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Summary: This is my take on Danfiction's Naruto reborn story. Naruto and Kurama (I'll explain in story) are sent back to inhabit the former body of Sasuke Uchiha with hopes of fixing the past and preventing the war (among other tragedies) M for gore and possible harem

*Chapter 1*: Chapter 1

I've decided I'm going to try a new approach to this whole story writing thing, rather than typing simply chapter by chapter I am going to make each "Chapter" into a page. and when I've got enough "Pages" I'll end the chapter and start the next. This way it's like reading a real chapter book. Lemme know what y'all thing ok?

Chapter 1: Death and Rebirth

Page 1

Shooting pain was all Naruto could feel, looking down he saw the hand of his best friend turned demon pierced through his chest. Following his friend's arm he came to look into the shocked eyes of Sasuke Uchiha, the reason for the shocked eyes being as Naruto's clawed hand was in a similar position, straight through the young Uchiha's chest. Both boys clothing had been shredded in the battle; Naruto was now down to little more than a mesh shirt, his crystal necklace, and his trademark orange pants, While sasuke was missing his shirt entirely (Not Yaoi) and was left in his trademark white shorts. Both boys were littered with cuts, bruises, and burns, and now they were looking in each other's eyes as the life slowly left them. Both of the boys had directly hit the heart of the other, meaning even with their newfound powers… they were going to die

"Well Teme" Naruto said, coughing up a bit of blood as he tried his best to stand. He reached out and used the sword on Sasuke's back to steady himself before dropping to one knee, causing said Uchiha to do the same. "Looks like we both failed, you won't be destroying the leaf and….[cough] and I won't be there to protect them from Obito and Madara….." Naruto felt tears welling up in his eyes as flashes of all his friends ran through his mind, he'd failed everyone he cared about: He couldn't become Hokage like he'd promised Tsunade, he wouldn't be coming back to wave to see Inari, he wouldn't be bringing Sasuke back to Sakura….. He'd failed them all, and he couldn't even blame the boy who killed him.

Sasuke on the other hand was silent, seeing as he was dying he figured he might as well go peacefully since even with the power of his perfect Sharingan he couldn't survive this one. Closing his eyes he spoke softly to Naruto "Even if this isn't how I wanted to go…" Naruto turned to his friend, wanting to hear what his last words were. Both boys could hear voices coming their way, knowing that it was their friends, but it all seemed so far away now. All that mattered was what they had to say to each other now. "I'm glad it was you to stop me, Naruto. You have always done everything in your power to… protect the people you care about. But in the end, you simply needed to protect them from me" Naruto could tell Sasuke had more to say, though before he could say anything else his body slumped forward, face first into the dirt before him. He reached out and went to call for him, but no noise left his throat as he lost his balance and tumbled to the ground. He could feel the life leaving his body as he turned to his best friend, he knew his words would fall on deaf ears now, but they needed to be said.

"I forgive you… Sasu……" Was all he could muster out before the world went dark around him, he briefly heard the sound of Sakura screaming his name and heard the girl slide to a stop near him, but that was the last of it.

**Scene Change**

At first Naruto slept, his body feeling tired and not wanting to move. That was up until he heard a familiar voice, he knew who it was, but for some reason he couldn't quite place his finger on it. Slowly opening his eyes he saw none other than Sasuke Uchiha and some strange woman standing before him. They seemed to be arguing so Naruto decided to just listen in.

"What do you mean I can't go back?! This is my one chance to change everything, to make it all right again and stop all that from happening!" Sasuke shouted at the female, who in turn glared at him. For some reason Naruto couldn't really describe her, her form seemed to shimmer and change, it was like whatever things he found attractive in a girl was what she changed into.

"Well Uchiha, when I said you can't go it meant" Suddenly her voice boomed loudly and demanded respect with the power that radiated from it, Nearly suffocating the young boys "You can't go back!" and as suddenly as it appeared the power and the booming voice vanished from her. "And that is final, however, I've had a discussion with Kami and she has come up with a solution to our little dilemma" A devious look adorned the female as she slowly gestured toward the 'Sleeping' Naruto. For a moment Sasuke didn't understand, until the woman winked.

"No, hell no. I would rather-"

"Die?" The woman finished for him and giggled as Sasuke remembered the current situation, sighing deeply he calmed himself before speaking.

"Why him?" He asked calmly.

The giggling woman was suddenly very serious as she met Sasuke's gaze. "It was not his time to die nor was it Kurama's, and in your fit of anger at the village you killed the savior. Which is why Kami opted that he should receive the chance we had intended for you. Slowly her gaze turned back to Naruto, "You can get up now, I know you've been listening in"

Naruto slowly got up, surprising Sasuke as he'd thought Naruto was sleeping the whole time. "So... You're planning on doing what with me?" He asked calmly.

Before Sasuke could say anything the woman spoke "There is a world, where the Sasuke there has been sent into a comatose state due to his brothers Genjutsu. I intend to give you a second Chance by sending your consciousness, your mind, into that Sasuke's body. This way you can stop all the things that happened in your world before they even get underway" She smiled, hoping to see the boy her excited about it all. But what she saw was a nonchalant boy who seemed dead to the world.

"No" was all he had to say, surprising Sasuke yet again at the dead sound in his former friend. "Find somebody else, I won't watch everyone die again because i failed them" He turned and walked away from the two, until a heavy force weighed down on him and threatened to crush him. Turning slowly he saw the woman glaring at him angrily.

"You seem to misunderstand Uzumaki, this choice was not yours to make. You have been selected to go back because Kami deems you to be the only one who can stop all this, where is the Uzumaki Naruto who could face down any foe and not even blink at how powerful they were, where is the boy who would never let his friends down. Because right now all I see is a pathetic child who is unworthy of what he's being given!" Her voice boomed angrily as Naruto looked at her, realizing she was right, he was being a child and wallowing when he had a chance here and now to stop all this from even happening.

"Tell me what i need to do" Naruto said, confidence returning to him once more as he looked at the goddess, Who in turn smiled. This was the boy she'd heard of.

"You will be sent back into the mind of that Sasuke, you and Kurama" At this Naruto was surprised and so was Kurama. "Seeing as you don't exist in this world there will be another Jinchuuriki there, I'm sending Kurama with you as a way to help manage the other Jinchuuriki's power and to assist you on your journey. Now all I need you to do is hold still, moving might make this slightly more painful than it has to be" She said as she went through gestures similar to hand signs before Naruto felt a twinge of pain and felt his body dissipating. Looking down he saw his body was slowly changing into little orbs of light, if he didn't know what was happening he'd have been slightly freaked out.

"Naruto" Said boy turned to his best friend. "Try not to be, completely like you. You'll be in an Uchiha body, let the mind that's there help you to, be less you" He smiled and offered his fist, bestowing one last gift on Naruto that he would need in this world. Naruto happily accepted the offer and bumped fists with him, barely noticing the small chakra surge running through his body as he fully disappeared from sight.

**Scene Change**

Naruto groaned softly, he felt sore all over now. The stiffness and aches he felt almost blurred out the sounds of the gasping doctors around him. Sitting up slowly he opened his eyes to see shocked faces all around him, clearing his throat briefly he realized just how dry his throat was.

"What?" He said hoarsely, finally shocking the doctors into moving as they ran to him and began checking him over while the head doctor ran from the room.

"I must alert the Hokage of this!" He shouted as he sprinted out.

**Hokage's Office**

Sarutobi was running through the giant mountain of paperwork on his desk, the bane of his existence these days and pretty much the only reason he retired from his seat in the first place. -Curse you Minato for leaving all this work in my hands, some days i think you did it just to spite me!- He shouted in his mind as he stamped another mission completed document. Suddenly as if sent by Kami (Haha, you have no idea) His head doctor ran into the room and shouted out.

"Hokage-sama, Sasuke Uchiha has woke up!" Hiruzen nearly lept from his seat at that, the last Uchiha, and the reason for the huge increase in paperwork, was awake.

"Take me to him" He said with urgency as they both took off toward the hospital to see the young Miracle (*Cough* Gift *Cough*) boy. -Note to self, make a mission to figure out what that omnipotent voice is that everyone keeps hearing- He thought as he entered the room of the young Uchiha.

Naruto on the other hand had a slight tick on his head, these doctors were constantly running through tests on him and doing what felt like everything in their power to keep him from leaving the room, all because he was the last Uchiha. -They never acted like this when i was "The Kyuubi Brat"- he thought spitefully. Finally he'd had enough and spoke in a demanding tone.

"Guys!" He said, causing them all to stop and look at him. "I'm really ok, everything is working properly from what i can tell." He said, offering a small smile that brought a blush to a younger nurse's cheeks.

"Well I'm glad to see you're up and on your feet again Sasuke-kun" Naruto heard a voice that brought his heart up into his chest and nearly brought tears to his eyes just from the sound. Turning slowly he saw a face that nearly brought him to his knees, he couldn't help but run forward and hug the old man who had treated him like family back in his world. Sarutobi was a bit surprised at first, but returned the hug to the boy gently, passing it off as just seeing a friendly face after what had happened to him.

"It's good to see you again old man" Naruto said, though quickly realized his mistake when he looked into the third Hokage's eyes.

He gave a laugh that brought the smile back to Naruto's face once more as he spoke. "It seems now I have two people in the village calling me that, must be Ami has rubbed off on you a bit ey Sasuke?" Naruto tilted his head in confusion before thinking about it.

-This Ami person must be the Jinchuuriki of this world, I'll need to find him and start helping right away- Naruto thought as he smiled at the aged kage. He had a lot of work to do to prepare for what was going to happen in this world. "Ano, Old man-er.. Hokage-sama, would it be ok if i got some rest? I get released tomorrow and I'd like to be rested up when i do" He said, receiving a laugh and a smile from the Third.

"That would be fine Sasuke-kun, just please stop by my office some time tomorrow, I have something important to discuss with you ok?" Sarutobi asked with his same soft smile as Naruto happily nodded, just happy that the man he saw as a grandfather was back in his life once more. With that Sarutobi left to allow the boy to get some rest, and get back to that ungodly paperwork.

After one last check from the doctors and a much needed glass of water Naruto was laying in his bed, he may hate hospitals, but he couldn't say he didn't enjoy the treatment, even if it reminded him of his former life. -Things will be different this time- he tought to himself as he raised a hand up to the sky and clenched a fist -I'll make sure of it-

To be continued….

So what did y'all think? Should i continue this one? Cuz I have a lot planned for this, though I will have a lot of it follow the original story that this is based off of I will add my own twists and turns

Je ne

*Chapter 2*: Page 2

Hey everyone, just because I'm bored I decided to continue this trail of thought. Lemme know what ya think.

Chapter 1

Page 2

Naruto awoke in a familiar sewer that he'd always known to be his mindscape back in his world, looking down at himself he was a bit surprised to see he looked almost like that boy Menma he'd met back in that alternate demonsion that Obito had created to trap him. -Must be the fusion of my mind with this worlds sasuke- He thought as he tugged at the blue shirt of his, finding it to be a bit appealing, though still missing the old orange he used to have. Shrugging it off he walked through the corridors on memory alone, eventually coming to a familiar cage and looking in at the giant fox. He could see there was a slight difference in his comrade's appearance, his fur was a slightly darker red and he seemed to hold a darker aura of chakra about him.

"Hello Kurama, I hope it wasn't too difficult to repair this body" He said with a playful, yet respectful tone that caused said fox to smile a little, at least the boy hadn't changed despite taking on the Uchiha's body and soul.

"It wasn't too difficult, the only trouble was fixing the damage caused by the Tukouyomi did to him. It shouldn't cause too many issues, but you may still get bits and pieces due to the embedded memories that the Uchiha's soul left behind when you came in" Kurama said with an equally respectful tone, the two of them had been good friends before their untimely demise at the hands of that brat. He held no anger toward Naruto as he had done his best to protect them both and even died to fight a battle that wasn't even his to fight, Kurama respected him almost as much as he respected the sage. "Hope you won't be too scared by a few night terrors, scardy-cat" He taunted, he did say 'Almost'.

Naruto gave a chuckle and smiled at his long time friend, deciding it was time to get right down to business. "So what's the damage?" He asked, he needed to know just how far he was set back by this new body and other factors that it might affect.

Kurama gave him a nod and became serious as well, he knew Naruto was Naturally a very excitable and occasionally downright stupid boy, but when he got serious it meant he felt it was urgent. The fox began the breakdown of everything. "It seems that we no longer have our merged chakra, nor am I able to give you chakra without you entering the tailed modes anymore. That woman also did not tell us that you no longer hold my lighter half and now only hold my darker half. This means you may not ever be able to enter controlled mode again and might be more like that killer-bee fellow you met. We could still merge our chakra but you would need to start training it all over again just to be able to control even the tiniest bit of my darker chakra. There is also the Uchiha's final gift, I'm still working on integrating it. You should still be able to use it, but it will be difficult to control. Aside from that you will need to relearn the majority of your jutsu just to see if you can still even use them. All that aside, we still need to find the new Jinchuuriki and befriend them as well to help them along the way. That's about the sum of how screwed we are currently"

Naruto took all this information in and nodded at each tidbit he got, looking at the large fox he brought his fist up. "Well, best way to start is to get back into sync right?" He said as he gave his traditional goofy smile, it seemed a bit out of place due to his new Uchiha like traits, but it still brought a smile to the fox's lips. Slowly but surely the large fox's fist pressed to Naruto's, a small swirl of chakra linked between them. With this, they had begun their journey and even they had no idea where it would take them.

After a few more minutes of discussing their plans and everything they'd need to get done Naruto bid farewell to his friend before slowly fading from his mindscape.

**Back in Reality**

Naruto slowly awoke to the darkness of the hospital, it was still relatively early. Glancing at the clock he saw it was still a few hours till sunrise, but since he needed to get things done he got up from the bed, tossing on his usual outfit consisting of a blue shirt with the uchiha fan on the back and a pair of solid white shorts he began the trek from his room. It was pretty easy to get out of the hospital seeing as unlike before he wasn't attacked or thrown out, if anything they were more concerned with getting him to stay. After telling them he was ok and telling them of his appointment with the Hokage they finally released him.

Wandering the town a bit Naruto came to the realization that there really weren't many differences between this world and his, being totally honest he couldn't see a single difference between them at all. He made his way to the Hokage tower, knowing the old man would probably be working another late night. Opening the door he stepped into the office and gave a curt bow to the elder kage, giving him the respect he figured an Uchiha would give. The old man gave a smile to the boy and gestured for him to relax

"No need to be so formal Sasuke-kun, I mean, just yesterday you called me old man and hugged me so tight I thought you might've cracked a rib" He said with a hearty laugh that made Sasuke smile and blush as he realized he'd contradicted himself already. It would be very difficult to act like a calm and collect Uchiha when he was so used to being the loud and funny Uzumaki, he'd need to find a way to balance them both. He was brought out of his inner musings when he heard the kage speak. "However Sasuke, I have something I'd like to discuss with you." Naruto stood at attention and listened to what the man had to say.

"Due to the…. recent loss of the Uchiha clan…. you are the only current survivor with Itachi being long gone and declared a missing nin. This leaves you as the clan heir and with the choice to take over the Uchiha district. Now you don't have to live there if you don't want to, I can easily set you up with an apartment until you feel you're able to go back" Hiruzen offered to the boy, who smiled sadly and gave a nod, saying he'd like one. "Ok Sasuke-kun, I'll set it up for you. Is there anywhere specific you'd like to be?" He asked, receiving another nod.

"If it's possible could you find me a place near Ami-san?" He asked, surprising the elder if the look on his face was anything to go by. "It's been awhile since we've seen each other and I'd like to catch up" Naruto explained, getting a smile from Sarutobi. He hadn't even known Ami and Sasuke were friends, but he was happy to help.

"Sure Sasuke-kun, I'm sure Ami would love the company. By the way, I've re-entered you in the academy, I had a feeling you'd want to continue your ninja career." He said as he placed a set of keys in front of the teen. "This one is for the apartment next to Ami's, say hi for me if you can" Sasuke gave a chuckle and nodded before leaving the elder to his work.

Naruto smiled on his way towards the manor, the stares and whispers didn't bother him as he was content with this new life. He was excited and couldn't wait to see his friends again. He was a bit disappointed when he noticed that 'Ami' wasn't home, meeting her would have to wait.

The quiet apartment gave him no comfort as he had to suppress memories rising in his head, he grew depressed watching each room, the life that this Sasuke had mixed with his own memories made him feel depressed and brought him to realize why Sasuke acted the way he did. Being able to remember a family was just as hard as not knowing yours. Soon he went to the training grounds behind the house, he needed some air.

-Ok, let's see the differences between our bodies.-

Getting in stance he started breathing in and out before quickly following his stanzas. The movements of punches and kicks he performed were meant for multiple attackers, quick knock out blows, quick kicks and powerful counter attacks moved with quick enough speed for his age. He even used some of Rock Lee's attacks to see how they could compare.

-This is awesome,- he thought as he finished knocking out an imaginary enemy, -This body is built for speed and seems to adjust easily to any situation but I can sense my chakra control is a bit off, need more training.-

Getting into his kata again he started tajutsu training for the rest of the day, later he worked on chakra attacks but mostly concentrating on the basic techniques. Towards the end of the day he quickly thought over his training.

-Ok, I seem to have a nature for fire techniques, my chakra levels need a bit of work, I need to get some weights, and I should avoid using any of the Fourth's techniques, which isn't much since I never figured out how to do the flying thunder god technique so that is out. I can't use the Rasengan in public due to the questions it would raise, though in private and when I'm in dire need it would be ok. I'd love to see what a fire or even lightning element would do to it if it was added. put that on the list for later, that and I'll have to use the sharingan as well to pick up techniques so whatever I'm lacking in i can just use that for help I guess-

He sat next to the burnt grass as he thought of all the training he needed to do before his stomach suddenly growled.

-Well I don't want to cook and I have money so the best choice is…ICHIRAKUS,- He grinned as he headed off towards the said place.

She slurped her shrimp flavored ramen happily as the taste delighted her.

"Ah, that was good," she wiped her mouth, "good job old man Teuchi, that was the best."

"Ho, ho, Ami, you always say that." He turned away to the dishes.

She gave him a wide grin; she loved the old man like a grandfather, he was always kind to her even his daughter Ayame. If the old man didn't make her laugh, she could always share gossip with Ayame.

She smiled as she watched them take away her dishes, ever since she was young, she came here to eat, not only because of the owners but their food is also awesome. Sometimes she wondered if she ruined his business but she remembered what old man Ichiraku told her, 'those fools weren't welcomed here'. She smiled again, 'Someday, I'll repay him all his kindness,' she thought

"Ramen, ramen, ramen," she hummed, "It's so delic…"

Then he came in, Sasuke (An: I'll switch in and out of the names depending on what perspective it's from), he rose an eyebrow at her before settling down in a stool, -what the hell, since when did he start eating here?- she thought a bit muffled as she faced away from him.

"One miso ramen please," he spoke with that confident cool voice, unaware of everything; she huffed as she continued eating.

-Who is she? She seems vaguely familiar to me- Sasuke thought, sitting down. As if on cue a flash ran through his mind of himself as a kid in that exact same seat, eating ramen. When he compared the looks of this girl and himself as a kid, she could be a perfect replica of him if he'd looked more like his mom, and it kinda shocked him. Her crimson hair was loose and wild as she stared at him with piercing violet colored eyes, she a black t-shirt with a bit of black mesh underneath it, her pants were a dark purple color that kinda reminded him of his own ungodly orange color, they were actually pretty similar. -This girl, is the ME of this world?!- So this is what the goddess meant by saying he didn't exist, HE was a SHE in this world. Kami had a twisted sense of humor.

He closed his eyes and waited quietly for his meal, he could tell she was tense and sometimes he knew she would glance at him. Going on instincts he opened his eyes and caught her staring at him.

She looked surprised and embarrassed as she quickly turned away, huffing even more. Naruto smirked, -this was getting interesting.-

"Here you go sir," Ichiraku handed him his ramen.

"Thank you," he took a chopstick, broke it apart and slowly started to eat.

She couldn't take it anymore, "SASUKE!" she pointed at him, "what are you doing here!"

Calmly he continued eating, "Just eating dinner Ami," he looked at her and smirked, playing it off like he knew her. "It's good to see you too."

She flushed in embarrassment, "No, why here! You never eat here."

He shrugged and continued eating.

"Bastard," She muttered before settling back down.

He was left eating his meal in relative peace as Ami seemed to be ignoring him, which left him time to think. He glanced at her before quickly looking back at his meal, 'hmm, I don't know much about Ami but she already acts like my old self…loneliness can do that to a person.' He thought bitterly as a sad looked graced his face.

"Ami," his voice was soft and clear.

She glared at him, "What is it Sasuke!" she spat.

He turned to look at her as she was taken aback by his eyes.

His eyes were different, it wasn't the confident I am better than you look or the hateful glare that scarred his face most of the time. It was the look she's seen on the Hokage's face when they talk, the look on Ayami and old man Ichiraku's face when they ask about her day; the look of concern and something else.

"Why do you hate me?" He asked.

She was left speechless as she sat there in shock before answering, looking back at him angrily. "Because, Sasuke," she stressed his name, "You are spoiled, you're always showing off how good you are, and everyone worships you. It's like you can do anything you want while others can't and you sit there being pampered all the time." She huffed and looked away.

As no words were spoken, Ayami and Ichiraku looked at the kids in quiet observation. Slowly it seemed like no one would speak until Sasuke sighed and slipped money on the counter.

"For me and Ami's meal please," Naruto spoke as he stood up. He looked at her with no sign of malice or anger and added before leaving, "I'm sorry, I don't know what to say to you other than things are going to change soon," he looked at her eyes meaningfully as Ami turned to look at him shocked and confused, "and I want you to know, I don't hate you and maybe we could be friends," he gave her a sad smile and left.

Ami sat there with her mouth slightly open as she thought on what had just happened.

-Why do I hate you Sasuke?- She thought a bit remorsefully, -Is it because you're everything I'm not and everything I want to be.-

Sullenly she stared back at her empty bowl as she pondered over these thoughts.

Ayami quietly slipped out from the counter and sat next to her, she tapped Ami's shoulder as it seemed to get her attention.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

Ami looked up and nodded her head, "Yeah, I am." she lied

"Who was that?" Ayami continued.

"That was Sasuke Uchiha, my class mate."

Ayami gasped.

"Oh my goodness," she breathed out, "haven't you heard."

"Heard what?" Ami asked curiously now her attention was focused on Ayami's shocked expression.

"Three days ago, there was a massacre by one Itachi Uchiha," she spoke gravely, "he killed every Uchiha, all his family and sent the only heir left into the hospital, they said the heir would never recover and that the

Uchiha clan was lost forever." She looked at where Sasuke left. "And just today, I heard the heir miraculously woke up and made a full recovery."

They sat in silence before Ami stood up, "Thank you, I'll see you guys tomorrow." She ran out of the shop, her mind filled with questions.

"Dad?" Ayami asked.

"Just leave it be," he answered as he started putting away items.

Ami ran out in search for Sasuke. She wanted to see him, to talk to him, ask why he was acting like this, and most of all, maybe she could be his friend.

-Damn, where does he live?!- she thought frustrated and continued looking.

It was dark as he walked down the streets. After leaving Ichiraku's ramen shop, he thought about heading home before deciding a walk to the park would be nice. Taking different paths, he wondered what he would do tomorrow, how he would react to his classmates while maintaining some sense of dignity.

Sure he was excited to see them but seeing Sasuke jumping around yelling and hugging everyone was something a bit disturbing, and right out the hospital, 'They would think I was crazy.' He thought.

He continued walking before he heard a muffled cry.

Scanning the area he searched for the source, sensing movement, he ran towards the would be target.

-Where is it?- he thought as he continued running while searching.

There, off in the distance he could see a masked ninja carrying a tiny body.

-Wait a minute, I remember this,- he thought back to treaties and massacres, since the treaty was right after the massacre and there was a kidnapping that night after the treaty but it seems the kidnappers delayed it by a day, -then that would be…- He spotted the indigo hair and wet white eyes of the bounded captive.

"HINATA!" Naruto yelled as he bounded off towards the kidnapper with renewed speed.

Looking back, the ninja spotted the kid on his tail.

"Ch, annoying runt," he said, stopping to take care of the problem.

Naruto faced the ninja, anger edged in his eyes.

"Let her go," Sasuke spoke out dangerously.

"Little pest needs to disappear," moving quickly the ninja appeared in front of Naruto, landing a blow to the boy's gut.

Coughing, Naruto grabbed the arm and countered by smashing his knee to the ninja's face.

The enemy ninja placed his hands on his face and cursed out in pain, the enemy ninja was surpised and momentarily stunned by the attack as Naruto quickly grabbed Hinata and jumped away. Landing near a tree a few feet away, he unbounded Hinata, "Try to get away," Sasuke said, "I'll stall him." He ran back towards the ninja.

"Ah, you stupid kid!" the ninja yelled as he quickly recovered, "I'll finish you quickly."

Placing his hands together he started making hand seals, seeing this Naruto started making his own.

"Earth Release: Raging Spikes Technique!" the ninja placed his hands on the ground as large spikes started sprouting up heading towards Naruto.

Smirking, Naruto finished his hand seals and jumped high in the air, dodging the attack, "FIRE RELEASE: GRAND FIREBALL TECHNIQUE!" he yelled out before puffing in and releasing a huge ball of fire towards the ninja.

Dodging the attack, the fire landed on the ground causing an explosion that lit the night air.

"You missed boy," the ninja spoke a bit confident as Naruto continued to smirk.

'Now I just need to buy some time," the Uchiha thought before his eyes activated. The enemy ninja attacked again, rushing forward with a kunai out, it seemed as if he wanted to end this battle.

Naruto saw the world in a different view. He saw the ninja, he knew what was going to happen, and he tried to move as fast as he could in this small body.

Thankfully, Naruto dodged in the split second, rolling to the sides before trying to channel a bit of wind chakra to his hand, clasping his other hand over it he formed the traditional spiraling ball he was so used to making. Though he'd forgotten his strong fire chakra and began flooding fire chakra into the ball and charged forward, in his hands instead of a spiraling blue ball like he remembered he held a violet ball filled with dark purple flames and an outer swirl of nearly white fire. Slamming the swirling ball into the man's chest he roared out his technique, (An: Nobody is around currently aside from hinata and she's too scared to really focus on the techinque) "Rasengan!" The blazing ball of death drilled into the man and cauterized flesh and blood vessels as it ripped into him before launching him away in a burst of white fire that sent Naruto flying as well. Rolling to a stop Naruto looked at the damage he'd done and reaized he'd just used the one jutsu he swore not to use in public. -Shit! How am I going to explain this?!- He mentally screamed, forced to think on the spot as he saw several anbu show up, clearly drawn by the huge chakra spike. Looking at his arm he just then noticed the phenomenally painful menagerie of burns on it, hissing in pain he grabbed it and mentally had to stop Kurama from healing it as he saw the anbu landing in front of the downed ninja

The Anbu quickly restrained the ninja before spotting the dark haired boy.

"Uchiha," several spoke out concerned, Sasuke gave them a feral grin while holding on to his injured arm.

A few approached him and the one who was seemingly in charge directed one to treat the boy's wound.

"I'm fine, really," Sasuke tried to wave off their help but the Anbu who was instructed to treat him shook her head.

"Sir Uchiha," she firmly placed her hands on Sasuke's uninjured shoulder and sat him down, "you have a burn covering the entirety of your right arm, do you really expect us to believe that you are ok?"

"Uh…yeah?" He heard a few Anbus around him chuckle as the Anbu who treated his wound sighed.

"Please be careful, I can't express how you being the last one of your clan need to exercise more precaution," Sasuke flinched when she pulled the kunai out, took off his shirt, and started healing the wound.

"W-wait, how is Hinata?" he tried to stand up but the lady Anbu placed a hand on his chest, placing him down again.

"T-there he is father," Hinata came in being carried by her father, "That's the one who helped me." Her voice was a whisper but Sasuke heard as the Anbus around him turned to the figures approaching.

Sasuke smiled as he spotted Hinata. She widened her eyes as she stared at the wound the Anbu was treating.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan, just a little burn. Shouldn't test out new jutsu on the fly anymore" He said with a soft smile gracing his lips.

"I'll say, whatever this jutsu was it did damage almost like a drilling air bullet mixed with fireball jutsu" One anbu said.

The older man holding Hinata seemed to have found humor in that, "Uchiha, I thank you for saving my daughter," he said gratefully, "To have stopped him from getting away, I owe you a dept."

"Don't worry sir, you would have gotten him anyways," Sasuke answered, dismissing it with a wave on his good hand; "I am more worried about Hinata, she wasn't hurt was she?" he looked worried while staring at Her.

Blushing, she looked away, "N-No, I am fine." Hinata's father placed her down so she could walk.

'Kind and modest,' Hinata's father thought, "And how would you know I would have caught up to her young man," he asked.

"Sir, because when you noticed Hinata was missing," the Anbu had finished treating his wound as Sasuke placed his shirt back on, "you used your byakugun to find her with relative ease as you seem to have appeared here seconds after the ninja was captured." Sasuke answered now standing up as the Anbu and Hinata's father seemed impressed by the boy's point of view.

He chuckled, "Impressive thinking for someone your age," he introduced himself, "My name is Hiashi, head of the Hyuuga clan," he nodded towards him, "Your name is Sasuke right?"

"Yes it is Lord Hiashi," Sasuke answered respectively with a small bow in which Hiashi nodded in approval.

"Well then Sasuke, if there is anything I could do for you let me know," he looked at Hinata, "Let's go home, I have to report this to the Hokage."

"It's already being reported," the Anbu commander approached, "you should rest sir, everything will be taken care of."

Hiashi nodded, thanking them before they stared to leave.

Hinata turned to Sasuke, "Thank you," she whispered while bowing low.

Grinning sheepishly, Sasuke scratched the back of his head, "Hinata, you don't need to bow to me." She looked up, "I'll see you tomorrow ok?"

She looked surprise for a moment to the familiar act before smiling and nodding her head.

"Well, good night Hinata."

"Good night Sasuke," she left with her father.

"I'm glad she is safe," he started walking home without noticing the last long curious glance Hinata turned to give him but had to stop when the Anbu that treated his wound stood in his way.

"And where are you going?" she asked with amusement in her voice.

"Home?" Sasuke asked hopefully as the Lady Anbu shook her head.

"No, to the hospital," she directed him forward, "that was only a field healing treatment, you still need to have it checked."

Sasuke sighed before the Anbu escorted him towards the hospital's direction, 'they're only doing this because I'm an Uchiha now,' he thought a bit annoyed. He still smiled though; he hoped this one change he made would have a good outcome… Especially with the fact that he'll need an excuse for his fast healing (An: I'll explain how they haven't sensed the kyuubi chakra later)

"Damn it Sasuke," Ami sighed as she started walking home from her failed search, "I guess I'll see you tomorrow." If only she knew how close Sasuke really was.

Hey guys this is the end of page two, Before i continue I'll letcha know, there will be parts of my story that mimic either the series or the original story that my idea is based on, so all credit for those parts go to their respective writers. However I will also be adding things in and changing up things to change up the plot line so be ready for twists and turns that will make this story unique ok?

*Chapter 3*: page 3

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 1: Page 3

Ami was irritated, very irritated, she'd stayed out nearly all night looking for Sasuke and couldn't find him anywhere. Getting back home late she just crashed and passed right out after a long day, not even noticing the lights on in her neighbor's house. Then this morning after running all the way to school to avoid being late, she saw that Sasuke wasn't even there! How is it whenever the girl tried to find him he was completely able to avoid her without even trying. She heard several students whispering something about Sasuke and listened in as best as she could while taking her place next to her good friend Hinata, only catching bits and pieces but it was enough to fill in the blanks at least. Last night during her search she'd felt a huge surge of chakra and saw a bright light, but finding out that the cause of the light had been the very boy she was looking for shocked her. He'd been there to save her friend from being kidnapped and displayed an attack that literally blew a chunin level shinobi away like he was a paper bag in a tornado. Turning to her friend she took notice of the thoughtful look on Hinata's face.

"Hey Hinata, what is all this buzz going on about Sasuke? Did something happen?" She asked, displaying openly her confusion. The bluenette turned to her long time friend. To be honest she wasn even sure how she became friends with the crimson haired girl, their personalities were polar opposites: The calm, reserved Hyuuga with a shy streak a mile wide, and the excited, bubbly Uzumaki, who could outlast the energizer bunny by a few decades.

"You haven't heard," She asked calmly "Sasuke managed to prevent my kidnapping yesterday, by using some strange fire type jutsu that…" She paused for a moment, remembering the look of the boys charred arm "That severely burned his right arm"

At this Ami looked shocked, Sasuke had not only saved her closest friend, but had gotten injured in the process? How strong was the attack?! Just as she began to think over the information she'd received said raven haired boy walked in, but he looked totally quite a bit different now. His usual blue shirt was replaced with a dark violet colored open one with short sleeves and the uchiha symbol on the back. Under it was a black t shirt with no real special qualities about it, black cargo pants replaced his white shorts and a cross shaped necklace hung around his neck. It took Ami nearly five minutes to realize she'd been staring at the boy even after he sat down in front of her. Turning to Hinata she saw the usually quiet and stiotic girl nearly drooling at the sight of the dark haired boy, which was a definite shock. Usually the girl would talk to her about disliking the very same boy.

Naruto on the other hand was sitting calmly, blissfully unaware of all the hungry eyes on him and began writing in a notebook. He'd recently begun to experiment to try and figure out exactly what Sasuke's gift was, though aside from randomly bringing back strong memories from his past along with strange images of older versions of the people he knew. At one point he'd even seen images of what he and Sasuke looked like as adults (The ones from Naruto The Last) as well. He had to admit, he kind of wished he could've seen it for himself to see if they looked as cool as they did in the images. He thought about styling his clothing based off the image of older Sasuke, but thought that might raise unneeded questions, so he settled for his current outfit and had been taking notes on his abilities and also on events he felt he could stop. He was interrupted however, when a crouching figure landed in front of him and slammed his notebook shut. Looking up he saw the violet eyes of none other than Ami Uzumaki, from what he heard the girl had been dead set on finding him last night while he'd been in the hospital. He'd thought about seeing her, but by the time he got home he was so beat he just went inside and collapsed.

Ami glared into Sasuke's black eyes, suddenly stopping what she was about to say when she noticed something. Looking with squinted eyes she noticed a small spot where Sasuke's pupil should be, rather than the usual solid black color she remembered his coal black eyes held a single small cerulean colored dot in the very center of each eye. She'd been about to lean in and ask about it when Sasuke spoke.

Naruto couldn't help but feel this scene was oddly familiar to him, thinking it over for a moment he came to a conclusion. -Crouching on a desk, glaring look, kid standing up…. oh GOD!- He was only able to speak two words before it happened.

"Don't move-"

"Huh? What's going," The kid in front of Naruto and Ami turned to see what the commotion was, but accidently nudged the leaning Ami and knocked her off balance.

Right into Naruto's lips….

And straight to the floor in a damned near french kiss.

Everyone's eyes were wide as they all turned to the now lip locked Sasuke and Ami. Every Sasuke fangirl too stunned to even think properly. "She just, took his first….." One said. Even Hinata was giving Ami a slightly jealous look due to the position she was in and the fact that she'd just gotten the first kiss of the prestigious Uchiha Sasuke.

Ami and Naruto on the other hand, were both the same color as freshly picked strawberries, and too stunned to do anything other than sit wide eyed and try to get their brains to work again. Though before pulling back they both shared a very similar though.

-S-Soft lips-

The two jerked apart and quickly jumped away from each other, both still so brightly colored they seemed to glow. Without even a word Ami sprinted back to her seat and dove into it just as Iruka walked in and saw them, looking curiously around the class he saw they slightly stunned looks and the blushing Ami and Sasuke before deciding to ask. "What happened, was there another fight?" Nobody answered, but the crimson colored faces of the two teens was evidence of other things.. Though through all of it there was one voice laughing almost hysterically, and only Naruto could hear it.

"Hahahaha! History repeats itself once more!" A certain fox hysterically spoke between heaving laughs, several minutes later he calmed himself. "At least this time there's a chance you could take her as a mate and…." Naruto's blush grew deeper as the fox spoke, the last thing he heard before cutting the connection was the fox beginning to crack up once more at the boy's expense.

Oh yes, this was going to be a fun few years

*Scene change: Time Skip Jutsu*

Naruto stood in the Uchiha district, looking around at the deserted homes he had to suppress the memories of the child Sasuke in him. After a year of preparing his mind and soothing the young Uchiha mind within his own Naruto had finally gotten up the courage to ask the Hokage for the key to the head clan house in the Uchiha district. After his costume change he was in dire need of it, very shortly after Ami, Hinata, and many of his fans had found out where he lived and he was tired of waking up in strange situations. One of such was especially odd.


Naruto had just managed to get into his bed and was on the verge of sleep after a day of heavy training on his chakra control, he was now back up to a level where the shadow clone jutsu came easily to him once more and a good majority of his abilities were attainable again. Though a sudden sensation caught his attention and caused him to sit up extremely fast. The sight that awaited him was very shocking.

A very undressed Ami sat in his lap with a shocked expression on her face, apparently she'd been sleep walking and for some reason wound up in his house. Apparently in her dream she'd felt a strong pull (Can you guess? lol) and had gone toward it. Though at this point in time she was under the impression that he had snuck into her room. The response was instant, an ear piercing scream.


*Flashback End*

Not long after Naruto had spoken to Kurama and found out that Ami was going to be drawn to him as long as he was near seeing as technically their chakra was part of one being. Naruto had blushed at that seeing as right after Kurama had begun talking about mating with her and also began sending him images of him and Ami that would make Jiraiya's books look like child's play. After several more odd awakenings Naruto decided to talk to the Hokage about moving into the Uchiha district, claiming it to be for….. personal reasons.

And here he was, walking through the abandoned buildings and fighting off the growing surges of memories. Briefly everything would turn red and black, a spray of blood here, a pained scream there, and a body tumbling to the ground in front of him. As he walked these painful surges grew longer and more detailed, and then it happened.

*Flash: Tsukouyomi*

Sasuke stood, far younger now, looking helplessly as the illusionary version of his brother slashed down man, woman, and child alike as if they were nothing to him. Falling to his knees he grabbed his head and let tears spill from his eyes, giving a scream of mixed anguish and terror as he tried to block out the images that seemed to bore into his very soul.


And then it was over, Naruto sat on his knees, head to the ground and holding his head. Fresh tears fell from his eyes, that last one had forced the inner Sasuke's feeling forth along with such pain that he couldn't tell which one actually made him cry. Slowly sitting back he panted and looked at the tall wooden pole, where Itachi had once stood. Glaring forward he pulled himself to his feet and groaned as his body fought him, the boy who had once been there had yet to fade away and wanted nothing more than to curl up and cry. Suppressing the feelings he made his way to the main house, he needed to overcome these memories if he was to live in this hollow place.

He reached the door, and placed his hand on the knob, every fiber of his body was screaming at him to let it go, run away, go back to living in the apartment, never return to this place again. Steeling his nerve he looked at the door with a stern gaze, his back(And blue) eyes holding determination to finish what he started. He slid the door open and stepped inside, expecting the most powerful flash of them all.

There was nothing, no pain, no dead images, not even a flash like there was all those other times. Stepping further he looked around, trying to see if maybe something would trigger it. It took nearly twenty minutes before he realized something, the boy in his mind had vanished, completely at peace. Did him resolving to go through all this bring him the power to fight off the images? Was he truly at peace with it all? Walking around for a bit longer he felt nothing more of the fear he'd once felt, none of it came back after him and nothing jumped out. He smiled lightly and went up to where he knew his room was, using Sasuke's memories to get there before sitting on the bed. This day had definitely been rough on him and he needed a bit of rest, but there was one last thing he needed to do. Sitting cross-legged on the floor he began running through a long series of hand seals, using memory from what the future Sasuke had given him. Getting to the last seal he whispered the name of the jutsu he'd been given.

"Memory release…"

*Scene Change (That's right, no seeing the special ability yet)*

Naruto sat in his usual spot, ignoring all the looks he was getting from the female population of his class. He'd long since gotten used to their looks and the constant asks for dates, he turned them down of course, needing to at least try to uphold the 'Sasuke' demeanor. It was the last day of their third year, the day Naruto had been preparing for. Today Mizuki would be tricking Ami into going after the forbidden scroll, and he would be there as well. Slowly the students began to file into the class and take their seats, all conversing happily about the test. Some boasted that they'd easily pass, others seemed a bit nervous. Naruto was confident in his ability and knew what needed to be done. Even if it would devastate him to watch, he needed to let Ami fail. If she didn't, she wouldn't ever end up on the path to taking on his former nindo. A small sad smile crossed his lips, only lasting a moment before he turned and looked out the window, appearing broody as 'Sasuke' was supposed to be.

A very excited shout brought him back to reality as he turned to the always bubbly Ami coming in with one silent Hinata Hyuuga. Both sent a look his way to which caused all three to blush and turn away, after a fair share of awkward moments (Usually caused by Ami) they had every right to do it.

His mental musings were interrupted by a voice behind him and a pair of breasts pressing to the back of his neck while a pair of slender arms curled around his neck. A very seductive voice whispered in his ear and caused him to release a shiver as her breath brushed his ear.

"Why hello there, Sasuke-Koi" Came the voice of a certain blonde haired female, a major difference in this world was definitely her. Unlike in his world this girl was far more touchy feely and had a tendency to try….. unsavory things with him. He needed to keep a constant eye on her lest Ino take the opportunity to finally get what she called "The Objective" Sasuke and Naruto (The mental Sasuke, not the real one. I will occasionally add pieces where this Sasuke's emotions will force through) shivered at the thought.

"Ino, you really need to stop this. You know you won't sucCEED!" Naruto nearly jumped out of his chair as a certain delicate spot was grabbed by Ino, slapping the hand away he quickly did a replacement with Shikamaru, resulting in the poor boy receiving a huge beating for "Getting in the way of the objective again" Yes Naruto did that a lot, the girl honestly scared the hell out of him when she got like that.

Iruka then walked in and told everyone to take their seats, after a long speech about how the ninja world would be tough to take and how proud he was of them all he began calling names, He really only paid attention to the details of the original rookie nine.

The first test was a written exam which from what he could tell pretty much everyone passed, not surprising considering booksmarts was the easiest part of ninja life. The next two parts would really discern who was and wasn't cut out for it.

On the weapon training Everyone did fairly well, most using bloodlines and such to ensure their victory. Others without bloodlines either failed out entirely or barely passed this. Naruto had honestly forgotten he was supposed to be an academy student and threw a perfect score, he'd been so used to throwing kunai and shuriken that it just became second nature to throw them with deadly accuracy. Though it didn't seem to really surprise anyone so he just let it go. Stepping back to watch he winced slightly as he saw Ami's score, six out of ten wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best. He knew she needed to fail, but that didn't mean he had to like it.

The final part of the test came: The jutsu portion, Naruto waited calmly for his turn. Watching he was happy to see how all of his past friends still managed to pass, at least that hadn't changed. When his turn came he stepped to the front of the class and looked at Iruka and Mizuki, glaring intensely at the chunin and causing him to flinch back a little. No one could ever get the boy to explain his extreme hatred of the man, but everyone knew he did.

"Ok Sasuke, let's start with a transformation jutsu" Iruka said, hoping to break the tension. It worked as Sasuke turned to Iruka and made a half handsign lazily before a cloud of smoke enveloped him. When it faded away an older version of him stood there, a grey high collared shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the back with a purple tie around his waist. Black pants were on his legs and a large katana hung from the tie. (Teenage Sasuke) Looking at Iruka he gave a nod, he'd just transformed from memory alone, and with a half seal at that. In a cloud of smoke an smirking Sasuke was back to normal.

"Alright, nice. Now for the replacement technique?" As soon as he said it he saw Sasuke vanish in a puff of smoke, being replaced with a chair while a confused Shikamaru fell to the ground in the back of class. A second later he reappeared and another groan came as the chair landed on poor shikamaru.

"Heh, ok. And finally, the clone jutsu?" Sasuke then smirked as a puff of smoke covered a majority of the room, when it cleared there was a dozen Sasukes standing in front of him smirking. What surprised everyone even more is when one picked up the pen Iruka had dropped and handed it back to him. Before Iruka could speak the Shadow clones vanished and Sasuke picked up a headband, heading back to his place in line.

"And finally, Ami Uzumaki" Iruka called out, smiling. He really hoped she'd pass this time, Kami knows she deserved it with how hard she worked for it. She managed the replacement jutsu with relative ease and reappeared with a confident smile.

"Transformation next Ami" Causing Ami to smirk. Behind her, nobody noticed Sasuke's eyes go wide.

"Transform!" Ami yelled as a cloud of smoke enveloped her, but instead of a simple transform an older version of Ami stood there, blowing a small kiss at Iruka, her hair hung longer and she clearly had curves in all the right places. Right down to her nether regions, which thankfully were covered by clouds, the girl was perfection. This might be why Iruka was rocketed back with blood from his nose. Laughing Ami changed back and pointed. Even Naruto had to admit, the girl was gorgeous. Though upon thinking about it he came to a conclusion.

-Wait, she looks like mom as a kid. which means….. OH GOD!" Nobody could figure out why Sasuke began suddenly turning green and nearly vomited.

"Gotcha! That was my Sexy jutsu, and you fell for it!" The result was a huge body racking punch to the head by Iruka, who yelled about dumb techniques.

With one last jutsu on the list Ami rubbed her head and went through the seals, before shouting the jutsu.

"Clone jutsu!""She shouted at the top of her lungs. The result, was less than pleasing. She'd put too much chakra into the clone so that when it formed, it was pale, sickly and looked unrealistic beyond belief.

"Ami….. I'm afraid you…. fail…." The words broke Iruka's heart like no others could. Ami looked on the verge of tears, hell even Sasuke looked saddened by this. With no words left to say Ami and the students simply walked from the class, leaving a depressed Iruka and a smirking Mizuki.

*On the playground outside the school*

Ami sat on the swingset, watching the other students get congratulations from their parents and families on passing. Why, why couldn't she get what she wanted for once? What was so wrong with her that she couldn't even make a single clone?!

"Hey Ami" Came the voice of none other than Mizuki, who placed a hand on the young redhead's shoulder. "Tough break huh?" He asked calmly as he kneeled next to her.

"What's wrong with me Mizuki-sensei? Why can't I ever seem to get the clone jutsu?" Ami asked, on the verge of tears. "I'll never become a genin…." She said dejectedly.

"Well..." came her sensei's voice. "I talked to Iruka and we decided that maybe we should give you a special genin exam" At this Ami jumped up, excited as ever. Neither of them seemed to noticed the raven haired boy in the tree above them.

*Scene Change*

Ami was sitting on the ground breathing a bit heavily when Iruka jumped down in front of her, clearly not happy right now at all.

"Ami! What are you doing stealing the forbidden scroll?!" He shouted at the young girl who looked a bit shocked by his reaction, hadn't she done what she was supposed to?

"But Iruka sensei, you and Mizuki sensei agreed that if i stole this and learned a jutsu out of it you'd make me a genin, didn't you" Ami asked innocently. This caused Iruka to look extremely confused, why would Mizuki. -Oh no- "Ami run!" Iruka Yelled as a giant shuriken flew from the forest at the two of them. Mizuki was about to jump in the way to block if when the strangest thing happened.

The shuriken split down the middle and flew aside, both sides smashing into the ground and sliding to a stop. That wasn't even the strangest part yet, it was what had cut the shuriken. It was a tall, red haired teen, dressed in full anbu gear and holding a single arm out toward the blade. The arm was entirely wrapped up but up near his fingers you could see the wraps had torn, showing what looked like orange fur like skin, tipped in wicked black claws that looked as if they could shred flesh like butter. The teen stood up, equal in height with Iruka and turned, nothing could be seen behind his fox anbu mask aside from his blood red eyes and slit pupils. His hand fell to the side, giving everyone a better look at it. Ami thought it was cool while Iruka and Mizuki recognized that claw, it was identical (Albeit smaller) to the claw of the legendary demon fox. His hair was extremely short, aside from two protrusions coming off the top of his hair that looked vaguely similar to ears. But the most noticeable feature was the single red tail of chakra swaying behind him. It was Mizuki who managed to speak first.

"So the demon calls forth her inner demon to fight for her? Well then that just gives me a chance to kill you both" He tried sounding tough, but even he knew if this really was the kyuubi then he would stand no chance against it. Though Ami looked confused, demon?

"What do you mean demon? I'm not a demon Mizuki-teme" Ami shouted out, the anbu teen visibly tensed at that. Mizuki took this as a sign of fear and continued.

"I think it's time you knew brat" Mizuki smirked as he began "The fourth Hokage never killed the demon that attacked our village, he sealed it away, he sealed it inside you! You are the nine tailed de-" He was instantly shut up as the anbu teen appeared in front of him, sending a punch into the teachers jaw and sending him into the ground. Landing on the branch the teen spoke, softly at first, but slowly getting louder.

"You shouldn't assume just cuz she holds the demon, that she is the demon within her" He began "There is another within this village who shares her burden, he is the victim of the greatest crime to ever happen here and he has held his powers in secret for many years" Naruto knew the risk he was taking by giving them a hint, but he knew the riddle would keep them busy and the only people who would figure it out would be those who truly paid attention to detail. "But you will never meet him, as penalty for breaking the Sandiame's most sacred law, I hereby sentence you to die" With that Naruto jumped at the man, who dove out of the way last second and threw a punch at the anbu. Ducking the strike Naruto grabbed Mizuki by the arm and smashed his face into a tree: Once, Twice, Three times. Naruto kept smashing the chunin's bloody face into the tree over and over. Flashes of his own childhood coming back to his mind, Mizuki hurting Iruka, trying to kill him, siding with Orochimaru. Everything he'd done came back to haunt him as he began hitting him harder. He was on the verge of killing the man when he heard something, his bloodrage came to a stop when he heard Ami's voice.

"P-Please don't kill him…." Ami had a few tears in her eyes, looking at the Anbu who did all this just to protect her. She didn't want anyone to die just because they told her the truth. Naruto remembered a moment like that, when the villagers had attacked him and he pleaded to the Hokage to let them live. Dropping the bloody and whimpering Mizuki he walked the Ami, kneeling in front of her he lifted her chin.

"You are not the demon, in fact…. someday this" His hand gently touched her stomach, where his own seal was (Not that anyone could see it) "Will become your greatest ally" With that he stood and turned to leave, but a tug on his sleeve stopped him. Turning around he saw the little red head looking up at him, "Yes?" he asked calmly.

"Y-you said there was someone like me in the village, you said me and him share the same burden" Her eyes became filled with determination as she clenched his sleeve. "Please tell me who they are, if this power can become my strength…. then I can help them use it for their strength too!" At this both Naruto and Iruka smiled, both thinking -She'll be a fine ninja- Leaning in he whispered very softly in her ear "He's the last of his kind" With that he vanished, leaving the curious girl to try and figure out his riddle.

"What did he say?" Iruka asked, looking at the confused young girl.

"He said. 'He's the last of his kind' but what does that mean?" She asked, not getting it but Iruka was definitely starting to. The last of his kind, and the victim of the biggest crime in the leaf village. It couldn't be though, that would be impossible. -I should report this to the third, but first-

"We'll worry about it later Ami, but first. Close your eyes for me" He smiled when he saw the confused look again, gesturing for her to just do it she sighed and did as she was asked. she then felt something on her head get pulled tight and tilted her head. "Ok, open them up" When she did, she noticed Iruka was missing his headband, reaching up slowly she felt the band on her, metal plate and all. Her eyes went wide as she nearly jumped out of her skin in sheer joy.

"Oh my god! You mean it?!" She shouted out, watching her sensei give a nod. "But, I… I didn't do anything?" She seemed even more confused.

"Well, Mizuki gave you a test didn't he? Even if it was a trick, you completed the test. You're a ninja Ami" He said and caught the girl as she tackled him in a hug and yelled in sheer joy.


In a tree a few feet from the two, a certain raven haired teen smiled before jumping away.

"Mission one: completed"

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*Chapter 4*: page 4

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 1

Page 4

The next morning after the incident Iruka had stopped by the Hokage's office in order to report what had happened, being completely caught off guard when he was told the Hokage hadn't sent any anbu to that location Iruka was now even more confused.

"B-But Hokage-sama both me and Ami saw a Konoha anbu there last night, he even told us about another Jinchuuriki hidden within the village somewhere" Iruka said, getting the old man's eyes to shoot wide as his pipe dropped to the desk.

"A-another Jinchuuriki? How can that be?" The Third asked in utter shock, no one else had even displayed the effects of a demon. "But who could it be, Iruka-san" The aged kage asked. This could be vital information to the village's survival, if this Jinchuuriki was dangerous then it could spell doom for everyone, Ami included.

"He didn't say, he simply gave us small hints. Such as 'The victim of the largest crime to happen in the leaf'" At this Sarutobi narrowed his eyes, that hint didn't really narrow it down, there were several large crimes in the village. "The other was, He's the last of his kind" This hint got Hiruzen's attention, the largest crime in the the leaf village that only left 'One of a kind' was….

"Iruka, I will have to further look into this. Please keep this information between you, Ami and I until I can get to the bottom of this" This was no laughing matter, if Sasuke Uchiha was the Jinchuuriki and the trauma of the genjutsu kicked in at just the wrong time, they could be dealing with an incident on the same scale as the kyuubi attack.

"Hai, Hokage-sama" Iruka said, before being dismissed. After he was gone Sarutobi rubbed his temples and gave an exasperated sigh.

"I'm getting too old for this job"

*Scene Change*

A certain raven haired Uchiha stood in front of the mirror in his house, grabbing a hold of a single hair he gave a tug, pulling it out and showing it to be a single blond strand. Giving a sigh he shook his head. The only downside to Sasuke's gift, the longer it's used, the more it left behind. Looking into the mirror again he looked for anything else that was out of place, noticing nothing he gave a nod.

"Well, best be getting to class, don't want to be late for team placement" With that he got dressed in his usual outfit and was out the door, using Chakra to run up a wall And beginning to use rooftops to avoid street traffic. He knew a kid his age shouldn't know this, but he needed to practice his control more anyways so he decided it was ok. Sprinting along he jumped from a roof and fell straight into a tree in the school courtyard, landing completely silently above a certain Aburame Shino who was lounging under the tree quietly and waiting for school to begin. The boy nearly jumped out of his skin when the young Uchiha dropped down next to him and caused a small shocked shout from the usually stiotic Aburame.

"You remind me a lot of a predatory animal Sasuke-kun" The boy said as he adjusted his glasses, causing Sasuke to look at him.

"What do you mean Shino?" Naruto asked him, wondering what Shino planned to say.

"You move almost silently, never revealing your true power until the last possible moment, always poised to strike when the opponent is weakest, kind of like a fox" Shino explained while looking over the boy. Sasuke gave him a curious grin, clearly taking that as a compliment for some odd reason.

-Hehe, guess I take after you Kurama- Naruto thought, getting the demon to give a slight huff.

-If you did then you'd have been a lot more deadly as a child and much more destructive- The demon seemed to have a knack for ruining their bonding moments just by reminding Naruto that Kurama was in fact a demon.

"Hehe, thanks Shino. It's good to know I can sneak up on even the Aburame every now and then" Sasuke said with a small smile, clearly happy with his skill. Shino had to admit, the young Uchiha did in fact have skills. More times than Shino would like to admit he had been snuck up on by the Uchiha boy, it was slightly intimidating that he could evade detection of even his insects. At one Sasuke had even snuck up on Xiba (Fem Kiba: Deal with it) and Akamaru, which was scary in itself. If this boy could hide from the detection prowess of two of the strongest tracker bloodlines, what else could he do. There were rumors before that he could also hide from the Byakugan, but nobody could yet confirm or deny them yet.

After a few more minutes of chatting between the two the bell rang and both went on their way into the school, Naruto taking a seat in the back of the class today and looking around the room. Shortly after he saw the familiar young redhead sit next to him followed by the young Hyuuga heiress on the other side. He didn't mind, it kept Xiba from taking the seat and trying to make a bunch of 'InUchiha pups' as she called them. Ever since he had defeated her brutally in a spar outside the school she'd become obsessed with making him hers. They were just kids for Pete's sake, how did her and Ino even know these things?!

A third person took a seat, a familiar mop of unruly brown hair sat in front of Sasuke. Turning around it was none other than Xiba Inuzuka giving him a very unpleasantly evil grin, shivering a little he averted his gaze to where Iruka was about to walk in. He was right as their sensei came through the door slowly and smiled at the class.

After the rest of the students came in Iruka went through a lengthy speech about how proud he was of them all for passing the exam and how the ninja world was only going to get tougher from here. "Ok kids, Team One:..." Naruto blurred it out until he heard the familiar ring.

"Team Seven: Sasuke Uchiha, Hinata Hyuuga, And Ami Uzumaki" Naruto's jaw nearly dropped to the desk when he'd heard that. No Sakura?! What was going on here?! but even more shocking was the next part.

"Your sensei will be Obito Uchiha" Naruto literally fell from his chair at this, shocking several students (I'll explain this as well, major plot twist to this story and trust me you'll like it!)

"Sasuke, are you ok?" Came the voice of Ami as she dropped next to her friend in hopes he was alright, she couldn't have him getting sick now, she'd just gotten onto his team!

Sasuke slowly sat up in front of them, holding his head as he groaned a little. "Y-yeah, just a bit shocked. I didn't know there was another Uchiha in the village"

"Well, legally there isn't" Came a voice from behind them that totally shocked the three. Naruto turned and saw him, same black hair, same face, everything he'd seen in the past life, but… where was the damage from the rock? He had both eyes, no wrinkles, it looked as if….. he'd survived the mission with Kakashi! Quickly getting his emotions under control he took a small breath of air and looked at the elder Uchiha.

"What do you mean when you say legally you're not an Uchiha Obito-san?" Naruto asked calmly, causing the older boy to smile a little.

"Well, since I became Jounin I changed my last name, I even completely stopped using my bloodline just to keep as much distance between me and the…. the clan as possible" He paused when he mentioned the clan, remembering what had happened to Sasuke. Seeing the younger Uchiha only slightly wince was a bit shocking, he'd taken the death of the clan almost as hard as the loss of his best friend, this boy had witnessed the massacre as it happened, and only gave a small reaction. -This is interesting, he must've built up a ton of mental walls, even I haven't fully gotten over the death of Kakashi and yet… this boy managed to build a strong enough mental barrier to not only block out a Tsukouyomi, but also the mental scarring of a massacre before his very eyes- Obito thought to himself, clenching a fist when he remembered the death of his close friend.

Looking up at his students Obito gave a bright smile, quickly becoming more determined than ever at the idea of training these kids to be just like his old squad -Just with less disagreements- He thought, chuckling to himself. "Alright guys, meet me on the roof in ten minutes" With that he vanished in a shunshin. Leaving a lot of the class stunned. It was iruka who snapped out of it and began the list again.

Teams are as such.

Team eight: Xiba, Shino, Sakura

Team nine: Still active

Team ten: Ino Shika Chou

After being dismissed Naruto and the gang made their way to the roof, finding their sensei sitting there looking at a headband, not saying anything but simply glaring at it intently. Upon seeing his students he quickly brightened up and smiled at them.

"Ok guys, as you know my name is Obito, Though my last name now is Hatake. But for now we're going to get some introductions done. I'm Obito, My likes are Ramen, training, punctuality, and those precious to me, MY dislikes are rapists, people who abandon their friends, and anyone who attacks those I care for. My dream is to train you three to be able to become anything you wish" He said with a calm smile. Pointing to Ami he spoke again. "You're up Red Sun"

Grumbling a little about being called red Ami began her intro "Ami Uzumaki, My likes are Ramen, Training, My friends, and getting stronger. My dislikes are people who treat others bad for no reason and the time it takes to cook ramen noodles. My dream is to become Hokage, so everyone will see and acknowledge me!" Obito smiled lightly at that, an admirable dream.

"You next Dark Force" He said, pointing to Sasuke, who in turn thought over the name, smiling about it lightly. "My Name is N-" He caught himself and coughed, hoping nobody noticed it. "My name, is Sasuke Uchiha. My likes are surprisingly few, only consisting of my friends, ramen and tomatoes. My dislikes are everything else. My dream- Nothing, I have an ambition…" At this Sasuke's face turned into one of sheer determination. "I will kill a few people, protect my loved ones, and also resurrect my clan" He added at the end, he would eventually need to do it anyways so he figured why not make it a list item. The list though, had shocked Obito, he knew itachi was on the kill list, but who else could this boy have on his list? He couldn't help but smile when he saw the two females blushing deeply when Sasuke said he'd resurrect his clan, it seems they both had ideas in mind.

"And you last Silent Blue" Hinata gave a bit of a glare as well before beginning, her shyness mostly gone due to Sasuke and Ami's help. "My name is Hinata Hyuuga, My likes are the same as Sasuke and Ami's, Dislikes are similar as well. My dream is to assist my team in accomplishing their goals and to one day merge the branch and main houses of the Hyuuga clan" She said softly. This gained nods from her teammates as well as Obito, these three clearly already had great team work. They would easily pass the bell test.

"Well, with that out of the way it's time to get down to business then, tomorrow I will see you all at training ground seven for your final exam. This one will determine whether or not you will actually be my students, or if you'll be in the academy for another year" He steeled his gaze while looking his team over, each one gave a confident smirk and nodded to him.

Oh yeah, this team was definitely going to do great things.

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*Chapter 5*: Page 5

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Ok With all the recent questions answered, allow us to begin!

Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 1: Page 5

Naruto had woken up early this morning, hoping to get his team gathered up to get them ready for the test. He stopped at Hinata's along the way, seeing as they lived much closer than Ami and him. Coming to the front gate he addressed the two branch members with respect that surprised them both.

"Hello Hyuuga-dono, I'm here to pick up Hinata for our team exam" He said calmly, both Hyuuga giving him an individual nod before one went into the compound. A few moments later the Hyuuga heiress walked out, bidding the branch member a quick goodbye before addressing her long time friend.

"Hello Sasuke-kun, how are you this morning?" She asked, a soft smile on her lips. Naruto gave a similar smile and noddd to her.

"I'm not bad, kinda had a rough time getting to sleep though" This brought a frown to the Bluenette's face, this wasn't the first time she'd heard about Sasuke's sleep trouble. It was really beginning to concern her, he'd always pass it off, but she knew there was something deeper to it. She'd need to confront him later to see if she could help him out with this and get him to sleep better. A small blush crossed her cheeks as a thought came to mind that would DEFINITELY help Sasuke get a good night's sleep. Quickly shaking it off she gave him a small smile and nodded as they went on their way to get Ami.

When they arrived it was Naruto who knocked, resulting in a loud crash followed by feet thudding across the floor, someone was running. Both of them smiled when a sleepy Ami opened the door, though that quickly turned into a deep blush from Naruto and Hinata turning away. Ami was dressed in little more than a white long shirt and her lingerie, which Naruto wasn't even sure about seeing as he couldn't see it under the long shirt. Needless to say, any pervert would love this scene.

The sight of her two friends instantly woke up the redhead as she realized her lacking state of dress and screamed for Sasuke to look away, who happily complied for fear of another huge slap. Ami Quickly invited them both in and ran as fast as she could to her room to get dressed. Slowly the two entered the home, Naruto couldn't help but remember everything that happened in this appartment. He picked up an instant ramen container and sighed, this used to be him….

Hinata noticed the way Sasuke was looking around with a look of reminiscence, had he lived like her close friend before. She chalked it up as another reason to talk to Ami about finding out more about their dark haired teammate. She'd need to find time today when she was alone with Ami. As she watched she saw Sasuke navigate a house he'd never been in before as if the place used to be his own. Following behind him she watched the young Uchiha go through some sort of memory lane trip before he suddenly stopped, turning and smiling at her with the usual half smile/grin he always gave. -Someday I'll figure you out Sasuke-kun, I just hope it's not too late- She thought quietly.

Soon Ami came out again fully dressed and ready to go, adjusting her headband a little and nodding to her friends "All set! Let''s go pass that test!" She said confidently as she grinned happily. Her teammates smiled as well before each one followed the young redhead, beginning their long adventure.

*Training Ground: Seven*

At the training grounds the three preteens met up with their soon to be sensei, who smiled and held up two bells.

"Now, all you need to do, is get the bells" He said with a smile, while his team gave him cuious looks. It was Ami who spoke first.

"Sensei, there are only two bells" She made the obvious assumption, causing Obito to nod. Time to see just what this team was made of. He held up one finger and smiled at his team.

"That is correct Ami, there are two bells for one specific reason. The one who doesn't get a bell, goes back to the academy for another whole year and must retake the genin exam. Those who get a bell, officially become my genin team" He said and watched as Hinata and Ami's faces turned into that of shock and terror. Knowing he'd done his job he got into a fighting stance, a bit concerned that Sasuke didn't seem affected in the slightest by the idea of going back to the academy. Chalking it up as overconfidence he smiled and gave a come at me gesture. "Come with intent to kill or you will fail this exam" He said with a deadly tone.

Before either Sasuke or Hinata could react Ami charged forward, sending a sloppy punch at Obito that she then swapped out fot a sneaky roundhouse toward his temple. A bit surprised by the sneak attack Obito had to throw up a single arm to block the kick, being a former Anbu like his old friend (He became Anbu to honor Kakashi) he was easily able to block the weak kick, but he did give praise for such a sneaky move.

"Step one: Taijutsu, a ninja's art of hand to hand combat decides just what role a ninja plays on the battlefield. This is the basis for being a ninja" Obito spoke before grabbing another trick shot from Ami and swinging her like a bat into Hinata, releasing Ami he let them both go flying into the woods while yelling. "I recommend hiding! It'll make surprising me easier!" He went to turn to Sasuke, but was forced to dodge as the Uchiha sent a punch straight passed his nose. -Kids fast!- He thought before jumping over a sweep kick that threatened to catch him. Jumping away he whipped out a kunai and blocked a few that were tossed from Sasuke. -I may need to reassess this boy later to see just how strong he is-

Naruto on the other hand was smiling internally, he knew he had to get his team together in order to pass the test, but that old Naruto mind was having a ball showing off for his soon to be sensei. Dashing forward he channeled chakra to his legs and sprung into the air before running through several handsigns that made Obito's eyes widen. Taking a deep breath he spat out a small fireball that almost made Obito laugh, though it was a distraction as he ran through several more and breathed a huge pulse of wind into it to create a giant inferno of blue fire.

"Elemental Fusion: Azure Flamethrower!" He announced (Magically like all ninja seem to be able to do lol) through the attack as he watched his sensei rapidly backflip to escape the huge torrent of blue fire.

Obito on the other hand was panicking slightly, this teen in just three attacks already had him on the defensive and was displaying elemental jutsu! Hell he knew the young boy would use fire, but to be able to blend wind and fire seamlessly? It was almost unheard of at his age! He jumped back and ran through handsigns for a water jutsu, spewing a torrent of water into the flames in hopes of stopping their approach. Thankfully it worked but when he looked around the young Uchiha was nowhere to be seen. Looking for him he realized the boy had used that jutsu as a diversion to cover his escape.

"Hell of a diversion, kid used a combination I've never even heard of. and thanks to me not using my sharingan i didn't even get a chance to see it all" He groaned and deadpanned, that jutsu was really badass and he totally missed it.

Meanwhile Naruto had caught up to Ami and Hinata in the woods, smirking a little as he dropped in front of them. The two jumped at first but upon seeing him they calmed down and listened as he explained what they should do.

"Ok, we got the plan right?" He looked at them both, neither looked very happy with this plan. Why would he risk not passing the test in order to help them?

"But Sasuke, if you don't get a bell you won't get to become a ninja. How can you follow your dream?" Ami asked concerned, she really wanted to help Sasuke like he'd helped her.

Naruto gave her a reassuring smile and held out his fist to hers. "Don't worry Ami, when he sees how awesome we are as a team, he'll definitely pass us" He said, giving a small hint that he knew they'd pass without actually giving it away, it was enough to get his team's confidence up.

Giving nods the three preteens all took off in various directions, their goals set in mind and fully prepared to get their mission done.

*With Obito* [Background music: Centuries by Fall Out Boy]

Obito stood in the clearing, he could feel a chakra signature coming his way and could easily tell it was the resident Jinchuuriki, Ami. He was proven correct when said girl came sprinting from the woods, recklessly charging what was clearly a stronger opponent. He got ready to fight her when he suddenly felt a shift in wind behind him, ducking on in instinct he saw several shuriken fly passed where his head once was. Turning in the direction they came from he saw nothing but a cloud of smoke, shadow clones. Quickly refocusing he saw Ami's fist a brief moment before he leaned back just in time to dodge her. What scared him though, was that he saw none other than Sasuke Uchiha above him going through a series of handsigns for a fire jutsu. -He wouldn't do that unless Ami was…. oh no- He looked at the grinning Ami who turned and sent a kick toward Obito which forced him to jump, cursing as this left him unable to dodge whatever technique Sasuke was about to use.

Meanwhile Naruto had finished the handsigns and breathed a series of fireballs at Obito speaking though the flames yet again (Naruto logic, don't question me! *Pewdiepie voice*) "Pheonix fire jutsu!" Before beginning another set of handsigns. Ending the long series he took in a deep breath and spit several air bullets into the fire, they were small, each about the size of a fist, but they did the trick. The fires sped up and turned a nearly neon blue that flew at Obito, who in turn was hit by all the fire at once.

Naruto landed next to the real Ami and watched the blue inferno, speaking softly to calm the thoughts he knew were going through her head. "He's alive, he wouldn't be taken down by something that simple, no matter how well it was put together" He was proven correct when the flames died to show a log that was turned to cinders. Spinning on a dime Naruto shoved Ami to the left and crossed his arms over his chest and received a kick to them, sending him rocketing off the ground and flying backward. Flipping in the air he landed on his feet and dug his nails into the ground to stop himself. Looking forward he saw Obito engaging Ami in a very one sided Taijutsu battle with Ami, easily blocking and dodging all her strikes. Naruto charged forward once more, giving a single hand gesture that qualified as a signal. Getting close enough Sasuke ran through a set of Familiar handsigns and mumbled softly "Memory Release Phase Two: Itachi Uchiha"

The result was instant, Naruto felt a sudden rush of power that ran through him like wild fire. He knew he had to do this quickly, getting in close he slid to a stop and sent a huge sweeping kick toward Obito's head. This got the exact reaction he'd wanted as Obito turned and looked him dead in the eyes, his own eyes going wide at what he thought he saw. Itachi Uchiha's Mangekyou Sharingan boring into his black eyes just before his whole world went dark.

[End Background Music]

When Obito woke up from his genjutsu induced sleep he saw his students, each one grinning while Sasuke held up the two bells that had been on his side. Looking at Sasuke he had to make sure what he saw hadn't actually happened, it had to have been a genjutsu. He saw simply Sasuke's ever present black eyes with blue pupils in them, and a smirking preteen.

Naruto on the other hand was relieved, he had only needed Itachi's Sharingan for a few seconds to get the desired result, the rest could easily be played off as him using a genjutsu. Looking into his sensei's eyes he couldn't help but smirk, he was already beginning to believe he saw an illusion so it would be easy to play it off.

"So.." Obito said, shaking his head lightly to clear his mind as he stood. "You have the bells Sasuke, what do you plan to do now?" He asked, he knew this team was going to pass simply based on how well they worked.

"Well actually sensei, it was Hinata who got them. She gave them to me so that I could give them back to you" This answer was lost on Obito, give them back? But why would they…. Then it hit him. "We all want to be ninja sensei, and we want to be a team. If we can't all be on the same team then we will all try again next year" Sasuke said with a smile, the three of them turning around and starting to walk. It was then that Obito spoke again.

"You passed" The words caused the preteens to turn, though the only one not shocked was Sasuke. After all that'd happened, Obito wasn't surprised by this, Sasuke seemed to be a step ahead everytime. "Congratulations you three, you're officially team seven now. Welcome to life as ninjas" This brought a smile to the three faces, each one elated that they had passed, though it seemed like Sasuke just knew the whole time they would. -I'll need to speak to the Hokage later to see what might have been overlooked by the schools- He thought before addressing his team once more. "We will meet back here post haste tomorrow and begin training, everyday we will do two hours of group training and sparring before we do D rank missions, from there we will gauge how well this team works till I deem you ready for C ranks. Understood?" He explained, getting nods from everyone he dismissed them.

"Alright you two," Naruto said, addressing his team and smiling. "Dinner's on me tonight you pick the place, I'll pay for it" At this Ami shouted for ramen, which led to a vote, and the three of them found themselves all enjoying several (For Hinata that's like, two) bowls of ramen while Obito watched from a distance, admiring how this team was already so close. They were going to be the next big thing out there.

Oh if only he knew how big….

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*Chapter 6*: Chapter 2 pg 1

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 2: Page 1

It turned out Obito was quite a different sensei than Kakashi was, right off the bat they had begun with spars, followed by grueling workouts that could only be carried out as a team. He even made doing D ranks hard, ever try to catch a cat while kunai are being whipped at you? Tried to walk an old lady across the street while defending her from attacks by your own sensei? No? Oh then you've missed all the fun, Obito's training was both mentally and physically stimulating, each day the teenagers went home feeling like their limbs might fall off. However today each of them had gone through enough, in the Hokage office the team finally snapped. We now find our favorite heroes sitting in front of the old kage, each one ready to jump the old man if he even attempted to hand that D rank mission to Obito.

"Old man!" Ami shouted, she might have calmed down during the time with her team, but even she had a breaking point. "We DEMAND a C rank mission! These D ranks are simple chores that people are too lazy to do! Give us something real!" She said, voicing the opinion of her team. They had all changed during their training, Obito having trained out their personality flaws and their fighting flaws as well. The change was completely visible as well, considering that it had taken this long for them to even get a complaint. Iruka was about to object, but was quickly stopped by the elder kage. "I think I have a mission suited for the three of you" He said, again silencing Iruka, much to said Chunin's ire. "A simple escort mission should suffice as a test to see if you're all ready for C ranks, just the typical bandits and such" He smiled and tossed the scroll to Obito, calling for an Anbu to come. "Please tell Tazuna to come in, we've got his escort now"

The Anbu nodded and left the room, bringing back the old man Naruto remembered so well. He couldn't help but smile as he saw him, this time they'd be prepared for the mission. They wouldn't have any foul ups. It was just then that Tazuna had to speak and ruin it.

"Wait, you're sending me out with three brats? They look like they couldn't defend themselves from a squirrel, especially the short one" He slurred drunkenly, smiling when The scene happened almost exactly the way it had in his world, except unlike him, Ami almost landed a punch. After she calmed down and began muttering to herself Obito addressed Tazuna.

"Tazuna-san, I assure you my team can handle any bandits that might come our way, and should things become too much, I am a Jounin, We can handle this mission, you have my word" He said, watching as Tazuna shifted nervously, something was off about this. Deciding it was best to let it play out he then addressed his team, turning and nodding to them. "Ok, we meet at the village gates in two hours. Gather anything you need and we will leave, dismissed."

With a nod each teen took off, headed home to pack for their day.

*With Ami*

Said young redhead was zooming about her home, gathering ramen, clothing, weapons, anything she could carry in her kunai pouch and backpack. She was extremely eager to get this mission underway. Grabbing a change of clothing she ran to the bathroom to change, couldn't be in torn and sweaty clothing on her first C rank.

"If I keep this up, soon I'll be able to find that boy who's like me. And I'll be able to protect my friends rather than relying on the red hair ninja to save us again…." She said as she got her things and dashed out the door, she needed to get stronger if she was going to protect everyone and meet the man who saved her.

*With Hinata*

Hinata came home, exhausted from training and yet wide awake due to getting her first C rank. She was so excited she ran right passed her usually angry sister, who had been about to challenge her to a spar to prove she was better. Angry at being ignored Hanabi charged at her older sibling, only to be surprised when said girl spun, as if on instinct, and backhanded her hard right across the cheek. The younger girl was sent sliding down the hall and into the wall in the far back of the hallway. Groaning softly Hanabi looked at the blurred version of her sister running over and repeatedly apologizing, before it went dark.

(So Hinata just got her accidental revenge on her younger sibling, let's leave her to apologize shall we?)

*With Nasuke! (See what I did there? Haha Don't question me)*

Naruto was currently fully packed, having packed up everything he'd need weeks ago and anticipating this day. He'd been preparing mentally and physically for this since the day he'd become a ninja. Now it was finally here and he was already nervous, hoping things went as planned. He had to remember though, an old saying that still held true to this day, "No plan ever survives contact with the enemy." He would just need to adapt to the situations this world threw at him, and do his best to save Zabuza and Haku this time. Grabbing his sealing scroll he put his kunai holster on along with his backpack and jumped out his window, landing easily on the ground and sprinting towards the gate. -Things WILL be different this time, I'll make sure. I hope you're behind me on this one Kurama- He thought to his companion, they didn't talk much, usually only when he needed to be given a boost or when they needed to make plans, but he needed to know if his friend was behind him on this, just in case.

-This one is a time when I'm fully behind you Kid, the last time these two got killed they were enemies later in the great war. We can't risk that a second time- The demon thought to his container, his reason was selfish, but Naruto knew what he meant. They couldn't let Zabuza and Haku die this time. This was their second chance to really affect the future, they couldn't foul it up.

*Village Gates*

The team had fully assembled, ready to take on their first real mission. Each one had a different emotion that Obito could clearly gauge: Ami was crazy excited, Sasuke was confident beyond belief, and Hinata looked about to explode from nervousness and excitement. Giving them their orders the team began walking along the path to the Wave Village: Hinata taking point with Ami and Sasuke flanking her to the sides of Tazuna, Obito covered the rear and kept a watchful eye on them all.

The team continued to make idle conversations for a while, asking questions about Wave, though Tazuna was really good at avoiding unwanted topics. He explained the lack of money and food in his village, but managed to completely avoid any attempts at explaining why they were that way. This continued until Naruto saw a puddle along the way, smirking slightly he went through a few hand signs before muttering softly. Looking up again he grinned as he glared at the puddle with a familiar pair of grey ringed eyes, making a single gesture with his left finger that not even Obito noticed a sudden pull yanked two ninja from inside the puddle and launched them into the air. Quickly dispelling his jutsu he jumped back and yelled out while pointing at the men, who in turn recovered in the air and prepared to attack. His eyes widened though, as Obito was wrapped in the chain while preparing to attack, with a sickening noise the chains pulled hard, shredding through him like a chainsaw.

Naruto sprung into action, Naruto sprinted forward and threw a kunai toward the men before using a replacement to switch and use the force of his own throw to launch himself at the Demon Mist Brothers. Going through a few hand signs Naruto took a breath and breathed a small thin stream of fire, almost like a blow torch. The fire cut through the Demon Brothers' chain as they both detached, attempting to claw Naruto. At that moment a second Naruto appeared, sending a kick to the older brother and launching him to the ground before looking at Hinata and Ami. "Protect Tazuna, I'll handle this!" He shouted, turning to see the the real Naruto. He was pleased when he saw said raven haired teen remove the missing ninja's gauntlet and slash him with it. The younger sibling's eyes went wide as he felt the poison from his own gauntlet fill his veins, turning to his brother he went to speak, but was silenced by the hard metal gauntlet colliding with his temple.

The older brother sprinted passed Naruto, headed toward Ami and Hinata. The two completely froze as Naruto began to sprint, knowing his body still wasn't trained enough to exceed the speed of a High level missing ninja. His eyes went wide as he realized he wouldn't make it unless he used Kurama or Memory Release. Channeling chakra to his legs he started running through hand signs, about to unleash his Jutsu when he suddenly saw a blur appear and clothesline the older sibling. The masked ninja collided with a tree and was left unconscious, leaving a frowning Obito in his wake. Said turn quickly turned on Tazuna as he made his way over, almost activating his sharingan in his anger. "Care to explain why there are two missing ninja from the Mist village after you Tazuna? They certainly seemed to want to get to you, the older one completely ignored Sasuke and charged YOU" He demanded, he knew something had been off.

At this point Tazuna was sweating, he dropped to his knees and began pleading. He explained how his village was too poor to afford a higher rank ninja mission and how he needed to finish the bridge to get rid of Gato. After the explanation, Obito had a sad yet irritated look on his face. He knew he needed to help, but he couldn't risk his team unless they actually wanted this. Turning to them he gave them the 'Time to get serious' look, causing them all to stiffen and prepare. He gave a quick look to the unarmed and tied up Demon Brothers, curious as to why Sasuke had taken their gauntlets, but decided to ask later. "Ok, this mission is now a B rank, possibly A if things get any worse. Now I plan to continue this mission, but if you three don't want to then I will bring you back and request a higher rank team but-" He was cut off by Ami.

"Hell no! I'm gonna continue, this man needs our help and I'm not gonna give up on him!" She shouted, gaining a smile from the whole team. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see a grinning Sasuke, who nodded in agreement. Turning to Hinata she saw the determined look in her eyes and instantly knew her Hyuuga friend was on board. Each teen turned to their sensei, the determination radiating off them as Tazuna practically became a mess of tears and 'Thank you's'. OBito smiled brightly and nodded before turning to the old man.

"We'll take the mission, but you will owe us for a B or A rank pay when your village gets up and running again, understood?" He said, it wasn't really a question, it was what was going to happen. Tazuna was more than happy to agree.

*Small Skip*

After a few hours of walking and a small boat ride the team was just beginning to notice a thick fog rolling in, unusually thick fog. Naruto looked around as they walked, beginning to hear a noise in the trees. He quickly ran through his hand signs while the fog masked his hands and mumbled almost inaudibly "Memory Release: Juugo" He finished just in time as he heard the familiar noise and yelled "Get down!" Shoving Ami to the side he watched as Obito tackled Tazuna and Hinata. Turning quickly he let his arm become a strange grey spiked claw and caught the blade handle before spinning and releasing it in a different direction. The blade stuck into the ground a few feet away as a man appeared where he thought the blade had landed, getting a huge shock as he fell to his back with a thud. Groaning softly the man got up and growled, looking confused. He'd planned that entrance perfectly, how could it have gone wrong?

Naruto quickly undid the Jutsu so nobody would see how he'd done that, passing it off as a simple misfire the man made. Snickering slightly at the man's sudden fall he stepped forward, ready to fight, only to be stopped by Obito. Looking at the man he tried to figure out what he was doing, remembering that if a Genin displayed high level techniques it'd raise even more questions. He didn't need another Hokage visit because he unleashed a giant blue fire storm on another enemy. Deciding it would be better to save his power till it was needed he stepped back for Obito.

"So, Obito the former Susano'o Master, how honored am I to see this?" Zabuza said, sarcasm evident as he picked up his sword. A few test swings before placing it on his back, turning to Obito and his team, "I'll make you a deal, give up the old man and walk away, you'll all live longer that way" His tone didn't leave room for argument, but it was clear by the team's expression they didn't intend to heed his request. Sighing softly Zabuza stepped forward, beginning a series of hand signs. "If you won't leave, then I'll be forced to make you, Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!" He shouted as a large beast of water flew from the lake in front of them and roared at the Jounin before charging forward. Said Jounin began his own series of handsigns before calling his Jutsu name, "Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu!" before a huge flame in the shape of a dragon head flew into the water dragon. Both Jutsu collided with a resounding noise and exploded into a steam cloud.

Obito searched the steam, looking for his foe and hoping that he didn't- A voice cut off his train of thought. "Defending the old man was a mista-" A stabbing sound cut off the second voice mid sentence, turning around he saw Sasuke with a Kunai buried in Zabuza's stomach. His eyes went wide when they both saw water spray from the wound, though Sasuke seemed unsurprised. Ami and Hinata were currently too scared to move, he was about to go over and help, but a kick to the chest sent him below the water. Pulling himself to the surface he groaned and cursed himself, starting to get out he found himself suddenly encased in a sphere of water.

"Looks like I've got you now Obito, you weren't so tough after all" Zabuza taunted, turning to the Genin team and smirking behind his bandages. "If you know what's good for you, you'll ditch the old man and run away." He said confidently.

"Don't listen to him, run away with Tazuna! He can't get far and he can't let go of me" Obito called, hoping they'd listen, his hopes dropped when Sasuke stepped forward. He saw the teen's eyes glow in a bit of anger, seeing a brief flash of red in them as he spoke softly. His voice caught the attention of Ami and Hinata.

"Ami, Hinata, what was the first lesson Obito-sensei taught us?" He asked, causing the two to break from their frozen states. Both females looked at him with curious gazes, not sure what he was asking. Seeing their confusion he spoke again, "What was the lesson Obito-sensei beat into our heads over and over during training. How do we take on strong opponents?!" He shouted the end of his sentence, jarring the two as he began speaking softly again. His voice slowly followed by Hinata and Ami. Each one speaking softly.

Naruto: "Those who disobey the rules…."

Hinata: "Are scum."

Ami: "But those who abandon their friends…."

All three looked up, determination burning in their eyes as they each got into their fighting stance, a formation they had been practicing over and over with Obito. "Are worse than scum!" They shouted in unison. All previous fear lost as they charged in formation, ready to strike down the man holding their sensei hostage. Zabuza began to chuckle as he created several water clones and sent them after the teens while one went toward Tazuna, not a single one made it.

Ami started by making several dozen clones and having them spread out, each one latching to the clones attacking her and her friends. Hinata dashed between them all and struck points on the pinned clones to dispel them. The last clone sprinted passed the two but was stopped when a huge blue flame cut through it's body. Zabuza stood still in shock, these teens were able to easily dispatch his clones without any effort, turning to Obito he spoke, "What the hell are you teaching these kids? I've never even seen blue fire like that before." This brought a smile to Obito's lips as he spoke back.

"I didn't teach them this formation, they thought of it as a way to take me on. This formation was strong enough to fight me with my sharingan active. Let's see how well you do shall we?" Obito taunted, causing Zabuza to growl and raise his sword. His swing was interrupted when a foot collided with the side of his blade and launched it. Looking up he saw the redheaded brat in had kicked Executioner to the blue haired girl, who in turn spun like a top and flung the blade at him. This attack was dodged with a jump, but a shift in the air behind him brought his gaze backward to see the raven haired teen there with his blade, swinging it in a downward arc toward his defenseless arm. He quickly yanked his arm away and jumped to dodge another heavy swing from the blade, going to counter strike due to the slow and uncoordinated swing he found his hand kicked away by the Uzumaki brat again and a Gentle Fist strike collide with his ribs. Jumping back he looked at the teens with a bit of respect, they'd created a really good formation. The black haired boy was the surprise attacker while the redhead was the heavy hitter, the blue haired girl was clearly the defensive runner, seeing as whenever he tried to attack one the other two showed up and covered while the Hyuuga attacked him. It was a damned good trick. But it was time to end this game.

Running through several handsigns he began to shout his jutsu but stopped when he heard a noise behind him, eyes going wide as he saw Obito's fist one second before his nose broke and he was sent rolling to the shore and into a tree. He went to get up but had to roll to the side when his sword stuck into the tree where his neck had once been, jumping up he was about to shout something, but a set of needles pierced his neck, eyes going wide as he fell face first to the ground. Before anyone could question it a hunter nin with a mist symbol carved into their mask dropped and spoke softly.

"Thank you for your assistance, I've been hunting this trash for weeks now" She said, her tone dropping when she said 'Trash', instantly Naruto wanted to run over and either punch them, or hug them, he couldn't tell yet. He decided best to wait and talk to her later, he knew he'd see her. She explained that she was here to take Zabuza and destroy his body so that his secrets wouldn't get out, before vanishing in a blur. It was a bit odd to Obito, but he decided to keep it to himself until he figured out what was up with this situation. Calling his team they went over to Tazuna and began the walk, Obito stumbling occasionally due to being tired from the fight.

When they arrived they each said their hello's and thank you's to Tsunami for allowing them to stay. It was all ok until a little boy came in and yelled at them all about dying and ran to his room. Naruto sighed softly, remembering that Inari was back to not believing in heroes now and would need to be taught again.

This was going to be a long two weeks.

AAAAAAAND Scene! Sorry if I'm cutting it short, but I have a ton of ideas I plan to do with the next page, including the revealing of the true power of Sasuke's gift! So please bare with me if it was rushed, please leave comments and ideas to add, I'll happily listen to them!

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*Chapter 7*: Chapter 2 pg 2

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 2: Page 2

We find our conquering heroes in the woods out back of Tazuna's house, all watching their sensei walk up the side of a tree with no problems at all. The whole time he was walking up the vertical land expansion, he was speaking. "When you use your chakra in the proper amount and with enough control, you can stick to vertical surfaces and even ceilings, as well as walking on water with practice. Though for now we'll stick to tree walking til you can do it subconsciously" When he finished he tossed three kunai to the ground and smiled, "Use these to mark your progress" he said while waiting for his students to get to it. Hinata and Ami just sprinted right toward the trees, beginning right away. Naruto on the other hand simply threw the kunai at the tree and walked toward where it got stuck, stepping into the tree and easily walking up to where the kunai was stuck before plucking it from the tree. He jumped down and left his team, and Obito standing there in shock at his skill in tree walking. Obito couldn't help but narrow his eyes slightly at the raven haired teen. -This boy, he's definitely hiding more skills than he let's on. He only shows off what is necessary before hiding the rest behind a mask of inexperience- Obito thought as he watched Sasuke jump down from the tree with Kunai in hand, smirking confidently. It was to be expected, this boy clearly had more secrets than the forbidden scroll and would never willingly tell them. He'd just have to watch and see what Sasuke would do next, as he seemed to reveal himself slowly to the team as he began to trust them.

He watched as Sasuke began to show his teammates how to do the tree walking exercise, getting them through it and walking on the tree in about a half an hour. He couldn't help but smile as he dropped down and walked to his team, "Ok guys, since you blew through that training so quickly, we can move on the the next phase" He said while beginning to walk to the nearby lake, if they could breeze through this as well they would be able to learn elemental jutsu as well or simply create more team collaboration attacks. Without even breaking his stride he walked right out onto the water, looking over his shoulder to see the stunned faces of two of his students. Sasuke, as usual, seemed unsurprised by this. -There's no way a fresh out of the academy Genin can know how to do this- He thought, only to be corrected when Sasuke continued his stride and stunned his teammates by walking out right next to Obito. Needless to say both parties were shocked to see Sasuke simply walk out onto the lake as if it was second nature. Sasuke simply looked at his sensei with a deadpanned expression.

"Sensei, did you forget that in our spar I was able to use elemental jutsu already? Water walking and tree walking are the only ways to really train your chakra control enough to do the jutsu that I use with such precision." Naruto lied, smirking internally at his last second trick that he knew would save him from certainly being revealed. Obito seemed to accept this answer, after all, it did make sense from a proper view. Coming from a ninja family he was bound to have been trained before hand, which would mean that the tree walking and water walking were probably common practice in the former Uchiha compound. Obito seemed skeptical though, he'd never seen how the head family trained, but it did make sense, Itachi was a prodigy from a young age, so it would only make sense that Fugaku would try to do the same thing with his younger son in hopes of making two Uchiha prodigal children.

Turning to his other two students he gave a smile, "Ok you two, what we're doing now is water walking. Like tree walking you need to have a certain amount of chakra, but now you need to keep yourself afloat on a constantly shifting surface. This, like Sasuke said, is a great way to prepare yourself for the usage of elemental jutsu. We will begin easy, just walk onto the water and try to make it as far as possible, we will add waves later"

Naruto walked over to his team and smiled as he began helping them each to get started on the exercise, many falls and repulsions later they were both standing above the ankle deep zone and taking very small, clumsy steps on the water. It would be another few hours before we find them each doing jogging laps around the lake to build up chakra control and their water running speed. Naruto stretched out as he watched his teammates jog, it was nice to see them coming along so well. Even Ami was doing amazing now, turns out she was like him, with proper training and attention she blossomed almost instantly. She was an informations sponge and took it all in quite rapidly, it was like watching himself all over again. Walking over to the two he stopped their jog and took them back to shore, seeing they were both exhausted, Hinata more so than Ami, but due to Ami's lack of control she herself was feeling strained as well.

When the two were safe on the shore Naruto made his way out onto the lake and began a little training of his own. Doing a quick handsign he released a small burst of Kurama's chakra, not enough to be detected, but enough to quickly cause his muscles to densen and his body to increase in strength. Opening his eyes the little blue dot that used to be in his eyes was now a small red slit that went from the top of his iris to the bottom. Taking a small breath in the spoke mentally to his demon. -So Kurama, how are we on opening the demonic gates?- As he asked he began a series of punches that were almost unseen to the naked eye, seeing as the other two were far too tired to pay attention he could go all out with his body. Now this speed technically wasn't all out, but seeing as this body was smaller and had less speed and power than his real one, it would have to do until he got more training, or had to use memory release again.

-Lets just call it a work in progress Kit, I've managed to get the first, but the others are really tricky- Kurama replied. Naruto nodded at the reply, sending a few more punches and kicks while chuckling to himself. -Look at this, I'm breaking records!- He mentally joked as he watched his kicks slow, the temporary empowerment ebbing away. Smiling softly he started a slow set of handsigns that ended in Tora before breathing in and letting out a small lighter like flame from his mouth, holding the flame on the tip of his tongue he ran through yet another set of seals and let oxygen build in his lungs yet again before expelling it all together, speaking mentally as a huge torrent of white flames came from him like dragonfire. -Fire and Wind Collaboration: Fox Fire Torrent!- In this moment the fire was literally vaporizing anything in its path, water and trees alike were entirely destroyed with ash and soot left in their wake. This was one of Naruto's strongest fire and wind collaboration techniques, but it took A LOT from him.

Panting softly he turned when he heard clapping, gasping and kicking himself mentally when he saw his sensei standing thought Obito would've left with Hinata and Ami by now. Sighing softly he walked to his still softly clapping sensei, hoping he could play this off. If not he'd just have to tell his sensei the truth and hope that he didn't tell the Hokage. "Hey Sensei, how long were you there for?" He asked, knowing his teacher was probably there the whole time.

"Long enough to know there is almost nothing I can teach you that you don't seem to already know, which makes me curious Sasuke. How is it you know and are able to use jutsu that not even most Jounin can do?" It wasn't so much a question as it was Obito basically demanding an answer, there was no playing if off here. Naruto was caught in the act this time and couldn't think of any way to weasel out of it. Giving a deep sigh Naruto ran a hand through his hair, and gestured for his sensei to follow him. He would have to explain, but he couldn't have Ami or Hinata wandering in and hearing him.

After finding a decent clearing far enough away from where they'd been training Naruto turned to his sensei, eyes devoid of emotion as he met Obito's gaze. Obito would've shivered had he not seen eyes like that before, though now that Sasuke had come out of his shell it seemed odd to see such a cold gaze from him.

"Sensei, what I'm about to tell you here is a secret I've kept since I woke up from my coma. No one knows it, not even Sarutobi. I only tell you because I trust you will keep it as well, seeing as this secret will decide the fate of the world." Naruto's tone was grave, instantly grabbing Obito's attention. A secret, kept since he woke up, what could it be? As if reading his mind Naruto began to speak again. "My real name, is Naruto Uzumaki. I'm not Sasuke, well, not the Sasuke you know. I am from another world, a world that was ravaged by war, A war so devastating that it was the downfall of all the great ninja villages…. I too, was a casualty of this war" Seeing the disbelief on Obito's face Naruto held up a hand, slowly allowing a blue ball of chakra to appear in his hand. At this Obito was in shock, here was a boy, claiming to not only be from the future, but from another world entirely, and he was holding the Fourth's signature jutsu. Naruto dispelled the jutsu and looked to his sensei. "Now I was sent back to prevent that same war from happening, but to do so I must make changes to history itself. Me and Kurama have maintained all of the power from our past life, but we need to train ourselves to learn to control them again. Even now I can barely create the rasengan without accidentally flooding it with Sasuke's fire element, but that's not what matters, what matters is that I gain back my strength and stop the Fourth great ninja war from happening again" With story finished Naruto gauged his teacher's reaction, shock, awe, fear, and a mix of emotions written on his face. It was to be expected when confronted with something like this, Naruto then looked to Obito's eyes once more. "It is crucial that this remains secret, at least until I'm sure I can tell the few trusted people I have about it. Me and Kurama are not at full power and this leaves us vulnerable to strong enemies, and before you ask, Kurama is the name of Kyuubi, I hold within me the dark half. Ami holds the light half. This in turn links us in a way, though I'm not sure how yet. When I've gotten strong enough, I will tell Ami and Hinata about this, but until then" His gaze became cold and ruthless, his blue pupil turning red and into a slit shape as three small whiskers appeared on his cheeks, growling softly at the older male."I will do whatever it takes to protect my secret" The unspoken threat hung as Naruto changed back and left Obito with the notion that he could carry out the threat if he needed to.

*Back in Tazuna's Cabin*

After showing back up at the cabin everyone sat down to eat and replenish their energy after a long day of work, small talk keeping spirits up and bringing smiles to everyone's faces. Until a child's voice rang out. "Why do you even bother, you're just going to die here" At this Naruto and Ami stopped eating, saying at the exact same time and in annoyed tones. "I don't plan on dying anytime soon" At that both of them looked at each other and offered small smiles. This only served to annoy Inari.

"You have no idea what we've suffered, you've lived your comfy lives and probably never experienced anything like this!" Inari shouted, causing Ami to completely tense up and Naruto to glare, he may have expected this, but it still didn't help to keep him calm.

"What do you know…." Ami started, looking down at the table. Her hair covered her eyes in a deep shadow, her expression blank. Before she could continue she heard Sasuke's voice. "About suffering?" Naruto himself was in a similar pose, head down and shadowed eyes. Both of them stood up and turned to the arrogant child, eyes burning with anger.

"Did you have to sit quietly in an empty home because an orphanage wouldn't accept you?!" Ami yelled out, catching everyone's (Sasuke and Obito excluded) attention. Again she heard Sasuke once more. "Did you have to watch the death of everyone you've ever held dear? Friends, family, all at the hands of the person you thought would never do anything to harm you?!" At this point it was less Naruto talking and more of the Sasuke side, just being enforced by Naruto's lack of restraint. The two took a step forward, the other's anger somehow fueling them even more. It was then that Naruto felt it, a small surge and a pull on Kurama's chakra. He knew Ami felt it as well and quickly turned as she looked at him. "I need to go train, I'll be back later" He said and stormed out, followed by Ami who said she needed to be alone for a bit.

A few hours later a young teen with long black hair wandered into a clearing, gathering herbs while humming a light tune. The teen stopped and looked upon the sleeping form of our dear Ami, who had passed out from exhaustion due to her aggressive training. Slowly the teen walked over and extended a hand with a single senbon needle in it, ready to end her before she could be anymore trouble.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you" Instantly Haku turned, looking upon none other than Naruto. She decided to play it off and hid the needle in her sleeve, wanting to see what this boy was doing here.

"I was merely going to wake her, it is dangerous to sleep here. Bandit territory and all" She lied, noticing the look on the raven haired boy's face she knew he wasn't buying it.

"I appreciate the gesture, but no need to worry, I've been watching for hours to ensure her safety. I've also noticed you have been gathering a lot of herbs. Would you like some help?" He asked, offering a smile and playing it off like he believed her. Haku simply nodded, accepting Sasuke's help. The two had fairly decent conversations, about loved ones and about why Naruto chose to fight. When this question came up, Naruto had no doubts in his mind as he answered. "I fight to protect the future and dreams of my precious people, and I will ensure their safety at all costs" He said with burning fire in his black and blue eyes, Haku couldn't help but nod respectfully at this.

"One who fights for those they hold precious, can become truly strong" She said and noticed Sasuke nod.

"And that is why I have an offer for you Haku" Haku was instantly on guard, she'd never said her name during this conversation, how could he know it? Sliding her hand in her basket she prepared to draw a senbon but stopped when the boy's hand landed on hers. Looking up she saw he held no malice or intent of harm and slowly untensed, curiosity driving her crazy. "Haku, I would like for you and Zabuza to come back to the leaf village with me, I am the last Uchiha and the village won't say no to a direct request from me, especially if I lie and say it's for you to train me. They will happily agree due to my status" She was about to instantly turn him down but he continued. "Haku… I'm not from around here..where I'm from, you died Haku. You and Zabuza were killed on the great Naruto bridge" Seeing her absolutely confused face he went into the story of his passed in extreme detail, all the way up until his death and rebirth. "So you see, Haku you and Zabuza are not only precious to me, but you'll become a precious person to Ami and my team as well. I can't force you to come with me, but I humbly request that you do"

Haku was totally in shock at this, a boy who had died and traveled through time, he couldn't be making it up either, he'd even told her the story of her own childhood. Slowly she let her hands rest at her sides. "I," She began, taking a deep breath inward as she tried to understand all of this. "I will offer this idea to Zabuza-sama and see what he says. I make no promises, but I would very much like to accept your offer" She said shakily. "I must go, I have, things to discuss with Zabuza-sama" She said as she began walking away. Looking over her shoulder only once she spoke softly. "I was going to tell you I'm a boy, so that when we fought on the bridge you wouldn't treat me any different, but you already know that I'm a girl I assume?" At this Naruto Chuckled softly, playing along and thanking god that now he knew he wasn't gay for being attracted to her. Haku giggled a little and kept walking, she needed to let her master know about this development.

Naruto smiled to himself as he walked over to the sleeping form of Ami once more and picked her up gently, blushing faintly when he felt her nuzzle into his chest and make a soft noise. With that he started to walk home, softly singing a tune to himself. Creating a few clones that then began to make various noises to simulate music while his voice rang out, with the beatboxing and his lyrics it made quite the nice song.

Closing his eyes he took a breath and began to sing (Music: Word to Spread, Tom Thum)

"well i can't speak their language but i can order their ales

so I can skip those borders if all else fails

strength in my passport Samsonite Samson

i'll find my Delilah and i'ma fill a stein (philistine) glass with reckless abandon

and i aint got a place round here

and no one know my face round here

i've only got my word to spread and

a place to rest my head.

and i aint got a place round here

and no one know my face round here

i've only got my word to spread and

a place to rest my head.

well i've been crushed by the cabin pressure

placed on a pedestal and praised by strangers

and when i think that i'm king of the hill

i still look small to the mountain ranges

from the river to the sea, from the city to the stages

driven by humility and my pen upon these pages

cause i grew up on the train lines

where i learned to duck and weave

while the city slept them sleepers kept

a certain hold over me

but now i've flown my coop but i know where i was founded

so no matter how high that i fly them sleepers keep me grounded.

and i aint got a place round here

and no one know my face round here

i've only got my word to spread and

a place to rest my i aint got a place round here

and no one know my face round here

i've only got my word to spread and

a place to rest my i aint got a place round here

and no one know my face round here

i've only got my word to spread and

a place to rest my head."

Slowly during the song ami's eyes began to open, wondering why she felt so warm she gazed up and turned crimson red as she saw sasuke was carrying her, bridal style! she quickly looked down again and tried to act like she was sleeping, sasuke clearly didn't notice as he continued to sing with that…. absolutely heavenly voice of his. she couldn't help but get lost in his words, what could they mean? the song seemed to be sad, yet inspirational as well. she almost didn't notice how soothing it was until she was sleeping once more in his arms.

sorry for early end guys, i wanted to make the bridge fight long and it's going to take up more than one chapter so please bare with you promise not to be angry, i'll give you this preview into the next chapter! :)

next time, on naruto reborn….

Ami stood on in the center of a circle of mirrors, dodging needles left and right thrown by the masked ninja known as Haku. she wouldn't be able to do this much longer, each time she dodged another needle would break through and get her. her team wasn't fairing well either. hinata was currently laying on the ground looking like a pincushion and damned near unconsious.

Obito was currently locked in a clash with zabuza and trying his hardest to get to his students, they wouldn't last much longer at this rate. trying to make a dash for them he found zabuza once again in his way, "Oh no Obito, you aren't getting away that easily" Zabuza taunted before driving obito back with a sideways baseball swing with the flat of his sword. it was then that a single voice rang out.

"I think it's time we cut in" Everyone turned to the sound of the voice, having come from inside the dome where someone had caught haku mid-charge and now held her by one arm with his bandaged one and the front of her shirt. there was only one, but a sudden groan from zabuza caught attention as well.

The first person was a man with flat black hair on his head, held out of his face by a dark blue cloth bandana. a slightly torn long sleeve shirt covered by a hooded cloak was covered his upper body while a pair of light blue/grey pants covered the lower part. He wore plain ninja sandals and the standard kunai pouch. Looking into his eyes one was a crimson eternal mangekyou sharingan while the other was a purplish grey color filled with rings and comma like marks, the rinne-sharingan. He held a stoic tone as he spoke to Haku. "It has been quite a while since i've seen you, Haku"

"Oh stow it sasuke," Came the voice of the second. "You know it was only because of me you even got to know her" This teen held zabuza in a full nelson, keeping him still while piercing blue eyes looked at his friend. Short blonde hair protruded messily from his head, held up by a leaf village headband. Whisker marks lined his face in a way almost identical to ami's and a simple black shirt covered his chest. He wore a very bright pair of orange pants and the standard kunai pouch with black sandals. As opposed to his friend his left arm was bandaged while his friend's right arm was bandaged.

"Be quiet, we've got a battle to end, naruto"

*fade to black*

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*Chapter 8*: Chapter 2 pg 3

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Monkiespawn: I understand it's not entirely smart to reveal all of Naruto's abilities but remember, it's still Naruto inside Sasuke's body and even Naruto as an adult had moments where he didn't think of the repercussions of his actions and just did them then suffered the consequence, I'm simply displaying the more immature side of our favorite hero. As for telling Haku, it was necessary, because with the help of Sasuke, it will be Haku and Zabuza together who inspire Ami's ninja way.

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chap 2 pg 3

Rain fell on the ground heavily, thunder striking and thunder pounding loudly as if the sky was roaring at the two figures standing on either side of the large waterfall. Both of them stood upon gigantic stone statues and looked at each other, neither willing to break the gaze of the other while the storm raged around them. The first figure was clad in a simple pair of dark blue pants trimmed in orange, a blue jacket with orange trims strewn onto the ground carelessly along with a black t-shirt. This left the boy's top uncovered while rain poured over him, matting his unruly black spiked hair to his head. The water ran from the black hair and down his slightly rounded face, which was hidden by the shadows his hair cast. This male slowly pulled out a leaf village headband and tied it to his head, moving his hair slightly but not revealing anything more than black lines on his cheeks. Slowly a pair of black and blue eyes spiraled into a slit pupiled sharingan that glared forward into the violet eyes of the one who would dare to try to stop him.

The other figure was a young female with crimson hair that ran down to her shoulder blades, said hair soaked with rain but still blowing in the wind, giving it the moving pattern of a blazing fire behind her. Her violet eyes glared forward at her friend turned rouge as she clenched her fists, taking her own headband from her shoulder and tying it to her forehead as a sign of respect to the former friend. her black T-shirt soaked with the rain along with her purple pants. Her own rather shapely face had water trailing down it as well, running over whisker lines similar to the boy before her. With no words between them the two jumped from their perches and reared their fists back as they prepared to bring down the other.


The two were now standing in twin craters made in the legs of the statues they'd once been standing on, both of them having undergone very serious transformations that turned them into things one could not even fathom. The male from before was now not even distinguishable as human, his body now resembling that of a monstrous fox creature. Standing slightly shorter than his usual self due to being hunched over with his new form's awkward stance. Dark grey Chakra had covered his body, giving it the appearance to a fox as well as a fur like motion to the fur. Small traces of red bleeding though the "fur", though those would slowly shift from grey to purple, then back to red again, as if his body was resisting this strange form he had taken. Wicked red chakra claws tipped his human like paws as well as his very animalistic feet. His legs now resembled a fox's as well, causing the hunch we now see as well. His face had completely shifted as well, now a long muzzle full of wicked sharp red teeth replaced his once human mouth and long ears took place on top of his head. In all reality the only thing about this boy that hadn't changed was his red Sharingan. Which had also undergone a small change, gaining black sclera around the blood red eyes . All in all the boy looked like something out of a werewolf horror movie. Said boy growled deeply at the demonically altered girl before him.

The girl herself had also gone through a change, now enveloped in a blood red aura that resembled the boy's, but unlike his hers was mostly transparent and often let off small bits of chakra into the air that then vanished. A single red tail waved behind her while her red hair had dried of the rain and now acted almost like a mane to the chakra cloak. Her usual soft whiskers were deep and demonic looking while her violet colored eyes were now deep red and had slit pupils. Claws tipped her fingers and toes while large canine teeth poked out from her lips. She could've honestly been an Inuzuka wet dream. But either way, both were worse for wear, their clothes full of holes and littered with burns. A large hole had been carved into the chest of the girl's shirt and her mesh, letting a dark red strap hang out of her shirt. Had the situation not been so serious some might've blushed at knowing just what that strap was, but neither was in the mood for that and were solely focused on the other monster before them. The female slowly brought her hand down to her side while the male slowly brought his hand into the same position.

The girl's demonic aura began to channel into a swirling ball of chakra and wind in her hand. The ball changed slowly from a vibrant blue into a deep purple that was loaded with both human and demon chakra. A deep growl in her voice she spoke the name of her technique as she glared forward at the demon fox. "Rasengan…"

The boy's hand was in a similar position as he created a spiraling ball of his own that was far different from the girls, being a deep grey color and surrounded with violet colored lighting that gave the ball the sound of it's own thunderstorm. With a voice that was far deeper than one could expect from the previous boy he spoke the name of his own technique. "Elemental Cross: ThunderStorm Rasengan….."

With no more words needed between the two they jumped toward each other and gave a loud roar at their opponent as they each thrust their jutsu forward.



Ami jumped awake from her sleep with a scream, grabbing her face she felt for those strange changes she'd seen in her nightmare. Finding none she took a deep breath and looked around the room, Hinata was sleeping soundly as well as the soft snoring of their sensei said all was right. She was about to lay down and return to sleep when she realized something, the familiar feeling she was used to was missing. Closing her eyes she searched for the usual pull she felt and noticed it coming from the roof of the house. Getting up quietly she went out the door quietly, not knowing that she herself was being followed. Going out the front door she used her practice in tree walking to trek up the back of the house and come up behind Sasuke, who himself had been sitting for quite some time.

Naruto had come up hours earlier after having been woken up by Ami talking in her sleep. He knew what she was dreaming of, as it still haunted his dreams on occasion. The Kyuubi inside her along with his own was increasing the influence that the demonic chakra's had on each other. It was beginning to affect their dreams as well, he could often times feel the other half of Kurama trying to force it's way into his mind each night. Each time his half of the demon managed to fight off the influence, but it was getting worse each time. A touch on his shoulder caused him to jump and turn to the opposing hand, following it up to find Ami, who in turn was shocked to find she'd been followed by Hinata. Both females looked to Sasuke with concern evident on their faces. Giving them a soft smile he tried to make everything seem alright, but it was clear they saw through it.

"Sasuke, you can tell us what's bothering you. We're a team and we need to be able to support each other without any doubt" Came Ami's voice, she could feel something off about Sasuke and just needed to know what was causing such distress in his chakra flow. Hinata nodded and placed a hand on her Uchiha friend's shoulder.

"Yes Sasuke-kun, we are a team and will stand by you no matter what" She spoke softly, but the tone got the message across. These two were there to help him, but he couldn't reveal who he was just yet. He decided to take on a happy medium to this all. Going through a few handsigns he used a partial Memory Release to change his appearance, long hair shortened and became a messy unruly mane, bangs hung down and framed his rounded face. Three small lines appeared on his cheeks while his body became a bit more lean and a bit taller. When it was done Ami gasped, here stood the exact copy of the boy she'd seen in her dream just moments ago. Naruto interrupted the oncoming onslaught of questions by raising a hand. (1)

"Before you begin asking questions like crazy, I'll tell you this. My name is not nor has it ever truly been Sasuke. My mother and Father Truly named me Naruto Uchiha. I changed it early on due to finding out what the name means" He lied quite easily, knowing a partial truth would be better than nothing at all. "And it has been hell to keep this secret for so long, but now with all the stress I've been under, especially finding out I won't be able to protect you two in the coming fight-"

"Who said we need to be protected?" Ami said, interrupting Naruto mid-sentence. "Sasu-Er… I mean, Naruto. You are a great friend and an amazing teammate, but we can't always rely on you to save us when things get tough. Yeah, Zabuza caught us off guard. We'll get him and his Hunter ninja partner Tomorrow when they come for the old guy" Ami finished, flexing an arm and placing her hand on her bicep in a fashion Naruto remembered all too well. Chuckling softly he looked to Hinata to see her nodding, it was then he realized they were right. These two would become powerful shinobi someday, with or without him, and he was glad to be able to call them his teammates.

"Well then you two, I'm going to get one last training session in before bed. You two head back and get some rest for me, if I'm right the move I'm practicing will give us JUST the edge we need to win tomorrow" Naruto said with a soft smile gracing his lips, the look causing both young girls to blush at it. Yes Sasuke was cute, but now they saw Naruto, who was just about as hot as it gets. They quickly shook from their stupor and soluted to Naruto with a call of "Hai, Naruto-Taichou" before they both hopped down and went back inside as Naruto gave one last look to the moon and smiled.

"You'd be proud of these two Sasuke, they almost put me and you to shame" He said with a chuckle. "They might both just come to be my rivals" with that he hopped down and ran to the yard, he needed to make sure everything was set up and ready to go for tomorrow.

*The Next Morning*

The majority of Team Seven, Naruto excluded, were gathered in the living room and preparing the battle plan for if Zabuza and his partner should show up. Naruto himself had been left in bed to rest a bit longer, seeing as he'd been found passed out in the yard next to several burned and slashed trees. Obito had carried him inside and left a note to meet them at the bridge asap when he awoke.

"Ok team, if Zabuza does show up I want you to leave him to me. You two are to guard Tazuna from his partner but do not engage in direct combat with him, we don't know how strong he is or if any of our training has prepared us for this." Obito instructed, it was true. They had covered a few elemental jutsu to help them in the coming battle, but it might not be enough to win this fight. Hinata had quite the affinity to water and was almost as good at its use as the second Hokage was. She was still far from his level, but she could create water from moisture in the air and absorbed water jutsu like a sponge. She had managed to learn a total of four jutsu, but that was not counting the two she was still working on either.

Ami on the other hand was an all out elemental monster when it came to jutsu, She had learned six jutsu and was currently working on her seventh. Two fire jutsu, two earth style jutsu, and two wind styles, it really made her a force to be reckoned with. She wasn't as good at jutsu mixing as Naruto was, but she was more than capable of holding off most low level chunin for a short time with these techniques. All in all the team was definitely coming along nicely, he just hoped it would be enough.

As the team walked out onto the bridge as they usually did, though, today was clearly different. Stepping onto the bridge they saw a heavy fog covering it and the unconscious bodies of the workers strewn about the bridge. Instantly the team jumped on guard, Ami and Hinata on either side of Tazuna to protect against attacks from almost any direction. When they did this they heard the familiar laugh of the masked ninja as he stepped from the fog in front of Obito slowly. Obito on the other hand wasn't in a laughing mood and grabbed a small piece of fabric from his neck and pulled it up, showing it to be a half face mask that covered all the way up to just under his eyes. Closing his coal black eyes he let the mask rest on his face and took a slow breath inward. -Kakashi, guide me in this battle- He prayed to his comrade before opening his eyes once more, showing the red eyes of the fully evolved Sharingan.

[Background Music: "Whispers in the Dark" Skillet]

"Zabuza, you will now see the true power of Obito Hatake!" (2) He shouted out before charging forward at the mist ninja, who cackled for a moment before jumping back as he watched Obito dodge several needles that could have been deadly if he'd not been using the sharingan. Turning he saw the mist nin who had saved Zabuza and was now attacking them.

Charging once again Obito whipped a kunai at the hunter nin to force him to dodge it only to receive a heavy kick to the ribs from the young red headed girl. Since this attack had been unseen by even Obito it definitely shocked Zabuza and the ninja as he was sent rolling along the bridge and into the side with quite a hefty thud. Smirking Obito continued to charge and began his battle with Zabuza, his sharingan giving him a huge advantage, as he could predict the jounin's moves and plan accordingly to turn them on Zabuza.

"Haku, ignore the red one and get the old man" Zabuza commanded, making the newly named Haku charge passed Ami and vanish in a blur. When Haku appeared she prepared to throw a senbon into Tazuna's throat, hoping to effectively end the fight and finish this quickly. She was shocked however, to receive a gentle fist strike to the arm. The appendage fell limp to her side before several dozen more strikes followed that one. Instead of ending with a final palm strike, Hinata did a rapid set of seals and spat out a small jet stream of water into Haku's chest that sent the fake hunter nin sliding and bouncing away and back to Ami, who took advantage of the temporary stun and sent a hard kick into Haku's back.

To the shock of both girls Haku exploded into shards of ice that nearly impaled them. Dodging the shards they both jumped back toward Tazuna and were shocked even more when they found themselves surrounded by dozens of ice mirrors. Before they could question what was going on they saw Haku appear in one of the mirrors before speaking softly.

"I do apologize for this, just know that this matter will be over very shortly. My bloodline limit is unbeatable, so you may surrender now, or continue to fight and risk death" She said, knowing the answer already, but she figured it'd still be good to offer.

"Like hell we would! We're here to kick your mask wearing ass Haku!" Ami shouted before starting to charge the mirror wall.

*With Zabuza and Obito*

Zabuza had watched the short encounter between his student and Obito's, smirking behind his bandage mask he turned to Obito. "Credit to you Hatake, they are good. But it'll be over soon, Haku's bloodline limit is unstoppable at this point. You may as well give up here-"

"I have faith in them, you're apprentice is dealing with the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki as well as the Hyuuga heiress. And our ace in the whole has yet to arrive, he's currently, on a rest break before catching up" Obito retorted, causing Zabuza to growl and swing his sword at the annoying Leaf jounin. Obito easily dodged and lept back to further examine the situation.

[Stop Background music]

*Tazuna's house*

Naruto awoke to the familiar thump downstairs and instantly knew it was time for action. Jumping from his bed he sprinted down the stairs and jumped into a huge double footed kick that sent the scar faced sword wielder head first into his beanie wearing friend. While they were both picking themselves up Naruto delivered a Devastating blow to the back of both their heads and smashed them into the ground, leaving them unconscious before turning to Tsunami and Inari.

"Sorry I was a bit late, but the hero always shows up just in the nick of time ok?" He said while smiling to Inari. Standing up he created two shadow clones and ordered them to guard the house while he took off out of the house, creating a second one as he went. When he was about half way there him and the clone began running through a familiar set of handsigns while grinning.

"Memory Release: Stage Three!" The rest of the sentence was drowned out by an echoing boom and a lightning bolt crashing down where the two were standing.

*On the bridge*

On the bridge things were really starting to look bad, neither team was really giving an inch. It was clear that if the battle continued, team seven would lose here. Ami stood on in the center of a circle of mirrors, dodging needles left and right thrown by the masked ninja known as Haku. She wouldn't be able to do this much longer, each time she dodged another needle would break through and get her. Her team wasn't fairing well either. Hinata was currently laying on the ground looking like a pincushion and damned near unconsious.

Obito was currently locked in a clash with Zabuza and trying his hardest to get to his students, they wouldn't last much longer at this rate. Trying to make a dash for them he found Zabuza once again in his way, "Oh no Obito, you aren't getting away that easily" Zabuza taunted before driving Obito back with a sideways baseball swing with the flat of his sword. It was then that a single voice rang out.

"I think It's time we cut in" Everyone turned to the sound of the voice, having come from inside the dome where someone had caught Haku mid-charge and now held her by one arm with his bandaged one and the front of her shirt. There was only one, but a sudden groan from Zabuza caught attention as well.

The first person was a man with flat black hair on his head, held out of his face by a dark blue cloth bandana. A slightly torn long sleeve shirt covered by a hooded cloak was covered his upper body while a pair of light blue/grey pants covered the lower part. He wore plain ninja sandals and the standard kunai pouch. Looking into his eyes one was a crimson Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan while the other was a purplish grey color filled with rings and comma like marks, the Rinne-Sharingan. He held a Stoic tone as he spoke to Haku. "It has been quite a while since I've seen you, Haku"

"Oh Stow it Sasuke," Came the voice of the second. "You know it was only because of me you even got to know her" This teen held Zabuza in a full nelson, Keeping him still while piercing blue eyes looked at his friend. Short blonde hair protruded messily from his head, held up by a Leaf Village headband. Whisker marks lined his face in a way almost identical to Ami's and a simple black shirt covered his chest. He wore a very bright pair of orange pants and the standard kunai pouch with black sandals. As opposed to his friend his left arm was bandaged while his friend's right arm was bandaged.

"Be quiet, we've got a battle to end, Naruto" Upon hearing that name Hinata, Ami, and Obito all froze and turned to the blonde haired teen, a different thought in each of their minds.

-Naruto, how can that be him? Is he under a transformation jutsu or something?-Ami thought as she watched him get into a battle stance.

-Naruto, he must be using transformation to appear different, but why?- Came the thoughts of Hinata, who was watching them both.

-So this is the real Naruto then, he looks….. different than I expected. Even his personality is more immature than the one we know- Was the thought on Obito as Naruto broke them from their thoughts by smirking and cracking his knuckles.

"Alright, Sasuke" He said as their battle began.

[Background Music: "The Boys are Back"]

With no more words the two began their battles, starting with naruto flinging Zabuza into the air and grabbing his foot before slamming him back onto the ground. Zabuza pulled himself to his feet only to have Haku smash into his back and push him into Naruto's fist. It was then that Naruto jumped over them both and caught the katana that Sasuke had thrown and swung it in a heavy downward arch toward Zabuza, who brought his Executioner up to block. To his shock Sasuke came from below and rocketed him backward with another gut punch. Naruto released the sword and let it fall back into Sasuke's hand, spinning it into reverse grip he charged again, leaping over Haku who tried to use an ice needle attack. She was stopped however when Naruto slid under her and spread his arms to clothesline both her legs simultaneously. Sasuke continued his charge on the masked man, turning his right arm into a purplish skeletal appendage before swinging a huge haymaker his way. The punch met Zabuza's sword, but didn't stop there. The sword smashed into Zabuza's face and body and launched him like he was a pebble in a tornado. He bounced across the bridge and smashed into the wall, crumpling up in pain as he tried to register the beating he just got.

Meanwhile Haku was launching ice needle barrage after barrage at Naruto, who simply jumped around and avoided them as if they were in slow motion. When one of the barrages finally hit Haku Smirked behind her mask, only to hear a voice behind her and see the Naruto go up in smoke while a pain rocked her whole back and launched her into the fallen Zabuza.

Zabuza stood up and ran through a dozen handsigns before unleashing two giant water dragons on Naruto and Sasuke. Both boys looked at the dragons, then each other, and nodded. Naruto suddenly became a bright yellow color, flames seeming to roll off of him as black finjutsu seals covered his body. Looking up at the dragon he raises a hand, which created a giant semi-transparent claw that flew at the dragon and shredded clean through it like paper.

Sasuke on the other hand simply became encased in a skin tight glowing purple armor (3) that also encased his katana, looking up at the dragon he swung the sword in a downward arch as air from the blade swing literally cleaved the water dragon in half.

When both dragons fell they got a look at the boys, Naruto looking like a smaller version of Kyuubi but in yellow and with black seals and lines on his body, nine tails waving behind his crouched form. And Sasuke looking like a Demonic samurai in hellish purple armor.

Knowing this battle was lost Zabuza signaled Haku to prepare for battle, if they were going to compare to these two monsters of power they would need to work in tandem or risk defeat, which Zabuza at all costs wanted to avoid. Lifting his sword he turns to Haku who ran through a long set of handsigns before thrusting a palm onto the blade. The blade on contact began to form large ice crystals, all of which seemed to do nothing for the blade up until they all launched outward in a swirling vortex. The vortex itself shaped into a large serpentine dragon made of wind and ice, a red pair of eyes glowing demonically before roaring as Zabuza swung it. The blade cleaved through anything in its path with both crushing force of a tornado and the slicing force of concentrated water. This move definitely caught Naruto's attention.

"So, this is your true power then, I wish I'd gotten a chance to see it before. It would've made our fight so much different back then" Sasuke said softly while readying his sword. Naruto himself stood up in a hunched bipedal stance due to his now foxlike legs. Turning on a dime Naruto dragged his claws across the ground as he began to spin rapidly, causing an updraft of wind that created a huge cloud of swirling dust that hid the two boys as the dragon cleaved through the spot where they'd just been. Zabuza smirked and was about to begin boasting, but when the dust cleared he was shocked to see neither boy's body or even a bloodstain where they'd been. Growling he turned to Haku who dispelled the dragon and the ice blade. Before either of them could register what happened they heard a sound that scared them to no tomorrow, the angry roar of Kyuubi. Looking back to where the two boys had been they saw a truly scary sight, the still Kyuubified Naruto, wearing armor!

The armor that had once been on Sasuke now coated the Mini Kurama mode Naruto, creating a sleeveless chest plate with shoulder plates that protruded slightly upward, his arms were covered by simple arm plates that spanned from the bottom of his shoulder plates to his knuckles. His animalistic legs were encased in simple violet colored Samurai armor without the usual sidings you'd see on their armor. Lastly they saw a demonic helmet close around the fox's head and seal around it, protecting his whole head and face from attack. In all truth, the armor left little room for any form of attack to get to the fox clad boy. The scariest part was that when the fox raised his hand to the air and in a flash a katana appeared in the outstretched hand, fingers curling around it as he got into a battle stance similar to a real samurai.

[Background Music Stop]

With no words Zabuza gestured for Haku to stand down, when she gave him a curious look he turned to her.

"This battle will be the one that decides it, I'll do this one alone Haku. You stand back and watch, this is a battle between swordsmen" He said, leaving no room for Haku to argue, so she simply nodded in understanding. Zabuza turned back to the fox boy and readied his sword, this battle would be fun, indeed.

[Background music Change: Centuries by Fallout Boy]

With both of the males on the battlefield looking at each other there seemed to be a moment with no sound, total silence of everything but the beat of their own hearts.


Both of them collided swords with a shower of sparks flying between them, the demon of the mist locked in a power struggle with the Nine Tailed Demon Fox. Neither one willing to give they continued to push on the other with all their might, at first it seemed neither would win.

In a fraction of a second the lock was broken with Zabuza sliding back after a kick collided with his sword, courtesy of the armored beast. It didn't end there though, using his four legged stance and superior speed Naruto Zoomed about the battlefield, hacking and slashing at Zabuza, each strike was blocked or dodged. It was quite clear both combatants were gauging the opponent, looking for patterns and things that could be exploited as weaknesses. Naruto seemed to grow stronger as the battle proceeded, while Zabuza seemed to show more openings as it progressed. In short time Zabuza had taken a few slashed and was now locked in another power battle with the demonized teen. It was now that he got to look his opponent over, he didn't change much, still the violet armored demon child as before, but when he saw the eyes he truly noticed the difference. His eyes were the same as the Uchiha kid's eyes, somehow the two were within that body together! That was how he seemed to grow stronger with each second, he had the power of both boys inside that body.

The struggle ended once again with Zabuza being launched, the beast's armored tails becoming one large tail that then slammed into his gut while he was busy watching the teen's eyes. The attack continued, however, when Naruto charged forward, dragging his sword along the ground behind him. Sparks flew from the blade as he channeled fire chakra to it, soon fire erupted from it as he brought it into an upward arc toward Zabuza. The strike was blocked of course, but not without it's consequence. The burning sword actually got stuck about three inches deep inside the Executioner's blade, not a deep cut, but enough that if he took more swings like that he'd be in a spot where the blade would become very useless. Jumping back he ran through a series of handigns and breathed out a thick mist cloud that covered the entire area, remembering that the sharingan was pointless if it couldn't see anything. This action caused the glowing demon to smirk, if Zabuza wanted to play hide-and-seek…

With a low hum that was similar to a predatory growl, the demonic Naruto simply vanished from view, fading away as if he had been erased by a giant pencil. Seeing this from the fog Zabuza looked shocked and drew his sword, ready for any attack that may come his way. He was unprepared by the sudden agony in his left side, spitting up blood and saliva into his mask he was launched away by a second strike to his back. Just before he could fly off the bridge he was caught by the foot, looking back he saw the demon boy holding his ankle to prevent his fall. Before he could question his unlikely savior he saw the fox boy grin.

"I didn't say you could leave yet Zabuza" Came the distorted voice, a mix of Naruto's and the demon within him. Zabuza couldn't even voice his concern before he found himself eating the stones on the bridge once more. He jumped up to grab his fallen sword once more, only to have the fox bat it away with his katana before driving another heavy punch into his chest. The blow sent Zabuza flying away and toward his ice using comrade. He found himself stopped however, by a sudden change in gravity that brought him flying back toward his adversary yet again. Cringing in pain he prepared for the final blow, but found none.

Opening his eyes he saw the now human blonde boy standing with fist out, a mere centimeter away from the final blow on Zabuza's face. Seeing he was clearly beat he fell to one knee as Haku ran over, looking up in a mix of fear and shock at how Naruto had stopped from ending the whole battle. Him and his friend had dominated this fight from the first minute they arrived. The blonde boy slowly grew shorter as his hair shortened and faded back to black, though at the roots you could now see some blonde growing in. His eyes stayed the same as when he was in the other form, one of the sharingan and the other the rinne-sharingan. His clothing didn't return to normal either, both his arms were not bandaged and he wore the same clothes as that blonde version of himself, just smaller. Looking toward Haku and Zabuza, but rather than feel another blow from the powerful blonde, they saw a hand extended to them. Looking up they saw a smiling Naruto, who couldn't help but smile at the clear victory.

"Ready to accept my offer now?" Naruto asked with a soft chuckle, having fulfilled his end of the bargain.


Sasuke had just hopped down from the roof and sprinted into the woods to see two figures standing there. Stepping closer he offered a hand and smiled at the former mist jounin. The two seemed confused by his approach until he explained that this was his "real" self and that he was the boy she'd met earlier. The jounin just growled and swatted the hand away.

"You have ten seconds to explain how you've convinced Haku that we should give up to you and come back to your ridiculous village* Zabuza snarled, not believing the time travel story for even a second.

"Zabuza, where I'm from Gato betrayed you and brought a group of mercs to kill you while you were weakened from our fight. They succeed, but not till you kill Gato, Haku dies in the struggle in an attempt to save your life. I know you don't believe me, but if you care for Haku even the smallest bit, you'll accept my offer" Naruto said quietly, looking to Zabuza with eyes that showed no deception whatsoever.

The former mist nin ran this thought through his head and came to a conclusion. "Ok kid, I'll come with you along with Haku, IF you can prove what you say. Show me your strength" as he said it he drew his sword and prepared to attack Naruto, only to be stopped by a raised hand.

"I can't battle you now Zabuza, if we fight now then the battle on the bridge will not be convincing enough and you will be sure to die in your weakened state. I'll fight you, but you have to fight me on the bridge tomorrow" Naruto said, letting those words sink in while he walked away "And Zabuza," came Naruto's voice, gaining both of their attention "I am trying to keep you both alive because I consider you to be my friends, but if any of my friends are severely injured tomorrow…. You won't have a place in the future this time either" He let the promise hang and went on his way, leaving Zabuza to shiver at the cold tone in the teens voice.

"Man, he's definitely got the voice of a future killer" He said, gaining a nod from Haku.

*Flashback End*

Zabuza slowly extended his hand towards Naruto, intent on accepting the help that was offered, right up until Naruto spun and caught a raging Ami who was trying to kill Zabuza and yelling profanity. After a minute Naruto managed to calm her and smiled when he said they were precious to him, and that he fought to save those people he declared his precious ones. When Ami asked why he smiled and ruffled his hair.

"An old friend once told me, " when you fight to protect those precious to you, that's when you become truly strong" I live by it to this day and I've grown stronger as that list grows longer " he said with a soft smile on his lips as he let his eyes return to normal, this shocked his friends and confused him. Looking into a puddle left by Haku's ice he saw why they were so shocked. His eyes had stayed mostly red, but as they went further into the center they faded from red to violet, and from violet to his normal blue. All in all, the colors were as cool as they were beautiful.

"Fighting, to protect your precious people?" Ami said, as if getting the idea in her head. Liking that she could protect her friends AND get stronger she smiled at Naruto, making a silent vow to follow his ninja way as well, she would get as strong as him one day and protect everyone near and dear to her. Silently Hinata made a similar vow while both Zabuza and Haku held a much higher level of respect for the teen. He would go far in this world.

Slowly Naruto let his eyes revert to normal from their doujutsu form, causing everyone to gasp slightly in shock. The females couldn't help but stare at them and he could practically see the little hearts floating around them. Curious about their reaction he looked into a puddle left by Haku's ice mirrors and gasped as well. Where once was black and blue now was a scarlet red, but that's not all. Slowly the scarlet eyes faded into a deep violet color, before surrounding the pupil in a deep ocean blue that then became a piercing ice blue that almost glowed around his pupils. (4) All in all, it was both badass and yet, it was beautiful.

Before anyone could really question his eyes Obito stepped forward, asking the question that everyone had been wondering moments ago.

"So why exactly did this fight stop?" He asked while scratching his head, he may not have wanted this battle, but for it to suddenly stop was… odd. "And what's with this 'offer' Naruto spoke of?" Remembering the situation Zabuza stood, explaining what had happened and that Naruto had offered to have them come back with them should they be defeated on the bridge. He left out the parts about Naruto's time travel, due to a nudge from the boy every time he got too close to bringing it up. When it was all done he nodded slowly as Obito began to think.

"Well, Naruto is indeed correct on this matter, if he asked the council to allow you into the village they would ask almost no questions as they all practically worship the ground he walks on" Obito stated, while chuckling at the annoyed comments Naruto made about 'Ass-kissers' and 'Stupid councils' "All he would need to do is ask them, and probably tell them who he is due to his new appearance. And he should probably inform the Hokage of his name change and his request" At this Naruto groaned, but was happy to talk to 'The Old Man' again.

"Well, isn't this just a quaint little party" Came a voice from the other side of the bridge, gaining everyone's attention. When they looked they saw Gato through the fog, the evil little creatin standing there while smirking. "And I brought all these guests along too" At that several dozen figures appeared behind him. It was definitely different than Naruto remembered, Rather than common thugs and bandits there were quite a few Ninja mixed in the crowd. This quick fight had become a full on ninja battle, and it wasn't gonna be easy.

Aaaaaand scene! Whatcha think, good? I hope so, it was a real pain to do. But anyways lemme know what chall think, and here's for explanations.

Naruto looks like Menma now, by using the memory release and staying that way he made that form his new "default" form so when he changes back that's him. This will be a major part to the story don't worry

Obito changed his name and began wearing a mask in honor of Kakashi further explanations later

Both older Naruto and older Sasuke learned to fully control their abilities to the point of making human sized, skin tight versions of them. In my story anyways, I always wanted to add that

I like the eyes, it's because he stayed in the form for too long, the side effect is that it makes changes to his real body and those changes are now part of his default form.

That's all for now, hope y'all liked the story and I'm happy I got to make this edition to it

*Chapter 9*: Chapter 2 pg 4

Hey guys, just getting to work on yet another Page to our favorite time traveling Naruto story, but first, A few review answers.

Te Nellis: I know it was overkill, that was the point. Naruto did it to set Ami on the right path after realizing he'd stopped a crucial moment in her life. By telling her that he got that strong by defending his friends, he set her back on the right path. And as for the jutsu's hold backs, yes it does exhaust him. The permanent change thing is an object of my own creation as a way to make it so he can't stay in a form for crazy amounts of time and take on every opponent like they are flies. He won't change into Naruto completely, but he will stay as he is because I got an idea for it at a later date.

Azaira: Your review was good, and I understand your point, but don't worry I plan to explain that dream later on and I also planned on having Naruto undo their memories of his secret and he's going to change back into Sasuke but with whiskers like you had said.

Well, that's actually all the reviews, knocked that out quickly enough. Now then, let's begin again shall we?

Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 2 pg 4

The battle of ninja's had just taken a turn for the worst when Gato appeared and called out a couple dozen miscellaneous ranking ninja that he'd hired to take out the weakened bridge ninja. Each of the ninja and bandits all brandished various weaponry and readied for the upcoming fight.

"Try to keep the pretty ones alive, they'll make *Wonderful*... Entertainment" The tyrant said as he and his gang gained lecherous grins and each one eyeballed the females, causing both Naruto and Zabuza to growl at the man. Zabuza was about to step forward when Naruto spoke.

"Zabuza, if I make you a path, can you get Gato with a kunai?" He asked, confusing Zabuza, who then saw the teen grab the handle of HIS sword. At first he expected the sword to reject him like it would to anyone that Zabuza didn't specifically allow to hold it, there was none. The sword emitted a low purr as it adjusted to the younger boy, letting him swing it as if it was a little feather. This boy was certainly special to be able to grab the sword with no side effect.

Giving Naruto a nod the took out a kunai and got into a battle stance. "Just don't die kid, you have to give my sword back" As he watched Naruto stepped in front of him, the smirk on the boy's face unseen by Zabuza.

"Come get it" He said as a single leaf fell passed his face, he was gone before it touched the ground. Charging forward and giving a signal to Obito to help, knowing he couldn't take on this many nins alone. He needed help.

The first man to get in Naruto's way didn't stay long, his eyes widened as the executioner's side smashed into him like a baseball bat, winging him into his friends and shattering almost every bone in the front of his body. The force of the impact was more than enough to knock them down and allow for Obito to jump in and use his old friend's classic jutsu, the sound of chirping birds echoed as he ran through the men, a blade of lightning extending from each side of his chidori so anyone on his sides would be cut or zapped. Jumping back he used his classic pheonix fire jutsu, not expecting a huge burst of wind to turn them all into a giant inferno that crashed into the poor men who were unable to escape in time. Their screams ended rather abruptly as the former mist nin charged through, encased in an armor of ice made by Haku to allow him to pass. The flames were hot, though, and by the time he crossed he was sweating and the armor had finished melting. The distraction was small, but it was enough, he got in front of the short tyrant and jumped high into the air, using a clone thrown by Naruto as a springboard to get over the still quite large enemy force guarding Gato.

Naruto kept hurling clones to Zabuza to get him closer to Gato, who in turn kept springing along them until he was directly over the man, dropping down he heard a familiar whirling sound. Turning sharply he caught his rapidly spinning blade and spun with it in hand, becoming a whirling tornado that came down hard on the unfortunate Gato. Time seemed to slow down as the blade came down ever so slowly, the scene was both gruesome and awesome. Naruto noticed that he could still move at normal speed despite the time slow. Curious about what was happening he looked around, seeing Haku kick a man away, Obito breathing a dragon fire jutsu, Ami and Hinata using a combination of a Gently Fist strike to the chest and a devastating nut punch on a man, Tazuna cowering in the fog. It was all in slow motion.

Before he could question what was going on he heard a voice echoing in his head, it seemed to be calling to him. He began walking toward its source, curious about what it could be. When he got closer to the murder of Gato he saw a small glow coming from the slowed down scene as the echo became louder. As Gato's head split down the middle a small blue glowing object came from it, calling to Naruto in millions of voices. Unable to resist the call he reached out and took the stone. As he did pain wracked his body, keeling him over as blue symbols crawled up his arm and blue smoke came from his hand. His body felt cold, the voices echoing even louder, he could hear them now. The were whispers, echoes of the passed, all speaking and screaming to him.

"Change the past"

"Fix the future"

"End the suffering"

"Avenge your friends"

As each voice screamed to him a new flash came to him, showing him things, things that needed to change, things that needed to happen. All the while Kurama was saving all of this information and locking it away to prevent damage to Naruto's brain, all this knowledge at one time could leave the boy brain dead, or worse. When the voice stopped it was as if the scene never happened, he was back where he once was and everything resumed. Gato was killed, the man in front of Haku got kicked off the bridge, Obito fried a bunch of men, and Ami and Hinata shattered a poor man's precious part. The battle was going their way, right up until Naruto saw a nin who'd slipped by making a dash for Tazuna.

Tazuna saw the man and gave a shocked shout as things seemed to slow down for him, seeing his imminent death flashed before his eyes. Falling backward he closed his eyes and gave another scream, waiting for the pain.

A splash of blood hit his face as a groan of pain came from in front of him, opening his eyes he saw a sight that horrified him. It was Naruto, right where he would've been, blade through his chest far enough that it almost touched Tazuna's nose. Naruto himself coughed a small bit of blood and smiled at the old man.

"I told you, I-.. I'd protect you till the bridge was finished remember?" He said, the smile not once leaving his lips. With that he grabbed the blade so the man couldn't pull free before jumping back into the man, driving the sword further in and knocking the man down. He then slowly pushed the sword out, panting slightly while standing over the man. He raised the sword to cut him, only to fall to one knee and spit up blood. The wound was worse than he thought, whatever jutsu was on that blade was preventing Kurama from healing him.

"Must be a chakra blocking jutsu, or something with lightning" Naruto gagged out, the man running away when he saw Naruto's team approaching.

With Gato slain the team and friends were free to run over to Naruto, Obito arrived first and began checking vitals on Naruto. The group began to panic slightly at Obito's worried look, even more when he spoke and rolled Naruto over quickly.

"I've got a pulse, but no breathing, something shocked his system, the blade pierced really close to his heart and whatever was on that blade is preventing him from healing." He diagnosed as he began performing CPR to restart Naruto's breathing. After nearly five minutes of trying there came no reaction from Naruto, causing them to panic, Obito began running through every medical jutsu he could think of, they didn't heal him but they did slow the bleeding. He needed to seal up that wound.

"Someone grab me that sword, we need to seal off this chest wound" He shouted as Haku ran and brought the sword back. Obito then hit it with a small dragon flame jutsu to make the blade searing hot before pressing it to Naruto's chest, making a resounding hiss and giving off an awful smell. No one was able to watch as Obito brutalized Naruto's wound, each looking away to avoid seeing it. "We…. need to roll him over to seal off his back wound next"

After nearly an hour of waiting there was still no change in Naruto, his heart remained alive, yet without air flow no one could tell how long he'd last. It seemed something was just keeping alive on sheer willpower at this point. But even Naruto could only live so long without it.

"Did someone get the number of that train that hit me?" Came a voice from behind everyone, causing them to look to see Naruto sitting there while rubbing his head and chest. Though, before he could even move he felt a pair of arms around his shoulders and a head on his shoulder. Looking he saw Haku holding him tightly as he felt two more sets of arms curl around him while hitting him with such force that he fell onto Haku. Needless to say Ami, Haku, and Hinata were now in a very awkward situation with Naruto.

The three of them quickly jumped up, Haku being last to let go which got her glares from Hinata and surprisingly Ami. Naruto got up while blushing deeply and looked away, that had been awkward. Both of the older men gave smiles to each other before laughing at poor Naruto and his apparently three girls who liked him.

*Later That Day*

Naruto's chest had healed much better with the wound closed, as the jutsu wore off quickly after and Kurama began working like crazy to fix him. In doing so him and Naruto had began talking about what they'd seen while in that odd time slowed world.

-So what do you think that whole thing was?- Naruto asked his long time friend, wondering what could have caused them to enter that moment of, he didn't even know what to call it.

-It seems that whenever you make changes to the timeline the world enters a momentary time shift, altering the future and the course of history itself, no one else can see this happen. You can, I think, because of your parallel worldly status. But this is all according to speculations, nothing guaranteed" The giant fox said, beginning to work on fixing the last of the damage to Naruto's tender body. -Naruto, when you get back to the village, I need to speak with you, it's very important. But I'll wait till later- When this was said Naruto couldn't help but tilt his head, at that point, Kurama's voice sounded…. odd, he'd have to find out what it was later.

Naruto himself had used a Yamanaka mind jutsu to change the memories of his friends after what had happened on the bridge, he kept the important details like the battle and other such things, but he altered them so they'd believe that he simply used a unique bloodline that let's him mimic forms, and copy bloodline abilities. He realized during that moment of slowed time that if his friends knew too much about him being from another world too soon then the timeline could change more than he'd like, and that would be bad, so altering their memories was the next best step without altogether erasing his friends memories of it, they asked questions about the bloodline, but it was nothing he couldn't explain. After altering their memories he changed himself back into the Sasuke they'd all remember but kept his trademarked whiskers. Sighing softly he prepared to once again lie to those closest to him and hide everything.

"It's… for the best if they don't know" He told himself, trying to convince his own reflection in the mirror.

The two of them were silent as the team and friends headed for the exit to town and prepared to cross the bridge to head home. They'd had a long week and they were definitely ready to get home, this mission had been exhausting and none of them had been ready for something of this magnitude. As they left the villagers waved to their heroes and each one smiled softly at the people who saved their town. It was then that Inari looked to his grandfather and spoke.

"What are we gonna name the bridge?" He said, gaining the old man's attention. After a short thought, he smiled.

"I think we should name it after the hero that saved me from that blade, we should name it The Great Sasuke Bridge, because like how he saved me, this bridge will in turn save us all" He said while smiling brightly as the town began to cheer, for their freedom and for their heroes.

*Along The Road Home*

Along the way Zabuza had agreed, after much begging and annoyance, to train team seven with Haku's help. After hearing about Sasuke's unique bloodline he was quite eager to see it in action and test it's limits in battle.

The trip home was pretty quiet, everyone asking Sasuke to show them his bloodline, each attempt was shot down to the displeasure of everyone. The technique that could copy any ability, who could pass up a chance to see it's true power.

*The Leaf Village Gates*

Shortly after arriving the team gave their reports on the mission, while being reprimanded for not calling back for backup. The Hokage quickly calmed down when he heard of Naruto's bloodline and the abilities it grants him, he even cheered up when he heard how much ut had helped them in their fights. It was quite easily explained by Naruto with the help of Obito's memory altering, one small change Naruto made, after seeing that the older male had been in the clan still before the whole massacre and was actually there when he was born. All in all the little lie was much easier to tell than the truth.

After being dismissed the team all went out, save for Obito who had to brief the Hokage on the extras of the mission. While he did that Sasuke smiled at the backs of his two friends ahead of him, maybe lying to them wasn't the best idea, but at least like this he could help them develop into truly strong ninja. However, the dream that he and Ami had been sharing recently, he needed to figure out what he'd do about that. Ami had seen him in his Menma form before he had showed it, if he decided to stay like this, would that dream change, or would it eventually come true? He knew that fight was going to happen, he just needed to figure out why. He could always ask Kurama later, having all that info from that time slowed world would be helpful, but not all at once, Kurama had said that if it hadn't been moved then it would've caused his head to explode.

After following Ami to Ichiraku's Ramen shop the three then took their seats, Ami and Hinata talking excitedly while Naruto sat quietly, ordering his ramen and waiting in silence. He was pulled from his thoughts when Ami nudged his arm a little, turning he saw the girl smiling confidently.

"What's up, you seem down all of a sudden. Aren't you pumped after that amazing mission?" She said, throwing her arms up in excitement to emphasize her point. This caused Naruto to smile softly, her excitable attitude was refreshing to say the least. It was like he was rushed into a state of nostalgia and it quickly brought him out of his depression. He could worry about Orochimaru when the time came. Right now he would simply deal with the situation when he needed to.

With his mind cleared he happily joined in the chatting and joking with his team, having not a care in the world currently. Little did the team know, a pair of golden snake eyes watched them from the shadows. A long tongue licked the lips as a snake like voice spoke quietly.

"I will have those eyes, and then I will be complete" The man said, giving a soft cackling laugh into the night.

Cut it a bit short today, figure I should save the rest for the next arch, which will be longer than this one don't worry. I'll give you all some good fights and some new abilities in the next arch my fans, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, no flames please, constructive criticism only if you will.

Ja ne.

*Chapter 10*: Chapter 3 page 1

Hello all, Just adding a new Chapter to my longest running story, I've decided to put the others on hold for now and focus on one at a time, so please don't be too worried, the others will be receiving updates but just at a later date.

With that out of the way, let us begin once again. A new arch, and a new enemy!

Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 3 pg 1

Naruto grunted with strain as he caught a punch thrown at his head, switching into a wrist hold that he used to flip the assailant over his shoulder and into a second target who had been coming for an attack from behind. The two groaned as their bodies collided and sent them both sprawling to the ground, the original attacker was up quickly and charging once more. Dodging a kick Naruto swatted the leg away and swept a punch with his other hand, causing it to barely graze his right cheek. Jumping back he narrowly dodged yet another sneak attack from the second attacker, sending a kick to the back of the sneaky assailant he sent her into the ground with a pained grunt. Landing he ducked quickly to avoid a shadow clone that attempted to jump him from behind, grabbing it's foot he smashed it into the ground and dispelled it. Smirking a little he dove into a forward roll to get away from a punch thrown by his original attacker, turning on a dime he kicked the foot of the second person and sent her to the ground yet again. Dropping low he dodged another punch before grabbing his opponent's arm and swung them like a bat into the second attacker. When it was done the two were left in a tangled mess of limbs on the ground as Naruto walked over.

"Hinata, Ami, you two have great fighting skills and they complement each other perfectly. Why don't you both try to attack in sync with each other?" Naruto asked with a small tick mark on his head, he barely even had to delve into his combat knowledge to take the two on at this point. They were good, but they couldn't coordinate their attacks unless he was there to keep them in sync. Helping the two get untangled he noticed the two seemed to glare at each other briefly and this caused him some concern. "What's got you two at each other's throats?" He asked, the two had the decency to at least blush, but continued to glare slightly.

Naruto sighed and poked them both in the forehead, knocking them both to the dirt due to their lack of focus. He gave an annoyed look to the both of them, ever since his outfit change the two had been acting like they were worst enemies for life. He'd taken up wearing a mesh shirt under a short dark blue vest, leaving nothing of his body to the imagination. The vest itself was sleeveless and had the Uchiha fan on his back though it did have red trims and red around the sleeve area. As for his pants he simply wore black ninja pants and his usual sandals. His arms were protected from the elbow down by a pair of red combat gloves with black underneath and metal circles around his knuckle area. (1) His prosthetic arm remained wrapped in bandages to keep it from being stared at.(2) He honestly couldn't tell what had them at odds though. Yes Naruto was still unable to see when girls clearly wanted him, which was probably why he agreed to hang out with his old classmates despite knowing that Xiba and Ino would be there.

Picking the two up he gave them both a stern look and reprimanded them for their actions, it was then that Obito appeared on the field. He had seen the battle and was certainly enjoying the sight. Sasuke had no idea that these two girls, among others, were practically clawing throats to get his attention. He was shocked when he saw Hinata and Ami starting to display signs of affection toward the boy, but it seemed that even the two girls had no idea of it. The rivalry was good for them, but he did need to help guide them so it didn't become a full blown feud between them.

"Ok you two, now we're gonna try again, this time, look for where the other is lacking and pick up the slack there. Cover each other's weaknesses and you'll do wonders together" He smiled as he spoke, these two were far too good to be disputing like this over whatever had them at odds.

The two girls slowly looked to one another, neither one wanting to look bad in front of him, both decided despite knowing why they were mad at each other, they would have to work together in order to show him. A look of determination crossed both girl's faces as they both got into fighting stances, both ready to prove their worth to Sasuke by any means necessary.

Naruto smirked as Obito took a step back, deciding to let them try one last time before going to get their mission.

[Background Music: Light 'em up, Fallout Boy]

Both girls charged forward at Naruto, Hinata throwing a Gentle Fist strike for his body which was dodged simply by leaning to the right. However he couldn't counter, seeing as he had to jump away from a heavy kick thrown by Ami that nearly smashed his face in. Flipping backwards he ran through a set of handsigns and slammed his hand on the ground, creating a series of sparks while he flipped back that then moved with his hand. With a flick of his wrist it became a blazing whip on two fingers. Swinging the whip he watched as Hinata slid beneath it while trying to kick out his feet. Ami however took the high road and went for a chest kick that collided very accurately and sent him rolling away.

Looking up he saw them both coming to strike him while he was down, but that wasn't what he was going to allow. Waiting till the last possible second he then spun, getting up onto his hands and spun like a top. Neither girl saw this coming and they both got nailed by his feet, sending them both skidding away in pain. Naruto chuckled and picked up a small pebble about the size of his palm before charging again, the two kunoichi converged from both sides, believing they were ready for anything. Smirking Naruto shoved Ami away before tossing the rock at the still charging Hinata. Jumping to her feet Ami attempted another strike only to find the same rock Naruto had tossed collide with her forehead. Hinata on the other hand was shocked to see Naruto appear randomly in front of her before sweeping her feet and grabbing her. Once again like a weapon she was swung into Ami while that little pebble landed behind both girls softly on the ground.

The girls got to their feet, a bit wobbly but prepared to charge when all they found in front of them was the pebble falling to the ground. Gasping softly they both turned only to receive dual punches to the gut that knocked the wind out of them. Flipping backward Naruto got back into his fighting stance as both girls struggled to their feet. Smirking both girls charged forward, having a foolproof plan this time. Hinata jumped high into the air and began a heavy flip axe kick which Naruto crossed his arms to block, only to go wide eyed as he just felt his voice raise about six octaves in a fraction of a second. His eyes went completely white as Ami's foot buried itself between his legs with crushing force. Even Hinata seemed shocked by this as she'd expected a stomach kick or something but this, she might as well have just broken his legs. Did she realize how much that would hurt their… Sasuke. She blushed at that thought but shook it off and ran to help the poor boy after she landed.

Ami finally registered what she'd just done and ran over, shouting apologies and repeating that she got carried away. Obito himself had to adjust himself a little as he thought about the pain that must've caused the poor teen. Both girls were silenced when Sasuke gave a thumbs up, groaning before letting his hand fall to his side and muttering.

"G-Good job" He said, both girls hearing the slightly high pitched squeak and wincing a bit. That kick could have crippled any normal man for hours.

"Ok team, today I'm here to give you some good news. After Sasuke is capable of standing on his own again we'll go and do a few missions, but for now I'm gonna tell you all. You've been signed up for this year's Chunin exams" Obito said, smiling when he saw (Most of) his team's eyes light up. "You three just need to show up to the academy tomorrow at around eight o'clock. The exams won't be easy, and I won't lie, people have died before, so none of you are forced to come. But I have faith that you'll be able to do it"

His words had at first dropped their confidence, but by the end they felt revitalized and ready to take on the world once again. Though both of them realized that they still weren't very coordinated without Sasuke, but both of them stopped their thoughts when they felt a hand on their shoulder. Looking back they saw a smiling Sasuke.

"We can do this, I've got faith in our abilities guys. If we work together, we can do anything we set our minds to" He said, causing both of them to blush faintly before extreme determination flooded through them, if Sasuke believed it, then it was true. He'd never been wrong before, why would he start now?

Obito couldn't help but smile, Sasuke just seemed to know what to say to bring the team back together no matter what the situation. -The true qualities of a leader- He thought as he watched them, this team was going to go far beyond any team in the past. Smiling he decided that he could give the team today off, seeing as they were all going to be going through hell over the next few days.

"Okay team, I'm going to dismiss you, prepare yourselves for a hellish few days tomorrow. The Chunin exams are tough" He warned them, knowing they'd do great. With the dismissal the team went on their way, going to celebrate their good news.

On their way to Ichiraku the team wound up having to dodge an enraged Xiba charging after a terrified Konahamaru, the latter of the two yelling apologies while the former was yelling about "Insulting her future mate". They both turned into an alley and that's when they heard the shout, running over they came to see that Konahamaru was being held by his collar in the air. A boy in a black full body suit with a large wrapped object on his back and what appeared to be red and purple war paint, had apparently been bumped into and reacted violently. The blonde girl behind him grabbed his shoulder, trying to get him to put the boy down. She herself carried what appeared to be a large battle fan.

"Kankuro just let it go, we don't wanna cause trouble on our first day here" The girl said to the newly named Kankuro.

"Quiet Temari, I'm just gonna teach him to respect his elders, that's all" Kankuro said to the blonde, now known as Temari. Rearing his fist back in order to punch Konahamaru.

Hinata and Ami had noticed that Sasuke seemed to have vanished at this point, but before they could begin to search Kankuro cried out in pain as a rock beamed him in the knuckles. Dropping Konahamaru he looked up to see Sasuke in the tree next to them, tossing a single pebble in his hand.

"You should listen to your sister Make-up boy," He said before suddenly appearing behind Kankuro and twisting his arm, a small smirk on his lips. "before you start a war by harming the Hokage's grandson" He said the last part in Kakuro's ear before sending a knee into his back and releasing him to watch him stumble and fall. All this happened so quickly that it left both Temari and Kankuro in complete shock. It was then that a voice came from behind them, one that both shocked Naruto and sounded extremely familiar.

"Kankuro, you're a disgrace to our village…." Came the voice that when Naruto turned, showed exactly what he though. It was Gaara, but…. not the Gaara he knew. Short and shaggy hair was replaced with long red that was surprisingly curly, black short sleeve was replaced by sleevless tank-top and short sleeve mesh. Ninja pants, became a semi short skirt that stopped mid-thigh. Gaara had become a girl!

While Naruto was trying to get his mind and eyes to agree that this was in fact Gaara, the girl looked at Kankuro with a cold gaze. The black suited tough guy was busy trying to appologize.

"Suisen, I-" He didn't finish as Suisen's sand began to move irritably.

"Be quiet, Baka" She said as she walked to Sasuke and looked….. up at him. This was a new feeling, remembering Gaara being as tall as….. Naruto.

-Riiiiight, Sasuke was always taller than me- Naruto deadpanned and sighed, suddenly realizing Suisen had spoken to him, judging by the annoyed look on her face. "Huh, say again? Sorry I was, thinking"

The girl huffed in annoyance, it was honestly adorable that even though she was a terrifying person in his world, he just couldn't find her puffed out face scary.

"I asked you your name, and the names of your team, Baka-Kitsune" At this Naruto went entirely tense, so too did his team and even Kurama deep inside Naruto. Naruto managed to gain control of himself and took advantage of the situation quickly, countering it the best he could.

"Well I didn't think I was that good looking, appreciate it though. Names Sasuke, behind me are my teammates and friends, Hinata and Ami" He said, fighting the urge to laugh at Suisen when she blushed and puffed her cheeks out in annoyance. He did however, have to dodge the sand bullets she fired at him. Flipping back to avoid the raining death she'd tried to hit him with in her fluster. "Hey hey! I was kidding!" He said, trying to calm the angered and clearly flush girl.

Suisen continued to attempt to kill him with various sand attacks, how could he humiliate her like that?! No one does that to her and lives!

Before it could turn into an all out battle Temari gently grabbed her shoulder, closing her eyes in fear and whispering something in Suisen's ear. Slowly the sand attacks stopped as Suisen calmed, closing her eyes and taking a breath before glaring at Sasuke.

"Sasuke, mother wants you dead. I intend to see it done," She said before turning and speaking to her team so only they could hear. "He's mine in the exams, do whatever you can, but I will fight him before the invasion" Her siblings nodded in fear of her, intending to do everything in their power to ensure the fight would happen.

With that whole thing out of the way Naruto turned to his team, giving an exaggerated sigh before smiling. "Now, I believe we had plans at Ichiraku?" He said, causing his team to smile as they all went on their way to the restaurant they all had taken such a liking to.

[Small skip: Exam day (YAY!)]

Team seven had converged on the school, watching several other teams file into the building. Each one took a small breath before heading in with the others. They had made it to the second floor when Naruto saw a familiar sight, Izumo and Kotetsu both guarding a door with an illusion on it to trick the lower leveled genins. Gesturing calmly for them to go around they went on their way, catching the eye of a certain green clad genin and his team.

When they reached the top of the stairs they heard a voice behind them and turned to see the green clad ninja coming up while suddenly sending a kick into Sasuke's chest that sent him rolling to the center of the room.

"I do apologize Sasuke Uchiha, I did not expect to land that kick. But I am here to challenge you, to test myself against the Uchiha prodigy and show that hard work can in fact top genius." The boy said, watching Sasuke stand up. A small smirk came to the Uchiha's lips before he suddenly dashed forward with speed similar to the boy.

The boy made a fist before charging as well, both boy's colliding mid room with knuckles together. Sasuke smirked before batting the arm away and sending a kick to the green boy's chest, backing him up a bit.

"I've heard about you Lee, you're the boy who worked passed the genin exam with no chakra. I respect that, but you should know…." With that, Naruto ran through a few handsigns before activating his sharingan and getting into a completely different stance. "I've worked hard to get where I am now, and I will continue to work harder than anyone else to protect what's precious to me!"

With that said Sasuke vanished from Lee's sight, but on sheer instinct alone Lee put up his palm just to the right of his head. The punch that could've taken his head off instead hit his palm, which then grabbed the fist and swung him toward the ground. Sasuke flipped and landed on his feet, twisting almost like a snake and delivering a kick to Lee's ribs, followed by rapid jabs, most were blocked or dodged, but the few that got throw were definitely painful. Each one felt like a small bite and were so quick that he could only try countering when the boy was in between strikes, but each counter was dodged as if the boy had no bones. Finally Lee escaped the punch barrage and moved across the room before dashing forward, under one of the boy's jabs and sending a foot into his chin. The kick launched Sasuke into the air as Lee undid the wraps on his arms, closing his eyes.

"I Cannot believe I'm using this already, but I will show him that hard work can overcome genius!" Lee proclaimed before blurring and appearing under Sasuke almost like a shadow. The bandages began to move, but were suddenly pinned to the wall by a kunai as a loud voice shouted.

"LEE!" The voice called the boy over as Lee gulped and walked toward it, in a burst of smoke Naruto received yet another huge shock when, from the smoke. Was a woman standing on top of a giant turtle. Naruto's eye twitched when he saw her. She, like her apprentice was clad in green. A skin tight leotard, from what he could see, that was covered by upper thigh long shorts. Full foot ninja sandals and Orange leg warmers, white wrappings like Lee, but her knuckled showed metal plating, meaning some kind of ninja gloves under the wraps. The scariest part was that her hair was almost like Hinata's when she was older. And the female Gai pulled this look off! The thought made Naruto want to claw his eyes out of his skull to be honest, but he felt a little better when he watched the girl send Lee flying with a strong right hook. His eyes widened when he remembered what was next and quickly closed his eyes and covered the desperate eyes of his team as the Gai and Lee sensei genjutsu of torture began.





"OH DEAR GOD CLOSING YOUR EYES STILL DOESN'T WORK! IT'S IN MY BRAIN" Sasuke cried out, agony as the genjutsu of torture still got to him. The two instantly stopped as the genjutsu went away while Sasuke writhed on the ground and screamed to make it stop.

"Mai-sensei, what is wrong with Sasuke-san?" Lee asked in confusion, to which Mai responded by placing a hand on Lee's shoulder.

"I believe his sensei's coolness rubbed off on him and did not take kindly to all of our youth hitting him at once" Mai responded. Getting a deadpanned look from Ami and Hinata, who now had to drag the half conscious Sasuke to the classroom. By the time they arrived he was back on his feet and mumbling about evil sensei and genjutsu

The team arrived at the class and the second they entered Sasuke suddenly got a horrible feeling down his spine, which turned out he should've listened. A sudden weight crashed into his back as two bodies hit him like a single unstoppable force, driving him into the ground. The resounding groan was followed by a high pitched squeal from him as he felt a hand on a place where it didn't was instantly struggling like mad when he heard a whisper in his ear.

"Hello Sasuke-Sama" Came the familiar voice of Xiba, which was followed closely by Ino's

"Did you miss us Sasuke-Koi" Both girls had come to an agreement to work together during their time hanging out, they would simply work together and make him theirs the hard way.

Everyone smiled and had a laugh at Sasuke's misfortune, none of them daring to step between Xiba, Ino, and their prize. The simply began chatting, despite Hinata and Ami glaring daggers at the two girls who dared lay hand on their property. Again both of them blushed at their own thoughts, but continued to glare at the girls.

Both Ino and Xiba felt the glares and looked over their shoulders to see Ami and Hinata were the culprits, looking at each other they both nodded to each other in agreement. They had a plan for this, and whatever it was, Naruto began getting cold chills like never before. The two girls suddenly found their faces getting very friendly with the tile floor as the body under them vanished, both of them extremely confused and looking for the object of their affections.

Sasuke himself peaked around the person he was hiding behind, seeing the "Demon Twins" as he called them beginning to frantically search for him. Then he heard a brief 'Ahem' from his hiding place, causing him to look up. What he saw had him suck in a breath as he saw familiar curly red hair.

"Have mercy?" He pleaded, before giving a shrill yell as he was flung away by a hand composed of sand. Meeting the wall where his friends once were and sliding down painfully.

Having seen the whole situation Shikamaru, Chouji, and the gang began to laugh at the poor black haired boy.

"You guys should really calm down, you're attracting all kinds of attention" Came a voice from behind the group, causing them to turn to see a face Naruto hoped he'd get to punch in as soon as possible.

Kabuto walked to the group of friends and offered a smile that creeped out everyone there, adjusting his glasses he gestured behind him to the sea of angry faces all looking at the group. Each one of them giving of a bit of killer intent and scaring the rookie nine a little. Naruto stood up, seeming unaffected by the intent and looking at the large crowd. Rolling his eyes he glared at them and channeled a large amount of Kurama's K.I. to the angry people, each one turned away quickly as he turned back to his friends, and Kabuto.

Kabuto had already began his explanation of his "Ninja Info Cards", to which it seemed everyone jumped at. Xiba asking about Ami, Ami asking about Him for that matter. But before he could pull the cards he found them being pulled from his hands and burned by Naruto. He was not letting this traitor get any closer to his team with his offer of free info. He was going to die in the forest, nothing more, nothing less.

It was then that a voice boomed behind them, shutting up the cries of anger and annoyance from the rookie nine about their info source being destroyed. Turning everyone saw a man dressed in a black trench coat and ninja gear with an odd bandana headband on his head. The man looked at the crowd before announcing loudly*

"Everybody better get their asses in a seat now or get the hell out of here! The exam is starting now!" He boomed out as everyone quickly found themselves seated, ready to listen to the angry man.

The first exam had just begun.

(1)Gogeta's vest, normal ninja pants and sandals, and Devil Jin's gauntlets.

(2) Yes he kept his prosthetic arm, it will play an important role later in the story, that and there are some things I want to stay, don't like, pretend it's not there.

*Chapter 11*: Chap 3 pg 2

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha
Chapter 3
page 2

Naruto stood in front of the aged Kage known as Sarutobi, a blank expression on his visage as he waited to see the old man's reaction. Said man honestly didn't know how to handle the news he'd just received from the boy, and bit his lip to take a moment and think. It was a long moment before he finally spoke.

"Well Sasuke, or.. Naruto I guess. This is a lot to take in, I'm honestly not sure what to say about this" Sarutobi said, looking over Naruto slowly while taking the boy's calm demeanor into account, he had all of the signs of a seasoned shinobi which just added to make his story more real.

"Well, all I can say is when the time comes.. I'll hope I have your support, because if I'm to mend the mistakes of my past I need to ensure certain things happen " Naruto said, seeing the old man nod slowly while rifling through a few papers before handing him one.

"This will help you with what you're planning, from here on out this will count as a long term S-rank mission. Naruto, Sasuke, be safe okay? You have no idea how much you mean to your team and your friends" Sarutobi said folding his hands together before puffing on his pipe. Sasuke nodded and turned away, stopping at the door and looking at the old man.

"Thanks, old man… and please don't let what we spoke of leave this room. I'd rather tell them myself when time comes." Seeing him nod again he left the door, vanishing in a puff of smoke as the shadow clone went to find the real Naruto.

Meanwhile another Sasuke walked out of the local weapon shop owned by Tenten's father, a scroll with a date on it. He would need to return later to get his order before putting his plan into action, with that he also vanished to find his creator.

*With the real Naruto*

Naruto walked down the street slowly, making his way to the forest of death while watching Ami and Hinata walk ahead of him. He was so lost in thought that he didn't even notice where he was going until he crashed into someone and sent them both tumbling down

When Sasuke looked up he saw a girl sitting in front of him rubbing her head lightly while her team glared at him like he'd just kicked a puppy. Quickly getting up he offered a hand to the girl while apologizing quickly to her. Said girl took his hand and accepted his help to stand up, giving him a better look at the white haired female and her team.

The girl stood about his height and was most definitely a looker to say the least, she had quite a nice body that somehow complemented her Pale skin as well as her strangely alluring blue eyes. Her Hime cut hair framed her face quite nicely and gave her quite a cute look to be honest. She wore something similar to traditional samurai kimono pants but in a very nice shade of blue and dark blue Sandals, to cover her upper body she wore something like an anbu chest plate over a mesh shirt, both of which were covered by a jacket that honestly reminded him of Hinata, fur around the sleeves and the hood. The only difference was she had hers unzipped and it was dark blue with ice blue fur on it. (1)

Her first teammate was a bit shorter than him but that didn't mean she couldn't be dangerous, she had a bit more of a lean body, meaning she was probably more flexible and more agile on her feet. Her greyish hair looked like a long mane around her head and neck area which gave her a bit of a wild like look. Though the strangest thing was the hawk like eyes that seemed to bore into him like drills, it was almost like he was looking at Naruto rather than Sasuke and it kinda freaked him out to be honest. This girl wore a sleeveless shirt over a short sleeve mesh shirt, complemented by black ninja pants and Spiked full foot shoes. All in all he was quite intimidating, right down to the bow on his back.

The final member was another female who honestly looked at him with more hungry eyes that angry ones, though he didn't want to find out what kind of hungry it was. This one had eyes similar to her other teammate though unlike her friend she seemed almost like she was looking at him and Kurama. Which was almost as strange. Her long hair flowed down to mid back and gave her a bit of an attractive look to him. Her clothing was similar to her serious teammate though unlike him she had a small v-cut in her shirt that showed a bit of her bust off. But Naruto was more focused on the large sabertooth cat next to her, so much so he almost didn't realize he was staring a little.

All together they definitely made an interesting team, one that could definitely give him trouble if he wasn't careful. He almost got into a battle stance until the white haired girl spoke to him quietly.

"Sasuke, is that.. You?" This caught his attention, making him look to her curiously while trying to figure out why she would ask that. Her team seemed to cool off when his name was said though, did they know him? It was a full movie before the memory hit him, these three had been in his class before. He had hung out with them before the clan massacre. He'd been so caught up with trying to change things he didn't even think that Sasuke might've had friends outside of Ami and the original rookie nine. He bit his lip, delving further into his head to find out the names of the three. Finding what he was looking for he snapped lightly and gave the team a smile*

"Shirayuki, Kurogano, and Kurenia? Is that really you guys?" He asked, earning nods and slight smiles from them. He felt a sudden but of excitement from inside his mind em-must be Sasuke- /emhe thought to himself before he found the three of them looking at him expectantly. "So are you guys in the exam?" The question again received nods before Kurogano spoke up.

"Yep, on our way to the Forest of Death right now, how about?" He was brief and to the point, same as always but that was okay. The answer was enough for him as he gave a thumbs up to Kurogano.

"Damn right, me and my team are gonna breeze through this one." He said, smirking before starting to walk to catch up to his team. "You guys better make it too, I expect nothing less from the three of you." He said, letting a bit of Sasuke's personality out to emphasise it. "After all, you three used to be the strongest of my friends" With that he dashed off, leaving the three, Shirayuki blushing while Kurogano and Kurenia smirked and followed..

*Forest of Death*

Everyone had gathered at the gates to the forest and stood while Anko Mitarashi walked out and called for everyone's attention. When everyone looked to her she began explaining about the forest and the exam.

"Okay Kiddo's, this part of the exam is guaranteed to cut the number of you in half. You may ask why, and I'll answer with this. You will each be given a scroll, either a heaven scroll or an earth scroll. You will need to enter the forest and find a team with the opposing scroll and take it from them. Those who collect both scrolls pass, those who don't will fail. Now if you can collect them both and survive to reach the middle of the Forest, you pass. Though, in my opinion not many of you will survive it" At this Anko smirked, giving a laugh as most of the teens looked nervous. But as usual Ami had to ruin it with a laugh.

"This place doesn't look so tough, I bet we breeze through this one easy!" At this Anko smirked again and hurled a Kunai before vanishing, when she appeared she saw something she didn't expect. The Kunai had never reached Ami at all but instead it….

Went right into Sasuke's outstretched palm, the blade showing through the back of his hand as a bit of blood dripped out of the wound. This not only surprised Anko, but everyone who looked on.

"S-Sasuke, your hand. Why did you do that?!" Ami asked/yelled, worried for her friend as he brought his free hand over and jerked the blade out of his hand and turned to smile at her.

"What else is a teammate for" He said as he dropped the Kunai and lifted his good hand to Anko and pointed at her, a smirk coming to his lips as he spoke. "Me and my team will clear the forest in record time, and to take a page from my friend's book, believe it" he said before taking a waiver and signing it before taking the scroll and making his way to the gate, leaving the shocked Anko and his team behind.

"That kid, took a blade to the hand rather than letting his friend get a cut on the cheek. What kind of person is that crazy?" Anko asked herself while watching him walk away, that kind of behavior had never been seen in any of the Uchiha. To be willing to harm oneself to save another. Unable to think right now she instructed everyone to sign the waiver and get their asses to their gates. Which they quickly did.

*With Naruto*

-Damn kit,I knew you were gutsy before but that was crazy even for you. I get you wanna protect them, but if it wasn't for me you probably would've lost use of your hand until a med nin got you. Be more careful here- Kurama reprimanded Naruto while said teen watched the wound sizzle and heal slowly. He gave a small chuckle before responding.

-All part of the plan Kurama, remember it was Sasuke who really set me on the path to protect my friends and my bonds no matter what. With the plan coming up on us so soon we need her to be ready to take the leap. You know that just as much as I do- Naruto responded via the mental link before he stopped at the gate and waited for his team. He could still feel a bit of a sting as the injury healed. It was at this point he heard the footsteps of his approaching team, turning to them he smiled softly. "I was starting to wonder when you two would catch up- oof!" He gasped as a very distraught Ami crashed into him with crushing force, knocking him to the ground.

"You idiot, why would you hurt yourself like that just to stop a stupid Kunai?!" She yelled out, few tears in her eyes as she clung to him. She looked up suddenly when she heard him laugh lightly and felt him pat her head lightly.

"I'd do it a hundred times if it meant keeping my girls safe" He said while getting up with Ami still clinging to him. Though both girls blushed deeply at his words while he continued "I'll protect you guys no matter what, no matter what the cost to me" At this he gently removed Ami from him before hearing the loud horn sound and seeing the gates open. "Let's get this done, I said record time remember" Was all he said before dashing into the woods, his team right behind him.

*Small time skip (I hate the battle with the clone guy)*

The team was hopping through the trees, about three hours into the test and they still couldn't find any teams with the scroll they needed. It was honestly beginning to get on Ami's nerves and making her groan in irritation. She stopped though when Naruto suddenly stopped on a branch and began looking around slowly, gesturing for his team to stop as well.

When they stopped they looked to Naruto and waited to hear what he was going to say, only for a sudden burst of wind to hit. Sasuke and Hinata managed to stick to the branch with Chakra but Ami way blown off into the distance by it causing Hinata to shout out.

"Ami!" She would have called out again but Sasuke suddenly grabbed her and jumped, the wind launching them back a bit as several Kunai landed where they once were. After that the wind slowly died down, allowing them to land on a branch just as a figure jumped and landed on a branch a small distance from them.

"Kukuku, I should've figured that such a silly trap wouldn't work on the last Uchiha of the leaf. Silly me" The female said before looking at them, making Naruto tense up a bit while putting Hinata behind him.
"Hinata, I need you to run and help Ami okay. Get her and make your way to the tower, I'll meet you there. I have a feeling this one has just what we're looking for." Hinata looked like she was about to object, but a single look from Naruto made her nod as she jumped off to find Ami as fast as possible.

"Hm, sending your only backup away and telling them not to come back for you, do you have a death wish boy? " The grass ninja asked, an amused smirk on her lips as Sasuke got into a fighting stance slowly.

"Let's cut the banter and get through this quickly, I'd like to get the scroll and be on my way to meet my team. We have a bet to win you see" He said, letting his more cocky side out to see if he could rile up the "Female", to which the female responded with a small laugh as she picked up a scroll from her pouch and showed it to him.

" Do you mean this scroll, I wonder?" She asked before lifting the scroll to her mouth slowly and prepared to eat it, only to shout in pain add her hand was removed by a passing demon wind shuriken. The scroll began to fall, but was quickly recovered by a second Sasuke who then landed next to the real one and handed him the scroll and a few pieces of paper before Saluting and vanishing.

"Now that I have this, I can do what I came here to do." Naruto said, getting into a battle stance while the grass nin raised her eyebrow.

"And what would that be?" She asked, before setting Sasuke smirk and run a finger under his nose.

"Kill the famous snake Sannin, Orochimaru" Was the only answer before Sasuke jumped into action.

*With Ami and Hinata*

Ami had Just gotten out of the belly of the large Serpent and was on hands and knees while panting softly and trying to get the nasty gastric fluid off of her body.

"Just my luck, first I get separated then the snake," Just as she finished the sentence she looked up to see several more snakes coming her way, causing her to sign softly. "And then there's this"

She was about to get into a fighting stance when one of the snakes began to convulse and hiss loudly, there was the sound of strikes hitting repeatedly until finale the snake dropped like a rock. It twitched once before Hinata landed on its nose, Byakugan active and panting slightly. Seeing Ami she jumped down and made her way over with a smile, causing Ami to chuckle a little and smile as well.
"Well just look at you, miss big bad. Didn't expect to get any back up, but… where's Sasuke? " She asked, then looked worried as Hinata bit her lip and looked away.

"He… told me to run to get you and get to the tower. Whoever he is fighting, they must be dangerous if he didn't want me to even try fighting." She hadn't even finished her sentence before Ami kicked into motion, jumping up onto one of the snakes before it could move. She kicked up into the trees and looked at the pale eyed girl.

"Then we best get moving, if I know Sasuke he has something planned" She said, suddenly extremely serious as she waited until Hinata was with hey before beginning to jump through the trees. The snakes were about to follow until a dozen Ami clones from earlier dropped onto them and yelled out "Ami trap style: Ami's big bang!" Before exploding and destroying a good most of the clearing while Ami and Hinata made their way through the woods. -Just wait Sasuke, we'll be there soon!- was her only thought as she kicked into high gear.

*Back with Naruto*

Naruto was jumping around from branch to branch, just barely dodging strikes from Orochimaru and occasionally whipping Kunai at him. The Kunai would either be deflected or would just barely miss and stick into a tree or a branch at random. Naruto looked around at the battlefield briefly before looking back in a hurry to see Orochimaru, though he wasn't quick enough and received a heavy kick to his gut that sent him flying into a tree branch with the force to crack it a little.

Orochimaru landed on a branch a few feet away while smirking, raising his eyebrow and giving his usual laugh while rolling his eyes.

"If your intention was to kill me then you clearly didn't do enough research boy, you have just barely been holding your own thus far. What exactly makes you think you can defeat me?" He asked, his confident smirk ever present on his disguised visage. Though it was gone quickly when the Uchiha boy began chuckling, he slowly got to his feet and coughed a little before looking at him with his two tomoe Sharingan active.

"Because, I learned enough to know you're arrogance has always been your downfall!" Naruto shouted before clenching his fist and yanking back. Several dozen ninja wires them condensed on Orochimaru. Pulling Kunai with them to impale him and pin his body to the tree trunk as the wires tightened to keep him where he was.

When Naruto saw his prey held firm he decided to begin the next step and made a single hand sign before inhaling a little and saying his Jutsu name in his head. -Memory Release: Madara. Majestic Destroyer Flame- After this was done he exhaled the torrent wave of fire, reminiscent to hire Sasuke did in a past life. This time though the flame traveled over all of the wires he'd planted during the battle and formed into a blazing spiderweb. With this Naruto again pulled the wires to force the flames along the wires to Orochimaru while shouting out.

"Ninja art: Majestic web of destruction!"

As the attack hit he could see Orochimaru fire only a brief moment before the flames engulfed him. He then ripped his hand forward and sliced through the branches that created his web as the blazing web then closed in on Orochimaru and sliced clean through the tree he'd been pinned to. When it was done the fires slowly died out as Naruto looked to see the damage done to his prey….

Only to see a pile of dirt, where a mud clone had once been.

"Shit!" He turned quickly, but only found a hand firmly grabbing ahold of his throat and lifting him from the ground while Orochimaru laughed.

"I'll give you credit boy, not many can really bring me that close to dying. If I hadn't switched out and shedded my skin that might've caught me." He then slowly peeled away the female visage and showed his true face while looking into the red eyes of the Uchiha boy. "I've not seen an attack that well made since my time with the Sanin. You've impressed me, but you take shouldn't have sent your backup away boy now you're mine!" He announced loudly while making a hand sign and pulling Naruto in, just as his fangs pierced Naruto's neck and the pained scream came from him he heard it. The Uchiha was, chuckling a little. Even as the curse seal began to spread on his neck, he laughed?

"Y-you should know something about m-my team… you bastard." Naruto said, wincing a bit while leaning his head to the left just slightly. Just as he did he did a Kunai came whizzing through, nearly hitting Orochimaru's forehead. Had he not moved his head that might've killed him. He looked and saw two figures making their way toward him at high speed. "They don't really listen to me very well, especially when it means a friend is in danger."

Orochimaru gave a hiss as he looked at the two and then to Naruto before smirking. The damage had been done, his plan would go unhindered nonetheless. With his plan begun and the seed for his revenge planted he whipped Naruto at the two and began to fade into the tree branch.

Ami and Hinata saw Sasuke flying their way and quickly jumped to catch him, just barely getting him before he could fall to the ground. After he was safe they looked to where the man once was and saw that he'd escaped, causing Ami to growl lightly and punch the branch.

Hinata had begun to look him over, finding nothing wrong externally she decided to use her Byakugan and almost choked at what she saw. Ami noticed her surprise and looked at her curiously.

"Hinata, what's wrong? Is something wrong with Sasuke?!" She asked, on the verge of panicking. Hinata took a moment before looking to Ami for a long moment and returning her gaze to Naruto again.

"Sasuke he… he has three Chakra signatures. One of them is attacking the other two right now but, he… " She almost didn't know how to describe it. "Ami it matches yours completely, your Chakra is identical. Right down to the strange Chakra inside you."

At this Ami gasped softly, how could they have identical Chakra. It wasn't possible. But the more the thought about it the worse it became. If he had the "Strange Chakra" that would mean that…. Sasuke was a Jinchuuriki like her!

This revelation nearly knocked Ami on her ass honestly, how could Sasuke be like her? What demon did he hold, was he aware of this? What the hell was going on right now?

While Ami had her miniature breakdown Hinata continued to watch Naruto, though her eyes widened when the violent purple Chakra seemed to just vanish, stopping its attack and just… fading away as if it was never there at all.

This was definitely going to be a major issue in the future and Hinata knew it would be catastrophic when it revealed itself. Though knowing Sasuke, he would want her to keep it to herself so he could still be in the exam.

But she still couldn't help but wonder, what would happen now…..

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*Chapter 12*: Chapter 3 pg 3

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 3 page 3

Naruto fell to his knees, panting heavily as he tried to pull himself to his knees. Looking up he glared into the yellow eyes of Orochmaru, who lifted him up to his feet.

"Look, I don't know who you are but, I've seen your memories young one. You may be controlling Sasuke-kun now, but you have many goals in mind as well. I can it in your eyes, you know you want my power, it can help to save those friends of yours. That are under attack you know" The snake Sanin said, smirking evilly as he saw the hate burn in the raven haired boys eyes. This mental battle had been going on for hours, and the fight was wearing out Naruto. At this rate Naruto would be too weak to resist Sasuke's dark thoughts, he didn't know how much longer he'd be able to resist.

"I… I ju-..." He was interrupted suddenly by the image of Hinata and Ami under attack from a few Sound ninja, others had come to help but, it was a losing fight. They needed him and he couldn't help so long as he was in this damned mental war. He couldn't help it, if this was the only way to get this done, he'd take the risk. "Fine…. Give me your power, but just this once"

Orochimaru then smirked a bit, reaching a hand out and jamming it into his gagged and tried to grab The snake sanin's arm but found that when he tried, his body wouldn't respond. Instead a devastating surge of power ran through him. He knew now why Sasuke loved the power so much, it felt amazing! He knew that this power was addicting, so he knew he needed to make this quick so he wouldn't become mad with power. The last thing he needed was a snake driven power rage fueled by Sasuke anger, so he'd make this quick then see if Kurama could remove it.

His world seemed to fade back and he was beyond angry by what he saw…

*In the Real World

Naruto awoke to see Hinata being held by a sound ninja, ready to gut her while several of his friends had been taken down by the sound nin, what really angered him was that BOTH of his teammates had been kidnapped by the nin and were being held unconscious in ransom for him. So he decided it was time to make his presence known, and flared his newfound power.

*With the Ninja*

"Give us the Uchiha brat or else we'll-" Zaku found his sentence interrupted as the tree that the teams had been trying so hard to protect suddenly exploded into splinters. Shards of the tree flew around as a mixed red and violet chakra exploded around a shadow in the center of the mass, red glowing marks slowly crawling over the shadow as it stood up.

*Background Music: Monster by Skillet*

"You think that you can, just show up out of the blue…. Kidnap my team, and then try to ransom them back to kill me?!" The voice sounded like Sasuke, but seemed to shift between a demonic tone and a normal one as he spoke. "I'll show you just who you're messing with!"

The male stepped out to reveal none other than Sasuke, but he looked extremely different: Black and red flame like designs across his skin, Sharingan active with black sclera and with what looked like extended fangs, even stranger his hair had spiked up a little into what looked like ears as he moved a bit closer. The red and purple aura still surrounding him as he glared at the individuals holding his friends before turning to the wrapped up male. "I take it you'd like to go first, since the others will need an example of what happens when you fuck with me?"

Hinata and Ami slowly came to around the time of the chakra burst, and looked to see Sasuke there with an untold amount of power surging from his body. The way he looked and the way he talked it, didn't sound like the Sasuke they knew at all. He was cold and even sadistic in his words, almost like a whole new person got free of him. This new Sasuke was angry, and ready to kill it seemed.

Before the wrapped boy could even think of what to say he found a fist crammed right where his mouth should be, sending him flying back toward a tree. When he collided he slid to the ground as everyone looked awestruck at the outstretched clawed hand of Sasuke, who had seemingly just instantly moved and laid out a boy with a single blow.

Naruto then stood and growled softly before glancing at the remaining two.

"So who's next?" Came his almost nonchalant answer as he looked between the two, only for the male who held Ami to react in a way that all but sealed his fate.

"I'll take this dance ya violet Uchiha freak!" He said as he threw Ami away and sent her body to the ground as she yelped a bit and tried to stand, causing Naruto to growl deeply as he looked at the male with his crimson eyes. Now this guy had done it. Naruto smirked a bit while slowly getting into a stance, looking at the male before giving a "Bring it" gesture with two fingers. He was going to make this boy suffer in ways nobody could possibly imagine. The male then got into a stance writer arms outstretched, calling out his attack with pure fury.

"Take this you Bastard, nobody hurts Dosu and gets away with it! Decapitation Air Waves!" With his cry came a sudden burst of wind with extreme speed, creating an explosion and a giant dust cloud where Sasuke had been. Smirking in victory Zaku held his bicep and gave a call while flexing. "Guess he wasn't so tough after all huh, one shot took him right-Gch!"

His monologue came to an abrupt halt when an ungodly force collided with his abdomen, courtesy of none other than our resident raven haired Uchiha boy. Said boy didn't stop there though, far from it. Before Zaku could even manage to catch his breath he felt his hair being grabbed and pulled so he was leaning back, quickly followed by a jab to his throat to make him choke on his own oxygen. When he leaned forward to try to gasp for air he found his arms yanked behind him and a foot pressed to his back.

"You seem pretty confident in these little toys of yours, let's see how you play when I take them!" Without another word Naruto gave a hard pull, making the boy scream out as his wrists left the sockets, followed by his forearms and finally his shoulders. Each severed joint caused a sickening pop and crack as the bones we're strained to near breaking. Even after this though he kept pulling, it seemed he was honestly going to rip the screaming boy's arms off.

"Let's play a game, we'll play this, little, piggy!" With one hard yank the screaming boy felt flesh and bone tear away as in a shower of gore his arms were clean severed from his shoulders. No one could believe what they were watching, Sasuke had just maimed the boy beyond being a ninja, and was laughing now as he turned to the slowly rising Dosu. Said boy saw his armless companion and the Uchiha male with his friend's severed arms and realized this guy meant business. He stumbled back, saying he surrendered over and over as he tried to make the upcoming slaughter stop. Sasuke dropped the arms and slowly made his way to the boy, who's back was to a tree now and would be easy prey. Lifting his arm slowly he readied his clawed hand to end the pitiful little male.

…. But the finishing blow never came….

*End Background music*

Dosu opened his eyes to see the clawed hand had stopped mid swing, a female clinging to either side of the male tightly. He'd just been saved, by the very girls who he'd been about to kill less than ten minutes ago.

"Stop, please Sasuke….." Came the voice of Ami.

"This isn't you Sasuke, it's that mark making you do it…" Hinata's voice came next, the two of them ringing loudly in Naruto's head. Slowly the marks began to fade away, receding back to his shoulder before spiraling into the black sharingan mark and fading away as his body slowly returned to normal as well. With that done the raven haired boy rocked back and forth, his eyes fading to normal before he went limp in the girl's arms.

"What, what the hell was that?" The voice of Tenten spoke as she walked toward the trio, followed closely by her team and the rest of the people who had helped them.

"Honestly Tenten, we don't know ourselves…. But that mark that the man gave him… it changed him. We need to tell Obito-sensei about this when we get back." Hinata said, getting all around nods from the group before hearing Dosu speak.

"On behalf of me and my team, please let us retrieve our wounded and go, and take this as a sign of your victory" He placed their scroll on the ground, then after receiving the okay from the others he and Kin grabbed Zaku and they made their escape.

*Later at the Tower*

After making it to the tower and successfully waking up Naruto the trio made their way inside, taking the scrolls from their pouches they began to read the riddle on the wall. But before they could get into it they say Naruto placing the scrolls on the ground in a cross pattern before stepping back.

Before they could ask what he was doing a puff of smoke erupted from the scrolls and revealed none other than Iruka from their graduating class, who was smiling brightly at the team.

"Well it seems you guys figured it out then, I'm proud of you. I knew you could do it" He said while smiling and ruffling Ami's hair, causing the girl to smile her happiest smile yet. Naruto couldn't help but smile a bit, happy to see that one thing stayed the same in this world. Iruka was still the best older brother ever.

After going through the explanation of the scrolls Iruka allowed the team into the Tower doors, telling them where to find their room and to get rested up for the next part of the exam. Though Iruka noticed an odd occurance, as Sasuke made his way into the door he suddenly gripped his shoulder, giving a small wince of pain as he did. Recognising that gesture from Anko Mitarashi he knew this was information he would need to report to their sensei, knowing Sasuke he would try to make sure his team didn't tell for risk of them losing the exam.

"I should find Obito-san" He said as he vanished.

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*Chapter 13*: Chapter 3 pg 4

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 3 page 4

Naruto stood with his team, listening to Anko and the elder Kage describing the ecam preliminary round. He already knew what was going to happen, but that didn't mean he couldn't at least fake it for the time being. Besides, here was a chance to make a change to the future as well.

"So, in conclusion we will be holding this round to rid us of all of the excess that we don't need" Anko spoke not so subtly to say that if you lose here, you don't continue. "So if you think you can't continue, raise your hand now and you can quit ahead of time"

A few people raised their hands, but they were of no concern to Naruto. He knew who would and wouldn't stay, so he wouldn't sweat it too much until it was his turn to battle.

When everyone had gotten out of the arena Anko explained the tournament system and how the battles would be decided. As she finished explaining it the board on the wall lit up and began to cycle through names rapidly until it stopped on two names.

Sasuke Uchiha Vs Yoroi Akado

"Would everyone but Sasuke and Yoroi please go into the stands?" The proctor asked as everyone obeyed and made their way up into the stands, leaving only Naruto and Yoroi. Smirking a bit Naruto thought back, remembering the process that Obito went through in his futile attempt to seal away the curse seal. He knew the power would start to reveal itself during this fight, but his will was strong. He wouldn't give in so easily this time.

"Ready on both sides?" Hayate asked the two, glancing between them and receiving nods from both parties before dropping his arms. "Begin!"

At first there was no movement from either party, both of them examining each other while looking for weaknesses. Then as if given a mental cue they both moved simultaneously, meeting in the middle of the field with clashing kunai. For a long moment they both struggled for power until suddenly Naruto loosened his hold, letting Yoroi's weight fall to him and using it to flip the male into the air. Yoroi's moment of shock allowed for Naruto to strike two blows into the boy's ribs before gripping his wrist and swinging him at the wall. He knew it was a cheap trick, but he had to win this fight no matter what, people were counting on him to win.

The young glasses wearing shinobi flipped and landed on the wall, pushing off hard while sending himself back at the young Uchiha male with his hand outstretched. As he made contact he used his weight to force Naruto to the ground and slid along the ground while holding his forehead, his hand beginning to glow as he latched on.

Naruto remembered this technique, he was the boy who absorbed chakra by touching you, and right now Naruto was getting a firsthand experience with it. He felt his strength being sapped away while the masked boy held him, trying to pull the hand away while groaning a little. Without his unnaturally large reserves this guy could pose a major threat to him.

Thinking quickly Naruto made a seal with one hand, giving off a familiar burst of power while feeling the seal on his neck twinge in pain. He knew this was risky, but without a bit of chakra use he'd never be able to win this. Letting the surge run through his body he thought back to his previous world, letting time seem to stop around him before locking his mind on the person he needed for this fight..

Yoroi was shocked to feel the boy's chakra suddenly spike like crazy, and then had to jump back as the boy suddenly exploded into crows. The crows swarmed around him and then all gathered behind him to form back into Sasuke once more.

*Background music: Dragula by Rob Zombie*

Sasuke slowly turned around to look at the male before him dead in the eyes to reveal one gleaming Mangekyou Sharingan eye while the other remained stoic black and seemed to bore into his own.

"This battle has taken a turn, and I don't think you'll like where it goes" Naruto said coldly as he brought up one hand slowly and pointed at the male, before clenching his fist as Yoroi felt his whole body go rigid, his muscles refusing to acknowledge his commands. It was as if from the neck down he'd been paralyzed by the boy's gaze, then it hit him.

"Genjutsu, but how did you cast it without eye contact?" Yoroi strained to ask, trying to make his body respond so he could break the genjutsu cast by the Sharingan user.

"If I told you that, then you would know too much about my tricks. So why don't you make this easy and surrender before I'm forced to resort to jurassic measures." Naruto retorted while walking toward the unmoving male, his tone still cold as he slowly formed a handsign for a jutsu that looked scarily familiar to Obito up in the stands.

"He wouldn't really, use that on him would he?" Obito asked himself, gaining the attention of his students and a few of the rookie nine around him. Seeing their confused looks he explained the situation. "After practicing his jutsu with me a bit during training he managed to lower the number of handsigns needed to do Azure Flamethrower down to just the final seal, and if I'm correct he's planning on using that on Yoroi down there. But if he actually does it there's a chance he could, kill the boy…" He said, earning wide eyes from all of the ones listening. Sasuke planned to kill Yoroi if he didn't surrender?

Back in the arena Yoroi was still struggling against Naruto's genjutsu, finding it was almost impossible he growled at Naruto's offer to surrender.

"Like I'd surrender to you, Leaf-skum. I am an Elite member of my team and I will not-Guch!" He was silenced as a blow struck into his chin in an uppercut motion, knocking his paralyzed body into the air. It didn't end there though, two clones of the raven haired boy appeared and locked hands, letting the original step on their hands before launching him up. Once that was in the air the two clones then ran through a long series of hand seals, while the original one sent a kick to Yoroi's back, flipping him around before another kick collided with his back from above.

"Lion Barrage!" He yelled out before kicking him from what seemed like every angle, ending it with a final kick that sent him back toward the clones, who had finished their handsigns and exhaled heavy amounts of air at each other. The two colliding forces turned into a large spiral form, and Yoroi landed dead center. The winds moved so fast they cut and scratched his flesh, just as Naruto landed. "Surrender now or I'll end it!" He yelled, making the same handsign as before while breathing in. This time he would end it if he needed to.

Seeing no other option Yoroi dropped to his knees, nodding as he spoke up "I give up"

Though just as Naruto went to extinguish the flame, his neck began to give off a familiar burning sensation as he growled a bit "Ahhg!" He cried out and grabbed his neck, momentarily losing himself as is normally blue flames began to gain a small violet colored base due to the mixed chakra. For a moment it seemed as if the mark might take control of him right there, but then the mark began to recede again as Naruto panted and swung his hand, dispersing the wind and the flames before things got out of control again.

"By surrender of Yoroi the winner of this battle is Sasuke Uchiha!" The proctor said as he held up a hand and gestured to the Uchiha male. After clearing the field of Yoroi, Sasuke made his way back to the stands, only to find Obito there with a look of worry painting his visage

The Zaku and Shino battle went relatively easily, Shino simply drained the male till he couldn't stand, seeing as he was unable to do more than complain about how it was unfair fighting an armless man.

As predicted by Naruto the battle between Kankuro and Misumi went just as it did in the original timeline, Misuri was crushed by the same puppet trick Kankuro would become quite famous for later on.

The battle between Sakura and Ino came around and Naruto focused on the battleground again, wondering how the different personalities of the two would affect the battle here.

*Sakura Vs Ino*

The two girls stepped into the field, each one showing off their own confidence for their own reason, Ino because she'd been training hard to gain strength in order to show Sasuke that she was willing to battle for him, Sakura because she had been training in order to show that you don't need to be from a ninja clan to be strong.

After receiving the signal to begin the two girls made their charge, both dashing forward with intent to end the battle quickly.

Ino started it off by drawing two kunai from her pouch and flinging them both with deadly precision, but she didn't stop there. Jumping up she quickly made the hand-sign for replacement jutsu. Sakura managed to deflect one kunai and dodged the other, only to receive a kick to the ribcage by Ino, who had swapped places with the Kunai and used the moment to strike. Catching the kunai before it fell she tried for a swipe, but for forearm was swatted before she was disarmed and shoved away by the Haruno girl.

Both females flipped away from each other, gauging the other to see if there were any weaknesses in their form. For a long moment neither moved at all, just trying to win a battle of the mind.

Then they moved again, both girls sprinting forward and engaging in a taijutsu battle, Punches and kicks thrown, blocked, caught and dodged as the two fought with determination. Neither one willing to back down as they fought, jumping away as Sakura threw out a set of kunai in a tripwire style landing. Ino in turn flung a shuriken at the string, cutting it and causing a spawned spikeball to fall on the location of the trap.

Though just before Sakura could begin another attack she found herself unable to move, a sudden pulse running through her. Looking up she saw Ino now slouched on the spikeball against a spike, about to speak she instead felt her body slowly reaching toward her own kunai pouch without her willing it to. Before she could question it she heard a familiar voice ring out in her head

-I've taken control of your whole body Sakura, but I've left you control of your mouth. Surrender the battle or I'll have to use your own kunai against you- Ino's mental voice said in her brain, telling her Ino had used mind transfer jutsu to control her. It was true, like this she was helpless against her blonde friend. -Being your friend clearly I will not kill you, I care about you too much, but if you don't surrender, I'll be forced to do damage to you…-

Sakura bit her lip, closing her eyes as she felt a sudden bit of hopelessness roll over her. She couldn't even win her first round of the prelims…. How could she truly say she was going to be great if she failed here?

But before she could speak the feeling of being controlled lifted from her, Ino beginning to rise from her slouched state.

"You're right Sakura…. What would the point be if I beat you unfairly… just because we're ninja doesn't mean we always need to fight unfairly. Let's see if you really can be great!" She yelled before jumping, several ninja wires connected to the giant spikeball which caused it to flip over her like a flail as it came swinging down at Sakura incredibly fast.

Sakura's eyes went wide as she jumped back, everything seeming to slow down as she dove away and rolled out of the attack's reach. The ball smashed the ground a few inches from her, creating a cloud of dust that was just enough to give her a second. As the dust cleared Sakura seemed to have vanished entirely, which caused Ino to look around in a bit of confusion, only to be shocked as a fairly heavy punch connected to her gut. Keeling over she was left wide open to the following knee to the chin, and finally the roundhouse to her left cheek that sent er spiralling off the ball and sliding across the ground in pain. Sakura landed after the barrage and then picked up several kunai with little glass bulbs attached to them before clinging them, Ino saw this and flipped away from them. Though this time she wasn't the intended target, the bulbs hit the ground and exploded into several dozen small paper squares that fluttered around her like falling snow.

"What the?" She caught one and saw a small seal written on it, and when she did her eyes widened like saucers. "Oh no"

"Oh yes," Came the reply of Sakura as she pulled a kunai with an explosive tag on it. "Sakura Special Move: Sakura Blizzard!" She yelled as she flung the kunai, only using a bit

of chakra so not to kill her closest friend. The explosion though was a pretty nice one, enough to sent Ino rolling across the ground and into the wall, her skin a bit battered and clothing a little singed. She was okay though, and began to stand up slowly.

"I'm not, done yet there Blossom…. But that was really good" She said before smirking a bit and making a single handsign, causing Sakura's eyed to widen this time as she heard a noise behind her and went to look. She didn't get the chance as an explosion of equal magnitude sent her rocketing toward Ino, who charged and brought her fist back.

Sakura wasn't ready to give up though and came up with an idea, flipping around really fast she managed to get to the ground just in time to move out of the way of Ino's punch…

Only to smash her forehead directly into Ino's with full force.

For a moment the arena was dead silent, neither girl moving as they both stood with a mix of surprise and pain, before bothe of them stumble back, and tumbled onto their backs. Another draw, just like the original timeline.

The proctor waited a few minutes before raising his hands up to call the end of the match.

"Neither combatant can continue, as thus this match is a draw!" He called out, having the sensei for both team come to get their students and clearing the arena.

Honestly Naruto couldn't help but be impressed, both of them had displayed exceptional skill when it came to their battle prowess and they both did amazing in terms of strategy when it came down to it.

"You'll both go far together, as rivals, and as friends" He said, a knowing smile coming to his lips.

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*Chapter 14*: Chapter 3 pg 5

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 3 pg 5

After the match between Sakura and Ino came to conclusion the board lit up, scrolling through a list of names before stopping on two that made Naruto cringe in memory

Tenten vs Temari

This match had been devastating when Naruto had seen it the first time, and he remembered that the Sand girl hadn't even been scratched the first time. He also remembered wanting to wipe the arrogant smirk off her face when he saw it, and this time he had a plan.

When both combatants entered the arena they gave their own confident smiles before getting into their respective stances. Tenten started it off by unleashing a few shuriken at her fellow ranged fighter, to which she received a shock as they seemed to harmlessly deflect off thin air.

Testing this again she dashed to the left, releasing a few kunai and shuriken at random intervals to see why they didn't connect. Each time the fan wielding girl would move slightly and the weaponry would again fall harmlessly to the ground, the confident smirk never leaving the girl's lips.

Giving an annoyed grunt Tenten jumped into the air, drawing a scroll and unleashing three large spiked ball objects at Temari, finally revealing the girl's trick as she was forced to swing her fan harder in order to blow them away. Now revealed that her fan was partially open the sand female spoke.

"As you can see, my fan gives me quite a strong defense, as well as offensive capability. And when the full moon is shown," She paused, allowing Tenten to see the crescent moon image on her fan. "This battle will be over"

"We'll see about that!" Tenten retorted as she summoned dual swords from her scroll and charged, beginning a plan to take down the girl's wind style defense, little did she know she was giving Naruto time to prepare his own plan.

With every attack and move Tenten made it seemed to be impossible to hit the fan wielder, weapons and scuffed up dirt covering the field as she moved, attacking and dodging everywhere. And what was worse, the fan was now almost completely open.

Every attack from Temari seemed to get stronger with every partial opening of the fan, the battle seemed to be getting more and more hopeless. But she wasnt about to go down without a fight, not a chance. Pulling out two scrolls she pulled out all the stops for this attack.

"Ninja Art: Twin Dragon Scrolls" She called out as she jumped high into the air, spinning rapidly while unfurling the scrolls into a shape reminiscent to two dragons swirling around each other. Touching the seals on the scrolls she summoned weapons and launched them at Temari with pinpoint accuracy, bringing down a hellish rain of metal.

Temari hefted her fan up, preparing to open the final notch, only to find that she couldn't. Looking at her fan she was shocked to see a small wire holding it from opening all the way, causing her to gasp. -When did she have time to do that?!- She mentally questioned as she turned and felt a sting on her cheek, followed by something warm running down it. She didn't have time to check it though, as she was forced to raise her fan in defense as the hellish rain came down on her. She was cut several times by the attacks as she tried to hold up her guard until the end, finally growing tired of this she growled.

Turning slightly when she felt the opportunity she let a kunai cut the wire on her fan before opening it all the way, grunting in strain she unleashed a full strength swing and let loose a hurricane of wind. The wind formed a tornado around Tenten, picking up many of her weapons as the wind and metal worked in tandem to cut the poor girl up

Tenten could only scream in agony as she was slashed up by the wind and her own weapons, being held in place until the winds finally died out and allowed her to fall.

Seeing the girl beginning to fall Temari closed her fan and hurled it, letting it land beneath the girl so that she would land in a spine breaking pose. She was confused though, when the sound of the girl landing didn't hit her ears. However, the sound of her own fan hitting the wall mere inches from her head certainly warranted attention, especially after a certain raven haired male landed on it.

*In The Stands*

Up in the stands Ami and Hinata were left in shock as the place where Sasuke had once been was empty, and the bar he'd been holding was dented from the force in which he'd taken off to rescue Tenten.

*Back In The Field*

Said bun haired girl was being held bridal style by Sasuke, unconscious and unmoving after the hurricane attack by Temari.

The aforementioned fan wielder looked in shock as the Sharingan user glared down at her with enough malice that most grown men would soil themselves.

"Consider yourself lucky that the rules prevent me from doing anything else without disqualifying Tenten, or you'd be in a world of pain for this." Naruto said, he knew that technically Temari had broken no rules with her attack, but that didn't mean he had to like it.

"Tenten is unable to continue, the winner is Temari!" The proctor announced, waving a hand toward the cowering Sand female. The female said nothing as Sasuke tapped his foot on the fan, making it angle down to the ground and allowing him to slide down to the ground. Handing Tenten off to the medical nin he then began walking back to the stands silently.

Temari couldn't help but shiver a bit as she pulled her fan from the wall, if the rules hadn't prevented him, what might he have done? The thought brought chills down her spine.

After the field had been cleared, the next matchup appeared on the board. One that Naruto felt needed no real manipulation, though he did very much enjoy watching Shikamaru knock the girl's head on the wall. He even activated his Sharingan to memorize the details to play Over and over, but he did however narrow his eyes as he sent a shadow clone to follow as Kin was taken away.

The next match however did bring Naruto back to attention, being Ami vs Xiba Inuzuka and her dog Akamaru

Both females made their way down to the arena, glaring at each other with their own cocky smirks plastered on their lips.

"Any last words before I whip you and claim Sasuke for myself?" Xiba said, causing Naruto to sink back slightly and hide himself. Obito laughed slightly, but Ami and Hinata seemed much less amused as Hinata clenched her fists on the bar and Ami punched her palm and glared. Pointing a finger at Xiba she surprisingly said nothing, but did a roman style sideways thumb, then pointed her thumb down in the "Execution" motion.

"Cocky little-" Xiba said, then dashed forward as she and Akamaru jumped to use Taijutsu as their opening move.

Ami slowly slipped into a loose mix between a boxer stance and gentle fist: One hand held out straight with palm open, the other hand close to her chest with her fist closed. Sliding her left foot back a bit and pointing her toes to the left she then lightly bent her right knee and closed her eyes. This action alone caused several people to look shocked, but Hinata seemed to smirk, having been working on mixing their styles to better complement their teamwork together.

"Welcome to the show, the Trickster fist" Hinata and Ami whispered softly.

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Next Time

"The Trickster Fist and The Gentle Trickster!"

*Chapter 15*: Chapter 3 pg 6

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 3 pg 6

Before Xiba could even get a strike in she found that Ami had moved, sidestepping the attack while sending an upward palm forward that hit the canine female in the gut.

*Background music: Courtesy Call*

Being shocked by this she had no time to prepare as she fell to her knees, gagging as Ami jumped away from Akamaru just as he attempted to bite her.

Ami then resumed her unique stance, much to the Ire of the few Hyuuga in attendance currently. Xiba then managed to get to her feet, charging forward again as she used her Fang Over Fang tactics to wear down at Ami's defense and hopefully leave her vulnerable.

Each attack sent her way was dodged or somehow countered, but that's not to say Ami wasn't taking damage though. Scratches here and there, occasionally a bruise, sometimes a good strike would slip through. Both females battled with ferocious intent, wanting to bring the other down to prove their superiority.

Jumping away from each other the two girls glared, neither one wanting to quit. Both were a bit worse for wear, but neither seemed to have dealt any lasting or battle ending injuries.

"You're not bad Ami, but I'm not about to lose to the dead last. You may have gotten stronger, but I'm gonna take you down. I'm pulling out all the stops now, no holding back!" Xiba announced as she made a hand sign and became more feral looking. Eyes narrowing and fangs growing along with claws, even up in the stands Naruto silently admitted that it was an attractive look. And when Akamaru jumped on her back and became an exact replica he couldn't help but bite his lip and shift.

"I was about to say the same thing" Ami said, smirking confidently as she herself made a hand sign. Her own feathers became a bit more feral, eyes narrowing, claws and fangs, whiskers darkening a bit. At first one would swear she'd used her inner demon, but when she spoke she shocked everyone. (1)

"Me and Hinata have been doing a bit of work with our sensei's help, we've been studying the arts of various clans and working on a way to create our own versions to create a strong fighting style to complement our own team fighting. What you're about to see, is that style. One that we've not even shown to Sasuke yet!" She called out as she growled.

*With Naruto*

Even Naruto was shocked at this, Hinata and Ami had been working this hard to create a style just to help him? He had a mix of pride, and a slight blush at how Much that meant to him. Not to mention the slight blush at the idea of how Hinata, Xiba, and Ami must look when in that feral form. Shaking his head he quickly focused and shifted, mumbling something about stupid girls.

*Back On The Field*

The now feral Ami jumped high into the air to avoid the hurricane of claws that was Xiba, flipping backwards to dodge Akamaru as well. She received a small gash on her arm as she dodged, but it gave her just enough time to bring down a hard reverse Axe kick on the rising Xiba's forehead.

The kick sent the canine female straight down, making her crash into Akamaru as they both hit the ground and rolled to their feet. But before either could move they found themselves unable to move as Ami landed.

*New Background: War of Change*

When Xiba and Akamaru looked they saw that Ami's shadow was currently connected to both of theirs as she stood up. At this point she turned and chuckled, doing a few motions to show that the two were indeed forced to follow her actions. (2)

"H-How are you doing this, only the Nara clan has the ability of shadow possession!" Xiba yelled, Akamaru barking in agreement as Ami smirked.

"Now if I told you that, I'd be ruining my own trick wouldn't I?" Ami said with a small laugh as she continued to move, making Xiba move in sync with her somehow.

Xiba herself was trying hard to figure out what was causing her to move the way she did, catching a glimpse of something she then smirked and then she gave a whistle to Akamaru. Akamaru catching on to what Xiba needed and instantly jumped into a rotating drill, using his part of the fang over fang. But oddly rather than hitting Ami, Akamaru simply passed over Xiba and cut something over the feral female, freeing her to move.

"It was a good trick there, you hid ninja wire around me and wrapped it around my body in a way that would make it so I'd shadow your movements just like the Nara clan jutsu. Sneaky, but now that I'm free I can do this!" Without further warning Xiba and Akamaru jumped into a fang over fang combo, with Ami taking a good amount of hits from it as she jumped and dodged the best she could. At first it seemed Ami was on the ropes here, taking quite the beating from the heavy barrage of combo strikes from Xiba and Akamaru.

But then suddenly the tides turned once again…

Just as Ami took another heavy hit and was sent rolling, Xiba went in for a finishing blow. Aiming a heavy claw strike at her to end the battle once and for all. But before the strike landed Ami acted, pushing out tons of her chakra before rapidly rotating her body in a move very easily noticeable to everyone.

"Rotation!" (3) Ami called, hitting Xiba with the dome of chakra and sending her flying. It didn't end there though, Ami had more in store for the Canine female. Dashing forward she created four shadow clones, having one handspring her into the air high above the flying Xiba. The others went to work setting up a move Naruto knew all too well.

"U" Xiba received a kick to send her up.

"Zu" She received another kick, sending her even Higher.

"Ma, Ki" Two more clones simultaneously kicked her, making her reach the Highest point of the attack.

"Ami Barrage!" The real Ami yelled, delivering a spinning flip axe kick to the face that sent the poor female to the ground with enough force to make her nose bleed and to make her cough up blood.

After the attack was done, Ami landed and took a breath as she settled back into her Trickster Fist stance. Her clones landing in a circular formation around her to give her a better field of vision, and all of them were shocked to see 'Xiba' burst into smoke and reveal Akamaru. The pup had taken the beating for his companion. Just then Xiba came in, having used fang over fang to tunnel into the ground for a surprise attack.

Ami was caught off guard and took a good hit, being sent rolling away as Xiba moved to take out the clones. Before she could get out a strike though she heard Ami.

"And now to end this, with a special Jutsu I came up with just for such an occasion!" Ami yelled, making a hand sign as her clones did the same "Ami's Big Bang!" As the jutsu was yelled out all the clones burst, making semi powerful explosions. It wouldn't be enough to cause more than minor burns and cuts, but it would still sting a lot at that range. Xiba was sent high into the air once more, but this time Ami took no chances, creating one more clone she had it grab her and hurl her at Xiba. Spinning around she delivered a huge double kick to Xiba's abdomen, pushing hard with her feet to send the girl to the ground as she landed in a baseball style slide and got into a stance again, ready to deliver another blow if needed.

*End Music*

It wasn't this time, Xiba was out like a light from that last strike. Having knocked the wind out of her and then sent her crashing into the cement floor, there wasn't much hope for getting back from that one. At first everyone was stunned, save for the few who knew Ami well enough, no one had thought that she could've defeated someone from a bloodline clan. Slowly

Ami dropped her stance, taking a deep breath of relief before slowly lifting Xiba up. Handing her to the medical ninja as the Proctor raised his hand.

"The winner is Ami Uzumaki" He called as he gestured that Ami could go back to the stands.

There were a few other great battles that happened, Naruto even found himself Cheering during Shirayuki's impressive win as well. But finally came a moment that Naruto dreaded…

Hinata Hyuga vs Neji Hyuuga.

As Hinata and Neji made their way down to the small arena they met eyes briefly, Neji giving a cocky Smirk while Hinata held a look that did unnerve him a bit. In her eyes was sheer determination, a look that said she didn't plan to lose, not in the slightest did she intend to make this fight easy on her cousin.

"You should know Hinata, that if you don't surrender I will win. It is destined to be so, nothing you do will-" Neji was interrupted by Hinata making a gesture with her hand, holding it straight out in front of her before Thrusting her arm to the side. Her hand then closed into a simple thumbs up as she looked over her shoulder a little at Ami and Sasuke, she was going to make them proud.

"I'm ready to begin proctor-san" She said in a soft and polite voice, but in her tone there was none of that shyness that Neji remembered.

-What happened to her after joining this team, it's like she's a new person- Neji thought, before trying to speak to her again. "Ignoring me won't change the fact that you're still too weak to fight-" Again the Hyuuga prodigy was stopped mid-sentence.

"Neji, I would rather we settle this with combat. Not with words, I know you are strong and I respect that. I ask that you look passed your own nose long enough to test my strength yourself instead of assuming I'm weak. It will be a mistake you regret" Hinata spoke, that same irritating soft tone that was beginning to piss Neji off. To think she could even be competition for him was ludicrous, and he would show her.

"Combatants ready?" The proctor looked between the two, seeing them both nod before bringing his arm down "Begin"

With no further encouragement needed Neji rushed in, planning to swiftly bring down his opponent. Activating his Byakugan he went in for jabs to Hinata's shoulder joints, intending to paralyze them and leave her vulnerable. Hinata had other plans, though, as she activated her own Byakugan and turned completely sideways. This caused her to slip right between Neji's arms and left him open as her elbow found its way into the bridge of his nose, leaving the wide eyed Hyuuga male jumping back and holding his face for a moment as Hinata slipped into a stance similar to Ami's from before.

"I don't know how you suddenly got so confident, or where this newfound strength is coming from, but it won't save you. Fate decided the outcome of this battle the minute-" Again Neji found Hinata interjecting mid sentence.

"Trickster stance: Air Punch(4)" After finishing the name of her attack she thrust her closed fist out toward Neji, creating a small burst of wind that knocked him off his feet and made him slide back a little.

After getting back to his feet Neji looked at Hinata, clearly surprised by her sudden combat prowess and strength. Moving back to a safe distance to observe her and to get a general idea of what this Trickster Style was. Hinata would have none of that though as she then went on the offensive, dashing forward as she pulled a small pellet from her hip pouch and hurled it at the ground in front of the white eyed boy. In a burst from the smoke pellet the field was shrouded thickly in a purple colored mist. This however caused Neji to smirk.

"Do you really think your little smoke trick is going to-" He stopped though and felt his eyes widen as he suddenly came to the realization, he couldn't see her, the smoke was somehow actually blocking his Byakugan's vision! "But, h-how is that-GLK!" He choked on his own words as the lavender eyed Hyuuga burst through the violet smoke and sent a punch into his adam's apple, forcing him to keel over to try to catch his breath as the assault continued. A roundhouse toward his head, a punch to his kidney, an all out attack from Hinata intent on doing as much damage as she could before the smoke dissipated.

*In the Stands*

"Wow! She's wrecking him in there! She's doing awesome Sensei!" Ami shouted as she fist pumped and smiled brightly watching her friend.

"That may be true, but she is also exhausting herself by straining so much to do damage to him" Came Obito's response, watching as Hinata jumped back and the smoke cleared. Showing a battered but still standing Neji, and a panting and slightly exhausted Hinata. "She won't be able to take much more of that, she will need to regain her stamina before she can continue this" He said with a grim tone, causing both Naruto and Ami to turn back with a bit of worry for their Teammate.

-You can do this Hinata, you're so much stronger than you know. You don't have to win, just show him how strong you can be- Naruto thought while his eyes watched intently.

*Back in the Ring*

Hinata was pretty tired after the assault, but she wasn't quite done yet. She still had something up her sleeve, and just needed an opportunity to use it. But now Neji seemed to be even more pissed now, and he was about to get serious.

Dashing forward he got into his Gentle fist stance again as he closed in on the exhausted Hinata, sliding close as he smirked and then spoke. "Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms!" He called out as he began to strike at her chakra points brutally, to which Hinata couldn't do much except dodge the ones she could and try to block the attacks. The final one slamming her stomach before she could stop it and sending her rolling away. Coming to a stop she coughed up a bit of blood and lay there for a moment, gasping and struggling to get up.

"Don't bother trying, I have sealed off several chakra points in your limbs. You won't be getting up any time soon princess." Neji said cockily while turning his back to her, looking to the proctor. "Call it sir, she's not getting back u-"

"S-sorry to disappoint you Neji, but I'm.. not done yet" Came a voice that only served to piss off the white eyed boy even more than before, causing him to look over his shoulder to see Hinata was rising slowly to her feet. Though she staggered a bit when she did, she still managed to get completely upright before she slowly slipped into her trickster stance once more.

"Now Neji…. I will show you the progress we've made, and how strong I've become with my team. I'll show you my new technique, and I'll end this fight one way or another!" She called out as she suddenly flared chakra through her system, wincing in pain as she felt her chakra points force open from the flare. This of course surprised even Neji, as he didn't know the Hyuuga clan heir had enough power to force them open like that.

He didn't have time to think on this though, as the lavender eyed princess spoke once more.

"... I'm coming for you cousin"

Aaaaaand that's where I'll end it for now, gonna save the big finally for the next chapter. What is Hinata's new technique?! Stay tuned and find out!

(1): Trickster Stance: Beast Mimicry: One of the Jutsu of Ami and Hinata's custom style. Using a minor transformation Jutsu along with a small surge of their own chakra to increase chakra flow and potency for a short time the Jutsu mimics the effects of the Inuzuka man beast Mimicry

(2): Trickster Stance: Imitation Jutsu: Another Jutsu created by Hinata and Ami. Using a mixture of subtly placed wires, senbon, and kunai to force the Target into a puppet like state similar to the shadow imitation Jutsu used by the Nara clan. The wires channel the users chakra to create a forced movement on the Target and leaves them at the mercy of the user

(3): Trickster Stance: Rotation: A simple Jutsu created for the trickster stance, by focusing the chakra around the user in a large quantity and then spinning it creates a dome, obviously reminiscent to the Hyuuga rotation

(4): Trickster stance: Air Punch: Channeling chakra into the fist the user can then punch in outward to create a directional burst of wind. Similar to the air bullet technique, but not requiring wind chakra nature to perform.

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*Chapter 16*: Chapter 3 pg 7

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 3 page 6

*Background Music: Uneniable by seckond Chaynce*

Neji could only watch as Hinata flooded her body with chakra, more than what the petite princess should be able to at once. But how could that be possible? That much chakra inside a genin level ninja was almost unheard of! And yet here it was, like a title wave surges of chakra ran through her body and out through the chakra points in her feet, hands, and shoulders. The chakra becoming a visible form as on her back she seemed to form large bird like wings, her hands and feet forming talon like appendages, and her eyes giving off a bit of a chakra glow similar to mist. But his attention was drawn back as he could hear her speak.

"Chakra Seal Release: Bird of Prey!" She called out as the chakra gave one final burst that almost knocked Neji off his feet from the sheer force. "This is MY trump card Neji, and I am glad that you get to see it….. To see that I became this strong with the attachments that you despise so much. When I followed the strict Hyuga path I was little more than a caged bird, but now I've burned away that shell, and rose from the ashes as a phoenix! I am the bird of prey, and I won't clip my wings to be what you and the clan want me to be!" She finished as she then rose the wings high and flapped them down hard, launching herself at her stunned cousin with far superior speed than before.

-I can already feel the seal taking its toll, I'll have to finish this quickly before I can't even hold myself up anymore- Hinata thought as she sent a hard kick aimed at Neji, who only just managed to dodge as she grazed his chin

*Up with Team Seven*

Ami and Sasuke stared in awe at this new ability Hinata was displaying, while on the other hand their sensei seemed to be watching with an extremely worried look on his face. Before the other two could question what exactly she was doing he decided to explain it to them and the others within earshot.

"The Chakra Seal Release, a technique I helped her to develop during our sessions. It was designed to store up extra chakra that she could push into it and release it later. The chakra reacts in accordance with her mental state in a way, the reason it formed the way it did is to manifest what she feels. She is a bird being freed of her cage, but it comes with a price. The technique wasn't completed yet, and it would cause damage to her chakra coils with extended use. If she doesn't end this fight soon she could do serious damage to not just Neji, but her own body in turn…." He spoke softly, watching with mixed pride and worry as his student showed her true strength, and her desire to be free of her shell.

-Hinata…. You've come so far, even farther than what I expected- Naruto thought as he felt a small tug on the back of his mind, his tennant calling him into his mind as he slowly allowed himself to be pulled in.

*In the Mindscape*

Naruto found himself in the familiar location of his favorite furry demon, looking into the crimson eyes of his demonic ally and friend.

"You've been awfully quiet lately, I know we agreed to limit the talking and the demonic chakra to avoid alerting Ami's half of you, but it's been rather lonely without you in the back of my brain" Naruto said with a soft and playful chuckle as Kurama grunted and then smiled

"A conversation for another time kit, I have some…. Bad news for you" Kurama replied, seeming to be genuinely upset by what he was about to say. "Hinata is still going to have to lose this fight in order to preserve the future that we are looking for. Before you object though, no we will not have to sabotage the fight, but when that strange seal of hers starts to take its toll we will need to be fast, if we aren't she could end up permanently damaging her coils"

Naruto could already feel his chest tightening at this, knowing that the loss to Neji had nearly crushed her in the past, even if she didn't show it the loss had damaged her emotionally and obviously physically. But it had also inspired her to become even stronger as well.

Clenching his fists he looked up at Kurama and nodded slowly as he sighed softly.

"Okay, give me a signal when it's time to move, and keep me posted on things like this okay?" He said as he began to fade from the seal, seeing the fox nod slowly as well.

"I'll be in touch kit"

*Back in Reality*

Naruto came back to see that it was just as Kurama had said, despite having the overwhelming power of that chakra release ability, Hinata was already wearing down.

Hinata was panting a bit heavily, sporting several bruises from where Neji had caught her with a few good jabs. He had a ton of bruises and cuts along his body and face, panting and definitely worse for wear now as he glared at the Hyuga princess that dared to surpass him, even if she was wearing down slowly.

"How much longer do you think you can keep this up Princess? You are already on your last legs as it is, why don't you just surrender now and spare yourself further damages?" He taunted, trying to buy a bit of time to let this strange ability do the work for him. Hinata though didn't give an answer and held out her hand to the side as she began to build up chakra to it, turning into a shape much like a large dragon dog hybrid.

"Chakra Release: Foo Dog fist…. With this attack Neji, I'm going to end this battle. Prepare yourself" She said before flapping the wings once more and dashing at the white eyed male, who could only try to block his face by crossing his arms and wait for the strike.

But it didn't come.

Instead a shout and a splash of blood landed on his arms and a bit on his face, the shout coming from Hinata as she suddenly keeled over in pain. Her wings dissipated as well as the rest of the chakra. Leaving her contorting on the ground and screaming out in pain.

In the back of Naruto's mind there was a small burst of chakra, taking that as the obvious signal he jumped onto the bar around the arena and pushed off hard. The force of him pushing off dented the bar and created a small burst of wind that knocked Ami over, and propelled him to the arena floor with enough impact force to create a small dust cloud and briefly shrouded the two from View.

-Okay Kurama, run me through what to do here, you know healing was never really my thing here- Naruto spoke mentally to his fox companion as he kneeled next to Hinata.

-Place your hands on her chest above her heart and the other on her stomach, then let my chakra take care of the rest. After I send the surge into her just pretend like you're calling for a medic, we don't need anyone knowing you did anything- Kurama responded as Naruto did what was asked of him, closing his eyes and allowing a small surge of the demonic youkai flowed into Hinata. Almost immediately he started to play the worried teammate, which wasn't hard as he was still worried for her.

"We need a medic here! She's hurt really badly!" Came the Uzumaki/Uchiha voice, calling out to the proctor, who called the match in Neji's favor. With said Hyuga giving a confident and cocky smirk.

"I told her that she would lose, the minute she was chosen to be my opponent her weakness-" And the boy found that today was NOT his lucky day when again he was interrupted, but this time it was by Naruto delivering a punch into his jaw that rocked the Hyuga prodigy's world and sent him ass over head rolling onto his back.

"That 'weak girl' just took you for a trip to the deli and force fed you a dozen knuckle sandwiches, she also happens to be one of my best friends and one of the strongest people I know. So you better watch what you say bub, because if we get paired in the next round I'm going to show you just how wrong you are about fate" The Uzumaki turned Uchiha spoke, his tone cold and full of malice toward the cocky prodigy while he turned and began walking away with Hinata and the medical team. Leaning down on the way he ran his fingers through some of the blood of his fallen friend, clenching his fist and staining it with the crimson liquid as he said one last thing. "You better train hard, cuz I know me and Ami will, and we'll be hoping one of us gets you in the next round" With that he left the Hyuga to look up toward Ami, who was glaring with such intensity he could almost swear that she was going to jump down and try to kill him.

Thankfully for him that didn't happen and he slowly left to go meet up with his team, feeling somewhat embarrassed that he had been given so much trouble.

*Small Timeskip*

Naruto sat in his room after having just returned from checking in on Hinata, closing his eyes while remaining cross-legged on the floor. He had been trying to meditate since he returned, but every time he started to, a flash of Hinata ran through his mind and his feelings momentarily sparked up from his previous life. Giving an angry shout he reared his fist back as his arm became coated in crimson chakra before he slammed a fist into the floor, causing a rather large hole to be smashed into it. Seeing the hole and his fist there he groaned a bit, knowing he would need to fix that now, another thing to add to the stressful list of his.

After making a few clones to help repair the damage he set out of his home, making sure to avoid Ami as he sensed her chakra nearby and didn't really want to be followed. Headed out of the apartment complex he then jumped up to the rooftops and started to run along them quickly, looking for a spot to train himself for the upcoming battle. Neji or Gaara, whichever one he was placed up against in the tournament, they were going to wish they had never met the spiteful Uchiha.

*With Ami*

Our favorite Parallel world Kyuubi Jinchuuriki was in her room, looking at a picture of her team and clenching her fists tightly as she felt her anger boiling at the thought that Hinata was hurt because of her fight, but also that when she lost Neji had the gaul to taunt her as if he won by a landslide. She had almost won, and he was walking around like he was the messiah or something who defeated her in a one sided fight!

She was interrupted in her thoughts though, when she felt the familiar chakra of her Uchiha ally moving away from the building. Getting up she walked out to see him dashing along the rooftops with a bit more of a rushed speed than usual, which confused her and she moved to follow, but before she could she was stopped by none other than Obito, who smiled at her and then spoke.

"Hey Ami, sorry to stop by unannounced like this but I have someone to introduce you to. An old friend who might be able to help you train those large reserves of yours to better use." He said while chuckling at the stars that appeared in Ami's eyes, knowing she would be excited about training. "Follow me and I'll introduce you, if I know him he'll probably be at the nearest bath house…" He finished with a deadpanned look on his face that confused our dear redhead, but he decided to explain that part a bit later as he started to walk toward the local bath house with his student in toe.

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*Chapter 17*: Chapter 4 pg 1

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 4: The chunin finals Part 1

Page 1

Naruto stood by Hinata's bed, having stopped by everyday to see her progression to recovery. Kurama had explained that the process was going slow and that she'd gone into a somewhat comatose state to help accelerate the healing speed. Though neither of them really knew what would happen to the extra Youkai inside of her body, Kurama speculated that it would simply dissipate after it was done, or that it would be used up the next time she used a jutsu. Gently running a hand through the girls midnight blue hair he smiled a bit before turning to leave, the exams would be starting soon, and he had a certain ass he was hoping to kick.

"Don't worry Hinata, if I get paired with Neji he's gonna be wearing his cheeks like ear muffs with how hard I'm gonna kick them" He said before making his way out and toward the stadium. Along the way he met up with Ami who smiled a little, knowing where he had come from.

"How is she doing today Sasuke?" She asked as she saw him look her way

Naruto did have to admit that Ami looked a bit different now since she started her training, he had a feeling he knew who it was but he didn't want to assume things. Now instead of her previous purple pants she wore black Shorts with one leg being slightly longer on the right leg, coming to mid thigh while the other was short enough he could swear if it was shorter her butt would be hanging out, a thought that made him blush faintly. Around her waist was a purple half skirt type cloth that was more focused on the right side, and her upper body was covered in a somewhat unique style outfit. She had on what seemed to be a black skin tight mesh shirt, which was covered by a semi-tight grey shirt with purple lines along it, and then that was covered by a black half vest that had one strap over her left shoulder and a metal plate over where her heart would be. Her arms had long gloves on them, one being rolled up to cover up to her elbow while the other went almost all the way up her arms, metal plates on the back of them in a way that made Naruto think of Kakashi. And finally she wore long sandal/boots that went up to the top of her shins, with the one on her left leg having one long black legging showing from under it. On her right thigh she had a small kunai holster, and all together Naruto had to admit, she looked damn good now. (1)

"She's still out, but she's recovering pretty fast. She gets stronger everyday" He replied before holding out his fist toward Ami. "Let's hope one of us gets to teach that arrogant milk eye a lesson ey Ami?" This caused her to chuckle and lightly fist bump him before nodding in agreement.

*A Few Moments Later: At the Coliseum*

Everyone had gathered in the center of the ring, listening as the new proctor went through the list and the rules of what was going to happen and how things were done for this part of the exam. Nothing much had changed from before except now they were using a bracket paper instead of the large tv monitor from before. Naruto had kinda tuned it out, knowing that things were going to go pretty much the same as before in terms of rules. He did however tune in when he heard something a bit unique, the Hokage came to the stage and announced that during the month of training time between the second and third exams. The council decided that as a way to help the village grow in strength they would officially announce and reinstate clans back into konoha under the CRA, and through absorption of other clans who have no heir heir of the main bloodline will be placed into a clan restoration act to help them to restore the bloodline to its former glory. This was interesting and when Naruto thought about it, it made sense as to why he was seeing so many other people in the village that he wasn't familiar with such as Shirayuki.

After that was finished everyone was asked to leave the arena so that the first match could be called. When the Proctor stood in the middle of the field he spoke loudly enough for everyone to hear, using a small microphone so as to be heard. With a small genjutsu the entire arena fell dark, lit only by stage lights you'd see at a fight club or a night time event.

"Introducing the Current Heir of the Yuki clan and Konoha's first Resident Ice user, Representing the teachings of our favorite snake using Sadist" He said the last part with a glance toward said snake mistress, who was grinning like a maniac, seeing as this was her idea. "The Ice Lotus of Konoha, Shirayuki!" (2)

As the girl made her way out of the gate to the field a song began to blare out from some speakers that had been set up around the balcony.

*Music: Miss Independent*

Now this was something that caught his attention, seeing as this battle hadn't actually been in the original chunin exams and he was a bit eager to see one of Sasuke's old 'friend' going head to head with someone else. He did notice though, that even as Shirayuki walked out she spared him several strange looks, reminding him of how Hinata looked at him in a way. But before he could wave or anything she looked away as if something was wrong.

-I'll have to talk to her later, see if I did something wrong- He thought to himself before making his way up to his team to watch the fight.

When the girl reached the center of the ring she stood there for a moment before bringing out one hand, raising it up before clenching a fist as a large burst of ice and mist surrounded her, clearing away with a breeze of wind to reveal a large ice statue shaped like a lotus flower with the girl standing on it. After jumping down the flower shattered and melted away as she made her way to her side of the field to wait, the song coming to an end.

"And her opponent, hailing from Konoha as well as a fellow student of our Snake Mistress. The Lightning Ring of the Leaf, Konoka!"

*Music: I Do Whatever It Takes*

The female slowly made her way from the opposite entrance of Shirayuki, a determined look on her face and fists clenched tightly. With every step she took the dual Ringblades clinked together on her right hip. When she reached the center of the arena she simply flicked her wrist, grabbing a blade and bringing it over her head. On cue the blade lit up with electricity that arched around her into an almost cage like appearance before bursting out in a flashy show, leaving small grooves on the ground before she locked eyes with Shirayuki. The look on her face said simply "You're in the way" as the song faded out and she walked to the other side of the ring.

*In the Balcony*

Naruto stood there a bit confused now, this kind of entrance was much different than what he remembered. Perhaps he should have payed more attention to the introduction earlier, they were picking out music to enter with now, must be something to entertain the civilian populace? He'd just have to look into it before his time came around, there was plenty of old music from a long time ago that he could pick from after all (3)

*In the Arena*

Shirayuki watched Sasuke for a bit, quickly looking away when he noticed her before taking a slow breath, she was going to prove to Sasuke-kun that she was just as good as that Hyuga princess and the Uzumaki girl. She would show him that she could be strong too and earn his attention. She did have to shake her head a bit to clear her mind as her thoughts went a bit south, having to blame Anko for that. Having trained with her for so long was not only helping her in terms of strength, but having an effect on the darker parts of her mind as well.

Slipping into her stance she looked across the field to her opponent, who had her own thoughts running through her mind.

Konoka was standing still and examining the person before her, the one standing between her and her advancement in the ninja word, and she wasn't about to let that happen. If she was going to become a future legend she couldn't lose here, so even if they had the same sensei she wasn't going to hold back in this battle.

"Both Combatants ready?" The proctor asked, looking between the two and receiving nods from them, he waved his hand in a downward motion "Begin"

The two continued to stand there for s long moment, not breaking eye contact as they sized each other up, each with a reason to win, each one wanting to prove their strength.

And then it began.

The two of them took off at full speed toward each other, still holding eye contact the whole time until they met in the middle of the field. Shirayuki going for a two fingered jab aimed for Konoka's shoulder while Konoka leaned to avoid it and opened her palm. At this range a Jutsu would be extremely difficult to avoid and as such, was a perfect opportunity to weaken the ice user early in the battle.

"Lighting Style: Thunderbolt!" She called out, unleashing a small burst of electricity. Shirayuki was caught off guard and only managed to avoid major damage by ducking and rolling between Konoka's legs, standing again and holding her shoulder in a bit of pain. Shaking off the stinging she charged forward and used the moment of confusion to land two good jabs on Konoka, jumping up and flipping over the lightning user as she tried to counter Shirayuki's attack, only to receive a jab to her shoulder from above and a follow-up punch to her jaw as she tried to turn again.

Jumping away Shirayuki created some distance between herself and Konoka, not wanting to get hit by another one of those lighting bolts at close range.

Konoka on the other hand was holding her side with one arm and her shoulder with the other, already beginning to feel the effects of Shirayuki's Devouring Winter style. A feeling of cold running from each of the points she'd touched.

"Not a bad move there Shira-chan, I didn't expect this much speed from you. But don't think that this will be enough to stop me" Konoka said softly as she drew her dual Ring Blades and got into a fighting stance.

"I wouldn't dream of it Kona-chan" Shira countered as she got into her own stance, ready for whatever might come next.

Konoka herself then did a few partial hand signs and then thrust her hands out as four large pillars of stone rose from the ground around Shirayuki, causing the white haired girl to look around in surprise. But she didn't get much time to react as her opponent threw the Ring Blades at her, forcing her to dodge about in between the pillars left and right. While this was happening Konoka couldn't help but smirk a bit, watching everything fall into place as Shirayuki found herself tripping and landing in a mess of Ninja wire that had been laced around between the Pillars. Once the Trap was set Konoka smirked even wider as she went through a few more hand signs.

"Lighting style: Four Pillar Web Trap!" She called out, having combined two of her stronger Jutsu together to create a more powerful combination. True to its name the wires sparked up with electricity that was down along every inch of the wires, colliding with Shirayuki and causing her to cry out in pain as the lighting ran through her body.

At first it seemed that this was the end of the fight right there, but then Shirayuki burst into shards of ice, revealing it to be nothing more than an ice clone. Before Konoka could even turn around though she received a hard palm strike to her back, followed up by an elbow to the ribs and a hard roundhouse kick into her gut that sent her rolling away. Looking up she saw Shira was looking a bit worse for wear, having not been able to escape all of the damage from the attack. Her jacket was torn and missing a sleeve now, possibly from the ninja wire. Parts of her pants and mesh shirt were torn and burned from the lightning hitting her, a little smoke rose from her body as a sign that she was indeed hit by the attack.

Now the white haired girl began her own series of hand signs, a slightly longer sequence before jumping back and gathering what looked like black snow or ice to her right hand. The ice formed into that of a dragon head as she then punched forward and sent the long serpentine beast at Konoka with a yell.

"Ice Style: Black Dragon Blizzard" She called loudly as Konoka moved quickly in a sideways roll, the large beast impacting the space she'd once been and exploding, sending her rolling even further from the force.

Landing once again Shirayuki rose her hand up and condensed moisture into several icey senbon and with a flick of her wrist she launched the frozen weapons at her target. Konoka used her Ring Blades to block what she could, spinning them to deflect and break the majority, though a few got through and hit her legs and arms.

The two girls stood there and panted slightly, each one now looking a bit beat up and worn down. But both of them knew this was far from done, neither being willing to just give in.

Without warning Konoka holstered both of her blades and then held out her hands, channeling her lightning style chakra to her hands as sparks began to shoot around her fists. This was her own little adaption of Shirayuki's style, her Lightning Strike Fist.

"Now how about we get serious Shira-chan?" She asked while slowly slipping into her stance.

"I was about to say the same thing" Came the reply of the ice user, who channeled ice chakra to her fingertips and formed small claws on each tip. The claws could be used to enhance her Devouring Winter Style, and she intended to take full advantage of that.

The two again charged forward, beginning what looked like something out of a street fight, punches, kicks, claws, it was a full on brawl in the ring. Each one managing to land hits on the other one, but neither could land a defining blow. The two continued on like this for some time before jumping away to catch their breath, each of them looking as if they'd been through a hurricane.

Shira was littered with burn marks and bruises, her clothing even further torn and a nasty looking gash under her eye. Konoka on the other hand was covered in small puncture wounds and black spots where she seemed to be developing frostbite in those areas, nothing a bit of healing couldn't take care of if they got to it soon.

Both of them then began to run through hand signs, ready to end this battle with the next move. Shira was the first to finish as she began to gather familiar black ice on both of her hands, turning into the Large ice dragon heads from before as she punched outward to launch her attack. Konoka though had finished her own seals and then held out both hand, pointing finger extended to fire off several bolts of lightning toward the attack.

"Ice Style: Twin Dragon Blizzard/Lightning Style: Rapid Lightning Strike!" They called Simultaneously as their attacks collided, beginning a power struggle over who would be dominant.

For quite some time the two struggled, each one unwilling to submit as they pushed everything they could into their attack. That is, however, until the combined Jutsu blew up and outward and sent both females crashing into the walls behind them.

When the dust cleared both girls were found face down on the ground, both clearly unconscious and unable to continue, resulting in the proctor calling it a draw as the medical ninja came to take them away.

*In the stands*

Temari and Kankuro were looking a bit worried as they saw the display of power the two had given. If those two were genin, then what would the Chunin or even Jounin be like?! But before either of them could bring their thoughts to life, their redheaded sibling spoke up.

"If these two are this strong, the rest of the village must be even stronger…. Just how strong is that Uchiha…" She asked to no one in particular, practically on the verge of drooling at this. That boy could be the one to give her a reason to exist. Feeding him to mother would make her extremely happy.

*With Team Seven*

Both Naruto and Ami sat in awe at the strength of the two, not thinking anyone that strong was in the same rank as them. Though, Naruto was just eager to have another strong opponent to possibly fight later

"There are many prodigies in this Genin class, I didn't expect such a strong outcome to be honest" Obito said softly, smiling a little. "Maybe this will be the generation that surpasses all others ey?" He joked a little, though silently he hoped he was right.

After the field was cleared the proctor made his way to the center of the ring, getting ready to introduce the next set of fighters.

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*Chapter 18*: Chapter 4 pg 2

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 4

Pg 2

The next few battles went pretty quickly, with only a few interesting ones really, Namely when Onna Shujin Took on Kurenia Yokaze. Onna's dual segmented swords were a real problem for Kurenia, forcing her to mostly be on the defensive during the fighting, having to move about and use her bow to shoot from afar. And just the same was visa versa Onna was kept at bay by the attacks of Kurenia. In the end the battle came to a conclusion when Onna went to use a large scale water technique and was countered by Kurenia's Lightning Style: Pale Lightning when an arrow coated in electricity hit the water and electrocuted the female half to death, leaving her spasming, but still alive.

The fights went by one by one until the moment of truth came, Naruto heard the name of the despicable Hyuga come up, his attention came immediately to the sound of the entrance music. Neji's choice of music was something a bit interesting honestly, the song was 'This is Gonna Hurt' by a band called SIXX:A.M. and it was fairly catchy despite the one it was being played for being Neji. As he walked in he seemed to be even more cocky and arrogant than before, that little technical win clearly having gone to his head as he did a few gentle fist jabs around and smirked while waiting to see who his opponent would be. By this time Naruto had noticed that Ami was notably absent, which drew him to the obvious conclusion that she was the one who got to put Neji in his place.

"And his opponent, Hailing from the leaf as well and representing the teaching of Obito Uchiha as well as a second sensei who wishes to remain anonymous for the time being. Our own little trickster, Ami Uzumaki!" The proctor announced as the music Ami selected began to play, the song was called Fight Back by Neffex. A pretty good song, if not a bit profane, though when he thought about it the song really did match the scenario of Ami's life.

-Let's see just how strong you've become Ami, let the world see what a deadlast can really do- The Uzumaki boy thought.

*In the arena*

As the song started Ami made her way out, her face without emotion and seeming completely stoic. When she reached the center she slipped into a stance and flared her chakra, unleashing it all in a storm as the song picked up to the main verse. The resulting burst caused the ground to momentarily shake and a small burst of wind that almost knocked Neji over, to which the poor male cursed, realizing he was taking on another chakra powerhouse. And if she could release that much without showing hardly any strain, he assumed that this wasn't going to have the same harmful effect Hinata's technique did.

As the music died out Ami glared forward at the white eyed male with a look that promised pain. "Don't hold back Neji, because the only way you leave this ring with both legs in tact, is if I can't move" She said loud enough for Neji to hear, having the desired effect as a pang of fear ran through the boy, the look on her face saying she definitely meant it.

As soon as the match started Ami was on the move, sprinting forward at the target of her rage with fire in her eyes. Drawing her hand back she readied her fist for a heavy punch while her other hand made a partial hand sign to create a single shadow clone, the clone then sprinted at Neji as well with a hand drawn back. But just as Neji prepared to dodge the obvious attack the clone crouched down, letting Ami spring off its back and into a heavy superman punch. The punch was blocked by Neji crossing his arms, but the force behind it caused him to slide back a good distance, only to be shocked by a double footed kick to the gut from the clone. As he reeled back from this the clone and the real Ami reunited a good distance away, both of them making a cross seal to create a massive number of clones. Neji of course assumed them to be nothing but simple clones like most Genin could make and activated his Byakugan to examine them and find the real Ami, only to be surprised by seeing that all of them had similar chakra coils as well as physical bodies.

"How..?" He had to ask as he saw the clones beginning to charge him, no time to think it over now. As each clone got close he used his Byakugan and his natural fighting prowess to dispatch each of them one by one, working his way through the crowd until he found the one that had stayed back. As soon as he was within reach he switched into his Eight Trigrams stance.

"Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms!" And with that he began a brutal assault on her, striking away at each of her points while counting up. "Two palms, four palms, sixteen palms, thirty-two palms, Eight trigrams: Sixty-four palms!" With the last strike he launched the girl away with a heavy strike to her gut, causing her to collide with the wall and leave a rather large indent.

"You can call it proctor, after that attack she won't be able to move a pinkie much less sta-" But before he could finish his arrogant rant, the girl he'd been striking vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving him too shocked to react as a pair of hands erupted from the ground and grabbed him by the ankles. Without any warning about thirty clones all holding onto each other's ankles came from the dirt in a large chain with Neji at the end, leading to the Real Ami at the other end, who started to swing around the chain, slamming Neji along the walls and floors alike as if he was a ragdoll. The attack came to an end when the chain was flung up and Ami released the entire thing, allowing all of the clones to fly up around Neji to surround him as she called out her technique.

"Ami Style: Clone Hellzone Grenade!" She called out, having somewhat copied the name from a comic book her and Sasuke had read together to create a few cool attacks (1)

As the clones exploded Neji was forced to reveal his trump card, channeling his chakra and beginning to spin in the air, creating a dome around himself to protect against the blast as it propelled him to the ground. When he released the jutsu he flipped and did a handspring to prevent himself from breaking any bones. Rolling along the ground he got to his feet and got ready for the next attack, panting slightly from the adrenaline and from the strain.

"Not a bad move, but a deadlast as still a deadlast. You won't be able to defeat me, fate decreed your loss the minute you were selected as my opponent, just like that weakling Hina-" He couldn't even finish as he heard a voice behind him, having been caught up in his bragging and trying to anger Ami and too distracted to notice.

"Hinata is stronger than you'll ever be!" Came the voice of Ami as the one in front of him again went up in smoke, trying to turn he received a hard punch to his jawline that rocked him pretty hard and sent him rolling. His mind wracking from the pain he had to lay there for a moment to regain his senses, which allowed Ami to speak. "Hinata was far stronger than you could hope to be, the only reason your arrogant, stubborn ass won the fight, was because she overworked herself with an experimental technique that she KNEW would cause damage to her. When was the last time you wanted to win so badly, to prove your strength so much that you risked your life just to prove it. So don't talk about her like you won that fight by a huge landslide victory, if she'd had just a second longer she would have left you as a broken and beaten pulp on the ground." She said as she stepped a bit closer to him. "Now submit, unless you want to continue this beatdown-GCH!"

Ami was halted in her sentence as Neji moved, delivering a hard punch into her gut that caused her to briefly leave the ground as Neji smirked.

"You are within range now, Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four palms!" As the last strike landed home it caused Ami to spit up a mix of blood and saliva as she was rocketed back into the wall, colliding hard enough to bounce off a little and fall to her belly. This time Neji didn't have his normally cocky look, and instead looked blatantly pissed off. This girl, the deadlast, nobody, weakling had the nerve to tell HIM to submit? He wasn't going to let her make a fool of him. "This is what happens when you try to defy fate, you end up on the ground, looking at the stronger opponent who's about to end you." He said as he charged in to deliver the finishing blow.

Up in the stands Naruto stood there and gritted his teeth, taking everything in his power not to jump down and nail that bastard in the teeth. Every single word that came from his mouth pissed him off more and more, this Neji was just the same, if not worse than the one from his timeline. But instead of interrupting the match and risking Ami, he did the next best thing as he closed his eyes and crossed his arms, taking a slow breath before opening them again.

"AMI, Don't even think of letting this guy bring you down! Someone like this will never be as strong as you are!" He called out to her. "He is barred off by closed doors and locks, you have the power to become the greatest! You have a dream to fulfill, and to lose here would mean you'll never catch up to me! So get the lead out of your ass, and use that power to smash that wall he is trying to put around you! YOU ARE NOT HIM, YOU'RE AMI UZUMAKI! Now show me that strength deep inside you!"

"Tch, what a crock. This is the end of your trail, and no words of praise will-"

"SHUT UP!" Came the voice of Ami as Neji found a huge uppercut wailing him in the chin, his eyes going wide as he was picked up from the ground. The punch was then followed up by a second one to his gut that sent him sliding along the ground from the sheer force, leaving him about fifteen meters away from the Redheaded girl. "You don't know anything about me or my team you bastard! Together we will smash any wall that dares to stand between us and our goals! If thing like fate stand in our path then we will just fight until we change fate…." She said as she wiped a bit of blood from her chin, pressing the bloody finger to her palm as she felt a sudden burst of chakra running through her body, fueled by her anger and devotion.

As Neji watched with the Byakugan active he could see that just like with Hinata, Ami's chakra points were being forced open again, but this time it was with a crimson/orange chakra that flooded her system. As he continued to stare he could swear the chakra inside her formed into a fox head that roared at him, causing him to step back a little.

To everyone else watching, Ami had become surrounded in the crimson/orange chakra, turning into something reminiscent to a bonfire around her. Nobody could make a sound now, being completely engrossed in the battle now that they were both afraid of her releasing kyuubi, but also feeling a bit proud that the girl was up and fighting in such a way.

"Now the real battle begins Neji, and this time I'm not gonna hold back." Ami Said softly, her now crimson eyes looking seemingly into Neji's soul. Clenching a fist she gave a soft growl and then charged forward at him, her speed being increased now by this sudden flood of chakra.

Neji did the only thing he could think to do and got into his Eight Trigrams stance again, waiting for her to get close enough. "That's where you're wrong deadlast, this is where the battle ends" He said as she got within range and he went in to strike at her, only for her to flip and grab him by the wrist. As she passed over him she dragged the now surprised Hyuga into a backflip before hurling him toward the wall with vigor, but she wasn't done there and dashed forward with extreme speed. Making the familiar cross-fingered gesture to create several clones, when they caught up to the Hyuga bullet they began a quite brutal combo attack, kicking him up, punching him down, but all the while keeping him in motion until he was within reach of the real Ami.

Ami had reached the far wall and jumped to it, sticking for just a moment before pushing off with all her force toward the speeding Neji.

"Ami Uzumaki Barrage!" She roared out as he got close enough he felt her fist crash into his spine with crushing force, making him swear that she broke something from the punch as he was sent rocketing back the way he came from.

And head first into the wall with the speed and force to literally imbed half of the poor boy into the wall, which left him completely immobile as he struggled just to remain conscious after the blow. He remained there until he was pulled from the wall by the chakra enhanced Ami, looking up at the sky as he heard her speak in a soft tone while the chakra dissipated.

"You of all people should know that fighting fate is something we can all do, because unlike me, you were born a prodigy and not a deadlast" She said as she turned away and began to walk, letting Neji think over what she'd said to him. While he laid there the proctor declared Ami as the winner, to which the young redhead found herself surprised as people began to clap, some even cheered for her! It was enough to make the girl's eyes water as she bit her lip, having to wipe her eyes on her sleeve before looking to Sasuke, who had been there to support her when even she was beginning to waver in her belief. And when he looked back and smiled she felt her face briefly heating up as she looked away, feeling her heart skip a beat. But even then she couldn't help but smile more.

-Thank you, Sasuke-kun. I'll make you proud I promise-

As Naruto saw this he smiled a bit more, already knowing what she was thinking from just the look on her face -I have no doubts about it, you'll be the one to surpass all the past Hokage after all- He thought before a female chunin came to tell him to follow her, to which he complied.

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*Chapter 19*: Chapter 4 pg 3

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 4

Pg 3

Naruto was following behind the chunin as he whistled softly, assuming that it must be his turn soon and that was why she was getting him. Putting his hands in his pockets he slowly made his way down a corridor with the masked ninja, raising a brow while taking a moment to examine her.

She had the familiar extremely feminine body you'd expect of a kunoichi, lean yet built for combat. He couldn't quite recognise her though as a ninja he'd met before but somehow she just seemed oddly familiar to him. (1)

Before he could ask though, he heard the girl speak as she stopped in a large enclosed circular room.

"So now that I have you here alone…" And on a dime she spun around, going in for an open palmed strike with the intent of knocking the boy down. Before the strike could land though she found the male displaying a remarkable show of flexibility by leaning back to let the attack narrowly miss and graze his nose. Kicking her hand away Naruto flipped along the ground and back to his feet again to see what the hell this girl's problem was.

He was then forced to dodge as several crystal structures embedded into the ground where he'd just been, his eyes widening as he started to duck and weave between the crystals she was seeming to create and whip at him like kunai.

Activating his sharingan he sprinted forward and growled, deciding not to activate his Memory release just in case this girl saw him do it and risk exposing himself. Moving between the crystals he came in close and drew a kunai out to slash at her, only to meet a blade of crystal the female made to block his attack.

The two struggled for a moment between them, each one trying to gain dominance. Though the girl held an ever present smirk on her lips that said she wasn't trying her hardest and could easily push him back if she wanted. But instead his sharingan flared for a moment as he was forced to backflip and spring over a crystal that threatened to impale him from behind, courtesy of the girl who'd only laughed as he landed and then got ready to charge again.

Though when he saw her she was now holding her hands up in a plactating manor, to show she meant no harm.

"My apologies, I've heard many stories of you from whispers amongst the ranks and I just had to see if you were really as good as they say" She said in a soft and smooth tone, her voice holding genuine praise and an apologetic tone for attempting to attack him. Brushing her pink hair from her face she gave a soft smile that he could swear would melt his heart, as if it wasn't hard enough to stay mad at her now with that smile it was virtually impossible!

"I-it uh… it's okay, just next time you could ask me. I'm not one who normally lies about my skills" We inwardly winced at that, knowing that technically that was a lie. Though he tried to be as honest as he could be about his abilities without revealing too much. He couldn't very well just go around proclaiming the full truth to everyone could he?

"Well, nonetheless you passed my little test, for now that is. I just needed to check something out before reporting my findings is all" She said, though now Naruto was a bit worried. Seeing this the female spoke softly and gave a little giggle as well. "To the Hokage, after all I am a leaf kunoichi. I was trying to see something before I talk to him" She said as she closed her eyes and then took a slow breath. "You should probably get back to your team now, it will be your turn soon dear Sasuke-kun. Don't worry though, I'll be seeing you Much sooner than you think" With that the strange girl seemed to just vanish in a burst of crystalline substance.

Leaning down to pick up a piece of the strange crystal Naruto took a moment to examine it, thinking to keep some of it to use later he pocketed a few pieces and then made his way back toward the balcony.

When he arrived back he found something that truly surprised him, both Hinata and Ami were waiting for him as he dashed over to them with a large smile. Though before he went and embraced them he couldn't help but look a bit worried about Hinata.

"How are you up and moving soon, I thought it would still be a few days before you were even going to wake up" He asked, worried about his friend. To which the Hyuga heiress just smiled a little bit.

"I have been using my own chakra to increase my recovery rate, I don't really know how to explain it but there was a foreign chakra in my system that was healing my body, so I used my own chakra to further increase progress. I don't expect myself to be in fighting condition for a while, but I can at least move around now" She said as a blush crossed her face at the surprised and awed look on Sasuke's face. These last few days were just loaded with surprises, this was pretty high on the list, but one of the major ones being that he found out that the demon inside of him and his best friend for kami knows how many years WAS FEMALE!

*Flashback: Two Days Ago*

Naruto sat in his mindscape with Kurama, both of them remaining in relative silence while Naruto ran through a few battle tactics for the upcoming battle. In the next few days he was going to be fighting against a fellow jinchuuriki in front of not just the village and the Hokage, but from what he'd heard the Raikage and Mizukage would be arriving as well to watch and negotiate a possible alliance between their villages. The boy was so lost in thought he almost didn't notice as Kurama began to shift and change, becoming smaller and moving toward the bars as its form became similar to a mass of chakra. Shaping into a humanoid form and solidifying the now human Kitsune spoke in a voice that immediately drew Naruto's attention.

"Naruto, I think I may have a suggestion for taking on the sand jinchuuriki" She said as Naruto was a bit to shocked and confused to even register what she had said. Instead the boy was looking at the female and trying to process the information. Not only was the demon inside of him a female, she was absolutely stunning to say the least! (2)

"Yo..You uh, you're… huh?" Came the super intelligent reply of the Uzumaki male while Kurams couldn't help but giggle at his reaction.

"The easiest way to explain it Naruto, is that a Bijuu can take on many forms, including humans. I just have an honest preference toward being in a female form." She said calmly while Naruto was forced to notice that if it wasn't for the massive cage bars blocking his view of the girl leaning on it, he would be looking at a stark naked kitsune girl which caused him to blush even more. She looked like his old Sexy Jutsu Technique to put it simple, just without the pigtails.

Kurama also blushed a little when she saw that Naruto was pretty clearly distracted by the feminine body, and while she would have certainly enjoyed teasing him more, they had important business to discuss. So she simply created a comfortable outfit to cover her body, consisting of an orange and black T-shirt with red sleeves, designed to look like her fox forms visage with the black and orange designs, Her legs were covered by simple biker shorts for easy moving and comfort as well as movement, and on her feet were small Kyuubi designed slipper/sandals. Finally there was a little beanie like hat on her head with ear like protrusions and a black, yellow, and orange design on it with a little Kyuubi faced button on the side.

"Now that is taken care of, I think I might know of a way to fight the sand Jinchuuriki if you're ready to listen to it" She said again with a smile as Naruto nodded, to which she nodded as well and the two began to discuss their strategies and ideas.

*Flashback End*

Naruto snapped back to reality when he realized that Hinata was standing there waiting for him to say something. To which he smiled a bit sheepishly and scratched the back of his neck.

"See….I told you that you were a genius Hinata-chan", he said with a smirk as she blushed at the compliment.

"It was only thanks to you Sasuke-kun", she whispered back while it looked like she was debating with herself over something.

"Um Hinata-chan….is something wrong?", whispered Naruto in concern as he noticed that the other contestants too were looking at them and that Shikamaru and Temari were already going down for their match after the proctor had called them Naruto was slightly annoyed when he heard shikamaru's choice of music (Mastermind by MSI).. Meanwhile Hinata's cheeks were flaming red as she fidgeted in her spot.

"Hinata…?", he again asked, getting concerned while her head was down and thus couldn't see her blushing face.

"Um….Sasuke-kun….g-good luck", she said while stuttering a bit making Naruto look at her dumbly.

"Huh?...That's why you are so nervous?", he deadpanned before his eyes widened when he found himself in a passionate lip lock with her, her eyes closed while her cheeks were tomato red. Releasing him…she looked at him shyly with a smile while he just blinked before a grin stretched over his face. While Ami was both jealous as hell and smiling happily that Hinata managed to do it finally.

"Wow….Hinata…I never thought tha-"

"Just go Sasuke-kun! You're up next!", exclaiming with dark blush, she started to push him as the proctor was waiting for him.

"H-Hey….alright, alright I'm going….geez!", he exclaimed before walking with Genma, who had come to get him after the match had begun. Though he had to admit he was a bit miffed that he wouldn't get the chance to see the battle between Shikamaru and the fan user.

"So….I've already explained the rules, breaking of which will result in immediate disqualification", said Genma as Naruto nodded while Suisen just kept a passive face. The two of them then made their way to their respective entrances with a paper in hand, written on them was the song they had selected for their respective entrance.

"Get ready now you two…..and remember, try not to kill each other as civilians and merchants are here too, hence it will not be a good display for them….but other than that, much of everything is allowed", explained Genma as the two parted from him and stood ready for their names to be called.

-Alright….finally it's time for showdown Kura-chan-, he said inwardly after he'd noticed that Suisen had a dead serious face this time and knew that she had improved tremendously and would give a much better fight than she gave in preliminaries. Before she'd seemed to be borderline crazy, but now she seemed calm and collect, it was honestly a bit off putting.

-Yeah…but don't go showing off like before….this time act like a shinobi and keep MOST of your abilities hidden…make them think that you haven't improved much. Remember Naruto….deception is the biggest weapon of a shinobi. You're a jinchuriki…there would be many people sitting in those stands who are here only for the sole purpose of seeing of what you're capable of and devising strategies against you….heck, there might be more members of Orochimaru's spy network amongst the crowd. So yeah….don't show off too much and use your powerful techniques ONLY when they are necessary-, said Kurama in a serious but soft tone while Naruto nodded with her, he had already discussed this with Obito and Kurama before and knew that he had to follow the plan here.

He had already given the message in the preliminaries and this time, he would be subtle and fight like a shinobi….just like Obito Sensei had asked him to.

-Hai Kura-chan….you just watch me…I'll make you proud-, he said with a confident smirk, his body flowing with determination while she smiled at him.

-I'm already proud of you Naruto-kun-, she thought with a fond smile.

It wasn't long before the sound of Suisen's theme came on, an interesting and ironic choice from Naruto's point of view. The song being My Demons by Starset, was a song that matched her from what Naruto thought, being as she seemed to have the same fear as Gaara from his timeline. But that was a thought for another time, for now he needed to focus.

*In The Arena: Balcony*

As Suisen walked out of the entrance she had small swirls of sand moving around her, her eyes closed while she seemed focused and as if she was mentally preparing for the fight ahead. As she reached the center everyone saw the sand fall into a small circle around her before she brought up one hand high over her head and made a fist, the sand around her jolting up into massive spikes that formed a protective wall, a menacing display as wall as a remarkable show of her control over the sand. She then let the sand fall around her and then stood there as the song began to fade out.

Ami sat there with Hinata, both looking a bit worried as they watched the sand ninja show off her sand manipulation abilities. It was something that the two of them weren't sure if Sasuke could take on, having seen that she could defend against pretty much any attack during her fight in the preliminary battles, and that she didn't seem to have any issue with killing her opponent after she crushed Lee's leg and arm in battle before.

They were pulled out of their worrying when Genma began to speak again.

"And her opponent, representing Konoha and the teachings of Obito Uchiha, the only other sharingan user within the village and heir to the clan, Sasuke Uchiha!" He said as Sasuke began to walk out, with a very interesting choice of music.

*Background/Theme Music* ( watch?v=gWSlqmHD334 )

Naruto walked out calmly, as if he didn't have a care in the world, though his face remained stoic and serious the whole time, he seemed loose and without tension. It was a strange look that even his team hadn't seen before, like he was both tense and carefree at the same time.

Naruto on the other hand, continued to slowly make his way to the field as he raised one hand up in a fist while closing his eyes. Taking a slow breath he listened to the song and then stopped in the center of the ring, no flashy move, no burst of chakra. He just stood there with his fist raised and his eyes closed as the song grew to the climax, as soon as it did he clenched his fist and opened his eyes to reveal his sharingan active with two tomoes in one eye and one in the other, but it looked a bit different now. The sharingan itself looked mostly normal, but if one looked closely they would see his pupil had an iridescent and almost mirror like appearance to it. Reflecting the light around it just a little and making his eyes seem to glow a little. The manifestation of his training coming together.

-I'll keep the memory release active in case I really need it, but for now I wanna see why she's acting so differently now. Besides, I never really did like relying on bloodlines very much….- He thought/spoke to Kurama, a bit irate that he needed to have the Sharingan active in order to hide the memory release from anyone that wasn't paying extremely close attention.

Meanwhile up in the Kage booth Sarutobi, Mei, A, and the 'Kazekage' were all sitting together and watching the show, interested in seeing the Uchiha prodigy in action.

"Is this the boy you spoke of before Hiruzen?" Came the voice of Mei, who was taking a moment to admire the mature way the boy held himself despite his age. "He carries himself quite well I must say"

"But how will he hold up against the Jinchuuriki of the Sand Village" A said, a smirk coming to his lips "After all, you spoke very highly of him and his teammates. That Ami girl was definitely a spectacle to watch in action"

Sarutobi Gave a soft chuckle while thinking back to the meeting they'd had, where he did speak to them of Team Seven.

*Flashback: The Day Before The Exam* (3)

Hiruzen Sarutobi sat on his chair smoking when the door to his office opened.

First to enter was a beautiful busty lady with an angelic body most women would kill for. She had long flowing silky red hair, hazel green eyes with attractive black eye lashes , milk creamy skin, D-cup breasts, slim waist & toned legs. She was Terumi Mei, Godaime Mizukage of Kirigakure. She had a bit of makeup on her face with red lipstick & bluish eyelids like Kurenai wearing a blue top which was reaching to just above her knee. Under this outfit, she wore a mesh armour. She had the Kiri's blue Kage hat with a kanji for water on it & wore a cheerful expression on her face.

"Greetings Hokage-dono", said Mei with a smile. Along with her were her two bodyguards, namely Ao & Choujiro.

"Ah! Welcome Mizukage-dono. I hope your journey was safe", said a smiling Sarutobi.

"Of course Hokage-dono", replied the Mizukage cheerfully before signalling Ao & Choujiro to come forward, " These are my bodyguards, Ao & Choujiro".

"We are honoured to be in your presence Hokage-sama", said Ao while bowing whereas Choujiro also bowed, somewhat timidly without saying anything. This was the famed Hiruzen Sarutobi after all, 'The Professor' and the man who survived two great shinobi wars. He was a shinobi of virtue & wisdom, trained by the best and trained the best, so naturally they were somewhat nervous.

"At ease you two, no need to be so formal", said the smiling Hokage while radiating a warm aura.

"Understood Hokage-sama", said Ao as he bowed again. Mei & Hiruzen sweatdropped.

'He understood nothing', both thought simultaneously.

The door opened again and the next one to walk in was a tall & a dark muscular figure. He wore a loose Kage robe revealing his front muscular chest and abs. He wore black shinobi pants, gunmetal boots, heavy metallic bracelets on his forearms & had white hair. He was A, Yondaime Raikage of Kumogakure.

With him entered five more people. Among them was a man with similar physical characteristics as A, only differences being his attire with black shades, a white bandana and a blue tattoo on each cheek. He was Kirabi/Killer Bee, jinchuriki of the Hachibi. Next was a seventeen year old teen with long blonde hair, greenish-yellow slitted eyes with an orange contrast to the pupil. She had red lipstick, her hair in a single ponytail. She wore a jounin attire and had a Kumo hitai-ate on her forehead. She was Yugito Nii, jinchuriki of the Nibi and was an epitome of beauty having an hourglass figure, generous B-cup possibly C-cup breasts and flawless tanned skin.

Next was her adoptive sister, Samui Nii, having short blonde hair, light blue eyes and was rather well endowed for her age, especially her chest region. She had B-cup breasts often leading to cramps & aches in her shoulders, was fourteen years old and wore a chunin attire. Next to her were her two dark skinned fourteen years old teammates- Karui and Omoi, who wore identical chunin attires. Karui had an 'Will take no bullshit' look on her face while Omoi was sucking on a lollipop having an anxious look on his face.

"Hokage-dono, Mizukage-dono ", bowed A in respect along with his companions.

Hiruzen too stood up from his chair and bowed, "I'm glad that you could take time from your busy schedule to attend this emergency meeting", said the Hokage with a smile.

"I hope your journey was safe Raikage-dono", said Mei with her usual cheerfulness.

"Ofcourse! Who do you think I am? I am best taijutsu user in the lightning country after all", said A with a grunt,

Yugito sweatdropped, 'Has he ever heard of the word 'modest''.

'Jeez! Thanks for stating the obvious. With all those overgrown muscles, who wouldn't think of him as a taijutsu specialist', thought Mei sarcastically while still smiling on the outside.

"True! True Raikage-dono, but let's get to the business", said Hiruzen as he suddenly became serious.

"I presume those two are among the five of your bodyguards behind you", continued Hiruzen as the Raikage nodded seriously.

"Alright, please take a seat all of you & don't worry, the privacy seals are already activated along with the visibility barrier that even the Byakugan or Sharingan can't penetrate through".

All of them sat around the table while Ao quietly checked the seals with his Byakugan but Hiruzen noticed it. Meanwhile, the Raikage introduced his brother.

"This here is my little brother Kirabi", said A while pointing towards Killer Bee.

"Yo-Yo, the name's Killerbee. And I can see, that although you're an old bunch, you still pack quite a punch", said Kirabi as Yugito slapped him on the backhead.

"You idiot! This is an important meeting and we don't have time for your horrible rapping", hissed Yugito angrily while Mei, Choujiro & Ao were surprised at the blunt greeting.

"Forgive my idiot brother Hokage-dono", apologised A while glaring at Kirabi

"I can see that he's the lively one in your group", said a chuckling Hiruzen.

"But also, he's the jinchuriki of the Hachibi and and can control it upto five tails", said A seriously while the Kiri group's eyes widened. To control five tails of a bijuu was no easy task, even their Yondaime Mizukage- Yagura of the Sanbi had sometimes trouble in controlling the third tail while Hiruzen remained calm.

"This is Yugito Nii, jinchuriki of the Nibi & can currently control only one tail. These three are Kirabi's students- Karui, Omoi & Samui", said A while Hiruzen & Mei sweatdropped.

'Even his student's names have a rhyme to them. I wonder if he gave it to them', thought Mei & Sarutobi simultaneously.

"Hm, I'm sure they will be glad to see their two fellow jinchuriki here", said Sarutobi.

"Ah! The Kyuubi jinchuuriki. But who's the other one?", asked Mei.

"The other one is the Suna's jinchuriki- Sabaku No Suisen, hosting the Ichibi and daughter of the Yondaime Kazekage", said the Hokage seriously. "But there's another main reason for this meeting. Raikage-dono, I hope you remember that you owe me for the Hyuuga incident because of your previous Raikage", said Hiruzen with his piercing gaze fixated on A who nodded.

"And Mizukage-dono, I'm sure that after the Bloodline War jus being finished, that Kiri is in it's weakened state right now and you would be looking for some alliances", continued Sarutobi.

"Hai, but what exactly are you implying here Hokage-dono", asked Mei while everyone else paid attention at that.

At this Sarutobi while clearing his throat. "I, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure No Sato propose an all-out triangular alliance with Kiri & Kumo consisting of Military, Trade & Political alliances", said Sarutobi with a smirk while his kage hat shadowed his face creating a rather dramatic effect.

Everyone else's jaws dropped on the ground and their eyes as wide as saucers.

"W-What?", stuttered Mei. If what she heard was true, then this was a huge moment for Kiri. Never had she thought that Konoha, the strongest village in the world would propose an alliance with any village, much less Kiri which was now the weakest. She herself was going to talk about a possible alliance in this meeting in hopes that the Hokage might agree. If she accepted this alliance, not only will they be allianced to Konoha but also Kumo! It would be like hitting two birds with one stone. And what more, it was a complete traditional alliance consisting of Military, Trade & Political alliances meaning that the villages would get full access to each other village's military, resource cooperation & they could share their political affairs with each other.

Meanwhile, the Raikage was also thinking along the same lines, but he was a bit skeptical.

"But what's the catch Hokage-dono? Surely a village as strong as Konoha would like to remain neutral & not risk war with our enemies, you wouldn't want an alliance for nothing, would you?", said the suspicious Raikage.

"There's no catch about it Raikage-dono. I simply want this alliance to confront a threat I'm sure we're all aware of. My student Jiraiya informed me through his spy network that a group known as the Akatsuki is after the Jinchuuriki, seeking them for an unknown purpose which would turn them into our common enemy. I propose that together we protect our jinchuriki and prevent a possible fourth great shinobi war", said Hiruzen seriously.

"I, Mizukage-sama & you have all experienced wars. We know that it is an endless cycle of hatred, fear & pain. I just don't want this generation to go through it", continued Sarutobi while glancing in the direction of Karui, Omoi & Samui as A & Mei too nodded with sadness.

"So, what do you say Raikage-dono, Mizukage-dono?", asked Hiruzen.

"Sure Hokage-dono! Kiri would be happy to go along with this multi-village alliance with Konoha", said a cheerful Mei.

"Well, Kumo does follow militaristic approach and I also owe one, so I guess we'll go with it. We'll pursue our dreams with you", said A with a smirk.

Hiruzen nodded, satisfied with their decision as Konoha & Ami would have a much better chance against the Akatsuki.

"While I'm sure that Iwa would straight out decline the proposal, but what about Suna?", asked Mei.

"I did send the Kazekage an invitation for this meeting, but so far they haven't even answered and I'm a bit suspicious of him. Lately, the wind daimyo has been cutting Suna's missions short and turning them over to us, thus they are financially lacking & I think they are about to take some action soon", said the Hokage seriously while Mei & A nodded with a grim look on their faces. "I fear that soon they might turn and try moving against us"

"Oh ho! Now that we have Kiri-Kono-Kumo alliance, the our enemies are going to face on hell of a defiance! Whee!", you know who opened his rapbox.

"For once, I agree with sensei. This alliance is cool", said Samui with a smirk while everyone nodded with her with a smile.

"So where's the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki? They must be around twelve years old", asked a curious Raikage.

"Ah! Although the villagers hate her with passion, she is the ray of joyness & purity for this village and is also like a granddaughter for me. Her name is Ami and is currently taking part in the Chunin exams".

"Is she strong Hokage-sama? So far the only thing we've heard about her from the villagers is that she is a shrimp, loud & annoying, a prankster and a dead last who flunked her graduation exams twice", said Yugito.

"Do not believe those foolish villagers. It is true that she is a prankster, and that she was not the best in her studies. But she is far stronger than most people understand, especially now. You're a jinchuriki, you should know that the leakage of a bijuu's chakra in your chakra coils messes up your chakra control, hence it's difficult to create a bunshin which requires a small amount of chakra, thus the reason for failing twice in the academy", said Sarutobi seriously.

"But I & Kirabi-sensei passed the examinations in the first year", argued Yugito.

"That was because Ami had it worse than a normal jinchuriki like you should", said Hiruzen.

"What do you mean Hokage-dono? How was the girl's life until now?", asked a confused A while the others listened intently.

"The Nibi, Hachibi or any other bijuu except the Kyuubi have not caused the magnitude of destruction to a jinchuriki's village as compared to the destruction the Kyuubi caused 12 years ago. More than half of our village was destroyed, three-fourth of our shinobi having families were killed, which gave birth to an infinite amount of fear, pain, anger & hatred to the villagers and the shinobi here. They had to vent their anger on someone, which resulted in Ami being the scapegoat of their hatred. I'm not justifying their actions, just telling you. For jinchuriki like you, although people in your village still hate you, they only prefer to keep their distance from you and ignore you. But in Ami's case, I'm not going to go into the details but she was treated much more harshly than you guys. She was not taught properly by any of the teachers except one and that too on her passing year, previous teachers had even gone out of their way to sabotage her progress in her classes", explained the professor with a sad expression on his face while others too were saddened by this. Meanwhile Yugito & Kirabi were shocked that someone had taken it harder than them and still survived through it.

" You want to know how strong is he is, right? How about we go see ourselves the preliminaries", said a smirking Hiruzen.

"Sure Hokage-dono, we would like to see this enigma and her skills, as she does contains the strongest of the bijuu", replied Mei happily.

"I guess so, I've been itching to watch some fights anyway", said A while all of them stood up.

"The preliminaries would be held in a few days. Until then you're free to do anything as you wish with my Anbu trailing you for security purposes, so please cooperate with them. I've already arranged for your stay, so please follow your escort standing outside the door to your hotel", said Hiruzen with a smile as A & Mei nodded while wondering how strong the Ichibi & the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki were. "If I may make a suggestion though" He added, gaining the attention of his fellow Kage as a smirk came to his lips. "Someone who you also might like to see, is Sasuke Uchiha. He is Ami's teammate and a lot of the reason for her amazing progress in her fighting skills. From what I've seen, they are best friends as well as rivals. Though his sensei tells me that Sasuke is the reason both of his teammates have strived to get stronger."

At this the Kage smiled a little and nodded before going on their way, all of them thinking about the upcoming exam as well as the aging Kage's words. Meanwhile Sarutobi turned in his chair and gave a chuckle, looking out the window at the village before taking a puff from his pipe.

"This should be an excellent way to help Sasuke, Naruto, Whatever… with his plan" He said to himself. "As well as assure that he and Ami will be safe, should the Akatsuki really come for the Bijuu"

*End Flashback*

Nodding slowly Sarutobi then answered his fellow Kage's questions and closed his eyes.

"Yes, he is the Uchiha legacy. But despite losing almost all of his clan and everything he's been through, like Ami he has not only broken free of the Uchiha curse and become a little ray of sunshine himself, but has also driven his team to new heights somehow"

At this the Kage and their guards focused back on the boy in the ring, eager to see the one the Hokage praised so highly.

*Back in the Ring*

Naruto then lowered his hand back to his side and then looked to the proctor, waiting to hear him speak. But before the proctor could even say to begin he heard Suisen Speak.

"You have grown stronger, Kitsune-boy… But mother still wants your blood" She said softly, causing Naruto to tense up again as he heard her call him by that name again. He knew that some Jinchuuriki could sense each other if they focused, to which he was glad Ami had no idea how to do it, but every time Suisen called him that it made him worry more that he might get found out. As such he quickly ducked the statement again.

"You keep calling me that, is it cuz you think I'm foxy or something? I mean, I don't think I'm all that great" He said, ignoring the shouts of protest from Ino and Xiba, trying not to shiver a little before speaking again. "But I appreciate the compliment"

At this the Sand Jinchuuriki blushed a little, then growled as her sand started to move a bit from her irritation. Genma, sensing the tension decided to speak up now and make his presence known.

"So…are you guys ready?", said the proctor while he continued to chew on his senbon, before he saw the two contestants nod ever so slightly.


And with the familiar shout of the proctor…..nobody moved? The contestants just stood there, tension in the arena flowing in waves as they waited for someone to make a move…or even just a signal…. both of them ready to move at the first signs of any motion.

Suisen was as calm as ever, just standing there with her arms folded over her chest while her eyes were closed whereas the trained eyes of a shinobi could see fine sand particles rotating around her form, ready to attack or defend at any second. And there was Naruto…..who was standing there while scratching his head, a calm look on his face.

"Um…psst….Hinata-chan….why are they just standing?", Ami asked her friend making her sweatdrop.

"They are waiting for the other one to make the first move, and sizing each other up", she spoke softly, almost feeling the tension between the two.

For a long time there was nothing, just the two of them locked in an intense staredown. Though you could identify a slight bit of change in Naruto's expression when Suisen opened her eyes, which were calm but on the inside Naruto knew that there was a raging volcano waiting to be erupted.

"Sasuke Uchiha…", came the calm but emotionless voice of Suisen, as she now moved her hands down to her sides while Naruto slowly slipped into a loose taijutsu whereas the Raven haired pseudo jinchuriki raised his eyebrows.

"I will prove my existence", came the slightly demonic voice of Suisen whose chakra flared while Naruto just blinked in confusion.

"Whatever that means…..", he muttered to himself when he noticed sand rushing towards him, his eyes widening at the speed at which it was closing the distance. As the sand got within range it spiked up toward the unmoving Uchiha, going straight through him as if he wasn't there, to which it faded away.

-A bunshin?-, thought Suisen before she suddenly turned her head as her sand suddenly caught Naruto's foot which was going to collide with her head. Meanwhile Naruto had a surprised expression on his face…..just for a moment though before it turned into a smirk.

"Is that all you have? I expected more from you" She said calmly as her looked at the trapped Uchiha, her tone bored and a bit annoyed that this seemed to be fairly easy.

-What's she doing? In the preliminaries, she was so eager to fight and kill someone…..but now….she's just standing there and holding him. What did they teach him during that month anyway-, thought Temari with a shocked expression as she gazed worriedly upon her sister. Though most of the time, Suisen was a bloodthirsty monster and wanted nothing more than to kill someone….and though she scared her very much, she was still her sibling and she cared for her. She could tell that Kankuro cared for Suisen too….but didn't show it.

"Hm, impressive speed…..I gotta admit….you've improved drastically, much beyond my expectations", said Naruto with a smile, his leg still in the grip of the Sand before he puffed into a smoke making Suisen's eyes widen.

-Those shadow clones really are a nuisance…-, turning her head she saw Naruto standing, several meters behind where she was currently…. His arms crossed and looking calm as ever, as if not affected by anything.

-Hm...not bad...the two of them sure have talent, I didn't even see the Uchiha make the shadow clone-, thought A as he watched the match with a keen eye while Mei was wondering what Naruto was really capable of.

-I can tell that he's clearly holding back...looks like he's saving the fireworks for later-, she thought while the Kazekage was frowning at Sasuke.

-Why doesn't he use the curse seal, he should be feeling the pull by now to use its power. That seal that was placed on it must be weakening it's hold on him…- The disguised Orochimaru cursed as he came to the realization. He would need to find a way to make the boy draw on its power willingly.

Meanwhile Naruto was inwardly frowning at Suisen's unmoved form, he was watching her since the match had started and wasn't able to decipher what the sand jinchuriki was upto.

-Her chakra levels have been rising ever since the match has started...what is she planning anyway-, said Naruto inwardly when he heard Kurama speak.

-And what's more...that shukaku's chakra has been growing steadily too-,, making Naruto's eyes widen a bit before he made a dash towards Suisen, intent on stopping her from doing whatever the girl had in mind.

Naruto, rearing his leg back went for a kick at Suisen's back before much...MUCH to the surprise of almost everyone there who had seen her fight a month ago, his kick was blocked when a wall of slightly red glowing sand shot up and easily absorbed the impact.

"W-What...", trailed Naruto before he blurred back and barely dodged a hand made up of that same reddish sand and appeared several meters behind the STILL standing one-tailed jinchuuriki.

"What the fuck was that?", muttered Naruto as he watched wide eyed, the sand rolling around the girl in tendrils. The speed with which her sand had moved...scratch that, he had barely even seen the sand move! It was ridiculous!

-Suisen...what's happening here? And why does that sand looks reddish..-, thought Temari before she gasped in realisation. -Could it be the work of his inner demon-, her thoughts continued while most of the people in the arena had amazed expressions on their faces.

-Kura-chan...what was that? His defense...not only has it gotten faster...but stronger too-, he said inwardly.

-I can feel that his sand is youki enhanced...this time he's not using his normal chakra to merge with the's definitely Shukaku's chakra that has enhanced his defence tremendously-, she said making him eyes become wide before he nodded while Kiba just stood there, trying to take in this new development.

At this Naruto decided to try the best course of action was to try using fire on the sand, running through hand signs as fast as he could before taking a large inhale of oxygen. His chest puffed up a bit before he released it all through a small ring formed from his index finger and thumb.

"Fire Style: Dragon Flame!" He called out as he released two large flames in the shape of dragon heads that were sent screaming toward Suisen, who again stood still while the reddish sand jumped up to block the attack, forming a wall on impact as the flames impacted and created a large explosion around Suisen.

As the smoke began to clear he looked on to see that while the attack had collided, only a small portion of the crimson sand was affected by the flames, turning into a thin layer of glass that was then broken and enveloped.

"This one…. Might prove to be more difficult than I thought" Naruto said to himself as he slipped into his stance again.

"If that is all you have to offer to me, then perhaps you are not truly going to prove my existence…. And will be erased." The girl said softly as she just stood there, her gaze never leaving Naruto before, slowly large sand hands formed behind the still jinchuriki. Naruto's eyes widened again when the hands started to rotate around Suisen, their speeds increasing before it was nothing but a blur to even the Kage's eyes as wind started to pick up and started to flow outwards making Naruto and even most of the people in the balcony have to shield their eyes from the dust particles.

"Sand Shuriken", whispered Suisen as the wildly rotating hands started to throw sand shuriken projectiles at speeds which could be described as mind boggling.

'No, Sasuke!', thought several people in worry as Naruto was only standing there, it seemed like he couldn't even see the attack that was coming towards him. He just stood there shielding his eyes from the sand as everything seemed to slow down.

Aaaaaaand scene! Haha, cliffhanger time everyone! Sorry but I realized that this one was getting a bit long and I had to cut it off here. Besides who doesn't love a bit of excitement to end a really good part?

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(A.N. You may notice some parts of the fight that seem familiar, that is because some of it came from ideas I saw in other stories that I adapted to fit here. No I did not steal them, I spoke to several people before even thinking to add them here.)

*Chapter 20*: Chapter 4 pg 4

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 4

Page 4

Everything moved as if it was in slow motion, the shuriken drawing closer, Naruto covering his eyes from the sand billowing around him. But just before it struck he began to move, tilting his head to dodge the first, leaning right for another, spinning between two more, even jumping and turning sideways in the air as four surrounded him and flew by. Finally he landed and then leaned backward while about six others flew over him, but after the first few there was something Hinata noticed.

"They aren't hitting the wall…" She said, gaining the attention of those around her. When she noticed their confused looks she decided to elaborate. "The shuriken that Sasuke is dodging, they aren't hitting the wall. As they pass him they just seem to disappear" At this the others looked on, confused by this as well.

"But how can that be, is he destroying them? Deflecting them?" Ami asked, gaining nods from Ino and Xiba, assuming that must be it.

After the barrage of attacks stopped Naruto stood up, panting slightly from all the high speed movement of dodging the sand as he looked at Suisen and then slowly brought up his hand. With a flick of his wrist suddenly Suisen's sand shot up in defense, causing even Suisen to look surprised as she saw some of her own shuriken embedded into the defensive wall, followed rather quickly by several more thrown at high speed by the young raven haired boy.

"He caught the shuriken, at that speed and while dodging?" Mei asked her fellow Kage, a bit surprised that a genin could manage such a feat without losing a hand or limb. This of course caused Sarutobi to give a soft chuckle.

"I did say that he was the reason Ami and Hinata want to grow stronger did I not?" Came his reply as everyone tuned back into the fight to see Sasuke suddenly seem to vanish from sight.

Suisen was looking around now, unable to see the object of her conflicting emotions other than the occasional little spur of dust that came when he switched directions at high speed. A quick move from her sand caught her attention as a fist collided from one side, a kick to another, then a punch, it seemed he was attacking from all sides now but she still could not pinpoint his location yet.

Then Sasuke appeared once more a good distance from her already running through hand signs, though she couldn't decipher what kind of jutsu he was doing, the hand signs made no sense.

In reality, Naruto was using a bit of memory release to combine two styles in hopes that it might help him break the sand wall. The hand signs were just an attempt to divert attention.

"Ninja Art: GumGum technique!"(1) He called out, having wanted to try out this style for a while after reading a certain comic book series. This of course caused Ami and Hinata to smile, as they had heard from Sasuke that he'd been experimenting with techniques to replicate a few of his favorite books. Though to others this just seemed confusing, as they'd never heard of such a move before now.

As A and Mei went to ask Sarutobi about this they were stopped when he simply pointed to the battle at hand, telling them to watch and see, as he was interested in seeing this move in action as well.

As everyone watched Naruto suddenly jerked his arm back while making a fist, and to the shock of everyone watching, his arm began to stretch backward toward the wall! It was like his arm was suddenly a giant rubber band or something as he spoke out, his arm beginning to snap back toward him and whipping forward at Suisen with shocking speed.

"GumGum: Pistol!" He yelled out as the punch collided hard with the sand barrier, this time causing the crimson sand to indent a bit and small cracks along the hardened surface. Cursing silently at the minimal damage though Naruto retracted his arm and decided to try another move.

Vanishing again from view Naruto moved behind Suisen with a burst of speed, rearing back both arms in a similar fashion to before as they stretched back. Flexing his fingers as if making a claw gesture before launching them forward with a shout of "GumGum: Bazooka!"

Like before the attack was stopped, though doing slightly more damage than before, nothing that couldn't be easily fixed by the sand barrier. Mentally Naruto was cursing up a storm and wishing he could just fire up a rasengan, but that was way out of the question.

-There is a way you can defeat him, Dear boy- Came a familiar voice in his head, the beckoning voice of the curse seal trying to tempt him. Having not heard from it in a while he'd almost say he'd forgotten about it, aside from the moments of pain it caused obviously. -Call on my power, let me grant you the strength to destroy the obstacles in your way, succumb to the desire and eliminate your foes-

Naruto tried to shake the voice, feelling the temptation growing inside him once again. He didn't want to admit it, but that power was like a drug, even now he craved to use it again. He was so caught up in fighting the temptation he didn't even know that he'd zoned out mid fight.

"You're really something Uchiha… but you shouldn't get distracted mid fight. Dodge this", growled Suisen as the hands which were now moving slowly again sped up making Naruto's eyes widen as he was forced back into reality.. "Sand Shuriken Barrage", the Raven Haired boy. The next thing Naruto knew he was staring down the business end of a massive barrage of shuriken

-Kit!l-, came the calm voice of Kurama making Naruto very aware of the situation.

-Time to do something really stupid!- Naruto exclaimed inwardly, ignoring the noises of protest from his tenant as he did the only thing he could think of.


Then the shuriken impacted, craters and explosions of dust covered the area, completely masking half of the field where Suisen had launched the attack.

"You fought hard Uchiha, but now you rest." Suisen whispered as she started to call the sand back to her. But before it reached her she felt a malevolent pressure wash over the entire field, even the ninja and civilians in the balcony could feel the ominous power flooding the area, many of them tensed and a select few even fainted from the feeling. Before Suisen could even begin to process what was causing it she felt something she never expected to feel again.

A fist crashing through her sand and sailing into her cheek hard.

*Background music: The Reaper by Nerdout*

Naruto stood where Suisen once was, watching the girl sail away from him with his hair shadowing his eyes. His clothing was torn up quite a bit, possibly from dodging the shuriken as well as the speed he must've been moving to perform the feat. Now as Suisen landed and slid a little she and everyone present could see that Sasuke had definitely undergone a few changes.

His hair had spiked up into twin ear like forms again, this time tipped with orangish or possibly crimson. His left arm and a bit of his chest from what could be seen, was lined with black flame like designs while the rest of his skin seemed to be just slightly darker. Around his body there was a faint violet aura, surrounding that was a crimson-esk chakra, both of which formed into an almost solid tail like appendage behind him. The aura around him faded away slowly, but around his hands and feet there remained a faint aura still that formed into claws to enhance his taijutsu further. And from this new Sasuke, the entire arena was being flooded with a malicious intent as Sasuke spoke softly.

"No time to rest….. Much to be done." His tone was calm, far too calm, as if all emotion was completely drained from the male as he looked up. This revealed to Suisen the most shocking part of Sasuke's change, gone was the sharingan of the male, replaced instead by a pitch black sclera surrounding a pure mirror like iris and pupil. His gaze was hollow, devoid of emotion just like his voice, and yet it held such seriousness, such malice toward her that even in her head Shukaku was warning her of him.

'H-He dodged everyone of them...every single of them while carrying the other contestant and his partner. Could this have been because of his sharingan? And what is this feeling, this overwhelming aura of malice and dominance? It's almost like a Jinchuuriki!', thought Yugito with an astonished face, possibly matching the thoughts of almost everyone out there.

'You know you want him kitten', Nibi purred in her head making her blush who this time, decided to stay quiet and concentrate on what was going on.

'Sasuke, what did you do in there?!', thought Obito as he prepared to jump in and stop the match, rules be damned.

" this is what you call a fight", said the 'Kazekage' as he watched and licked his lips hungrily behind his mouth cover, his eyes glued to the fight that was going down there making the other Kage look a bit concerned and wary of him.

Meanwhile Naruto began walking slowly toward Suisen, his hollow gaze still not leaving her even as she sent her sand to spear him. As it drew in close he stood there until it was almost touching his face before leaning his head to the side and bringing a fist up, making contact with the sand as it was literally blown apart on impact, falling to the ground again as he continued along his path.

Suinsen now began to actually feel something completely unknown to her while watching this monster walk toward her, taking its time and drawing it out as if it was toying with her. Every step seemed to ring out in her mind and tell her that he was drawing closer to ending her. In a panic she did the only thing she could think of.

She unleashed everything she could on him.

Sand poured around Naruto's feet, burying them up to his shins as he kept right on trudging through as if it wasn't there. Right up until it suddenly condensed around his legs and prevented him from walking any further. Looking down he seemed to examine the sand for a moment, before it jerked quickly and lifted him from the ground, swinging him around as it slammed him around, pummeling him as Suisen sent sand to wail him again and again before slamming him hard into the ground.

*End Background music (If the song isn't already over)*

"Just die already!" She yelled out in a mix of fear and anger, the sound evident in her voice.

"SAND TSUNAMI!", the Suna jinchuriki yelled before much to everybody's mind boggling surprise, a huge...HUGE wall of sand erupted behind Suisen, shadowing more than half of the stadium while it's height reached to the top of the stands. The spectators had their heads lifted as they gazed at the humongous sand structure, their eyes as wide as they could get.

-This kid...just how strong is he?-, thought Mei with a stunned expression while the other shinobi except a few ones were wondering the same thing. Even she was clenching the garment of her top as she gazed worriedly at Sasuke...she certainly wasn't expecting for them to go against this much skill. Obito though, had a serious expression on his face.

"This is getting out of control...there's definitely something wrong with that guy", muttered The former Uchiha making several others nod with him. "I have this bad feeling that something's about to happen on your toes", he said quietly to the others as they nodded lightly, their sitting forms being shadowed by the sand wall.

"Sasuke-kun...", trailed Hinata in worry for her object of affection while Ami, Xiba, Ino, and several others were worried for him too.

Suisen though had a mixture of anger and fear written on her face, her hands currently forming the snake hand sign to maintain the technique while you could see red tendrils of chakra swirling around her form, the wall behind him looking like a hungry predator waiting to be unleashed on its prey.

" says goodbye Uzumaki", said the sand Jinchuuriki, hier voice calming slightly as a grin came to her lips, somewhat of a maniacal look before she pointed her right fist outwards. Much to the crowd's increasing state of awe and amazement, the huge sunray obstructor made up of sand slowly began to fall forward while Suisen's youkified defense surrounded her. Meanwhile Genma had shunshined out of the area to appear on the opposite side of the sand wall. It's shadow elongating, the mind numbing structure began to descend faster due to gravitation while Naruto looked up at it blankly after rising to his feet. His iridescent gaze watching as the sand fell toward him at an increasing pace.

"WHY IS HE JUST STANDING THERE?", yelled Ino as she stood up from her seat after witnessing that the object of her affection was standing still like a statue while Ami too had a wide eyed expression on her face, her eyes filled with immense fear.


The Suna jinchuriki's creation finally collided with the solid ground, it's impact thunderous, shaking the arena to it's cores while it felt like an earthquake had struck the stadium. The contestants struggled to maintain their footing as the spectators too grabbed their seats tightly.

-You fool! You weren't supposed to kill him!, thought Orochimaru, barely restraining himself from Shrieking out in anger at the demonized sand user while Hiruzen had a terrified expression on his face, matching Mei's one whereas A too had a look of shock on his face.

Ino, Sakura, Kin and Temari had completely torn looks on their faces as they watched the desert formed by Gaara's attack, where Sasuke were previously standing, now acting like a coffin for them.

'Is he...dead?', they thought simultaneously, as if the word 'dead' itself was tearing their heart apart, though Suisen took it a step further and left no room for any further thoughts.

"Sand Burial!", came the demonic voice of Suisen who slammed her palms on the sand coated area she had created while the crowd could see the vast amounts of sand hardening immediately, contracting around itself giving them an idea of what would've happened if they were trapped in there. The ones who had seen Suisen fight in the preliminaries knew that it was over...heck, they were sure that the boy was dead.

Even those who knew Sasuke well were certain the move had done him in, such a large scale attack left no room for debate, even as the sand suddenly slammed down hard and compressed itself harder to the ground, increasing the pressure further.

Hinata even attempted to activate her Byakugan to see if the object of many female's affection was okay, but the massive density of chakra lined sand left it impossible to see through. There was no way of knowing where he was or even what state he was in.

For a long time everything was quiet, nobody dared to say a word, some even held their breath as silence covered the entire coliseum. Nobody seemed to have the words to describe it, no one knew what to say. The heir to the Uchiha clan was possibly being crushed to dust beneath a mountain of sand and no one could do anything about it.

"I… guess that is the end of-" Genma began, but was interrupted by a sound beneath the sand, something of a quiet boom, followed by the sand shifting slightly. Then another boom, a bit closer this time as the sand began to move and shift more. As they looked at the sand it began to swell a bit, building up as the noises grew closer, each one getting louder until.


With an explosion of near deafening sound, a burst of brilliant blue, violet, and red outlined flames blew away the sand in a violent tornado shape. The swirling pillar of flame lasted for a minute or two before dying out to reveal a giant indent where the flame had spawned from.

With the flame no longer there anymore the damage could now be seen, the previously buried location now a crater completely lined in glass, the searing heat having completely destroyed the sand and turning it into still smoldering glass. In the middle of the crater stood the still form of Sasuke, the same blank and almost confused expression on his visage as he started to look up toward the gaping jawed Suisen.

"Wh-what the hell are you?!" The now completely terrified voice of Suisen shouted out, pointing an accusing finger at Sasuke. Said male kept silent still and then began to make his way slowly toward her, to which her reaction was to send more sand at him, which formed into massive hands and attempted to smash him between them. When the hands clasped together Suisen was panting slightly, but once again she found the business end of Sasuke's slapping hand across her cheek, sending her a good distance away as the sand formed a small cloud that caught her so she didn't impact the ground this time. Sasuke on the other hand stood there with his arm outstretched as he stared forward, not even facing the same direction as Suisen. He seemed to be in a completely different world now.

At this point it was Ami who voiced the question that was on everyone's mind together.

"What the hell is going on with Sasuke?"

Sorry everyone but I'm cuttin' it a bit short here yet again, sorry again but I'm trying to keep this fight as interesting as I can while drawing it out a bit. I hope that you guys don't mind and I hope you guys like Naruske's new little Pseudo Form.

Jutsu Explained

Ninja Art: GumGum Technique- A jutsu created from the use of memory release, in which Naruske combines the abilities of the Akamichi Clan's Expansion Jutsu with Orochimaru's Taijutsu style, which allows him to stretch his limbs in a way similar to how Luffy does. In the beginning stanges abilities such as GumGum Pistol and the like are simple for him, more advanced techniques such as Red Hawk or Augment Hardening will take time as he needs to add more to the technique to improve on it further.

Other techniques from other anime will show themselves with time, feel free to pm me with suggestions.

*Chapter 21*: Chapter 4 pg 5

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 4

Page 5

The entire coliseum was silent as they watched the Uchiha slowly lower his arm again, the violet and crimson tail swaying behind him slightly as his head turned toward the sand user. On his face was the same ever present confused look before he blurred away to avoid yet another attack of sand spikes that came his way, appearing behind Suisen and raising a fist. But this time she was ready and used both hands as she began to form a dome around her, it was time to release the trump card now. Once she was sealed in she began the process, forming the Ram seal and channeling her Youkai.





Suisen could hear every single collision of Sasuke's blows on the dome, clearly trying and slowly succeeding in breaking the barrier.

On the outside Naruto was letting the sand barrier have it, rearing back his punches and wailing on the dome hard, every strike damaging it more and more as it threatened to break under the pressure. Finally though a small hole broke through the defense, allowing Suisen to see that same ominous look through the tiny breach as well as letting Naruto see a single black and golden eye. That is until several sand spikes shot out and pierced his body at close range, one in his shoulder, another in his hip, and the last one through his thigh.

If he felt the pain from this though, he didn't show it.

Instead he slowly raised his good arm, getting it over his head before bringing it down hard and in an even more shocking move, slicing through the sand spears so that they dissolved back into sand and fell from his body. The wounds began to repair themselves rapidly while he then crouched down, springing from the ground hard enough to carry himself nearly to the ceiling. The chakra around his right hand then started to swirl rapidly as if forming into a Rasengan, but instead of taking on a spherical shape it turned into a swirling drill around dis entire forearm. Beginning to descend upon his target he fell with his arm reared back as he prepared his attack. The result was immediate as soon as the drill tip touched the sphere.

Crack... Crack



The attack had impacted with Suisen's shoulder after the dome had shattered, revealing the partially demonized form of the Sand Village Jinchuuriki, who in turn gave a growl and raised her hand and swatted the possessed Uchiha away like a fly before jumping out of the arena and beginning to retreat. Though she was followed quickly by Sasuke after he pulled himself out of the wall he'd been embedded in.

"Sasuke!" Ami and Hinata shouted, about to follow behind when suddenly feathers began to fall around the Coliseum, a Genjutsu causing most of the non trained shinobi and villagers to fall asleep.

*Forests on the Outskirts of Konoha*

"ALRIGHT! KEEP YOURSELVES READY...IT'S ABOUT TIME", yelled one man who had the Iwa symbol engraved on his hitai-ate and was wearing a standard jounin outfit along with many of the shinobi spread over the area there which was just half a mile away from Konoha's north gate. There were a few dead bodies of chunins, who were on their patrol guard duty when they were attacked by these hordes of Iwa and Oto shinobi. Meanwhile there was a large summoning seal in a clearing with several Oto nins there sitting on it's circumference as they waited for the signal to arrive.

*Konoha: Main Event Stadium*

As soon as the trap had been set Orochimaru made his move, jumping up quickly and grabbing ahold of the aged Kage before the other's could stop him. Jumping away quickly he pulled Sarutobi along as the other Kage quickly followed behind, causing the Snake Sanin to curse to himself. He could hold his own against a single Kage, but against three that would prove difficult for even all three Sanin. He would need to act quickly and get the barrier set before they could get in and foil all of his hard work.

A smirk came to his lips as he saw that the four sound nins had already arrived in place, with two body bags lying next to Jiroubo. He eyed the advancing Kage, who were rapidly growing closer while he was preparing himself.

"Ready!" Jiroubo said, as he prepared the seals for the barrier jutsu, with the ANBU and Kage nearing closer.

Just as Orochimaru landed on the rooftop he signaled for the Sound Four to begin, to which they immediately did, running through the hand signs before slamming their hands on the roof.

"Ninja Art: Four Violet Flames Formation!" They called out as the barrier formed quickly, just barely managing to stop the Kage before they could make it into the battlefield.

"That BASTARD!", Mei growled while clenching her fists. If they had been just a bit faster Sarutobi wouldn't have the tip of a kunai on his neck while in that barrier with no backup. She was about to slam her fist into the barrier hard, if not for the hand of A stopping her last second. Showing her what happened when he flicked a pebble into the barrier, which was then vaporized.

"I wouldn't recommend that if I was you Mei-Dono" He said in his normal gruff tone. "For now we need to do our best to break this barrier and help the Hokage"

*Outside the Village: Forest Scenery*

Ami and Hinata were jumping through the trees as fast as they could, being the only ones left moving forward of the small squad sent to pursue Sasuke and Suisen after they dashed out of the village. Shino was currently keeping that puppet user Kankuro busy, Xiba had stopped to keep Temari busy, and finally Shikamaru was currently holding a couple dozen Ninja at bay to prevent their interference.

"We gotta hurry Hinata, I don't know what happened to Sasuke, but if he really is like me then that power he's using could really hurt him!" Ami called out as she started to pick up her pace further, Hinata not far behind as she was equally concerned for their shared crush.

*With Naruto*

Naruto was speeding through the trees in hot pursuit of his target, following the feeling of the Sand Jinchuuriki's Youkai until he came to a decent sized clearing in the trees, landing with enough speed and force to create a decent sized crater on impact as he was momentarily blinded by a cloud of dust.

When it cleared he found himself face to face to the demonized Suisen, whom had her hand reared back and ready to swat the male away with all her might. She was caught up in a confliction of emotion right now, her demonic controlled brain and body showing this with the clear conflicted look on her face(s). The sand covered side looked deranged and ready to shred the Uchiha right now while the human side looked a mixture of fear from the boy as well as a desire not to hurt him.

"Why won't you just give up?! Leave me alone!" She yelled as she swung her hand, swatting the male hard with an open palm as Naruto crossed his arms and was launched away and into a tree, shattering the trunk as he sailed through it and several others behind it.

Her momentary victory didn't last long though, as the boy reappeared again and sent a hard punch toward Suisen, who's demonic arm blocked the blow. The force behind the strike though was enough to launch her away and into the forest.

As Suisen started to pick herself up from that strike, which had destroyed some on her sand covered arm, she found that Sasuke was already upon her again with a hand raised. To which she countered by launching her hand up at him and punching him into the air before jumping between branches and trees in a brutal assault that had Naruto bouncing around like a rubber ball fired from a cannon into a five by five foot room.

Suisen continued this heavy assault on her foe, not willing to give him even a moment to breath. That is, until he did something that sent her mind and body reeling.

He turned while in mid air and sent a punch into her gut with crushing force, causing the female Jinchuuriki to be thrown through the air high before descending once again, and straight into the waiting hand of the male. He looked a bit worse for wear now, but seemed all together like the attacks had barely even affected him. That same distant look on his face as those empty eyes gazed into hers, her life briefly flashed through her eyes as she half expected this boy to end her life right then and there.

"Sasuke!" Came a voice that drew the attention of both of the demonified beings to Ami and Hinata, who were standing there and looking in shock as they saw how Suisen looked. But Suisen saw this as an advantage and quickly began to gather sand around her body, pushing Naruto away as her form began to grow larger and even more demonic in appearance. Now in her second stage demon evolution she gave in to her more demonic side, letting it take control as now the only human aspect still left of her was her human legs holding up the Tanuki sand body.

Before Naruto could counter this or react something shot passed him, a hand made of sand toward his two friends. Ami had thought quickly and on pure instinct jumped to the left while Hinata was not so lucky, her still healing body not able to react in time as the hand slammed her into a tree, detaching from its host while Suisen grinned maniacally.

"Looks like now the only way to save her is to defeat me, and in this form I don't see how that is possible Kitsune!" She roared out as she then swung an arm at Sasuke, who hadn't moved from his spot, now staring at the hand holding his friend and ally as it condensed a little and caused her to shout in pain.

"Hi….na...ta" The possessed boy spoke softly, the world around him slowing down to almost a halt as he just stared for a moment.

And then something snapped….

It happened so fast that even Suisen couldn't even properly register or describe it, her arm struck something on the Uchiha and struck hard, and exploded into nothing but sand, briefly revealing her normal human arm to the world. And then as her arm was reforming she was flying through the air with a sudden inability to take in any air, as the breath was knocked out of her. Looking up she saw that no more was the confused and distant gaze of the Mirror like eyes. In its place was now an even more terrified look, a look of sheer hatred and anger graced his features.

The dark aura that surrounded the male appeared yet again, but far more intense this time as he drew a hand back and thrust it forward at her. From his fist came a shockwave from the force behind it and the chakra enhancing the wind nature, the attack impacted her still airborne form and caused her to slam into a tree with the force to cause her to spit blood even inside of her sand covered form. It was at this moment that the Sand Jinchuuriki realized….

She'd fucked up.

Quickly she pulled herself to her feet and then began to gather up sand once more, she needed to enter full demon form if she was going to win this fight now, there was no way she could fight him as she was. Something in him had changed now, he was out for blood.

As the sand began to swirl around her form she saw him move, almost instantly now standing before her and making a single hand sign for a fire jutsu, had he already done the hand signs that fast?!

"Element Collaboration: Azure Destroyer Flame" He spoke in an almost hiss like voice while inhaling a huge breath of air before releasing his attack, to which Suisen used her sand to defend herself the best she could.

It did little good this time….

In a flash of light the brilliant blue fire burned through just about everything in its path, turning her sand to glass, the ground molten, trees into cinders, a monstrous technique that showed no signs of stopping even as she began to move.

Naruto stood there after finishing the Jutsu and required to take a breath in now, looking at the destruction caused by the attack. It seemed to have vaporized a straight path through the trees for a fairly good distance, and it seemed that Suisen was nowhere in sight. Looking back toward the sand arm he saw the sand beginning to deteriorate and started moving toward Ami, who was trying to pry the sand away from he friend. Seeing that the danger had passed he started to calm himself, the dark aura fading away as his appearance returned to normal.

"Ami…" He said softly as he got closer.

He didn't make it though, as before he could both he and Ami found themselves partially enveloped in sand and being lifted high into the air as a massive form began to construct itself from the sand. Naruto this time cursed out loud as he began to struggle against the sand, Ami doing the same as she forced her hand free and bit her thumb, doing the only thing she could think of as she slammed her hand onto the sand gut of the forming Shukaku.

"Summoning Jutsu!" She shouted as in a sudden burst the two of them found themselves resting on the head of the Massive Gamabuta, who jumped back upon seeing Shukaku standing there and called out to Ami.

"Hey Brat, what's the big idea summoning me here like this?!" His voice boomed while Ami started to explain the situation, during which Naruto was speaking to his tenant.

-Kura-chan, are you okay? I'm sorry about earlier, I don't know what happened to me- He spoke inwardly to her, hoping to get an answer.

-It's okay Kit, you did what you had to and didn't know what would happen. You drew on both my chakra and that of the curse seal, the two of them then began to wage a war inside you that caused your personality to be completely overridden by the two influences- Came the demon fox's reply to him, she seemed to be panting, clearly drained from whatever had happened to them. This caused Naruto to feel even worse as he had not only forcefully drawn on her chakra, he'd also caused her pain and seemingly exhaustion.

-I cannot apologize enough for that Kurama, I hope you forgive me- He said/thought to her.

-I do Kit, don't worry. But I fear you may just have to do it again for this fight. This girl is different from the Gaara we know, she has far better control over the sand and a much more destructive arsenal. This means that Shukaku will also have a much more deadly style that I'm not sure we can handle in our current state, even with Ami here. And with Hinata's life at stake, we don't have many options. I can try to keep your mind a bit more stable this time when you tap into the power, but this time don't lose yourself to it. Use it to create something using your memory release that we can use to win this fight alongside Ami and Gamabunta- Kurama said back to him, agreeing that they needed to stop Suisen before she could use the sleeping technique to unleash the full power of Shukaku, to which he nodded and then looked to Ami who seemed to be speaking to him.

"Sasuke! Now is not the time to be zoning out, we need a plan!" She shouted as she pointed to the now out of control Shukaku, laughing maniacally to the sky and screaming about being free at last.

This had just gotten a bit more complicated….

Aaaaaan scene once again everyone, what will Naruske do now that he's facing up against the power of the time altered Shukaku? What will he use to fight against the demon? Why am I asking you these questions?!

Find out next time!

P.s. Also I decided that the first movie will take place here soon, seeing as I don't recall Naruto learning about the Rasengan or finding Tsunade until after the fight with Gaara. So because my mind says it, that's what I'm going with, sorry if it's wrong but I'm doin' it.

*Chapter 22*: Chapter 4 page 6

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 4

Page 6

Gamabunta landed hard on his back with a grunt after yet another hard blow from the sand demon, which was moving much quicker now after taking on a few traits from its host, namely the feminine and agile body to allow for a wider range of movement. (1)

She now sported a thinner body type with a lean muscular/sand type build to allow for quick moves as well as hard strikes. To be frank it was like she had taken a carbon copy of her hosts body and just used that but kept her normal, though much more lean and feminine, facial features. Of course this would probably cause a few nosebleeds, if it wasn't for the fact that they were in the middle of a life or death fight with a massive demon.

"Brat, if you have a plan I suggest we use it now. I have only so much I can do here, I don't have teeth or claws to hold or injure this thing and she already broke my blade!" Gamabunta's voice boomed as Ami looked frantic, trying to think of what to do. She looked to Sasuke who seemed to be thinking about something.

"Sasuke if you have anything it would be a really good time" She called to him, snapping him out of his daze as he looked at her, slowly allowing a small smile to come to his lips.

"Ami, I'm going to need to ask you to distract that overgrown trash panda for a minute. Use your transformation jutsu to give you an advantage here while I gather up some chakra, then I'll do something that may shock you.

Ami looked a bit skeptical about this, but she knew that Sasuke wasn't one to be wrong often or lead her down any bad paths. So she nodded and then looked forward at Shukaku before addressing Gamabunta.

"Okay Bunta, you and I are going to have to keep that big Racoon away from Sasuke while he prepares what he has planned alright? We need to break out something with teeth and claws" She called out while the massive toad nodded, as the two of them sprung toward Shukaku and the sleeping Suisen, Naruto jumped down and found a decently safe location before speaking to Kurama.

-Okay Kura-chan, I hope you're ready cuz we're about to do probably the dumbest thing we've done since we got here- He said inwardly, causing his inner demon to think for a moment.

-Well there was the time you tried to cook rice in your belly by eating it raw and drinking hot water- She retorted and caused the boy to sweatdrop.

-This is nothing like that plan- He commented with a bit of irritation while forming a few hand signs

-And how is that exactly?-

-Because this one is going to work- He replied with annoyance, quickly finishing the hand signs and then tapped into the same power from before, feeling almost immediately as if his mind was being ripped apart by the opposing chakra flooding into his body.

"Chimera Technique: Chakra Collaboration" He said softly, not that it mattered as the battle going on behind him drowned out his words. But the deafening boom that came from the jutsu was pretty hard to ignore, drawing the attention of the now Kurama transformed Bunta and Ami as well as Shukaku. What they saw was quite shocking to say the least.

A mass of Violet and Red Chakra swirled violently in a massive and still growing vortex, beginning to take form ever so slowly into a beast unlike anything the three had seen.

The first thing to form were two extremely long arms, with dark colored fur running down until the hands, which then changed color and became Orangish red fur covered fox like claws. Next came the body, which was somewhat boney around the chest area and had Slightly enunciated collarbones and the first two ribs, but then strangely had a muscular form and even had pecs and abs. Following that the head slowly rose up to reveal a mixture of black and orange fur on it's canine head, looking oddly similar to kyuubi if you reversed the colors. On its head then formed a hard exoskeleton helmet with a large beetle like horn on it, it looked similar to a knight or something. Running down its neck and back was a blue and black flaming mane that went all the way to the tip of its serpentine tail, which seemed to be formed from thousands of snake heads for scales and tipped with a massive snake head. Finally the legs formed which were still covered in the black fur but ended in some strange mixture of bird like talons and claws. And as if the beast wasn't terrifying enough it began forming some kind of teal spiked armor plating along its arms, chest, legs, and back, plating similar to the Sanbi but without the turtle shell appearance and a more sleek look to it. (2)

This newly formed beast almost immediately locked its gaze on the form of Shukaku, who couldn't decide between fear, anger, or excitement at seeing this new foe, choosing to be excited instead as she didn't like the idea of fearing any enemy. The eyes though seemed to pierce her soul, taking the form of a fully developed Sharingan eye in one eye with some major differences. Instead of the normal crimson color the eye held a familiar mirroresk look to it that faded and became an iridescent and reflective purple in around the pupil, with the pupil and the Tomoe around it being a radiant blue color. Surrounding the oddly colored sharingan eye was the familiar pools of black that also surrounded Shukaku's own eyes. The other eye though, took on the form of a mirror like version of the Rinnegan, with the rings shimmering ominously as it glared at her.

"Oooooh, you look like a lot of fun! Are you here to fight little old me as well?!" She called out to the massive Chimera, who simply exhaled a large puff of steam from its nose and fully turned around to look at her. Before she could taunt the beast further it opened its maw, revealing at least three rows of teeth and two large mandibles on either side of its mouth that began to open and gather a ball of violet and crimson chakra.

"Tailed Beast Aura Sphere" The beast called out somehow while still creating the sphere, a hybrid attack between a tailed beast bomb and Satori's Aura Sphere attack. After being fully formed it looked like a black and crimson swirling Rasengan attack before being fired at high speeds toward the Sand Demon, who was forced to jump high in order to avoid the attack with wide eyes. The ball shot into the distance and exploded into a massive dome, leaving a smoldering crater where it had impacted and shocking everyone present.

"I guess he was right, I'm certainly surprised…" Ami said softly while shivering at the sight of the beast Sasuke had called forth, hoping that the male was okay and wondering where he even was.

With a burst of speed the colossal monster dashed forward, switching between four and two legs while moving back and forth at a pace that seemed almost impossible for such a large creature before it jumped up toward the still airborne Shukaku. Said demon's eyes widened as the beast grabbed her by the ankle and literally flipped with her and hurled her toward the ground hard.

When the Bijuu landed she found herself looking at the sky with a growing sense that she might've picked the wrong foe, but it felt that it was a bit too late now as she saw the Chimera descending on her with both feet helt straight out, landing hard on her gut and causing her to spit up Saliva, something she didn't even know she could do.

But it didn't end there, on not by a long shot.

The Chimera then stepped off of her and gave a growl while its tail wrapped around the feminine demon's neck and lifted her up, causing her to gasp and gag on her own air. In her current situation she was unable to use her air bullet technique, and as such resorted to her sand attacks by bringing her hands together to create two massive sand waves on either side of the monster.

"Lets see how you get out of this one freak!" She gagged out before she was tossed away, narrowly avoiding the impact of both waves on the creature. She didn't stop there though, knowing that this thing would definitely survive that she then used a move much like her host.

"Sand Burial!" The demoness shouted out, causing the sand to form into a large almost mountainous state before crushing downward and becoming completely flat in one sudden motion, intending to leave nothing to chance this time as she began to take in a huge breath for yet another attack.

"Drilling Air B-LECH" The move never came though as the unfortunate Bijuu found a hard double fisted punch colliding with her gut, knocking any wind she had taken in right back out of her and sending her to her back once again. She was about to rise again but found a clawed foot landing on her chest, pressing her back to the ground as she grunted in a bit of pain before looking up at the Chimera.

"If you wanted to…. Grab my chest, you could've just said so" She tried to joke in order to stall for time or even provide a distraction to the beast, but mostly she just served to bring out an angered shout from Ami and a few death threats. The beast showed a minor reaction as it pressed a bit harder and either knowingly or unknowingly squeezed its foot on her breast as it looked into her eyes.

With her pinned like this she was an easy target as the monster then began opening its maw once again to create its strange attack, that same devastating sphere forming in its jaws and preparing to blow away the sand demon. She closed her eyes and waited for the pain or to feel her Jinchuuriki being blown away.

But the beast hesitated, seeming to be conflicted at this and unable to fire the attack.

*In Naruto's mind*

Naruto was lying face up in a pool of murky water, staring up blankly at the darkened sky of his mindscape while the battle outside was raging. He was fully aware of everything around him, as per usual when he came to this place, but it seemed like he was merely watching a recording, a television in which he could view things, but could not affect what happened in it. All the while a multitude of voices rang out in his mind while four beings stood around him. One looked just like himself but seemingly darker in Nature, wearing the same clothing as him and honestly could almost pass for him. The only differences being that this one had a slightly darker skin tone than himself and had his pronounced Kurama whiskers along with his Curse seal partially spread along his face. This one was the personification of the mixture between his own chakra, the curse seal chakra, and Kurama's mixing together. Though unlike what he expected, this voice wasn't calling for blood or offering power to him, this one simply stood silently and looked at him, seemingly evaluating him.

The other one looked exactly like Sasuke in his curse seal form, smirking confidently while flooding him with the chakra of the curse seal and telling him to end the life of the 'Demon Wretch that dared oppose an Uchiha.

The third being was none other than that creepy snake Orochimaru, who was kneeled down by Naruto's head, whispering sweet words of what the power could do for him if he continued to use it, and how he could be the strongest being in the elemental nations if he gave in to it. And Naruto couldn't deny that despite his hatred for Orochimaru and how creepy he found the man, it was so tempting with the tainted chakra mixing with Kurama's, creating an intoxicating mixture of seemingly limitless power.

The final one was that of Kurama, who was trying to keep the curse seal at bay the best she could by using her chakra, though that seemed to help as well as hurt the cause as the more she used the more the seal used to mix in and risked hurting Naruto. She seemed to be speaking to him, but her voice felt so far away and hard to hear.

-It's so hard…. I want to just…. Kill the beast! N-no… I have to save Suisen! Save her from suffering, end the beast!- The conflicting voices in Naruto's mind were seemingly in complete war now, Sasuke's as well as his own curse seal infested personality pushing him to simply crush the sand girl and end this battle now while his own voice was crying out to protect the female, to help her.

-Naruto, you don't have to listen to that voice. You make the decisions here, not the curse seal, not me, no one but you can do this. YOU are stronger than this, don't give in to it!- The voice of Kurama rang out in his head as she tried to use her own chakra to bring the boy back, thinking of the only thing she could do to prevent the seal from overpowering Naruto and her own influence she then sent a surge of chakra to Naruto, providing a momentary window for her as she showed Naruto several flashes of images.



His friends.

His first embarrassing kiss with Ami.

Hinata's kiss.

As she did this Naruto's eyes briefly sparked with life, with memory, the thoughts of those precious to him reminding him. He had things to protect, people to protect, friends who needed him right now and a Jinchuuriki who was feeling lost and needed to be guided into the light.

"This, is my mind, my body, I am Naruto, I am Sasuke. You aren't me and you never will be, you'll give me the power I need when I ask for it, and you'll stay out of MY head!" Naruto shouted as a sudden burst drove away the two dark presences in his brain, momentarily banishing them and leaving Naruto with only Kurama and the strange 'Dark Naruto' who continued to look at them curiously. When Naruto looked at the other him he took a breath and got ready to fight if he needed to.

"If you're here to fight for control then lets get it over with, I need to get back to save my precious people. If you stand in my way I will blow you out of it and move on" He said as the dark clone simply shook its head before looking at him again.

"You created me, to oppose you would be like opposing my own Father. I am the being made through you combining the cursed chakra and Kura-chan's chakra, bound together through your bloodline, the 'Memory Release' if you will. My only purpose here is to help you control your new abilities, you've given me form and as such you are in control." The dark Naruto said softly, his voice seeming to shift between his own and his demonic voices off and on.

At this Naruto dropped his hands and then looked at his doppleganger, processing this information before speaking.

"Oh, okay then. Do you have a name?" He asked, getting a head shake of 'no' in response. "Well I guess we can fix that right now before proceeding. Since you are a mixture between my chakra, Kura-chan's, and curse seal chakra, as well as your 'form' looking like a combination of Bijuu, that monster from the Box of Paradise, and the Reibi with Orochimaru thrown in. It's safe to say you're sort of a tailed beast by normal standards…. Why don't we call you Kimera? A hybrid of many different beings combined into a single form!" Naruto exclaimed near the end, watching as the dark version of himself thought for a moment before nodding in agreement.

The now duly named Kimera looked at his counterpart before stepping forward and placing a hand on his shoulder, giving the same award winning smile that the original Naruto seemed to be so good at.

"Now let's get out there and save them, I'll be sure to give that sand demon a hard punch if She gets out if line again" He joked as Naruto laughed and nodded before turning and giving Kurama a small smile and a wink, causing her to blush even as he vanished from her mind.

"...You like him… a lot" Kimera said without even looking at the Demoness.

"Shut up!" Came her angry and embarrassed reply as Kimera started to laugh before he too vanished to resume the battle.

*Back in the real world*

Shukaku on one hand was even more shocked when the beast stepped off of her then proceeded to rear its head back and shoot the attack into the sky above them, allowing it to explode far above them harmlessly before turning its gaze back to her. This time there was a small ripple on the head of the beast before the one and only Sasuke Uchiha rose up from inside the creature to stand on its head, looking down at Shukaku and Suisen, with the redhead somehow unharmed despite everything happening.

"Kimera, Ami, keep her busy while I get close and wake up Suisen!" He called out, snapping Ami from her daze as both she and Gamabunta watched Kimera jump over and land next to them, giving them a moment to strategize.

"How exactly do you want us to do this, and what the hell are you standing on?!" Ami practically yelled out, being quieted down by Naruto who made a gesture for her to calm and quiet down.

"I'll explain later but right now we need to focus, what you need to know is his name is Kimera, he's going to get me close to Suisen and I'm going to wake her up. You and Gamabunta need to focus on keeping her busy so I can do that, sound good" Naruto spoke in a stern and leader like voice, leaving Ami to momentarily fawn before snapping out of it and nodding.

"You better know what you're doing Uchiha, because here she comes!" Came the voice of Bunta, who pointed to the now standing and charging Shukaku as she charged up a Drilling Air Bullet attack. This of course caused our heroes to need to separate from each while Naruto began running through hand signs.

"Kimera, give me something flammable!" He called to his demonic partner, who nodded and then channeled a bit of his inner Gyūki and spat out a concentrated burst of ink toward the sand Demon while Naruto himself finished the signs for his jutsu.

"Collaboration Technique: Greek Fire Jutsu!" (3) He yelled out as he unleashed his blue flames onto the ink, setting it ablaze and traveling all the way to the now ink covered body of Shukaku, on collision beginning to turn parts of her body into glass and severely limiting her movement while Gamabunta jumped in with his broken sword and used that to smash away her glass body to even further hinder her.

After seeing this Naruto jumped to the hand of Kimera who then reared back and whipped him at the broken sand demon with vigor before vanishing in a puff of smoke similar to a summon.

Naruto sailed through the air at extreme speed, causing his hair to whip back and his eyes to water as he flew, looking almost comedical despite the seriousness of the moment. As he drew in closer he quickly flipped himself mid flight and began to sprint along Shukaku's arm as she tried to swat him from the air, using his momentum to propel himself along and dodging the sand tendrils the demoness tried to stop him with until he reached the sleeping form of Suisen.


The sound of his open hand colliding with Suisen's cheek seemed to echo about for a moment as even Shukaku was shocked by this, though it quickly turned into anger as she felt her host beginning to wake up.

"NOOOOO! Don't send me back, I just got here! I'll kill….you…" Her voice grew distant as the eyes slowly faded to a less dominant color and Suisen's eyes began to open, seeing none other than the Uchiha boy standing there before her with a smile on his lips.

"Good morning sleeping beauty" He joked a little, trying to lighten the mood with a little wittiness. Only to find himself held by sand tendrils and being lifted into the air.

"Stay away from me! I'll kill you!" The girl yelled out as Naruto's face once again became serious. Releasing a sudden burst of chakra that freed him from the tendrils before once again charging the girl without even looking up. This caused the girl to cry out in even more fear as he drew closer, trying to stop him with sand that was repeatedly dodged as he drew closer and closer to her. She closed her eyes as she waited for the final blow to hit her and to end the battle…..

Only to feel something meet her lips, and a soft arm around her waist while a hand touched her cheek. Her eyes shot open wide as she saw that the Uchiha boy was actually kissing her, unsure of what to even do in this situation as emotions flooded her entire body. Meanwhile Ami and Gamabunta were currently trying to pick their jaws off the ground after that sight.

Sasuke then pulled away from her before saying something that shocked her even more than the kiss.

"I won't abandon you, not now, not ever." His tone was soft, and yet she could tell that he meant every word as he held her. She was so overcome with her mixed emotions right now she did the only thing that made sense to her.

She kissed him again deeply, refusing to let him go as her arms circled his neck, even as the sand construct began to crumble and fall apart she held on, causing them to eventually drop into a free fall toward the ground. When Ami went to ask Gamabunta to catch them, the Chief Toad decided to peace out and vanished in a puff of smoke and allowing her to fall as well, thankfully to be caught by a shadow clone created by Sasuke. As the four of them fell to the ground Naruto and his clone shifted Suisen and Ami to carry them bridal style and channeled chakra to their legs to brace for the landing.

When they did land they found themselves in a large clearing as Ami and Naruto looked around for any other possible threats that might need to be dealt with, finding nothing until Temari and Kankuro dropped into the clearing holding none other than an unconscious Hinata. As soon as the two saw this they immediately went on guard, ready to fight as the two held up their hands that weren't currently dedicated to holding the Hyuga heiress.

"We aren't here to fight" Came the voice of Temari as Kankuro nodded. "We saved your friend here after Suisen changed into her… tennant. The sand released her after Suisen fell asleep. We just came here to return her and to take Suisen back to the village…" She explained as Naruto Nodded slowly and began to carry the girl over, who was currently clinging to him as if he she was dehydrated and he was a cup of water. This caused Temari and Naruto to smile as Kankuro just chuckled and rolled his eyes a bit, it was odd and cute to see the normally psychotic female so clingy to anyone.

After successfully prying the girl from Naruto's arms he gave a soft smile to the sand siblings, who smiled in return and promised they would come back after reporting back to the village. With that said and done Naruto and Ami began making their way back toward the village, blissfully unaware of what awaited them.

Hee-llo everyone, I hope you all enjoyed that chapter, and yes I know I didn't show what has been going on IN the village, that is being saved for the next page/next few pages. I intend to fully explain everything as well as the changes. And I also hope you like the start of the little Suisen pairing, I kinda like how it started, though it was sudden yes, I also think that because it's so sudden it's kinda correct in the sense that Suisen would be quick to bond with someone like Naruske, who is strong and willing to be there for her to fall back on. But if you don't like it I'm sure I'll get another private message about it or reviews telling me about it, so eh. But anyways I really hope you all liked it and the pole should be up in the next half hour to let you all know so you can send a vote for me :)

Sorry if you don't like the idea of a feminine/furry like Shukaku but honestly I refuse to believe that a being completely composed of sand and with an infinite desire to kill and fight isn't able to change his/her body to allow more wide arsenal of moves and quicker fighting speeds. Even the tailed beasts know that in order to win a fight you can't just rely on brute force, that and if she pretended to be Gaara's mother for the longest time there had to be a way in which Shukaku used some kind of feminine form to bring this on. Don't like it, then bugger off. I did say early on about them being able to alter their appearance at will and even that they have favorite looks and appearances.

To accurately get an image of this beast, just take the upper torso and arms of Satori, give him Kurama's paws/claws, A little of Son Goku's torso as well for muscle, Kurama's head and Chomei's exoskeleton head, then top it all off with Hybrid Talon Claw feet, and Isobu's armor plating. This form is the manifestation of Naruto and Sasuke's combined dark chakra mixing together and forcefully triggering a bit of his memory release.

Greek Fire Jutsu: An attack similar to Jiraiya's technique but because of the ink along with Naruto's Azure Flamethrower technique creates a more devastating move, with the ink sticking to the target and causing even more damage as it combusts. (A.N. I actually had to google if Japanese translator had a word for greek first just in case)

*Chapter 23*: Chapter 4 page 7

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 4

Page 7

Mei and A stood outside the barrier with the several Anbu agents, listening to the Anbu strategize about how to force the barrier down or even create an opening to allow someone in to assist the aging Kage.

Said Kage was currently engaged with Orochimaru in a fairly heated battle, with Sarutobi shooting off fire and earth style attacks toward his former student, who would fire back with snakes and other elemental techniques to counter the ones used on him.

As Orochimaru dodged to narrowly avoid a Dragon Flame Bomb jutsu he landed a good distance from his former sensei and smiled evilly at him, deciding to taunt the elder Kage a little.

"You have to realize that you cannot defeat me Sensei, and escape is not an option now seeing as the barrier prevents you from leaving as well as preventing help from getting in. The village you love so much will burn while you watch, and then I'll kill you when I've broken that precious Will of Fire of yours" He said before letting out a small laugh, only to hear a voice from behind him that caused him to jump almost literally out of his skin.

"Well, does it count if help is already here?" The voice spoke as the Snake Sanin turned to see none other than Sasuke Uchiha standing there, giving a small half salute style wave while sitting on the back of an unconscious Tayuya nonchalantly. "Yo"

"Oh, Sasuke-kun. What are you doing here, I thought that you left and went after Suisen." He said while examining the boy for a moment, trying to understand this. "You must not be the original, correct"

"Bingo, nailed it right on the head there. I'm a clone, created and told to wait here by the boss before the final exam started. He suspected something and decided to be safe, though I didn't expect to be trapped in here with anyone, but I guess I'm glad that I was" When the clone said WAS he made sure to enunciate it which drew Orochimaru's attention to the unconscious Tayuya and the fact that four people were required for the Four Violet Flames Formation.

"Oh this was an unexpected development…" Was all the snake user could say as he watched the barrier begin to break apart. "How exactly did you do this Sasuke-kun, with your original body in such a state you shouldn't be able to maintain any clones, much less one that's been here this long." He asked as he jumped to avoid a strike, courtesy of the Hokage, who was trying to stall for time until the Formation was broken.

"Well, I'm currently running on a small backup chakra seal that Hinata and Ami made with the help of Hatake sensei. The two of them can be extremely smart when they work together, though I only have so much before it runs out and that tainted chakra from your seal hits me" The clone said as he pointed to the barrier, which had now completely fallen and allowed the two other Kage to enter the battle to stand next to Sarutobi. With all three of the Kage marveling at the forethought shown by the young Uchiha male.

Cursing loudly Orochimaru then called on the remaining sound members to come to his side.

"Defend me while I complete my Jutsu!" He commanded them as they sprung into action, attacking each of the Village leaders while Orochimaru began going to work on his hand signs. The Naruto clone however was sitting there a bit strangely, making the Sanin wonder what he was doing and why he wasn't helping, perhaps he didn't have enough chakra remaining to be able to fight?

This was not the case though as the clone sat there waiting for a reason, the clone still had a fairly decent amount of chakra, but it was being saved up for a reason. He wasn't about to reveal that information to the snake bastard though, and so he sat there waiting calmly while watching the battle unfold, though slightly annoyed at not getting to fight such strong opponents.

Just as Orochimaru finished the last seal he called out the name of his jutsu to all who were present, causing the Kage and the sound ninja to stop their battles, with the latter of them smirking and jumping back.

"Ninja Art: Reanimation Jutsu!" He yelled out as two coffins began to raise up from the ground, followed by a third one which then suddenly stopped about half way up, causing everyone including Orochimaru to look on in surprise. "Wha-?"

"That would be me" Came the voice of the clone, momentarily breaking the concentration of the Snake user as his gaze shifted back to the clone, who had his hands formed into the ram seal and was forcefully pushing the coffin back into the ground with his chakra. Before Orochimaru could counter or stop him though he found the coffin was already sunk back into the ground and became unusable to him now. "Kin told me about your little resurrection, jutsu after I saved her in the woods. You should really try to be nicer to your subordinates, if you don't you run the risk of them betraying you." The clone half lied, Kin had actually told him about the jutsu, though he actually already knew obviously from his own timeline after hearing about this technique from stories around the village. Thankfully this time Kin was spared the fate of being turned into one of those undead servants, but Naruto didn't really want to know where he got the third body to serve his dark purpose. (1)

"You are becoming a major thorn in my side aren't you, little clone?" Orochimaru said as he gave an annoyed growl, letting the coffins open to reveal the bodies of the first and second Hokage.

With no more chakra after having forced nearly all of it into pushing the coffin back into place the clone moved back to the unconscious sound nin, placing a small seal on her back before in one swift hand sign the two were gone, with the clone dispersing after the remaining chakra was used up and Tayuya being reverse summoned to an undisclosed location. Leaving Orochimaru down one ally, but he was still confident, seeing as he had himself, two Kage, and three of his best with him.

"Do you really think that you can still win this Orochimaru? You are strong yes but, we are three Kage and our elite guards. You have two on your side but what makes you think we are not stronger than them?" A Commented, bringing a laugh from the Snake Sanin.

"Kukuku. You say that as if there is really a comparison here, you are faced against the first and second Hokage, as well as myself and my elite guard. I would love to see you defeat us" The man countered with a devilish smile on his lips as he gestured for his allies to attack, to which the five charged forward.

The first Hokage started the battle off by running through a few hand signs and slamming his palm on the roof, performing his Deep Forest Emergence jutsu to turn the entire roof into a massive and dense forest.

As this started Sarutobi used Earth Style: Earth Wall, to raise himself and the others above the forest and prevent them from being crushed beneath the growing woodland technique. While Mei did her own hand signs before launching a lava ball toward the advancing sound nin, whom were forced to jump back down to the forest floor and separate, leaving them open to Ao and Chojuro who began a combination Taijutsu and Kenjutsu assault on them.

Meanwhile A and Bee were currently locked in combat with the second Hokage, with the two of them keeping the water user on the defensive with their cooperative moves and combo attacks, making it hard for the white haired Kage to get in any real damage.

Orochimaru could see that this battle was tied up and decided that now would be the prime opportunity to get in close to attack his former teacher, while they were busy with the First he dashed forward and through the woods toward the wall. Though he found himself stopped rather quickly as he felt a foot collide with his cheek that sent him rolling across the building and into a tree, the foot being connected to none other than the femme fatale Yugito Nii, who glared at the Snake Sanin in annoyance.

"Look, I don't want this to last any longer than it has to here. I have someone I really want to meet and this is in the way of that. So can we put a stop to this, or do I really have to kill you?" The Nibi Jinchuuriki said with irritation clear in her voice. She wasn't lying, she really wanted to get this over with so that she could meet that Uchiha and ask him why he had chakra similar to that of a Jinchuuriki.

-We BOTH know that isn't the only reason Kitten- The demoness cat chimed in, momentarily flooding the girl's mind with a few…. Less than appropriate images.

-Now is NOT the time for that- The blushing girl yelled internally at her tenant, who simply laughed. -Let's give him one tail for now, I wanna get this over with already- She said as she felt her demon's chakra begin to fill her system. A single burning blue and black tail formed behind her as she extended her claws and got into an animal like fighting stance, ready to cut this snake up into a handbag for his transgressions.

"Well, it seems the cat really did drag something in, another soon to be dead Jinchuuriki" Orochimaru stated while rising to his feet, in a gross display that even caused Yugito and Matatabi to feel nauseated he drew out Kusanagi and prepared to fight. "Let's see if this cat really does have claws"

"Your cat puns are about to get you killed" She said as she charged the annoying Sanin.

With all of the fighting going on simultaneously the forest/rooftop turned into a full on battlefield, jutsu flying about, bodies being thrown and weaponry being used. It was all out war with the shinobi.

It was around this time that Orochimaru realized that he and his 'team' were being pushed back, Sakkon and Ukon had even attempted to fall back while being attacked by Ao and Chojuro, with the two of them winding up trapped by Chojuro's Bone Mutilation technique and unable to move. Jirobo had grabbed the twins and retreated back to avoid the three of them being ended while Kidomaru was firing off arrows from a distance to provide cover.

"Lord Orochimaru, I advise that we retreat!" Came the voice of Kidomaru, who had to dodge a staff swing from Hiruzen.

"Nobody retreats until Sarutobi is dead!" Orochimaru yelled at his minions, attempting to use a summoning jutsu to call forth one of his snakes. But as soon as he brought his hand up to perform the jutsu he found his arms no longer connected to his body, his eyes widening as a shower of blood shot from the remaining stumps, courtesy of Yugito and her extended claws.

As just another little added tidbit just to ruin things even more, Orochimaru looked on as Sarutobi got close enough to his two resurrected Kage to hold them while Killerbee performed his Sealing Technique, Octopus Hold on them to prevent them from escaping. All of this just served as even more of a kick in the teeth as the Sanin continued to try to fight with his lack of arms. But he didn't have much chance as the girl dashed in and then ignited her claws with the same black and blue flames and swiped at him, cauterizing his already destroyed arms to prevent his regenerative ability from repairing the damages.

With one more swift kick the now armless snake sanin was launched away and into the waiting arms of Jirobo, who was carrying Sakkon and Ukon in one arm while Orochimaru was in the other. Orochimaru though had one last little trump card as he used just a bit of his chakra to call his sword back to him, during their little retreat the sword jerked up and shot forward at the back of Hiruzen. A saw this as he moved to try to catch the flying weapon, but because of his reaction delay he was too slow to reach the sword in time, resulting in the blade shooting into the elder male's back, with Orochimaru using a bit more chakra to cause the blade to rotate rapidly like a drill, pushing through the old man and cutting a perfect circle through him as it returned to its owner to be caught by the six armed Sound Ninja.

At this Orochimaru smirked in victory while watching the elder Kage spit up blood and begin to collapse, now sounding for his team to retreat to a safe distance where he could watch the rest of the invasion and the destruction of the leaf village.

A was about to pursue them, but was stopped by Mei before he could.

"He's not our biggest concern here A. I want him dead too but we need to end this battle and get Hiruzen to the hospital!" She explained as she looked at the Raikage, who nodded slowly. "You're the fastest one here, you need to get him there while we go and try to help the village fend off this invasion"

At this A nodded and then leaned down, picking up the old man as he then vanished in a burst of speed, leaving Mei to momentarily watch where they once were with worried eyes. Shaking her head she then turned to all of the ninja present with determined and commanding eyes.

"Okay, I don't care if you're Leaf, Mist, or Cloud, right now we're all in this together and we are going to fight off these damned invaders! So Bee, I want you and Yugito to get out there and use whatever means necessary to bring down those summoned beasts. Ao, Chojuro, you are to get out there and provide backup to fight back the shinobi invaders. Samui, you and your team are to assist in the evacuation and protection of all civilian and low class ninja. Now go!" She shouted her orders and then pointed toward the edge of the roof, the ninja jumping off to do as they were told and creating a small breeze that ruffled her undone Kage robe and dress a bit. -Damn that felt good- She said to herself before jumping off toward the fighting to provide help as well, no way was she sitting this battle out!

And scene again, sorry about the rush/short page. I really didn't want to spend too much time on this one, sorry but honestly I just couldn't really get that much into it. I will admit it was still fun to write yes, but even in the series this battle just didn't catch my attention much. Plus with all the Kage here along with their Elite guard as well as Bee's team it just seemed like this battle would be pretty one sided.

Yes I know that part of the reason was because of the whole Death God Sealing thing, but I'm also going off what happened before in the early series where Hiruzen actually said he stopped it from happening.

*Chapter 24*: Chapter 4 page 8

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 4

Page 8

After the defeat of Orochimaru and the spreading information of the supposed death of the Kazekage the war didn't last much longer, with the Oto nin losing their morale and the Suna nin losing their desire to fight after realizing they'd been tricked like that. This resulted in the retreat and subsequent retreat of the Sand village shinobi and the defeat or capture of the majority of the Sound ninja.

It didn't really take long though for the body of the Kazekage to be found, though unlike what most believed he was alive, but he was in very bad shape after what Orochimaru did to him and needed urgent medical care. Which thankfully the Leaf village was all too happy to provide right now.

It was mid afternoon when Obito entered, watching as his student Sasuke was being helped by the med nins; one of Sasuke's arms was bandaged and so was his body but he was well enough, so they helped him learn how to use one of the crutches with his good arm to walk. Turned out the fight had done a bit more damage than he'd thought and left him in quite a bit of pain, though thankfully with Kurama's help he was already beginning to heal.

He would just need to lean most of his weight onto his good arm but if he really wanted, they could have given him a wheelchair…tempting…but no, he would rather stretch out his leg muscles.

The only reason he needed the one crutch was because his legs were a bit unstable, the crutch was to help keep him balanced when he tried to walk.

Sasuke walked over to his sensei, the crutch tapping on the floor as Obito smiled at his student.

"You do heal fast," The elder Uchiha spoke as Sasuke grinned before the med nin known as Chouseki approached Obito.

"Alright then," he spoke, turning to Sasuke, "I'll sign you out for the afternoon, but you need to return by tonight," he turned to Obito who nodded before smiling at Sasuke, "at this rate, you'll finish healing by the end of this week…if not sooner."

Sasuke looked thoughtful, "how's the Hokage?"

Chouseki nodded at the question, "he is not so lucky; his damage is more severe," he looked thoughtful, "The good news is that currently he's stable though, if things continue he should be better, but it will take at least a few more weeks."

"Oh," Sasuke looked sad at that as Chouseki offered a reassuring smile before leaving with the rest of the med nins.

"So now," Obito started to leave as Sasuke followed, they walked down the halls as his sensei continued, "Are you ready to meet the Sand team, we requested their presence in the Hokage's tower to discuss where we go from here."

Sasuke nodded but asked, "how about Kin, I know she was part of the invasion plans but she did help us out?"

"She will also be there, at least, afterwards if the Sand team agrees."

"Alright," Sasuke tried to speed ahead as Obito humorously watched on, "let's get there quick."

The older male walked forward, catching up; Sasuke glanced back through the sides of his eyes before continuing, "I can't really walk that fast…"

This caused a small chuckle to come from Obito, "don't worry, we'll make it."

*With Team Sand…*

Suisen walked down the road with her siblings in toe, seeing as they were asked to meet the Hokage for some sort of planning or meeting after the invasion.

"This just sounds strange to me," Kankuro spoke out as Temari nodded.

"Why would they want to see us?" Temari asked.

Suisen continued to stare ahead, "It doesn't matter, I was going to speak to him eventually."

"Yeah but that was right after the meeting with Father," Kankuro added as Suisen shrugged, not really caring about anything right now except seeing the Uchiha again, whom she'd been told would be there. They continued on their path towards the tower in silence, each wondering what might be going on to require the meeting.

*Naruske's Apartment*

Kin stood in her room, ready to leave. She was requested to attend the Hokage tower just in case she was needed, though she wasn't really sure why.

She had taken up residence at the apartment as per offer/request given by the young Uchiha after her betrayal to Orochimaru, with Sasuke insisting that she would be safer there with Orochimaru and his lackeys not knowing where his home was as well as those who might think of her as still being a sound spy.

Calmly, she left her room, a small smile on her face as she thought of the possibilities now with her possibly taking up residence here. She sighed, nervous, he could maybe be her first significant other or in plain words...her first boyfriend. But she was getting ahead of herself, she needed to focus on things as they were now.

*Scene Change*

As Sasuke and Obito entered the Hokage tower meeting room he saw not the Hokage, but instead Mei Terumi and A, the Kage visiting from other villages. This of course caused Sasuke to look away from the female Kage, who gave him a look that he didn't quite understand, a look he'd been seeing a lot lately from a few of the females he knew. Yes despite all of his future knowledge and his amazing combat abilities, Naruto inside that poor head of his was still as dense as a rock sometimes.

Obito couldn't stop himself and chuckled as he saw this, but they couldn't dwell on it long as Mei lightly 'Ahem'd to say she was ready to start the meeting.

Obito looked around the room and to each of the people present then nodded, "I'll be nearby just in case," he left out the door; he trusted his student and he knew the sand nins wouldn't do anything inside the Hokage tower that would merit attention.

As soon as he left, the Sand siblings stood around Sasuke.

"What's going on?" Temari asked as Sasuke looked at each one of them before concentrating his face on Suisen.

"That would be something for me to explain" Came the voice of Mei, who held a grim look on her face that drew the attention of all present. "We are here to not just thank you all for your help in defending against the attackers" At this she looked at Kin, who blushed a little at the praise. "As well as to ask for help in fixing the damages" With that she looked at the sand team, who raised their brows.

"What kind of help do you mean exactly" The voice of Temari came first, receiving nods from her siblings as they looked at the older female.

"Sarutobi had decided that if he does come through his injuries…. That it is time for him to step down as Hokage. But his wounds in the battle were very severe as well, and it's not certain whether he WILL come through it. So Jiraiya has decided to take Ami along to find the Slug Sanin Tsunade. She will hopefully be able to heal him as well as others who were injured in the invasion, but also we hope that she will take his place as the fifth Hokage" A explained, his tone equally grim. "We aren't letting them go alone though, with all the impending threats out there, there's no way we can just let it happen. So we will be asking anyone who's willing, to go along on the mission to act as backup for them"

After hearing all of this Suisen closed her eyes, recalling the past few days before replying, "Sasuke, you and your team helped me find my existence, to find something I never thought I could feel" she opened her eyes, staring back at Sasuke. -You helped me to feel love- She thought while looking at him before speaking again to avoid the awkward silence "I will help protect your friends."

Naruto nodded in thanks before turning to Temari, she nodded, he turned to Kankuro who grinned and spoke out, "we support our sister, and we've already decided to help. Especially after what you did for us."

Naruto chuckled and gave a thankful nod as the door opened, Obito and Kin walking behind him, seeing this Naruto looked at Kin in surprise.

"Kin," he spoke, "you're here," it was more of a surprised greeting as Kin smiled at him and tilted her head as a response.

"We heard the whole thing," Obito spoke as the Sand siblings looked at the Sound nin before turning to the others in the room.

"I thought the room was sound proof," Kankuro asked as the Hokage raised a brow.

"Normally we would put up such a barrier, but with what happened during the invasion even with Sasuke-kun's word here we couldn't just leave potential enemies, as well as a Jinchuuriki in a room with high value targets and an injured shinobi." Mei explained while giving a soft smile as Kankuro blushed a little for not realizing that. -Kun? Where did that come from-

The Kage nodded gravely took a moment to ask a question that had been bugging her ever since hearing about the potential invasion. "If Suna is suffering in these troubled times, why don't they ask us for help? Our alliance offer entitled that if he had joined each of the villages involved helps each other."

Temari sighed softly before shaking her head, "Lord Mizukage, our father, the Kazekage, won't ask for help, this has to do more with father's pride then the village."

"Ah," She spoke and nodded her head, "I see," she moved a hand under her chin, "Even I find it hard to ask for help…he thinks the Leaf village is suppressing his own?" she sighed, "Whatever happened to peace treaties?" she spoke more to himself before turning to Kin, "is there any other info you could offer?"

Kin spoke, "All I know is that Orochimaru iis injured at the moment, he will retreat into one of his nearby bases to lie low for a while, and I'm pretty sure, the sound spies have also lied low, seeing as Orochimaru will need to find a way to fix his arms before he can continue his plans" the Mizukage nodded.

"Then, I do not consider this betrayal, I would have done the same thing you three are doing, if the situation calls for it," Kankuro and Temari nodded as Suisen looked on stoically.

Mei then turned to address everyone, "We have two weeks to prepare, whichever of you plans on going on this adventure please pack what you will need and be ready for a long journey. This will be a joint mission between villages"

"Yes Ma'am!" Came the voices of the shinobi before all but Naruto and Obito were left, seeing as Naruto couldn't exactly go rooftop jumping any time soon. At this Obito smiled proudly at the boy and ruffled his hair, "I'll meet you at your home later," he then vanished using the typical Shunshin leaving Sasuke to hobble his way out of the room slowly.

As Naruto got outside he saw the Sand team waiting for him, which caused him to look a bit curious at them. But curiosity turned to surprise as the Sand Jinchuuriki walked over and wrapped her arms around his neck gently. A small blush came to his cheeks as he softly patted her back and returned the hug.

"I never got a chance to really thank you for what you did, I'll never fully be able to repay you" She said, almost on the verge of tears that even she didn't expect to feel.

At this Naruto nodded, giving her a soft smile before whispering "Then thank me by being safe. Show everyone what a Jinchuuriki can really be, and uh… keep the 'fox' between us if you can?"

Suisen then raised a brow and went to speak but before she could, Sasuke bid them a farewell, leaving on his one crutch while chuckling to himself.

"So it starts," Kankuro spoke to Suisen as Temari stood by him, she asked, "will you really change Suna?"

Their sibling gave an affirmative nod as Temari and Kankuro looked on in confusion before Kankuro asked, "But how will you do it?"

Suisen blinked once before walking ahead, her siblings watched her go before following in step as She answered, "Simple, I would have to one day be the Kazekage."

Temari and Kankuro widened their eyes in surprise before hardening their will, -It will be a hard goal, the council is against you but,- both of them looked back at their little brother, remembering his speech, - As your siblings we will stand by you, we will help you achieve your goal,' they both grinned as they walked down the street.

*Scene Change*

Naruto continued walking down the street, towards his home as he felt the familiar presence of Kin; earlier, he had instructed her to follow him in secret so they wouldn't be seen together in public.

Sasuke opened the lock to his door before entering, he moved to the back window, opening it before moving away; a figure emerged, closing the window before looking around.

"This is a nice home you have," she spoke out as Sasuke lit the place before heading to the kitchen.

"It's a lot better than the old place I was living," Sasuke spoke out before a thud was heard in the kitchen, it seemed Sasuke was having some trouble in the kitchen as Kin went to check on him, but he continued speaking as if nothing was wrong, "the other place brings back a few…memories."

It was true, ever since his soul had inhabited this empty shell…past memories still lingered from the hollow vessel, merging memories from the boy with his own, every time he passed the compound it just seemed to bring back memories of the massacre and Sasuke's family.

Kin entered the kitchen and found Sasuke on the floor, he appeared in thought before turning to her, he smiled sheepishly as he reached for his crutch on the floor. Seeing this the Sound nin raised a brow, "You need a little help?" She asked.

Naruto helped himself stand up before making his way to the table, chuckling lightly to himself and looking down.

"Not yet," He said as he sat on the table, "I was just checking if I could reach my utensils and stuff," Kin waited for a moment as Sasuke looked back at her, "it's kind of hard to get them."

Kin giggled at his expense before speaking, "What are we doing here again?"

"Just relaxing a little before what comes next" The uchiha said softly, his memory telling him of some of the upcoming things he would need to deal with: The snow mission, finding Tsunade, Itachi's attack, there was so much to do and so little time.

Sasuke made his way out of the kitchen as Kin followed curiously.

They walked through the living room, passing a few rooms before entering a room filled with books.

Kin looked around in wonderment at so many books as Sasuke headed towards the back; Kin was scanning the titles around the shelves, "did you read all of these books?" she asked.

"What, um, yeah I guess," He answered as he then picked up a book before turning to lead her back to the kitchen.

"Let's cook something for tonight," Kin looked unsure as Sasuke continued motivating, "oh come on, I'll help direct, it'll be…interesting."

Kin shook her head before smiling, "sure," she answered back as Sasuke started explaining what items he had in the fridge, Kin followed a few of his directions; sometimes, she spoke playfully to Sasuke when he was taking his role as director too seriously.

*Scene Change Hyuga Mansion*

Hiashi watched as his daughter showed him her chakra manipulation, inwardly, he was proud at her daughter for the strength she'd shown even if she didn't win, and already, she was able to perform chakra range attacks…Hinata tripped as Hiashi looked away, his face remained stoic, 'she just needs to change that attitude of hers,' he thought as he knew she was nervous.

Hiashi looked up as a Hyuga elder came in, despite being nervous about being the youngest elder and female at that she kept her face serious as she held a scroll with the Hokage's symbol.

Hiashi stood up, taking the scroll and leaving, the elder following as they made their way to his office.

Hinata watched, something was wrong and she knew it, for a moment, once the scroll had arrived, she spotted the worried look on her father's face. Hiashi stood with the elder as he pricked his finger as a drop of blood appeared, he let it drop onto the scroll as a burst of chakra appeared before the scroll opened, Hiashi read its contents, his face turned serious as his head continued to move from left to right, reading the words until he finished.

"Kora (1)" Hiashi spoke to the young female before burning the scroll, "there is another meeting…you are my most trusted fighter, I select you to attend with me, trusted members are needed…it seems we are headed for war, and there is a spy, possibly multiple spies among the Leaf village."

"A spy," Kora spoke harshly, "I can't believe it."

Hiashi nodded, "Let's go, we must meet with the other war councilors and Homaru."

They both left, Hiashi informing the other branch members of a meeting before he stopped near the door, Hinata stood to the side; worry was etched in her face.

For a moment, Hiashi almost stumbled as he watched his daughter worry over him before his face turned stoic, "Hinata, become stronger," he headed out as Hinata nodded, "and be safe," he spoke under his breath before leaving as Hinata widened her eyes, she couldn't believe what she just heard…whatever it was, it must be serious.

*Back in Naruske's Apartment*

After finishing their food and bidding each other goodnight Naruto was now in his room, climbing into bed with a slight wince as he thought of everything that was to come.

-Tomorrow- Sasuke thought as he wondered back to Ami, -maybe I could see Jiraiya tomorrow, I wonder what Ami is learning- he thought before he rested his head on his pillow, already feeling the bliss of sleep beginning to wash over him.

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*Chapter 25*: Chapter 5 page 1

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter Five: Finding the Fifth Hokage

Page One

"Gahh! Dammit this is impossible!" Ami shouted out as she again failed to do the first stage of the Rasengan, all she needed to do was rotate the stupid water, so why was this so difficult?! She was about to hurl the balloon again when the voice of Yugito came to her ears and stopped her from basically rage quitting the test.

"Perhaps you should take a small break, look at things from another angle?" She said softly while leaning against a tree, where she'd been for the better part of three hours watching Ami try to get control of the first task. Ami happily agreed with this and then took a few water balloons with her as she walked off, still trying the exercise even though she had just said she would take a break. -I don't think she really grasps the concept behind 'taking a break'- Yugito thought with a deadpanned expression as she watched.


Naruto gave an exasperated sigh as he sat in a hospital bed, being detained for the obvious reason, the cursed seal on his neck and that they don't know the effect it could have on him. Honestly he didn't really blame them for it, hell he was partially glad that they had him here where he couldn't really get into a fight and cause his cursed seal to activate. Though he still hated being cooped up…

Sighing again to himself he laid back on the bed, thinking things over as he ran down a list of to-do's in his brain. He had helped Gaara/Suisen, helped Zabuza and Haku, and he had ensured that things were going well with Jiraiya as well. Ami was going to find Tsunade to help the old man and then…..

-SHIT!- The thought hit him like a stack of bricks as he recalled that on the trip with Jiraiya Itachi and Kisame had appeared, and because of the current Kage in the village not one, not two, but three Jinchuuriki were on the mission right now! Not to mention he remembered that Sasuke had showed up in his version of the fight! Forcing himself up from the bed he looked around the room for a moment before dashing to the window, he needed to get there now! Whether Ami could handle it with help or not it was his duty as her friend to be there to help, not to mention it was kinda his fault that Suisen and Yugito were there, turning a quick grab into a basic buffet for the two Akatsuki members, one of whom was the wielder of Samehada.

In no time at all he was on the ground and sprinting in the direction he remembered going on the original journey, hoping he could be there in time.

*Back with Ami*

Ami wore a black sleeveless muscle shirt and short pants as she walked into a hotspring, yawning a little and holding the water balloon in one hand. She was slightly annoyed that she couldn't get this down right now, but maybe a quick soak in the water might help.

Stripping down slowly she revealed that despite her age she had quite a well defined young body, that outfit of hers did not do her justice as her clothing was often baggy and she also wrapped her chest slightly to help keep her bust from being noticed by perverts. After having removed everything she wrapped herself in a towel before making her way to the water.

As she got into the water she began to hear a familiar sound, something akin to a giggle as her eyes narrowed in annoyance and anger. Turning her head she growled out. "You better get the hell out of here or else I'll kick your ass"

Jiraiya stepped out and began to glare at her, but then crossed his arms and spoke. "Not like I expected YOU to be here, and not you've interrupted precious information gathering opportu…Gah!" Jiraiya yelped, hopping on one leg, holding his ankle as Ami glared back; she had kicked him.

"Information gathering," She mocked before speaking back, "You were peeking inside the women's bath house…when I am in here!" She yelled out as she held a towel over herself.

Jiraiya folded his arms, countering back, "I wasn't even going to look at you," he traced an imaginary figure in the air with great precision," mature babes only, little girl."

"Oh yeah, that's really assuring," Ami rolled her eyes as she fixed the towel, hey just because she had a nice body didn't mean she was going to show an old pervert like him.

"Anyways," Jiraiya mumbled before turning away, not wanting to continue this awkwardness any longer. "How is your progress going with the technique?" He asked, hearing Ami give an over exaggerated sigh. "I'm trying hard but I can't seem to get it…. If Sasuke were here I'm sure he'd be able to do it, or at least give me some tips" At this Jiraiya raised a brow.

"The Uchiha boy?"

"Yes, he helped me and Hinata a lot ever since he woke up from that coma a long time ago. It's almost like he became a completely new person" Ami said while getting a slightly far off look in her eyes at the memory, though she quickly came back to reality. "I'm not going to tell you this story standing here in just a towel!" She yelled before kicking the elder Sanin out of the hot spring and sending threats his way if he dared to peek on her again.

Ami shrugged a little after he was gone, getting back into the water while holding the water balloon, beginning to swirl it in her hand she watched the way the balloon moved and shifted. Starting to get an idea she started to swish it a different direction and watched as the balloon bulged and then shifted before settling back down again. Repeating this process several more times she then came up with an Idea and gave a shout.



"Pervert!" WHACK

*A short time later*

Ami stood in the field with Suisen, Yugito, and Jiraiya present as they saw her begin hitting the balloon in several spouts while channeling chakra through it, causing the balloon to bulge and contort before eventually bursting into a splash of water.

Jiraiyat raised a brow, "So how did you manage to do it Brat?" He asked with a chuckle, interested in the strange technique she used to burst the balloon.

Ami looked at him and then gave a bright smile, "It was simple when I really thought about it, when I was in the hot spring I was just moving the balloon around and I noticed that when I tried to move it in a different direction it caused the balloon to stretch and almost burst. So I took that idea and then pushed it just a bit further. By using my hands to redirect my chakra through the water and keep shifting the water in different directions!" She exclaimed at the end with a bright smile on her lips.

Yugito smiled for a moment as she looked at the somewhat dumbfounded Jiraiya before she turned to Ami, "I'm glad you were able to figure it out, maybe we should celebrate a little?" she asked while looking around, receiving a nod from Suisen before the two of them went off to get some food to bring back.

"So what's next?" Ami asked with a bit of excitement in her tone as she grinned ear to ear, only to have a rubber ball tossed into her hands. "Huh?"

"Now you have to burst that by using just your chakra, no rotation this time just raw-" He was interrupted by the sound of the ball bursting as his words died in his mouth, seeing that she burst the ball on the first try. "Heh… I should have expected that one really.."

"Why does everyone think so highly of you? I just did in a day what you said takes weeks!" Ami asked out of curiosity and slightly teasingly as she smiled, at this Jiraiya just smirked at her.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked as Ami shrugged.

"All I know is that you're a perverted old man."

"No my dear," Jiraiya tsked, wiggling a finger in her face as Ami twitched in annoyance, "not just a pervert…A super pervert!" he pointed to the sky as Ami sweat dropped before Jiraiya jumped up in the air and landed a few feet away from the girl, "I am a legend among the nations, the warrior of the people," he was speaking in intro, making weird hand gestures and movement as Ami was quickly growing tired, "I am the great Toad Sage, Ji-ra…hey where are you going!"

Ami was walking away slowly as she stretched, yawning in feign boredom "What's the next step so I can get going on this, I need to complete this jutsu..." Her tone dropped as she remembered the past few days, she had seen Sasuke in action and he was leaving her and Hinata in the dust, she needed power to match Sasuke's own…not listen to some pervert rant about how great he was.

Jiraiya looked on curiously before following in step, "why do you need to train so seriously?"

Ami briefly glanced at him annoyed, "I have to catch up to him, to show him that I can be strong too and I can help him bear some of the burdens he's carrying on his shoulders..."

Jiraiya lookeda bit curious at the answer, having expected some boasting show that openly declared she wanted to be the strongest or become Hokage "I see, that is really…. Not the answer I expected" he responded as Ami just glared as a response before rolling her eyes and looking away, she stared down at the graveled path.

"Well, good luck to you," Jiraiya spoke as he was about to leave but was a little satisfied the Kyuubi vessel had a somewhat normal ninja life. Before she could get far he placed a regular balloon into her hand, explaining after seeing her confused look. "For this step, the user must combine the first two steps into a contained sphere. To help with this I gave you an empty balloon to help visualise the intended shape; if the balloon is popped or otherwise moves, then you're doing it wrong"

"I'll get it done" Ami said with a fire in her eyes that made Jiraiya honestly believe she could do it in record time. After all she'd already completed the first two.. "I have to get strong so I can prove to him I'm not weak, that I don't need to be protected"

-You have far surpassed my expectations Brat, I wonder just how far that determination will take you heh- Jiraiya thought proudly as he watched her, though he did think about what she'd said about the Uchiha boy. Jiraiya looked at her in thought, he had known many Uchiha's in his lifetime, the only friendly one was Obito, but still, the clan attitude was still there. And from what he knew of the Uchiha massacre he would have expected the boy to end up just like his family if not even worse because of it, but to hear that he not only didn't follow that path but began to help his fellow ninja to excel surprised him even more.

"Is that the only reason?" Jiraiya asked, curious as Ami blushed in response, glaring back.

"You'd wish there was another reason now wouldn't you pervert."

Jiraiya grinned, "If you're going to call me pervert at least call me a super perv," he turned serious as Ami looked surprised at the change of attitude, "Just keep in mind… power ," his face looked sad as he replayed a past memory, "power has a way of changing people. Ninjas do many things to try to gain power quicker, sometimes, doing things that aren't accepted by others but it won't stop them," Ami observed in amazement how this person could say something like this, Jiraiya continued, "there is no easy way to achieve it, it has to be earned…every power has its price, do you understand?" he looked at her as she tried to make sense of it, Jiraiya sighed before speaking, "let's say a person with no combat experience, no training or what not was given unimaginable power one day, what do you expect he would do, how would you think he would act knowing that no one can oppose him, would he still be the same person afterwards or would he start taking advantage of his status?"

Ami thought for a moment as the idea slowly sunk in before she answered, "What are you trying to say?"

They stopped and faced each other as Jiraiya spoke, "If you were given power, would you still feel the same way, believe the same things now?"

Ami looked down again, that's what she wanted; she needed power for her friends.

Jiraiya spoke again, "let me ask you this, what is more important to you, gaining power…or your friends?"

She looked on sadly, remembering her past, why did she want power in the first place; she didn't need to think much on it before answering.

"Until I met my first friends, I never knew what I wanted," Jiraiya paid attention, listening to her speak, "I realized now, the only reason I want to get stronger is for them," she smiled up at the man as Jiraiya looked on in approval, "Not only do I want to get stronger, but I want my friends to grow strong with me, I don't want ultimate power," Ami shook her head, "no, I just want to be there for my friends, I don't want to be the one who lets them down…I guess, that's what I really want."

They stayed quiet as Jiraiya looked at her, a smile on his face, 'you remind me a lot of a young Kushina,' he grinned, scratching his nose, "are you sure it's not because you know," he wiggled his eyebrow, " with this boy?"

The mood was ruined as Ami twitched her eye, a light blush on her cheek, -what the hell just happened a minute ago to the sage?- she thought dumbfounded before leaving again to continue practicing, "you are a weird person," she replied walking a short distance away and beginning to focus..

Jiraiya chuckled to himself before closing his eyes and shrugging a little, knowing that teasing her would only be fun if he drew it out more. So he resided to back off and head back to the inn they were staying at. "Try to be back in time to eat, you'll never complete the Rasengan unless you keep your strength up"

Ami rolled her eyes, "You almost sound like an actual teacher" She smiled at the playful taunt.

Jiraiya sagged, "whatever brat, you wouldn't know the presence of a great ninja if you knew one."

She sighed, "Fine, let's see how good you are," she grinned, "perv sensei."

"W-what!" he paused in mid step, "don't call me that," he lectured on following the grinning girl, "a sensei is a respectable guide…never call me that in public."

She giggled, "you wanted me to call you a super perv earlier…"

He cut in, "in place of pervert but this is different and…"

Ami laughed out, cutting his speech as Jiraiya looked back confused as she spoke, "I can't believe a pervert is about to teach me something…out of all people."

They continued walking along as Jiraiya chuckled soon after, -Yup,- he thought, watching as the girl started another conversation, -I'm starting to like this brat.- He thought with a smile before leaving her to train.

Unbeknownst to the both of them there was a figure watching from the trees, two crimson glowing eyes keeping an intent gaze on the young Jinchuuriki as the aged Sanin walked away.

"Can we move in yet?" A voice spoke with a somewhat insane tone to it "I'm getting antsy just sitting here"

"Not now, we must wait for the moment when the Jinchuuriki is far enough from the others to collect her alone, or until the other Jinchuuriki are in a weakened state…" The male with the crimson eyes said before turning and moving away.

*With Naruske*

The raven haired boy was moving at high speed toward the village where he remembered going to find Tsunade, the village where he had begun to learn the Rasengan as well as he tried to move quicker. He was still a long distance away and wouldn't be there for a while.

-I have to hurry, I need to.. Gah!- His thought was interrupted when he remembered that he was going to run into Itachi during his time there, something inside him stirring as anger bubbled up to the surface. As he sprinted faster things began to blur and darken, his consciousness feeling as if it's being pulled away into his own mind.


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*Chapter 26*: Update Soon!

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*Chapter 27*: Chapter 5 page 2

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 5 page 2

Ami stood in the door looking at the two people standing before her, one of them being a shorter adult male with black hair that framed his face. He had pale skin and painted fingernails, aside from that the only thing she could really see about him was his black eyes, with the rest being covered by his black and red cloud pattern cloak. His partner was a much taller female with deep blue skin and a very interesting hairstyle, with the left side being cut pretty short and the right being long and brushed over her left eye. (1) She was quite pretty aside from the slightly insane gleam in her eyes that made her a bit scary, though Ami with a sleepy expression etched on her face simply could not find herself caring any less even as the black haired one began to speak.

"Well hello there, Ami Uzumaki, now if you would be so-" The male didn't even get to finish his sentence as Ami spoke.

"The Pervy Sage isn't here right now and I'm definitely not interested in whatever it is" And with that the door slammed in the two's faces, leaving them both standing there wide eyed.

"Did that really just happen?" The shark lady asked while turning to her partner.

"It would seem so" Came the reply.

"... Does she not know who we are?"

"I assume not, considering"

Without further question the female of the team wailed the door with her foot, causing it to swing open with enough force to dislodge one of the hinges, leaving the door swinging on an angle before it once again closed, partially.

"... THAT'S IT!" Came the female's voice again before the door shattered on impact from the wrapped weapon on her back. The now deeply annoyed girl pointed at Ami, who stood there in shock and fear. "You, Jinchuuriki, here, now, leg chopin time!"

"Calm yourself Kisame, we have yet to see if she will come of her own accord" Spoke Itachi calmly, before a smirk came to his lips. "Unless you plan to admit a door got the best of you"

"... Did you just make a joke? Is the world ending?" Came the reply from the newly named Kisame.

But before Itachi could even answer there was a shout from the end of the hall

"I've finally found you, you murdering bastard! And now I'll have my revenge!"

A Few Moments Ago

Naruto was seeing red, he couldn't understand what came over him as he ran into the small town. The only thing on his mind before he lost it was Itachi, and then everything became a blur to him. Even now in the back of his mind he could see what was happening, he could feel it, but it was like being a passenger in his own brain. Watching as his body moved without his accord.

-Is this how Sasuke has felt this whole time, his subconscious mind being buried beneath mine?- Naruto asked himself as the voice of his inner demon reached him.

-Kit we have a problem, that damned Uchiha brat somehow bonded with that cursed seal and is now not only fiddly drawing its power but my own chakra as well. That's how he wrestled control away from you, and if we don't get it back we may be dealing with even worse consequences!- Kurama called, trying to get his container to snap out of this daze he was in.

Naruto on the other hand was currently feeling pretty out of it, but Kurama's voice did manage to snap him to reality a little bit. This of course brought him to realize that he was now standing at the edge of the hall and looking straight at none other than Itachi Uchiha.

Present Time

Before Itachi could comment on the fact that his little brother had shown up Sasuke spoke again, black flame designs beginning to spread over half of his body as he did.

"Now Itachi, I will avenge the clan you murdered!" The raven haired boy spoke while violet and crimson chakra began to swirl around him, causing Itachi's eyes to widen.

"My my, you seem to have come across a new power, little brother. But how is it you've come to harness demonic chakra?" Itachi asked, immediately recognizing the demonic presence of the Kyuubi's chakra.

At this point was when Kisame spoke up "You didn't mention that your little brother was a Jinchuuriki there Itachi, but if that's the case then why are we after this squirt?" She asked, drawing an annoyed yell from Ski.

"This is a new development to me as well Kisame, but it seems we will need to capture them both…" Was the answer from the stoic Uchiha.

"Which one do you want?" Kisame asked as her hand moved toward the sword on her back, the psychotic gleam in her eye just shouting how badly she wanted to cut someone.

"I think it is time for me and my foolish sibling to have a little family reunion" The ever calm Itachi spoke as Kisame seemed all too happy at this and turned to the smaller female, raising her hand to grab her blade as Ami backed up. As this happened Itachi began making his way toward Sasuke, who in turn began doing a series of hand signs that Itachi faintly recognized from his days in the Leaf.

-Damn, so Sasuke is able to see my memory just like I can see his. This could be a problem- Naruto thought as he continued to try regaining control, even as Sasue called out the name of the technique.

"Chidori!" The younger Uchiha shouted as lightning crackled in the palm of his hand, beginning to charge at Itachi while raking his jutsu across the wall.

"So Kakashi taught you his lightning jutsu did he? But do you really think you can even hit me with it, foolish brother"

As he drew in close Itachi brought his hand out and tried to catch Sasuke by the wrist, but to his shock his brother passed straight through him. Turning around he managed to jump away from the strike that nearly put a hole in him, his eyes still wide after what happened.

-Genjutsu?- He thought to himself as he swung his brother around by the wrist and kicked him away, back into the wall hard enough to fracture it a little.

Sasuke on the other hand hit the wall hard and coughed up a bit of saliva and blood from the impact, quickly beginning to pull himself to his feet. Before he could get too far though he was grabbed by the throat and slammed back into the wall, gagging on his breath he tried to claw at the arm of Itachi to free himself, only to receive a hard knee to the gut that keeled him over in pain.

Itachi watched as his younger sibling remained curled over, vomiting up a bit more spit and blood from the knee, but Itachi wasn't about to wait for him to recover and leaned down, grabbing Sasuke by the hair and lifting him up.

"It seems whatever power you've been tapping into has made you stronger, but you don't seem to have control over it. Foolish little brother, you still don't have enough ha-" He was interrupted mid-sentence when a punch to the chest sent him reeling back as he dropped Sasuke to the ground.

Said boy fell to his feet and hunched over slightly, his hair masking his face from view as he began to chuckle a little. Lifting his head he looked at Itachi with his sharingan burning brightly, all three tomo spinning as he began the signs for Chidori again, but Itachi was not going to let him get off another shot and charged forward quickly. Before Sasuke could finish the last sign he felt a fist collide with his stomach, causing him to yet again double over in pain before a kick caught him in the chin and lifted him from the ground. He didn't even get a second to fall to the ground as he was again grabbed by his throat by the older Uchiha, who slammed him into the wall hard and pinned him there.

-This is bad, what do we do Kurama?- Naruto mentally asked, trying to see if the fox had any ideas for regaining control and hopefully getting out of this situation. There was no reply from the fox as just before they could act Naruto saw the one thing he was hoping not to.

"Now foolish little brother, let's remind you of just how weak you are" Itachi spoke as his sharingan slowly spun and turned into the Mangekyou Sharingan, and then the world faded away.


Ami watched in terror after dodging another swing from the shark woman's large wapon as Sasuke looked into the eyes of his brother, not moving at all before he suddenly began to scream in pain and terror.

"What did you do to him you bastard?!" Ami shouted out in horror as she watched her friend writhing on the ground in pain, trying to run to him only to have her path intercepted by Kisame again. Her worries grew even more when Sasuke's screams suddenly stopped as he then lay still, his eyes slowly drifting closed as Ami again tried to get to him, only to be knocked back by a kick from the ever in the way shark

"I wouldn't worry too much about him girlie, cuz right now you're dealing with me" Came the voice of Kisame as she grabbed Samehada once again and swung at the young Uzumaki.

Ami herself tried to cross her arms to block the incoming strike, knowing she had no way to dodge as she waited for the pain.

Only it never came, instead she heard metal clashing and a grunt of exertion.

Opening her eyes she saw the shocking sight of her teammate's back, Sasuke facing away from her and holding the massive blade back with a pair of kunai. He seemed to be struggling slightly but somehow he kept the blade from coming down on them both. Looking back to where he previously was she saw that he had indeed moved, and even the older black haired guy was wide eyed seeing this.

"Sas...uke?" She spoke softly, almost inaudible. There was no reply as she realized something was off about him, the way his shoulders slumped, his head hung ever so slightly and despite holding the large blade he seemed almost… relaxed?

"Itachi, did this kid just stop my blade… without opening his eyes?!" The shark woman almost shouted out at her partner, who seemed equally shocked at this.

Indeed the boy stood there, eyes closed and holding twin kunai above his head to prevent the blade from falling. But that wasn't even the most shocking part, no, that came when he dropped both of the knives and instead placed his hands on the wrappings of the sword, and pushed.

The force of the push was enough to lift the blade and cause Kisame to stumble slightly, which left her wide open for the kick that followed to the gut. Now it wasn't an incredibly strong kick, but it did hurt enough to double over the female long enough for one last surprise. A good strong knee to the face was just enough to send her reeling back and cause her to release the blade momentarily to grab her face.

At this point Itachi snapped out of his stupor and joined the frey, dashing forward and attempting to punch his younger sibling. Said boy didn't even turn toward him and yet somehow leapt up, twisting his body around the attempted attack and tried to send an upside down axe kick at the elder Uchiha's head.

The kick was rather easily blocked, but it was still quite surprising that Sasuke had managed to dodge the punch, especially so acrobatically. Though it was at this point that Itachi got a look at Sasuke's face and managed to put two and two together.

Twisting his hand he latched onto Sasuke's shin and attempted to send another punch at the boy, who again managed to twist himself out of the way. But this time Itachi had planned for that and swung his sibling, using his already pinned leg to slam him into the wall before grabbing his throat and shoulder.

"Now now little brother, fighting while your mind sleeps isn't fair" He said while beginning to squeeze hard on Sasuke's should, causing multiple cracks, pops, and the sound of a bit of skin tearing. This of course quickly brought the young raven haired boy painfully back to reality as he again began to yell in pain.

Itachi's words cause Ami to go wide eyed yet again, Sasuke had somehow escaped whatever his brother did to him and came to her rescue on instinct alone?

Before they could continue further though the entire hallway began to change, becoming a strange fleshy mass that looked like the inside of a large animal. This development caused Itachi to drop Sasuke as he turned to see none other than Jiraiya the Sanin standing at the edge of the hall, an unconscious woman slung over his shoulder as he spoke confidently.

"I have to hand it to you, distracting me with a woman placed under a genjutsu was a good plan. But now the legendary Sanin Jiraiya is here to save the day!" The white haired man called out while doing a heroic pose.

Now Itachi was strong and he knew it, but after using the Tsukyomi already he knew even with Kisame here they would be hard pressed to fight Jiraiya and then escape with Ami. So instead he quickly gathered up Kisame and her sword before the two of them ran down the hall with Jiraiya hot in pursuit.

However before the Sanin could manage to catch them they turned a corner, and when he rounded the corner soon after he found them gone and only a black flame as the indication that they had blown a hole in the wall.

Jiraiya quickly sealed away the flame for later study and then made his way back to examine Ami and the younger Uchiha.

-This just got a lot more complicated- The elder ninja thought to himself as he sighed.

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*Chapter 28*: Quick Update AN

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*Chapter 29*: Chapter 5 page 31

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Naruto Reborn: Sasuke Uchiha

Chapter 5

Page 3.1

Tsunade was preparing silently in her room for what she decided to do with a heavy heart. *sigh* "I wonder what you two would have wanted me to do? Well I guess I will have to find out when I see you again" she thought as she stood up and began to walk towards the door. "Shizune come on" she quickly yelled then saw her companion walk towards her with a confused and nervous look in her eyes. "Well I guess we are going to have to find out what is going to happen when it does." Tsunade thought when then walked out the door without thinking about it again.

*Meeting point*

Tsunade eventually found Orochimaru standing atop a large stone wall, next to him his loyal servant Kabuto. The two of them jumped down and stood in front of the wall as they awaited her answer.

"So, have you made your decision Tsunade?" Orochimaru asked in his normal crazed voice. Course Tsunade didn't actually say anything instead she just raised up her hands were a bluish green color appeared.

"Ah, I am so glad you agreed with me" Orochimaru said with a small smirk and lifted his hands up to Tsunade's as she brought her hands closer. They were about to touch when a Kunai was thrown by Kabuto, stopping her from making contact and causing her to jump back a little.

"Tsk, Tsk Tsunade you were supposed to heal me thankfully I had my trusted servant Kabuto here to help me or your jutsu might have just had me." Orochimaru said with a soft smirk on his lips

Just then the two of them had to jump away as Tsunade reared a hand back and smashed her fist into the wall they'd just been in front of, right around where Orochimaru's head had been. She didn't stop there though and began another charge, fully intending to crush her former team mate into a pulp.

So, Orochimaru brought one of his injured hands up to his mouth and bit into the skin just under his wrist drawing some blood. After he did that he quickly flung that arm at her causing a bit of blood to splatter on her causing her hemophobia to act up. Almost immediately she began to shake and could only focus on the blood droops that were on her face.

"What is wrong still afraid of blood Tsu-chan? Well I can fix that!" He told her than charged at her with his sword that he regurgitated. Just as he drew in close enough for a strike he found himself being rocketed back by a knee directly to the chin, sent by none other than Ami, who had showed up just in time as she got into a fighting stance with a deep glare aimed at the two.

"Don't you DARE attack her" She yelled out angrily while looking back to check on the elder woman. "Sorry I'm late, but you know, the hero always shows up just in the nick of time!" She said with a smile.

Ami then sprinted forward and threw a fake out punch, switching for a chakra charged kick sending the man sliding ten feet away from Orochimaru and Tsunade. Kabuto gave a slightly irritated noise before pushing his glasses up.

"Dear Ami, you know you don't stand a chance against me. And with your little friend Sasuke out of the picture after that Genjutsu I don't see him coming to your rescue either. So, what will you do now?" He asked with cockiness dripping in his voice at his own ability.

"Well I was thinking about kicking your ass and then seeing how far I can shove my foot up it before breaking it off, but now I think I'll just show you the inside of your colon before I send you crying back to your master" Ami countered before performing her usual cross hand sign. "Multi Shadow Clone jutsu!" She yelled out as dozens of clones appeared around her and began to charge.

As the clones charged Kabuto set to work with dispatching them left and right with his scalpels and taijutsu, his smirk never leaving his lips the whole time. Though that smirk only drove Ami to want to beat it off of him even more as she created a few more clones and drew a few Kunai from her pouch.

While Kabuto was busy dealing with the pesky clones he almost didn't notice the flurry of Kunai until it was too late, but with his quick reaction time he managed to dodge them and only got a few scratches. But then before he could counter he found his body was unable to move. Looking toward Ami he saw she was in the Nara Shadow Possession jutsu stance and that her shadow was indeed connected to his. His eyes went wide from this as he struggled to move and Ami's clones smirked.

"Ami Style: Shadow Possession, success" The young Redhead said as she rose to her feet, a smirk coming to her lips as she took a step and watched as Kabuto did in fact do that same.

"This isn't possible, that jutsu is a clan bloodline!" Kabuto practically shouted as he tried to move, now feeling a bit worried as she took another step toward him and he did the same.

"You should have paid more attention in the chunin exams rather than betraying us Kabuto, then you'd know that I've figured out several clan techniques and made my own versions" Ami retorted before she formed her cross symbol again and Kabuto noticed something in that moment that made him smirk a little.

Orochimaru had been just about to intervene when suddenly Kabuto laughed a little, causing him to look at the scene again.

"I see now, when I dodged the Kunai you hid several senbon in the mix so that I would be more worried about dodging the blades and unable to notice the needles. Then you had wires attached to the senbon and you used your clones to create a little intricate puppet out of me using the wires and the shadow thing is just your way of bastardizing the jutsu right" He deduced as Ami frowned, he had figured it out extremely quickly. "So I'm right"

Without another word he created his chakra scalpel again and heard a satisfying twang sound as a few of the wires attached to him snapped. Doing the same with his the hand he was rewarded with a similar sound, but his little victory didn't last long as Ami spoke up.

"You may have figured it out, but that doesn't mean you're out of the woods yet" She said as the clones moved suddenly, all of them jumping around him and switching places as the wires tangled his body faster than he could cut them. "Ami Style: Clone Web Big Bang!" She yelled out as at the same time the clones rushed the tangled man and jumped at him.


The entire area was shrouded in smoke as the clone bomb went off, with Ami giving a smirk and then speaking up again. "Not so tough now are ya traitor?"

Before she could turn to Tsunade to begin her celebration she felt a foot impact her gut, knocking the wind out of her and sending her rolling across the dirt. Looking up she saw Kabuto, slightly burnt and with singed clothing but still in relatively good fighting condition, and looking at where he'd been there were only the cindering remains of a log he'd substituted with.

While Ami was struggling to get to her feet after the wind was knocked out of her Kabuto began to walk closer.

"I'll be honest your little trick almost had me, and you would have gotten me if I hadn't thought quickly and substituted. But I won't make that mistake aga-" He was cut off mid sentence by the fist of none other than Tsunade clashing with his cheek and making his head rattle as he was launched away.

The older woman then kneeled down and helped Ami to her feet, looking her over and giving a nod. "Looks like just some light bruising, I'll look at it after we're done here" She said before turning to the downed Kabuto who seemed to be struggling to move. "I've scrambled your nervous system, you won't be getting up any time soon, now lay there while me and your boss have a discussion" She spat before walking toward the snake Sanin.

She didn't make it though, as before she could get within range Orochimaru made a last ditch attempt to keep her back and used his long tongue to whip a Kunai at Ami, who was ready and jumped to the side, only to see that Kabuto had gotten up and was about to take her head off with a chakra scalpel.

Everything seemed to slow down as Ami waited for the pain that would end her, only to feel herself hit something and to hear Kabuto's pained noise and the sound of fist meeting flesh. Opening her eyes again Ami saw in front of her was a tall figure, dressed in a dark purplish colored robe with the hood up so she couldn't see his head. What she could see though were the black gloves on his hands and the pale white bare feet under his robe, a very strange thing to her.

She didn't have long to look at him because then the figure spoke up in a slightly deep and gravelly tone.

"I didn't want to intervene like this, so I could examine the jinchuuriki's skill level.. But I cannot let you kill her. She is too important.." The male said while looking over his shoulder and revealing his unusual masked face: The upper half was almost like an Anbu mask, except it covered his entire head and was in the shape of a wolf, but the lower half was the most interesting part. It formed into a toothy maw design and had two protrusions on the side where violet chakra was being emitted constantly(1)

"Now, dear Jinchuuriki… please do me a favor and back up a bit while I take care of a pest problem…" The man said in a tone that made even Ami just slowly nod and back up, he said it in a friendly way but underneath it there was a commanding voice that just made her feel like she had to listen to him. She backed up to Tsunade who was now standing near the crushed castle wall before looking at the man who lightly tapped his foot and looked at the Sanin and his lackie. "Now…. shall we begin?"

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*Chapter 30*: I'm Tired of It

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