Rin's Servants thanks to Medea's Rule Breaker, had died during near the end of the Fifth Holy Grail War when Rin had run out of prana to maintain Arturia's existence. There was no way that Arturia could be alive… unless… No. He was limiting himself in his deduction. Just because the person in front of him looked like Arturia didn't mean that she was the Servant that he knew of. The person he was looking at might as well by someone that was closely related to Arturia, hence the similarity in appearance or maybe someone that was not related to Arturia at all, but just happens to look like her.

This time, Shirou looked at the Samurai with the possibility that the woman was Arturia. The Samurai did indeed look very like Arturia. Just about everything was the same about the Samurai before him to what he remembered Arturia. The only thing that was different about the woman was that the Samurai looked what Shirou would imagine Arturia would look like had she been able to fully mature had Caliburn's regenerative properties, and later Avalon when Arturia lost Caliburn, didn't halt her aging.

"Arturia…? Is that you, Arturia Pendragon?" Shirou asked skeptically. Also going through his mind was a thought that shouldn't happen as he was go facing an enemy. She also looks hot…

"How do you know that name?!" The Samurai screamed as she looked at Shirou with murderous intentions.

Shirou had been half-expecting the woman to confirm that she didn't just look like the Arturia he knew, but that didn't rule out the possibility this woman could also happen to share the same name and not the Arturia that he knew. What he was not prepared and was taken back by the Samurai's reactions. It was rage to just kill someone. It was something deeper. Something that more intense. Revenge that wanted someone to suffer a long and agonizing death as possible. He wondered why the Samurai was so furious and was about to think more when Arturia moved and forced to push his musing for later and focus at the enemy before him.

What caught his attention was that Arturia curled up her hands. The exact same way when he used Tracing to create any weapon that he was going to use. He saw a faint shimmer and saw something that he was all too familiar with. A new sword appeared in each hand. Two katanas. Each one was very mundane. Nothing magical to make them a Mystic Code. Neither was it weapon of noteworthiness that could make it a Noble Phantasm. Katanas that any skilled blacksmith could create.

The ground underneath the Samurai exploded. She came at speeds that were far beyond what she had demonstrated from before. The Samurai slammed into Shirou with so much force that he was braced himself to easily absorb the force behind the Samurai. In fact, he was surprised that there was significantly less force than what he was expecting Arturia could achieve with Prana Burst.

"Where is Caliburn or Excalibur? You should have them. Why not use them?" Shirou asked as he slowly began to push the Samurai back.

"Caliburn…? Excalibur…? How do you think I am…? King Arthur…?" The Samurai asked in a incredulous tone. "My family has been said to be descendants of the King of Knights… Wait about a minute… You haven't answered my first question! How do you know my name?!"

"So you name is, Arturia Pendragon?" Shirou asked as he steadily increased his strength he put into Kanshou and Bakuya.

"Impossible…" Arturia said in disbelief as she saw both of her katana have cracks forming as Shirou slowly, but steadily increased the force of his swords against Arturia's katanas.

"To answer your question. I know you, Arturia." Shirou responded. "What I want to know is how that you're alive and don't recognize me?"

"Alive? Why would you doubt me being alive? And why would I recognize you?" Arturia asked as her anger slowly ebbed away and was instead replaced with curiosity. She carefully reconsidered what to do. The individual before her was someone that might know of her past or had been connected to her prior to her Thresholding into a Pokegirl and loss of memory that came from a Level 5 Taming Cycle. There was no other explanation to how her enemy knew her name or even recognize her.

There was a response. Not the response that Arturia was expecting. Instead of replying or backing off as she had hoped, her enemy pressed forward against her and nearly toppled her over. She gave ground, but was soon shocked to find her katanas break as her enemy's weapon nearly cut into her hands had she not jumped back.

Shirou charged and began on onslaught of attacks. The Samurai quickly summoned another pair of katanas and blocked blow after blow as she stumbled back, trying to get her feet set under herself. Normally, she would return counterstrikes of her own and would've tried to force her enemy on the defensive, but her mind was elsewhere as she thought about why the one that potentially links to her past was attacking her. She was snapped out of her musing when her balance completely shot it was all Arturia could do to block the deadly blade darting towards her.

"DRAGON DANCE!" Arturia screamed as she suddenly glowed; a gold aura briefly covered the Samurai's body before winking out.

His eye's shot open wide as the woman sprinted forwards easily twice the speed she'd been moving before. The Samurai was fast. Nothing that Shirou hadn't faced. Cu Chulainn and Medusa were amongst the fastest fighters he had fought. She was slow, compared to Medusa and Cu Chulainn, but that still didn't explain why Arturia so slow compared to what he was used to seeing from her. Shirou was forced on the defensive from the sheer ferocity of the attacks and his decision to observe how much different the Arturia that was before him was different from his memories of her during the Fifth Holy Grail War.

Another katana broke like the ones before it. The Samurai quickly summoned a katana in her hands to replace the ones that had been destroyed.

Shirou's arms were a blur, his swords darting left to right. His enemy was becoming faster and faster. Seemingly dozens of swords that slashed at him from every direction. The rate in which Arturia attacked him became faster and faster that nearly surpassed Shirou's ability to protect from. A red line drew itself across Shirou's right thigh and began to bleed; another appeared on the left side of his face tracing up from his jaw, stopping barely a centimeter from her left eye. All he could do was limit the damage the best he could and wait for an opportunity.

This might not be Arturia I know or something must have happened to her, Shirou thought as he thought about what was different about the enemy before him to the Arturia of his memories. Her fighting style was vastly different. Arturia had been a master of swordsmanship, but that had been a style taught to knights to use a European longsword, but she had been so skilled that she had been called the King of Knights. The fighting style that his enemy was using was what the Samurai would've used, a sword style that was based around the unique shape of a katana, and she was a master.

The attacker, Arturia, became worried that while she had on enemy on the defensive, it was becoming more and more apparent that her offensive was become more and more effective the more time passed by. Her blows were being deflected more and the number of injures she was inflicting was dropping. What made her extremely concerned was when Arturia could feel her Dragon Dance beginning to fade.

Growling the Samurai started a new combination of high, low cuts designed to force her opponent after a series of strikes to block high leaving their stomach open for a disemboweling stroke. As far as the Samurai knew, after more than ten years of studying her art, Slicer, Ronin and Samurai there was no counter, but something told Arturia that her opponent would be able to stop her.

Arturia's assumption was soon proven correct when Shirou effortless blocked the string of attacks that she had thought as unstoppable combo.

Shirou watched the Samurai's blades. He blocked a cut aimed at his chest with Kanshou and without breaking a beat whipped Bakuya to intercept the next predictable slash at his throat. He slipped his right leg back, crouching slightly to catch the next slash driving for her shin. Then had to jerk his head back to avoid the blade swinging up to decapitate him.

As the Samurai's left hand blade stabbed forward to pin Shirou's extended right foot to the concrete floor Shirou moved into the expected counter slashing the sword in a blurring arc infront of his body, just in time to knock the Samurai's blade aside. Leaving her sword pointing straight down and almost impossibly out of place to stop the next cut at head level, this one aimed squarely at Shirou's eyes.

This wasn't the end game though, Shirou thought as he could tell by the Samurai's body language. His enemy fully expected him to block or avoid the attack, it would be the next one aimed low again, that supposed to be the killer. Kanshou point almost touching the ground, the shielding length of steel dead. All the momentum Shirou could have used to flick the blade high again in time to block the next attack, absorbed in the clash with the Samurai's blade. The grinning Shirou looked into Arturia's eyes and let his triumph show, a split second before he made his move.

Arturia blanched as she saw the predator about to pounce looking out the eyes of the enemy, but she was committed, she'd set up the attack and even now could see no way for her enemy to avoid it. Pushing all her speed and all her strength into it, the Samurai let the fading seconds of the Dragon Dance speed her arms, almost touching the speed of sound. Her right hand blade streaking forward as her left pulled up and to the side ready for the final cut, Arturia put her doubts aside and put all her will into the move.

Shirou opened his hands. Letting the sword drop, snapping his slightly bent right leg straight, Shirou used the extra force to drive himself forward, slipping between the Samurai's wide blades.

Arturia watched in disbelief as the sword started to drop. Her eyes, against her will followed the falling weapon; it was only a split second, less. But for that inconsequential amount of time she took her focus was off of her enemy. A shock ran through the Samurai's body, her right hand blurring forward stopped as if she'd slammed it into a wall. Her wrist was caught in a vice like grip, stopping all the power of her attack cold. Before she could react her left wrist was caught as well.

Shirou tightened his grip on the woman's arms and before the Samurai could even think of resisting pulled them wide.

His forehead slammed forward pulping the Samurais nose and snapping her head back. Arturia was catapulted backwards her face a mask of blood and agony but Shirou didn't release his hold. Dragging the dazed Samurai back to meet her headbutt again and again.

Pain blazed through Arturia the knifing agony from her shattered face destroying her scrambled plans for escape before she'd even finished devising them. Desperately, as she rocked back again from another punishing blow, the Samurai tried to twist her hand to bring a sword around. To at least threaten to cut her opponent's grasp, hoping to force some slackening on the crushing grip around her arm, to give her some hope of escape. The slack fingers of her hand twitched and Arturia eyes widened in horror, as she felt nothing in her hands she'd dropped her swords.

"Guard." Voice slurred and broken, but Arturia managed to concentrate enough to activate her Weapon Guard effect and this time Shirou's headbutt met a glowing blue shield instead of Arturia's already abused nose.

The Weapon Guard shield snapped into place and the two combatants were flung away from each other. Being thrown ten meters through the air and having been caught completely by surprise Shirou barely managed to keep his feet and staggered back another couple of steps before he caught his balance. The battered and bloody Samurai went down in a heap, but Arturia wasn't even paying attention to her body, her full focus was centered inside her head, as she struggled to pull her frayed power together.

"Focus Energy!" Arturia felt her power raise and focus to a knife-edge, to the point where she could power her higher level special moves.

"Heal!" Her only healing move and one she'd never had enough control over to use on anybody but herself. Arturia felt the pain drain away from her battered face and the other injures covering her body, absently the Samurai reached up and with a crunch twisted her nose back into place as the flesh nit itself back together around it.

The armored woman sprang confidently to back her feet, showing no sign of the beating Shirou had just given her. Then only sign she been hurt was blood on her face, which Arturia casually wiped away with the back of her hand.

Arturia gathered what remained of her power after the Heal had run its course, and pushed it into her swords, her eyes locked on her enemy.


With a double slash across her body the Samurai released her best ranged attack, two glowing lines of Ki sprang from her blades and rocketed towards a very surprised Shirou.

Shirou brought up his swords up in time to block the twin lines of blue fire and threw himself backwards hoping to lessen the blow, but the energy slammed into him like an express train and Shirou was blasted back tumbling across the caverns floor. He smashed into a wall. With a groan Shirou extracted himself from the wall and crumpled to the floor.

The pained Shirou cursed. He had underestimated the Samurai because he had thought she was weaker than the Arturia from his memories. Not only had she been physically inferior and less skilled in combat than the Arturia he remembered. Now he was paying the price. Shirou vowed to himself to not underestimate her any further. There was no more time to play around. He needed to take Arturia out now and get his friends out of what was clearly a crumbling underground base.

Arturia was closing the distance between herself and Shirou when she heard something above her, but it was too late.

"Look out, Arturia!" Shirou shouted as he dived to push Arturia with his body, but it wasn't enough. He was too late. Part of the ceiling came down and all Shirou could do was get Arturia and himself out of the worst, but not outside of the area where part of the ceiling caved him. Shirou and Arturia was soon buried under a pile of rubble.

Barely conscious, Shirou heard screams of his name by voices sounded familiar before he blacked out.

- O -

"Shirou!" Three very naked women shouted as they raced towards their buried friend.

"Nee-san. Luvia-san. Please help move the rubble," said Sakura.

"You don't need to tell me," Rin huffed as she began to sketch her body prior to what was going to be a strenuous physical activity to remove the rubble that was covering her friend.

"Why don't you summon some shadows?" Luvia asked as she too tried to prepare her body help Rin to do the same thing.

"Someone needs to keep guard and I prefer not to waste my prana when the two of you can do the task." Sakura replied. Her hair went white and tendrils of black formed around her. Signs of her unique magecraft was manifesting and ready to fight.

"We would get Sh–" Luvia was speaking.

"Luvia!" Rin interrupted the blonde haired woman. "The two of us are more than enough to get Shirou out of this. Besides," Rin gestured around her, "we have no idea where we are. I am willingly to bet whoever brought us here doesn't have good intentions for us if they kidnapped us. I would rather not be caught by surprise by any enemies, if there are any."

"Fine, but I am only working with you because this is for Shero." Luvia grumbled.

Rin and Luvia flooded their body with Prana, using Reinforcement to enhance their body to superhuman levels. They began to slowly uncover the rubble that was covering Shirou.

"Shero's alright. He is unconscious and with some wounds." Luvia declared. She was crouched down next to Shirou's sprawled form anxiously running her hands over her friend's body, looking for injuries that couldn't been seen with the eye like broken bones or internal bleeding.

"Um… I'm not imagining things am I?" Rin voice was trembling, which brought Rins head up in a snap.

"What's wrong?" Luvia asked, placing aside her usual rivalry with Rin, as she looked over in concern.

"Sakura… I'm looking at Saber ain't I…?" Rin asked as she ignored Luvia's questioning.

"Saber is dead…" Sakura trailed off as her eyes come across the unconscious Arturia that lay beneath Shirou. "How is she here and alive…? Isn't she a Servant?"

"She," Luvia pointed at the unconscious Arturia, "is a Servant…?" Then she turned to Rin and Sakura. "How is she a Servant? I mean a Servant is something that not something that a human can take on."

"There are humans that can take on Servants by themselves. Shirou is one of them. He managed to take on Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes." Rin explained. "How I will never explain, but you know how strong Shirou is. Is it that extreme to think that he cannot take on a Servant?"

"You have seen Senpai's magecraft countless times. He can create many, many Mystic Codes of all kinds. Various abilities. Power." Sakura added.

"Yes. Yes. I get it. Shero isn't one of the best Enforcers that the Mage's Association has to offer for a reason." Luvia agreed. "Is she okay?"

Rin never got a chance to reply as she was interrupted before she could speak.

"Sam! Sam!" A woman shouted as she entered the room. She then looked down to see someone underneath Shirou that she knew. "You're not Sam. Where is she and what have you done to her?!"

"Who are you?" Sakura asked.

The woman reached for her waist. She moved her short to reach for something that hung from her waist. Something was unclipped from her belt and she pressed a button. What had been the size of a marble became the size of a baseball. It was a red and white ball. The top hemisphere being red, the bottom hemisphere being white, a black line that divided the hemispheres at a white button at the center.

"Sam return!" The woman said as she pointed the red and white ball.

A click could be heard as the ball snapped open. A red beam came out of the ball. It moved across the room and struck Arturia. She glowed red for a moment before Arturia disappeared, seemingly sucking Arturia the red beam. The red beam then returned back to its source before the ball snapped close.

"Why did you do?!" Rin screamed as she saw a close friend by kidnapped by a device that she had no knowledge of. She quickly began enhanced every aspect of her entire body with Reinforcement to fight against a device she knew nothing of and how it worked. Sakura and Luvia too also prepared themselves for a fight. Either to attack before the woman could use the device again or dodge the red beam.

The woman never responded she reached for something from her belt. Luvia was first to respond. She fired a successive barrage of Gandr Shots. Each black orb containing a potent magical curse that aimed at disabling. While hit, the woman must've had extremely high willpower to resist the effects of the gandr shots to still be able to press a button of what she had in her hands before she fell down.

The object the fall out of the unconscious woman was something no one expected.


Sakura quickly shrouded herself with a thick layer of shadows while Rin and Luvia threw up magical barrier to deflect any projectile and the shockwave that the grenade might give off.

When the grenade went off, it wasn't what was expected. Instead of the usual shrapnel and shockwave or even released gases, something else came out. Countless tiny specks shot into the air before they became to disappear from sight, likely mixing with the gases in the air or being carried away somewhere else. Sakura tried to cover her mouth, but it was too late. Before she could stop herself, the powder was already inside her lungs and absorbed into the bloodstream. She coughed and then blinked owlishly. The incredible sweet taste filled her mouth at the same time as the sudden stuffed feeling filled her mind, making it hard to concentrate. Sakura shook the sudden dizzy spell off; Sakura turned to look at friends.

"Is everyone okay?" Sakura asked her two friends.

"I'm good." Rin replied.

"Same here," said Luvia.

The constantly flickering light in the dark cavern finally stabilized as if whatever was playing havoc on the power supply or machinery had stopped.

"What happened to you, two?!" Sakura exclaimed, pointing at Rin and Luvia, as she got a really good look at her friends for the first time without anything to distract her and the darkness no longer hiding her friends from her sight.

Luvia and Rin both flinched in surprise at Sakura's sudden shout, then their jaws dropped as they looked at each other. They had changed. Both of them were taller. What alarming more was how their breasts sizes had gone one or more up a sizes. Rin going from A-cup to C. Luvia's C-cup might now rate as D's or even double D's. Both girls now sported smooth rounded bodies, but what was the most obvious change was the combination of both subtle and obvious changes to their appearances that greatly enhanced their beauty.

The rivals stared at each other dumb struck as they cataloged the changes.

"What did they do to us?!" Rin cried.

"Whoever did this to us will pay!" Luvia vowed.

"I don't know Nee-san but we'll find out." Sakura said trying to reassure her sister, but she was distracted. The fuzzy feeling was coming back with a vengeance and suddenly she was finding the oddest things completely captivating. Like her sister. "We'll fix it." Sakura murmured without thinking and her eyes glazing over.

Sakura forgot about everything. Where she was. How she had been basically kidnapped and brought to somewhere against her will. That her friend had been fighting against someone and was lying unconscious on the ground after being dug out of a pile of rubble. She slowly drifted as if drawn by a magnet over to her friends.

"Nee-san… You are so beautiful," said Sakura as she hands glossed over her sister's cheek.

"Sakura!" The surprised Rin gasped. "What are you doing?"

"Your lips look so tasty…" Sakura said in a husky tone.

Rin cast a rather desperate look of appeal to Luvia, who was standing a few feet away watching with a dumbfounded expression on her face. She watched as Sakura's hands dotingly brushed over her face. There she stood completely still, shocked and unsure what to do for fear of hurting the Sakura's feelings.

"Sakura, are you OK?" Luvia asked tentatively, coming to the aid of her friend/rival who was clearly unsure what to do.

Sakura's gaze jerked from where she'd been staring dreamily at Rin's new improved bust and locked onto Luvia. "Oh Luvia, you're gorgeous!" Sakura's voice was slurred slightly and her eyes had a glazed look about them.

The hands that had been moments ago canvassing Rin's face withdrew. Rin was about to move away from Sakura, but before Rin could escape Sakura slipped a possessive arm around Rin's waist and was firmly pulling her along. Sakura stalked toward the suddenly nervous Luvia. Her free hand reaching out like a greedy child. Luvia stood undecided bouncing nervously on her toes, should she stay away from Sakura until she could work out what to do. Should she go to her friends and try to help? The blonde girl took a second too long to make up her mind. Sakura, Rin still held firmly to her side, walked straight up to Luvia and wrapped her free arm around the taller girl, burying her face in the cascade of blonde locks covering the nape of Luvia's neck and inhaling deeply.

"Oh, Kami. Luvia, you smell heavenly." The Sakura moaned.

"Sakura." The shocked Luvia squealed as she felt Sakura's incredibly strong arm snake around her hips, and pull her firmly but gently into the Sakuras embrace. Luvia tried to squirm free, adding her own ineffectual efforts to what Rin was also doing, but it was no use. Both girls were caught.

Sakura held the two weakly struggling girls easily, as they tried to wiggle out of her grasp. The enthusiastic Sakura alternated between the Luvia and Rin, burying her nose in their hair and breathing deeply, getting drunk on the incredibly appealing scents of her two friends.

Unseen by the girls the powdery dust that had been launched into the air by the grenade still lingered around. The air was filled with so much of it and they were covered in dust that the only reason the girls didn't see it was because the powder was so dispersed that it would take a microscope to see it. Rationality began to slip away, a growing red flush and wetness in the loin was the first signs as more and more of the powder was absorbed through the lungs and skin. The final sign were the engorged female gentilia.

"Sakura stop it." Rins voice lacked any real urgency and could easily have been labeled a sexy moan as a cry of protest.

"No, don't!" Luvia whimpered unconvincingly.

Sakura's lust fogged mind knew she'd heard sexier things, but for the life of her the Sakura couldn't think of one that came close to Luvia's gentle cry as she ran one teasing finger up and down the beautiful blondes softly curved back. Her mind whirled. She'd always thought Rin was beautiful and Luvia was lovely, but before this moment she could count the number of times she'd seen a girls' body, as erotic on the fingers of one hand. Now she couldn't get enough.

Soon touching wasn't enough, smelling wasn't enough. The temptation to go further was irresistible. Sakura caught the scent of the two suddenly aroused girls and her senses caught on fire. Sakura had the willpower of a wet noodle when it came to resisting temptation.

Luvia's head darted forward and her lips locked around one of Rins succulent nubs, the Sakura squeezed the two Witches even closer against her body. Rin gasped as Sakura's eager mouth latched onto one of her tingling breasts, her back arcing as an erotic thrill raced through her body, sending urgent signals of need straight to her already moist pussy.

Like a switch had been thrown the three girls were all over each over, Luvia and Rin were kissing like there was no tomorrow. Three pairs of hands explored wherever they could reach. Unnoticed they dropped to their knees and it was Sakura and Luvia who were passionately trying to devour each other's lips, while Rin nursed on Luvia's heaving breasts.

With a high pitched sigh, one part resignation, one part distress and eight parts eager anticipation, the three girls toppled over onto the concrete floor, collapsing into a withering mass of stroking and fondling arms, legs, feet and hands.

The three girls were tumbled together like a pile of kittens, arms and legs everywhere.

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*Chapter 4*: Exam

Chapter Three "Exam"

Shirou heard as he yawned and tried to stretch his body. He blinked as the sunlight entered his eyes. When he realized that he wasn't in anywhere he recognized his eyes snapped open and his muscles tensed. He immediately memorized everything he could of his surroundings.

He was lying on a soft white bed, with tubes and wires connected to him. The tubes and wires led to a beeping machine that he recognized as a hospital tool used to monitor's one's heartbeat. Looking around, he saw that there was only possible path for exit; a door and a window. Added to that, other than the bed, the machines, a table and some chairs.

For some reason, the thing that caught his attention the most was a small ball that sat on the table beside him. He grabbed it and inspected it. It was red and white. A ball that had two hemispheres. A horizontal line divided the two hemispheres. The top being red and the bottom being white. At the center where the two hemispheres was a white circle. Upon closer inspection, Shirou finally realized why the ball had caught his attention. It was because it was an iconic object of Pokemon. The pokeball.

"I choose you!" Shirou shouted as he renacted a scene from Pokemon. The pokeball shot open and a white light came out. The pokeball quickly returned to his hands and he saw something began to materialize. "Rider!" He shouted in surprise when he saw what formed. "How are you still alive? I thought you died sacrificing yourself so we could survive Sakura."

"It's me, Master," the woman replied.

Shirou frowned when he was called by that name. That person had stopped calling him "Master" after his refusal to called by that title and his urging to be called by his name. He narrowed his eyes and scrutinized the woman before him. She was not Arturia Pendragon, the Saber-class Servant that had been his Servant during the Fifth Holy Grail War. The woman in front of him seemed like Rider.

Now that he thought about, the person in front of him wasn't Rider of Rider-class Servant from the Fifth Holy Grail War. The woman in front of him might have bearing resemblance to Rider with her clothes and hair, but she was too short to be Rider. Nor did Rider reveal her eyes because of her Mystic Eyes of Petrification. He noted the eye pigmentation of purple was different. Rider's eyes were more of a crystal-like kind. That was when he realized who's eyes he was looking at.

"Sakura?" Shirou almost whispered. The girl nodded. His face quickly flushed red when he realized what Sakura Matou wore.

The entire assemble Sakura wore was screaming bondage. She wore an upper thigh reaching strapless, black dress. Sakura's arms and legs clad in leather gloves that reached up to her upper biceps and leather boots that ended at her upper thigh, both leather gloves and boots were clinging to skin like a second skin and colored black. To finish the bondage assembly, there was a purple collar on her neck. The purple haired woman wasn't getting out of her attire without the keys for the purple leather straps that held her entire attire on her body by locks.

"What is going on Sakura? The last thing I remember is fighting Arturia and then something falling on me before blacking out." Shirou asked.

"A lot has happened. You have been in a coma for several weeks after tonnes of rubble collapsed onto you. I have been trained and at the same time training Luvia and Rin to get them to meet the standards of this country," said Sakura in an excited tone and she had the look as if she was remembering something wonderful.

Suddenly, there was knocking on the door.

"Excuse me, is it okay if I come in?" A voice said from the other side of the door.

Sakura became quiet and began to walk to Shirou's side like she was her bodyguard and servant. He was about to ask why she even had emotionless look when a man entered the room.

"Hello. My name is Lieutenant Ian Thorpe, the man in charge of the Wilston Police Force," said the man as he made his way into the room. "You are Shirou Emiya-san correct?"

"I am," Shirou nodded. "What brings you to my room?"

"I am honored to meet you. It is not every day that I get to meet the world-famous Faker, Shirou Emiya," replied Thorpe.

Shirou lifted a brow and Sakura quickly whispered into his ears, "he is referring to your counterpart of this reality. He is a very famous human mage, a very powerful one too. Known for his ability to copy the equipment and abilities of others, but it is unknown if his abilities also incorporate your extreme abilities like copying Noble Phantasms or having a Reality Marble. Reported as missing for several years."

"Counterpart?" Shirou repeated as he looked at Sakura in confusion.

"So, the claims by your Alpha seems true. That you are suffering from amnesia… it is not unheard of given what the Teams do when they capture someone and not want their victims to remember," said Thorpe. "I am sorry for your amnesia, but Team Trauma pay dearly. The hidden Team Trauma base was completely ruined and a lot of corpses were found. All from the efforts of yourself and pokegirls."

"Team Trauma...? Pokegirls…? Can someone explain to me what is going on?" Shirou asked.

"I am really sorry for you, Emiya-san. You must have a really bad case of amnesia if you lost all your memories as your Alpha had reported. Thankfully you are not part of the worst case of amnesia," said Thorpe as he shivered. "You don't ever want to see a fully grown adult with the worst case amnesia. Adults that are effectively babies as they not just their memories, but everything. Skills, the ability to talk, common sense…"

Shirou nodded as he too knew what Thorpe was talking about. As an Enforcer of the Mage's Association he had encountered many similar cases that Thorpe was referring to. Though, most of those cases that Shirou had encountered was a result of someone who was incredible bad at memory-manipulation. Erasing not just all memories, but their skills was the same as killing someone.

"Unfortunately, as much as I want to talk to a fellow mage about magecraft that wasn't why I came," said Thorpe in a strictly business tone. "I have come here in my official capacity to witness the standards that a Tamer and Pokegirl must display to remain a qualified in the eyes of the Dark League."

"Will someone explain to be anything?" Shirou growled for being out of the loop.

"I will explain later. Please listen to what Thorpe-san has to say," Sakura whispered into Shirou's ears.

"Please understand that if you fail to exam then the consequences will be harsh. By law I will be forced to take Sakura and…" Thorpe was saying until he was interrupted.

"What?!" Shirou shouted in alarm as he stood up and readied himself for a possible fight. "Did you say that you will take Sakura away?! I heard you right!"

Thorpe was not taken back by the anger that Shirou was oozing out. He had seen such reactions many times that it no longer fazed him. What did faze him was the sheer amount of bloodlust and prana that radiating off Shirou. The magical energy coming out his body was so condensed that it was visible and appearing around him in thick clouds. So much magical energy that Thorpe had a hard time believing that he thought he was instead looking at a high-leveled magic-type pokegirl instead of a human mage.

"Master, please calm down," said Sakura as she affectionately ran her fingers over Shirou's cheeks. "You will only make the situation worse. Lieutenant Thorpe-san will be forced to call in backup. Police officers and their pokegirls will arrive that will ensure in a fight. While I have no doubt that you will triumphed in a fight, we will be hunted down like criminals."

The Lieutenant gave out a relieved sigh as he saw Shirou calming down as the magical energy and bloodlust he released was subsiding. Training and instincts had him reach for his service-issued pistol, but he knew rationally that it would have little use against the world-famous Faker.

"Thank you," said Thorpe gratefully.

"I didn't do it for your sake. I did it for my Master's sake," said Sakura. "Can we get this examination over with? The longer it takes, the more likely that my Master's anger might return. Even I might not be able to reign it in and I will not be surprised if this entire town is destroyed if he released his full might."

"I will take your words into consideration," Thorpe nodded as he had no doubt that Shirou might actually possess the might to carry out Sakura's threat. "Please bring out the rest of Emiya-san's Harem."

"Harem?" Shirou blinked in confusion as he thought Thorpe had been referring to a joke that many had told him in the past. Something about how he was a womanizer without him even trying to be one. A word that was used to tease him about the number of women he had friends, their seemingly close relationship he had with them and how he had multiple women living with him.

Sakura reached for a pair of pokeballs from the table and she thumbed buttons at the center of the balls before throwing them. What he saw come out were his two friends.

"Master?" Rin and Luvia instinctively said without thinking when they had intended to call out Shirou's name.

"Garrgghh!" Shirou yelled as he covered up his eyes as he witnessed something that he knew he wasn't. "Cover up!"

The two confused girls looked down at themselves and then gave out an embarrassed shriek. They tried to cover up, but multiple things happened at the same time. Flushing in embarrassment, they girls found themselves fighting themselves. Two forces in their minds colliding against each other. A habit drilled into them since childhood told them to cover up, yet at the same time was another force in their subconsciousness that was telling them being a nudist was perfectly acceptable and even encouraged it.

Luvia and Rin were not the only ones that were having an internal conflict. Shirou was caught between two forces fighting internal forces. Social etiquettes that had been drilled into like how it was rude to stare at a naked woman and that he should look away came from one side. The other side was to touch Rin and Luvia like they were his playthings.

"Hmmphh… This isn't a good start… pokegirls besides Alpha are demonstrating resisting the Taming Cycle conditioning. Not at ease with being naked in front of strangers. Tamer is also not treating pokegirls like his possession," said Thorpe in a disapproving tone as he tapped away on his smartphone.

"Master, please swallow this," said Sakura as she walked up to him in a very low voice that Shirou was only able to hear. She then kissed him. Shirou then instinctively responded with a passionate kiss of his own.

"Mmmpphhmmm…?" Shirou groaned in confusion while he was kissing Sakura when he felt something enter his mouth. He tried to cough out the substance, but Sakura blocked it from being expelled with her tongue and faked a more passionate kiss to clamp down on Shirou's jaws. She also gave him begging look. Not knowing why Sakura was giving him a begging look, but trusting her decision Shirou opted to stop resisting and swallowed the substance.

Sakura's hands through Shirou's hair as she leaned and pretended to nibble on an ear as whispered, "I'm sorry Master, please forgive me for what I am about to do."

Shirou looked at Sakura in confusion as he saw her strut across the room. His eyes followed Sakura and with her back faced towards him that he saw Rin and Luvia. What he saw mystified him. Luvia and Rin had always been beautiful girls. He would've rated them on a scale of ten, giving them an eight out of all the most beautiful women he had seen or heard about. Only small things had detracted from their beauty. Small things that marred his vision of ideal beauty. Now, it was a completely different story. They were like supermodels now.

Two silver eyes roamed as Shirou took in the sight as he became excited by what he was seeing. The two girls in their naked glory. Not a shred of clothing to conceal their beauty. He had to admit that Rin and Luvia wearing nothing more than a metal collar and metal bands around their bodies created a certain charm. His member hardened from the beautiful sight of their struggling and squirming forms excited him even more.

Through his magecraft, he was able to identify the true nature of the seemingly accessory-like looking metal collars and bands. They were enchanted with complex magecraft. What Rin and Luvia wore were Mystic Codes, incredible complex and advanced ones that were designed for slaves, called Slave Restraints. Designed to psychological condition the subject into obeying and loyal to their master through rewards of pleasure for obedience and pain for punishing disobedience. Shirou became more aroused from the information that was flowing through his mind.

"Did you forget what the two of you are?! You two are slaves! Master owns your bodies, souls and minds!" Sakura screamed.

She summoned a whip into her hands. Sakura swung the whip and it hit both Rin and Luvia on the stomach. It hit them with a loud crackle. They yelped. The whip didn't hurt as the noise created, but it did make Sakura even more menacing-looking and scarier. An image that made the girls reconsider as they remembered what can of sadistic person Sakura could be when wanted to be.

"Now! Straighten your backs and puff out your chests!" Sakura shouted as she crackled her whip in the air.

Their eyes widened in shock. They stopped squirming and struggling with their hands restrained behind their back and ankles being tied together. Luvia and Rin straightened their backs and puffed their chests out with fearful looks.

"Good… Good… This is a very good development. I will need to correct my initial assessment. Alpha… demonstrates essential and desired traits… She is able to make her harem sisters listen to her… with the use of fear…" Thorpe noted down on his smartphone and stopped for a moment when he saw something with his expert eye. "Alpha exceeds requirements… Demonstrating a trait common amongst Domina-breed… Harem sisters have been conditioned to enjoy pain or being restrained, maybe even both…"

Shirou blinked when he heard Thorpe say the words, "conditioned to enjoy either masochism, enjoy being restrained or both." That was when his eyes saw what Thorpe had seen. Luvia and Rin looking fearfully at Sakura, yet both had soaking wet slits, engorged pussies, hardened nipples and clit. Only those that enjoyed being restrained, eagerly anticipating pain or both would react like they did.

"It seems mandatory genetic modifications of Dark League Tamers is effective as demonstrated by… Tamer's excited manhood is responding at the state of his submissive pokegirls…" Thorpe continued to note down and then stopped. "Thank you, Emiya-san. All the necessary traits expected from a Tamer and their registered Pokegirls have been demonstrated. In the eyes of Dark League, you have passed all the requirements needed to be a Tamer and their Pokegirls while you remain in this country."

Shirou, Luvia and Rin could only blink in confusion as they were completely lost. More than half the words said by Thorpe seemed like gibberish as they lacked how it fit into context. Though it seemed Sakura was in the loop.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Thorpe for your time. You have my gratitude for coming all this way as requested when my Tamer wasn't in the condition to make go to the examination room and have the exam there," said Sakura as she bowed.

"I am only doing my job," said Thorpe as he made his way to the door. "Have a good day and I hope you do decide to live in Wilston. We could always do with someone of your abilities to keep law and order around here."

"Goodbye," Sakura bowed as Thorpe left. She kept her head down and bowed until she heard the door click behind the police lieutenant and his footsteps become less pronounced. It was only then that Sakura risked raising her head to see if the man had left. "Kami… It's finally over," said Sakura as she collapsed onto the floor and relaxed.

"What is going on?" Shirou asked. Rin and Luvia had the same thoughts, but no coherent words came out from their mouths.

Sakura looked up at them and was about to answer them when there was beeping sounds. Two beeping sounds to be exact. Beeping that came from the metal collars around Rin's and Luvia's necks. The purple-haired Domina gave out a tired sigh and pointed the pokeballs at the girls and pressed the button. Neither Rin or Luvia got to respond to Sakura's actions before they were hit by red lasers and disappeared. Red laser retracted into the red and white balls before they closed shut.

"Sakura, you seem to know everything since I was awake. Explain… EVERYTHING," said Shirou in an agitated tone as he didn't know what was going on.

"Master… If you hadn't caught on already… We are no longer on the Earth that we are familiar with. This is a parallel reality that is very similar to our world, yet different at the same time. It is commonly known as the Pokegirl World for its special inhabitants, Pokegirl, that other parallel realities do not have," Sakura explained in a serious tone.

"Pokegirls, seriously…?" Shirou asked in disbelief and looked at Sakura. She only responded with a solemn look. "Okay… Since you don't seem to be joking I will take your word for it. We are in a parallel reality. That what makes this world special compared to others is that of these… Pokegirls. A parody, a really wrong one and real one, of pokemon" Sakura nodded. "What next?"

"Pokegirls were created through a product of magecraft and technology that modified the DNA to include genes of non-human origin from the animals all the way to Phantasmal Species. There are two types of pokegirls, those who are born as one or those who became one in a transformation known as Thresholding. Pokegirls are treated like slaves. They do menial tasks, fight and just about anything that their owners do not want to do," said Sakura in a very scared tone.

"Slavery…" Shirou repeated slowly as he felt rage began to build up as he remembered what had happened when Thorpe had entered and left the room. He was about to run after Thorpe for treating his friends like they were not human, had Sakura not jolted out from his musing.

"Master, don't!" Sakura shouted in alarm as she jumped onto Shirou and hugged him. "Please listen for several minutes before you do anything. Think about what I have to say."

"I will not let someone tr–"

"Just listen to me. Give me five minutes," Sakura begged.

"Fine…" Shirou sighed.

"You promise?" Sakura looked up at Shirou and he nodded. "You promised. Don't forget that."

"I promised, and I never break my promises."

"Luvia, Rin and I are now Pokegirls. We are not just slaves, but we are lower than humans as we cannot remain sane without being Tamed," said Sakura in an afraid tone. She then turned to Shirou as her eyes teared up and sobbed. "This world is so good at enslaving pokegirls that they are effectively brainwashed to be obedient. It doesn't stop just there. Pokegirls need to be 'Tamed' every so often to remain sane."

"What…? How and when did you become a pokegirl?" Shirou asked as his anger began to raise, but he didn't forget his promise to Sakura.

"When we suddenly got teleported into those confining containers while we were on a Dead Apostle hunt," said Sakura as she sobbed. "After we were teleported inside those containers we were transformed into Pokegirls, but somehow you were saved from that. Probably your Magic Resistance that you had inherited from Archer saved you from the same fate as us."

"Who is responsible and where are they?" Shirou growled as he remembered what kind of life pokegirls lived through and that Sakura now had to live. Anger like something he hadn't felt in a long time began to boil up as he thought about to make the ones responsible for Sakura's fate as a pokegirl would suffer slowly and agonizingly. He even thought about bring into use many of the Mystic Codes and Noble Phantasms that were designed for torture.

"Master, there is no point," said Sakura as her sobbing began to subside somewhat. It placed her at great ease that her Tamer was Shirou Emiya. If it had been anyone else… Sakura shivered in fear and horrifying images began forming in her mind. Images that were a result of all the horrible things she had heard about being done to pokegirls by abusive tamers.

"What do you mean by that?" Shirou asked in confusion as he calmed down slightly.

"You killed a great deal many of them with the explosion, which you caused by breaking out of our prisons, and that explosion destroying a great part of the base. Luvia, Rin and I also killed many of them before the last few managed to escape in revenge for kidnapping us." Sakura explained.

Shirou took a deep breath and tried to calm down. There was nothing he was going to be able to do about what had happened in the past. Of course, unlike normal people he knew that it was possible to travel back in time as the existence of Fifth True Magic provided it was possible, but he knew better than try to even think about the use of True Magic. He had already witnessed the extremes that people would have to go such the Einzberns had for centuries to regain their lost ability of Third True Magic, Heaven's Feel, and the Holy Grail Wars. The only thing he could do was go forward. Look forward into the future.

"So, the ones that tried you are into a Pokegirl are dead. I have been unconscious for several weeks." Shirou recalled. "You were also talking about 'training' before. What do you mean by that?"

"I don't remember… Oh… about that…" Sakura said as Shirou saw Sakura develop an excited look. "I was training Rin and Luvia to the standards expected from pokegirls of this country. They were so fun to play with, especially Tease and Beg. You should see their expressions when they are on the edge as they squirm and struggle out of their restraints an attempt to break free and let themselves cum. When they try and hold back, but eventually crack as they desperately beg to be allowed to cum…"

His penis that had settled down since Thorpe had left the room soon became hard again. More and more blood pooled towards his groin from Sakura's vivid recounting of what she had done to Rin and Luvia. How she had treated them and how they had reacted. The more she described in more detail and in excited tone made Shirou become turned on and harder.

"Hmmppphhhhmmm… you look so delicious," said Sakura as her hands glossed over Shirou's engorged penis. "Can I give it a try?" Sakura asked in a sultry tone as she licked her lips.

It was only then Shirou snapped out of the haze that he had been caught in.

"What are you doing, Sakura?!" Shirou shouted in alarmed tone as he grabbed Sakura by the shoulders an looked at her for answers. "Why am I acting like this? Normal people don't just stand and stare while getting the kicks out of naked and restrained women."

"I was so looking forward it…" Sakura whined in a displeased tone as she let go of Shirou's penis and looked into Shirou's eyes.

She took a deep breath that seemed to transform her back into the calm and normal Sakura that Shirou was familiar with. Not the new personality that she had been showing to him lately after he had awoken from his coma. Something that while some parts of him was excited by, also made him concerned what kind of experience that Sakura had gone through while he had been in coma to make her change.

"While you were in coma, parts of your genes were modified. Nothing harmful, but those genes included hardwired behavior and skills that activated in the presence of pokegirls. It makes you assertive, confident and act in ways you don't normally do. Traits that increase the abilities of any Tamer." Shirou looked at Sakura with a shock expression. "Before you ask, I know. I am sure. I personally interrogated all of the doctors and mages involved with genetic alteration of your DNA. All of them told me same thing, and I used both hypnotism and coercion to get that information."

Shirou paused to think about what he had heard. He had been keeping track with genetic research like so many mages. It was after all one of the most hotly contested and debated topic as genetic played a large role in the natural foundation of a mage's ability. Genetics determined traits like the quantity and quality of Magic Circuits, and many attributes of them. There had been a lot of information he had read regarding how genetics could also determine someone's personality and actions, or at least played a large role. He wondered if genetics did affect personality and actions that someone made that it might explain why he was acting so differently.

"Okay, I believe you about that. We can talk about this matter some other time. I have a lot of other things that I clearly need to be caught up to," said Shirou. "What is a Tamer? I heard Thorpe and you say it several times. How does it relate to this genetic modification that you are talking about?"

"You already know that this isn't our world and what a pokegirl is," said Sakura to which Shirou nodded his head in affirmation. "This world about six centuries ago was very familiar to our own world in just about every respect. That all changed when a man commonly Sukebe invented the first pokegirls. A long series of events happened, none of which I know a lot about and probably better if you researched it yourself, would result in conflicts that would fundamentally alter human society and culture. The most important one you should know is that a war between humanity and pokegirls erupted. The once thriving and dominant humanity that numbered in the billions was reduced to the few millions of today; pokegirls spreading through the globe and replacing most animals; the very Earth was reshaped."

Sakura produced something a smartphone and placed it before Shirou. On the screen, what Shirou saw baffled him. It was only looking at the screen in confusion for several moments did he become shocked by his revelation. The screen was displaying a map. The world map, but it was completely different from what he was used to seeing. He only realized it what the world map was after seeing what would be remnants of countries and continents that he recognized. The most noticeable being the blasted remnants of Australia and his home country, Japan.

"A majority of pokegirls were superhumans compared to normal humans. The only humans that had a proper chance of fighting a pokegirl was a human mage or properly trained and equipped human soldier. Even then that didn't help much as there were pokegirls that were part Phantasmal Species and you know first hand how powerful even the weakest Phantasmal Species are Master." Sakura continued. "Humanity's great arsenal of technological might could only stall the pokegirls' rampage. It was only the discover of Tamers to effectively 'tame' pokegirls as slaves against their own kind did humanity survive."

"I didn't need all the contexts, but it does help further understanding of this world," said Shirou in a grateful tone. "So, these Tamers are slave catchers and trainers? And the genetic modifications are to enhance Tamers in their duties." Shirou asked in a blunt tone as he recalled everything he had learned so far.

"Effectively yes, in blunt terms," Sakura sighed. "Rin, Luvia and I cannot live like we once did as humans. We have been fundamentally changed physically, mentally and spiritually. The only way for us to survive with so much of semblance of our previous lives will become your lovers."

"Ahaa…! What?!" Shirou coughed out in shock. "What do you mean by that…?"

"If you hadn't noticed already, Taming is another word that has become synonymous with sex in this world. Pokegirls need to have sex to remain sane." Sakura replied and only got shocked look. "What I thought you would enjoy this. Isn't that the ultimate dream of all men? To have a harem of lovers?" Sakura asked in confusion as she blinked.

"No, it isn't!" Shirou shouted as he vehemently protested.

"We will see," said Sakura in cryptic manner. Her hands glossed down Shirou's chest and towards his erected penis that was bulging out and covered by his pants. She snaked her hands underneath his pants and began undo it. She then began to massage the penis.

"Sakura… What are you…aarrrgghhh!" Shirou protested before he was cut off as he moaned out in pleasure.

"Itadakimasu~!" Sakura said happily as she began to slurp on a treat that she had been waiting for weeks since Shirou had been in coma and not allowed to taste.

Sakura salivated at the first of her long deserved treat entering her mouth. It was pre-cum and the first of what would soon result with a reward that she had been waiting for a long time. The muscles and nerves of her mouth reacted as it was conditioned from the Taming Cycles that Sakura had been brought through. Her mouth clamped down, pulsated in a specific way that made it pleasurable for Shirou and improved of rate of cum. The result was depletion of pre-cum and introduction of the meal course.

"Cumming!" Shirou screamed as he unleashed his load, which Sakura squealed happily for, into her mouth.

The cum was quickly absorbed into Sakura's body and the modification to her body and soul as a pokegirl kicked in. Her excitement reached its peak as she fell into a blissful state of ecstasy. It was also when part of her brain that had been slowly shutting down was restored as she released a sigh of relief from the temporary curing of an intentional created disease that stripped away the intelligence of pokegirls.

"Thank you," said Sakura gratefully as she wiped away the cum from her face and swallowed the precious liquid to satisfy her body's urges and temporarily cure to loss of intelligence.

Her mind felt clearer then it had ever been in her life. The weeks since she had become a pokegirl had been harsh on her mind as her intelligence dropped ever so slightly due to approaching mental state known as feraldom for pokegirls. So clear that she had a hard time believing that she had been able believing that she had struggled to think clearly as she Tamed herself, Luvia and Rin to prevent themselves from descending into feral pokegirls.

"How long can you go without being Tamed?" Shirou asked as he pulled up his pants and fixed it.

"About a month before I am looking at become a feral pokegirl," said Sakura in a disgusted tone, but a hint of relief was also detectable as Sakura was thought she was blessed with being a pokegirl with a low libido. "Luvia and Rin are completely different story. It depends on their mood. If they are excited for long periods of time than they can go only a few days before needing to be Tamed. Under normal conditions, they can go a week."

He tried to rein back his back. Shirou really did, but there was a limit to how much he could take.

"This shouldn't be allowed! You, Rin and Luvia have been turned into slaves! Your very physiology altered and brainwashed to become loyal and obedient! I've been modified to become a slave master!" Shirou shouted in outrage. "How can you be so calm?!"

"What has been and will be done to us is horrible, but it is a fact of life in this world. This world is very different from the world we come from. Humanity isn't the dominant species. The pokegirls currently are. The only reason that humanity hasn't been either enslaved or driven extinct is that none of the pokegirl species have come close to uniting under a single banner and that to maintain any level of higher intelligence above beasts than it requires humans to tame them," said Sakura in cold, rational manner. "Besides our world wasn't perfect either. Why is magecraft kept a secret from the public? What gives mages the right to manipulate people's memories? It was all done to prevent pandemonium that would engulf the entire world and rip society apart with religious conflicts, civil wars and so much more. It is a necessity in our world to protect the secret of magecraft for the greater good." She then sighed. "The same logic of all world can also be applied to this world. What that has been done and will be done to us is a necessity."

"We can run away." Shirou replied.

"Running will not help us. We know very little to nothing of this world. There are pokegirls out there that are part Phantasmal Species. I know as a fact that there even Dragon-type pokegirls. Do you think you can handle a whole horde if we were to encountered them in the wild, especially given that we know so little about pokegirls and this world. It would be suicide." Sakura refuted in a strong and firm tone. She pointed to the collar around her neck. "You know what this can do right? This collar emits a stinging pain and gets worse the more time passes. It reaches the point that it is akin to torture and a pokegirl will blackout from the pain. If a pokegirl becomes unconscious after the countdown began then the collar will teleport the pokegirl into their pokeball." Sakura replied in a very afraid tone as she remembered her first few attempts of resistance and non-compliance until it had gotten so terrible and painful that she had given up on resisting. "Besides, if we were to go on the run and become hunted down like criminals only you will be safe. Myself, Rin and Luvia are the ones in danger. All the Dark League has to do is transport us out of our pokeballs and into somewhere else."

"I said it already. I will not allow it," Shirou repeated in a strong tone as he grabbed Sakura's wrist. Sakura tried shaking Shirou's hand off, but it was pointless. He was just strong. "I will protect us. I am no ordinary man. I have fought Servants, Dead Apostle Ancestors and survived. Have access to Noble Phantasms that can slay all sorts of legendary creatures."

Clearly her talks wasn't convincing Shirou. It was time for her to take another route. "Sorry, Master," Sakura apologized as she kissed Shirou.

"What?" Shirou gasped as he forced himself out of the kiss and felt something enter his mouth. "Did you put in my mouth?"

"There is something that I need to show you, Master." Sakura replied as gently caught the collapsing Shirou and carried him over so that she could sit him on a nearby chair.

"S…a…k….u…r…a," said Shirou in a slurred speech as he begin to lose control over his body and refused to respond to his command.

"I hope you enjoy the show that I put up," said Sakura in an eager tone as she picked up a pokeball.

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*Chapter 5*: Pokeball

Chapter Four "Pokeball"

A pokeball was thrown and it opened. A white light came out and figure materialized.

Rin Tohsaka's eyes opened. She was confused when she blinked several times. Rin knew that her eyes were opened, yet the only thing she saw was darkness. Her hearing was the same. She couldn't hear anything at all. The only thing she could make out was the throbbing of her own heart or the inhalation and exhalation of her lung. The same could be said about her smell. She smelled absolutely nothing like her sense of smell had disappeared, but she was breathing through her nose so it wasn't like it was not working. Nothing seemed to cover her eyes, ears or nose or she wouldn't felt it. Somehow through means unknown her sense of smell, sight and hearing had been robbed.

The only thing she had left her sense of touch, taste being a derivative of touch as it used specialized cells similar to those that gave the sense of touch.

Rin tried to move, but found that her range of movement was greatly limited. Her arms stubborn refused to move from her back. As much as she pulled and twisted her arms didn't budge from each other. From how she was able to move her and the jingling, Rin was able to figure out that her arms was handcuffed. Her legs had some room of movement. Something encircled her ankles. She could move, but there was a limit to how far she could keep one leg from another. When she moved her legs she felt something cold and metallic brush her against her legs. Likely a chain to limit her range of movement.

When something touched her, Rin yelped in fear as she had no awareness of her surrounding given the darkness, silence and even inability to smell.

"Who is it and what do you want?" Rin asked as she tried to keep her voice as controlled as possible. Whoever or whatever had touched her didn't respond, more accurately Rin wouldn't know because she had no hearing.

Rin shivered fearfully as she been robbed of her ability to see, hear or smell and her restrained state prevented from her resisting. Her shivering became worse when a body pressed against the back of her. She tried to push the body away, but they hugged her body in response.

Hands groped her breasts and playfully played with her breasts. It first started with the squeezing of her breasts before it moved on to kneading them. Then her nipples were pinched and played with. The only thing Rin could do was let out a moan as she felt pleasure.

She ceased shivering in fear as the hands began to roam down her body to her groin. One hands teased and played with her clit while the other did the same with her pussy. Her body turned into putty as she lost herself in pleasure and then she exploded as she let out a muted scream as an orgasm erupted.

"Playtime is over, slave," said a voice that made Rin's eyes widened as heard sound for the first time and she frantically threw her head around in hopes of locating the source of the voice, even when she had no sight.

"I am guessing, but is that you, Sakura?" Rin asked.

"Ding dong dang." The voice said happily.

Rin's vision began to return as the darkness faded out until she could see again. For a moment, Rin thought she was looking at Rider, her true name being Medusa. The reason why she thought that way was because the woman's appearance and attire before her. That notion was quickly thrown out the window when Rin remembered that where the woman before her was also the general location of where she had heard Sakura. Deducing the identity of the woman before her might have answered one question, but Rin now had more questions than before.

The Sakura standing before Rin was different from the Sakura that she remembered. Her personality and choice of clothes. Gone was the gentle and caring Sakura and her choice of non-revealing clothes. The Sakura that Rin saw looked at her the same way as a delighted child would do so at their toy, wondering what to do with their toy to get the most fun out. She now wore a black bodysuit that clung to her body like she didn't wear any clothing in the first place.

"What happened to you, Sakura?" Rin asked in shock by Sakura's transformation.

"You will address me as Mistress." Sakura said as she summoned a whip. The whip was swung in an underhanded throw and it snaked itself between Rin's legs and hit right on Rin's clit.

"CUMMING!" Rin screamed as she exploded from the unexpected orgasm and she collapsed onto the ground as she lost strength to her legs. She then looked up at Sakura and panted, "Did I just orgasm from hit in the groin? What have you done to me?!"

"A result of your masochist training," Sakura replied in proud tone.

"Are you telling me you turned me into a masochist?" Rin said in shock.

"Not just into a masochist. There was also other training," said Sakura as cupped Rin's chin. "This thing here," Sakura held up a pokeball for Rin to see, "should make you remember."

"Do you honestly think a pokeball will make me remember what you did to me?" Rin looked Sakura in outrage. "Are you trying to mock me? It is a horrible attempt if you think a replica of pokeball from pokemon will convince me of anything."

"Oh, I wonder if you will have the same opinion after this," said Sakura with sadistic smile as she tossed baseball sized ball at Rin.

"As if," Rin grumbled as she felt the pokeball hit her. It was only when the pokeball opened up and a red light hitting her that she began to reconsider about Sakura hadn't been joking around. She was finally convinced that Sakura had been serious when she felt that she was getting smaller.

She found herself in somewhere that was completely dark. Rin tried to move, but found herself unable to move. Move the slightest was impossible as she was pinned into a fetal position. That wasn't just it. Rin heard absolutely nothing, which was impossible as there was something that always produced sound somewhere. Fear should have gripped her not matter how much she would try to remain calm as she had been effectively placed in some kind of a prison by her own sister of all people.

What happened instead horrified her. Her heart began to pound at a faster rate. Breathing became faster. Blood rushed towards and pooled around her genitals. Moisture formed around her pussy as it became sleek and engorged. Her nipples and clits hardened and became incredibly sensitive. All the while she became excited for what was about to happen next. This was what happened in her subconscious mind while her conscious recoiled in horror at how her body was responding, completely the opposite of how a normal person would.

"Let me unlock the inhibitors to your memories," said Sakura in a cheerful tone that went against the raising panic that Rin was having.

No! This cannot be happening again?! This cannot be…! Rin screamed in her mind in horror as a flood of memories that had been locked away came back to her. Rin panicked. The memories… Rin didn't want to think about them, but she had to do something. She immediately got to work to try and purge the foreign magical energy inside her Magic Circuits.

Don't resistance! Sakura's voice screamed into Rin's minds. Rin didn't heed the warning at all. Her very mind was on the line. Memory recalling was restricted by Sakura. Sakura had already parts of her personality. There was no telling what more Sakura could change.

All resistance ceased when Rin felt pain like anything that she had felt. It felt like she was burning and freezing to death at the same time, despite how impossible it seemed. Her entire body being cut and crushed. Just about anything sort of pain imaginable. When the pain ceased Rin considered resistance once more when her very mind was on the line. The reconsideration of resistance disappeared when Rin felt a bliss take over like she had been taken to heaven.

Good girl. You've been a good girl. A good girl listens. Words echoed in her mind as bliss even more pronounced and stronger to the point that the thought of resistance had long since disappeared. The bliss didn't last forever and Rin groaned as she wondered why she had even been resisting as she felt something slip away from her.

Rin yelped in surprise when she felt two vibrators pressing against her groin. Two vibrators pressed against her pussy and anus. It was slow and steady. Her pussy and anus soon gave way and swallowed the dildos. As soon as she was penetrated they were turned on, beginning to pulse and vibrate. Rin moaned as the dildos began to thrust in and out of her, starting slowly at first and began to pick up the pace until she was moaning in pleasure. She was lost in pleasure that didn't notice another dildo enter between clitoris and vagina, into her urethra.

Rin screamed as she orgasmed. The soft, firm and unyielding material that kept Rin prison and unable to move reacted. As her juices spilled triggered humidity sensors and suction vents immediately removed the excess fluids.

Soon something pressed against her mouth. Rin opened her mouth without thinking and began to suck. She didn't know where the conclusion that she was sucking a penis came from as she had never had any sex save for masturbating to alleviate her lust. It didn't take long before penis was cumming. She quickly swallowing the semen as it shot out so not to cause difficult breathing. The taste of the liquid became apparent that it wasn't cum as it contained a mixture of taste that were a blend of grains, metal, vegetable and fruits.

"How is it in there, slave?" Rin heard Sakura's voice.

"Mmmmpppphhhmmmm…" Rin was unable to speak but moan the pleasure as the penis served as gag. "Aaahaaaa…" Rin moaned out in disappointment as her pleasure ceased as the dildos and penis withdraw from her body. For some reason, she felt embarrassed about asking something that she had forgotten, but she quickly dismissed such a foolish notion. "Where am I, Sakura?" She inquired to coax more information that might hopefully lead to her escape.

"You're inside an object known as a Pokeball. A strange mix of magecraft and technology. Pokeballs have many purposes. To catch Pokegirls and contain them. All the physical needs of a pokegirl are met while they are inside pokeball. Training pokegirls to become loyal to their Tamers through a reward and punishment system that includes sexual pleasure and pain." Sakura answered.

She felt horror and fear by what she was hearing. That her prison might be harder to break out, if not completely impossible for various reasons. The first issue was that her knowledge and ability with the arcane arts maybe unless as technology was something that she knew very little besides what the common person would know. She couldn't break out of something she didn't know how it worked. The second issue was that her prison kept her hydrated, fed and taking out bodily waste while not being able to move from fetal position. She might never get an opportunity to exploit to make her escape attempt if she could be forever kept inside it. Her third, final and most worrying concern was that she was being forced to change against her will.

All of the negative thoughts she had about being inside a pokeball began fade away as the vibrators and penis entered Rin simultaneously discharged loads of cold fluid from their tips. The penis shaped feed tube also started sending spurts of bittersweet fluid into Rin's mouth. The two rods spearing Rin's loins stayed buried inside her for a few seconds, vibrating furiously, before pulling back to resume their thrusting. The feed tube meanwhile continued to spew small loads of nutrient filled liquid as if it were an ejaculating penis. Rin had no choice but to swallow each spurt.

Almost immediately, she felt a surge of arousal on top of what the vibrators were already giving her, and within minutes she was shaking. Whatever drugs was injected into her was strong indeed. Rin could feel the blood pounding through her entire body as her mind nearly blanked from the pleasure.

She felt excited and happy after the negative thoughts were banished and she thought about what Sakura had said. That she was being trained. There was pleasure from obedience, and there was pain to ensure punishments that made Rin wet even more as she thought about it. What made her even more wet was the humiliation of being trained and submitting to inanimate object of all things.

"What are naughty slave, I have. Not only are you getting off the idea of being hurt, but you're enjoying the thought of humiliating being trained and submitted to a pokeball," said Sakura in a demeaning and teasing voice.

No… I need to resist… Rin thought as she repeated the mantra in her head. Though, it was a difficult task for Rin as she was constantly being stimulated by sexual toys and aphrodisiacs. The authoritative voice and demeaning comments that Sakura made about her didn't help her attempts of resistance. Despite her wishes, Rin orgasmed against her will and let loose mixed moan that showed her relief of finding sexual release and frustration at her inability to resist sexual simulation.

Rin let out the strangled gasp, sucking in air even as a fresh dose of aphrodisiac was pumped into both her holes, which at this point she could barely feel the difference as she had already absorbed so much of it. She did however feel the cold draft of the vent her pussy was pressed against as it sucked the juices from her twat.

When the cock-like feed tube approached her mouth, Rin was so lost in her hazy daze caused by the sexual stimulation that she reacted subconsciously by the conditioned drilled in her body. She instinctively allowed the cock like feed tube into her mouth. Rin let out muted grunt as she realized what had happened when. Shaking her in an attempt to dislodge the cock, she failed spectacularly as she couldn't even move her head a centimeter in the first place. Rin let out a muted and frustrated grunt when the cock released more aphrodisiac.

- O -

Sakura excitingly looked at the Pokedex in her hand.

A virtual representation of an immobile Rin inside the pokeball could be seen by Sakura, and she rotated the image of her on the pokedex, zooming in on her crotch, which was glowing red and yellow on the thermal imaging. Sakura could see that the rods inside Rin were not using their temperature function. Since Rin seemed to enjoy pain so much now, Sakura smirked deviously as she turned the temperature function of the dildos. Allowing them to periodically be refrigerated to give her a cold surprise and heat themselves up for a hot surprise.

"How are you feeling, slave? Do you not enjoy this? How humiliated are you?" Sakura asked slyly as she picked up some interesting data readings from the pokeball.

Sakura was soon proven right when saw Rin on her pokedex screen. It showed a blushing face and moisture at her groin, which should be dry despite how much she had cummed before as the pokeball constantly tried keep her dry whenever possible and worked efficiently well that it drained all liquid on Rin's body in a matter of seconds. Sakura looked at the heart monitor to see that Rin's heart was beating at an elevated rate after she had mentioned the word 'humiliated.'

The mute button was pressed not once by Sakura, but several times to make sure that Rin couldn't hear her anymore.

"It never ceases to amaze me that I can read her mind," said Sakura in amazement as she could read what Rin was thinking appeared on the pokedex screen. "Let's see what she thinks when I do this." On her pokedex touch screen, she tapped Rin's clit.

Oh my god! I love it! I love humiliation and pain! I am in heaven if she keeps doing this. Rin thought and without knowing it, Sakura read all of what she thought in her screen.

Sakura zoomed back out to look at Rin's whole body, deciding what to do next. She spun to her back view, and ran a finger down Rin's spine. Inside the pokeball, Rin felt rollers activate along her back, beginning to apply rotating pressure all along her spine. Switching to front view, two fingers rubbed Rin's breasts. Rin's nipples began to jerk them within a small sphere of movement as the parts of the pokeball around her wrapped complete around Rin's breasts, they constricted rhythmically, sometimes together, sometimes in alternating fashion.

Randomly, Sakura tapped at the electrodes on screen, sometimes sending just a brief jolt but other times holding her finger on the screen for several seconds. She was able to hear Rin's every vocal reaction to this full bodied assault of her senses. Rin's moaning interspersed by yelps when shocked to the groin or to her nipples.

The purple-haired girl thought it was time to spice things up a bit. It was getting boring and predictable what she was doing. She initiated the enema function of her anal dildo. Cold fluids flooded Rin's bowels, entering her intestinal tract, making her stomach bulge slightly. She whimpered as the catheter too pumped cleansing fluids up her urinary tract and into her bladder, instilling an uncontrollable urge to pee.

When Rin orgasmed, Sakura couldn't believe what she read. It at been the result of humiliation and pain. Humiliation from Rin's inability to even release or control her bodily waste. Pain from the feeling that her bladder and stomach/intestines were going to burst.

"I'm not done yet," said Sakura, and thumbed the feed tube to gag Rin, leaving her with an overfilled bladder and rectum. Sakura smiled from ear to ear as Rin pleadingly whimpered around the dildo, unable to voice her appeals for mercy.

Oh my god! I love it! I think I'm going to become addicted to this. Rin's thoughts appeared on the pokedex screen.

Not stopping there, she sent the signal to max out other sexual function of the pokeball. On the screen, the vibrators began hammering into Rin viciously. The dildos began to spin, clockwise or anti-clockwise and sometimes changing mid-direction. The dildos released bursts of harmless electricity, shocking Rin to amplify each thrust and spinning with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Rin rotated between moaning and whimpers from the pain and pleasure to releasing muffled screams. None of Rin's reaction evoking the slightest bit of mercy from Sakura. She waited for the enema to complete itself before and dialing back the intensity inside the pokeball. Finally, the anal dildos and catheter reversed their function to stop releasing fluid and instead absorb it. The electrodes ceased their shock pulses, and the dildos returned to a slower thrusting and rotating pace.

Time quickly passed as Sakura continued to play with Rin. What seemed like an eternity of sexual stimulation ceased when Rin passed out.

"Oh… I wanted to it to last a bit longer…" Sakura whined, but she didn't continue to pursue tormenting Rin. She had completed her original task.

Sakura looked over to where Shirou sat. She resisted the urge to giggle, but failed as she saw how flush and excited that Shirou looked. It was obvious from his physical reactions that he was enjoying what she was doing to Rin. The problem was that Shirou was rejecting his new self. The changes wrought to the genetic alterations done by the Dark League to better enhance Tamer's ability to capture and train pokegirls. Part of her job as the Alpha of Shirou's Harem would be to come to terms with his changes. Just as she had come to terms with her own changes.

Her original train of thought was lost when she saw the proudly standing and hardened manhood that Shirou sported. Drool began to run down her mouth. Her pussy moistened. The thought of using her mouth or pussy coming to the forefront of her mind. She could only imagine the amount of pleasure she could derive from Shirou's genetically enhanced penis.

"Arrrgghh!" Sakura screamed as she saw something move and felt her body smash into a wall.

When she found the reason she had smashed into the wall, it made her not believe what had happened before her. That was because there was no way that Shirou Emiya could be moving. Not when she had inserted an incredible potent neuroparalytic agent that should've kept unable to move for several hours. Sakura shook her head when she remembered who she was talking about. Shirou Emiya was no ordinary man. He had trained his body to superhuman levels, and to deal with many situations. Situations such as the usage of substances that hindered or compromised the human body's ability to function. She should have known that he would be able to recover and move so quickly.

"What did you do?" Shirou demanded as his hands gripped Sakura's neck.

"It is obvious what I did," said Sakura as she could see the denial in Shirou's eyes.

"Are you really, Sakura? She would never do something to her own sister." Shirou asked as he murderously glared at Sakura and tightened his grip around her neck.

"I am Sakura Matou, formerly Sakura Tohsaka. The daughter of Tokiomi and Aoi Tohsaka. Younger sister of Rin Tohsaka." Sakura gasped out as she felt very uncomfortable with the tight grip around her neck.

"There is some many other scenarios I could think of to explain what is going on. None of them involving the true Sakura Matou. If you are truly here than you better have a good explanation to why you treated Rin Tohsaka that way you did. Otherwise, you're going to regret torturing my friend." Shirou growled.

"Master, search for the nearest familiar."

"Familiar?" Shirou repeated in confusion. "Why would I do that?" He demanded as he tightened his grip on Sakura's neck. "Tell me."

"It would be faster if you found the answer for yourself over me explaining. It is also highly unlikely that you will believe a word that I say in our current situation."

Shirou had to agree with the Sakura-lookalike that he didn't sure as hell trusted her. Not after seeing what she had done with Rin. The Sakura he knew would never do something like that. What confused Shirou was why that she insisted on him looking for familiars. He rarely ever created familiars. The last familiar he had created had been destroyed years ago. Although, his instincts told him that he should investigate.

"Fine, I will bite. Let's see why you are so insist that I check for familiars," said Shirou.

He closed his eyes and searched his mind. Shirou to his surprised discovered three things. The presence of three things connected to his mind. What he detected made no sense. There should be no familiars, artificial or living, connected to him. Yet, the connection and presence he felt meant that there were three familiars of his somewhere. Stranger still was that two of the familiars were where two pokeballs were located, one of which were why Shirou had seen Rin come out and go into. The closest familiar was right in front of him, in his hands.

"I don't recall ever creating a familiar that looked remotely human or giving it the name Sakura Matou. You better start explaining." Shirou growled as he tightened his grip to the point that some color from Sakura's face drained away.

Sakura repeated the same things that she had already told Shirou. This time, Shirou took the words said to him more seriously. He took the woman in his hands more seriously as he continued to detect no lies in her words and through his bond sense her intentions, which were honesty. That made him delve deeper, beyond sensing the mood and intentions. Into the next layer, which was surface thoughts. What he found was shocking that he instinctively delved deeper until he found undeniable proof to the woman's claims.

"Sakura… But… Why…?" Shirou stammered in disbelief as he released his grip on Sakura.

"You recoiled… Now you made my job even more difficult as I have to explain in words over you founding the information for yourself by looking into my mind..." Sakura muttered in annoyance. "Master, imagine what I did to Rin, but several times worse. That is what many humans in this world is capable of. What I did was a demonstration of just what is possible with the scientific knowledge and technological application of this world. A demonstration that speak louder than any words that I could say."

"Why would…?" Shirou ceased talking as he felt Sakura trying to hide something from him through his bond with her. "That is an excuse. I feel… No. You had started with good intentions than… lost yourself?" He frowned in confusion. "You found out that you enjoyed physically and sexually tormenting Rin to the point that you got addicted to it…"

Without warning, Shirou slapped himself and let loose a string of curses to Sakura's surprise. Shirou couldn't believe that he had nearly lost himself. Lost himself to intoxicating thrill of power. If he hadn't been going through Sakura's own memories about going through the same process, he doubted that he wouldn't have become intoxicated by power like Sakura had been. He quickly extracted himself from Sakura's mind. Yet, he could still feel the lingering traces of the intoxicating thrill of power he had over Sakura. The ability to invade the privacy of her own mind without Sakura's consent, the ability to read her thoughts, go through her memories and so much more. Shirou now found himself in the alarming predicament that he had found the drug known as power and feared that it could change him like it had to do with Sakura.

"Are you okay, Master?" Sakura asked with a worried tone.

"Sakura, what were you planning? What was the purpose of letting me know about the bond that I now have with you?" Shirou asked, accusingly as he suspiciously looked out for any signs to gauge Sakura's intentions.

"Planning? I didn't plan anything. I thought the fastest way that you would believe that it is actually me standing before you and not an impersonator was to allow you to read my thoughts and go through my memories." Sakura replied as she blinked in confusion.

For a moment, Shirou wanted to delve into Sakura's mind, but he quickly shook his head. It was so tempting to go into Sakura mind and see if she was telling him the truth. Shirou also had the urge to feel the intoxicating thrill of power that he had over Sakura. He had encountered and helped enough addicts to know how the first steps of addiction formed. The very first steps down the path of addiction had been taken when he had gotten the intoxicating high from reading Sakura's thoughts and going through her memories. The second step to addiction would be to feel the high again, and who knew. He might go down the slippery slope that he might never come back from.

"So, you're telling me that you didn't plan anything else? No other motives to letting me know about our bond?" Shirou asked and looked for the unusual signs and ticks that he knew Sakura made when she lied, a product of him knowing her for two decades. Sakura nodded her head, and Shirou found no signs of her lying to her. Yet, that didn't assure Shirou. She had become a skilled liar after spending a decade studying and representing the Matou Clan in the Mage's Association. Skilled enough to be able to fool even him at times.

"How about this?" Sakura asked, and before Shirou could understand what she meant there was passionate kiss.

Shirou took several steps back in confusion. "What was that Sakura?" He asked in confusion as stared at Sakura.

This time it was Sakura that was confused. "I thought you had gone through my memories? I detected your presence in my mind. You should know the answer." Sakura replied in baffled tone. She patiently waited for the response she was expecting and didn't receive it. Sakura waited and waited until she couldn't hold it anymore seeing the clueless Shirou. "I love you, Master! Why do you think that I kissed you for?"

"Are you sure that you love me? Given what of your memory that I went through I learned many things. Not only did you demonstrate the ability to inhibit Rin and Luvia from recalling their memories, but you had the potential to modify their memories with the pokedex and pokeball. What is to say that someone hadn't modified your own memories to make you think that you love me?" Shirou asked.

Sakura was about to harshly respond that it was impossible for such a thing. That only Shirou himself had the authority as a Tamer of her to do such a thing with the pokedex. It was only when Sakura remembered that the pokedex's security was a computer program and such things could be hacked or bypassed that she reconsidered the possibility Shirou's point. When she did think about it, there was a possibility that she had her memories modified…

"That might be a possibility, but not for you, Master. No one has been able to manipulate your memories," Sakura replied and before Shirou had time to refute her she continued on. "Look back at your own memories. Think about how our nearly two decade long relationship had been about. Do 'normal' friends come over to your home and help out with the housework every day? I didn't do it as a mere friend. I wanted to deepen our relationship. I loved you, Master!"

What… Shirou was so caught off guard that he didn't even mutter his response and said those words in the safety of his own mind. He was so taken back by he took several steps back as Sakura's words ran through his mind. No it kinds of make sense. Sakura had basically come over to my home every day for nearly decades before I became an adult. She had also lived with me and Rin since graduating from high school and stayed with me through studying at the Clock Tower and journey around the world.

Then the metal collar around Sakura's neck beeped. Sakura became very afraid tone as she remembered her first few attempts of resistance and non-compliance until it had gotten so terrible and painful that she had given up on resisting. She didn't want to relive the experience, and it was also futile as she would be transported away despite her resistance.

"Sorry, Master," Sakura apologized as she lunged over to embrace Shirou and begin a passionate kiss.

"What?" Shirou gasped as he forced himself out of the kiss and felt something enter his mouth. "Did you put in my mouth?"

"Something that was necessary to ensure that I go to my pokeball, Master." Sakura replied. She was yelped as her collar sent a stung and her conditioned response from being tortured to the point of blacking out several times made her run for her pokegirl. The sight of Shirou collapsing into the ground didn't register in her mind as she made a beeline for her pokeball.

"S…a…k….u…r…a," said Shirou in a slurred speech as he reached for Sakura, who had pressed the button to her pokeball. The last thing Shirou saw before he blackened out was Sakura being engulfed in red light and disappearing into the opened pokeball.

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*Chapter 6*: Reunited

Chapter Five "Reunited"

Shirou Emiya groaned as he stood up. He clutched his head in pain as he tried to recall the last thing he could. It was only when he recalled what had happened that his eyes widened before he clutched his hands into fists. What happened made him furious that his anger was boiling. His personality and genes had been modified. If it was just himself than his anger wouldn't be so all-consuming. It was the fact that what had happened to his friends that wanted him to go on a warpath to make anyone even remotely connected to his friends' fate either dead or horribly tortured.

"Emiya-sama, please calm yourself," said a familiar voice that chilled Shirou down to the bone. Shirou looked around to someone that he thought he would likely never encounter again. A fearsome individual that he would rate as amongst the most dangerous beings on Earth. His eyes fall upon the individual known as Shiki Ryougi, nicknamed "Shingami" for her ability to kill and destroy beings and objects thought as impossible to destroy or kill.

It wasn't just Shiki Ryougi that Shirou spotted. He also saw another fearsome individual beside Shiki. Not someone that had the fearsome fighting potential as her friend, but her absolute mastery of puppetry and seemingly immortal nature as when it seemed like she had been killed another would appear. Standing before him was Touko Aozaki, known as the "Pupper Master."

"What are you doing here, Touko Aozaki?" Shirou asked in very cautious tone as their eyes kept more focused on the most dangerous individual out of the two, Shiki Ryougi.

"That is very strange… I was told that you don't remember many things. It seems that you seem to know who I am…" Touko grumbled. "What is with the reaction, Shirou-kun? I am a friend."

"Friend?" Shirou repeated in disbelief. He had a hard time believing that. Touko while legendary as a master of making puppet had a Sealing Designation placed on her by the Mage's Association. Touko Aozaki was someone that they had never met in their lives. So, there was no reason for her to know them.

"So, the report that you having amnesia seemed real…" Touko mused. "Anyway… The reason why I am here, today, has nothing to do with our friendship. I came here as a Pokegirl Researcher."

Shirou paused to analyze what he had just heard. One, apparently Touko Aozaki of all people was a "friend." There was no way in hell that he was friend with her. He only knew her in passing because of the fearsome reputation of her mastery of puppetry and connection to the Blue, the Fifth True Magician, Aoko Aozaki, as the older sister. Two, that she was a Pokegirl Researcher. Assuming what she was saying was the truth than he wasn't dealing with "his" Touko Aozaki. The one from his reality. The evidence to support this hypothesis was many. The most glaring one that he was in another reality very different from his own.

Any further musing ceased when Shirou caught sight of something from the corner of his eyes. His eyes widened in disbelief before fury built up.

"Are you the one response for that?" Shirou asked in a well-concealed anger as he pointed behind Touko.

"You have a good eye for women," said Touko in applauding tone as she turned around. "These pokegirls reflect rare level of beauty. That alone would make them very valuable even without taking into account their abilities."

Shirou reined in the growing anger that was becoming more difficult for him to rein in as time passed. He was furious that Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou and Luvia Edelfelt was strung up by their hands to the ceiling like a piece of meat. His fury became even more burning from how they were objectified because of their unwillingly change to their biology. He clenched his teeth and balled his fist. Shirou resisted the urge to rush to his friends' aid as he was dealing with two potentially dangerous foes that could easily result in a fight that could lead to his friends death in their unconscious state.

"Your pokegirls makes such a valuable breeding stock. The humans or the pokekits that she would give birth would be top-notch," said Touko in an impressed tone. "Did you just by any chance organize your 'kidnapping' with Team Trauma to find a convenient excuse for your targets to be captured and turned into pokegirls?" Shirou looked at Touko with a look of disbelief and fury. "What? Don't give me that look. It is a rather common trend amongst mages. It is incredibly dangerous endeavor as it carries the penalty of death if you're caught. If done correctly you can do so many other things such as to kidnap and enslaving powerful mages into loyal pokegirl, find the perfect breeding stock for your children and so many other things."

"What did you say?!" Shirou roared as he finally snapped and unable to hold back his anger at how his friends were being treated. He reached to grab Touko. The only thing that stopped him was when a katana was drawn out of its scabbard and pointed at his throat.

"Don't think about harming, Touko," said Shiki, who had been silent this entire time, in a threatening tone. "I don't care who you are or what you can do. If you think about touching Touko without her permission than I will kill you."

Shirou was not at all scared with a katana pointed at him or that it was very close to his throat. He had so many brushes with death and been involved with countless battles that he was more than comfortable with her ability to protect herself. After all, he had fought in the Fifth Holy Grail War something that would've killed a very majority of people at the tender age of sixteen and before he had even developed her magecraft and fighting skills to what it was today.

He looked at his opponents in the eyes. Shiki Ryougi was a very dangerous individual. Possible at the same level as Dead Apostle Ancestors, Servants and monsters of that level. She was after all the possessor of the incredible potent weapon known as Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. Mystic Eyes that were ranked as Divine Spirit level, and allowed to kill beings that should be notorious difficult to kill with ease as long as she cut the Lines of Death. At least that was what Shirou knew about Shiki.

The katana in Shiki's hands told a different story from what Shirou knew about Shiki. It revealed a history that was defied what he knew about Shiki. The weapon in her hand had a very long history. For two decades since Shiki was the age of seven, it had been the only weapon that she had used in her life save for her own body. The katana had been damaged and repaired countless times for being used in just about every imaginable way that a blade would be used for, but it had never been destroyed or reforged for that was how much care Shiki placed in caring and maintaining it. Nowhere in the katana's history did it say anything about what Shirou knew about Shiki Ryougi.

Ooppsss… I forget that this was another world… I am likely seeing the Shiki Ryougi of this world… Shirou Emiya thought in embarrassment.

Shirou carefully considered the new information that he was looking at. This dramatically changed everything. Shiki Ryougi was drastically lower threat than he had initially thought. He had been overestimating her abilities based on what he knew of his Shiki Ryougi. She was at best at the level of a Servant, without a Noble Phantasm. He glanced over to Touko Aozaki. She was the unknown threat. There was nothing for him to look at to see what kind of abilities or the level of her strength. This Touko might be as unkillable as the one he knew. Maybe she had a completely different skillset or even more powerful. Until he knew, combat was out until he knew more.

"Shiki stand down," said Touko to both Shirou's and Shiki's surprise. "I was making accusation based on baseless speculation. Shirou also seems to be the type to treat pokegirls as fellow humans instead of the majority of humanity."

"Touko, this is the Ultimate Faker we are talking…" Shiki was saying before she was interrupted.

Touko shook her head. "You just escalated the situation in a unnecessary manner. Shirou-kun would have only grabbed my collar and shouted at me in fury. Not harm me." Touko turned to Shirou. "Isn't that right, Shirou-kun?"

Silence was the only response that Shirou provided. He was deciding if he wanted to deescalate the situation. It seemed the best choice that he had. If he escalated the situation any further, it was his friends that were in danger the most. They were extremely vulnerable given their restrained and unconscious state.

"Yes," Shirou confirmed and he ceased at intentions of hostile actions. He even took some steps to put some distance between him and Touko. Shiki watched Shirou intensely and grudgingly sheathed her katana, but she still maintained a wary vigilance to any harm that might come to Touko.

"See everything is fine," said Touko. "I take back my words. I apologize if I offended Shirou Emiya."

"It's fine," Shirou brushed off clash for the sake of his friends' safety. "Can you let my friends down and wake them up?"

"Why don't you do the honors," said Touko as she handed him a smartphone.

"What is this supposed to be?" Shirou asked as he took the smartphone, given that he felt its appearance belayed its true function.

"It's a pokedex of course, what else would it be?" Touko asked as she tilted her head in curiosity before she remembered who she was talking. "Sorry, I forget about your amnesia…" She took back the pokedex from Shirou and began pressing several buttons, "let me help you out with the settings. This way from now one, no one besides yourself will be able to use the pokedex."

Shirou was soon guided through an incredibly long and difficult process to register himself on the pokedex. The process was so long and Touko seemed to take it so serious that it felt like he was going through a very important legal proceeding where Touko would be his lawyer to explain things he didn't know and advise him what to do. He also learned that despite looking like a smartphone, the pokedex was a whole different beast. It had parts that were normally found in scientific equipment like cell and DNA analyzers. The pokedex was also equipped with an alarming number of security measures to ensure that only the registered user may use it.

"There," said Touko as she pressed a button on the pokedex.

"Hey! That isn't the right one!" Shirou snapped angrily became even more angry when he saw the smug smile on Touko's face and was about to berate Touko when he heard something. He heard several voices groan. Shirou turned to see that his friends were gaining consciousness. "Rin. Sakura. Luvia. Are you okay?"

The groaning became louder as the three girls started to become conscious. They let out yawns and tried to rub their drowsy eyes. It was at that attempt to rub their eyes that the girls drowsiness faded as their hands failed to reach for their eyes. After several seconds of constant failure to reach their eyes, their eyes snapped open and alert.

"What is going on?!" The girls shouted in unison as they attempted to move their hands.

No matter how much the girls tried to struggle, their hands refused to go to their eyes. They tried to move, but the only thing that happened was their bodies to shake around. Looking up they found that their hands were tied together over their heads and chained to the ceiling. Seeing that they were restrained sent them into panic and their attempts to free themselves became even more pronounced. That was when in their struggle did they also find another restraint. A restraint that pinned their feet to the ground.

"Calm down," said Shirou in a soothing tone in attempt to calm his friends. "There is no need to panic. I am here. Just give me a couple of seconds to free you."

Now that they were alert and awake, the girls properly heard Shirou for the first time since waking up. The girls stopped with their struggles and sighed in relief to find that Shirou was around. If he was around than they were all safe. It was when that calming thought that the girls realized their naked state.

"Don't look!" The girls shouted as they blushed in embarrassment.

The girls tried to protect modesty from Shirou's view. They moved with renew strength to get out of her restraints and if that failed to figure if they were any weaknesses that she could use to break out. When they found none, the girls quickly called upon their magecraft to get out of their bind. Only to find that something was stopping their ability to control the Od that flowed through their bodies or Magic Circuits that enabled magecraft failed to respond. That was when they realized that how futile their attempts to free themselves that their struggling ceased.

It was from this moment that the girls began to react in a remarkably different manner.

Sakura was embarrassment by her current predicament. It wasn't that she was ashamed with showing her body to Shirou. Quite the opposite. She was proud to show her body to him. Showing her body was the very first step to show that she was willingly to deepen their relationship with sex and to bear his children. What she was embarrassed about and disliked about the current situation wasn't that she didn't have a say in whether she wanted to show her body to Shirou. The fact that she was restrained was even worse. She loved power. Completely and utterly since she had become a pokegirl. It meant everything to her. The fact that she was stripped of that power, unable to choose to show her naked body or her defenceless state scared her.

Luvia and Rin on the other hand could only love what was going on. Their faces flushed red and panting. Their heart was pumping. Blood rushed towards and pooled around their genitals. Moisture formed around their pussies as it became sleek and engorged. Their nipples and clits hardened and became incredibly sensitive. All the while they became excited for what was about to happen next. Luvia absolutely loved that she had no power, to hide her naked body or the inability to react in her defenceless state. She completely and absolutely loved the feeling of powerlessness. Rin felt the same way as Luvia, but she logically detested what was happening. She hadn't been this way, and was only responding like this because of Sakura 'training'.

What beautiful bodies… How did I be so have missed their beauty… I love how Luvia and Rin is so helpless and powerless from what I wished to do… Shirou thought as he marveled as his friend's beauty and the restrained and powerless situation of Rin and Luvia. Shit! He cursed as he realized that he shouldn't be reacting this way. I need to find a specialist that can help me out!

"Oh, it looks like you love seeing your pokegirls squirm as in their helpless and defenceless state," said Touko in a seductive tone as she coyly smirked looking at Shirou's physical reactions to seeing his friends.

The sight of his friends naked, helpless and powerless state was making Shirou unconsciously and unwillingly excited as his manhood peaked and hardened. The seductive tone and words that Touko used pushed him over the edge. He let out groan of pleasure. Only when he became aware of the groan that he had let out the victorious smirk that Touko smirked that become embarrassed and ashamed at how he had reacted.

Shirou didn't want to look at Touko and also wanted to move on. He quickly pressed the button that Touko hadn't pressed and should've have pressed the first time. His friends yelped as their restraints were unlocked and faded away into a mist.

"Here," said Shirou as he created several blankets and threw them at his friends.

"Thanks," said the Sakura and Rin gratefully as caught the blanket and wrapped it around their bodies.

"Luvia, is there a problem?" Shirou asked in concern as Luvia didn't pick up the blanket and wrap it around her body like Sakura and Rin.

"Nothing, Master," said Luvia. "Master, permission to use magecraft?"

"Sure, why not. You don't need my permission to use magecraft," Shirou responded in confusion as to why Luvia was asking for his permission to use magecraft. It wasn't like he had any control over her. Although, it felt like he was forgetting something important that he couldn't recall off the top of his head.

"Thank you, Master," Luvia replied gratefully as she bowed to Shirou before turning to Rin. She walked over to Rin and yanked the blanket from her body. Rin was only able to yelp in surprise before her hands were forced behind her backs and she heard a quiet click. Luvia shouted, "What are you doing, Black?!"

Any thought of angrily snapping at Luvia left Rin's mind when she heard the word, "Black." The memories that had been suppressed came back. She remembered. Rin shivered and trembled in fear as she remembered Sakura's training. It was Sakura that gave her the nickname "Black."

"What do you think you're doing, Yellow?!" Rin snapped back as she recovered from the brief moment of horror and terror that she had felt. She shivered at what she was about to say, but her memories told it that it was the correct thing to do if she didn't want more 'training' sessions. "What would Mistress think at what you're doing?"

"This is something you got from being an obedient little slave. You don't have to be punished or undergo any further training and enjoy rewards for your obedience," Luvia whispered into Rin's ear. "Why do you not give in to your desires? I know that you absolutely love it. To be restrained. Helpless to whatever our Master and Mistress desires. Your body's reaction is a sign that your secret desire to have no control, no power. So why fight it?"

"I don't enjoy it," Rin replied back stubbornly.

"Is that so?" Luvia whispered with a smug smile. "Why is that your face flushing red, panting and heart in excitement? Your nipples and clit all hard? Your pussy swelling up?" She ran her hand down Rin's pussy and brought it up to Rin's face. "Why is your pussy dripping?" She asked as she wept Rin's love juice on her face and then let it drip down onto her mouth.

"This is your doing?!" Rin screamed in denial.

"What did you say?!" Sakura shouted in an icy tone after watching the whole scene in relatively silence until she was angered by Rin's denial. "Would you care to repeat that?" She asked with a sadistic smile as withdraw a whip from her belt and made some experimental lashes at the ground. "I would love to correct your claims."

"No, Mistress," said Rin and Luvia in unison, any thoughts of continuing to fight each other lost.

"What are you two doing? It seems that the two of you will need some re-education." Sakura demanded with a sadistic smile.

"That is enough!" Shirou shouted as he reined in his instinctive desire to watch the hot scene of a women dominating another. "Touko, I want some explanations, and they best be a good ones. Why I am reacting this way? What has happened to my friends? Can this be reversed? I have many more questions more." Touko was about to speak, but Shirou shot her a dangerous look. "I am in no patience to accept any excuses."

"Fine, Shirou-kun, but by going by what you're saying and the fact you have amnesia you're not going to like what you're going to hear…"

- O -

Shirou Emiya could imagine himself trashing about the room. Grabbing anything he could get his hands on and destroying them until there was nothing left for his hands to grab before he completely destroyed the room followed by the pokecenter itself and maybe even the entire town until he destroyed the entire world. That was how much anger he felt and wanted to express it. He took a deep breath as he calmed himself. It would do him no good if he obeyed his emotions.

In fact, it would make the situation worse, Shirou reasoned rationally as he recalled what had been told to him. Sakura had briefly touched upon the subject, but gave little details. It had been Touko, who had given him all the answers. She had the answers that he wanted from Sakura's very brief explanation and filled in the blanks that Sakura had left. Shirou was grateful that Touko went beyond what was needed of her as she patiently answered all and every question he had regarding the new world he found himself in.

What he had learned in greater detail created mixed feelings for Shirou. The first and most defining emotion was anger. That was soon followed up by fear and sense of loss at what to do. The world was a very vastly different place from home. So much so that it felt that instead of the Age of Men, Shirou thought the new world he found himself in was more in line with the Age of Gods of all things. Humanity wasn't the top dog. They were no longer the apex predator. It was the pokegirls. Pokegirls covered the entire planet, they were even more successful than humanity had been at its peak. Places that were incredibly inhospitable even for the rugged human physiology and tenacity or impossible to live for humans like the oceans, peaks of the highest mountains and the sky.

He shook his head. Shirou berated himself for falling into a trap that just about everyone he had met in the Pokegirl World seemed to have already fallen for. A product of masterful propaganda through various mediums that was nearly everywhere and always drilled the same massage that pokegirls were not human, they were toys and slaves or pets at best. The propaganda was so successful that it seemed just about everyone he had encountered, human or pokegirl, thought humans were superior and pokegirls were the inferior race. At times, the propaganda that he was always seeing around him reminded him of Nazi Germany as how successful and deeply rooted Nazi propaganda had been before and during World War II.

Shirou almost thought there was no one like himself. Someone who believed that pokegirls should be treated as equals as humans, or went as extreme as to think pokegirls as not a separates species from humanity, but part of humanity. That was until he heard rumors about radical "liberals" of pro-pokegirl rights. They were a subject of shame and treated almost like a social taboo that it reminded him of the sexist and racist culture that were prevalent before his birth.

Calm down. Calm down. Shirou reminded himself at the possible cost he could pay if openly and outright rebelled against the prevalent social and cultural norms of this world. Sakura, Rin and Luvia will pay the price while I will get relatively scot-free compared to what they could suffer.

Becoming a pariah was something that Shirou could easily bear if it meant freedom for his friends. He had easily endured being a pariah of the magical world back home. The infamous reputation of his father's legacy, Kiritsugu Emiya as the feared and bogeymen status he possessed as killer of rogue mages. Even the fear of being hunted down by the law wasn't what deterred him of taking whatever means necessary to freeing his friends. Freeing his friends from what they had become and what they were being subjected to.

It was the Tamers and their loyal Pokegirls that kept Shirou from doing anything radical.

Pokegirls were dangerous. While they were many breeds of pokegirls that were timid and weaker than the normal human, they were just as many and even more breeds of pokegirls that were dangerous to humans. They naturally possessed abilities exceeding normal humans; physically, mentally and magically to the point that in the pokedex every pokegirl had a category called Enhancements to measure how much better they were compared to a normal human. They were pokegirls known as "Legendaries" that had the ability to give some of the most powerful beings that Shirou knew a run for their money like Typhonna, who could create micro-black holes and reshaped the earth. Although, no pokegirl was known to be comparable to the most powerful being that Shirou knew of like Types or Counter Guardians of Alaya and Gaia.

These dangerous pokegirls were made even more dangerous under the guidance of a Tamer. Just like animals back on Earth, some breeds of pokegirls hated each other because they were different in relationship such as predator and prey or for cultural and historical reasons. This natural animosity could be eliminated by a Tamer to allow a dangerous combinations and teamwork of otherwise natural enemies. Tamers were the reason that humanity was survived the devastating Revenge War that had reduced the human population of billions to mere millions and afterwards to thrive. If experienced Tamers with powerful pokegirls were to engage him there chance that he could lose, and even if he won there would always be another Tamer and their Harem to finish him of when he was wounded and tired.

The only thing he could do for now was gather more information about the pokegirl world and wait for an opportunity to hopefully free his friends from their current predicament. At least for now, until could formulate a plan that was likely to succeed.

You don't want that. Shirou heard a voice whispered in his head. What you want is something that you have been hiding all this time. You want to dominate your friends. See them under your control and answer to your every whim.

Shirou gritted his teeth. He absolutely hated the voice that was inside his head. It was unknown what kind of entity was inside his mind. Was it a spirit that ended up in his body while he was in coma? A split personality that was forming, or had been formed, inside his mind just like he knew Sakura had that he knew as Dark Sakura. Whatever the case, it tormented him since waking up from his months long coma.

"I am not the kind of person that you are or try to influence me into becoming!" Shirou shouted.

That is just lies. The dark entity whispered. You make pathetic excuses to go through Sakura's memories that are recorded by her pokeball and saved onto your pokedex. You go through her memories to experience what you deny yourself. The freedom to whatever you wish to a powerless prisoner. To ravish restrained and helpless maiden.

He refused to listen the dark entity, but there were truths to its words. Shirou would be lying that he didn't have dark fantasies that were illegal and immoral. The things that Shirou had seen through Sakura's memories like restraining someone and forcing them to do or become a victim of something against their will. Actions that would label him as a kidnapper, rapist and so many other horrible names. There were at times of him wanting to do extreme things like Sakura had done to Rin and Luvia. To treat them like a plaything and transform them into people that they were not. This had happened after his coma, alteration to his genome and becoming aware of the dark entity.

Deny it all you want, but you're a sadistic and a power-hunger man. The dark entity taunted.

"How am I neither of what you claim." Shirou snapped.

The fact that you're allowing your friends stay in pokeballs and being subjected to Taming Cycles is the most obvious example. The dark entity chuckled darkly. Words of denial was about to roll off Shirou's tongue when he froze hearing the dark entity's accusation. It struck a nerve, but there was truth to the dark entity's words. The sexually conservative and normal Rin and Luvia turned into pain and humiliation sluts that love to be restrained and rendered powerless. What worse could happen to your pokegirls?

Shirou decided to ignore the dark entity's words and quickly focused on a task that he had forgotten about. He brought out his pokedex and activated it. There he began to research everything regarding pokegirls, from the very start as if he was a beginner to see if what information that had been told to him was completely true, biased opinion or complete fabrication. In his search, he found the most popular and trusted source of information regarding on pokegirls for people like him. It was The Pokegirl Guide: the must-read book for interdimensional travelers.

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*Chapter 7*: First Sign of Convergence

Chapter Six "First Sign of Convergence"

Shirou Emiya was taking a mediation in hopes of clearing the emotional turmoil he had since coming to the Pokegirl World when he heard some noise in the background that caught his attention. He filed away his thoughts for later, and concentrated on what he was hearing. It sounded like someone or a small group of people, no more than five at best, were running away from a large group. The large group was several times larger to the point that Shirou guessed that anywhere between fifty to a hundred people.

He opened his eyes and jumped to the highest tree branch that he could find and support his weight. What he found was exactly what he was expecting. Shirou had been correct with his guess that with his hearing. There was a horde of girls swarming through the forest. Hundred at best. The girls came in all sizes and appearances. There were two things that had in common; Pale skin, very sharp and large canine teeth. The two individuals that were running from the horde of girls was something that shocked Shirou and nearly made him fall of the tree branch that he was standing on.

Kami… How many familiar faces am I going to meet in this world, Shirou thought as he steadied himself. The woman is exactly as I last recall. Why confuses me is why he seems so different? It's like he had suddenly felt the urge to cosplay as a wolfman…

He felt like he should totally ignore the chase that was happening before him. The woman and man that were running away were very strong and experienced fighters. So Shirou was about to just stand there and observe when he remembered something. That this wasn't his world. The familiar faces he was looking at might seem like the people he knew, but they were the alternative counterparts of the people he knew. They could be similar in appearance, but there was no telling if they had the same personality, history or abilities as the people he knew from his world.

They are running from nearly a hundred girls. Their clothes are roughed up and torn. Both sport many minor injuries. It's not going to be their injuries that will allow the horde of girls chasing after them to get them. Exhaustion is going to get to those two soon, Shirou observed, but those bites concern me for some reason… For some reason Shirou recalled Dead Apostle and the Living Dead for some reason. I better help out.

Shirou jumped through trees as he quickly chased after the two groups. In a matter of seconds, he was able to catch up.

"Keeping running, I will hold them off!" Shirou shouted at the familiar faces and jumped down between the two groups.

"What do you think you're doing?!" A familiar woman shouted.

"Those Vampira and Vampires are going to be too much for you!" The familiar man shouted.

Upon seeing Shirou, the horde of girls immediately attacked the him. Shirou moved out of the way of several balls of darkness and let them explode them on the ground harmlessly. He smirked as he got finally got an opportunity use some of his new abilities in battles for the first time, Shirou sent a wave of sharp winds at the horde. The unleashed a storm of sharp winds hit as the girls were so closely packed together that not a single sharp wind missed.

Several girls went down and were trampled to death by their fellow girls. Some that were trampled managed to survive with major injuries and only a few miraculous with minor injuries. The rest were scored with minor cuts. As soon as the girls released that they were under attack, they spread out to avoid being packed for another attack.

The girls soon retaliated with a wave of dark balls. Dodging yet another Dark Bomb, he sent a small wave of razor sharp winds in the direction that the Dark Bomb had come from and was rewarded with a cry of pain. He then back-flipped to avoid a Dark Blade attack.

Where is she? Shirou wondered as he soon found himself swarmed by the girls. Let's try another thing.

It started off a small drop in temperature. Wind then swirled around Shirou before picking in intensity. The temperature suddenly dropped drastically and tiny slivers of ice were mixed in with the wind around Shirou. Shirou poured in the required prana into his surroundings all the while dodging all of the girls' attacks at him. The swirling wind suddenly expanded to engulf a good ten meters of Shirou's surroundings, roaring all the while. The slivers increased in size and numbers and then within seconds, what seemed like a mini-blizzard tore through the girls.

The girls right next to Shirou stood no chance. Shirou was in the center of the whole freezing storm. They froze up as it took moments for parts of their body to be frozen and seconds for their vital organs to slow down working until their organs completely shut down from the cold. Those furthest away had parts of their bodies freeze up, but were able to escape the mini-blizzard thanks to their instincts warning them of danger and witnessing some of their comrades die.

Some of the girls were confused as the ones controlling them either died or fought to escape the mini blizzard. Those girls that suddenly regained control of themselves. Confused at what was going on, they struck out blindly, killing many of their own before they were brought under mind control once more.

Finally, Shirou stopped the blizzard as the girls had finally stepped out of his attack. The magic attack had been taxing his energies more than he had thought. He made later note to use the devastating magic attack sparsely in the future.

One of the girls were quick to react to the opportunity that they saw. Shirou was ready for her. He materialized a dagger in his hand and threw it. The dagger had so much force behind it that the girl was thrown back as the dagger penetrated through her sternum and into her heat. Her corpse was thrown into a group of girls before violently exploding as the magical energies escaped their fragile container.

Shirou carefully observed the girls as they unconscious stepped back at the casual ease that Shirou had dispatched the girls. It certainly pleased Shirou that girls were showing fear and nervous. That meant that despite the girls seeming being controlled that they were not completely mindless drones that did so as commanded. This was an opportunity that Shirou had to cease as the fastest way of defeating large groups of enemies was not by killing them all but to break their morale. Forcing them to flee for their lives or surrendering as they were so terrified of what fate lay before them of further resistance.

There is also the fact that I distaste killing people when I don't have to… Shirou thought to himself as people could be redeemed bar for a few exceptions.

He did a quick head count. There had been approximately a hundred girls that he had observed. He saw a good third to be dead, give or take a few cause it was hard to count causalities when they were rendered into pieces. What did please him was that the girls were displaying a higher level of self-awareness and emotions than before. That meant many possible things. The number of mind controllers were had been reduced. The mind control was weakened or any manner of things. All that mattered was that the enemy made second thoughts if the pros of continuing the fight was worth it or that cons outweighed the benefits and they decided to cut their losses.

No good… Shirou cursed as he saw a surge of girls that had expressionless faces, a general sign of mind control. In a matter of seconds, all the remaining girls quickly lost self-awareness and surged forward for another round.

Ducking under a Dark Blade, Shirou came up under the guard of his first attacker. A blade materialized in his hand and slashed at her throat. The blade cut through windpipe and the major blood vessels in the neck. The girl gurgled as she drowned in her blood and futily tried to stem the bleeding before she died.

Spinning away from a dark ball, Shirou used the momentum from the spin to cleanly severe through a head from his attacker. Flipping away, he threw his blade. The blade cut inflicted some injuries before planting itself into a girl. He watched as the explosion killed six girls surrounding the exploded blade.

From the ensuing chaos of explosion, Shirou materialized a pair of swords. He dashed forward and slit the throat of a girl that had regained control of her senses. Ducking, he dodged a swipe of sharp claws that cut off a bit of his hair. A low sweep of his blade cut off the legs of several girls and the other blade decapitated several girls.

Shirou raised a brow as the remaining girls had finally gotten smarter. Instead of simply to dogpile him through numbers, some of the girls had taken to the skies and attacked from above. He easily dodged, but found that the dark balls no longer seemed come at him. The dark balls that descended on him were actually timed and not the random chaotic explosions that they had been earlier. The new tactics being used might have worked against another individual, but Shirou had fought hordes of more powerful and larger number of enemies before.

He decided to take the fight to another level. Shirou moved faster than before. Attacks that he had narrowly avoided before were now dodged with large room to space. His attacks were harder as his strength climbed to another level. His blades sharper as they cut through flesh more easily and even through bone that they had previous failed to. The slaughter fest continued but at a faster rate and in more devastation.

Shirou found a tall tree to use as a launching pad. He ran up the trunk of the tree. When he reached the top of the tree and he got a good look at the true numbers of enemies that he was facing. A deep breath was all that Shirou needed to gather his thoughts and a hail of blades materialized above him before he sent them hailing down. Gravity added with the force that Shirou put behind the blades caused the swords to move faster than a bullet. Many of the girls screamed as the blades impaled into their bodies.

If by some miracle a couple of the girls were able to avoid getting impaled, but that didn't matter. The girls that hadn't been killed by the blades, or avoided being impaled all died when a string of explosions rip through the forest as the blades exploded with devastating consequence. The only thing being left of the girls were their anguished screamed and scorched body parts being the gruesome reminder.

Shirou Emiya took a deep breath to calm himself of the adrenaline coursing through his bloodstream. He took no pleasure of killing, but it had been necessary. There might've been a time to try talking, but he doubted it would've worked. Past experience had long told him that it was very pointless to try and reason with those that were mind controlled. Many people couldn't fight off mind control as their lost control over their own bodies. If they were able to fight over mind control than they would've been able to resist having their bodies taken over in the first place. There was also the fact that whoever was controlling them had very dedicating in the pursuit of his friends. Shirou would never allow someone to threaten his friends.

"Are you okay, Bazett and Cu Chulainn?" Shirou asked as he looked over to the people that he had saved.

"Who in the blazes are you?! You just killed an entire horde of Vampiras and Vampires. That is over a hundred pokegirls!" Bazett demanded in disbelief.

"Hey, thanks for saving us," Cu Chulainn spoke gratefully.

"No problem," said Shirou. "My name is Shirou Emiya."

"Shirou Emiya… Never heard about you, and that is a surprising thing given that you are so powerful. It is rare for someone of your caliber not be known…" Bazett muttered. "How rude of me… I am grateful of the save."

"What I would like to know is why you were running away from them?" Shirou asked as he pointed to the corpses around them.

"It seems you have heard of us," said Bazett in approval, "but we are not that good to take on a horde of Vampira and Vampires by ourselves. We could take half of the horde that was chasing us with a good chance of winning. Any more would be pushing our luck to levels out of our comfort zone."

Shirou Emiya frowned, but updated what to expect of the Bazett and Cu Chulainn of this world. Cu Chulainn was clearly not a Servant like when he had encountered Arturia. That reminded him, he needed to check what happened to her. He had been so caught up the shock of finding himself in another world and caught up to speed that he had forgot about her. Shirou made a note to check after this. He berated himself for losing himself from his previous line of thought.

The Bazett and Cu Chulainn didn't live up to the ones he knew. He could give Cu Chulainn some slack. He didn't seem to be the Servant that he knew of. Some dead giveaway being dog ears and prominent canine teeth. Cu Chulainn was clearly human, with likely some non-human ancestry to explain his non-human traits. Bazett was a very cry from the devastating Sealing Designation Enforcer that he knew, who could take on whole hordes of monsters and even have a good chance fighting against a Servant.

"Master," said Cu Chulainn in a concerned tone, "we don't have time for questions right now. If we don't get these bites treated soon than you can kiss your human life goodbye. That is unless you want to enjoy your life as a pokeboy."

"I think we gotten it wrong, Cu Chulainn," said Bazett as she turned to her friend. "These bites might look like what a vampire and vampire might make, but look at them." She pointed at what corpses of the girls that Shirou had dispatched were left and intact. "They might have share iconic traits (pale skin, very sharp and large canines) acted like Vampiras and Vampires, but they are females. We are likely dealing with poor human girls and women were brainwashed, mind controlled or a combination of them."

"Your explanation makes no sense… How do they create the iconic bites of a Vampira or Vampire?" Cu Cuhulainn inquired to his master.

"It's not the real thing. Only to make it seem so. Deception, that both you and I fell for when we were running for the nearest pokecenter." Bazett replied confidently.

"I don't think you're right about that…" Cu Chulainn saw Shirou's belt with multiple pouches and attached pokeballs. "Sorry, but can we borrow potions. The anti-vampire kind if you have any. If not, some potent anti-bacterial to fight off vampire bite until we can get ourselves to a pokecenter."

"I am new to the whole Tamer thing, so I don't what potions you might need," said Shirou as he took of the belt and kept his most important things, the pokeballs, and handed the utility belt to Cu Chulainn. "I don't know what is where because I just got it."

"Thanks," said Cu Chulainn as he took the utility belt and began to search for what he needed. "You are really strong to be able to fight that many Vampiras and Vampires by yourself. Why even become a Tamer than if you fight alone? Being a Tamer includes a lot of responsibilities and expanses that you can avoid by not being a Tamer." He seemed to find what he was looking for when he smiled. "Master, here it is!"

Bazett caught the potion that Cu Chulainn threw at her. "I told you there is no need to worry…"

"Just do it, Master. Better to be safe than sorry." Cu Chulainn shouted.

"Fine," Bazett sighed. "You are such a worrywart." She opened the potion and applied it to the various bites with greenish yellow foam before taking a sip with her mouth. "There," she announced as she closed the potion and threw it back. "No problem!"

"Good to know…" Cu Cuhulainn was saying until he stopped talking in disbelief.

"What?" Bazett asked as he noticed the growing horrified look that Cu Chulainn sported. She looked in the direction of what caught his attention and found nothing it was only when he was pointing at her that she noticed what he was alert her about. "This cannot be happening…" Bazett spoke in disbelief. "I drank the…"

She looked down at her body, but the glowing light from her body was undeniable. After all, she had witnessed the exact scene to many times and even laughed at it happening to others. She whimpered as she felt her body change. Something that she thought that would never happen to her and only to males, and she would avoid if she avoided getting Loveballed.

Cu Chulainn stared in disbelief as he saw his Tamer glow and her body change before his very eyes. He became afraid for Bazett. That she was now condemned to the very life that boys and men feared would happen to them. A life of a pokeboy. A life where they no longer could maintain their own sanity and required to have sex to remain sane. The life where their very bodies and minds could be trained against their will to obey their Tamers. Centuries of careful refinement and advancement of science and technology that allowed the creation of the Pokeball and Taming Cycles. A slave's life awaited Bazett.

At least that was what he should have felt, but Cu Chulainn also secretly felt another series of emotions coursing through him as he saw his Tamer change. Pure satisfaction at the sight that he was getting revenge. Cu Chulainn loved Bazett with all his heart, but that didn't mean he had any hatred towards her. She was a very good Tamer in terms of how humanely and well she treated him compared to other pokeboys. That only just covered for the fact that he was placed inside a Pokeball and subjected to the Taming Cycles. He wanted Bazett to feel the same. As revenge and make her rethink how she treated him if she somehow didn't Threshold.

His eyes widened as he definitely saw the signs of a Threshold happening. The light hadn't faded away to reveal an unchanged Bazett, a sign of a failed Threshold. Bazett's hair had become black at the roots paling to white at the tips. Something told Cu Chulainn that Bazett's hair change was permanent and would remain even if she has just had a haircut. All subtle sign of one breed of Pokeboys, he recalled as Fighting Mystics. His suspicions were confirmed when Bazett began only about to say of her breed, which happened to be "Fighting Mystic."

"No one can understand what you're trying to say verbally anymore until the Threshold Shock passes," said Cu Chulainn with a smirk that unconsciously formed on his face.

"Sakura," Shirou called out after witnessing the entire scene of Bazett transformation and Cu Chulainn's reactions.

"Yes, Master?" Sakura replied as she was released with Shirou's permission from her pokeball.

Cu Chulainn was shocked to see Sakura appear. He wasn't shocked because he saw someone appear out of a pokeball. That was a common thing to his as it was for him to see a computer. He did it all the time after all himself to get out of his pokeball. What was the shocker and the reason what put him in dumbfound state was that he saw clearly a woman, not a man, come out of the pokeball. Something that he had thought was impossible until he began to reconsider a urban legend as a possible fact.

While Cu Chulainn was staring at Sakura in shock, Shirou told Sakura everything he had seen and his own personal observation the moment he had dealt with the horde of girls and until Sakura's appearance.

"Master, I think you are looking at a Tamer and Pokeboy. Two individuals from another alternative reality that is incredible close to this world," said Sakura and Shirou's frowned in confusion.

"Explain," Shirou responded as he was still becoming familiar with the whole concepts of pokegirls and didn't ever recall the same shit happening to human woman and girls of this world occurring to human men and boys unless in special circumstances with the usage of magecraft that could induce Thresholding or special technological equipment like Loveballs.

"Pokeboys are product magecraft and science in another, but very similar world to this one. There was only one difference that led to a whole different gender of humanity being affected is that Subeke was born a woman in that world instead of a male of this world. This female Subeke created male variation of what is known as Pokegirls in this world. That in that world are known as Pokeboys." Sakura explained.

"How do you know this? I thought this world no longer had the necessary knowledge and ability to travel to other parallel realities after Subeke died and took that knowledge with him." Shirou asked in confusion as he recalled so historical knowledge that he had learned about the pokegirl world.

"I might have had illegal access to information that is restricted from the general public," Sakura smirked deviously, "but I no longer have that access to classified information after someone began to notice my actions."

"How do I know that you're not putting a very well thought out and elaborate deception?" Cu Chulainn asked as he finally recovered from his shock and listened to what Shirou and Sakura had been talking about.

"Master, if I can," said Sakura as she reached for the pokedex in Shirou's pockets. Shirou nodded and handed over the pokedex to Sakura. She turned towards Cu Chulainn and scanned him. "This pokedex will be my proof."

"WOLF QUEEN, the Warrior Werewolf Pokégirl. Type: Near Human, Metamorph – Canine. Element: Fighting/Magic Frequency: Very Rare (Blue and World Champ Leagues), Extremely Rare (All other Leagues). Diet: omnivore, with carnivore tendencies Role: nighttime guardians, stalkers, hunters. Libido: Low (Very High on full moon nights). Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x8) Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x6), Good night vision, Minor regenerative capabilities. Evolves: None. Evolves From: Lupina (Moon Stone). While Lupinas are a popular species, Wolf Queens are a Canine-type enthusiast's wet dream. An incredibly powerful and armored fighter with magical potential, Wolf Queens have proven to be more vicious fighters and hunters than their previous form, yet hold that same favored quality that most people want in a Pokégirl: unshakable loyalty. Wolf Queens are very loyal to a Tamer that they like; often putting themselves in jeopardy if they are protecting a favored Tamer; whom they see as their `Beta'." The pokedex announced a brief summary regarding the scanned breed of pokegirls. A moment later, the same pokedex announced, "Error: Please scan again."

Cu Chulainn's mouth fall open at the information that he had heard. Save for a few errors of the words of Queen instead of King or Pokegirl instead of Pokeboy, the information that the pokedex announced was exactly what he remembered regarding his breed. He found it hard to believe that what he was hearing, but pokedex was notorious difficult for hacking to prevent information manipulation and forging of false identities as a pokedex was normally the only source of information that Tamers possessed regarding their duties and how the Leagues kept track of their Tamers. The pokedex seemed like undeniable proof to him that what he had overheard from Shirou and Sakura might be the truth and not an elaborate trap.

"FIGHTING MYSTIC!" Bazett shouted like she had something important to say, but she kept on repeating the name of her breed as a result of Threshold Shock.

"Here is proof that you're a pokegirl," said Sakura as if reading Bazett's mind and scanned her with the pokedex.

"Fighting Mystic, the Magical Fighting Specialist Pokégirl. Type: Very Near Human. Element: Magic/Fighting. Frequency: Very Rare. Diet: usually human style diet, just lots of it. Role: Martial Artist. Libido: Average. Enhancements: Affinity for magic, related to fighting. Evolves: None. Evolves From: Witch (Mana Stone). An iconic trait of Fighting Mystics is that hair is black at the roots paling to white at the tips, strangely this remains true even if she has just had a haircut. Fighting Mystics have learnt to channel their magic internally enhancing their strength and toughness. They are known to use any style of martial artist, some master only one while others master several styles. Fighting Mystics limit their magic to enhancing their martial arts, and seldomly other forms of magic. One branch of magic they will never learn is that of the mind." The pokedex announced.

Bazett Fraga McRemitz refused to believe what she was hearing. She reached for her own pokedex from her pockets. There she opened up her pokedex and turned it on. For a moment, she thought something was wrong when the pokedex turned on and refused to accept fingerprint and blood drop to scan her DNA. It was only after several further attempts that caused Bazett to become frustrated and nearly destroy her pokedex. Her frustration became even worse when it was evident that what was happening to her was the truth as her pokedex had security features to only activate when it accepted her fingerprint and DNA.

The guest access, Bazett thought as she recalled the limited access she could have over the pokedex by logging as a guest. It wouldn't allow her to full access of the pokedex, but the guest access would be enough to confirm her the nightmare that was unfolding. She sighed in relief as the pokedex worked as she thought and scanned herself.

Her pokedex repeated the same information as the one in Sakura's hands, but they were some issues like Sakura's pokedex had with scanning with Cu Chulainn. It than asked her to scan again as it said something error. Bazett screamed in fury as what she found was the absolute thing she didn't want to hear. She tried to crush the pokedex and threw it at the ground.

"FIGHTING MYSTIC!" Bazett screamed in anger at the sky.

"Okay, you have me convinced. Especially with the growing evidence that I am seeing," Cu Chulainn admitted. "That rises a whole new bunch of questions. How did Bazett and I end up here? We weren't caught in some magic or technological contraption that is associated with teleportation or magical transportation. We were out in the woods looking to clear it out of dangerous pokeboys so that the locals would be safe."

"Convergence," said Sakura and everyone looked at her in confusion. "Convergence is a common term for the hypnotical situation called the Conjunction of Spheres. A term that Subeke of this world coined after travelling to some parallel realities. It is the phenomena where two or more parallel worlds overlap. Things that were foreign or didn't exist in one world, but not in another world would appear. At the final stage, it would cause worlds to merge and it is rather messy. Entire sections of lands, population centers and species would pop out of nowhere without any apparent explanation."

"Possible, or anything else can explain what happened to me and Bazett to bring us here." Cu Chulainn remarked as he shook his head. "We can worry about that later. What we need to deal with is more immediate. This world is very similarly to my own, except with the whole pokehumans reversed to what I am used. You're probably going to have to do something about me and Bazett."

"What about you and Bazett?" Shirou asked in confusion.

"He means about the fact that he is a pokeboy or Bazett is a former human from another world and is now a pokegirl. They would get a lot of attention, the same as you would've had back home as one of the only few humans to ever achieve a Reality Marble. Bazett and Cu Chulainn would've been hunted down to the ends of the earth for being unique and hopes of studying their bodies and soul." Sakura replied.

"Yea, you're partially right about that." Cu Chulainn chimed. "You failed to mention Bazett now needs to find a Tamer to prevent her from going Feral. Cause I cannot help her in that department because I can only half-tame her as pokeboy. I also need to find…" Cu Chulainn began to glow. "Son of a bitch!"

Bazett began to start laughing at Cu Chulainn's misfortunate.

"I think I know the answer to that…" Sakura smiled deviously as she saw Cu Chulainn's body shift into a more feminine appearance and looked at the spare pokeballs that Shirou had.

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*Chapter 8*: Submission

Chapter Seven "Submission"

"You don't seem to be so happy?" Sakura asked in a sultry tone as she seductively walked over and leaned to Shirou.

"You're basically kidnapped Bazett and Cu Chulainn with my pokeballs. They were in not condition to refuse as they were still reeling from the fact that Bazett and Cu Chulainn transformed into pokegirls because of the Vampira and Vampire bites." Shirou snapped angrily.

"It was either we took them or they are taken by strangers that they don't know. Who knows what they would've suffered if not under our care." Sakura cooed into Shirou's ear.

"I don't think they would've fared much better with us. Given that how you have been treating Rin and Luvia. You have permanently, physically and psychologically changed them." Shirou murmured as he still felt regret of not being able to stop Sakura of doing what she had to change them. "I bet you're planning to do the same to Bazett and Cu Chulainn."

"Yes," Sakura admitted. She sighed as Shirou shot her a dirty look. "This is part of who I now am. I am a Domina. The urge to control someone is not something that I can ignore. Trying to do that is like refusing to breath. Only dangerous negative consequences await for me if I deny who I am. The only thing I can do is try and control my urges in the least destructive way."

Shirou closed his eyes as he recalled information that he found on his pokedex regarding Sakura's breed, Dominas, and also personal advice from Touko. There had been a damning about of information further backed by legitimate research studies and documentaries regarding the subject. He also trusted Sakura enough, even if his relationship with her had been strained after he had learned what had been done to turn Rin and Luvia into people that he didn't remember.

There is also my own personal issues, Shirou thought darkly as he felt what he had suspicious thoughts were similarly if not the same as Sakura was having. The genetic alterations to his genome had included genetics based on what made Domina so capable at dominating and confident at what they were capable of doing. As a result, he had felt dark urges to restrain and dominate any of his friends-transformed-pokegirls or when they didn't listen to him to discipline them.

"I also have the heavy duty of meeting the outrageous and stringent requirements the Dark League has regarding pokegirls." Sakura continued. "Failure to meet them would result in Rin, Luvia and myself being taken from you. We would be given to random strangers, or whatever selection method is used to determine which pokegirls goes where."

The painful reminder of the harsh laws and regulation of Dark League made Shirou grit his teeth. The Dark League was correctly named for how dark and draconian it was regarding how it handled law and order. If they had been more fortune and landed in a more liberal League than the whole situation could've happened differently. There was not much he could be able to do for his girls. Shirou had the strength, but he didn't have the power to withstand an entire League that had pokegirls that could match a Servant or were part Phantasmal Species. The last thing he needed was to give the Dark League any reason to come down upon him and take his friends from him.

Patience, Shirou reminded himself. I just need to become strong enough. Gather enough allies. Let the Dark League to trust me. Get permission to leave this country. Any of them would increase my chances, but I would prefer to have all my bases covered before I act as I might only have one chance at freeing them.

A shiver ran his spine when something that he hadn't even thought about entered his mind. He didn't even want to think about the nearly impossible task that awaited if he was able to safely get out of the Dark League and into one of the more liberal, neighboring Leagues. The tasks of reversing his friends' transformation into pokegirls and returning to their homeworld. For centuries, the idea of reversing Thresholding had been a pipe dream for Pokegirl researchers. It had provided a fruitless task as generations of people and unfathomable amount of resources had gone to restore pokegirls back to normal humans. All efforts had failed with little clues that the goal being possible. There was an even larger elephant that surpassed restoring his friends back to their former selves and that was returning to the Earth that they knew. This world had the knowledge and ability to go to other worlds as seen by how they had been brought into in the first place. Finding where their homeworld was nearly impossible task as it would be like trying to find something in the middle of the ocean without anything to help.

"So, what did you think about Bazett or Cu Chulainn?" Sakura whispered seductively as she snapped Shirou out of his musing. "Do you like the lithe and lean type? Or something else. Something like me. The voluptuous type?"

Shirou felt his manhood harden at the sight of Sakura giving him a seductive dance. She teased him as Sakura slowly, but sexily traced her hands over her body. There was a surprised gasp from Shirou as he saw Sakura's black latex dress began to fade away to reveal her body. In the artificial light of the bedroom, Sakura's white skin glowed. Shirou couldn't help but gawk at her beauty. It was then that Shirou noticed something glistening beneath the curve of Sakura's belly. Shimmering on her inner thighs, and dripping from her hairless vulva, there were ribbons of lubrication. Sakura doubtless had been aroused for some time before, given the amount of juices coating her like silver ribbons.

When Shirou finally recovered from his staring, he began to cough.

"What are you trying to do?" Shirou asked in a as he tried to maintain a straight face and hide his lust.

"So, you don't like my body, Master!" Sakura wailed as her hands went towards her eyes.

"What, NO!" Shirou instinctively reacted when Sakura began to cry.

"So, you do like the view?" Sakura asked with a smirk that was covered behind her hands.

"Yes of course, I love your body!" Shirou shouted and then only realized it had been all a joke on Sakura's part when she began to giggle.

"Well it's finally time. To seal the package. I have been able to stop myself from Feraldom by Taming Rin and Luvia. Tonight is the night I become a true domestic pokegirl." Sakura purred, seductively, as she looked up at Shirou with a lust filled look. She cupped Shirou's chin and enmeshed his mouth to a passionate kiss.

"Mmmmpppppphhhh." Shirou moaned out in pleasure as he felt Sakura guide his hand trailed towards her bosom. Shirou only responded in kind and began to massage her breasts. "You look this don't you?" Shirou asked in a cheeky tone with a devious smile as he disengaged from the passionate French kiss.

Throwing her arms around Shirou's shoulders, Sakura pressed her small form into him. Momentarily dazed, Shirou returned the hug, enclosing her slender waist in his grasp. He moved his head to rest on Sakura's shoulder as he inhaled her scent. To his confusion, she smelled of leather. It was like she was naturally giving off that smell. Shirou did have a good idea where the leather smell was coming from. It was either because the leather she now seemed to favor after Thresholding into a Pokegirl or because of her new Domina Pokegirl nature.

It's time to show this girl, who is the master. You must demonstrate your power. Ravish her and force her to know that she is below you. Do not forget you must avenge your friends. What better way to get revenge than the dish out the same back on her? A voice whispered so ever convincingly as he felt a rush of power and need to show his place as a Tamer.

Shirou closed his eyes. He called upon a seed that had already bloomed on Rin and Luvia. Something that Sakura herself had used to devastating effect, and now it was time for Sakura to suffer the same fate. The voice whispered into his mind that what he was doing was poetic justice and it had to be done if he wanted to rein back control.

"Master!" Sakura screamed out in alarm as she felt her strength ebb away and control her Od. It was when she felt something had laid dormant inside her and something that she had been suppressing all this time that she became horrified. "Please don't do this?!"

"Do what?" Shirou asked with a sadistic smile, unknowing falling under the dark influence of the voice inside his head.

"You know what I mean?!" Sakura shouted in alarmed tone as she shivered at the raw power and dominating power that radiated from Shirou's eyes.

She felt something cold appear around her body. Sakura didn't want to look. She absolutely didn't, but she had to. Any number of reasons could be used to explain why she was felt weakened and unable to call upon her magic. A look down made her eyes widen in fear. It couldn't be possible. She had made sure that the objects were disabled, and fearful that objects hadn't been disabled Sakura had been using her own powers to suppress them. The Slave Restraint that have her nightmares had appeared and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Please don't…" Sakura whimpered as she looked at Shirou with a desperate look.

"Oh, we are just getting started." Shirou replied with sadistic smile struck fear down Sakura's spine.

Sakura felt something cold appear around her waist and groin. That was her body became cold. Horror built up as she nervously looked down. What she saw made her feel incredibly faint. She looked at Shirou with horrified expression and felt the urge to beg for mercy.

"I thought you loved this? You called this game, Tease and Beg." Shirou asked as he tilted his head in confusion, but the sadistic smile struck fear down Sakura's spine.

Sakura nervously swallowed as she was unsure how to proceed. If she recalled what had been going through her own mind when she had been in Shirou's position as she had trained Rin and Luvia, the correct response would be to submit. That would greatly please Shirou, but there was no way to guarantee that she would be spared from whatever Shirou planned. In fact, a cold shiver ran down her spine as Sakura looked at Shirou's eyes and his body language. She remembered exactly the thrill of power that would be ecstasy to Shirou right now. He was likely going to show her no mercy and torment her until she was unconscious or he had gotten bored of her.

She shook her head. All she was making were guesses. There was no telling exactly how Shirou would be respond. He was not that kind of person. A dark voice whispered into her mind that she was likely right with her earlier assessment. Shirou was after all acting and showing the exact same signs as she had when she had been thrilled by power she yielded over Rin and Luvia. Sakura had to risk it as it was the only way to time if her early assessment was right or wrong.

"Master, I please beg you don't do this!" Sakura shouted submissively as she got onto her knees and lowered her head onto the ground.

"You are not truly submissive. Only acting like one to avoid this. If I was to look away you would not so subservient." Shirou replied in a dismissive tone.

"Hhhhmmmmmppppppphhhhhhhhh!" Sakura screamed as something invaded her mouth. She instinctively attempted to expel the intruder to her mouth, but found it was unyielding and not possible to force out with mouth.

The purple haired woman ignored the taste of rubber and plastic. Her hands reached for her mouth to find that object that entered her mouth refused to come out as she pulled. It was a gag secured to her mouth by strap that ran over her head. She ran her hands over the entire gag to find that it had molded into her mouth and head. No matter how much he pulled and nothing yielded. Sakura flushed red at failure of extracting the gag.

"That was just to spare my ears from hearing your begging and howling of revenge," said Shirou. "Now prepare yourself!"

Sakura let out an unconscious moan as she felt something enter her groin. It was slow and teasing. Not just one area like the vagina, but two other places like the anus and urethra. When she heard a chuckle, Sakura blushed in embarrassment as she saw Shirou's pleased look. She wanted to bury herself at such an embarrassing thing and moment of weakness had been revealed.

"I see it wasn't just Rin and Luvia that were physically and psychologically conditioned by the pokeballs," Shirou continued with amused smile. "You were also conditioned too."

Shut up. Shut up! Shut up! Sakura screamed in her mind as she remembered the humiliating process that she thought she could avoid by becoming an Alpha. It turned out that all pokegirls, no matter their status in a Harem could avoid. The humiliation was made worse by the fact that despite how much power she might over a Harem, she was still a pokegirl and subservient to a Tamer.

Her anger quickly dissipated as moaned. She felt the dildos slowly exit and enter her again. They teasingly moved in and out in a slow pace. Her moaning become louder as to the point that she had lost herself in pleasure and would've wondered why she had been anger in the first place. Sakura reached with clit to increase the pleasure when her hands brushed against the unyielding metal of a chastity belt.

Take this off! Sakura wanted to scream in sexual frustration as she futilely yanked at the unmoving chastity belt, but her gagged mouth only let out frustrated grunts and muffled noise.

"What do you say?" Shirou asked with a sadistic smile.

Sakura was about to respond when she collapsed onto her knees as she was caught in surprise. She unleashed louder moans of pleasure as she felt the dildos move faster and faster to the point that she was reaching her peak. When she felt the peak come to her, it stopped. The sexual stimulation came to abrupt stop just she was able to reach the highest point. She bit down on the gag and screamed in frustration as she knew what Shirou was planning to do. It was going to be a long day for her for Shirou was using her most favorite method of tormenting Rin and Luvia on her.

She shook her head. There was no way she was going to give Shirou what he wanted. It was obvious, and her pride demanded against it. Submitting was something that she was never going to do. Her biology might have been altered into that of a pokegirl and the natural urge to submit might be written into her genome, but never under her life. She would remain loyal to Shirou. He had done so much for her in the past, and without counting that she would still follow any orders that he might give out of her love for him. What she wouldn't do give up onto the last remnants of what had made her a normal human.

A frustrated grunt escaped. Sakura cursed at the next stage had come. The sexual stimulation picked up again. The climbing of the peak was once more began. She would be forced to climb up and the end result was the same. Even if she knew what awaited her, Sakura moaned in pleasure as she pulled at her chastity belt in a futile attempt to get to her clit. The climb was faster than before. It was within a matter of moments Sakura had already reached the area so close to the peak when the sexual stimulation ceased again.

Come on! Sakura screamed in frustration as she grunted furiously and yanked at the chastity belt.

This time the sexual stimulation didn't just stop and drop her off at the base of the mountain to start her unwillingly journey from the start. Sakura started at little bit higher, and the sexual stimulation started her journey. All she could do was curse furiously as she attempted to reach for her shielded clitoris and desperately wish to reach the peak that she knew would forever be out of her reach. Every time she was able to reach the peak, she was thrown down just a little bit higher up the mountain. The journey became shorter and shorter with each cycle. This cycle of the unwillingly journey and being thrown off just before the peak would continue for what seemed forever to the point that Sakura thought she was going insane.

"Do you finally submit?" Shirou asked after what seemed like forever, watching in amusement at Sakura's face that seemed ever more driven to insanity.

Please! I will do anything. Just let me cum, already! Sakura screamed in her mind as she threw herself at Shirou's feet and whimpered.

"Good," said Shirou with a pleased nod. "You may cum."

"CUMMING!" Sakura screamed as she felt for what seemed like an eternity for the orgasm. The unbelievable pleasure wrecked her mind and she nearly fainted from the collection of orgasms that exploded seemingly at once.

"Don't worry, Sakura. This is the first of countless…" Shirou whispered into Sakura's eyes as he lifted Sakura's head and cupped her chin in his hands. Sakura whimpered at what she heard, but she didn't want to think about it as she basked in the pleasure that was still wreaking havoc. "Do you submit, Sakura? If not we can always try another round…"

"PLEASE, NO! NOT ANOTHER ROUND!" Sakura screamed in horrified tone, frightened by the threat. "I SWEAR MASTER. THAT I, SAKURA MATOU, PROMISE YOU THAT YOU HAVE MY UNDYING LOYALTY. JUST PLEASE, MASTER, SPARE ME!" She screamed as she felt the last thing that she had sworn to give up, her proud not to give into the natural submissiveness of pokegirls was broken.

"That's a good game," Shirou whispered happily. "I will spare you of the punishments that you deserved for what you did to Rin and Luvia for another day. Now we move to next step."

Sakura was to exhausted and still recovering from the mind-blowing orgasm when Shirou lifted her to the bed. Shirou took care to gently place Sakura on the bed as he lowered her down with his grip on her waist. The former purple haired woman gracefully arched her head forward so that when her head made contact with the bed, her body would roll onto her back.

She gasped when she felt something warm brush against her labia. When she felt the warm, object sit at the entrance her vulva.

"What do you say…?" Shirou asked rhetorically as he smirked.

The purple-haired woman turned her head away in embarrassment. Her will to resist had been shattered. The promise to never give into her genetically-hardwired submissive gone. That didn't mean she was going willingly embrace her new status.

"Sssssstttttttoooooopppppp!" Sakura screamed out as Shirou grabbed her clit and played with the sensitive nerves. She gasped for breath as attempted to recover her composure. "I submit. I submit, Master!"

"What did you say?" Shirou prompted as a victorious smirk plastered itself on his face.

"Master!" She screamed out.

Sating the taste of victory and cemented his position, Shirou guided his hands on her womanly hips. There was no need to announce his next action. They both knew what was happen. Sakura could see what was about to happen when he positioned himself between her legs. Shirou passionately dove into her vagina. He didn't miss. His assault was pinpoint.

Sakura screamed in pain of her hymen breaking. But the pain lasted for a moment, as she felt inner muscles clench around the penis that constantly entered and withdrew from her body. So quickly was the insertion and exit of Shirou's cock that attempted to time her inner muscles to clench and hopefully catch it when she could. She had never felt bliss like this before, being pleasured so thoroughly through her sex. After what was another effort to increase the pace by Shirou, Sakura came, moaning quietly but forcefully. Her long cry was soaked in the overwhelming tenderness and affection she felt for Shirou, and it was music to his ears.

"Master... faster! I need you within me!" Sakura screamed in pleasure. He was more than happy to comply. He renewed his assault with vigor.

"Who needs me?!" Shirou demanded.

"I need you!" She screamed in response, an automatic reaction prompted by her instincts to enjoy the sexual assault.

Shirou moved faster and with more strength. Soon the pleasure climbed to new heights as Shirou and Sakura became more familiar with each other's bodies as the time passed. Man and woman lost themselves in the love they expressed with their bodies.

"Domina! Domina! Domina~!" Sakura screamed out as she climaxed simultaneously with Shirou and Taming Shock took effect.

Sakura planted herself firm on bed as she sprawled onto the bed in exhaustion. She gave a little shiver, prompting Shirou to grab bed sheets, covering the pair as they lay. Then Shirou rested his head on Sakura's chest, her breasts pressed firmly into him. Then Shirou felt the pressure decrease as his lover raised herself slightly, making eye contact. Her breasts were in full view, practically touching Shirou's face as she gazed up at him with dark purple eyes.

"Domina~" Sakura said lovingly as she gave her lover a deep kiss, enveloping Shirou in the warmth of her lips and her breasts. Utterly relaxed, he lay back and soaked up Sakura's expression of adoration. Parting their lips at last, Sakura buried her head back into Shirou's chest and curled up on top of the firm base of his body.

As Shirou and Sakura rested on the bed, entwined under the warm cloth, they were becoming increasingly drowsy. The night's exertions, their shared afterglow, and the powerful affection each had for the other were lulling them into a sweet sleep. Shirou slowly stroked Sakura's purple hair, as he listened to her soft breath, and felt her racing heart gradually slow as he held her on his chest.

Shirou and Sakura joyfully drifted into the fog of oblivion.

- O -

Rin Tohsaka was furious. Furious just as her "training session" ended. Once upon a time, she would've been swearing like a sailor and doing breaking anything around her. That was before her months long captivity in the pokeball, that was now both her home and prison. Even thinking about the mere thoughts of anger towards the pokeball made both her mind and body recoil in fear as she remembered the humiliating and painful punishments for the slightest sign of resistance. It had reached the point that her body and mind had been physically and psychologically conditioned to not even register the thoughts of rebellion anymore.

Her indoctrination was so thorough that she had become a loyal and obedient pet. She responded to questions exactly like the pokeball's program wanted. She never showed the slightest signs of resistance or the desire of rebellion. The perfect yes-man.

A nudge to her mouth caused her body to respond without even thinking. She opened her mouth and accepted the penis that entered her mouth. Rin began to suck and massage the penis like she had been trained to coax the most amount of pleasure and bodily fluid from a man. As a reward for what would have been a pleasurable oral sex, the penis let out an increasing flow of liquid until it exploded to replicate the effects of a male orgasm. She swallowed the liquid sustenance that provided her with the hydration and nutrients. The liquid sustenance was absorbed by her body the moment it entered her digestive system as it had been designed.

The next stage occurred when her body absorbed her daily sustenance.

Two prods at her lower orifices caused her body to sweat and urinate as natural lubricant. Two dildos entered her urethra and anus without any problem. After entering a good section, she felt the heads of the dildos expand as they anchored themselves inside her body. The anchors gently pushed aside anything that got into their way until they ended inside her bladder and digestive system. Rin lost control over her bladder and bowels as bodily waste was extracted from her body.

That was when Rin undergone the most painful, pleasurable and humiliating part of her physical needs being met. There a torrent of cleaning fluid was sent into Rin's bladder and digestive system. She felt her bladder and digestive system being flooded to the brim that she was in pain and the pain caused her pleasure. Only when the cleaning agent killed any bacteria and virus inside did the dildos began to extract the cleaning agent from her bladder and digestive system. When the procedure ended, the dildos and penis-feed was extracted from Rin's body and the next procedure activated.

Rin could feel the form-fitting walls entrapping her become slick with scented soap, injected from numerous locations to evenly coat her body. Her prison was then flooded with warm saline water. Dormant electric motors revved up. The walls became alive with motion, as each part of the wall became shaped pads that had its own range of motion independent of others. Her prison became a full body scrubber, working the soap into Rin's smooth skin.

The water began moving rapidly, a hose spewing fresh warm water through the bottom while a separate hose sucked the old water out through the top, the rapidity of the water flow giving Rin the uncanny sensation of sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness. The wet part of the cleaning process lasted just long enough to rid Rin's body of odors, the rapid torrent of fresh water quickly rinsing the soap away.

The water was drained. Moist heat was vented in to relax Rin's muscles, specifically to deal with the inevitable cramps that arose from being forced to remain in the same position for extended periods of time. After some time, the hot air gradually transitioned from moist to dry, removing the last vestiges of bath water from Rin's hair and skin. At the same time, the walls of her prison massaged moisturizers into her skin to keep her skin remain supple and silky smooth.

Heavily scented fluids were now flooding Rin's inner orifices, her pussy, anus and her mouth, their mixture perforating her body so thoroughly that Rin smelled pleasantly.

The last thing of the cleaning and grooming procedure came into effect as a complex gag entered Rin's mouth and began to work. Every object from down to the microscopic level and larger was cleaned out with various method such as toothbrush, floss, water and vacuum. It was only when Rin's oral care was taken care of that the complex removed itself.

Please let me sleep, Rin begged in her mind as she prepared for sleeping gas to flood in.

She was instead surprised with to find her body seeming to getting larger then blinding light. It took several seconds from Rin to blink off the blight light and allow her eyes to adjust. What she found was certainly somewhere that was not her pokeball.

Rin's eyes widened as she found herself in the bathroom. She found herself looking at mirror did she notice her own appearance for the first time since she had lasted seen herself in the mirror, which was before her transformation into a pokegirl. Rin's eyes stared wide in shock at what she saw.

"Is this me?" She asked herself as she stared into the mirror as she moved her body. The woman that Rin saw in the mirror made the exact same movements as she did. It was only by making several complex and mind-boggling moments that only very flexible person and trained martial artist could do that she came to the evident conclusion that the woman in the mirror had to be her.

Rin considered herself a humble person. That didn't mean she secretly compare herself to other girls and women. As much as she tried to not do that, it was an ingrained habit. She considered herself more pretty than the average women. Nothing comparable to supermodels, but someone that could give a model for a run for her money. The woman staring back at her was comparable to a supermodel. She was perfect, so much so that it seemed like a supernatural beauty.

She wasn't just more beautiful. There was also several changes to her appearances. Her height had gone up a noticeable 5 centimeters. Her breasts larger and fuller. Her hips flared at more to accent a more hourglass figure.

"Though, for some reasons the female Servants of the Fifth Holy Grail War such as Caster and Medusa had been prettier…" Rin muttered darkly.

Rin marveled her new beauty as she struck various poses. Each pose becoming more and more seductive and erotic over the last as she imagined showing of her body and teasing people. Her mind going through what cloths she was playing to wear to show off her new sex appeal. Her fascination with her new body and thoughts about what to wear came to an abrupt end when she realized her situation. For the first time in months, Rin was free. Completely free. She was not trapped inside her pokeball or temporarily released from her prison to be subjected to Sakura's training.

"I need to clean myself!" Rin shouted as she rushed towards the shower despite having been cleaned inside her pokeball, not to long ago. It wasn't that she was physically unclean, but she felt the need to clean herself for spiritual reasons. The need to clean herself of the shame and humiliation that she had suffered after becoming a pokegirl.

She turned a shower knob moaned in pleasure as hot water come down on her body as she felt a spiritual cleansing. The fact that she had the freedom to just unsupervised and without being ordered was relieving. More and more self-confidence returned as she felt the shame and humiliation that she had endured seemed to wash away. Rin felt power return to her, and that was when something that she hadn't been thinking about hit her like a ton of bricks.

Oh, no…! Rin thought alarmingly as she felt a dark blush formed on her cheeks as she rubbed her thighs together, trying to alleviate the itch that had been building inside of her. I am so horny…

Unable to resist the urge any longer, Rin reached down with one of her hands and slid it across her wet slit, a wetness that grew the longer she felt freedom. Rin let out a light gasp as she continued with her self-ministrations, sliding her finger along her entrance, moaning from the bolts of pleasure that ran up her spine from the sensations.

I need to resist this… She thought as she reached up with her other hand to grope her own breast, teasing her nipples making her moan louder as she started to rub her own clit. I shouldn't be doing this, but… it feels so good… Deeper... Rin pushed one of her fingers into her cunt, letting out a loud gasp in the process as she sank to her knees. I need to get deeper...

A second finger was added and she roughly pinched her nipple harder as she began to pull on it. Rin panted as she roughly attacked her own body, her fingers plunging into her snatch at a rough pace, guiltily enjoying the pleasurable bolts that the pain gave her. She positioned her fingers inside of her pussy near her clit before pressing down on it hard with her thumb, causing not only pleasure to echo through her body, but a pain that doubled the pleasure she was feeling.

This is just wrong… It shouldn't be this pleasurable... but… Rin thought in her head as she felt her pleasure peak. "Cumming!" She shouted out to the shower room as her back arched and her pussy sprayed out juices all over her hand. Rin panted as she lay under the stream of warm water her body shuddering from her orgasm. Why would I enjoy pain…? I am no masochist… Her eyes widened as forget something important. Damn the pokeball! Damn you, Sakura! This isn't natural… Well at least for me, I wasn't born this way!

She flushed red as she felt another a strong urge to masturbate again as the orgasm was nothing like she recalled having were trapped inside the pokeball or under Sakura's training. The orgasm had been a pale fraction to what she remembered. Rin knew she shouldn't be she had to. It was too much. Her lust was becoming uncontrollable and she hadn't reached a peak anyway close to what she needed to relieve her pent up sexual lust. She shook her head and grunted as she tried to fight against her lust, but her body moved against her will.

The need for something more was undeniable. Rin continued to ravage her own body with both pleasure and pain as she furiously masturbated. In her mind's eye, she didn't see it as her own hands that was giving her pleasure, but someone else. Someone that was influencing her mind and body to ignore her own will or subtle controlling her body that she didn't know. That was right. It was the only explanation that Rin could think of as she could feel the urge to be restrained and rendered powerless to the whims of whoever's desires. To have no control over what someone would do and care only for their own pleasure.

"More..." Rin moaned out pleadingly, her back arching. "Fuck me more… Master~!" As those words left her lips her entire being rocked in a monumental orgasm that shook her very being as she let out a loud moan as the most powerful orgasm she had experienced yet rocked her body. "What… what was that?!" Rin asked herself in alarm as she shook from the orgasm. "Why did I cry out … for a master? Just … what is happening to me?"

"You know very well, my slave," said a seductive voice as Rin whipped her head around to see someone.

"Mistress…" Rin unconsciously identified Sakura as she had conditioned Rin to call her. Rin felt a pleasant tingle run through her body as her slave restraints further conditioned for calling Sakura by her right title. "Why are you here?"

"Not why, do you think that you were freed from your pokeball by a miracle?" Sakura whispered in a sultry tone. "No, the only way you can be released from your pokeball is through two methods. That being with our Master's or my permission. Otherwise, you would be trapped inside the pokeball for all eternity."

Rin Tohsaka shivered at that news. It wasn't the kind that she was fearful of the described fate. She felt excited by such a possibility. That meant she would have absolutely no control over her own life. She would be forever trapped inside a prison that would provide all her physical needs as she was helplessly trained by a pokeball. A master that was never exhausted and always assessing the best method to reward obedience and punish rebellion. Just thinking about it made her pant and wet in excitement.

"You would like that, wouldn't you?" Sakura whispered into Rin's ears as she ghosted her hands over Rin's body to cause her to whimper in pleasure. "You are truly a slutty, obedient slave. That is a good Black."

Black?! Rin screamed in her mind as she felt the control that Sakura had over her shatter. "You haven't broken me!"

"Oh, my. You are indeed more stronger than your friend. It didn't take me so long to turn Luvia into Yellow. She is such an obedient and loyal little slave. I wonder if you will still be unbroken if you spent another couple of more months in the tender care of myself and your pokeball?" Sakura whispered into Rin's ears. Rin whimpered, imagining what it would be like to live through the scenario that Sakura painted as she recalled what she had already undergone. "You would like that. What a dirty, pain and humiliation slut." Rin struggled to hold back a pleasurable moan at that demeaning talk. "Slave, masturbate for me."

Rin wanted to refuse, but her body complied. She began to played with her clitoris as she pinched, fondled and pulled. Her heart pounded in excitement as it was so humiliating and shameful what she was doing. She was masturbating in front of Sakura, and Sakura was clearly enjoying it. Only whores and sluts did such a thing. Yet, the fact that she was excited and happy to do so put her at the same level as them. It was not long before Rin felt a peak raise.

"CUMMING!" Rin shouted out as her back arched and her pussy sprayed out juices. She panted and was troubled. "Why wasn't it… My orgasm, it was…"

"So weak?" Sakura finished Rin's sentence with a growing smirk. "That is because you have been conditioned physically and psychologically to not be allowed to cum without permission."

"Permission?" Rin repeated in confusion as she recalled how she, while a fraction, had been able to cum despite not having permission. Something that ran contrary to Sakura's statement

"You have been broken down completely yet," Sakura said in annoyance. "Although, you might have wished you had." A sadistic smile grew. "You have been trained to the point that you cannot have that full-blown orgasm that you wish for. Let me demonstrate, masturbate once more and don't stop until I say so."

Rin sent Sakura a glare, but her tune quickly changed. "Yes, Mistress!" Rin yelped happily, without her really meaning it, and she masturbated before Sakura as commanded.

Rin let out an unconscious moan. It was slow and teasing build. She wanted to go faster, but for some reason she didn't. The look that Sakura sported made her intentions clear. She wanted to enjoy the show so Rin's trained body reacted thus. Her moaning become louder as to the point that she had lost herself in pleasure. She soon reached the peak, and cummed hard.

"Cumming!" Rin screamed as she threw her head back and liquid exploded from her.

"How was it?" Sakura asked with a sadistic smile.

Rin collapsed onto her knees. The orgasm had not been the mind-blowing orgasm that she had been hoping for. For a moment, it had been mindblowing, but the high evaporated so quickly that it was almost unnatural. This orgasm had been a fraction of the one before, which in turn had also been a fraction of a mind-blowing orgasm that she normally had. Her orgasms outside the pokeball and in Sakura's training were hundreds of times more greater than the previous one and the one she just had. Fear ran down her spine as she realized that every orgasm onwards would follow the trend of become weaker and weaker until Sakura gave her permission to cum.

"Again, this time faster." Sakura instructed.

Her body responded as commanded. She unleashed louder moans of pleasure as she felt the sexual simulation increased faster and faster to the point that she was reaching her peak. When she felt the peak come to her, she came. The orgasm was again weaker. Rin's teeth clenched as Sakura instructed her to masturbuate again. This time she mentally screamed in frustration as she knew what Sakura was planning to do. Masturbate and cum. Masturbate and cum. Masturbate and cum. The cycle repeated until Sakura didn't give the instruction to masturbate.

"How is it?" Sakura asked as she cupped Rin's chin and looked into despairing eyes.

"Please, let me cum." Rin begged in despair as she had reached the point that masturbating caused her more pleasure than the orgasm.

"Do you finally submit?" Sakura asked, watching in amusement at Rin's face that seemed ever more driven to insanity.

"Please! I will do anything. Just let me cum, already!" Rin screamed as she threw herself at Sakura's feet.

"Good," said Sakura with a pleased nod. "You may cum." She slapped Rin's clitoris and groin with enough force to break skin.

"CUMMING!" Rin screamed as she felt for what seemed like an eternity for a proper mind-blowing orgasm. The unbelievable pleasure wrecked her mind and she nearly fainted from the collection of orgasms that exploded seemingly at once.

"Don't worry, Rin. This is the first of countless…" Sakura whispered into Rin's eyes as he lifted Rin's head and cupped her chin in his hands. Rin whimpered at what she heard, but she didn't want to think about it as she basked in the pleasure that was still wreaking havoc. "Do you submit, Rin? If not we can always try another round…"


"Good," said Sakura with a pleased smile as she finally felt unblocked assess to Rin's mind. "You are now fully exposed to the Pokeball's Taming Cycles and my own training. I hope you're ready as the next time you exit the pokeball will be the time you become a changed woman."

Rin didn't have time to respond. She was hit by a red laser and she felt her body shrinking.

The pokeball automatically initiated its default response to Rin's presence by entering both itself and Rin into a hibernating state. After a short cleaning sequence where Rin's pussy was rinsed with spermicidal fluids, her bladder and rectum cleaned once more and her mouth given a quick rinse. As the pokeball attuned itself to Rin's body temperature, a steady flow of warm air ventilated Rin's body, drying her of the sweat from sex. Rin knew from experience her body would most likely be washed again before she next exited the case, but also knew she wouldn't be conscious to feel it, as sleeping gas was mixed with the air. Like a moth inside a cocoon, Rin slept, the void of a dreamless sleep granting her asylum from being aware further torment that would no doubt happen as the Pokeball's Taming Cycles worked to subliminally condition her further.

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*Chapter 9*: Shopping and Switch

Chapter Eight "Shopping and Switch"

Shirou Emiya carefully eyed his surroundings. He was still getting used to the sight. What he found caused him some concern. Two things that he didn't normally associated with each other causing him to either shake his head in his surroundings. This would be his first time outside in the Pokegirl World and what he found caused him some concern. Two things that he didn't normally associated with each other in real life. Fighting and sexuality. There were a few men and women, but the vast majority were pokegirls, who were outright naked or partial armored in what looked like sexualized parody of armor.

He shook his head when he recalled that the pokegirls could be excused, well some of them at least. Many pokegirl breeds were gifted with natural abilities that many humans would give a limb to been born with such as superhuman abilities or natural affinity. They could get away with being naked or not wearing proper armor because they had the abilities to disregard what was common sense for most humans. They had ability to get away with being naked, semi-naked or wearing sexual parody of armor without getting injured or killed.

The sight of heavily armed humans or human-like pokegirls with some non-human features didn't troubled him. Shirou Emiya had fought alongside human mages like that all the time during his time as a Sealing Designation Enforcer for the Mage's Association. It was the sight of what could be considered outright non-human (what the Pokegirl World considered as Not Very Near Human, Humanoid and Nonhumanoid Types) that disturbed him. For they were what Shirou had often fought to prevent from harming humanity or exposing the secrecy of the magecraft. He kept a careful eye on them, despite fighting his natural inclination to eliminate them.

What troubled him the most was how his body was reacting naturally to the sight of so many beautiful bodies that were either naked or in a semi-naked state. Shirou felt his manhood peak, and make rude stares. He felt disturbed that he wasn't looked at pervert or given dirty looks like he would back home. Instead, he took winks and appreciated looks. It was his natural/artificial urge to capture and dominate the pokegirls that caused him the most alarm.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" A voice asked, snapping Shirou out of his musing.

"Good morning," Shirou replied.

"My name is Shirou Emiya."

"SHIROU EMIYA?!" The receptionist shouted this time in alarm with wide eyes.

"WHAT? WHERE?" Someone nearby shouted before many began to make similar remarks as they rushed over to Shirou and the receptionist.

"Holy shit! It is really him. Shirou Emiya, the Faker!"


"I got to check this out."

It was not soon after all that Shirou was surrounded by a very large crowd that was eying him. A crowd that was starting to creep Shirou out as they were not a look that he was familiar with. This attention he was getting was very different from what he was used seeing from crowds. Back home, his name was synonymous with his father's given that he taken the same route as his father. They were looking at him curiously or in awe.

Trace On, Shirou chanted in his mind as he called forth upon potent Mystic Code. The crowd yelped in surprise and began to look around as Shirou disappeared before their very eyes. Some with sharp noses sniffed the air for his scent. Others keeping an ear out for any noise. They continued to search for him for several minutes before they disappeared as it became apparent that their target either didn't want to be found or had escaped.

"Oh… I wanted to talk to him…" The receptionist pouted and got back to work. That was until Shirou appeared right before her and she was about to shout out in alarm when Shirou made a gesture for silence. "Sorry about that before. I didn't mean to draw attention to you."

"It's okay," said Shirou as he finally recalled the famous reputation of his counterpart of this world seemed to possess. "I was hoping if you can help me out."

"Help you out? Emiya-san you're one of the most skilled pokegirl hunters. Your ability to copy the abilities and items make you unlike to ever need anything that this store sells." The receptionist asked in confusion.

"It's not a widely known incident, but I was recently involved with an incident with Team Trauma. The result was a loss of my memories. Until I regain my memories and abilities, I decided to become a Tamer," Shirou said as he used his prepared excuse for lacking knowledge on things that were regarding as common knowledge in this world.

"Oh, I didn't know…" The receptionist spoke. "I am more than happy to help. What do you need help with?"

"I was hoping you could tell me why this pokedex and pokeballs is different from what I read from The Dummy's Guide for New Tamers." Shirou responded as he handed over his pokedex and pokeballs.

"Oh, Jesus! Is this what I think it is?" The receptionist asked with wide eyes as she inspected the pokedex and pokeballs. After a while, she quickly saw Shirou's bewildered look and flushed in embarrassment. "This Pokedex and the Pokeballs are part of top of the line gear that is currently available for Tamers. They are part of the 'Master-Series' pokedexes and pokeballs. They are highly sought after for how good they are and it costs a large fortune to procure. These include features that regular pokedexes and pokeballs don't have while vastly superior to their regular counterparts."

"Hmmpphmmm… That is why my pokedex and pokeballs had features that the tamer's guides didn't mention." Shirou mused.

"Oh, wow. This must be the rumored Masterball…" The receptionist continued as she marveled at Shirou's belongings. "I heard these can capture any pokegirl short of a Legendary in one go without the need of weakening a pokegirl before capture. They are also said to be able to make even the most rebellious and dangerous pokegirls in line or how they contain enough supplies inside to not have to worry about years of resupply."

The receptionist hadn't been looking at Shirou, but if she had then she would have seen the gravely disturbed Shirou. What he had just heard confirmed something that he been troubled but. He had been suspicious of the pokeballs that he owned, and his friends were trapped inside. Nothing he had read regarding pokeballs explained the changes that had happened to Rin and Luvia that were not associated with a human Thresholding into a pokegirl. Clearly the fact that his pokeballs were not the regular kind partially explained why they were so different.

"Can you provide me with a detailed manual regarding my pokedex and pokeball?" Shirou asked.

"Sadly, I don't have physical manuals." The receptionist shook her head. "If you would kindly unlock the pokedex so I could use it than I can download you an electronic manual."

"Okay," Shirou nodded as he took his pokedex and unlocked it so the receptionist could use it before handing it to her.

"It is on this website… The model number for the pokedex and pokeball are these… There, the manuals that you requested have been downloaded in electronic format for your reading," said the receptionist as she handed the pokedex back to Shirou.

"Thanks," said Shirou gratefully as he took back his pokedex and quickly scanned through the electronic manuals. "I just returned from my first run through the local forest as a Tamer and encountered some problems that I wished address. I was hoping that you could help me out with the problems."

"I would be more than happy to help you out. May I ask what is your price range, sir?"

Shirou didn't know how much money he had access to. He searched on his pokedex to find a whopping amount that his eyes bulged in surprise. Somehow, he was loaded with lots money that he had no knowledge to how he got it. He quickly glanced over to the most experience thing he could see around him and saw that he could easily afford a lot of it.

"Enough that money shouldn't be a problem." Shirou replied and when he saw the receptionist's eyes glow something told him that he was going to regret making that comment.

"Please come this way, sir~!" The receptionist chirped as she dragged Shirou by the hand. "Are those dimensional storage capable, sir?"

"Dimensional storage?" Shirou repeated as he looked down to what the receptionist was pointing at. "Oh, these are regular multi-pouch belt."

"Dimensional storage is referring to objects that had been magically altered to be capable of carrying more than they could physically do without the aid of magic. Imagine a women's handbag with the carrying capacity of an entire duffel bag for example." The receptionist explained.

Shirou for a moment didn't believe what the receptionist's words. Yet he detected no lies from the receptionist. Shirou shook his head as he remembered a pokeball was also the same. It could store a ridiculously large pokegirls along with the supplies needed to meet their physical needs. This world had invented many things that combined magic and technology to create things that he didn't imagine possible.

"Given that money isn't an issue, are you a traditionalist Tamer? Otherwise, I see no reason why you don't have a dimensional storage device."

"Not a traditionalist as I don't even know what it would considered as traditional with my memory loss," said Shirou. "I just used what I knew about. If I had known about dimensional storage devices that I would have brought in the first place."

"Is that, so…" The receptionist paused as she turned around to Shirou. "What kind of bag do you prefer to carry your belongings. A bag you wear on your back? Bags that can be strapped to your body?"

"I prefer small bags and pouches that I can carry without leaving them somewhere and always on my person. They also have to be something that will not get in the way of fighting." Shirou replied.

"You will love this, sir. This product is designed for comfort in mind. Each pouch has a carrying capacity a tonne and can store a volume of 800 liters. There are four detachable and adjustable pouches."

"I will take that," said Shirou as he appreciated the multi-pouch belt. It would something that he could wear and not get in the way of his movement during combat unlike a bag. Just thinking about combat made his mind devise new avenues of researching. He could carry nearly four tonne and 3200 liters of volumes of things easily without any problem.

"Then here you go, sir." The receptionist handed the multi-pouch belt to Shirou. "We got carrying gear out of the way… I recommend we go towards the supplies. How much in supplies that you are willingly to carry in one go before restocking will determine how much weight and space is left over for survival gear."

"No need for survival gear," Shirou replied as he accesses to just about any survival gear that he would need with the simple application of Projection.

"You must be very confident to go without any survival gear. Either in your own skills or that of your pokegirls. Well it's your decision, sir," said the receptionist as she guided Shirou to where there were all sorts of foods and liquids. "Anything here shouldn't be a problem. Your new bag is climate-controllable. You can lower the internal temperature as low as -100 to as high as 200 degrees Celsius. Each pouch can be separately temperature controlled."

Shirou nodded in appreciation at the additional information regarding his latest buy. He looked at the what the store had for sale, and found it hard to believe at some of the things that were being sold. He saw food in disposable looking containers that could be reused with tiny crystals that had temperature control to prolong shelf life to packaged food that advertised the food would last for decades as its contents were locked away in time stasis. The more magically and technological sophisticated the packaging became the more expensive the food product. A sign caught his attention.

"I want to sign up for Gourmet Chef Teleportation Delivery Service." Shirou spoke up as he read the sign more and liked what it offered.

"Sir! Please I recommend you not too."

"Against it? Why would you recommend me against one of your products? It is your job to sell as much of your products, and you get more pay for the about you sell. So why are you telling not to buy it? Is there something suspicious about it?" Shirou asked as he looked at the receptionist skeptically.

"There is nothing wrong with the products that come with what you want, sir. It is just too expensive for most people. A few customers in the past thought they could afford the price only to become baited by the next level of products available besides that sign. They became bankrupt, and I don't want customers to become bankrupt. It goes against my morality."

"Thank you for being so concerned, but there shouldn't be any problems for me. Look at this," said Shirou as he showed the wallet app on his pokedex that showed his wealth. "Does it seem that I have financial issues?"

"Absolutely not sir," the receptionist replied as her eyes gleamed with greed. "I would recommend the highest membership level. Any food ingredients that exist will be available to you the moment you make request. Although, I have to ask, are you really a Tamer, sir? Tamers never sign up for this as only food ingredients are delivered through this service. They go with the ready-made food delivery service or if they could afford it the chef-made food delivery service."

"I like to cook, and proud myself in my culinary skills," said Shirou. This world has it easy. The delivery service through teleportation. He thought jealously. "Is there anything else you recommend that I get?"

"Here is what I recommend…"

- O -

A pokeball was thrown and it popped open to release its pokegirl.

"I live to serve, Master," said Rin Tohsaka as she got onto her knees and bowed her head to the ground.

"Stand!" Shirou shouted. Rin complied and stood up.

"Master, may your slave request a Taming?" Rin asked submissively as she turned around with her back pointed at Shirou and bent over. Her hands went to her pussy and spread it. "Please, Master. I need you. Please put your nice and hard penis into this hole." She said seductively as she wagged her ass and spread her pussy even further. "I need your hot seed, Master."

Rin felt her excitement peak as Shirou made his way towards her and she felt her slit become soaking wet as her heart rate shot up. She began making short and shallow breaths as pussy swelled up. Nipples and clitoris hardened as they stood up proudly. Awaiting the mating that was to come.

"This… isn't you. I will… fix it… soon," said Shirou in struggling tone as he fought against the bestial instincts to mate with Rin. "Trace On," Shirou chanted as he summoned an object. "This will release you," said Shirou as he brought down an iridescent and jagged dagger down on Rin.

The Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker, came down upon Rin and a flash of blinding light engulfed the entire room. The light began to die down, but Rin was still glowing. Her entire body was covered in silverish light as her glowing body seemed to shift as her breasts swelled a bit and her hips flared out even more.

"I feel different…" Rin remarked as she felt strangely different.

It was when the light died down that Shirou got to see a better look at Rin.

"Rin! Are you trying to mess with me?!" Shirou shouted in outrage as he felt terribly insulted on a personal level at what he saw.

"Master, what do you mean?!" Rin shouted in surprise, feeling emotional hurt by Shirou's reactions.

"Look at yourself and you tell me?" Shirou growled as he summoned a mirror larger than most humans in front of him.

Rin looked at the mirror and instantly understood why Shirou was angry. What she was wearing was an insulting mockery of the battle garb that Shirou wore. She wore something that was strikingly similar, yet a great deviation from what they wore. Much of the battle attire was modified or missing entirely. A great deal of her skin was exposed. In the place of a black breastplate with silver lining, Rin wore a black sports bra with the cup being silver. A daringly, skimpy black panties took the place of black pants. The red overcoat was gone and what was left was looked like red half-skirt that was missing its front, held by a steel plate. Only the metal reinforced black gloves and boots were left unmodified.

"I didn't do anything!" Rin shouted.

"Let's test out my theory I have," said Shirou in a cryptical tone.

"What do you mean by…?" Rin asked before she was cut off and yelped in surprise as she found Shirou charging at her. Her body and mind reacted in a manner different from what she normally did when confronted by the enemy. "Trace On."

Judging the concept of creation. Hypothesizing the basic structure. Duplicating the composition material. Imitating the skill of its making. Sympathizing with the experience of its growth. Reproducing the accumulated years. Excelling every manufacturing process. Rin chanted in her mind.

She didn't even notice what happened with her Magic Circuits and materialized around her hands. The only thing she thought about was trying to protect herself. Rin was a trained martial artist that practiced unarmed combat, yet those ingrained habits didn't manifest. It was like she was taken over by something and she wasn't even aware of it. She swung her hands to intercept Shirou's sabers.

"What?" Rin yelped in surprise at the multiple things that her mind couldn't comprehend happened at the same time. She stared in disbelief at her hands and at the ground. The remnants of object, which had broken to float away in the air or fallen to the ground, began to fade away like a mist.

"I don't know what happened, but somehow it seems you were able to replicate part of my skills. Nowhere close to what I am capable of." Shirou replied as he dismissed his copies of Kanshou and Bakuya. "Still it was rather impressive that you were able to demonstrate a level of proficiency with Projection that you had never shown before."

"Master," said Rin and her brows twitched in anger that she couldn't even say Shirou's name anymore no matter how much she wanted to. "This is more than just making Projections that look like Kanshou and Bakuya. It was Kanshou and Bakuya. Not as sturdy or potent as your Projection. The concerning issue is that I was able to do Tracing. Something that I had never been able to do despite how naturally talented I am in magecraft or tried to learn how to use it."

"It might have something to do with your transformation in a pokegirl. The magical contract, which we made during the Fifth Holy Grail War so that I could access your Od to supplement my own reserves to be able to use Unlimited Blade Works against Gilgamesh, could be the reason." Shirou suggested. "Don't worry about the fact that you can use my magecraft. I wouldn't be concerned about what could be happening to you."

Rin nodded her head in agreement and began to scrutinize her magic circuits. What she found alarmed her so much that she didn't believe it. She tried looking the second time. The result was the same. It was still so unbelievable that she continued to inspect her magic circuits several times and the results all came out the same.

Shirou got his pokedex out and scanned Rin.

WITCH, the Magic Abuser Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Uncommon (Most of the world), Very Rare (Edo League)
Diet: Human-style
Role: Amateur magic-users
Libido: Average mainly, gets High when they're excited
Enhancements: Magical Affinity
Evolves: Sorceress (normal), Enchantress (Moon Stone), Elementalist (Angel Stone, Dark Stone, Diamond Stone, Fire Stone, Heavy Metal, Ice Crystal, Leaf Stone, Mana Crystal, Psi Crystal, Thunder Stone, Venom Stone or Water Stone), Tick-Tock (Dream Stone), Puppeteer (battle stress… with dolls?)
Evolves From: None

Witches are how almost every magic-user Pokégirl starts out. They can use only low level spells and Magic Techniques, but they are generally useful for those wanting to start out with magic Pokégirls. Witches are low in all around power, but they are usually attuned to a particular sort of magic. They have little in the way of magical strength but can usually be counted on to have some minor tricks that make them useful in day-to-day affairs.

"Error," the pokedex announced a moment later.

"What is this…?" Shirou raised an interested brow as he looked the new data. "A nearly awoken Origin. Sword…" He looked in concern at Rin. "Are you okay?"

If Rin was a fortress than her walls had been completely and utterly destroyed by the siege engines that were Shirou's words. Origins played a huge role on someone's life. The driving force that originated them from the moment they enter into the world. These actions are more along the lines of an inherent compulsion that could be called a person's instinct rather than a conscious decision. If a person becomes awakened to their Origin, it becomes nearly impossible to stray from their Origin. It becomes an impulsive behavior one would follow as though it were an absolute order. For mages, an Origin were a good way to scout out their potential for it described precise details about a mage.

The fact that her Origin had been awoken, and likely changed as she doubted her original Origin had been Sword. Her ability as a mage could be detrimentally limited or beneficially enhanced. An Origin was one indicator of a mage's potential. Another indicator was the five Elemental Affinities. She was an Average One. Something that was highly valued in the Mage's Association as it described a mage's potential and it meant that a mage had seemingly unlimited potential in multiple fields of magecraft. That was why she could excel in so many disciplines of magecraft without putting as much effort as others thanks to her natural talent as an Average One. She might no longer be Average One as awakening one's Origin could change their elemental affinity.

The loss of her Elemental Affinities as an Average One was something she hoped she didn't loss. Yet, her mind was more focused on what she could gain from her awoken, and likely changed, Origin. She knew firsthand how absurdly powerful an Origin could be. Her lover, Shirou Emiya, was one such example. He was so capable in magecraft that related with the concept of Sword that he could do things normally thought impossible with magecraft. The creation of Noble Phantasms, even if they were temporary, and the possession of a Reality Marble. Something that Rin despite being incredible talented in magecraft could likely only hope to dedicate her entire life and not be likely replicate.

Rin was still thinking about what the effects of awakening and the modifications of her Origin when she thought she heard something.

"Rin, you want to see this," said Shirou as he handed the pokedex to Rin.

BLADE WITCH, the Blade Origin Influenced Magic Abuser Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic/Steel
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human-style
Role: Amateur magic-users
Libido: Very High
Enhancements: Magical Affinity
Evolves: Blade Sorceress (normal), Blade Enchantress (Moon Stone), Blade Elementalist (Angel Stone, Dark Stone, Diamond Stone, Fire Stone, Heavy Metal, Ice Crystal, Leaf Stone, Mana Crystal, Psi Crystal, Thunder Stone, Venom Stone or Water Stone), Blade Tick-Tock (Dream Stone), Blade Puppeteer (battle stress… with dolls?)
Evolves From: Witch

Blade Witches are nearly the same as their evolution predecessor, Witches. The only difference is that their Origin has become changed to Sword or similar. As a result, magic that has the conceptual properties of blade have become enhanced, and even magic without blade-related conceptual properties change to reflect it. Blade Witches are also known to have an affinity to use bladed weapons in combat.

"What?!" Rin shouted in alarm at specific line that she had read before a she began giggle and had a dopey smile. Heeheeeheee… I can use this to justify having to be Tamed everyday… Heeheeeheee…

Just thinking about having sex once a day or even multiple times a day made Rin excited and wet. It was a great thought to have and she looked forward to using that excuse. Thinking about sex made her recall how much of a prude she had been. Sex was great, that she found it hard that she could not think about all the time. The hatred that she was had for pokeballs and Sakura long gone as it was them who enlightened her to the pleasures of sex and submissiveness. Rin now loved pokeballs and Sakura. She needed to show her gratitude to Sakura.

"Rin, are you okay? Do you drink or eat something bad?" Shirou asked in concern, snapping Rin out of her musing.

"I am okay, Master," Rin quickly replied as she wiped away the dopey smile.

"I will see to that," said Shirou in dominating tone that Rin was not familiar with, but felt it was a welcome change.

When Rin felt Shirou's mind enter her own, she nearly cummed as she recalled what Sakura and her pokeball had done to her after she had submitted and swore loyalty to Sakura. The level of mental diving Shirou was conducting in her mind was deep enough that he could do whatever he wanted with her. Shirou had ultimate control over her. He could modify her memories and personality however he wanted and even outright take control over her body. She was at the mercy of his absolute power, and she loved it.

"Sakura!" Shirou shouted as Rin felt him withdraw from her mind, she whimpered as absolute power Shirou had over her disappeared.

"Yes, Master?" Sakura shouted as she unleashed from her pokeball.

"Rin seems to know nothing about the pokegirl world and why you acted the way you did to train her. I want you to explain, everything and do the same to Luvia if she, too, doesn't know." Shirou replied in a firm tone.

"Understood," Sakura nodded. "Luvia has been informed, or more like she seduced me and got the information out of me…" She looked away in embarrassment.

"This will remind you of your place," said Shirou as he clicked his fingers.

What happened next made Sakura and Rin gasp as they saw something happening all around Sakura's body. It was something that Sakura had thought she would ever wear. Something that she had used to devastating effect in accelerating and enhancing her training of Rin and Luvia. Metal bands that covered her body in strategic places that would allow her body to be easily restrained. They were the Slave Restraints that were used to restraint and train slaves.

"I also added an additional that I recently picked up when I was shopping," said Shirou as he snapped his fingers again. Sakura howled in pain as she felt something bit into her nipples and the pain was even worse around her clit. "This is the most potent part of the Slave Restraint that hadn't been stored inside the Masterballs."

"Mistress are you alright?" Rin asked as she rushed over to Sakura's side.

"Oh, no you don't," said Shirou as he saw Rin about to nurse Sakura's bleeding from her new piercings. "Rin Tohsaka, I order you to stop being submissive. Sakura Matou, you will stop being so dominant."

Rin, who had been about to fuss about Sakura's new piercings, suddenly felt that she didn't have to help Sakura. In place, the feelings that she had completely forgotten about came to her. She became angry. No anger was too mild to describe what she felt. She felt the urge to kill Sakura for what she had done to her. No, that wasn't too spot on. She didn't actually mean to kill Sakura, but hurt her really badly for what Sakura had done to her.

"Sakura! What did you that?! Why did you 'train' me?!" Rin screamed as she pulled at Sakura's new piercings.

"Nee-san! Please don't pull on my nipples and clit! It hurts! It hurts!" Sakura cried as she felt her nipples and clit were going to be torn off. She continued to scream in a submissive tone, that was completely unusual of her given the recent events. "I had to do it! For everyone's sake! If I didn't you, me and Luvia-san would've been kidnapped and handed to strangers like pets or objects. People that would abuse us, treat us as slaves as best and playthings at worst!"

"What?!" Rin shouted in confusion as she stopped pulling on Sakura's piercings. "Explain! In more detail!"

"Rin, enough!" Shirou shouted, causing Rin and Sakura to look at him.

"Thank you, Master…" Sakura whimpered gratefully as the pain had ceased.

"Shirou, do you know what is going on? Why Sakura did what she did to me and Luvia? It seems I am the only one out of the loop and want to know everything!" Rin demanded.

"Sakura will do all the explain, and you will get your revenge," said Shirou and Rin grinned in sadistic pleasure. "If the two are thinking the sudden change of emotions and behavior, it is because I gave you orders. It is sadly only temporarily. So, I hope you get all your answers Rin and your revenge. Just take Sakura somewhere else as I need to talk to someone right now."

"Oh, I am going to get to the bottom of everything and also dishing out my revenge on Sakura," said Rin with a sadistic smile, and Sakura whimpered submissively in dread. "Come, Sakura," she pulled on the chains attached to Sakura's piercings. Sakura whimpered in pain as she was humiliating lead out of the room by her clit and nipples. "You and I are going to have a lot of fun~!"

Shirou sighed. He felt as if he had committed an evil act. The dark entity in his head whispered that he had been doing the right thing. Cementing his position to his pokegirls and allowing Rin to get some of her revenge. He furiously shook his head as he banished the dark entity and turned to his next objective. It was time to begin his journey as a Tamer.

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*Chapter 10*: Start of a Tamer's Journey

Chapter Nine "Start of a Tamer's Journey"

"Master, why should we do?" Sakura asked as she pointed to numerous injured and unconscious pokegirls around them.

Shirou looked around. The pokegirls he had encountered in the forest were… there were no other words to describe them. Animals. Animals in the sense that they showed no attributes normally associated with human such as the ability to use tool, think on a higher-level and etc. They might look like humans, or humans with animalistic traits, but the way that they acted proved a good basis for the propaganda that he had encountered in this world regarding pokegirls. He shook his head. The pokegirls that he had fought were called Wild or Feral for a reason. They were either born Feral and never had the upbringing that made a human or hadn't received the necessary Taming to maintain their higher cognitive skills.

His face turned grim as he debated what he had to do. Shirou quickly glanced at his Harem then to the feral pokegirls. There was a certain number of feral pokegirls that a Tamer was supposed to catch as a quota, part of a condition of remaining a registered Tamer. If he didn't meet the quota than a League would revoke his license as a Tamer and demand that he handed over his pokegirls. Failure to do so would have him marked as a criminal to be arrested and his pokegirls taken away from him. No avoid any conflict with the law, the choice was easy. He just needed to capture the pokegirls and hand them to the League. The problem was that he was basically kidnapping and sentencing them to slavery. Something that was morally and ethically wrong.

"Master," said Sakura as she hugged Shirou from behind. "It is either us or them."

"That's right," Shirou confirmed. "We don't know enough about this world. What kind of magecraft and technology is out there that could be used against us. How powerful pokegirls are truly capable of. So many unknowns that it is unwise to challenge the Leagues for now…"

"Rin and Luvia have been weakened," Sakura added.

"Luvia certainly has, but Rin… I am not so sure," Shirou replied. "The true extent of her new abilities is unknown. It has only been a couple of days since she evolved into a Blade Witch. So far, she has demonstrated the same abilities as me. She can create copies the physical form of Noble Phantasm, but neither their abilities or the weapon mastery of their original users. Rin might someday able to do everything I could and maybe even manifest a Reality Marble."

"I bet you love it, don't you, Master?" Sakura whispered into Shirou's ear as she pressed her breasts against his back. "The symbols of the Tohsaka and Edelfelt families, the Magic Crests, generations of magical might and knowledge usurped according to the laws and traditions of this world when Rin and Luvia became pokegirls. They and everything they owned became yours. The former Toshaka and Edelfelt Magic Crests fused and embedded in you as the newly created Emiya Magic Crest." Her hands trailed down Shirou's chest until they rested on his growing manhood. "To take away what Rin and Luvia value more than their own lives and pride as a demonstration of your complete dominance that you have over them."

Shirou couldn't deny he enjoyed the symbol of his dominance over Rin and Luvia. When Sakura had dropped the news, Rin and Luvia might have looked unaffected and just remained the obedient and loyal slaves that Sakura and the pokeballs had trained them into. His pokedex had revealed their true emotions and thought as it recorded everything they thought and felt for a Tamer to see so that they could better train their pokegirls.

"Just another sign how this world is different from ours," said Shirou as he quickly banished his dark urges away. "The idea of a non-related individual to inherit a Magic Crest is thought to be impossible. Even closely blood-related receivers of Magic Crests are known to show rejection. The fact that this world was able to do shows that their knowledge of magecraft and science is vastly superior to what we know. Just one another sign that we need to trend carefully before rejecting this whole charade of Tamer and Harem."

"True," said Sakura in non-serious tone. She smiled as she whispered. "You should tell Rin and Luvia that their Magic Crests are no longer compatible with them. That the newly created Emiya Magic Crest had been engineered in a way that only you and your descendants can now inherit it. They would deny it at first, but will come to know what you said is the truth as their trust in you is absolute or they got find the information for themselves. It would be a good motivator to get them to bear your children."

A moan escaped Shirou's mouth as Sakura skillfully touched the right spot and with just the right force to stimulate his manhood. He couldn't believe how much of a seductress she had become since becoming a pokegirl. The way she talked and moved enticed him. Her every words, seemingly just the right word to convince or please him. Shirou found it hard to believe the normally timid woman had disappeared to be replaced by the current sexy and seductive Sakura.

"Activate Level 4 Teasing and Denial." Shirou moaned out.

"Master~!" Sakura moaned out as she felt her recently pierced nipples and clit sexually stimulate her and made it harder to think as she was constantly distracted by the medium-level sexual tormenting. "What~… was this~! For~!"

"You were doing the same thing when I need to think," said Shirou in disapproval. "Anyway… I hope you didn't buy more masterballs, Sakura. The purchase of the masterballs took out an unreasonable chuck of our funds when normal pokeballs wouldn't been sufficient."

"I didn't~ buy any more than six masterballs~ The maximum number of 6 active pokegirls~ that your Tamer license allowed~! The rest are~ regular pokeballs~!" Sakura moaned as tried to maintain her thoughts.

"Is that true? If you are lying I am going up to Level 6." Shirou asked.

"Please~ Master, not~ Level 6~!" Sakura moaned and she quickly divuged that answer that Shirou sought when she saw him about to open his mouth. "I couldn't get my hands on~ the regular pokeballs that the other Leagues used~. I didn't have~ the knowledge to where to look~ or connections~. I got the legally~ available, lowest grade pokeballs~!"

"Deactivate Teasing and Denial," Shirou announced as Sakura's piercing became inactive. Sakura moaned out thanks and finally got the release she had been denied. She threw her head back and climaxed. "You will be the one to capture them." He pointed at the unconscious pokegirls and handed Sakura some pokeballs he took out from his magically enchanted pouches.

"With pleasure…" Sakura panted as she tiredly stood up and committed the deed.

"This is our first steps to our journey," Shirou noted before setting off with Sakura in tow.

- O -

Shirou stood in front of the Pokegirl Gym with Sakura at his side.

"This is going to be our fist PokeBattle," said Shirou. "Do you think you're ready?"

"I hope so," said Sakura in a slightly nervously. "I was trained with someone that went toe-to-toe with Servants and Dead Apostle Ancestors."

"I like your enthusiasm," Shirou nodded happily, "but don't forget what we have learned looking at the pokedex. Some pokegirls breeds were created by Subeke using Phantasmal Species including the likes of dragons. There are some pokegirls that are described with abilities of the begone era, the Age of Gods. Be prepared for anything."

"I will keep that in mind," Sakura nodded. "Let's go in."

The pair, Tamer and Pokegirl, walked into the building. The entryway to the gym led to a reception room that was unimpressive, considering how large and impressive the front of the Gym was. It was bland and looked not out of place of what any other reception area would look like.

The receptionist smiled at the pair as they entered. "Welcome to the Sahaki Port Pokegirl Gym, are you here to challenge the leader?" She asked politely, the cheery smile on her face never leaving.

"I am," Shirou nodded.

The receptionist pulled out a form and a pen and slid it to Shirou. "Then please fill out this form and take a seat," she requested. "I will escort you to the arena when the Leader is ready."

Shirou nodded and looked at the form. It was rather simple. So simple that Shirou wondered why he needed to even fill it out. It asked for information that Shirou had had nothing to do with Pokebattles or something that he could do by introducing himself. The section of the form that he was asked to filled that made sense to be asked were related to Pokebattles. Once he finished filling in the form, Shirou passed it back to the receptionist , and took a seat, with Sakura sitting next to her.

It took a few minutes, but the Foxxsea returned, the ever present smile still on her face. "The leader is ready for you now, please, follow me." Shirou nodded, as he and Sakura followed the receptionist. They passed through a series of hallways and down a couple flights of stairs. "This is where you will enter the arena," the receptionist informed Shirou and Sakura. "I wish you luck in your challenge."

Shirou thanked the receptionist for her help. The receptionist waved goodbye and left the tamer and pokegirl to their own devices. He looked over to see if Sakura was ready. When Sakura nodded, he took a deep breath before he stepped through into the arena.

The arena quite a sight. Many of the arenas that Shirou had seen or fought in had been very different from the one he stepped foot on. They had just been the bare necessities. An area to fight, which was usually very sparse with only border to tell the fighters where they could fight. Powerful magic to protect the viewers and prevent the arena from being destroyed. The areana that he was fighting in was very detailed in battlefield. There were two docks as the platforms. The room was filled with water with rocks jutting out and a central platform.

"Welcome Challenger!" An exuberant male voice shouted out from above, snapping their heads up quickly the pair were able to spot a plummeting figure seconds before it crashed into the water. There was silence for another second before, with another splash, a figure leapt onto the dock. It was an exeedingly tale male, standing at 6'6" with wild blond hair and ocean blue eyes, clad only in a pair of shorts that had a set of pokeballs on it. "My name is Kengo Mizumachi, the Gym Leader of Sahaki Port," he announced, a beaming grin on his face. "I hope you give me a good fight. May I ask the name of my challenger?"

"Shirou Emiya," Shirou replied.

The Gym Leader slipped and smashed into the dock before he bounced off and fell into the water.

"What?!" The Gym Leader shouted in disbelief as his head popped out from the water. "Are you serious?! Shirou Emiya?! What the hell are you in my Gym? You're powerful enough to fight Widows alone for heaven's sake! Why would you need a Harem with your copying abilities?!"

"Can I not choose to be a tamer? Is there anyway that says that I cannot?" Shirou inquired.

"No… Well it's not like I am fighting you, so I shouldn't be so worried and making such a big deal." The Gym Leader replied. "I'm looking forward to a good match."

"This is a Three vs Three Pokegirl Battle!" The announcer called out from his own personal platform. "Challenger, are you ready?"

"I am!" Shirou called out.

"Leader, are you ready?" The announcer asked.

"Sure am!" Came the response from the grinning Leader.

"Then let the match, begin!"

"Come on out, Quess!" Kengo shouted as he threw out one of the balls.

A tall girl appeared onto the central platform. She stood around 183 cm with a brown carapace covering her torso much like a corset would without wearing much else, her right hand from mid forearm down was covered in a large brown carapace shaped into a claw.

Shirou grabbed his pokedex and scanned his opponent's pokegirl.

QUEENLER, the Royal Crustacean Pokegirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (crab)
Element: Water/Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Fish, Shrimp, Clams
Role: Beach Assault
Libido: Average
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x7), Enhanced Strength (x6) Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Pressure Resistance, Carapace Manipulation, Enhanced Agility
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Krabbit (Normal)

Their large claw is typically seen as the key to victory for most Queenler. Their strategies revolve around closing to melee, and the typically use their other abilities only to support their close-range abilities. While this would normally be a dangerous reliance (and indeed, Queenlers who have for some reason become unable to use their claw become demoralized and often lose), their claw is an extraordinarily powerful weapon for the breed, as it is very heavy, strong, and sharp, but one that they can wield as though it were as light as a feather.

"Go for it, Sakura!" Shirou shouted as he kept his pokedex open and continued to read about the opposing pokegirl's breed. Sakura took a running leap from the dock, landing on the central platform, too. Quess slid into a tight combat stance, her claw like shell ready to swing.

"A Domina, huh?" Kengo asked, the grin never leaving his face. "Alright then, suit up Quess! The use Uppercut!"

"Right!" Quess shouted back as her entire body became covered in the carapace, before dashing at Sakura, her clawed hand swinging up towards Sakura's chin.

Shirou Emiya refused to give orders. He might have been forced to become a Tamer for his pokegirls sake and pretended to be one as he learned about the pokegirl world, but there was a line that he refused to cross. That was to give orders when the one that knew their abilities best was the pokegirl themselves.

Sakura leaned back, letting the claw pass by mere centimeters from her head. She soon lashed out with her regular whip, the point-blank range allowing her to quickly grapple the Queenler's legs. The Domina started swinging her whip around, the Queenler being carried along at the end of the whip as she flew through the air, occasionally getting bashed against the central platform or some nearby rocks.

"Snap it! Get into the Water!" Kengo shouted out to the girl, who quickly brought her claw down, snapping though the simple leather whip, allowing herself to drop into the water. "Now, Water Gun!"

Quess launched herself out of the water on the opposite side that she went in, her chest swelled up before exhaling a torrent of water at the Domina. Sakura took the blast right on her face. Shirou winced as he felt a phantom pain of bones breaking through his bond with Sakura. He quickly casted a powerful healing spell, one that Shirou would've taken a minute at best to prepare, that took effect immediately as the newly created Emiya Magic Crest did most of the work.

Sakura didn't paid attention to her injuries as she felt her Tamer work to fix it. She instead let loose a strike at the Queenler, aiming to get a hit on her shoulder before she re-entered the water. The Pokegirl raised her non-clawed arm to take the blow, confident that her shell could take the blow, only for it to shatter through the carapace, leaving a gash in her arm. She shouted out in pain shortly before diving back into the water.

"What the… hell?" Kengo asked in confusion, his smile dropping slightly before lifting again into a more predatory manner. "Not bad… Quess, Crabhammer Uppercut!"

As soon as the orders were given, the board directly underneath Sakura began to crack and break apart before exploding upwards as Quess launched herself up, her claw glowing as she rocketed towards Sakura. Sakura barely managed to twist out of the way, before striking with her whip once more, lashing out at the Queenler's back and then another strike, aiming at the shoulder of her claw arm. Unable to react in time Quess cried out in pain as the whip tore through her armor and into her skin and muscle, blood splashing out.

Quess quickly disengaged by diving into the water and reappearing a safe distance away from Sakura's whip.

"Master…" Quess called out. "With this… I'm afraid I can't keep fighting."

"Ah, that's disappointing, but, what can you do, return, Quess." The Gym Leader called out, recalling his pokegirl back into her pokeball. He was about to choose his next girl, he paused as he saw his opponent's pokegirl begin to glow.

Shirou watched Sakura's form change, growing more busty and taller. That was when his belief of what Sakura should look like to become more beautiful interfered with her evolution. Sakura's form became taller, but her breasts ceased to become larger. Instead her breasts became smaller as Shirou thought her breasts were already too large and worried that it would hurt her back and get in her ability to fight. As a response, her evolution changed to suit her tamer's the light died down, Sakura stood before them, a changed woman, her formerly D-cupped breasts were now sitting in the C range and she had easily grown ten centimeters than before, putting her new height at 170 cm.

"Domina to Dominatrix, huh." The Gym Leader said softly. "Alright then, you're up, Hasel!"

Sakura paused for a moment as she inspected the sheer size of her new opponent. She was standing at an imposing eight feet with a body comprised of muscles with thick, dark blue scales and a row of red ridges running down her spine with a pair of massive D-cupped breasts.

A quick scan by Shirou revealed information that he wanted to know.

FERALIGARTER, the Gorgeous Gator Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Alligator)
Element: Water
Frequency: Very Rare, Uncommon (Johto league)
Diet: omnivore, with carnivore tendencies (preference: fish)
Role: Extremely favored in firefighter departments
Libido: Average
Enhancements: Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Strength (x6), Strong jaw and sharp teeth, hard scaled skin, Atlantis Man swimming technique
Disadvantages: One-track mind
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Cuntnaw (normal)

Feraligarters with their increased strength, tough skin, imposing form, powerful jaws, and a few rather devastating attacks would have made them nearly ideal water-type pokegirl was it not for their singlemindedness that made them vulnerable to caught by surprise. Instead, that distinct honor of being the ideal water-type fighting pokegirl goes to the powerful and often easily angered Gynadose.

Shirou quickly read through the pokedex entry and telepathically sent Sakura a brief rundown of what she needed to know for her fight against the new pokegirl.

"Meet my Feraligarter, Hasel." The Gym Leader called out.

"Are you ready?" Sakura asked as she prepared herself for another fight.

"This should be fun." Hasel grinned herself, revealing a long row of gleaming sharp teeth. "Let's have some fun," she growled before hunching over in a combat stance.

"Hasel… Takedown," Kengo ordered.

The pokegirl launching forward with enough force to break the boards underneath her. Sakura leapt upwards, barely dodging in time, and struck out again with her whip. She aimed for the Feraligarter's legs. The whips struck against the girl's legs, and did little more than scratch her. Hasel turned to face the still airborne Sakura, whose eyes widened in shock at the little amount of damage she'd done.

"You'll need more than those toys to hurt me, girly." She informed before swinging her tail, slamming it into Sakura sending her flying through the air.

Sorry, Master. Sakura telepathically spoke to Shirou. I know this might embarrass you, but my whip did nothing to my opponent. It is time for some unconventional tactics.

Shirou frowned. He wondered why Sakura had given up so easily and said she needed to resort to 'unconventional tactics.' The training that he had done with Sakura had included many tactics for a variety of opponents and situations. Something told him that she was not talking about anything he had taught her. He just shrugged and waited to see what she meant.

Sakura managed to gain control of her trajectory as she hit the arena wall feet-first, launching back at the Feraligarter with immense speed as she lashed out at Hasel's crotch, a little poison coating her whips tip as it struck. Hasel grunted at the blow struck, feeling a slight hit as it cut through her immensely tough scales, before raising her fist and attempted to slam it down on the still moving Sakura. Showing just how impressive her reflexes were, Sakura lashed her normal whip towards one of the rocks sticking out of the water and when it was wound around the tip she yanked on her whip hard enough to change the trajectory of her flight, dodging the attack.

"Ohoh!" Kengo said, a wide grin on his face. "I'm impressed, that is one clever pokegirl you have there. Never once had you needed to shout out orders. Do you use telepathy to give your orders?"

"I found the common convention of shouting orders to pokegirls as foolish. You are alerting the enemy of what is going to happen. Telegraphing your intention is very stupid as it opens the chance of being counter-attacked even more easier," Shirou replied. "I don't use telepathy to give orders. A pokegirl knows her abilities the best. I trust her to know what she is doing. Only when absolutely necessary shall I give orders."

"That is something only experienced Tamers do," said Kengo in impressed tone. "Then again… You're Shirou Emiya. You might be green Tamer, but you have personally fought some of the most skilled and experienced tamers and pokegirls." Kengo smirked before closing his eyes. "Hasel, smash her apart." he ordered, his smile dropped as he reopened his eyes. "Use every ounce of strength you have."

Hasel grinned as she turned to Sakura. "Get ready, tits," she growled, her muscles bunching up. "It's a whole new ballgame from here on."

With those words she dove into the water, submerging herself and disappearing from Sakura's view. Sakura started coating her whip with even more potent poison, even as she kept an eye out for the Feraligarter.

The water suddenly erupted behind her as Hasel appeared, her massive jaw opened wide, ready to snap Sakura in two between her teeth. Sakura leapt to the side, avoiding the powerful jaws. Her whip lashed out, catching the Feraligarter point-blank right across the eyes.

"Gah, you bitch!" Hasel shouted out as she clutched at her eye. "I'll tear your arms off for that one!" Inhaling a massive breath she used her one eye to aim at Sakura and shouted out. "HYDRO PUMP!"

Sakura jumped away, leaping from rock to rock as she continually evaded the water shooting out at her from Hasel, sometimes using her whips to get an extra bit of distance.

"Gah, what… what was on that whip!" Hasel shouted as she staggered slightly, her entire body felt strange. "No matter, I'll still kill you first! HYDRO… CANNON!"

Sakura kept leaping and dodging, though she was using her whip much more liberally as she barely managed to stay ahead of the massive torrent of water being shot out by the Feraligarter.

Kengo let out an impressed whistle as Sakura continued to outrun the water. "Not bad, not many can outrun Hasel's Hydro Cannon like that," he praised. "But… does she have the stamina to keep fighting afterwards?"

Shirou snorted in response. The training that Sakura had done with him had greatly altered the way she fought. Before her transformation into a pokegirl, Sakura had been a classic mage. She fought from a distance using powerful magic while she used her Sorcery Trait, Imaginary Numbers, to summon beings created out of shadow to fight in close-combat. Thresholding into a pokegirl had given Sakura new natural abilities for her to take advantage of and her training had reflected taking advantage of her new pokegirl abilities.

The highly pressurized and fast moving water trailed behind Sakura. She kept dodging, her whips reaching out to grasp rocks ahead of her as she kept pulling herself ahead of the Hydro Cannon. It took a couple of more minutes, but finally, the torrent of water stopped as Hasel began to sway.

"M… Master… I…" Before she could finish her sentence, however, the Feralgarter collapsed to the ground, her body too weak from poison to properly support itself.

"Y'did just fine Hasel, take a good nap and I'll Tame ya when we're done," Kengo informed as he recalled the pokegirl. "So… are you going to continue like you are, Miss Dominatrix?"

Sakura panted for a bit. "Master, I'm coming back," she said. "I'm still physically capable of fighting, so you can send me out again later if you need to, I just need to rest and recover my strength for a bit."

Shirou nodded in slight disappointment. "Count yourself out of the game," Shirou replied as Sakura leapt up beside him. "You did a good job out there. It has only been a few days, which was too short to train your properly and your fighting method has drastically changed too."

Kengo grinned ferally. "You made the right choice not to send her back out, especially when you see my final pokegirl…" he informed as he prepared his third ball. "Crush them, Daisy!"

The pokeball was thrown, releasing onto the center platform a very tall pokegirl, standing around 220cm with a long prehensile, rigid tail, her entire body was toned to near perfection and had several silverish horns sprouting from her head where a pair of crimson eyes glared at Shirou, the most noticeable thing about her, however, were the golden scales that covered her body from head to toe.

"Uhh, Master, count me right out this match full stop. The Gym Leader was right about one thing," Sakura said, her eyes wide. "I really don't want to get into a water arena with a Gynadose."

GYNADOSE, the Sea Serpent Pokégirl

Type: Not Very Near Human Metamorph - Inhumanoid Animorph (Sea Serpent)
Element: Dragon/Water
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Fish, Water Pokégirls
Role: Battleships, feral terrors.
Libido: High
Enhancements: Normal Form; Enhanced Strength (x4), Enhanced Speed (x3)
Battle Form; Enhanced Strength (x12), Enhanced Durability (x6), Enhanced Speed (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Magicunt (Battle Stress + Severe Injury)

Gynadose were, during the Revenge War, designed to spearhead Sukebe's aquatic campaigns. As such, much like Demon-Goddesses and Neo Iczels, they are powerful battle platforms, capable of doing enormous damage on their own, particularly against aquatic targets; although not aquakinetics, their prowess in the water is terrifying. As such, after the war, not a great deal of the breed were captured or tamed, a fact that has led to a fairly large population of ferals, particularly in temperate regions of the sea. This is, as one might expect, very unfortunate for humanity; few things are more detrimental to sea traffic than a feral Gynadose. They do, however, help to keep the populations of other Water-types at reasonable levels.

Shirou's eyes widened and he had to agree with Sakura's reaction to seeing the pokegirl. Gynadose certainly had a fearsome reputation. The more he read about the Gynadose pokedex entry the more concerned that he became. He wasn't concerned about himself as he could easily force a Gynadose to surrender or die with a Noble Phantasm. What concerned him was who would fight the Gynadose. Sakura was out as she was already exhausted. There was no way Luvia was going to be able to as she able to fight with her current arsenal of magic and lack of Magic Crest. Rin had the best chance with her new abilities, and it might be time to experiment with something.

"You are sitting out of this definitely, so is Luvia," said Shirou as he pulled out Rin's pokeball. He threw out the pokeball onto the central platform. "Go, Rin!"

Rin opened her eyes as she appeared and blinked. "What am I doing here, Master?" She asked as she turned to Shirou.

"To battle of course," said Shirou. "What else?"

"So, I am really battle slave, ha?" Rin sighed as she was still becoming accustomed to her new status. "You better reward me well after this. I sense my opponent is going to be tough."

Rin prepared herself for combat, settling into a loose stance as her opponent did the same. She called upon the magic that wasn't hers originally and only recently become familiar with thanks to training with Shirou.

"Trace On," Rin muttered as she followed the seven steps for Kanshou and Bakuya to materialize.

"Daisy, Tidal Wave!" Daisy let out a loud roar of confirmation as the water began to churn behind her before rising up in a massive wave that threatened to sweep everything away.

Rin quickly threw Kanshou and Bakuya into the water. They were sent flying like they were going to be used to cut through the water wave. What happened next surprised everyone as the water that Kanshou and Bakuya touched exploded into steam and a thick mist obscured the arena. Diasy was surprised when without warning Rin appeared behind the Gynadose with the mist dispersing with the sheer speed of Rin's movements.

Daisy didn't wait for her Master to say anything as she leapt away, surprisingly nimble for her breed, and landed on one of the rock outcroppings. "Hyper Beam," came the command, causing Daisy to inhale a breath before unleashing a massive beam that swept up the water around it, barreling straight for Rin. Rin dodged, leaping away to another rock outcropping.

After Rin found a rock where she got a foothold, she sped forward, slamming into the Gynadose just after she finished her Hyper Beam. Rin smashed her fist into Daisy' face. Daisy screamed as slammed back by the sheer force behind Rin's reinforcement that enhanced her strength to superhuman levels. It was only through combat experience that Daisy was able to escape relatively unscathed as she forced her body to go with the blow and transfer much of the force down her body and into the water beneath.

"You… fucking… BITCH!" Daisy roared as she felt the broken teeth and jaw that Rin had caused. "HYDRO PUMP!" She roared as she unleashed a blast of highly pressurized and fast moving water at Rin.

Rin managed to dodge out of the way, but Daisy aimed Hydro Pump at rock and it deflected in an angle that hit Rin.

"CUMMING!" Rin screamed in pleasure as Hydro Pump hit her right in the groin. She completely forgot where she was and stopped moving to enjoy the full extent of Hydro Pump hitting her. As a result, Rin dropped into the water of the arena.

"What the fuck?" The Gym Leader shouted in disbelief, summarizing what the audience thought the same. Shirou glared at Sakura, who looked pleased at her handiwork.

"Sakura, you're going to fix that," Shirou growled as thought how Rin could actually be killed in the future during a life-and-death battle where pain could cause her to become distracted by pleasure, or even seek out injuries for the pleasure it could cause.

"Of course, Master." Sakura quickly replied. "I will get to work immediately to resolve that issue so it doesn't happen in the future during a fight."

"You better, or I will let Rin have another go at you and maybe even allow Luvia to have her revenge on you." Shirou growled. Salura squeaked as she unconsciously reached for her nipple and clitoris piercing as she remembered how Rin had used them in her revenge against what she had done to Rin. "Rin Tohsaka, I order that pain will no longer cause pleasure!"

Rin Tohsaka popped out of the water and was climbing up a rocky outcrop when she heard the order. Her mind and body accepted the order and she let out a whimper knowing that for at least several hours pain would no longer cause her pleasure. Not until the order's effect expired. She snapped out of her musing when the Gynadose changed into a draconic looking serpent and slid into the water.

She refocused her mind onto the battle and summoned the married Chinese sabers. Rin threw them all over the arena as the blades dug into any surface that they were thrown into. A quick incantation of a powerful magic spell brought down thunder down onto the married sabers and immediately electrifying the entire arena.

Daisy immediately broke out of the water and thrashed to the surface, screaming out in pain. "You Bitch!" she screamed out as she managed to morph back to her humanoid form and climb onto the center dock. "DRAGON RAGE!" she roared out as she blasted out a massive wall of purplish-blue flames.

Rin leapt up as high as she could, but it was not enough. The fire still reached her. She quickly threw her red cloak around her body and magically enhanced her cloak to resist the effects of fire.

"I'll crush you bitch," Daisy declared as she began gathering power into her mouth. "DRAGON… PULSE!" At her declaration a vortex of concentrated power unleashed itself at the Rin, tearing apart anything caught in its path.

Rin, nothing you do short of powerful magic ritual can hurt the Gynadose. Daisy is just too powerful, and will not give you time to call upon powerful magic you know to take her out. You need to use something powerful and that doesn't take too long to use. Shirou spoke telepathically into Rin's mind.

I sense that you have a plan. What do you have in mind? Rin replied.

I will take over, said Shirou as he took over Rin's mind and body, who willingly give up control, but not before shivering pleasure at the absolute power that Shirou had over her. Trace On. Establishing the connection. Connected. Drawing upon the origin.

In Rin's hands, a long crimson spear began to form. A spear that had been soaked with so much blood that it had been permanently dyed with the blood of its victims. It hungered for blood and found it as directed by its user. Crimson mist bled off from the spear before it was prepared to strike. Rin threw the spear.

"What?" Daisy asked as her attack was cut apart by a crimson spear. The spear cut through her tough scales and thick muscles to strike at a vital organ. Daisy stood in shock before she felt the cursed magic caused havoc on her insides. "Not… bad at all…" she announced before collapsing to the ground, unconscious.

"This Battle is over!" The announcer declared as Kengo recalled Daisy. "Winner, Shirou Emiya!"

"Nice work, Rin!" Shirou shouted happily as Sakura joined in the celebration.

Kengo sighed before making his way over to his vicitirous opponents. "Congratulations," he said to them honestly. "You defeated the best I threw out and have earned yourself the Ocean Badge." He held out a small metal pin to Shirou, a pin that looked to be a wave in the middle of cresting.

"Thank you very much," Shirou replied as he took the badge.

"That was in impressive win." Kengo smiled brightly at Shirou. "I wish you luck in your travels!" he said in farewell. "May the Thousand Gods smile upon you!" With that he gave a farewell wave and dove into the pool, swimming away.

"Master, I think we deserve some Taming~" Rin and Luvia said with a smile.

"That you do," Shirou nodded, but he smirked as he didn't tell what he planned as their reward.

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*Chapter 11*: Rewarding

Chapter Ten "Rewarding"

Shirou reclined in a chair to carefully inspected his Harem. It was times like these that reminded him how much had changed since they had been forcefully kidnapped into pokegirl world by Team Trauma. The very fact that he was 'inspecting his goods' was so wrong to him still, but he was getting more numbed to high moral and ethics standards of his home as he became more accustomed to this world's standards. Yet it was also awakening a part of him that he had only known in passing and suppressed. The dark urges and fantasies that he had, now being carried out since he had come to this world. He felt so confident and dominant after countless acts of restraining, ravishing and making his Harem submit to his whims.

If there was one positive effect of coming to this world for his pokegirls, it was how much more beautiful that they had become. Shirou had thought each one of the girls were beautiful. Now they matched his ideal portrayal of beautiful women. They had gain height and muscle tone to become the lithe and tall women he idolized. The effect of his taste of beauty influencing the evolution of his pokegirls.

Sakura had become even more similar in appearance to Medusa in both physical form and choice of attire that there was no denying anymore the idolization that Sakura had for her former Servant. She wore an upper thigh reaching strapless, black dress. Sakura's arms and legs clad in leather gloves that reached up to her upper biceps and leather boots that ended at her upper thigh, both leather gloves and boots were clinging to skin like a second skin and colored black.

Rin and Luvia was kneeled before Shirou with nothing but leather collar around their necks and leashes connected to the collars.

The Dominatrix smirked in arousal as she held the leashes to the two kneeling girls. "Aren't you happy, Black, Yellow, that you have such a kind Master who would allow the two of you to indulge in your disgraceful behavior?" Sakura asked, her voice dark with lust. "You should be ashamed of yourselves, making Master go out of the way to sate such disgraceful creatures such as yourselves."

Rin and Luvia both shuddered at their Alpha's words, their pussies leaking juices down their thighs and onto the floor. Looking down Sakura snarled at the sight of their juices covering the floor and lashed out with her whip, striking the two of them on their breasts.

"Disgraceful!" Sakura shouted at them angrily. "Black, Yellow, clean up your messes! How dare you disgrace Master by dirtying the room he occupies!"

Luvia and Rin immediately bowed their heads, their tongues sticking out to lap up their spilled juices obediently. Sakura sneered down at the two as they lapped at the floor, cleaning the juices off of it, even as more spilled from their pussies.

"Enough!" The Dominatrix barked out harshly at them, her whip cracking twice over their ass making them whimper at the pain and pleasure it produced. "Even when being punished you make a mess! Present your asses for punishment!" As the two lifted their asses into the air, Sakura stalked over to Rin and grabbed her ponytail and lifted her head up a bit to shove the ball gag back into her mouth before shoving her face back into the ground. "I am sorry you must witness such an unseemly display, Master." Sakura said apologetically to the watching Shirou. "I shall be punishing Black and Yellow for their transgressions," she turned back to the pair, who were both quivering in anticipation. "If either of you even think of cumming from your punishment, the consequences will be most dire."

With those words Sakura lashed out with her whip, skillfully manipulating it so that it lashed against both of the pokegirl's asses in a single strike. The two girls were moaning. The moans that increased in volume with every strike of the whip that Sakura made, something that annoyed the Dominatrix.

"You two are nothing but a pair of beasts!" Sakura yelled that them with another particularly harsh strike. "Getting off on your punishment like this!" she scowled at the as she stopped whipping them, earning disappointed whimpers from the pair. "Allowing your lustful urges to rule you like that! I suppose, I might as well put those urges to good use as method of control."

Rin and Luvia whimpered. Even before they were transformed into masochists that enjoyed pain that turned it into a unless method to punish them and make them obedient, pleasure had been the most effective enforcement tool that Sakura and the pokeballs had. The threat and actual use of pleasure as enforcement tool become even more potent after becoming addicted to sex to the point that not having sex was a foreign concept to them now.

"Master," said Sakura as she turned to Shirou. "May I use the potion?" Shirou nodded and tossed a sealed vial over to Sakura. Sakura smiled in an aroused manner. "Thank you, my Master."

The sealed vial's liquid caught Sakura's attention. She smiled at the gift that her master had procured for her as reward. Sakura would be able expand her arsenal of tools and enhance those she already had. Inside contained a blessing that would open an entire new world for her. It was something that she had wanted to get her hands on the moment she had learned about it. Another tool that would allow her to dominate and control pokegirls, and humans.

Here it goes, Sakura thought as she popped the seal open and drank the vial's contents. She let out a moan as she slipped her dress off, revealing her naked body to the room, and something formed that had both Rin and Luvia drooling at the sight of. "Yellow, suck, Black, put those tits of yours to good use."

The pair who eagerly moved to comply, Luvia eagerly shoving the hard cock into her forced open mouth while Rin wrapped her tits around it. Moaning Sakura roughly scratched at Luvia's head, 'forcing' the Witch to take more of her cock into her throat, heedless of the fact that upon doing so she was painfully squashing Rin's tits between her legs and Luvia's head, not that the Blade Witch minded, as she moaned around her gag that the sensation of pain, even as Luvia moaned around Sakura's cock.

"You may make horrible additions to this Harem, but at least you are good for using as fuck toys for Master and myself." Sakura commented as she thrusted her cock between Rin's tits and into Luvia's mouth, without regard for either of them. Letting out a pleased grunt she slammed her hips forward. "Don't spill a drop!" Luvia moaned loudly as cum spilled forth from Sakura's cock, eagerly swallowing every last spurt of the thick baby batter, feeling Rin's desperate gaze upon her as she greedily swallowed every last drop. "Yellow, since you are so much more obedient and loyal than Black, I suppose I will grace you with my cum inside of your vulgar pussy."

Sakura roughly grabbed Luvia's hair and yanked her over to a chair where she roughly threw her onto the arm of it before slamming into her pussy without warning, making Luvia howl in pleasure around her gag from both the pleasure of having a cock fill her pussy, and the pain of having it suddenly intrude and pound away at her without giving her time to adjust. Sakura grinned as she reached out and grabbed her hair, yanking back on it and using it at a hand hold to keep the girl still as she pounded into her.

"What a slut you are, howling away whenever a cock pierces you!" Sakura shouted at Luvia, her free hand smacking her rear harshly. "Tighten your pussy more! Sluts like you should do that right away!"

Shirou was starting to pant with lust that he couldn't resist anymore. He reached down and went underneath his pants to masturbate. Sakura was dominating them so well. He saw Rin whimpered as she watched her Alpha slam into her fellow slave's pussy roughly as she continued to smack her ass and pull her hair, much to the Witch's pleasure. Desperately wanting to pleasure herself, but unable knowing that it would displease her Master and Alpha, so she sat there, unable to do anything but watch jealously.

Sakura grunted as she came without warning, flooding the Witch's pussy with her cum, Luvia shuddering with a yet to be released orgasm that was driving her mad. The orgasm couldn't erupt as it was held back by the complete control that Sakura had over Luvia's mind, body and soul after submitting and swearing to become Sakura's slave. It was the very same reason that Rin and Luvia had been unable to speak despite their months not being gagged.

"You have pleased me slut," Sakura informed. "You may cum now."

Luvia screamed loudly as her body went rigid, every ounce of her body screaming out in pleasure as she came under her Alpha's order. It was not just one orgasm that wrecked her. It was several orgasms that had been locked away, which had been unblocked. She lovingly enjoyed the multi mindblowing orgasm as her eyes rolled into the back of her head with her tongue sticking out of her mouth as she panted for breath before finally collapsing, unconscious.

Sakura smirked as she turned to Rin, the Blade Witch's eyes pleading as her body shivered with desire. "And now we come to the us the disobedient and not loyal Black," Sakura sneered, making Rin shudder even more under her gaze. Whatever that Sakura had been about to say was blown away when Sakura screamed. "CUMMING~!"

Rin blinked in confusion as Sakura's exploded before her and painted her face and body with Sakura's cum. It became even more strange when Sakura, collapsed onto the ground and became to furiously masturbate while moaning. The aura of confidence, power and dominance that she had been displaying gone with the wild as masturbated.

"I give you free reign within a reason," said Shirou in a dominating tone that made Rin shiver in pleasure. "Don't forget that you answer to me, Purple."

"Yes~ Master! Please just~ release me~!" Sakura begged loudly and submissively as she was overcome with uncontrollable lust as she frantically try to elevate her itch.

"Who are you?" Shirou demanded.

"I am Purple, your slutty slave~! I am an obedient and loyal plaything~!" Sakura screamed as she was overcome with pleasure in submitting. "You own~ my body~ mind~ and soul~!"

"Good, don't forget that," said Shirou as he released the magic that made the normally dominant Sakura so submissive.

"THANK YOU~ MASTER~!" Sakura screamed as she exploded in a mindblowing orgasm and felt the magical influence disappear. She panted and shuddered as Sakura had felt firsthand that Shirou had absolute control over her as she did with Rin and Luvia.

Rin having watched the entire scene unfold nearly cum. It was only the previous command of Sakura refusing to allow her to cum that she hadn't orgasmed from the sheer display of power that Shirou had shown.

"Present your ass to me like the bitch you are Black!" Sakura shouted as she quickly recovered and made it seem that Shirou's display of dominance had never happened. Rin quickly followed Sakura's command as she bent over and raised her ass up to the ground as she pressed her face to the floor. "Such an eager Black aren't you?" Sakura sneered as she lifted up her foot and slowly pushed one of her heels into Rin's ass. "That is the only redeeming factor you have Black, is the eagerness to obey our orders you have."

Rin moaned as the heel scraped inside of her asshole, causing her pussy to gush more juices out and drip onto the floor. Her anus tightened around the hell, trying to milk it of baby-making batter doesn't there being no penis in her anus. Idly, Rin thought the pleasurable sensation would best complimented with liquid being pumped through her anus and filling her up to the brim. The orgasm she would have being to push out her the liquid from her digestive system would be glorious.

"I suppose I should reward that, but… hmm…" Sakura mused a bit as she pushed more of her heel into Rin's ass. "Ah, I think I know a good way for you to earn the honor of having my cock in your ass!" Sakura removed her heel from the Blade Witch' asshole, earning a disappointed moan from the pokegirl. "Face our Master," she commanded, yanking on her ponytail, forcing her to remain on her hands and feet before her Master, as Sakura lined her cock up with Rin's rosebud. "Now, as I fuck your ass I want you to thank Master for allowing your ass to be fucked, and I want you to keep thanking her, understood?" Sakura asked, getting an eager nod from Rin. "Start, Black!"

"Thank you Master!" Rin screamed out as Sakura roughly slammed into her and started to pound away into her. "That you for allowing this bitch of a Black to be fucked!"

"You're… you're welcome, Black…" Shirou moaned out, continuing to masturbate as he drew close to her own orgasm.

Sakura smirked as Rin continued to babble out her thanks as she pounded into the Black's ass unrelentingly, pulling back on her ponytail to ensure that she didn't slump down. She could feel from the spasming of Rin's ass muscles that the Blade Witch was on the verge of an extremely powerful orgasm that kept itself dammed up due to the fact she had yet to give permission. Just the knowledge of that alone made her nearly release her load with the heady sense of power it gave her. Rin Tohsaka, her older sister, a slave to her whims. Not many would be resistant to that temptation. Letting out a grunt she flooded Rin's ass, not stopping in her thrusts, even as she orgasmed, relishing the desperate moans of the slave.

"I allow you to cum, Black." she announced and watched with glee as Rin spasmed underneath her, the orgasm rocking her body on an almost painful level as Sakura pulled from Rin's ass. "Did that please you, my Master?"

"It… it did…" Shirou panted, having orgasmed while Rin was. "Thank you for the performance, Sakura."

"I live to serve Master," said Sakura happily as she withdrew from Rin.

"Mistress," said Rin in a doting tone as she looked at Sakura. "Please cum inside me more or let me swallow your seed."

Sakura smiled as she saw the purple love heart forming in Rin's eyes. It meant the potion that she had drank was working. Her enchanted semen was working to reshape Rin's personality to become loyal and obedient to her. It would also make her unable to live without her cum, thanks to its addictive properties. The potion might be unless after all her of training and the pokeball conditioning, but it was another layer of precaution to stop Rin from escaping her grasp. Her new penis would help in the future when she had to subtly make someone her slave without having to resort to the time-consuming personal training or pokeball conditioning.

"Oh, yes. Slave, I would love that," said Sakura with an evil grin.

- O -

A pokeball popped open and out of it came Cu Chulainn. Cu Chulainn was all too familiar with the sensation of coming out of a pokeball that he wasn't at all disorientated or alarmed founding himself somewhere that she didn't recognize. It had all become habit of him as a pokeboy for several years. What she was not familiar with was the lack of an important male equipment between his legs or the unfamiliar weight of her chest.

"Are you alright, Cu Chulainn?" A voice spoke up.

Cu Chulainn looked at the speaker and glared. "Do you think I feel alright when I found himself transformed into a female, my Tamer being turned into a pokeboy and becoming kidnapped?!" Cu Chulainn growled, but otherwise resisted the urge to attack the man before her after witnessing what he was capable of.

"It's pokegirl," Shirou corrected, and received a glare in response. "Anyway… I wasn't the one to kidnap you… It was my Alpha that captured you without my consent."

"Great excuse… A scapegoat." Cu Chulainn growled.

"If you must know, my Alpha has been punished," said Shirou. "Is there any way I can make it up to you."

"Maybe if you released my Tamer, and let us loose. That would be a start followed by reverting Bazett back to her former human self and reversing my gender transformation." Cu Chulainn replied in snark tone.

"I can release your Tamer and set you free. What I cannot do is restore Bazett's humanity. I don't know if it possible from the world you came from to reverse Thresholding, but this world doesn't have that ability. It's something of holy grail that is being sought after. The same about your status as a Pokeboy. Your kind doesn't exist in this world." Shirou replied apologetically.

Cu Chulainn sighed. She wanted to give Shirou a piece of her mind, but she detected no lies and only honesty coming from him. It seemed like this world, while different with pokegirls instead of pokeboys, seemed the same as her own. That there was no cure of reversing Thresholding after it had happened.

"I had been hoping that wasn't the case," said Cu Chulainn in pissed tone. "What can you do to help me and my Tamer?"

"I shall be honest. There is not a lot I can do to help you or Bazett," said Shirou bluntly. "The only thing I can honestly do is prevent other Tamers from capturing you and mistreating you."

"Bazett and I ended up in a different world that is familiar with our own," said Cu Chulainn. "Did we end up in another League or is this still the Dark League?" Cu Chulainn didn't like the look she got. "Damn, my luck is really bad…"

"Actually, there is a method I might be able to repay you, but I don't know if you will be suitable or satisfied with it," said Shirou as light pooled around his hand to form something.

"No fucking… way…!" Cu Chulainn shouted in disbelief at what she saw completely formed in Shirou's hands. "How do you have that?!" She pointed accusingly at Shirou. "The weapon of my ancestor, Cu Chulainn, the Hound of Ulster. It should be in the hands of my mentor, Scathach."

"Remember this is not your world," said Shirou. That caused Cu Chulainn to grudgingly agree as there was possibly this world's version of her ancestor's iconic weapon. "I also have the ability to replicate legendary weapons. Please look at this." Cu Chulaiin's eyes widened as she saw another copy of Gae Bolg. "This is another copy of the same weapon."

"Fuck… that is such an outrageous ability…" Cu Chulainn said in disbelief, awe and jealous at the power. She shivered thinking about the possibility that Shirou could replicate more than one legendary weapon. If that was not the case, creating multiple copies of Gae Bolg was in itself a powerful ability as Gae Bolg was a legendary weapon for a reason. It was incredible powerful and nearly indestructible.

"Here," said Shirou as he threw a copy of Gae Bolg to Cu Chulainn.

"What? Why give me this?" Cu Chulainn asked in confusion as she caught Gae Bolg.

"Think it as my reparation payment for my Alpha capturing you with a pokeball," said Shirou. "You also deserve it as it is part of your birthright. Gae Bolg belonged to your ancestor and as his descendant you have a claim to it. There is also the fact that you are the only one that will be able to bring out Gae Bolg's true potential."

Cu Chulainn tested the weapon and completed several complex movements with the crimson spear. It moved with her body like it was an extension of her body. A weapon that she had never used felt like she had used it all her life.

"Thanks, this is something I say more than repays me for what your Alpha did," said Cu Chulainn gratefully. "I hope you have something for Bazett too because she is going to be furious to be left out without a treasure of equal value."

"Oh, I have just the gift." Shirou nodded. "How are you adapting to your new condition?"

"I don't really want to talk about it…" Cu Chulainn growled as she tried to hide her embarrassment and shivered as she recalled the unbelievable amount of pleasure she had derived from her new genitalia. She blushed as she clenched her lower orifices as they had become very sensitive after being subjected to her pokeball's conditioning.

"Do you want it?" Shirou asked as he walked over to Cu Chulainn.

"Want what?" Cu Chulainn growled as she tried to hide her embarrassment.

"Do you want to submit to me?" Shirou prodded as he stood behind Cu Chulainn as he quickly took her hands and guided them to his back. Cu Chulainn was still caught confused to the foreign emotions that she was feeling when she felt something click around her wrists.

"What are you doing?!" Cu Chulainn shouted in alarm as she pulled on her wrists to find that they were trapped behind Shirou's back.

"Relax," Shirou replied as he massaged Cu Chulainn's breasts and nipples. She melted like putty under his ministrations and all resistance stopped as she moaned at the unused sensation of her breasts that had come with her gender change. "Embrace this feeling, this will be what you feel all the time if you submit yourself to me."

"What do I feel like this~!" Cu Chulainn moaned out. "This isn't how I~ should be reacting~!"

"That is because you're a slut. A dirty slut," said Shirou as he took massaging Cu Chulainn's breasts to another level. "You want to submit to me."

"No~! I was made into this~! The pokeball conditioned me~! It must have been a~ Level 4 Taming Cycle~!" Cu Chulainn moaned at despite the distracting pleasure that her sensitive body was feeling. "What pokeball~ did you use~? A regular pokeball~ wouldn't be able to achieve~ this kind of results on me~! It would've taken~ months! I had been~ in that captured by you~ for no more than several days~ and conditioned inside your pokeball~!"

"You have an incredible strong will to still be able to think so straight despite the sexual stimulation," Shirou said in impressed tone as he ceased stimulating Cu Chulaiin. She whimpered at the sudden loss of pleasure. "I will need to put commands into my pokedex to up your conditioning. Order that your body be more developed and made more sensitive."

"Yes, Master! I would love that Master…" Cu Chulainn said happily before she cut herself as she realized what had happened. She blushed in embarrassment at giving into the dominating power that Shirou had and the pokeball conditioning that had taken into effect from her weakened willpower at the pleasure she had felt.

"I hope you're still able to maintain your mind despite the more training you will get to further enhance your sensitivity," said Shirou as he hands went down to Cu Chulainn's clit and pussy. She moaned in response as he began to fondle her. "You will become my first and only SexBattler until I decide who else to add to my roster of SexBattlers."

Cu Chulainn whimpered at how humiliating and exciting it was to hear someone that didn't own her already making decisions about her life. Shirou wasn't even his Tamer. No, he is according to the law and traditions, she thought. Bazett, my former Tamer, has Thresholded. Shirou captured me and I am already registered into one of his pokeballs. I am most likely already registered in the League database.

"Do you submit?" Shirou asked as he brought Cu Chulainn to a brink of an orgasm, but kept her there as she whimpered and moaned.

I know I shouldn't submit, but what choices do I have. I have already been captured and likely registered as his pokegirl already. No matter where I escape, I will be hunted down and brought back to him. I even doubt I could escape him, not after seeing what he can do. He would easily be able to defeat me at my current state, Cu Chulainn thought. Shirou is also not a bad guy. What he has been doing is normal amongst Tamers…

"What do you say? If you don't respond soon than I might leave you like this for an entire night. Struck right at a brink of an orgasm for eight hours. Do you think you can handle that?" Shirou whispered as he pushed Cu Chulainn even closer to an verge of an orgasm.

Fuck~! I cannot handle being kept in this state for several hours! Cu Chulainn whimpered. "I submit! I, Cu Chulainn, submit to you, Shirou Emiya. Please let me, cum!"

"My pleasure," said Shirou with a sadistic grin as he pushed Cu Chulainn over the edge that she pleaded for. "Welcome to my Harem, Cu Chulainn."

"CUMMING!" Cu Chulainn screamed as she felt Taming Shock come into effect with her first Taming with her new Tamer. "WOLF QUEEN!"

The Wolf Queen collapsed with wide eyes as she dotingly looked at Shirou gratefully for finally giving her the orgasm that she had wanted. She was also grateful that she wouldn't have to worrying about going feral for several days as she had been tamed. There was also gratitude that she no longer had to worry about her own life as she belonged to a Tamer.

"Cu Chulainn, after you recover from your Taming Shock there is a task that I have for you," said Shirou as he ran his hands through Cu Chulainn's hair.

"Wolf Queen?" Cu Chulainn asked, but Shirou knew what she meant.

"Bazett's pokeball is reporting that she wasn't doing well. She has gone into denial about what has happened to her and she has a very severe case of depression. Her Masterball had been about to put her through a Level 5 Taming Cycle if I hadn't checked and stopped it from happening just in time." Shirou replied in a solemn tone.

Anything thoughts that Cu Chulainn was having stopped. She stared at Shirou in disbelief and horror. It seemed like a foreign concept for stoic Bazett, her Tamer, would be so affected by being turned into a pokeboy… Cu Chulainn shook her head. It was pokegirl, she corrected. That was until she recalled a statistic about the largest group that Leve 5 Taming Cycle were used upon. It was former Tamers that made up the largest group of pokegirls subjected to Level 5 Taming Cycles. They were the ones that knew firsthand what sort of life pokegirls lived through as their professions were all about training pokegirls into obedient and loyal slaves. She should have known Bazett would be in self-denial and depressed of her new status as a pokegirl.

Cu Chulainn opened her mouth and kept repeating "Wolf Queen" because of the Taming Shock, but Shirou understand what she meant. Release her, I will talk to Bazett. I will comfort her and mentor her. My gender might have changed, but pokeboys and pokegirls are the same. Only a difference in change. We are not humans and have a natural urge to submit. We also cannot remain sane without being Tamed. That is as soon as the Taming Shock is over.

"Okay," Shirou nodded as he handed Cu Chulainn the pokeball containing Bazett. "Take your time, we shall be staying in our current accommodation for several weeks as I will be training my Harem. I will be in the next room, on the other side of the corridor if you need me."

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